Trash Left on Tybee Beach Sparks Ire in Wake of Orange Crush

Dash Coleman, Savannah Now, April 23, 2012

Some Tybee Islanders got an early start bettering the beach on Earth Day, plucking trash out of the sand in the wake of Orange Crush, an unofficial yearly gathering of college students and young adults.

When Tony Abruzzio and his fiancee were taking their morning walk on the beach Sunday, he saw something he called appalling.

“Bottles, broken-up ice coolers, towels—you name it, all over the place,” Abruzzio said. “ . . .  It was really unnecessary and unneeded.”

Abruzzio and others got to work cleaning the beach near the pier. But Abruzzio didn’t stop there. He posted a video to YouTube that quickly made its way around the social media sphere of the Coastal Empire, prompting online debate about Orange Crush.


Tybee police made 18 arrests Sunday, six of them for felony drug offenses, [Police Chief Bob] Bryson said.


He likened it to a flash mob: “People just show up,” he said.


[Editor’s Note: Another article on this event notes that “Orange Crush is the unofficial name attached to annual beach party for young Africans Americans.”]

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  • Church_of_Jed

    Only vile, sick, ignorant racists would make such a big deal over a couple of cups and bottles left on the beach after an African-American party.   We must embrace Diversity and Inclusion, and stop using our outdated notions of nature’s pristine beauty to divide us from “the other”.

    • ed91

       take a flying leap at a rollin’ doughnut, jed.

    • Use napalm to sanitize the area they were on.  

    • How else to we water our nation’s people though?

      Diversity has got enrichment!!

       Brawndo has got electrolytes!!

      That hallmark of idiots is that they believe in vague, magical ideas….

  • haroldcrews

    You can have Negroes or you can have a clean natural environment but you can’t have both in the same location.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “You can have Civilization or you can have Diversity, but you can’t have both.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What I saw in Birmingham,” 1992

      • haroldcrews

        Apparently you can’t have civilisation or wilderness and diversity.  The only thing you can have with diversity is diversity.  But after white flight you won’t even have that.

      •  I know Rev. Jed DeValleyism isn’t real.  But judging from today’s news, maybe we can call him a “composite Reverend.”

    • JackKrak

      White people cleaning up the mess left behind by blacks who don’t give a damn –

      A metaphor for the whole country.

      • The__Bobster

        Yet Obongo has the nerve to say he’s cleaning up OUR mess.

  • I can fully understand why Savannah State students want to let loose and “keep it real” on the beaches near Savannah.  They worked so hard all year in their black studies course work.  You can’t blame ’em for blowing off some steam.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    orange crush is the name of certain latino gangs

  • The__Bobster

    Orange Crush? Why not Grape Drank?

    •  Just a hunch, but I bet many of the bottles and cans on that beach once contained beverages with a lot more punch than orange and grape flavored carbonated corn syrup water.  Except I forgot, blacks don’t drink as much as whites.  One police sweep of just one of these black beach bacchanals on just alcohol offenses will even up the white-black alcohol arrest disparity.

      • Hirschibold

         You should look into what blacks call “syrup.” It is high-powered liquid codeine. They enjoy imbibing it from time to time.

  • Up to my neck in CA

     Blacks suffer from the Big Boss Syndrome. There will ALWAYS be someone to clean up after them and when it’s a White person it’s ohh so much better. After all they are taught nothing is their fault and the World owes them everything.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Not just Blacks, but Hispanics as well. Welcome to the 3rd world.

    “Trash piles up in remote deserts along U.S. border as illegal immigrants leave behind their garbage in crossing from Mexico”Read more:

    • Up to my neck in CA

      The Mexican’s who frequent the Russian River area of Sonoma County love to leave piles of empty beer bottles and dirty diapers behind on the beach. They are turning CA into Mexico almost over-night.

    • 1st world citizens….3rd world mentality.  

  • frmore

    Go to YouTube and search for “orange crush savannah ga” to see more of the abhorrent savage filth. And while viewing, keep in mind you are subsidizing it all. Pay your taxes.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Racism rears its ugly head after something uglier shows up fist.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “My visit to the public beach,” 1999

  • And this Dr King is why your daughter cant go to funtime park.

  • Church_of_Jed

    It wouldn’t have stayed there for long.  The NAACP and Coalition of Black Pastors would have swarmed over the beach and cleaned it pronto.

  • mobilebay

    Looks just a tad better than our southern border with its tons of trash the invaders leave. Hope they’ve added the cost of cleaning up to the billions we spend on them after they’ve sneaked in.

  • No

    And once again, the politically correct show humanity what happens when animals gather . . . without ever mentioning the word BLACK. 

    When it comes to the negro, there’s no longer a “who” in the 5 Ws.

    I think that to blacks, trash and squalor are so natural that they feel uncomfortable without it.  Just like a dog urinates on a tree to “mark it” so blacks have to trash an area to “mark it.”   As if the pungent body odors weren’t enough to mark territory. 

     I’m waiting to hear reports of massive fish kills caused by filthy negroes cavorting in the water.  For most, that was probably the first time exposed to water this year.

  • A black guy gave a rebuttal on YouTube…I watched for about a minute.  He claims the clean up crew hadn’t arrived yet and the guy was out there too early.  It was 8:30!!! It’s like he could’t understand that other people would be using the beach.  They just don’t get it.  

    • Southern__Hoosier

       And who were the cleanup crew he was talking about? City sanitation workers? White volunteers? I know he wasn’t taking about the Black party goers, most of them were probably still hungover from the night before.

      • He claims they were students from a local college.  I imagine they got their “party on” all night, so were still sleeping at 8:30.  No clue that others use the beach early in the morning and don’t want to see their, “Port Au Prince” replica.  

        He claims the mayor even knew of the late clean-up.  My guess is the mayor is either black or has a black base.  The same old…they’re just racist.  They don’t understand us.  Putting the blame somewhere else for their lack of responsibility.  It never ends…

  • 1proactive2

    Just a thought, here: 

    Why don’t the authorities in the city trash the beach, before the revelers show up, in a way that replicates what the blacks leave behind after their partying?  Trash it before they get there, and see what they do.  They would pull up in their cars to see a trash-strewn beach, and then have to make a decision to stay and party in the filth, or leave.  Anybody have an opinion on this?

  • The__Bobster
    • blight14

       Don’t you mean ChamPipple? Champagne and Ripple!

  • They deliberately  did it knowing whites use the beach.  Look out for the condoms and tampons.

    • I used to metal detect/treasure hunt such gatherings, especially Emancipation Day, which is big here in the South.  No more.  With a good metal detector I could find all sorts of gold jewelry, mostly chains that were broken. But guess what else I would find, that’s right the condom foil packaging.  Even though I wore surgical gloves it was disgusting. I really quit when I started finding hypo needles. The trash was significant and not just bottles, they would break the bottles. And no more than 10 feet from trash bins. A beach PD friend of mine told me about booby traps they would make for those coming afterwards to clean up. I won’t tell you in the open how those traps were made but insidious is the only description. I learned from those experiences to never go near a site where these beasts have gathered.

      None of these stories tell you what happens to the local businesses. The hotels are trashed, the bars the same and retail establishments just board up- the theft isn’t worth the traffic. In some instances, the surrounding residential areas were/are victimized.  South Beach residents during the annual Urban Memorial Day Weekend just leave town. During that time robberies, rapes, shootings skyrocket. But what if you didn’t know any better and arrived with the family from out of town? Extreme travel planning is a requirement these days for white people.

      • I W

        Coming soon, the ‘Avoid the Mobile Ghetto’ app for the smartphone.
        Sarcasm but not really a bad idea, and a tech savvy person could make good money by designing software to warn people of an impending -ahem- deluge of diversity. Something that warns; ‘dangerous conditions at the State Fair tonight’ or ‘avoid the mall tonight, heavy “youf” activity reported’ or suchlike.
        Just a thought.

  • MrGJG

    This is the cross white people will bear for eternity. There is no way out.

    • I W

      There is, but it isn’t discussed in polite company.

  • generalquagmyer

    The more I’ve travelled the world, the more I think that cleanliness in public places is unique to whites. Japanese beaches aren’t a lot cleaner than this, as Jared Taylor could probably confirm. Anywhere there are Mexicans, there’s Mexico… which means piles of litter. Our church finally quit renting its community hall to Muslims after they’d left ant and roach attracting messes after several functions.

    Too bad to see this on Tybee Island. I retreated to there a few years ago, after my very last romantic interlude with a black woman (an old army friend) went sour in Atlanta. Didn’t want to see any more blacks for the rest of my time there (or since), and figured a fairly isolated beach on an island would have as few of them as anyplace.

    Seems there’s no escape from Diversity nowadays…

    • vladdy1

      The Ozarks have managed to stay purty nice, but with KC on one end of the state and SL on the other….with Jeff City, the capitol, and its government workers in the middle…who knows? I’ll be moving soon further north in the state, up to where there’s not much but cornfields, and as we all do, I can only keep my fingers crossed about the future.

      I wish, as so many of us do, that we could permanently separate and have our own land. Kind of wish we had picked the Idaho-Montana-Wyoming-Dakotas strip when we moved out of Seattle several years back. So far, they (and Alaska) seem to be holding up the best. 

  • Alexandra1973

    We had a mulatto woman in the apartment across from us once, stayed there a month and skipped out on the rent.  Her black boyfriend, who was driving the U-Haul, scraped the side of the U-Haul along the fence.  At one in the morning.  I’m usually up pretty late so I was discreetly watching this out the window.

    Our manager told us that she was afraid of being accused of racism if she didn’t rent to her…she said that next time she’ll definitely check references.  I said I understood…in that business lots of times you’re between a rock and a hard place.

    This woman’s white trash mother would dump garbage into our cans in the garage…minus a trash bag.  I tell you what, the stench of an old 40-ounce beer can is nauseating!  That prompted us to put locks and chains on our trash cans.


    Like the fella said above, they are so accustomed to living in trash and squalor that they feel uncomfortable without it, so I think it would make them feel right at home.

  • PC must go

     People who have lived with them as ROOMMATES even more so

  • sbuffalonative

    They were only recreating the environment to which they are most accustomed to.  Wherever blacks go, they recreate their natural environment.

    Doesn’t this look like any black neighborhood in America (or Haiti or Africa)? 

  • It’s proven time and time again; blacks destroy everything around them and ultimately themselves. Left to their own devices blacks would be extinct throughout the world.

  • sbuffalonative

    If this is an organized, publicized even and it required a permit, they should fully document the damage and the cost of the clean up. Next year, with the documentation in hand, they should either deny this group access to the beach or have them provide a security deposit.
    Trash is as trash does.

  • Hey—- just like South AFrica…………

  • My wife was a prop manager in Gainesville, Fl. She has told me those same hair raising stories. Including the ones where entire buildings had to be evacuated to fumigate. The one thing she told me was that besides for a good eye to size up folks, the manager’s best friend was the credit check. She said 98% of the blacks could not pass a credit check and that is non-discr.

  • I W

    The local IGA suffered approx. $1,100 in shoplifting, among other things
     ‘The storeowner said last year he found six separate boxes of Tampax opened,
    with a few tampons missing from each. People took bites out of fruit and snacked
    from jars of pickles while they shopped, then didn’t pay, he said. Security
    cameras caught people flashing. Broken beer bottles littered the parking

    -True Blue

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    And they’d be right. The only important question is ‘will it work?’

  • My buddy works for the ‘Crook County” Forest Preserve, Chicago, and whenever the blacks have a sponsored event, like a Bday for a alderman in the city, they flock the groves at the preservesand, of course BBQ.  It seems like more trash is on the ground than in the baskets!  This happens all the time, especially at the Dan Ryan Woods, where extra trash pickup manhours is factored in on the books!  Some Polish events happen at the woods and no trash on the ground. Proves to you the difference in the races. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I was at The Taste of Chicago one year, what an eye opener that was about the difference in the races. Whites calmly and quitely enjoying the afternoon, while the blacks were loud, rude, obnoxious and violent prone. After the event ended there were piles of garbage everywhere.

      • saxonsun

         Always. Blacks and browns have ruined the beautiful Central Park in Schenectady, NY.

  • IF Tybee Islanders don’t mind opening up their precious beach and all valued community resources to THE WORST DEMOGRAPHIC in Amerexica


    why should we feel sorry for them?

    • vladdy1

      How do you get around the legalities of opening up the area to one group of people and not another? Like someone else said, a permit and fee required might do it.

      • Start out with fees. Then, an overwhelming police force funded by those very fees)to crush targeted tnb. Even black cops don’t like living with blacks.

        Fine HEAVILY any tnb to further fund police operations. Funding is for protecting citizens who want to use COMMUNITY resources. Funding is NOT for enriching government and its bureaucrats.

        The black is incapable of gathering in large groups peacefully so a steady flow of funds from fines ensures police presence until all goes back to normal with whites reclaiming the beach.

        Smarmy, do-gooder white wimps acting as free zoo janitors for animals’ aftermath only encourages a monkey to foul its cage.

        •  I don’t like the idea of funding direct law enforcement budgets from the proceeds gained as a consequence of criminal behavior.  This compromises the cops’ ability to squelch crime, (never defecate where you eat), and also gives them the incentive to provoke crime in order to generate a fine.

          Many states do direct fines and asset forfeiture proceeds to crime victim compensation funds, which is a good idea.  Though the asset forfeiture system is in grave need of reform.

          • I see your point. Yet, you are creating a NEW hypothetical problem of crooked cops before you’ve solved the CURRENT REALITY of outrageous, uncontrolled tnb infecting the social core of this country.

            The answer is you crush improper police behavior such as you describe even MORE harshly than monekyshines.

            America is overloaded with young men without respectable career futures. If cops misbehave – out they go; there’s 30 more ready to take each job opening. Soon, even the idiots on the force will behave.

            Or else.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     That’s exactly what’s happening. If it GETS cleaned up, it will be whites that do it.

  • haroldcrews

    There are any number of counter measures that can be taken.  Increase law enforcement.  Have state police come in if you have to.  Bring in drug sniffing dogs.  Crack down on traffic/parking. Including cruising, loud mufflers and every nit picking thing you can think of.  The County Health Dept can shutdown places serving food for a couple days.  Ticket heavily for littering.  Have music booked at the venues that would not interest blacks; classical, country, gospel, bluegrass, metal and etc.  Since it happens about the time that classes let out it’s not as if it can’t be predicted.  If people living there really wanted to play dirty they could spray down the beach area with substances that will stink for a couple of days; skunk urine for instance.  There are all kinds of possibilities.  It only happens because there are some business interests that profit from it and the politicos don’t want to anger those businesses.

  • saxonsun

     My uncle catered weddings–he hated when he had to deal with blacks because they messed up the place. Same old story.

  • Djinn42

     I also live in Savannah and am a lifelong Savannahian, I grew up in the Montgomery district just south of Skidaway and Burnside islands at the end of Whitfield Ave.
    It’s hard to believe that in the 40 years that I clearly remember Savannah has gone from an almost Mayberry reality into what we see today.
    Growing up every summer at Tybee I can’t recall seeing a single black at the beach in the daylight and very few even at night so when I first learned of Orange Crush in the 1990s I was a bit baffled as to why they would prefer direct sunlight when they are more than capable of getting darker as a result.
    A little history for Amren readers:
    Orange Crush was begun as a annual beach bash for the students of Savannah State College  but it became an all out Westside/Eastside gangbanger event and over the course of it’s ugly lifetime there were shootings, drugs, rapes, etc., all of the things you could imagine can occur in that environment did happen, every year until it was eventually stopped.For a while now I haven’t heard any mention of it and thought we were rid of it until it reared it’s ugly head this year, and apparently that’s all it took for history to repeat itself. Though unless it wasn’t correctly reported on I have to admit this one was much milder than the ones from before but give it time….
    The trash that you see on the beach is probably only half or less than what I imagine they actually left, Tybee has a VERY strong outgoing tide and if it pulled all of that to sea it’s going to be washing up on all of the barrier islands for quite some time, it’ll be very interesting to see how long it takes and how much it is.

  • Djinn42

     The section 8 housing was forced on us in the late 80’s, early 90’s, many classically White neighborhoods/suburbia such as Windsor Forest and Georgetown are now ghettoes, and you are absolutely right, let a tourist wander a few blocks too far west or east and they may not make it back home, and the city does nothing to warn them in the least.

    • anonymoose

       Myrtle Beach has two “bike weeks”…the Harley riders come in in mid-May, and the Atlantic Beach black bike festival comes around on Memorial Day.  Both are massive events.  A lot of businesses that have no trouble staying open during the week-long Harley event shut down and flee during the shorter Black Bike Week…which raises the ire of the Permanently Outraged and the city fathers.

  • Greg West

    Looks like the only two things the OWSers have in common with the Blacks is ignorance and slovenliness.

  • Blacks cannot even go to the beach without having Whites pick up after them. Some things will never change….

  • Hirene

    Answer:   beach tags.

  • brew730

    Reminds me when Glenn Beck had his 8/22 project two years ago and they showed the Lincoln Memorial after attendees left.  The place was spotless….then they he showed the Capitol after BOs swearing in.  The place was littered as bad as that beach.  Goes to show….

  • vladdy1

    I know a lot of us would definitely read an anonymous article, if you were to write one for this site. I’ve had problems with neighbors when I could afford less for rent, but it would be interesting to read an in-depth story like the ones here about teaching in the ghetto (now THAT one, I could write stories about, had it not already been done so well by AmRen.)

  • vladdy1

    Did you forget your sarc tag?

  • vladdy1

    When I taught in the ghetto, and the administration let the black kids hang out in the halls for an hour after school ended, I learned to crank up Hank Williams. Tried classical and some other things, but Hank was unbeatable for this purpose.

  • anarchyst

    A number of years ago, my company “volunteered” me for a project in Detroit called “Paint the Town”.  This project was intended to help senior citizens and the disabled with household chores and some smaller home improvements. My crew was assigned to paint a house.  The “occupants” consisted of a man, woman and three young black “bucks” approximately 15 through 19 years old . . . The “man of the house” was “cool” with the color of paint; his “significant other” (girlfriend)  complained about the color while the three “yutes” sat on the porch smoking “blunts” and drinking “forties” while we worked.  Apparently, they had NO SHAME in watching whitey work on their “crib”. 
    I informed my employer that I would NEVER be involved in such a worthless endeavor again . . .