Posted on May 21, 2012

Tinley Park Brawl Between White Supremacists, ‘Anti-Racists’

Mike Flannery, My Fox Chicago, May 20, 2012

It now appears that a vicious brawl at a south suburban restaurant on Saturday involved hammer-wielding “anti-fascists” attacking a group of self-professed “white nationalists.”

The attack occurred at 12:45 p.m. Saturday, according to Tinley Park police. Ten were injured, with three taken to local hospitals. Among innocent bystanders terrified by the bizarre explosion of violence were several dozen women there for a wedding shower.


After the attack, several injured white supremacists fled immediately, declining medical treatment. Tinley Park Police said they detained five of the suspected attackers, who apparently call themselves members of the “South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action.” {snip}

The white supremacists had apparently posted on one or more of their websites that they planned to have lunch at the Ashford House restaurant, 7959 W. 159th St, Tinley Park. Their internet postings refer to a “5th Annual White Nationalist Economic Summit.” {snip}

The “anti-fascists” boasted of the violent attack on their own website, promising more to come. The first of four key unity principles cited on the website states: “Whenever fascists are active or organizing in public, we’re there. We don’t believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the Nazis have the street.”

A skinhead using the name Brandon Spiller posted several messages after the attack. He said doctors used eight surgical staples to close a wound inflicted on him. He complained, “I had my gun in my car, but couldn’t get to it due to Illinois law. If I was able to CCW (concealed carry of a weapon) they would have been stopped and I wouldn’t be typing this from a hospital.”

One witness told Fox Chicago News that, just before the brawl, the attackers gathered in a lot near the restaurant. They were dressed entirely in black, wearing hoodies and bandannas to conceal their identity. He said the attackers were all white, including a mix of young men and women who may have been in their 20s. He said they loudly chanted political slogans. Then, armed with baseball bats, nunchuks and hammers, they ran screaming through the restaurant’s front door.