Why Minorities Will Decide the 2012 U.S. Election

William H. Frey, Brookings Institute, May 1, 2012

With Republican Mitt Romney now his party’s presumptive presidential nominee, both his campaign and President Obama’s re-election effort are barnstorming the nation for votes.

For former Massachusetts Gov. Romney, this means recapturing the enthusiasm of the 2010 midterm GOP rout, especially among white Republican leaning voting blocs concerned about taxes and excessive government spending.

For the Democratic president, it means tapping into the groundswell that got him elected in 2008, particularly when it comes to minority voters.

Obama and the Democrats believe demography is on their side. Census 2010 made abundantly clear that racial and ethnic minorities, especially Hispanics, are dominating national growth and will for decades to come. The Democratic agenda—favoring broader federal support for medical care, housing, and education seems designed to curry the favor of these groups, which played a huge role in tipping the balance in his favor in several key swing states.

But while demography is often destiny, it’s not necessarily a slam dunk that minorities can carry the day for Obama this time. The reasons have to do with the complications of translating pure demographics into votes and the outsized role that the nation’s still large white population can exert on national politics.


Recently released Census Bureau Current Population Survey data from January 2012 permit a simulation of this year’s election under different white and minority voting scenarios.

They show that Obama’s reelection is even more dependent on minority support than in 2008—and not just in the most racially diverse states.

Two factors are key to translating minority population into votes in 2012: eligibility and turnout.

The minority/eligible voter disconnect. The minority representation in the total population overstates its presence among eligible voters because our fastest growing minorities are either too young to vote or are less likely to be citizens, even when here legally. For every 100 Hispanic residents in the United States, only 44 are eligible voters aged 18 and over and U.S. citizens. In contrast, 78 of every 100 white residents are able to vote. {snip}


Further diminishing minority electoral clout is lower voter turnout. In each of the last two elections, the share of eligible minority voters who voted was 15 to 20 percent less than for whites. Turnout rates were smallest for the fast growing Hispanic and Asian populations. As a consequence, the white share of actual voters will be even larger than it is among eligible voters (estimated to be about 75 percent of voters in November).


Often overlooked, but just as important, was weaker white Republican support in terms of both turnout and margin. Although whites dominated the electorate in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, their tepid support for McCain opened the door for those states’ much smaller minority populations to tip the balance to Obama. In more diverse states like North Carolina and Virginia, minorities would not have made the difference were it not for sharply lower white Republican support than in 2004.

Minorities and the 2012 election. As we approach November, minorities will account for a slightly larger share of eligible voters than in 2008. At the same time, white support for the Republican candidate may be greater than in 2008. Which dynamic will prevail?


Scenario A, the best case for Democrats, assumes that the 2008 turnout and voting patterns again apply to new population. If that occurs, Obama wins with 29 states and 358 electoral votes (Map). These are the same states he took in 2008—changing racial demographics did not put any new states in his column. As with the 2008 win, 10 state victories (representing 39 percent of his electoral votes) can be attributed to minority voters. These states put him over the winning 270 electoral vote threshold.

Scenario B, the best-case for Republicans, applies 2004 turnout and voting patterns to the 2012 population. This time, Romney beats Obama with 286 electoral votes in 30 states. The stronger white support for Republicans here, compared with Scenario A, is evident even in big states taken by Democrats, like California, New York and Illinois where whites voted Republican and minorities were responsible for the wins.

Scenario C signals something closer to what this year’s election promises—strong partisan participation for both whites and minorities. Whites in each state are assumed to mimic their 2004 turnout and voting patterns, reflecting higher levels of enthusiasm for the Republican nominee than in 2008. Minorities are presumed to follow their strong 2008 turnout and voting margins. The results favor an Obama win—but barely.

Obama squeaks by with 292 electoral votes spread among 24 states. Of these votes, 230 are attributable to 14 states where the minorities were responsible for his victory (including eight where whites voted for Obama in 2008). In essence, about four-fifths of Obama’s electoral votes are attributable to states won by minorities. {snip}


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  • Church_of_Jed

    If the majority of voting Whites are against Obama in this election, and he wins anyway, you will see real panic set in. We will realize that even in our strongest numbers, we lose. We will see that the future darkens for us much faster.

    That’s when the game changes, obviously too late, but AmRen of the future will not be considered extreme.

    • ed91

       if obama wins, it will have to be with massive voter fraud………..

      who votes for destruction besides blacks and anarchists?

      • The__Bobster

        Women, libtards and secular Jews.

        • Lou

           Agreed !!

    •  You’re forgetting that in the last election, the vote split was relatively even. McCain won the majority of White votes, but it certainly wasn’t a grand-slam.

      If Romney could pull 60% of the White vote nationwide, he could easily pull off the election, no matter how high Obama scores with minorities. Blacks are still about 12% of the population and Hispanics, while a large number, don’t have high numbers of voter registration.

      • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

        Right after the election, Jared Taylor reported that 43%  of Whites voted for Obama, and observed that this was the first time that a majority of voting Whites didn’t get the candidate of their choice elected.

        If that number has changed, I wish he’d update us.

        •  The last time a Democrat won the white vote for President was LBJ in 1964.  This means that every Democrat elected since then has won thanks to minorities.

          • JackKrak

            That’s right – Carter, Clinton nor Obama would have ever seen the inside the of the White House without black votes. Not my assertion – that’s statistical fact.

  • The minority/eligible voter disconnect. The minority
    representation in the total population overstates its presence among
    eligible voters because our fastest growing minorities are either too
    young to vote or are less likely to be citizens, even when here legally.

    When did that matter?  With mail order voter registration, no voter ID, and Democrat-run canvassers in certain areas, it’s probably easy for a 16-year old illegal alien Mexican to register to vote.

    The great Hispanic tidal wave in 2008 was based on Hispanic turnout being 3% higher than it was four years prior, and white turnout being 1% lower.  Likewise, I got 3% richer last year and Bill Gates got 1% poorer.  Oh boy, I’m really on my way.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    if you notice, black females vote along with black males along racial lines as do hispanic females but white females voted against their own race and will again this finishes off the white race as a dominant power anymore in the united states and it will not return to the way it was either. white males are now targeted from every side even from within their own race and should arm themselves accordingly

  • dmxinc

    “Obama and the Democrats believe demography is on their side.”

    A euphemistic way of saying, “We’ve imported enough foreigners that we have now cancelled out and overwhelmed the votes of Americans.”

    • The Republicans have been fully complicit in the importation of foreigners, too. Both parties for their own reasons have embraced importation of the Global South, with the GOP doing it to kiss up to their corporate masters and multinationals with no loyalty to the US or the European-Americans who founded it.  The GOP became a lost cause when they put money and the next quarter’s gain over the good of the nation, turning on their own constituency in the process to the point of making many of our towns and cities crime-ridden and uninhabitable. I regret this process, but the GOP could have prevented it if they’d allied with the people rather than their corporate pals.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The problem is the White vote is split about 50/50 between Republicans and Democrats. Blacks vote 90% Democrat. And the Hispanic votes about 60% Democrat.  

    When Comrade Obama gets reelected and the Democrats control both houses, Whites have no one to blame, but themselves for splitting their vote.

    • The__Bobster

      And the Hispanic votes about 60% Democrat.  

      Usually 65+%. The 40% number for Bush has been debunked.

    • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

      You never hear the GOP talk about voter registration drives for White conservative voters.  They don’t want to be called raciss.  What do they have to lose, other than elections, permanently!


      •  First, the typical Republican voter is far more likely already to be registered to vote.

        Second, GOP drives happen vicariously through fundagelical Christian churches.

      • Southern__Hoosier

        We don’t have a White leadership to tell us how to vote. Blacks are political slaves to the Democrats. The Democrats have Black overseers like Sharpton and Jackson whose only purpose in life is to deliver the Black vote to their Masters, the Democrats.

        •  I’m going to hold back the wrath of my tongue, so hard that I’m going to make teeth marks in my tongue.

          The mentality of blacks being “plantation slaves” to Democrats is not too dissimilar to Herman Cain’s idiocy of saying that blacks are “brainwashed” into voting Democrat.

          First, blacks have voted almost 100% Democrat almost 100% of the time since 1932.  For a “brainwashing” effort to be that successful, you would have to have a propaganda machine that would be the envy of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin and Trotsky combined.

          Second, the obvious implication is that blacks are that stupid.  (He might have had a point there).

          I’ll post what might be a crazy but much more simple explanation:

          Blacks vote Democrat because it’s in their best interests to do so.  No matter how much welfare and affirmative action even the most liberal Republican can promise, the average Democrat can deliver a lot more.

          • Major

            “First, blacks have voted almost 100% Democrat almost 100% of the time since 1932..”

            All due respect QD but I don’t think the dems allowed them to vote at all. Jim Crow and all. Remember the dems were / are the party of slavery and welcomed the KKK.  And today are the party of everything that blacks are supposed to be opposed to. Abortion, homosexuality, etc. I believe their conversation took place around 1964 with LBJ’s giving America away. ( Even though LBJ was a long time southern racist himself. ) He did it to guarantee that the dems would never lose another election so long as he had all blacks back on the plantation. They owe their very existence to the dems and still do.

            And…with blacks being basically anti intellectual….they just go with whatever the local poverty pimps, the NAACP or the “Revrunds” tell them to do.

          • 1.  There were plenty of blacks voting before the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  And on the national Presidential level, they have almost universally voted Democrat since FDR.

            2.  There was a big difference between a northern-liberal Democrat and a southern Democrat. 

            3.  It’s not like I didn’t think this before, but your snark about LBP being a “long time southern racist” indicates to me that your politics are lamestream conservative, not white nationalist or race realist. Or maybe you’re approaching WN/RR from the “mainstream” right, so it’s going to take you awhile to shake off some “conservative” indoctrination.

          • KenelmDigby

            Blacks are not ‘opposed to abortion or homosexuality’.
             As the post on prison rape shows, blacks practise an enormous amount of homosxuality. Likewise thay have an enormous rate of abortion.

        • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

          FREE JAENELLE!

    • redfeathers

      I think Obama got at least 65% of the hispanic and asian vote, over 75% of the jewish and asian indian vote, at least 80% of the muslim arab vote, and as we all know, about 95% of the black vote. 

  • IstvanIN

    The actual problem is we let our poltical class give our nation away.  What ever shall we say to McCain, Cuomo, Christie, the Kennedys, etc. when we meet up in the camps?

    • MikeofAges

       What to say? Say, “Hey slim.What’s the haps?”

  • The movie ‘Rufus Jones for President’ is the scenario that immediately sprang to mind when I read the article’s title.

    More realistically, we’re looking at the US turning into a slightly richer Brazil(due to having a higher absolute number of whites).  That’s unacceptable.

  • Major
  • No

    The only reason minorities influence anything in this screwed-up country is because huge numbers of whites are race traitors who will side with anyone who works against a white America. 

    Whites still account for 65-70% of all people in this country but when large numbers support Obama . . .  or leftists in general . . . and many don’t bother to vote . . . it’s game over.

    It’s not MINORITIES that are destroying white America . . . it’s our fellow whites.  Minorities are just one of the knives being used to stab us in the back. 

    Every Obama rally I see has hundreds of white fans screaming in ecstasy for their mulatto rock star.  It’s disgusting.  They may as well be black on the outside because they’re n-words, morally and mentally.

    • Anan7

      well said!

      People need to stand up and not vote for Romney either.  It’s Ron Paul or a 3rd party for me.

      • Major

        Great …throw that vote away for a useless end result…..yea…that’s the ticket…vote your “conscious”….that’s it….get us stuck with the GD Kenyan and his tribal assaults with Eric Holder against all law abiding citizens in America.

        Yea…that’s your “right”…proving NOTHING except you just don’t get what’s at stake. Please…just stay home OK?

        •  My conscious is that a white country should have a white President.  The only way that’s possible in 2012 is to vote for the Generic Republican, which I will.  The rest, we’ll have to deal with later.  As Teddy Kennedy said, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

          • Major

            I don’t disagree…..but why bet on a 3 legged loser in a real race?

            Or peee upwind…it’s the same thing.

        • lanceman

          At best, Romney will slow the fall very slightly. For what? To buy time for Jesus to return and save us? It appears that Jesus has better things to do. Does anyone have a plan about effectively using this extra time?

          In the mean time, our economy is on a life support system of new debt (as are Europe and Asia). Speculative investments are making a comeback as are credit card offers and car loans. Nothing has been fixed; the banksters are one-trick ponies that only know how to increase debt. Another debt ceiling limit approaches. Wouldn’t it be better that the house of cards fall sooner rather than later? Sooner means less economic damage and a chance for an earlier recovery. Sooner could also mean the US government’s programs of uncontrolled immigration, welfare spending, policing the world, free trade agreements and it’s promotion of insane social policies. Wouldn’t it be better that it happen when Obongo is in office?

          Just thinking out loud.

      • MikeofAges

         Just ask for one thing. No more David Souterrrrrrrrrrrrs!

  • Anan7

    We need to find a way to stop this.  I am *infuriated* every time I read something like this on the news.

    The White race is dying.  I am 100% serious.  Every person here on AmRen and many others know it.

    We need to stop complaining and find a way to FIX this.

    1) Seal the border with Mexico, and police the waterways that could lead from Mexico to the USA.  What the hell is the Navy doing in the Persian Gulf and screwing with China?  They are not our enemies.  Use the Military for what it was originally intended!
    2) Ban non-White immigration the same way the Democrats banned “assault weapons”.
    3) Forcibly expel the massive illegal immigrant population leaching off of the welfare system.  The welfare system has been abused, and its primary current purpose is subsidizing a first world lifestyle for a 3rd world population.
    4) Ban abortions for Whites. I feel bad writing this, but it must be done for both moral and demographic reasons.

    • Major

      “The welfare system has been abused, and its primary current purpose is subsidizing a first world lifestyle for a 3rd world population.”

      It’s not just the “welfare” system…it’s this BIG TIME:


      • Anan7

        When did that clip come out?  I would like to write my Congressman about this travesty.

        Illegal immigrants should be deported en masse, NOW.  This “loophole” is an excellent way of catching them.

      • ed91

         that story makes me ill………..  and I have no doubt that it is true and going on all over the country…….

        and I pay taxes for that?

    • Natassia

      Abortion should be banned, period, if only for moral reasons. Any society that callously kills its offspring as a matter of convenience deserves to die out.

      • Anan7

         Agreed.  I was cringing as I wrote that.  As much as I do not like black-White mixing, murder is gravely immoral.

        As I’ve written on this site before, peaceful and voluntary separation is the best possible solution.

    • ed91

       get rid of affirmative action and we’ll be fine

  • Major
    •  More like a foul tip.  “Stapling green cards to diplomas” is code for totally dispossessing native born white Americans from STEM, CSIT, accounting, and a lot of other fields.

      • Major

        Yes…” to the diplomas of foreigners who receive Ph.D.s in math or the hard sciences”….

        Not to some somali cab driver or taco bender. Who needs any of the former?

        Remember …Einstein and Von Braun were foreigners too?

        • If you can’t tell the difference between Einstein/Von Braun, and the typical pseudo-educated low wage Asian, and the requisite campaign of both economic and social dispossession of native born white Americans from certain industries and his country in general, then I don’t know what I can say or do.

          • Major

            I do…and you know which I’d prefer too.

          • dhs

            Why should a high IQ white man, who is hundreds of thousands in debt to get his PhD,,  have a position that he has struggled for?   The liberal belief is that a job is a terrible thing to waste on a white man;  neocons like Romney are totally indifferent to non-wealthy white men.  So staple that green card to the foreigner, and the white PhD can live with his parents, until he commits suicide.

  • Major

    You don’t have to like all his comments, do you? Name me one person you agree with on everything? He’s spot on his his assessments of our current condition with our “fellow” citizens.

    • Mike Carroll has as much contempt for whites as he does feral blacks. 

  • Romney 2012 — He’s 2 out of 2, yeah.

  • WmarkW

    I still think Obama will win in 2012, because the economy will keep improving.

    But after that, minorities will turn themselves into the nation’s central election issue; and a 65% unified white vote will both diversify* the Republican party’s tent and make it the majority.

    *Diversity of ideas, not demographics

    •  I still think Obama will win in 2012, because the economy will keep improving.

      Keep improving?  I wish it would start improving.

    • ageofknowledge

      The economy isn’t improving. Not sure where you heard that myth.

      Economy In Crisis

    • Energizer2112

      As the article points out, Republicans also must turn out for Romney in order for him to win. They didn’t for McCain in ’08. Evangelicals cannot stand Mormons and don’t even think they are Christians. If they stay home in large numbers, Obama will be reelected. Blame them!

  • WmarkW

     Fifty years ago, it was not uncommon to project that by the year 2000, the standard work week would be about 25 hours.  This was not unreasonable, because it had shrunk from 60 hours to 40 over the previous 75 years.

    We avoided this fate, by creating a lot of jobs that add very little value to the economy, among which are professional complainers — diversity coordinators, many types of lawyers, and people in the communications professions — who NEED major societal dissatisfaction to justify their existence.  Suddenly, your typical American who goes to work, comes home to their family, participates in their community, and is happy with the opportunity our society has provided him, is a great criminal practicing institutional racism, white privilege, and lifestyle non-acceptance, and a whole host of societal offenses that don’t even make sense to him what he might be doing as he lives his ordinary life.

    The positive side of this is — as more Americans retire, our economy will have less room to support the professional complainer class.   And living a life that contributes more than it consumes will attach the dignity it always used to have.

  • Natassia

    Black babies are human beings too, valuable and with souls. The reason blacks continue to breed like jack rabbits is because “compassionate” whites continue to give them free food, free shelter, and free medical care. Black women have reverted back to African-style matriarchy because they can thanks to our policies and our tax dollars. Killing the unborn is NEVER the answer. Preventing unwed pregnancies in the first place is the answer.

    • Hirschibold

      You’re wrong, because you cannot prevent them from having ‘unwanted pregnancies.’ How would you do it? More education? Pamphlets? Yeah, that’ll work.

      • Natassia

        Didn’t you read what I wrote? People breed when you feed, shelter, and medicate them (and inundate them with sexually immoral propaganda.) Until whites become more socially conservative and implementing that throughout society, and until whites become more fiscally conservative and stop forcing the State to act as baby’s daddy for every black woman out there, then blacks will continue to breed like jack rabbits. Cut off the free food and free shelter and free medical care.

  • Natassia

    It is not just blacks who are aborting their children. A good many white babies are massacred too.

  • robinbishop34

    YES..  the Supreme Court! I wish more people would understand how important this is even if they don’t particularly like the candidate for their party (not people who post here but the general public at large).

  • radical7

    The fact is that many White republicans will do anything they can to stiffle minority participation in the political process, including enaging in violence if necessary.

    • KenelmDigby

      Absolute bull-poopy.
      That’s why they imported so many Mexicans, is it?

    • Anan7

       Interesting proposition.  Why would just Republicans do such a thing?

      I have been yelled at on this site because I won’t vote for a White version of Obama.  The problem with what you said is that there is some sort of difference between Republicans and Democrats.  There is a difference in rhetoric, but not in action.

      Sure the Democrats will spend the nation into oblivion even faster than the Republicans will, but the Republicans won’t turn back the spending.

    • ed91

       radical just goes for a rise………..  he has nothing of value to add to the conversation.

    • MissBonnie123

      Read J. Christian Adams’ book “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice
      Department.” You will read about the tricks blacks use to stifle the white vote in the South.  Minorities can be devious and aggressive themselves.

    • JJDKII

      I explained on another thread why you should change your name to establishment7, since there’s nothing ‘radical’  about your regurgitated bromides. Fifty years ago, your tripe would have radical; not so much today. In fact, you have more in common with the RNC than with most of the people who comment here.

  • america will certainly fall from within. fill up your enemy’s country with enough of your people when your enemy is so stupid they give them the right to vote. eventually you have enough political power to control their country through democratic elections, opening up the gate for even more of your people. the ultimate trojan horse. not a shot fired.

  • KenelmDigby

    What contributors to posts suchs as this always seem to forget is this – George W. Bush was an absolute complete load of trash – I make no further justification for that statement he was and is trash personified. Never mind the constant sniping at Obama, people seem very quick to forget what a stinking, steaming pile of rubbish George W. Bush was.
     I can hear the screams already, but firstly consider this, George Bush’s many, many failed attempts to sneak in an ‘amnesty’ for untold millions of mestizos – that in itself is sufficient cause to damn and curse the man. Consider also the proliferation of HB2 ‘visas’ under his watch unleashing a tidal wave of subcon Indian immigration from which the USA will never recover.
     Consider the economic and financial meltdown that occurred under his stewardship.
    Consider the enormous loss of American treasure – and White blood – in such third world toilets as Afghanistan and Iraq, for no apparent benefit or reason.
    George W. Bush started with a disaster (9/11), had a disaster in the middle (Katrina) and ended with a disaster (economic meltdown).

    • Anan7

       Amen!  George W. Bush was an awful president, although I did vote for him in 2004 I regret doing so.

      I will probably be voting for a 3rd party in November.

      • ed91

        jon carry was better?   a case for the lesser of two weevils again………. and again………

        and again…….

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Obama found his path in because of the incompetence and even criminal misbehavior of  GW Bush’s two terms.

  • The article can’t hurt
    but WHO among us seeing how major cities, and subsequently California went
    can’t see the big picture for ALL of America

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Why do so many whites believe the answer lies in more white bodies in this country? It’s white – WHITE – liberals who have given our soul away. Having more whites doesn’t equate having more conservative whites.

  • ed91

     the power of indoctrination……….  this is what comes from public schools……..

    • holyflower

      Never forget that THE prop for the schooling enterprise, which alone is capable of taking down a great nation, is compulsory attendance laws.

  • ed91

     civil rights is a fraud of massive proportions……….

    worse even than globull warming

  • ed91

     whites have been trained to kiss blacks hind ends……..

    everybody thinks they have to have a black friend or two to prove  they are nice……  or hire a black principal, or a black ins. agent………   stupid——-  that is racism………

  • MissBonnie123

    Don’t give up. Decent white women are out there. Remember that there are white women that are race realists but they are not going to come out and say so for fear that the man might berate them for their beliefs.

    Hopefully, in the near future, this will change.

    • Periapsis

      I’m afraid you are right Mrs. Bonnie about that. But the fact is, many white men will never find a white spouse, there are so many younger white women who are utterly ruined as potential spouses. In the day and age when a man can be jailed on unsubstantiated allegations of “abuse,” lose his civil rights, never see his kids again and lose eveything he has, men have fewer reasons than ever to get married. The fact that sex outside of marriage is more available than ever certainly is not helping things either, not to mention the intense mistrust between white men and women. Worse, white men and women are not being raised as children with the idea that they will become both parents and husband and wife, nor are young whites being taught what they should look for in a potential husband and wife.

      Yes, there are decent white women out there. There’s decent white men out there. The trouble is, there’s not nearly enough of both to go around. In spite of all of this, there are men who do want to be fathers and husbands, but they are unwilling bachelors while arrogant, loudmouthed non-white ghetto blacks seem to have a white female on each arm. I see everyday evidence of my race committing suicide, and it’s about as unpleasant as being a captive audience to someone taking his or her own life.

    • Anonymous

      Things may change in the future, but it will be long after we’re all gone and whites will have to go through a hell of a lot of suffering to regain power, increase their numbers, etc.  The fact is most young whites have no values and I speak from experience: they sleep around, are starting more to have out of wedlock children, hate their race, disrespect their elders, do drugs, feel sorry for blacks, listen to rap music, and comprise lots of the white losers I’ve seen on the OWS videos.  That’s what most white males have become today I’m sorry to say.

  • holyflower

    Reagan did not have the foresight to appreciate twin calamities of the 80’s:

    1) his — and a Democratic Congress’ — 1986 amnesty of what was thought to be about one million illegal aliens (3 million wound up getting speed-processed through the procedure). Most newly-legal aliens forthwith brought their families over from Mexico. And

    2) the 5-to-4 Supreme Court decision of 1982 known as Plyler v. Doe which forced states to fund the K-12 schooling of children brought illegally to the U. S.

  • Energizer2112

    A hard line on illegals is pointless when supporting even higher numbers of legal immigrants. During one of the primary debates, Romney countered Wolf Blitzer’s implication that his hard stance on illegals meant he was anti-immigrant by stating he would like even more immigration to the United States. Romney, like most of the GOP leadership, supports open borders. They adopt a hard line on illegals only to appease the party’s rank and file. Without restrictions by them, the GOP would run amok in it’s libertarian capitalist-anarchist ambitions and destroy the white American middle class in that pursuit. I will probably vote for Romney, only because the alternative is that much worse.

  • radical7

     Ms. Bonnie wrote:Read J. Christian Adams’ book “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice
    Department.” You will read about the tricks blacks use to stifle the white vote in the South.  Minorities can be devious and aggressive themselves.I have found out that the author you are referring to has a history of fabricating and misrepresenting facts. There are also other rumors that he is frequently attends radical right wing conventions. Thus, his perspectve is going to be biased from the outset.  

    •  It’s worse than that:  I’ve heard he puts his pants on one leg at a time, and if you prick him, red blood comes out.

    • MissBonnie123

      “I have found out that the author you are referring to has a history of fabricating and misrepresenting facts. There are also other rumors that he is frequently attends radical right wing conventions. Thus, his perspectve is going to be biased from the outset.”

      Could you please site your sources of his fabrications and misrepresentations? I really want to find out the truth.

      Radical right wing conventions? Wow! Please give me the names of these conventions.

      •  Yeah, what radical right wing conventions?  If there were any, establishment7 would probably lead a far left goony bird campaign of terror and death threats against it.

  • Energizer2112

    Supreme Court doesn’t decide immigration policy. Congress does. Romney’s loss won’t make a damn difference on legal immigration.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The problem is the Right could only come up with an obvious out of touch elitist for a candidate.

    “Oh, uh, let’s see, I like the trees in Michigan,, and ….. oh yeah, the cars. They make cars here…”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


  • Natassia

    Um, we stop nationbuilding in Muslim countries and send our troops to the border.

  • Natassia

    Sealing the border is the FIRST thing to do. It just isn’t the only thing to do. Once sealed, then local municipalities (ie Prince William County, VA) and states can start implementing policies and regulations that encourage illegal immigrants to leave. Perhaps as more illegals leave, their legal family members will go with them.

  • holyflower

    In your otherwise superb post, Giuseppe, you forgot to ask:

    Why must taxpayers pay for the schooling of children illegally residing in the United States?  The Supreme Court (Plyler v. Doe, a five to four 1982 Supreme Court decision).

  • True, but problem is not the %ages of whites voting for one candidate or another, it’s the number who are motivated to go to the polls, and this has been the main failing of the Republican Party in  the past few years. If the Republican Party wants the support of whites, it could start by better supporting white interests. As it is the Republicans have been apathetic at best and traitors to us at worst ever since they became controlled by there big corporate elites who care nothing for the interests of whites.

    The corporate backers of the GOP have flexed their political muscles to import the Global South to get cheap workers, so all this heavy immigration has the stamp of approval from Republicans as much as Democrats. Remember that outrageous Senate Republican immigration bill from 2006? It would have practically tripled the levels of immigration from the Global South, and it was Republican all the way. Also the Republican business interests have not been very considering of the needs of white voters in general, especially the vast majority of us who didn’t pop out of the womb into a rich and privileged family. They’ve been raiding our retirements, sending our jobs to other countries and then pouring millions of cheaper immigrants into our cities to replace us.

    So why should whites in general support the Republicans when they’ve shown so little interest in supporting us? In fact being complicit with the Democrats in sending out our jobs while importing the Global South into our towns and villages? I’m in a heavily white, deeply conservative red-state region of the country, but I’m sorry to say, the vast majority of people I know will not vote for Mitt Romney, they’ll either sit out the elections or vote in some alternate party. Trying to appeal to them is futile by now because of a boy that cried wolf kind of situation.

    These are fine, patriotic, bread-and-butter white Americans who supported Republicans in the past, only to find out that the Republicans had no interest in propping up their neighborhoods, but only in stealing from their retirement funds, laying off their workers, giving venal companies or connected officials a free pass to loot the towns or poison our kids with run-off while pumping in still more immigration. The Republican leadership is so brain-washed into fighting the “socialists”, they forget that many white Americans rely on social security and jobs serving their states or municipalities, so the Republicans wind up ignoring the real enemy of big immigration and the corporate elites who push for it. It’s a common theme in nearby towns, too. I’ll be honest, white Americans feel betrayed by the Republican Party. Unless the GOP radically changes it’s tune by appealing to non-rich whites and stopping this fetish they have for fast profits at the expense of less well-off white families and towns, then it’s too late. Since they’ve chosen Romney of all people, a guy who made a fortune wrecking companies and sacking jobs held by white blue-collar workers, I suspect it may already be too late, they really hate him and will never even consider voting for him. So the only option now is probably to prepare for the fall of this failed system and for whatever comes up in it’s place.

  • Dave4088

    Whites are only about 65-66% nationally and declining faster than demographers project.   If anyone thinks we actually have until 2042 before we officially become a minority then I have beachfront property in South Dakota I want to sell to you. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  Funny how conservatives will say “abortion is black genocide” or “welfare destroyed the black race” in an attempt to suck up to blacks (who will never vote for them), yet won’t say “feminism destroyed the white family” or “massive nonwhite immigration is white genocide”, etc.  I will say that it’s nice seeing conservatives lately with the Trayvon Martin case bring up unreported anti-white violent stories whereas before they’d call us racists and nazis and promoting hate for pointing that out.

  • Anonymous

    That was the goal of the Civil Rights people.  If they could get white men and white women to turn on each other, they could pass more liberal agendas on our dime.  I don’t see the animosity between older white couples (like those who came of age before the 1960s) that I see with white men and white women today. 

  • Natassia

    Uh huh. All the more reason to stay away from them and prevent them from immigrating to the West: