How Race May Affect This Year’s Election

Juan Williams, The Hill, April 16, 2012

Last week several political strategists predicted to me that every racial button is going to get pushed hard in this fall’s presidential campaign. Their forecast is based on racial fears that are already being exposed. White Republican men form the strongest block of opposition to reelection of a black president—who, in turn, has near-unanimous support from blacks, and overwhelming backing from Hispanics and Asians.

Their predictions come against the backdrop of two white male political writers, Pat Buchanan and John Derbyshire, losing their jobs at MSNBC and National Review, respectively, after writing racially charged pieces. Buchanan lamented in a book that immigration and high Hispanic birthrates were leading to the “end of white America.” Derbyshire, writing in a small magazine, advised his children to avoid “concentrations of blacks,” and to not settle in any place run by black politicians.

The 2012 election comes at a time when the country is in the middle of a seismic shift in its demographics. Racial attitudes are also changing, for better or worse, with rising numbers of minorities and immigrants now more than 30 percent of the population. But in political terms, the GOP has failed to bring any substantial part of that growing population into its ranks. The heart of the party remains senior white voters who are resisting the loss of the America they grew up in 50 years ago.

A whole catalogue of racial fears was revealed during the Aspen Institute Symposium on Race in America, attended last week by a number of prominent experts and televised on C-SPAN:

—White fear of the increasing voting power of Hispanics, Asians and blacks. In the GOP primaries, the nation’s first black president was labeled as the “food stamp president.” He was charged with being a “socialist” and wanting to lead the country to become an “entitlement society.” This racially provocative language suggested hard-working white people being ripped off by lazy minorities. The experts see it a warning sign of the approaching racial storm.


Charles Blow, the New York Times columnist, sees a racial clash already emerging in the fight over voter identification laws being pushed by Republicans.

At the symposium, Blow said the racial powder keg is being ignited right now by GOP efforts to “shave off” 10 percent of the minority vote with what he called “voter disenfranchisement” laws.


Karen Narasaki, the immediate past-president of the Asian American Justice Center, told the symposium that Asian Americans are also feeling the sting of white racial profiling and anger at immigrants.

She predicts the Asian vote will make a difference this year for Democrats even in critical southern states, such as Virginia, where Asians now constitute 6 percent of the population.


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  • Hirschibold

     Forget about the short term for a moment, and recall what the execrable Tim Wise said a few months back in his “die whitey” letter. Even if the Republicans win a couple more squeakers, the days of white people voting in the candidate of their choice are pretty much over unless pigs fly and our borders are somehow secured before demographic transformation fully occurs and whites are a minority. It is at this point that Kevin Macdonald’s prediction comes true, that whites realize this situation cannot be rectified through voting, or democracy (those enlightenment principles will have already been hijacked and destroyed by our third world imports and those weaned on anti-white rhetoric like the commander in chief). It is at this point that all whites, even the ones who’ve been asleep for several decades, neocon and liberal zombies, will realize that they have a fight on their hands, but it won’t be a struggle at the ballot. It is more likely to be a bloodbath in a highly balkanized state.

    No, these aren’t the ravings of some fringe militiaman; this is the basic mathematical fact, the outcome of having several minorities with decades (and century) long grudges, re: Chechnya, Georgia, and Russia, or Sunnis and Shia, or loyalist paramilitaries vs. Irish Republicans. I would prefer peace but our elite diversity enforcers are going to continue to graft their utopian ideals on the rest of us, and the graft is not going to take.

    • ArturoPendriago

      You are absolutely right but what I find interesting is the entire reason third worlders com here is to be in a ‘white’ country for its benefits.  If all American whites want to secede and carve out a homeland, then the blacks and browns will be beating at our doors to get in.  

      This is what is so ironic.  They hate us yet they want to live around us and partake of our goodies.

    • acronymous

       Think about it. Whites are older on average. Their voting power in society is higher than their military-age manpower. The story you make up is impossible—if whites cannot win at the polls, they certainly cannot win in the streets. What’s more, nobody really wants a “white homeland”. So there will be a give and take and whites will live as one more minority among many.

      • ed91

         not sure I buy that theory……

      • Hirschibold

         You obviously know nothing about the demographics of military MOS (Military occupation skills). I understand Jamie Fox played a marine in the movies, and you may have even seen Red Tails before it was mercifully pulled from theaters. But the vast majority of minorities in the army occupy the “tail” in the “tooth to tail ratio” of combat arms to support units. So unless they are going to quartermaster or administrate me to death, I certainly do not see how blacks (or Latinos) are going to beat whites in a head to head conflict, even when they outnumber us. I would prefer to avoid the violence that comes when satellite states battle a central authority for autonomy, but it looks unavoidable at this point.

      • Trainspotter

        ‘What’s more, nobody really wants a “white homeland”.’

        I beg to differ. 

    • bluegrass91

       I bring up Balkanization quite often.  It is difficult to express the concept to others without their rapid condemnation that I somehow “desire” a conflict along these lines.  I shudder at the loss of life such a conflict would produce, and to think my neighbors and average Americans would debase themselves to the level of ethnic cleansing, of killing men, women, and children by appearances alone. It would be an utter and complete nightmare, with a kind of brutal anarchy that would make our prior civil war look like a tidy battle between two respecting foes. 

      Yet it only requires a minimal knowledge of history, hell even just a semi-worldy view, to realize that the elites are pressing us to a violent inevitable outcome.  Societies with more cultural and racial solidarity than the colorful framework of the U.S. have devolved into fierce and deadly fighting.  I doubt the Sunni-Shia divide is any greater than the White-Black divide in America.  I doubt the Tamil- Sri Lanka divide is any greater than the Black-Hispanic divide.  I doubt the Chechen-Russia divide is any greater than the Asian-Black divide.

      “[Karen Narasaki] told the symposium that Asian Americans are also feeling
      the sting of white racial profiling and anger at immigrants.”

      They press this, over and over and over again, that minorities are united against whitey.  It is the ultimate myth, the glue they hope will buy them time for another decade or two.  It is also blatantly false.  Hispanics have already taken the first major offenses in this war, and the news barely peeps.  They decided blacks were undesirable in the neighborhoods they had taken over, and cleansed them by threat of violence or by social alienation. 

      They say we desire violence, yet their ignorance will lead to more violence than imaginable. We want to be left alone, in communities of our choosing.  They press them upon us like the Huns had pressed the Goths into the lands of Rome. 

  • Rocky Bass

    That’s really telling, in that the places the Demonic-rats are going to do the best is where they have been most successful in electing a new people. No that there is a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties. Hell if voting could change anything, it would be illegal.
    The Bankster based “show” government is about to slam the door on the last of freedom very soon.

    • better_times

      There is an ENORMOUS difference in that the Democrats want to control what you think.  Communists are the most dangerous people on the planet & those are the folks running the show right now.  They plan decades ahead and are very, very patient. The current “race war” was conceived in Moscow & implemented by the CP.

      • Rocky Bass

         From my perspective, as far as unbelievably unconstitutional, insanely draconian, legislation goes, one party wants an absolute totalitarian police state in 2 months and the other is willing to wait 6 months… In a year where is the difference from behind FEMA camp wire?

  • This next election is going to be interesting. The Blacks will vote for Obama to keep him in power. Hispanics on the hand, may stay home because Obama has failed to put forth Comprehensive Immigration Reform along with the failure to pass the Dream Act. They are not going to vote for Romney because he said that he would veto the Dream Act if it passed and he was president. Obama promised to pass immigration reform early in his next term, but he said that same thing when he was elected.

    • ed91

       obama and axelgrease will soon come up with some big gifts for illegals……….

      I can’t guess what it will be………..didn’t they give them recently a “illegal but ok” card or something

  • JohnEngelman

    Economically the white working class has nothing to show for its support of the GOP. Since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 white working class incomes have stagnated or declined, while the rich keep getting richer. Now the Republicans want to cut taxes for the rich again.


  • I’ve seen a lot of people calling whites racist for fighting to resist
    their loss of power, but not a single good reason as to why we

    Tell me, how are South Africa and Rhodesia(whoops, that would be
    Zimbabwe) doing these days?  What about the Congo?  They’re all
    uncivilized cesspools that no sane person would want to live in.  In
    South Africa the few remaining whites have to hire private security
    firms and live in communities that are practically fortified just to
    maintain a mere facade of safety. 

    Every single nation where we’ve given up power (or lost it) to some other race has ended BADLY for us.  Why would it be any different here?  Added to that, Blacks and Mestizos cannot build or maintain a 1st world civilization. 
    They lack the intelligence and the drive to do so. 

    Other races fighting to take power and calling whites racist for wanting to do the same is nothing short of hypocrisy.  It’s madness.

    • better_times

      Let’s just start with maintaining a strip mall, okay?

    • ed91

       it’s madness……..  thank white liberal men and many white women……..

      they have allowed this to become

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      Fighting White hegemony and White devotion to Whiteness  is the goal, not a better future.  Everyone who fights agaisnt White privilege knows that when Whites are submerged under the sewage of darkness, that everything will be worse for everbody. They don’t care, because the greatest good is hurting White Humanity, and if others get hurt in the process, well, that’s just collateral damage.

      Destroying Whiteness is the driving force of 92% of the global demographic. 

      “As bad as the future will be without Whitey to shakedown, White privilege was worse.”

      The non Whites hate us because they see our superiority, and they see how our preference is for our own kind.  Their base, vile, evil, primitive reaction to our exclusiveness isn’t to make themselves the best they can be, but to destroy us.   We are surrounded by evil, and we are the victims of the foulest, most vile hate imaginable.  That which hurts White Humanity is Satanic and must be fought will all our might, even unto death, because delaying the works do the Devil is a sacrament to God.

      Islamofascism, Maoism, Philo-Semitism, and Voodoo Violence are nothing more than genetics writ large into a rational religious systems of conquest of White European breeding grounds.

    • Thoughtcrime1933

      I have said this before and many Whites simply can’t comprehend this: If Whites are successfully exterminated from the globe, we will go down in the history books as “the most vile, evil haters EVER!” Now, if Whites decided to collectively fight back and wrestle control of a Homeland for our people to exist, we will go down in the non-White nation’s history books as “the most vile, evil haters EVER!” The only difference in the two scenarios is that in one we are dead and hated and in the other we are ALIVE and hated. So the point is…we are going to be hated anyway for doing what we must to secure our future and freedom for our people. What’s it gonna be White man? 

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    [i]after writing racially charged pieces.[i]

    • The__Bobster

      Shammity has inarticulate blacks on his radio show all the time. They make him look good by comparison.

  • WmarkW

    We KNOW there’ s going to be a huge race split; we need to work on the gender split.
    Women’s preference for Obama over a generic Republican was 20 points a couple of weeks ago, while Santorum was still active.

    Cultural nationalism can’t be exclusively a white male enterprise.  Which voting bloc do we want to work on picking up?

  • JohnEngelman

    Obama and Romney have about equal favorable numbers among whites (43 and 42 percent, respectively), even as the president has somewhat higher negatives (52 vs. 43 percent). But there’s a gaping difference among all non-whites, 82 percent of whom have favorable opinions about Obama, compared with just 21 percent who hold positive impressions about the likely GOP nominee. 

    Among African Americans, 93 percent have favorable views of the president, compared with 10 percent of Romney. The gap is large, but narrower among Hispanics: 76 to 33 percent. A relatively large proportion of Hispanics — nearly three in 10 — have yet to form an opinion about Romney.Romney’s popularity has also been steadily eroding among white women who identify as independents. Most — 56 percent — now have negative impressions of Romney, a more than 20-point increase from the start of the campaign. The trend for Obama is the reverse: These women are about evenly divided on the president (44 percent favorable, 46 percent unfavorable), after being about 2 to 1 negative in the fall.

    •  But from what I have read is that 90% of Latino voters favor the Dream Act. Romney has said that if as president, if the Dream Act came across his desk, he will veto it. I do not think that this bill will get that far.  Obama has been criticized for not putting forth an immigration reform proposal. He is now saying that he will resolve this issue early in his next term. He promised this also early in his current term in office. Another issue that may hamper some minority voters is the voter id law in several states.

      • JohnEngelman

        Blacks and Hispanics know that on any issue that is important to them Democrats are likely to be more congenial than Republicans. They and white liberals learned in the 2000 that it was folly to vote for a third party on the left. If Ralph Nader had not run, Al Gore would have almost certainly have been elected president. 9/11 may have happened, but the invasion of Iraq would not have happened. There would not have been tax cuts for the rich. 

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    As the Treyvon scandal continues to make fools our of the Diversity MSM, now the focus is shifting to guns. And also after the TV news videos of Zimmerman in court looking almost as dark skinned as St. Treyvon himself.

    Now, Cosby is deflecting away from race, which means it is deflected away from race.

    Cosby: Trayvon Martin case about guns, not race

    He went down to Atlanta when Diversity Hire Judge Marvin Arrington kicked all the Whites out of his courtroom and made a mild sensation on CNN. Cosby said to the assembled Diversity at Morehouse, “I don’t care what White people think,” and the story disappeared. No groveling from Arrington, no real apology, no remedial sensitivity training, no disbarment, just nothing but silence in the Atlanta media. Just like the Nkosie Thwandi lawsuit that shows proof he killed one White girl and shot two others out of extreme racial hatred. Silence.


    “I’ve been a racist ever since the Knoxville Horror, but after the racist hate crime murder of Brittny Watts, I’ve been a raging racist.”

    • Rocky Bass

       You mean your avatar in not your likeness? And to think I was about to try and ask you out for a romantic dinner. Down in flames once again.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        Romance, like breakfast, is for whimps.

        • Rocky Bass

           I don’t know, my father always made time for CC and coke, or as he put it “The breakfast of Champions!”

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     Karen Narasaki, the immediate past-president of the Asian American
    Justice Center, told the symposium that Asian Americans are also feeling
    the sting of white racial profiling and anger at immigrants. 

    predicts the Asian vote will make a difference this year for Democrats
    even in critical southern states, such as Virginia, where Asians now
    constitute 6 percent of the population.

    Interesting. Exactly where and how are Asians (judging by Ms. Narasaki’s name, I’m guessing east Asian) feeling the racial profiling “sting?” Not really hearing the news stories of Asians being rousted by the cops, pulled over on suspicion of stealing any nice car they’re driving, or followed whenever they enter a convenience store. Gotta love the number of assertions with no examples that find their way into Juan Williams pieces.

  • I find it a bit hilarious that Juan Williams here suggests that Asian-Americans are angry at Whites “racially profiling” them. It would seem to me that they are in fact more annoyed at being discriminated for their ‘Yellow Privilege’ by Blacks and Hispanics. In fact from what I see most Asians have some contempt for other minorities, and much less toward Whites.

    • Thoughtcrime1933

      I can personally attest to this. When I had chance to frequent an Asian run establishment, like a gas station or eatery, I would witness their looks of disgust at the misshapen black creatures that came shuffling though the doors, the would give the “obligatory” greeting but they wouldn’t look at them as they said it. Me on the other, the made eye contact, smiled and greeted me. It’s not that I was under the impression that we were “pals” but I got the impression that they clearly preferred my patronage then the shuffling horde of blacks. 

      I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the Asian shop/eastery owner arguing with the black “customer” as the black tried to pull one over on them. The most common thing I saw was the black creature would get a “to go box” at a Chinese food buffet and  then over-stuff it to the point where it would not close (ignoring the sign by the door and by the buffet that indicated that “to go box must close”. The cashier would charge them for two portions and the blacks would go ballistic. It was always humorous to see the defiant and disgusted looks on the Asian cashiers faces as they pointed to the sign. 

      Rarely did the groid try to start any more fracas. They would realized they had been put in their place and although begrudgingly, they paid and left. Only to return sooner than later to try the same thing. 🙂 

      My wife routinely tells me that she “treats them (blacks) like dogs”. She isn’t afraid to make eye contact with them and glare at them. She is as racially aware as I am and she says that she has found that aloofness by a White person is the one thing that most blacks simply can’t combat. I feel her thinking is correct, as much like dogs, blacks will give chase and attack if they sense any fear of them but if they see that you have established yourself as an “Alpha” member of society they naturally fall into their natural roll of submissive Beta.

      This is not the case with 100% of blacks I am sure but to this date she has yet to have any trouble from them. I make it an exercise to make eye contact and hold my gaze at them with a “I see you and I don’t care” look on my face, I find that in nearly 100% of cases the blacks quickly avert their eyes. They must be thinking to themselves, “oh crap…dat mans gots hisselfs a guns” or whatever (and they would be correct), we both have our CWP. I even do this when I am not armed, try it out. Blacks are too used to Whites showing fear around them, it only emboldens them. 

      Side note* The next time there is a “flash mob” of “youts” I am hoping to see at least 3-6 of them getting shot dead on the scene by a store owner who had had enough, in all likelihood it will be in an Asian run shop. The post shooting interview with the yellow shop keeper making statements that he simply has had enough should work wonders to get his friends and neighbors to consider maybe NOT voting for the Obamanites, especially if the Asian store becomes the target of “reprisal” attacks and protests. 

  •  I have to disagree with you on the point of blacks and mestizos not being able to field disciplined organized forces.   We have already seen in South and Central America how communist guerrilla armies and drug gangs work together and morph so that the distinction between the two is hard to tell.  FARC in Columbia is probably the best example of this with the organization using both drug sales and kidnappings to fund their insurrectionist movement.

    I know that many people with a military background tend to dismiss America’s drug gangs as criminal trash but the truth in as entirely different thing.   Think for example about what it takes to rise to mid-grade officer or NCO ranks in the US military and then think what it takes to become a shot caller in the drug distribution network.  Drug organizations are more ruthlessly competitive than any government run organization. 

    Qualitatively man for man our official combat arms units are better led, trained and equipped of course but the drug gangs are deeply rooted not just in all of our large cities but in almost every city in this country and increasingly have presence in formerly rural areas like back country Virginia.  (Thanks all you users of “cheap” Hispanic labor.)  Even if our armed forces could be completely redeployed to the continental USA there are not enough of them to control all the urban areas.  Just how many divisions do you think it would take to lock down the Atlanta metro area?  My conservative estimate would be at least four and that is for just one of hundreds of major urban areas in this country.

    As to brain power for strategy, tactics and logistics who the heck do you think runs the largest business enterprise in the United States – it’s not Walmart but the network of criminal enterprise that feeds America’s degenerate drug consumption.   Moving, hiding, securing and distributing the vast quantities of drugs consumed in this country is nothing but a massive logistical and security operation.  They also have well developed intelligence networks complete with paid agents deep within all of our law enforcement organizations. 

    Finally what makes you think that the Federal government would even use our military to fight for the white majority in event of some Balkan War type scenario?   What in any of the current government policies makes this seem likely?   Instead my prediction is that the Federally controlled military would be just as big of a threat to any white militias as the non-white forces.

     Take a look at last summers London riots, the liberal government there only used real force against the English Defence Leagues attempts to patrol and protect white neighborhoods while the multi-cult mob was burning parts of the city down.  The only people I saw who were allowed to protect their own property were non-whites like the Sikhs who use sword welding guards to keep the blacks away from their temple.

    The US Army or worse yet some kind of  non-white UN Peacekeeping forces invited in by a sitting President would be a completely different player in any major US civil war.   I saw the foreign units the UN brought into Somolia: UAE, Tunisians, Malaysians, Nigerians,  Pakistanis, Indians, Russians and Romanians.   Do you really think the globalist will sit quietly by and let us natives settle our affairs without massive intervention?  Especially if it looks like we might win and set up a white nationalist state.

    • Antidote

       Perhaps you’re right: I shouldn’t have lumped mestizos and negroes together. They are really quite different:

      1) An Aztlan army of reconquista would be as efficient, effective and corruption/croney-ism free as the Mexican federales. Something tells me they also won’t be well equipped—just a hunch.

      2) The Imperial Negro Army would be similar to the armed forces of Haiti, except perhaps wearing uniforms similar to bloods and crips.

      3) In the event of an ethnic fracturing, the police and armed forces would split up and take sides. This is what happened in Ireland; in Yugoslavia; in the USA 1860; in Rwanda and many other places.

    • Trainspotter

      In the event of a racially charged armed conflict on this continent, the most foolish thing that the U.S. government could do would be to bring in foreign troops, especially non-white troops.  To do so would fuel the hypothetical white nationalist forces like nothing else, and a lot of other potential factions as well.  It would be a true game changer, and would signify that the U.S. government had well and truly lost legitimacy.  In a flash, the federal government would lose its moral authority with a huge portion of the white population.

      As for the supposed military prowess of the non-white criminal element, I’ll have to disagree as well.  They will not be effective, except under limited circumstances. 

      But really, it’s a moot point.  In a violent balkanization scenario, different regions become inhospitable to different folks.  If the main fault line is race (though I think there will be other fault lines as well in certain areas), then it will become obvious pretty soon that, depending on what you are and where you are, getting out of dodge  and heading to more hospitable climes is highly advisable.  

      As people sort themselves out (as they do somewhat even in peace, but much quicker in a balkanization scenario), most areas will become homogenous pretty quick.  Effective guerilla war requires a population base to draw recruits from, blend into, etc.  Occupation forces get themselves into trouble when they try to fight the guerillas, but leave their population base intact (Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc).   But when a certain people are simply no longer present in a given area, then no guerillas from those people will be present either.  It becomes a non-issue.   

      In such a hypothetical situation, I could certainly see the non-white criminal element making already mostly non-white areas even more intolerable for whites.  But then, those aren’t the sort of places that would be considered for a white homeland anyway.  So while they could cause much misery in certain places, their net strategic impact would likely be zero. 

      In other words, a hypothetical ethnic secession movement likely won’t spend much time fighting enemy ethnic guerillas, for the simple reason that opposing ethnic blocs will no longer be in the area.  Instead, they will be dealing with the real problem, the occupation forces.   

  • Asian Americans as a whole have little sympathy for Blacks because they target us as well. Korean merchants in Koreatown in Los Angeles stood with rifles to defend their businesses during the Rodney King riots from black mobs because they were not being protected by the LAPD. Blacks resent Koreans and South Asians buying businesses in black neighborhoods.

  • The__Bobster

    They’ve discovered racial identity politics and will vote for the party that hands out the most freebies.

    • ed91

       maybe………. I’m not sure the asians are that self destructive…….

      • The__Bobster

        It certainly looks that way right now.

        But it will obviously help if some minorities can be persuaded to be less enthusiastic about the Democrats. In devising any long-term strategy for preventing one-party Democrat rule in America, the Asian vote, which went for Obama 62-35 over McCain, must be analyzed especially closely.

        A generation from now, Hispanics will have an abundance of votes, but Asians will have plenty of money and brainpower. Hispanics will naturally continue to gravitate toward the tax-and-spend party, but Asians are more unpredictable. With their higher earning power, Asians, in theory, might not prove hostile to a party advocating limited government. On the other hand, if Asians continue their current shift to the left, their talents will magnify the impact of their numbers.

    • ageofknowledge

      I do like the asians I’ve met to be truthful. They are warm and properly socialized as a rule (with some exceptions).

      However, I’ve noticed they get scientific when it comes to getting all they can from the government.

      • Gereng

        They come here for two reasons: 1. We still have space. Where they come from the space is gone.  2. They know most white Americans are incredibly naive, ignorant of the real world, trusting, generally welcoming while being easy to fool and take advantage of. We are stupidly, suicidally  incapable of protecting our turf. They know that, too. 

  • Rocky Bass

    10 years? I think the superglue and duct tape MIGHT hold until the election.

    • thiudemir

      I think we(the US) have to borrow around 500 billion a year to fill gap between revenues and spending, how long can that last?

      • The__Bobster

        You’re off by over 100%. Yes, it’s that bad.

  • ed91

     sheese……… you believe we can survive these types of deficits and spending?
    not to mention race riots?   this will be a wild summer, I fear………
    to continue to 2016?  I don’t know how we will survive that long

  • Bob

    I suspect less Hispanics are going to vote Democrat since most of them don’t like blacks anyway, and they’ve seen the scapegoating/human sacrificing of George Zimmerman at the hands of blacks.  And it certainly doesn’t help that Obama can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

    • The__Bobster

      Their leaders support Trayboon. I wonder how the hoi polloi feel.

  • Santabarbara12322

    Romney will beat Trayvon IF whites vote white. Forget the liberal homsexuals as they have their lover in the WH who has homosexualized this entire nation.


  • The__Bobster

    Blacks are universally reviled.

    • Thoughtcrime1933

      Well I think that the motivation of Asians teaming up with blacks and mestizos against Whites has everything to do with Asians knowing they will rule over them in our absence. And if their history of “hive mind” and “robotic logic” has anything to do with how they will with black and brown, Asians will be quite heavy handed with them. I can see Asians deciding to cut off all “gibbs me dats” to blacks and browns and I can see the fields filling up with grumbling mammies and Marias who picking fruit and veggies as fast as they can in the hopes of NOT getting shot by their new Masters. If black and brown thought they had it bad under White rule…wait til Yellow rules them. They lack the altruism that was so easily manipulated by our traditional enemies and I can easily see them getting China to invade the US after the Yellow, brown and black coalition has murdered the last White infant, because there will be no way to get the black and brown mobs to STOP looting and burning and killing. 

      Just a few things to consider with our little Yellow “friends”.

  • MissBonnie123

    “Karen Narasaki, the immediate past-president of the Asian American Justice Center, told the symposium that Asian Americans are also feeling the sting of white racial profiling and anger at immigrants. She predicts the Asian vote will make a difference this year for Democrats………….”

    I’ve always believed that Asians have animosity towards whites. We whites better realize that we are on our own and we better stand up for OUR kind and our kind only, like the nonwhites stand up for their respective people.

    Regarding her term “white racial profiling,” it looks like many Asians feel “profiled” even when they are not being profiled. No matter how many nice comments are made by whites about Asians, they still feel discriminated against by us whites.

    • Pandemonium

      Regarding Asians, I think they are simply jumping on the “entitlements” bandwagon. Free goodies.

    • Pandemonium

      But I agree with you that Asians feel nothing “special” for Whites. Like everyone, they are racialists. 

      The reason it’s not so obvious with Asians is because they “act out” in a passive-agressive” manner unlike the blacks and hispanics.

  • Marc B.

    This is the last presidential election the republicans have a shot at in the foreseeable future. The only reason Obama has a chance at re-election after his disastrous presidency is because of the decrease in white voters. Single white women are the determining vote in the 2012 election.  

    • Zorro

      We need to get to work and start talking to these women.

    • ed91

       that’s not good……….  white women elected the fraud obama

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    Since it is likely going to end in failure anyhow if he plays it safe, I would like to see Romney come out swinging and basically give “Hitleresque” speeches (full of true fire and inspiration like Hitler did) about American’s Internal enemies and calling Obama out for being the vile, incompetent, White hating, Nation destroying creature that he is. If Romney focused on how all the talking points, jobs, economy, immigration & Obama’s involvement with the race hustlers in the Martin v Zimmerman case and how all those things directly related to race…I think he could gain 100% of the White vote.  

    If he pointed out the corruption of the MSM in covering up the epidemic of Black and White crime, he’d see a surge in his own credibility. 

    Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think that Mittens will be much better than Obama but at least a message will be sent to the Obama coalition of black and brown White haters that we’ve had enough. 

    Personally, I would rather black and brown lived in fear of us if we are forced to live with them, even if it is only for our own safety.

  • JohnEngelman

    Affluent whites do not feel economically threatened by immigration. Those who derive their income from property ownership benefit from it. More immigrants mean more people. More people mean consumers, and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. 

    • Trainspotter

      I disagree.  The typical Republican voter is not in a position to benefit from massive non-white immigration.  Further, every poll I’ve seen has shown greater opposition to illegal immigration from rank and file Republican voters than Democratic voters, which rather undermines what you seem to be suggesting. 

      It’s also not true that income from property automatically benefits from immigration.  Yes, more people means more potential buyers/customers, but if those people are non-white, it also means the decline and destruction of countless neighborhoods and even regions.  Once the children of the non-whites fill the local school, the property in that district suffers.  White family businesses start going under or are forced to relocate, and so forth.  Slumification often results, and in any event, more non-whites means more Democrats and more taxes to fund government programs.  These taxes are extracted disproportionately from whties, and paid out disproportionately to non-whites.  That’s hardly to the benefit of most Republicans.   

      The truth is mass immigration of non-whites benefits very few whites, including the vast majority of Republican voters.  In fact, other than a few builders, I have never once talked to a Republican voter who claimed that mass immigration of non-whites benefited him/her.  Even in the case of the builders, they didn’t like what had happened, but the situation had been more or less forced upon them. 

      The problem we have, in addition to liberalism per se, is a hostile elite (alien or not) that controls policy to the detriment of whites.  To oppose these hostile forces, we have pretty much nothing, which is to say modern conservatism.  An entirely ineffectual philosophy that does everything it can to keep its rank and file from focusing on fundamental issues.  On the most basic level, it never allows whites to view themselves as a legitimate people with legitimate interests.  Hence the diversionary screaming about illegals while at the same time taking the position that, so long as some bureaucrat puts the right stamps on the right papers, it’s perfectly o.k. for American whites to be swamped and displaced.  Pure madness.       

  • JohnEngelman

    All of that contributed. Both political parties are responsible. With his support for NAFTA President Clinton shares the blame. Tax cuts for the rich increase the national debt that Republicans use in an effort to cut popular middle class entitlements. 
    It cannot be said that tax cuts for the rich lead to a robust job market. From the administrations of Lyndon Johnson to that of George W. Bush there has always been more job creation per year under Democratic presidents, when the top tax rate is usually higher.

    The highest unemployment under President Carter was 7.8 percent. Under President Reagan that reached 10.8 percent.
    The inflation that ended President Carter’s administration, and the decline in inflation that saved President Reagan’s administration was due to fluctuations in the world price of oil that neither president had much control over. 

    • Pandemonium

      “The inflation that ended President Carter’s administration, and the decline in inflation that saved President Reagan’s administration was due to fluctuations in the world price of oil that neither president had much control over. ”

      Given that oil trading worldwide is denominated in US dollars, it strains credulity to stipulate that either inflation of US dollars or deflation of US dollars is caused by fluctuations in the world price of oil.

      Just the opposite is true; oil prices rise when the value of the US dollar falls (inflation), and falls when the value of the US dollar rises (deflation). 

  • JohnEngelman

    What’s that I hear? It’s the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the United States. 

  • Pandemonium

    The conflation of “republican” with “conservative” has confused many. Most republicans are not conservative by any measure. 

    And as I have said many times, left and right carry no meaning being both sides of the same coin.

    We have got to think in terms of Race from now on. At some point, perhaps sooner rather than later, a triggering event will occur that will strip the veil away. 

    Be polite, be professional, be prepared.