Black-on-White Crime and the Reasons for a Media Double-Standard

Bob Cesca, Huffington Post, May 16, 2012

Last week, my friend and podcast partner Chez Pazienza wrote a piece about a case involving several African American youths in Norfolk, Virginia, who allegedly beat up a pair of reporters from the Virginian-Pilot newspaper, Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami. Forster happens to be white and Rostami is Iranian. I hastened to mention the races of everyone involved because it applies to the rest of the story. The incident went largely unnoticed in the press, mainly because the the Virginian-Pilot only published news of the incident in the form of a opinion piece written by Michelle Washington two weeks later. There’s another reason it wasn’t covered by the Pilot, and I’ll get to that shortly.


In a way, both O’Reilly and Chez are correct. In a way. There’s absolutely a double-standard because the crimes—the Trayvon Martin case and the Forster/Rostami case—are vastly different in almost every way and should, therefore, be treated with vastly different coverage. They’re different in terms of outcome, they’re different in terms of details and each have very different historical and contemporaneous contexts.

The truth is, not every white-on-black crime is given Trayvon Martin-level coverage. Not by a long shot. So why was there so much outrage swirling around Trayvon?

Let’s do the list.

First, Trayvon was a kid walking through a white neighborhood armed with nothing but snacks. Second, Trayvon was shot and killed. Third, and most suspiciously, law enforcement released George Zimmerman without charging him with any crimes, and Zimmerman was allowed to keep his firearm. Fourth, there’s a sinister gun violence meets gun control meets NRA component here. Fifth, there appeared to be details that the Sanford police were withholding from the public, making it seem like yet another example of whites covering-up a white-on-black crime. Sixth, there’s evidence of racial profiling by Zimmerman. And finally, and most importantly, the historical context is far more complicated when it comes to white-on-black crime, as well as the white presumption of African American guilt when the racial roles are reversed. More on that presently.

Meanwhile in Virginia, even though the attack was clearly traumatic for Foster and Rostami, they weren’t hospitalized nor did they receive medical treatment for their minor injuries. There’s no evidence of racial profiling—in other words, there’s no evidence that the attack was racially motivated and it probably wouldn’t have happened at all if Forster hadn’t jumped out of his car to confront the youths. Even though a rock hit Forster’s car window, the window doesn’t appear to have been shattered. And the police have already arrested a kid for throwing the rock, while there are warrants out for another assailant. Again, while traumatic, it’s a far cry from the ugliness and inexplicable mysteries of the Trayvon case. No potential cover-ups. No fatalities. No serious injuries. The initial characterization by Michelle Washington and Drudge that “hundreds” of black teens wantonly beat a white couple (only “a handful” were involved), hospitalizing them, while their car was trashed appears to be highly exaggerated because, if true, the injuries wouldn’t be nearly as minor and, as it turns out, the reporters drove their own vehicle home that night and voluntarily declined to be named in a news story. {snip}

Chez wrote: “O’Reilly may be a pompous buffoon, but I dare anyone to challenge his assertion that were the races reversed in the case in Virginia—had it been a group of white people who attacked an African-American man and woman in their car—it would’ve been the lead on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show every night since the day it happened.”

Given the details and the minor “simple assault” nature of the fracas, and contrary to what Chez wrote in support of O’Reilly, it’s questionable whether Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would care about it at all. It’s a relatively nothing case, especially contrasted against the gory details of the Trayvon Martin shooting.


But let’s say, yes, if the incident in Norfolk had been more serious, maybe with a fatality, and let’s say the races had been reversed—a group of whites fatally attacking an African American couple—the coverage would probably have been appropriately huge. And here’s why. In addition to the hypothetically fatal crime itself, there’s a considerably wicked history in America of white racism, oppression and violence against black people, which, to an extent, continues today. It’s the historical and contemporaneous context that ultimately changes how these stories are, and should be, covered.

Black people are thirteen percent of the American population—therefore members of the minority race beating up two members of the majority race is quite different in a societal sense than a member of the majority race shooting the minority race in apparent cold blood. White-on-black crime comes from a position of power. The opposite—the minority oppressing the majority—is impossible.


These injustices are the context for the activist-perception and reporting of crimes like the Trayvon Martin killing and it only just begins to explain why there was such outrage generated around those proceedings. The Trayvon shooting and the handling of the case by law enforcement smelled all too familiar, and the past must not be repeated here. And so a line was drawn in the sand by activists and media personalities. Not again. Not now.

To be clear, none of these historical realities exculpates the crimes committed in Norfolk or Sanford or wherever. A crime is a crime and the people responsible for attacking Forster and Rostami should be arrested and charged (one person is already in custody). But this exhaustively lengthy context begins to explain why the crimes occur and how/why they’re covered. If the press is a little tentative about covering black-on-white crime, especially when it’s a minor non-fatal assault like the Forster/Rostami case, we can begin to understand why with the proper background. We can also understand, given all of these reasons, why a white-on-black crime might harken back to any of the countless atrocities committed against blacks by the white-dominated American power structure and, subsequently, we can also understand why African American activists like Al Sharpton and others are outraged when it happens. It makes complete sense given the prologue of the past.

Yes, there’s a double-standard. And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.


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  • Natassia

    Oh gag me. This is the worst piece of anti-white propaganda I have read from a Black Run America media group in quite a while.

    • JackKrak

      Absolutely. On the (kind of) upside, though, at least 3/4 of the comments on the original article agree with you. That’s no small accomplishment, given that 99% of HP readers are of the “anti-racist” type.

      • Lou

         I’m not buying it Jack.. These posters were probably redirected as we are if we select
        original article..
        There is NO WAY you’re going to tell me that so many disagree with this reporting by
        Bob Cesca on the Huffinton post.. Their readers LOVE this drivel and agree whole hearty..

      • Memphomaniac

        This kind of thinking is specifically prohibited by the Constitution of the United States (while it is still in effect). There have been no amendments that changed or weaked the constitutional prohibition against “corruption of the blood”, meaning no person can be charged with a crime simply because they are RELATED to the person who actually did the crime. It is true, I am related to people who lived in the South (Virginia) since 1689 but I owe no debt nor can I be accused of any crime that any of them have commited in the past, even if the statute of limitations was unlimited. The entire liberal argument in this article is that we today stand accused of crimes committed before many of us were born, including crimes that were not considered crimes or otherwise illegal at the time!

  • Okay, so the reporters in Norfolk weren’t killed.

    So if it’s death you want:

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    blacks come up with death row records, thug life records, murder incorporated, gangster lifestyle  inc. every black trys to affect a criminal, tough guy image of a dangerous prison type drug dealer or gang member and then says do not profile us.

  • sgmpalm

    I guess the author never heard of Beverly Hope Melton, the 30 yo blonde that was beaten to death by 23 yo Black Nickolas Miller with a baseball bat after being forced off the road and raped this past December in South Carolina.

    Maybe also he didn’t hear about Mitt Lenix, the martial arts expert shot dead after asking a Black male for an auto battery jump near Altanta last week.

    Of course he wouldn’t have known, because there’s no national media coverage of these horrendous Black on White crimes. Trayvon Martin, the cocaine dealing, cocaine user thug trumps them all.

    Black on White crime local news. White on Black crime national news.

  • newscomments70

    I recently sent this letter to the GOP:

    “How does your party intend to address the
    problem of black on white crime? At this time, black on white crime is disproportionally high compared
    to white on black crime. Such crimes include rape, murder, assault, robbery,
    and mutiliation.  It has been this way for several years. It keeps getting
    worse as the years go by. To make matters worse, minority judges and juries
    often acquit obviously guilty parties, if the perpetrator is a minority and the
    victim is white. Neither party has addressed this problem seriously. It is
    mostly ignored by the media and the government. I am not a racist nor a
    radical. I am just wondering when this serious problem will be addressed. If
    Mitt Romney wins the election, will the millions of white victims of
    interracial crimes finally receive justice and recognition? Please advise, and
    please do something. How much longer can we wait?”

    The GOP never responded to this email.  Actually, they never respond to any of my comments or questions. I only receive an automatically generated form-letter.
    I can only ascertain that they do not care. I believe they will care if enough
    of us deluge them with calls, emails and faxes.

    You can find the contact information of our
    senators and congressmen on:
    I encourage you to contact the democrats as well. They obviously care even less
    about us, but pressuring them is always a good thing. 

    • TFD123

      Try sending physical, snail mail.  I’ve heard congressman/senators/staffers are more likely to read actual letters sent to them, whereas with email they can get flooded with too much volume.

  • TomIron361

    Unfortuneately, this is the type of thing that has to be gone through before we take care of this nasty business. Most people put off nasty chores as long as they can. It’s normal. But once we get started, watch out. There’ll be no more talking. We’ll just take care of the hispanics and blacks. Just a nasty chore, but time is running out for the minorities.

    • I suspect you’re right. I think the White man’s patience is running out. Yes, we’ve become fat and complacent, and too often intimidated by the fear of being called “racist” if we stand up for ourselves — or being prosecuted if we do the same physically. But I think the worm is ready to turn. Guns and ammo sales are booming (yes, pun intended), and I think there is a day of reckoning coming. “De Bruthus” had better enjoy their immunity while they can, because it’s running out, too.

  • Francis Galton

    That last paragraph is rich–“richer” than Bill Gates in fact!  To begin, I’m glad they openly admitted that there’s a (blatantly obvious) double standard when it comes to reporting interracial crimes.  Secondly, what exactly do they mean by “full equality”?  There are three possibilities:

    1) Equality of results–the genetic differences between Whites and blacks in IQ, temperament, testosterone levels, and so on, make this impossible.  You will NEVER see the day when 13% of neurosurgeons, 13% of mathematicians, 13% of millionaires, or 13% of American Nobel Prize winners consist of American blacks (unless Affirmative Action reaches new, Mugabean heights).

    2) Equality of treatment by individuals–as long as blacks have the genetic makeup they do as compared to Whites, they will always be more aggressive, more criminal, less empathetic, and more anti-social in general.  This all but guarantees that Whites (along with members of other non-black racial groups) will (secretly at least) look upon blacks with contempt.  Blacks must change their group behavior to elicit more favorable treatment by private individuals, which seems highly unlikely.

    3) Equality of treatment by “institutions” (corporations, government agencies, universities, police forces, etc.)–since the 1960s, blacks have been treated “more equal than others” (to paraphrase Orwell).  Blacks have the institutional upper-hand when applying for jobs, loans, grants, college admission, and a whole other of other societal resources.  They get first dibs on resources that are disproportionately supported by over-taxed Whites.  They have achieved something beyond “full” equality in this realm.

    When most Western social “progressives” speak of full equality of blacks, they are primarily referring to the first type, and sometimes to the second type (they often imply that the first follows from the second).  As I argue, neither one is likely to happen (and the first one SHOULD NOT happen even if it the State could make it so), which means that blacks will NEVER be the full equals of Whites, which, from what I can glean, is a fact almost every White person prior to the 1950s took for granted.

    It looks like there will always be this double standard in reporting, at least by this fantastical criterion.

    • Obtaining actual equality racially in our society on merit alone will never be achieved due to differing levels in aptitude, so equality in ‘perception’ is the next best plan for the progressives.
      Where I live, the so called indigenous people(who arrived here only 700 years ago) were practicing cannibalism as recent as 150 years ago, yet if you mention this un debatable truth in public, you’re not a liar, but ‘a hater’ (I guess that makes you someone who hates lies).
      So I can only assume the progressive’s plan is to edit out all the bad information for non Whites, while simultaneously editing out all the positive information for White people.
      Then enforcing this positive/negative perception loop by censoring anyone who mentions anything from these classified areas of truth with threats of being labeled with the modern day scarlet letter, where by destroying ones life and their ability to earn money and feed their family etc.
      Then sit back and wait for the encouraged exchange of White DNA with (low IQ) non White DNA.
      Then once there’s enough of a generation of smarter/prettier White hybrids running around with brown skin, conclude that you were originally right when you said that racial genetic differences were irrelevant.
      Meanwhile the truth tellers get to ponder the decision of sticking our necks out or not, hoping for some sort of mass catalyst to instigate some sort of majority cohesion before it’s too late, or simply giving in and swallowing the bitter pill of defeat and holding our tongues just to get by (while the pot keeps getting closer to boiling point as the progressive’s plan marches forward with more non Whites entering our borders everyday, as more true blue Whites getting older and then more young Whites simply choose through their self orientated actions to in essence stop being White).
      Rome is burning and apathy, cowardice (through the wish to conform) and ignorance(through lack of right question asking) is stopping us from putting out the fire. 
      Civilization has made us too sedate (see eg. ) and has done too good a job of curing us of our natural instincts, it’s my feelings that we Whites thrive when being pioneers and warriors, big cities simply put the wrong people in power.

    • Johnny Reb

      Good post.  Yes, blacks and white libs believe that blacks are capable of EQUALITY OF RESULTS were it not for INequality of treatment. 

      They’re hard to find . . . but if you can ever have an “honest” conversation with a reasonable, well-educated black, you’ll probably find that he believes that you as a white man are simply blind to the conditions they deal with because you are part of the system of oppression whether you know it or not.

  • ncpride

    Let me sum this article up for those who can’t stomach the whole thing. Basically, Whites need to shut up about the black on White unprovoked violence because we deserve it for things that happened centuries ago, and even if you weren’t alive during the Civil Rights movement (neither were these little thugs) you are GUILTY and need to accept the punishment for your White skinned, racist self. After all, these two reporters were ONLY beat up…. no big deal. So until God only knows how many more generations of Whites pay the price for slavery and utter black failure, we don’t care about you Whitey, so sit down and stop complaining. It’s ALL your fault blacks behave this way! Got it?

    • Major

      “how many more generations of Whites pay the price for slavery and utter black failure…”

      So far 4 generations and 15 trillion later…with no end in sight if we can use Trayvon, Saint Skittles as a model for future black morons to use as an excuse to murder and attack whites.

    • Captain

      Thing is what many blacks dont know was the slave trade began with whites specifically the Irish hundreds of years before west Atlantic African routes and continued during. Over all it is documented there was significantly more whites as slaves but for some reason American schools dont teach this and instead imply only blacks were the victims which just increases the victim attitude. They also dont disclose the huge numbers of blacks running plantations with slaves so the black thugs of today claiming to be a victim could actually be decended from a slave master? Also first owner to recieve black slaves so(no doubt he already owned a number of white slaves bought from Muslims abducting whole English coastal villages taken women and children back to middle east to be sex slaves selling on the men to plantation owners in Caribbean and North America) big bad whitey doesnt seem so big and bad if real American history was taught instead of history that tried to come up with a reason why 80% of African Americans cant be productive members of society since early days of America with the only successful black country being British Bermuda where Black slave MASTERS not slaves relocated to when England banned slavery but America dragged it out as long as they could and still use them as slaves today in prisons and to raise Government money through drug sales cause America sold majority of its gold for failed Vietnam war so was unable to charge them for murdering 100,000s of civilians like theyre doing to Iraq and the desperately poor Afghanistan whos only export is heroin and hundreds of thousands of tonnes just so happen to be missing………

  • WmarkW

    ” And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.”

    Racial healing will start when blacks realize that whites are the best friends they ever had, and that their problems are almost entirely self-induced.   That will happen AFTER media double-standards stop censoring negative news about blacks.  

    Media has created a self-fulfilling, unfalsifiable narrative.

    • ed91

       ain’t gonna happen.

    • tickyul

      Nope, Urban Americans and Whites will never live together in peace.

      • mikejones91

        What about Urban whites?

  • I feel sick to my stomach after reading through this piece of anit-White hand wringing drivel.

    And of course the leftist pin-heads over at HuffPoo lapped it right up.

  • B

    Ever since social restraints have been lifted off of the black population in the 60s blacks have been on a virtual crime spree. Every year 80 percent of the interracial crime between blacks and whites is committed by blacks and blacks are but one fifth the white population. What this unrestrained black behavior has shown us is why blacks were treated harshly and swiftly in the old days. Places like Detroit and New Orleans are now virtual war zones with murder rates comparable to places like Bagdad or The Congo thanks to the black populations living there. We also now have flash mobs of blacks robbing stores and terrorizing people all across the nation, from Philadelphia to Seattle. This kind of uncivilized mob behavior was kept in check in the old days and now we can understand why they did what they did back then and for the media to selectively report on the hugely disproportionate amount of violent predatory crime taking place in America today by blacks is nothing short of racist propaganda. Propaganda comes in two forms – disseminating false information and or by selectively disseminating information to give a desired viewpoint.

    • ed91

       What this unrestrained black behavior has shown us is why blacks were treated harshly and swiftly in the old days.

      • IstvanIN

        And the blacks suffer as well.  But the liberals don’t even see that!

    • MrGJG

       Yours is a truth that will never be acknowledged. Blacks were treated as second class citizens for a reason and it had nothing to do with skin color.  They were kept in check by a no nonsense justice system who’s primary goal was to keep law abiding citizens safe.

  • I got to about the fifth paragraph and had to stop reading to avoid being violently ill. Just another typically liberal Huff-and-Puffington piece. The Left goes to such outrageous and absurd lengths to justify things like media bias, which they know are wrong, but which they think aid their agenda. I have zero respect for them — none.

  • splitsing

    This is the same line taken by virtually all journalists.  I say that as someone who is married to a journalist, works with journalists and has other journalists in the family.  These same people scream for diversity but there is none to be found it is diversity of ideals or beliefs.  There is but one ideology to be followed for these disingenuous white liberals.

    • JohnEngelman

      What is even more disgusting is that they do not live up to the principles they want to force on us. Few if any of them send their children to predominantly black public schools. 

      • splitsing

         Oh it goes far beyond race.  These same types, including academics (which I am actually an academic), all preach a good bit about Marxism, means of production etc… but they all get in their BMWs at the end of the day and they drive to their bungalows in Laguna Beach and no one is ever the wiser. 

        Not only do they not expose their offspring to urban black youth culture, they send them to private schools to avoid blue collar whites as well.

        These disingenuous white liberals are the true enemy of White culture and the West more generally.

        • Major

          “that he married a jap and actually took his wife’s japanese name…”

          He should have proven his dedication to Japanese culture and committed seppuku….that I would have given him kudos for.

    • sarah stein

       Journalists preach diversity, yet Marjon Rostami couldn’t lock her door fast enough when she saw the black klan.

  • Not even the Nazis had spin this good . . .

  • anmpr1

    Is the author white?  Kind of looks it from the picture.  I sometimes wonder why these folks just don’t commit suicide.  They obviously despise themselves.  But I am wrong.  It is actually their race that they despise.  But through a bizarre twist of psychological gymnastic, they themselves assuage their guilt within a mask of liberal smugness, and convince themselves that racial hatred of their own kind will somehow elevate them in the eyes of non-whites, but all other whites must suffer because of it.

    I’m reminded of the scene in Bergman’s Seventh Seal, where the Christian flagellants whip themselves for their sins, and then rebuke the townspeople for theirs.  These people are despicable.

  • What absolute rubbish, first off, from what I have read this wasn’t a “white neighborhood” Martin was walking through. It was “multicultural neighborhood”, Heck, I believe his own parents lived there, secondly, there were break ins of houses in their area which is what Zimmerman was trying to prevent and why he was out there in the first place. And there wasn’t a “coverup” the cops looked at Zimmerman with his head cracked open and thought a state law “stand your ground” applied here. And lastly, there is absolutely no evidence Zimmerman “racial profiled” anyone, in fact after you listen to the whole tape NBC tried to selectively edit it becomes clear that Zimmerman may not have even know what color Martin was, it was afterall raining and he was covering his head. This is just lefwinger writers trying to justify the racist double standard and racial hypocrisy they perpetuate in the news media.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Did you see the news that White babies are now a racial minority in the land of their ancestral inheritance? Have you contemplated what horrors await them in the future? If Whites are exterminated, which begins with our minoritization, why would Jesus bother to come back?  Satan wins at our extinction, so Jesus must come back soon if he wants his birth, suffering, death, and resurrection to count for something.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why Jesus should watch the news,” 2012

  • JohnEngelman

    Yes, there’s a double-standard. And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.
    – Bob Cesca, Huffington Post, May 16, 2012     
    The Civil Rights Act was signed in 1964. The Voting Rights Act was signed in 1965. The Open Housing Act was signed in 1968. That was 44 years ago. How much longer will whites have to wait before “the long slow process of racial healing is completed,” and we can walk downtown without fearing violent crime?     

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Racial healing will only begin when Whites in America and Britian are a minority and sharing the fate of the Boers.

      Words like “Social Justice” and “Racial healing” are how Anti-Racists describe their revenge-driven, unforgiving fantasies about killing off our race, while making them sound happy and cheerful.

      • JohnEngelman

        I read a book by an expatriate Rhodesian who visited Zimbabwe not too many years ago. Traveling with a companion, she stopped at a store along the highway. A black man materialized next to her car window. “Job, boss, (I) work good, boss,” he pleaded. “You give job.”  
         “What happened to your old job?” the expatriate white asked.
        The black man replied in the straightforward manner of his race: “We drove 
        out the whites. No more jobs. You give job.”         
        At some level, my students understand the same thing. One day I asked the bored, black faces staring back at me. “What would happen if all the white people in America disappeared tomorrow?”        
         “We screwed,” a young, pitch-black boy screamed back. The rest of the blacks laughed.        
        I doubt there are many blacks who have “revenge-driven, unforgiving fantasies about killing off our race.” Most know they need us. 

  • sbuffalonative

    This is good in that the ‘progressive’ left is being forced to respond to the obvious. In the past, they would just ignore the double standard but now it’s becoming to glaring to ignore.

    There is much to comment on in this piece. I could write a page just on the choice of single words such as his strained use of the word “allegedly”. The “Let’s Do The List” paragraph makes me want to scream. 

    The Martin case and the Pilot reporters case aren’t the best examples to compare. They’re only related by close proximity in time. There are far better examples of black on white crimes being downplayed, excused or ignored.

    “Yes, there’s a double-standard. And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.”

    TRANSLATION: ‘Until enough whites get their heads knocked up by blacks to make up for all the injustices committed by whites against blacks, black on white crime can be forgiven and ignored.’ 

    • Major

      “This is good in that the ‘progressive’ left is being forced to respond to the obvious..”

      I call it the simpleton “Reginald Denny” syndrome. get your brains knocked into your back pocket while a feral black raises his fists in triumph having assaulted and thinking he has killed a white man. Now a white man who has the IQ of his truck “forgives” his assassin with PC dribble and a life of permanent disabilities. While the jungle rat animal walks free. There is NO forgiveness of black attacks on whiles people…there is no justification or equalization for the so called “crimes” of whites 200 years ago against farm implements.

  • This reporter is absolutely contemptible.  Will say anything for their status points.

     But its a step forward for the hypocrites… now they cant pretend that there isnt a double standard.   

    Later they will have to account for  perpetuating it.

  • Major

    “The opposite—the minority oppressing the majority—is impossible.”

    Absurd, laughable, ridiculous and a totally PC motivated, asinine statement.
    What the author overlooks and uses this “minor” non fatal attack as an example, and an excuse to condemn whites for their so called “atrocities” against blacks…and in a way justify the more than 4.5 times black on white crime occurs. This author refuses to even acknowledge the countless horrific, murderous crimes and fatalities that have have been documented at the hands of blacks against whites.
    While these two victims might have been spared being murdered or permanently handicapped  or injured by this specific, black mob…the author refuses to acknowledge the fact that….Islamist terrorists too, are a “minority”…yet when they act…hundreds if not thousands of innocent people are affected or die at their hands. It took only 19 Islamist terrorists to murder 3000 people on 911. Black mobs are just the same….terrorists that are determined to rule the streets and choose whites as their targets, enemies to strike fear into the hearts of innocent whites.

    • libertarian1234

      I began reading the article with an open mind, wanting to get a new perspective,  but it’s just too silly.  I had to break off.  It wasn’t worth my time.
      Just from the few paragraphs I read I could tell it’s just another hare-brained attempt to try to get people to believe fanciful things,  and flim flam us into believing that what we know and see in the real world isn’t necessarily the way it really is.

      I really wish the Huffington Post would go belly up, right along with and the DailyKos.

      • Major

        Not a chance friend. The lib, “progressive” parasites are too far gone to accept the truth, facts or any reasonable retort without using “raciss” in the discussion.

        The true enemies of America are libs, anarchists, college “educated” morons, parasites and free loaders all. Blacks are the least of our worries….as they are still a minority…it’s the “AA studies, African American studies, Womens and Gay studies” that will be the undoing of America.

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  The Trayvon shooting and the handling of the case by law enforcement smelled all too familiar, and the past must not be repeated here.
    The only thing that “smelled” would have been little Trayvon whose hygienic habits were probably comparable to every negro in Florida . . . which is to say, non-existent.  Florida negros douse themselves with baby powder and cologne and call it a day.  I don’t think I ever saw one shower after football practice or track and I doubt things have changed.

    Cops in Florida DID sweep “n-word cuttings” or shootings under the carpet.  A white could do whatever he wanted to a negro and nothing would be said.  But that was only up until the late 1940s – early 50s.  For the last 60 years, the heat has been on all southern cops to treat negroes like little princes.

    So this rabble-rousing author is addressing something few blacks today ever experienced first hand.  Negroes love to lie about how “racist” things are but the truth is that the white man has been bending over for the negro for 60 years.

    Guess we’re just not bending far enough to satisfy their majesties . . .

    • Major

      “he white man has been bending over for the negro for 60 years…”

      And pretty much losing until GZ came along and highlighted the need to fight back….even if it means a 9MM as a means to end the assaults.

      Al Charlatan has no idea what he has done.

    • sbuffalonative

      “I don’t think I ever saw one shower after football practice or track and I doubt things have changed.”

      Many years ago in a previous incarnation, I had a close friendship with a black girl.

      I once asked her ‘is there anything blacks say about whites that whites don’t know they say’. She said, ‘Blacks don’t like taking showers with whites because whites smell when they get wet’.

      I’ll never forget it because I never heard it before or since.

      I’m not sure how it relates to your experience with black athletes not showering. Maybe it’s true that blacks believe it. Maybe blacks just use it as an excuse not to shower publicly.

      • My days of using the athletic complex in college was the only time in my adult life when my workout facilities had any appreciable number of blacks.   I couldn’t tell you about the women for obvious reasons, but relative to the number of black men that used it, I didn’t see too many black men use the locker room.  One thing I did notice right away among those that did is that blacks with dreadlocks and cornrows never washed their hair in the shower.  Which made me wonder how they washed those things, if they did at all.  This was before the internet became the go-to place for answers.  It took me asking a member of my high school graduating class when most of us from our class went to the graduation ceremonies of the next year’s class, a black man with whom I wasn’t friends for sure but we were on good enough speaking terms such that I knew he wouldn’t have thought me condescending for asking, and he told me about the intricate and time consuming procedure for cleaning dreads and ‘rows.

        Why anyone would want hair they can’t clean easily, I don’t know.

  • IstvanIN

    The only thing that “smelled” would have been little Trayvon whose hygienic habits were probably comparable to every negro in Florida . . . which is to say, non-existent. Florida negros douse themselves with baby powder and cologne and call it a day. I don’t think I ever saw one shower after football practice or track and I doubt things have changed.

    In NJ we have a technical term for this, not allowed on a fambly site.

  • IstvanIN

    Back to the point: The main reason for the double standard is that there are a few of us still alive.  Wouldn’t want us to escape die-versity, now would they?

  • ajiarcher

    this guy is a real putz, if i ever become this brain dead, i should walk off a pier and end it all.

    • IstvanIN

      When your this brain dead you don’t know it.

  • I have been trying to post about how” Maurice McGill, who today is 14. He is charged with rape, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and abduction. The alleged victim is 91″ had his picture posted as local news and looks 5 years older than skittles but most mainstream sites censor it. 13yo black guy rapes 90yo white woman and looks at least 5 years older than trayvons pic

  • Detroit_WASP

    “It’s the historical and contemporaneous context that ultimately changes how these stories are, and should be, covered”

    That’s where I stopped.  What a crock of pseudo intellectual BS.

    As I have said before.  White liberals THINK that intelligence is measured by the amount of black arse they can kiss.  The more they can kiss, the smarter they are.   The farther they can bend over backwards, the more open minded they are.  

    They use  tortured and convoluted logic to blame whites for all the dysfunction
    that blacks suffer from.

  • What a load of rubbish. Black on white crime has been a problem for a very long time. But since the media continues to cover it up, ignoramuses such as Cesca are unaware of the problem – so that they can continue to drone on about “very different histories”.

  • blindsight

    A crime report can serve to make someone more vigilant, just as a weather report can lead one to carry an umbrella on a given day.

    Whites who know that black “flash mobs” violently attacked random white people at the Milwaukee State Fair last summer, are better prepared to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from that particular kind of harm this coming summer by virtue of the fact that they have this information.

    Were they to be deprived of this information because the media either did not report it or reported it without mentioning race, they and their loved ones would be a greater risk of becoming victims of such a mob attack then they otherwise might.

    Yet depriving people of information that could lead them to adjust their behaviors in ways that would make them safer, just as a weather report can help one decide how to dress and whether to carry an umbrella, is exactly what Mr. Cesca defends with his sophomoric rationale.

  • TonyWestfield

    If somebody had offered me ten thousand dollars to write a satirical mock-article that distills PERFECTLY the apology-rationale that thrives in the psychotic mind (that’s “collective” mind) of the contemporary Left…swear to God, I could NOT do a better mock-job than this article by Bob Cesca.  Ummm, wait, my true mind (it is non-apologetic, non-psychotic) is starting to stir…feeling a little wobbly now, second-guessing the assumption that Bob Cesca was being serious when he wrote this here article.  Hmmm, was he joking?

    Is it possible that somebody could write such crap and MEAN it?  True mind says “Yes.”  True mind also says “lucky us” that the Enemy is so engorged with foolish confidence that Enemy exposes itself so frankly.

    Memo to Enemy: Thank you for being so stupid.  It makes the remedy that much easier.

  • ageofknowledge

    In other words lying is good journalism in this corporate conglomerate MSM shill’s view.

  • Athling

    What the author is really saying beneath the thin vail of obfuscation is that if you are white you are partly responsible for past injustices, real or imagined, and any level of wrath an African may subject you to must be understood in that context. All criminal behavior committed by said African must always be viewed in a historical context wherein the African’s ancestors were mistreated by the white majority. And while not justifying the criminal acts, we are expected to be understanding and forgiving to this poor creature.

    Additionally, we are expected to maintain this understanding and forgiveness until true racial equality is achieved.

    1) You owe Africans nothing.
    2) Racial equality is and always has been metaphysically impossible. We are different.

    Who benefits from the author’s line of reasoning? How? Why?

    There is no justification for the media cover up of black on white crime. They and the Africans they are covering for must be held accountable just as you or I would be. We should expect and demand nothing less.

  • ” full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed”
    Still? We’re still doing this? All black people have PTSD from their great-great-great-great grandfather’s enslavement? If the media, the left and black community would stop bringing it up every 2 seconds maybe the racial healing would be complete. Oh, and please do the world a favor and hold your breathe until the full equality thing happens.

  • lughon

    Minorities have no power? But when they attack they are usually in a the numeric majority – which is the essence of guerrila warfare: attack in force and melt away before reinforcements come.

  • Take your pick of 500 WEBSITES documenting black on WHITE HATE CRIMES and you’ll see THOUSANDS of crimes unpunished.

    Is it so surprising?
    WITH A black ATTORNEY GENERAL who refuses to even examine Black Panther voter intimidation on tape???

  • Marc B.

    This writer of this article is an example of what happens to someone after complete Cultural Marxist brainwashing. I wonder if his narrative would apply if were the victim of an unprovoked black gang assault. Did anybody else also notice the misrepresentation of the facts regarding the Martin vs. Zimmerman incident?

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     before 2008 blacks had an underlying fear of the white man that was keeping them in check to a certain degree. after 2008 their attitude is that they are in control now and can face no repercussions for their violence thus the rise of mob activity and looting appearing in the last three years. this is a dangerous precedent. black youth are not intimidated by incarceration as prisons are 85 percent black. in baltimore on st pat day police commanders told officers not to get out of their cars while mobs of 500 rampaged. blacks were pounding on cars at red lights and chasing tourists into hotels. the police can’t control these blacks so i suggest to readers put your computer on standby and get to the gun store bass pro is a good store arm up practice and get lots of ammo you will need it. idiot whites voted their own demise. astounding. incomprehensible.

  • KenelmDigby

    It is impossible to argue rationally with leftists – because it is impossible to argue with confirmed liars.
    The ‘arguments’ Cesca gives for maintaining partiallity, bias and prejudice are absurd – and should offend any right thinking and just person – the general principle of ‘justice’ in any system worth its name is that the case is considered on facts alone and individuals are treated with absolute equanimity before the law – no favor is given neither to prince or pauper because of ‘who’ or ‘what’ they are – all that matters is the injustice or injury perpetrated on the individual. That’s why the staute of justice is sometimes portrayed blindfolded.
     All Cesca does is reveal himself as a nasty little bully.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Lie #1:

    First, Trayvon was a kid walking through a white neighborhood armed with nothing but snacks. 

    He was armed and had deadly weapons.  He used his “arms” to pummel Zim and the sidewalk as a weapon to bash Zim’s head in.

    If Trayvon Skittles hadn’t been stopped by lead, he most likely would have ‘kilt’ Zim or caused great bodily injury, some reports state that Skittles was reaching for Zim’s gun — and we would have never heard about this case (and Skittles would be back at school, freed under Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground Law.’).

    there’s a sinister gun violence meets gun control meets NRA component here.

    Not true. This is about “White”-on-black violence and political gain. Period.


  • Lou

    I mean, Where to even start with this crap article..???
    I can’t imagine ANYONE actually going back to the huffington post for their news ,after reading something like this… So over the top , such crap…

    • Celestial_Time

      Inflated Self-Opinion + Hysteria + Dementia – Impartiality = you average Huffington Post reader

  • Celestial_Time

    ” the double-standard has to remain”

    That’s all you need to know about these mindless zombies of MultyCulty Land.

    Crumbling neighborhoods, crumbling cities, rampant crime…….Millions of assaulted, carjacked, kidnapped, raped, beaten, bludgeoned, shot, stabbed, strangled, tortured, and murdered White men, women and children need to suffer in the PRESENT, simply because this clown believes he’s allowed to wash it away by justifying it with the PAST.

    I really don’t have the time to finish and update this site, but considering the sickness espoused by Freaks of Civilization like Bob Cesca, I might just dump other projects so I can finish it.

    Give no quarter to these people!

  • TheCogitator

    This is nonsense. Cesca makes the comparison between two cases where one resulted in a death, and the other with injuries that were not that serious. He carefully avoids mentioning a more accurate comparison with the Taco Bell shooting in Phoenix. There has been no national coverage, and the last information I can find on the Internet, shows that the black male who shot an unarmed white man has not been named or arrested.

    I’d like to see how Cesca could justify the difference in coverage on the Zimmerman case and the Taco Bell shooting.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    it probably wouldn’t have happened at all if Forster hadn’t jumped out of his car to confront the youths.

    Yeah, what right did that Nazis moron Foster have to get out of his car like that??!!  Who does he think he is??

    Blacks may not be able to read, write or compute but they darn well learned in school and from the media that ALL Whites are racist bigots, responsible for ALL of their failures and SHOULD rightly be attacked for all they’ve done.      

    No White has the RIGHT in Amerikka to get out of his car and expect not to have the tar beaten out of him by blacks!! 

    After all, these coddled, spoiled-brat blacks with cradle-to-grave entitlements  couldn’t possibly be held accountable for their violence because they are ‘oppressed’, suffering from a ‘legacy of White atrocities’ and don’t enjoy ‘full equity.’ Their anger against Whites is obviously justified.

    Time to go feed the unicorns…


  • mikejones91

    I understand this but buy saying that, they imply there are NO black bigots who feed off white crime. Two wrongs never make a right, unless that second wrong is against a WHITE.

  • Ben

    Do you really think blacks have the mental capacity to come up with some of these war tactics they are using? Do you really think they have the power to control what is told in the media?
    I don’t.

    I just watched online video of blacks panthers putting bounties on people and telling black to kill as many whites as possible and these statements are allowed.

    Why don’t you suggest slapping a black who insults you..
    I can tell you why … because you don’t want to be arrested.

  • Scott of the Arctic

    It used to be that people would buy newspapers because they wanted or needed actual fact-based truthful news in order to be responsible citizens. Granted that journalist never totally lived up to that lofty goal of providing fact and truth as news.  But now they are being blatant in saying that they will print, publish, broadcast or put on the web information that is not factual or which conceals the truth.  So, tit for tat, why buy their products?  Unless one wants to buy fiction, but there’s better fiction to be found on the shelves of any half-decent bookstore or to be searched for on online stores.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    WHITE WOMAN ASKS BLACKS NOT TO DUMP TRASH IN ROAD GETS BEATEN;/resource/components/custom/edit/155885

  • “They Lie”

    with apologies to Congressman Wilson

  • Gereng

    One of the most effective means of combatting the blackening of America is for whites to STOP paying for tickets to see movies, and sporting events that feature blacks. Or in the case of pro sports simply STOP buying tickets to watch blacks running and jumping and becoming millionaires for doing what any deer can do better.

    Do NOT buy recordings of blacks singing, dancing, raping or making music of any kind that puts YOUR money into their pockets.  If whites STOP supporting these activities with their money, the owners of the companies using blacks to make them wealthy will come to understand that if blacks want a race war, we’ll oblige in ways that do not require violence. But rather simple discipline and intelligence will serve our interests even more effectively.   We do not need baseball bats nor 9 mil pistols to put blacks back into the jobs for which they are best suited by their natures and IQ: manual labor, washing dishes, and shining shoes.    

    • anarchyst

      This boycott should also apply to white organizations and individuals that support “multiculturalism” and “diversity”.
      Perhaps encouraging “section-8” housing in affluent white areas would be just rewards . . .

    • Back in the 60s when television started pushing black entertainers on us, my family would simply shut the tv off.  Any commercials with blacks got our attention, we would no longer buy the product. However, I do believe those minor reactions will not serve any longer to deal with the big picture, i.e., black attacks on white people. Something more, force met with force may be required to get the message across. However, no one will really win a race war, the destruction and chaos alone laying bare this country to outside attack…

    • All we need to do is cut off welfare cold turkey. When all the brown people are no longer getting their checks they will riot like hell. Declare martial law, export all the illegals and re-segregate the blacks. No more immigrants, no more black on white crime.

  • And the below link and comment is another reason why White-on-black is NOT ok, while black-on-White (the reason being White liberals)

    “As a little white girl myself, I can’t think of another
    statement (“this is America and no one deserves to be treated like a
    black man”) nearly as honest, and true as this, regarding the US justice
    system.. Black men, and women are treated much differently from arrest
    to prosecution than white men and women.. While socio-economic factors
    and severity of the crime obviously apply, the discrepancies in
    arrests/sentences speak for themselves.”


    3 weeks ago


  • That is truth. One that we will never see in a media news report or in a Hollywood made movie. Taking your message further, every damn facet of our lives is affected for the bad. Just a sample, education, especially at the secondary level, had to be dumbed down with the entry of blacks into our schools. Health care costs sky rocketed when blacks with their various gunshot and knife wounds and crack babies were not turned away from our great hospitals. Now, it is almost impossible to find a trauma center even in major urban areas. I’d say we got the worst of the deal, a hundred years or so of slavery vs. the unending misery we now face.

  • Gene Dandy

    Bob Cesca says one of the reasons that the Trayvon Martin killing  generated so much outrage is that there was “evidence of racial profiling by Zimmerman.” Well so what? What if there was? 

    Cesca seems to think it’s illegal to racially profile someone. Profiling is not only not illegal it’s necessary and desirable when the housing complex though which Martin was walking that night had been repeatedly burglarized by black teens. Residents had called the cops over 200 times in recent years to complain about criminal activity. And Cesca thinks we shouldn’t profile? Why the hell not?

  • I guess when your properly conditioned you can see racism everywhere, even when your blind! 

  • Orion_Blue

    Yes, there’s a double-standard.
    Glad you admit it at last – if you are White, you are a race traitor.

    And until there’s full equality and the long slow process of racial healing is completed, the double-standard has to remain.

    There never will be racial healing, since the animus between Black and White will exist in perpetuity until one wipes out the other.

    For who’s benefit must this double standard remain? If it isn’t safe for Whites, what makes you think it will be safe for anyone?

  • mcmash54

    Why dont they just report the news fairly and accurately and let the reader decide if racial motives are present in the violent crimes that happen on a daily basis. When you print an article titled mob of hundreds of unruley youths beat and rob visitors at the state fair, do you think we imagine a bunch of James Deans with their leather jackets and pack of ciggarettes rolled up in their sleeve? If you do then your abigger idiot than you make us out to be. I typed in white on black violence all that came up was black onwhite crime except for one site with a headline that sad”HUNDREDS OF INNOCCENT BLACK PEOPLE KILLED BY WHITE RACIST ” after I clicked on the site I was met wityh a list of incidents,NO 1 on the list was Trayvonn 2 was the case of the white teenager who ran down an innocent black man in miissisippi, all of the rest were of supposedly innoccent blacks shot by cops, and of course cps are considered white people regardless of their race when in uniform. The list was followed by hundreds of comments by readers most of them angrily calling for the death all white people, kill whitey etc. One commentator was bold enough to question the reality white on black crime, and that we should be more concerned about black on black violence which takes the lives of thousands of black americans annually, of course this being a black blog site she was immeadiately set upon by threatning and hateful replies, one seemed to show a little campassion, he said it wasnt her fault because she had been brainwashed by her white handlers. I really found his reasoning for black on black crime quite ammusing. First of all we all kow that black on black crime is the fault of white america because of their introduction of crack and weapons into the black community and not focusing on crime in black nieghborhoods the way they do in white areas.But wait a minute if this is true why are the population of the prisons sixty percent black? Back in the 1980’s the aclu pushed for steeper sentences for people dealing crack because it was bringing down black nieghborhoods so low and behold it passed and the results were as expected more people in prison. Fast forward a few years the same people who pushed for the stiffer sentences now call it racist because it targets black people. Most black people connot or willnot deal with cold hard facts when presented to them. They are easily lead around by their self appointed black leaders, who know just what buttons to push to get a following, and being a black oganizer/ leader seems to be a very profitable career. Unfortunately most blacks are still slaves but not to white owners but to the welfare state that their black leaders have pushed on america.