Holder to Brief Black Pastors on Campaign 2012

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, May 29, 2012

Attorney General Eric Holder, the IRS, and the liberal lawyers at the ACLU will brief several hundred pastors in the African American community on how to participate in the presidential election—which the Congressional Black Caucus chair expects will help President Obama’s campaign.

“We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we’re going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Mo., told MSNBC today.

“In fact, we’re going to have the IRS administrator there, we’re going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we’re going to have the lawyers’ organization from around the country, the ACLU—all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do,” he noted.


{snip} “We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility to participate in the political process, at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition,” he said.

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  • Translation:

    Obama needs the black preachers to help him win.  But there’s a good chance he won’t win.  Therefore, Holder and the ACLU are coaching the black preachers on how to help him but not violate the law so that Romney’s AG won’t be able to string ’em up.

    • The__Bobster

      Obongo’s team will be violating election laws right and left come November. Count on it.

      • Joshua50

         It will be a repeat of the 2008 elections. Acorn was disbanded  but re-invented itself into upwards of 15+ different organizations. Expect the same shenanigans unless every state adopts the ID laws.

  • Hirschibold

    Wait a minute. Aren’t the Left the ones always bleating about separation of church and state?

    • The__Bobster

      That only applies to White churches. Politicking from the pulpit has always been rampant in Bantu churches and no one does a thing about it. The same applies to statutory rape in the ghetto.

      • alastairabbacle

        Haha, statuatory rape in the ghetto.  
        The idea that the Black girls who are 14 with D cup breasts and childbearing hips are ineligible for sex from their own race IS ludicrous.    Black girls are sexually mature at age 13 on average, the whole idea that they are just girls is such a charade.

        •  SO whats the point of your post. Can you stop those childbearing hips?

          best is to encourage IUD bearing uterus. Spend 500$ now, save 500,000$ later.

  • sbuffalonative


    Holder to black leaders: ‘Sacred’ right to vote under attack

    Attorney General Eric Holder told a council of African American church leaders Wednesday
    that the “sacred” right to vote is under assault nationwide, with federal lawsuits and at least a dozen state laws that could weaken — or block — minority access to the ballot box this fall.

    Forty-seven years after President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, “overt and subtle forms of discrimination still exists,” Holder said in a speech before the Council of Black Churches. The twin factors of lingering bias and systematic assaults from the right, he said, means that “for the first time in our [lifetimes], we are failing to live up to one of our most noble ideals” – the right to equal access to the vote.

    The brief speech was a call to arms for the black church, which since the days of the civil rights movement has been active in fighting for equal voting right for minorities. Holder, who was warmly received by the audience, told them his office is “aggressively” taking on the task of protecting that right, including challenging several state lawsuits that would overturn key provisions of the Voting Rights Act involving redistricting in Southern states and strict new voter ID laws that could keep minorities, the elderly and young people of all races from casting ballots in the 2012 election – which analysts expect will be decided by a narrow margin.


  • TomIron361

    holder’s just another poor slob black guy who’d have a tough go of it handling the job of men’s room attendant in a 3rd rate hotel in downtown camden, n.j. if it weren’t the color of his skin.

  • Democrats are RACE BAITERS and RACE haters – the white race.  The Balkanization of America is almost complete. 

    Blacks cause MORE DAMAGE to this country – AND GET THE MOST BENEFITS.

  • Francis Galton

    So, tell me what would have happened if Michael Mukasey had briefed White Pastors on how to participate in Election 2012.

  • Joshua50

    Wouldn’t this be  a violation of  Separation of Church and State ? Basically, it sounds like their coaching them in how to legally circumvent tax laws.

    • Since when does the rule of law mean anything to the Obongo regime…..

  • America First

    By word and deed, by acts of commission and by omission, Holder has shown himself to be the most racist attorney general in memory.  He is certainly not the “highest law enforcement official in the land” for all of its people.  This blatant politicizing is just more shameful  evidence of how low this administration has gone to support its agenda of wealth and power re-distribution.

  • “Attorney General Eric Holder, the IRS, and the liberal lawyers at the
    ACLU will brief several hundred pastors in the African American
    community on how to participate in the presidential election—which the
    Congressional Black Caucus chair expects will help President Obama’s

    Yank their tax-free status NOW. They should not be allowed to subvert this country, then hide behind the pulpit.

    • alastairabbacle

      Mutant Swarm, are you young like I?

      Because I sense that we wish to go after the Communists in a more aggressive way. Rush Limbaugh is clearly still straining at calling them “Liberals”, when they are actually Communists. 

      Our fights with the treasonous Communists is here.  Our parents were part of the generation that defeated Communism in Soviet Russia, but now Communism is in this country.   The Universities, the Government, the Research labs, they all need to be investigated by independent citizens.  Then we find coalitions with willing and courageous, religious,  political and business players.  That is what Lech Walesa did in Poland.

      Do you also admire Joseph McCarthy or Lech Walesa?

  • “Theological responsibility to participate in the political process”  = Facilitate voter fraud via illegal immigrants and black congregational members who will vote early and often. Anyone who questions this will have to deal with Eric Holder and his NBPP.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Don’t forget the dead!  We must not disenfranchise the respirationally-challenged.

  • Church_of_Jed

    NAACP Investigating Vandalism With Derogatory Message About President Obama
    “I will never again be able to come outside into my yard or comfort or secure in my belief that I am safe,” said Pinnix.
    Church of Jed Investigating Vandalism With Derogatory Message About White Privilege
    “I will never again be able to come outside into my yard or comfort or secure in my belief that I am safe,” said Rev. Jed.

  • Johnny Reb

    The more I read and hear about Holder, the more the man gives me the creeps.  He seems to have no ethical standard whatsoever . . . which is rare even for a negro. 

    I know that in the military (and really in any profession), there is nothing more destructive than a rogue officer who will claim to be a man of integrity while all the while falsifying reports, cheating, stealing and lying.

    I’m afraid that’s what we have in Holder.  He’s the type of “true believer” to whom only the aim is important . . . so any means are justified. 

    He’s probably the most dangerous man in the US government.  Even worse than Obama.

    • alastairabbacle

      I agree, I believe that Obama has some goodness.  The crackdown on White Nationalist and White Advocacy sites will come from Eric Holder.  We may want to begin to consider this event, as the SPLC is already targeting us.  

      This is no joke, we really need to begin to think about what happens, if Eric Holder criminalizes what he considers “racist” speech.  Of course, Eric Holder calling someone a racist is the pot calling the kettle black.   Eric Holder is Black though, and ONLY cares about his group advancing, the most extreme position of a Racial advocate.  

      Eric Holder may crack down on US.  We better think about that.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      He’s dangerous because some idiot gifted him with white DNA.  His black side makes him amoral.

  • IKantunderstand

    Allright, I love it when the Constitution of the United States of America  is adhered to in all her glory. Dang, this story makes me SO proud of my country and all her appointed and elected officials. Apparently, my ancestors, going all the way back to the 1600’s, were unclear as to how to prevent some idiot socialist black dude born in Barbados from becoming Attorney General of the United States of America. Or,  a black Kenyan/possibly born in America socialist dude from being the President of the United States. Seriously, this place can’t even function as a “propositional nation”.

  • JackKrak

    Since when it is ok for a high level administration official – a cabinet member, no less – to meet with organized political interests and act as a cheerleader/coach to encourage their efforts, help plan their strategies and mobilize their energies in an upcoming election?

    Oh, yeah – since 2008. That’s when. Nevermind.

  • jack ryan

    Maybe Holder can bring the video tape of that other influential Black pastor in Obama’s life Rev. Jeremiah Wright. They get show some of his greatest hits, like the time Wright yelled that:

    “Jesus was a poor Black man being oppressed by White Europeans – the Romans”.

    Maybe there can be some new theological revelation that evil White Americans are so bad, that Black Christians must now unite to support homosexual marriage equality, embrace the entire gay, lesbian and transgender community, give full US citizenship to 15 million Mestizo illegal aliens competing to take the jobs of poor Blacks and provide UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE to all the non White people in the entire Universe.

    Seems like overkill to me 99% of Black African Americans will vote for Obama this election. That’s 12% of the electorate, the rest of the electorate including more and more Whites, more and More Asians even some Hispanics and White gays doesn’t like this pandering to the uneducated Black mobs.

  • seek

    Of course, this is action by AG Holder is blatantly unconstitutional.  Hopefully, culture-war conservatives will develop a greater appreciation for the principle of church-state separation.  That principle benefits all of us, religious or not.  Of course, blacks are to be made exempt.  After all, they’re “oppressed.”  

  • B

    What would you expect? Nobody can sling the bs better than a god hustler.