Hispanic Assimilation Has Failed

Tom Tancredo, World Net Daily, April 13, 2012

A recent Pew Hispanic Center report, “When Labels Don’t Fit,” shows that the 50 million Americans of Hispanic descent have some huge gaps still to bridge if assimilation to American society is to be achieved. It obviously has not been achieved yet for an alarming number of Hispanics into the third generation.

To be fair, there is both good news and bad news buried in the lengthy report. The data neither completely confirm nor convincingly refute the worst fears of those who see massive Hispanic immigration as a problem for America’s civic culture. {snip}

Probably the most important item to emerge from the Pew poll is that 51 percent of the 50 million Americans of Hispanic origin still identify primarily with their country of origin, and only 21 percent use the term “American” to describe themselves. Some might say the silver lining is that this identification as an American increases dramatically from only 8 percent among first generation immigrants to 48 percent by the third generation.

But if only 48 percent of third-generation Hispanic adults describe themselves as Americans first and Peruvians or Mexicans or Cubans second, can anyone say that assimilation is working well for Hispanic immigrants? That glass is clearly not half full. {snip}


Some of the other findings are also troubling:

  • 47 percent of Hispanic Americans consider themselves to be different from the typical American, and this declines only slightly to 34 percent among U.S.-born Hispanics;
  • 38 percent are bilingual in using Spanish and English with equal ease, but among those with a preference, 38 percent prefer speaking Spanish while only 24 percent prefer to use English;
  • 31 percent of those surveyed described themselves as either liberal or very liberal compared to 21 percent of all Americans—which seems contradictory to other polling data showing Hispanics have more conservative values than other Americans;
  • Many pundits will applaud the fact that 82 percent of adult Hispanics can speak English, but what are we to make of the 18 percent who do not? Maybe it’s just as well that the data do not tell us how many of these 9 million non-English speaking adults are registered voters.

One of the most interesting and encouraging findings is that 69 percent of adults of Hispanic origin do not think they share a common culture with other Hispanics. {snip}


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  • This begs the obvious question:  Who thought it was feasible or even desirable for Hispanic assimilation to succeed?

    • IstvanIN

      The same nitwits who thought mass non-white immigration was feasible and desirable.

      Hope it is hot enough for you Teddy K.

      • ed91

         yes, the demon formerly known as teddy k, the scourge of chappaquidik

  • haroldcrews

    Good, then they will be more apt to return so long as they continue to identify with their own country.

  • Jerrybear

    When I used to live in LA, I noticed a Mexican guy wearing a T-Shirt that said

    ‘NOT Latino

    NOT Hispanic


    The government attempt to throw them all into one category is obviously not something ‘Latinos’ appreciate very much.  Nationality trumps made up ethnicities.

  • June39

    I hope no one ever compares the immigrants of old to the illegal aliens of today. There is a world of difference. Immigrants built and added to this country. The invaders are bent on destroying it and/or bringing their third world culture here.  And we don’t have leaders who are willing to fight for America anymore. As long as they can get the “Latino” vote, either from illegal voters or the anti-American organizations who support them, they will close their eyes to those who break in. We are now second-class citizens. Has anyone heard a politician ask for our votes? Nope! All I hear is the race to get the “Latino” votes.

    • Jerrybear

       It is maddening to hear the tired talking point from the media that ‘Latinos will decide the next election’.  How exactly does 8% of the electorate ‘decide the election’?  This brain dead narrative gets all the mainstream ‘conservatives’ in a hissy fit that we have to grant amnesty in order to get the ‘Latino vote’.  They fail to recognize that bringing in millions of illegal and legal immigrants from the 3rd world into America will be the end of the Republican party and the United States for good.  No more tax cuts and free trade for transnational corporations when we have a majority minority nation.   Since that’s all the neocons care about. 

      • ed91

         it’s the agenda the media pushes……….   god only knows who gives them their marching orders…………..   axelgrease?    crazyrod?

        • Jean-francois Boisvert 1

          Yes, indeed, that the kind if thing someone like David Axelrod would do. The trouble is that he seems to be pretty good at what he does.

  • It is true that Hispanics do not get along among themselves. Mexicans hate Central Americans and Puerto Ricans. Cubans think they are better than everyone else.

    • No

      Cubans generally are.  The ones who are here, mostly came to escape communism . . . which means they had ambition, money, education and power.  They were also white.

      That’s one of the few examples where immigration actually worked in our favor . . . like Opration Paperclip where the OSS recruited German scientists.

      But, unfortunately, our immigration policy ususally sucks in the dregs of humanity. 

      We need to take down that stupid statue in New York harbor and ship it back to the French.

      • The__Bobster

        I used to live in West New York, N.J., a town overrun by the cane-cutters. Believe me, most of them weren’t White.

        Castro once said, “If you think you’re White, take a look at your family tree.”

        • No

          Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot . . . but then Castro has a vested interest in defaming whites . . . especially whites who opposed him.

          I’ve studied a lot of Caribbean history and the truth is actually pretty much the opposite:  Spain didn’t free slaves in Cuba until the late 1880s.  In fact, I think Cuba was the last country in the world to free blacks.  There was little or no race-mixing . . . a lot less than in the US.  Most LatAm countries are like that.  White Europeans don’t mix with blacks.

          Cuba was also a prime destination for European immigrants after the Spanish left.  Protestant Europeans tended to go to America while Catholic Europeans immigrated to Cuba and other more advanced LatAm countries.  Cuba is probably more “European” then any other LatAm country except Argentina and Costa Rica.

          That’s why Guevara (Argentina) and Castro (Cuba) became such a dream team . . . they both hated white European capitalists.

          I don’t doubt you ran into a lot of Cuban blacks and mulattos.  Miami, Tampa and even Gainesville are full of them. But these are the later waves and in a lot of cases, Castro booted them out because they were a drain on his economy.

          Blacks are always a drain.

          • No, Che’ Guevara also hated blacks – both African, and the Cuban negrito. He said, “Cuba’s revolution will do for Cuba’s blacks, what Cuba’s blacks did for the revolution – absolutely nothing!”

            He also spent time in Africa’s Congo region, where he was bemused at what he considered their lack of intelligence.

            If you were to tell an American Bantu what Che’ Guevara REALLY thought of Bantus, they’d probably call you a “racist motherf****r”.

          • ATBOTL

            Ludicrous.  Most people in Cuba today are racially mixed.  There was way more race mixing in Cuba and every other part of Latin American than in the USA.  

        • MissBonnie123

          I agree. Many do not identify as white. Anybody could take a look at Miami, Florida and see that they have a different culture and language from white Americans.

        • Jean-francois Boisvert 1

          But, wasn’t Fidel Castro born in Spain?

        • I live in suburban NJ, and most Cubans I have met are certainly white. I don’t think they cut much cane either since they live better than I do.

          What does that mean in the context of the brown horde? Nothing.

      •  You are right. A former coworker of my husband was a medical doctor in Cuba, who was Jewish. She and her family fled Castro’s Cuba and came to the USA. They had three children. Two became medical doctors and one got a Ph.D.

      • Alexandra1973

        You ever see Judge Alex?  His family came from Cuba when he was a year old.  I never would have guessed it.

        •  Same with actor Andy Garcia, who is Cuban American.

      • Xanthippe2

        Is that why Miami is just a great, crime-free city?

        • Jean-francois Boisvert 1

          Probably has something to do with it…

    • robinbishop34

      Maybe so, but they will identify with their ethnicity and mobilize against whitey when politically favorable.

  • Blacks have been here for centuries and haven’t assimilated.  The same is true for Asians.  They cannot assimilate because they’re not European, and thus can’t blend into the ‘native’ population.

    Why people continue to think multiracial societies are even remotely feasible is beyond me.  Look at what happened in the Yugoslavia – and they were all Europeans!

    •  It is not true for all Asians, In WW2, the 442 Battlion and the 100 Infantry were military units made entirely of second generation Japanese Americans who wanted to do their part in fighting the war. They served with bravery and honor and was the most decorated units that served in World War II.

      • IstvanIN

        My gosh you sound like my mother and father…”I know a very nice black…..”, as if that makes up for the majority.

        •  My grandmother would sometimes tell me the story of the “Nice black boy in the neighborhood”. It ends with him killing someone and getting 25 to life behind bars.

          • Anonymous

            That’s because your grandmother never dealt with blacks/browns as a whole or been outnumbered by them and because your grandmother lived at a time when blacks and browns were too scared to get in trouble or anger whites.  My grandmother felt sorry for the fact a black man in the 40s was too afraid to look at her and my grandfather in the eye when they were on the train and trying to be nice to him.  It’s easy for whites to be ‘non-prejudice’ or get self-righteous about how non racist they are when they don’t have to live with diversity.  No disrespect to your grandmother or mine, as I know we both care about them, but they didn’t forsee the problem then that we have now.  The only whites then who knew integration would be a nightmare were the Southern whites.

          •  Your comment better describes my parents than my grandparents. My grandmother was really just being nostalgic for a long-passed era when segregation wasn’t total but blacks were still polite and deferring. They lived in Mississippi during the early ’60s, where my mother was born (my grandfather was stationed there by the USAF) and saw the ground-shift of the era as it happened. 

            They live on Long Island amidst more diversity than most people. Two houses across the street have around 20 Mexicans each living in them, almost all male. The only insulation they have is four inches of wooden wall and a carbine. Their worldview is closely in line with P.J. Buchanan’s, which I sympathize with even though it is obsolete.

            They do have trouble articulating the case against immigration, as do most people whose parents were born in Europe. They aren’t the sort who peddle in Irish victim-mentality though, and see a difference between the European colonists of yesteryear and the “diverse” migrants of today.

        • Anonymous

          I know what you mean.  It’s a liberal/neocon take to say, ‘Why I know a black/hispanic/muslim who is blah blah blah.’  I might as well tell you, “One time I was by a bee and it didn’t sting me.”  It’s a drain on resources and energy and base our safety and health on the exception rather than the rule.

          •  Exactly: the rules exist because they are correct. Exceptions go against the rule, and so do not alter it. There are women who are physically stronger than some men, but does that change the rule that men are generally stronger than women?

      • The__Bobster


        Everyone has heard, repeatedly, of the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team, which was formed in the camps and went on to set records for medals won while fighting in Italy.

        We don’t hear, however, of the fact that over a quarter (28%) of the young male citizens in the camps refused to swear allegiance to the U.S. Presumably, many had been alienated by their experiences, but it shows that stories about complete loyalty among the internees are myths. Ultimately, 5,589 individuals even renounced their citizenship.

        •  Many of the young men in the camps failed to swear allegiance to the US because they were afraid of what would happen to their Japanese citizen parents. They were afraid that they would be either stateless people or forced to return to Japan. However, in Hawaii, where there was no internment 10,000 men signed up for the 442nd the first day that they were able to. There were some individuals who renounced their citizenship because they felt that they had no future in the US since Japan lost the war. Many changed their minds and either did not return to Japan or were able to return to the US.

          • tickyul

            Really it is not that big of a deal if many Japanese saw their loyalty lie with Japan that long ago. Japan…….a racially homogenous country, I imagine the pull to be loyal to your race was the same thing as being loyal to your motherland…….makes sense to me.

          • Yeah…so long as they are living in Japan….

          •  I have no loyalty towards Japan and neither did my mother who had Japanese citizenship but renounced it in 1942 at the Spanish consulate.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         They had to be sent to the European theater to do it.

    • ed91

       I agree with you about most blacks……..  some asians, quite a lot in fact, assimilate very well.

      • Rocky Bass

         I have two collage age Thai step daughters, one will be graduating from SFA’s nursing school next year (why she didn’t want to be an MD, I  will never know), and one that’s, well, not costing me as much… The one graduating next year is loyal and has no motherland inclinations whatsoever. The “other” is probably planning a return to Thailand. Either way neither has any dis-like of America or Americans, nor would either do anything to harm us.

        • ed91

           collage age?   there’s an edit button if you realize you are misspelling.

        • ed91

           collage is a collection of pics or something similar to create a bit of art.

          • Rocky Bass

             Full well understood, it was a TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR. I thought it a minor matter earlier but now I see this is NOT THE CASE. I am, in order to save myself any further humiliation, making ready to perform ritualistic self disembowelment. Please accept this deed as restoring some small glimmer of my destroyed honor.

  • No

    I don’t doubt this.  You can’t assimilate if you don’t speak English.

    There are kids in Miami who are 2nd or even 3rd generation American citizenss who barely speak English.  Their primary language is Spanish and their second language is “Spanglish” which, while more tolerable than “jive” . . . is still nonsense.

    Don’t even get me started about Haitians.  Number one . . .  it’s been many generations since a coherent thought flashed through those illiterate burry heads.   And number two . . . even on a good day, when they make sense . . . their “English” may as well be Chinese.

    But it’s more than language.

    This proves what we’ve been saying:  IT’S ALL ABOUT RACE.

    The tens of millions of EUROPEAN immigrants assimilated because they WERE European.  Blacks, aztecs, mayans, arabs, pygmies, watusis, mongolians and ibos never will.

    Personally, when I’m around an aztec waiter or gardener, my hand goes to protect my wallet.  I don’t feel comfortable. 

    Of course, I have no current experience with blacks because I don’t get near any of them.  But in the bad old days, being around a black was like being around a rattlesnake . . . just never know when they’re going to strike.

    • ed91

       used to be, maybe still is,
      that to be a citizen you had to possess enough english to communicate effectively? 
      like most everything useful, that could be out the window now.

      •  What irritates me is the message you get when you call a business that translates to press 2 for espanol.

    •  That is certainly not true about Japanese Americans. The second generation was somewhat bilingual in English and Japanese but the third generation and beyond speak only English and very little Japanese if at all.

      • Rocky Bass

         Thais too.

      • A sound immigration policy would be based on a willingness to discriminate. Whatever merits there are to Japanese immigrants, the issue should be considered separately from Haitian migration, and Mexican migration, and so on.

  • WmarkW

    Polls needs to start asking how many consider themselves Aztlanians.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I wish they considered themselves “Atlantis”-ans and moved to the ocean floor. Next door to Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner. 

  • Rocky Bass

     ¿Qué estás tratando de decir? Oh, eso no es cierto que no en todo lo que hay amigo?

    • ed91

       Que quieres decir?  Los gringos son estupido!!

  • Francis Galton

    No, this article has it all wrong.  In about 40 years, it will be US WHITES who will have trouble assimilating into North Mexico (formerly known as the United States).  This country will culturally (if not politically) BE Mexico.  Sad, but true…

    •  I do not think that these Mexicans would be able to run a country like the US since the ones we have no education or skills other than manual labor. If you do not believe me, look at South Africa when the natives took over.

      • Rocky Bass

        Is this a great country or what? Our elites are electing a new people as we speak. The really damnable part is WE are being made to finance this treason.

      • Anon12

         Of course we know Mexicans could never run a country like the USA. Don’t even have to look at South Africa. LOOK at Mexico!

        • Anonymous

          How do Hispanics militants plan on taking over whites here when many of us have guns and will use them if we are pushed into a corner?  How do Mexicans plan on revolting against a much larger, armed population of whites here when they can’t even revolt against an unarmed smaller white population in Mexico? 

      • Anonymous

        True, but that didn’t stop the Africans from killing whites, did it?  Whites never learn to put their foot down and say, “No” to blacks and other nonwhites.  They come in, we leave, we create a new society, the nonwhites eventually want in, we let them in, we get soft, etc.  Happens everytime.  We never learn.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    We’ve been misunderstanding the meaning of “assimilation” all along.

    Assimilation means the vote for anyone who happens to be within our borders, no matter how they got here.  Asking questions about their immigration status  is voter intimidation and a federal hate crime.

    Disallowing them from sending absentee ballots to all their family and friends in Mexico is also hateful intimidation.

    • Rocky Bass

      In the age of Obama/Acorn/Organizers working the polls, not voting is no longer an option! If “you” don’t vote, your ballot IS going in as an OBAMA VOTE! I vote in an all black church, man the glares me and mine get! I know with absolute certainty, any registered slots that go unfilled go Obama. There is no way they are not doing this. Right before polls close,  there is a flurry of ballots cast!
      Heck even if you do vote, with electronic voting, rigged elections are a keystroke away.

      •  Not if you live in a state with voter id laws. Many of these Blacks have no form of photo ID. But then again, in a black church, who knows.

        • Rocky Bass

           Texas has no voter ID law, but I have been made to show mine before!

  • Heinrich24

    I have an acquaintance who came from Honduras about a decade ago. In many ways he is the “American dream” type that particularly Conservatives love to crow about. He works very hard, he speaks very decent English(with an accent of course), he is a family man, he is conservative, doesn’t drink or smoke, he does not live on the dole in any way as far as I know, he likes White people, strongly dislikes Blacks(okay, Conservatives won’t like that part), and is pro-American, or at least certainly not anti-American.

    He also considers himself a Honduran – period!! Whenever he speaks of the land from which he came he calls is “my country” and makes no bones about it. His Honduran family(here in the States) are all the same way. America, to them, is simply where they live.

    He is the living, breathing example that this Conservative fantasty of millions of assimilated “Hispanics” being a patrotic ally of the political Right, so long as they just do all the right things is baloney!! They are ultimately proud aliens, and for the most part, quite content to remain that way!

    • Impertinent

      I’ve met the kind you speak of. When they talk “my country” I ask them why they left their precious sheet hole to come here…rather than stay there and fix what was obviously wrong to make them come here.

      I’m sick of seeing them drive around with their stinking country of origin flags attached to their rearview mirrors..especially the low lie Haitians who fly their flag. What the hell is there to celebrate and or miss about that craphole called Haiti?

      Two years after their earthquake and billions of dollars….do you think they look anything like the Japanese who’ve gone all out to recover their country and rebuild?

      Nope…..they have to blame someone…ALWAYS…for their ignorance.

      • robinbishop34

        Two years after their earthquake and billions of dollars….do you think
        they look anything like the Japanese who’ve gone all out to recover
        their country and rebuild?

        This reminds me of a youTube video where a guy shows a picture of Hiroshima today as a vibrant, huge, modern city ’65 years after an atomic bomb hit it’. He then shows a picture of modern day Detroit as a shitted out rat’s nest ’65 years after diversity.’

    • Bobby

      Heinrich24, you put the whole issue into the context that is actually relevant. In a multicultural nation, consisting of people from around the world, how can the nations founding culture/race, ever be sure of their loyalty? If we have for example, millions of Chinese, and they all seem to be decent people, what happens if China calls on them to spy, be a fifth column, etc.? Will they? Will some? Race is a strong motivator. Already more than one nuclear physicist from China, I believe, has been suspected of passing secrets,etc. No one ever thinks of this aspect of multiculturalism.

  • IstvanIN

    Even if Hispanics as a group could be asimilated that would not have happened during this wave of immigration for several reasons:

    1) The wave is never ending.  In the past we had breaks with little immigration. Wehn you become the majority in area after area why assimilate into the evil gringos culture?
    2) The government caters to these people in their native language (my grandfather couldn’t start grammar school until he spoke english..no ESL way back). No reason to assimilate.
    3) Affirnative action.  A certain percentage are guaranteed lucrative government jobs.  The one’s who are not affirmative action hires are hires as interpretors.
    4) SBA loans aimed at minority immigrants.

    There are probably other reasons as well.

    • NM156

      Affirmative action policy in hiring for govt. jobs is a small matter compared to affirmative action hiring which occurs en masse in corporate America and in every industry still left in the US. Affirmative action is nothing but a displacement of white male workers for Hispanic workers. You also failed to mention the 60% illegitimacy rate for births to Hispanic women. The effects of these two factors, by themselves, are disastrous and widespread. Immigration is all negative.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        I agree 100%.  Immigration is ALL negative.  

        Today taxes are due for the 1/2 of us that pay to support the other half.  

        Here’s a reminder of what your taxes are being used for.

        10 Illegal Alien Facts 

        *More than 43% of all Food Stamps are given to illegals.

        *95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegals.

        *Less than 2% of illegals are picking crops, but 41% are on welfare.

        *More than 66% of all births in California are to illegals on Medi-Cal pay by the US TAXPAYER

        *Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD properties in the U.S. are illegals.

        *More than 39% of California students grades 1-12 are illegals.

        *75% of LAs Most Wanted are illegals.

        *More than half of all gang members are illegals.

        *US companies using illegals in 2005 profited over 2.36 TRILLION dollars.

        *US Taxpayers are footing the bill for ALL illegals. 

        As Thomas Jefferson so wisely stated:

        The democracy will cease to exist when you take away fro those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

        Think about that this tax day…


  • mexicans believe they are superior to Caucasians, they feel they have no reason to assimilate.
    viva la raza, and nothing for YT

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Oh, and they’re doing a great job of getting that message across.

      The vast majority, 99.9% have little to no understanding of Economics 101 — they think the government has an endless supply of money to shower on them.

      Dumb Hispanics have done a great job of driving productive Whites and White businesses out of California with 0 comprehension that it is “YT” that is paying for their EBT cards, children’s welfare births and educations, Section 8 housing, etc. 

      There is Zero Understanding that the government has no money; only what it steals from productive citizens.  There is and will be a heavy price to pay for this type of ignorance, for them and for White America.

      Hispanics are only doing what the government allows them to do; they are playing the role of the government’s useful idiots, egged on and encouraged to destroy White America economically and culturally.

      And it’s working.  Want to know what your state will look like in a few years?  Come to California.


      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         He’s right.  My wife and I fled California after trying to hold out after my professional office was invaded and ransacked by Mexicans.

        My error; I tried to stop a girl from getting beaten up behind my office.

  • ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Latino’ are generally terms that we as Americans give Hispanics because most of us generally do not understand the differences between one from Mexico and one from Argentina, which are in fact substantial. We are not surprised when most Europeans, when referencing their ancestors’ ethnic heritage, call themselves ‘Italian’ or ‘English’ instead of ‘European.’ But this is merely a minor point in the article.

    America is facing a dramatic issue here. If only 48% of third generation Hispanics consider them American first, and still often speak the language of their native country (Spanish), then we’re certainly facing the demographic transformation of this country. As the Hispanic presence becomes more consistent and more settled, the sense of identification to their former countries and attachment to their language will grow, not decrease.

    Even more dangerous the fact that the majority of Hispanics in the southwest declare themselves to be ‘Mexican’ above anything else. What will happen once they are a substantially larger minority? A majority? Do we really think that they will prefer to remain a part of the United States instead of establishing movements that will demand reintegration to Mexico?

    • Bobby

      If history is any answer, yes, the Mexicans will establish movments that will demand and succeed in reintegration with Mexico. This happened in more than a dozen nations in European history. It’s absolutely how people are.

  • Impertinent

    If the black leadership were to preach a more balanced message of both monitoring race-based discrimination while addressing more vigorously endemic pathologies in the inner cities (such as illegitimacy, absentee fatherhood, drug use, crime, violence, misogyny, and anti-intellectualism), most racism would eventually disappear—as black crime rates, graduation rates, or illegitimacy rates matched those of the general public.
    The phenomenal success of Asians, Punjabis, Armenians, Arabs, Latin Americans, and other supposedly non Anglo-Saxon groups is proof that the majority culture holds no one back on the basis of skin color.

    And so race relations have gotten only worse—as Barack Obama and Eric Holder well know. They do not seem to care or feel there is advantage to be had in the new polarity.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      It’s also proof that whites, and white males in particular have been weeded out of the workplace.  Really, I look around and often wonder where the white men work.  I see a white guy working on a home on my block, okay.  I have no work, I cannot get a job for 6 years since I had to retire from my professional work. I am a house husband whose wife has a job that only men used to do. We don’t have problems with that. She sees the irony and doesn’t hold it against me, and I don’t hold it against her. At least one of us has work.

  • sbuffalonative

    A large Hispanic family has moved onto my street.

    Yesterday, as I was walking past their house, this boisterous brood was swarming their lawn and porch.

    I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer and the speakers come out!  

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Take heed:  This is also when the guns come out.

      Hispanics love to shoot guns into the air, especially after drinking which is pretty much every every evening.


  • baltasar almudárriz

    Most middle- and upper-class Cuban-Americans resent being called “Latino” or “Hispanic” — most , when asked, will simply say that they are Cuban or if younger Cuban-American.   And yes- many so-called Hispanics can’t stand Cuban-Americans – for a variety of reasons but mostly having to do with class/racial envy.  Actually- many Cuban-Americans identify Spain as their mother or fatherland- since many are just two or three generations removed from their Spanish ancestors.  Very few liberal loopheads among them – except for perhaps a few Jews.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Cuba is this way because it is a communist country where being Cuban is the ideal and other titles are seen to be divisive.  This is no surprise.  This is what Marxism seeks to do world wide.  I don’t know how many Spaniards have actually moved to Cuba in the past 60 years; maybe to get away from Franco?

  • No

    That was my experience living in Texas for many years.  Everyone looks down on Mexicans and Central Americans but these people really aren’t “Mexican” or “Central American.”

    Most of the people we call “Mexicans” are really aztecs, mayans and other indian tribes.  They don’t particularly care what patch of dirt they were born on.  In fact, in southern Mexico, northern Honduras and Guatemala, it’s hard to know WHAT country you’re in.  It’s just jungles and mountains.

    They’re no different than our own apache, sioux or navaho.

    This big migration north is very similar to what President Jackson did to the cherokee . . . only he did it with bayonets where Mexico does it with propaganda about the Promised Land.

  • Rocky Bass

     I was tongue’n cheek making the article’s point.

  • How many of these 50 million “Americans” of hispanic decent are here legally? Why is that question never asked?

    • How about why the number “eleven million” is still dared to be spoken?

      • ed91

         more like 30-40 million illegals in the country

        • Yes Sir!  Even Doctor Krauthammer dared to utter that number (eleven million) I think it was maybe last year or the year before.

          What gits me is, how can anyone stand on that eleven million number when Illegal Aliens are CONSTANTLY climbing over, swimming across and walking into America every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day?

  • bluffcreek1967

    Gee, who could have ever guessed that a mass of uneducated, third-world Mexican peasants would not have assimilated into a first-world nation as the USA?! The next question, of course, is: Why should they? Our government continually accomodates them so they are not obligated to learn the English language or assimilate into American culture. At every point, our foolish government makes it so that their culture and language remains intact and even strengthened. 

    Mexicans in America are encouraged to identify with Mexico, and to root for its triumph whenever any sports related event (e.g., soccer) pits the U.S. against Mexico. Mexicans always show solidarity with Mexico rather than the U.S. because this is where their heart truly is!

    In a sense though, I understand why Mexicans do not assimilate or identify with American culture: Traditional American culture is White! It has a European aspect to it that is foreign to the Mexican/indian mindset. Whites place great emphasis on education, the arts, science and a way of thinking and looking at the world that is much different than the Mexican culture. Whatever refined aspects of Mexican culture exists, it is due to their influences from Spain as opposed to the rather crude influences of their indigenous indian culture.      

    As one who has dealt with them extensively (for various reasons), I can testify that Mexico does not give us their best and brightest, but their worst. The ones who cross the border and invade our country are mostly poor, uneducated, dim-witted, alcoholics, and criminal opportunists. Some, no doubt, are sincere and simple-minded seeking to improve their lot in life. However, they bring nothing that genuinely benefits our country long term – and these same people will also allign themselves with their fellow Mexicans at every turn against the White man if given the chance.    

    •  You are right. The well educated Mexicans stay in Mexico. They are the ones that get the border crossing cards that enable  them to enter the  US legally to shop or go to the movies. These people speak English. The poor, mostly ethnic Indians who are unskilled and uneducated sneak across the border looking for a better life. Most of these people speak Spanish but there are many that do not and instead speak indegenous Indian languages.

  •  There are white Mexicans, Argentines, Cubans and Puerto Ricans such as singer Marc Anthony.

    • MissBonnie123

      Like Linda Ronstadt who does NOT identify as being white but identifies with the darker skinned Mexicans. Remember, she is against SB 1070 in Arizona because she believes we white folks will discriminate against her kind.

      • haroldcrews

        There are more than a few white Anglo’s who identify with racial minorities (against their own interests) but they’re still white.  It is much the same in some Latin American societies.  Strictly speaking Argentina is one of the most ethnically European societies in the world today.  Approximately 95% of its population is of European descent, either Spanish or Italian.

        • True, but unimportant. I have not yet met a single Arggie who lives in the United States. I have met a few pure European Chileans (not necessarily Spaniards), but they are a small drop compared to the flood of brown people who make up the majority of migrants.

        • Anon12

          Uraguay is 88% White Europeans.  I think Argentina is less than that.

        • Jefferson

          You must not live in this country if you think most Hispanics in the U.S are from Argentina.

          Less than 1% of the Hispanic population in the U.S is from Argentina, so Argentina being majority White is not helping the United States become less Brown when most of the illegal immigrants crossing the border into this country come from Brown countries like Mexico and Guatemala.

    • White Mexicans are nevertheless still hostile foes of the Anglo-American people. Vincente Fox is exhibit A. 

      • Anon12

        So true!   So is that Marc Anthony and his “wife” JLo!  I have NEVER seen a “part White” or these so-called White hispanics EVER side with their White side of themselves.  Most biracials are always identifying with their darker side against us White folk.   Always.

  • And all this time I thought “Press one for English” and the various Non-White Privileges only existed for us American Tax Payin’ Americans…

    “Racist”?  Yes, I am one and Proud to be too.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      In California, it is “Press Two for English.”


      • Is that True because it sure sounds True.  California is after all, “minority-majority”.  And don’t ya just love that?  Non-whites are allowed to be counted separately but The White Peoples are all counted as one.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      Good Lawd Gawd Awmightee, you are hotter now that you were then.  What are you wearing right now? When will you send me those pictures you promised?

      mainstreamingdiversity at yahoo dot com

      • ed91

        you fool………stephanie is probably some 300lbs grandfather living in a trailer down in georgia…………  do you believe everything you read?

        • Mainstreaming_Diversity

          Guilty! I’m a fool in love!

          I did some research on my dear Miss Reb Stephanie (Internet snoop tools are amazing), and I can confirm that she has, as any Christian lady would,  valiantly defended her virginity against all Diversity attacks. She steadfastly anticipates our union during the first night of our victorious and glorious honeymoon.


          • I Love You too!  I’m Forth Row, first one on the left.. Come and git me!

        • Hahahahaha!!!  How’d ya know?

  • Robb Moffett

    Immigrants are not the problem. Immigrants are a symptom of a problem.

     The problem is twofold, One- you have those hyphenated citizens with an agenda that are shoving multiculturalism down our throats until we are are dead, and you have the native born too fat,stupid and lazy to get off the couch and do something about thier being replaced.

     Right now we could make E verify mandatory across the USa. There is legislation ready to be brought to a vote. it is being held up by REPUBLICANS!!

    You can listen all week or all month long to the gas baggery of rush and hannity and O reilly etc, but not one word about this will get in, only constant anti Obama to rally Bubba and some cut the taxes for the rich gravy on the side.

     I am sick of this. We deserve better as a nation, as a people.
     Go to numbersusa, find thevoting record of your local weasel in washington, and with your friends, work to vote the weasels out! or give up your moaning and whining about immigrants because you and yours are history.

  • ed91

     491 yrs ago in 1521…………  Hernan Cortes I believe

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Maybe assimilation was never the point.

    Maybe the unstated goal was to flood White countries with non-Whites to dilute if not eradicate the White majority and destroy White culture in the U.S.

    Maybe all the “melting pot” and “diversity is our strength” and “immigrants are needed to grow the economy” and “they come here for a better life” that we keep hearing about were only lies.

    Nah, couldn’t be.  No government would do that to its own people.  

    Would they?


    • 20670

      ha I think I said that…but you said it first today…looks like I sleep much later.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You snooze you lose, baby!!

        I don’t sleep well at night, too many Hispanics in the area rummaging through garbage cans looking for bottles and cans.

    • Fakeemail

      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”
      I think before the present day malice that comes with diversity, the whole lie of diversity was packaged for profits without any real thought about the long term racial and societal destruction.

      It was rich white men who wanted cheap labor.  Just like it was centuries ago when black slaves were shipped to America.  Just white man’s greed in pursuit of having more money and power over his fellow white man.

      Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against some people being rich.  The fact is that some people simply deserve to be richer than others.  Nothing wrong with that.

      But I sure as hell am against this “liberal capitalism” that prizes cheap labor and fast profits over real economic health and racial survival. It is this kind of “liberal capitalism” that Sam Francis called essentially egalitarian and hostile to tradition; it celebrates and rewards the lowest common denominator.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         You’ve got half of it.  The other half is that Democrats figured out that by giving them treats, they’d get their votes.  Republicans just figured they’d rule whoever the poor were and many poorer whites bought into the lies because Republicans always wrapped themselves in the flag and quoted the Bible.

        • Fakeemail

           Republicans are hateful buffoons.  They distance themselves from their only loyal constituency (icky white working and middle class men) and are in favor of importing more 3rd world democrats.  They never fail at a chance to pander and promise more freebies for mexicans and white single moms.

           I guess they figure they’ll be dead before the it hits the fan and want to enjoy their lives in their nice gated communities.

          Their greed and blindness is so immense, they don’t even realize that if they had closed the border they could be handily winning almost every election.

          But they kept the border open and gave us “new world order” Bush I and the rest is history.

          I love the Gipper, but his folly was buckling to country clubbers and giving amnesty.   I think I’d prefer that the Cold War still be going on if we could have the demographics of 1980s or before.  California was actually a “land of blondes” back then.  Not so much today.

      • anon

         It was rich white men who wanted cheap labor.  Just like it was
        centuries ago when black slaves were shipped to America.  Just white
        man’s greed in pursuit of having more money and power over his fellow
        white man.

        Quit saying it was “white men”… go back and read history.  Not some PC version of it.  I tire of those who use the catch phrase “white men” when they don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Anonymous

      White Americans lost control of their government and their own destiny since about 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.  Since then, we’ve got involved in two bloody wars that killed 10-20 million whites, more intrusive government agencies/programs (FCC, Social Security, ATF, DEA, etc), Civil Rights laws which only punish whites, wars in the Middle East, etc.  Shall I continue?

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    They aren’t that smart!!  

    They are government useful idiots, showered with free White money.  Their role is to destroy White America and White Culture.

    They are encouraged by the U.S. government NOT to assimilate — to keep their language, culture and heritage — while ours is vilified, mocked and debased.

    It is the government that is our true enemy, what is out to destroy us,  aided and abetted by the media.


  • No

    Excellent point.  We poor whites are surrounded by fierce warriors, brilliant ommpa-loompas and such gifted and talented minorities it’s a wonder we figured out how to rub two sticks together to make fire.

    Blacks invented “peanut butter” and then Martin Luther King was the first American to go to the moon . . . the sioux tamed the horse and used it to dig the Grand Canyon . . . asians invented ramen and went on to invent the first computer . . .

    Where would whites be without the non-whites?

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Where would whites be without the non-whites?
      I was thinking about this very question last night as I was contemplating my tax bill and looking at wondrous photos from the orbiting Hubble Telescope:  The Most Beautiful Objects in the Universe.
      This is the legacy, if not apex of White Science and White America – and it is THIS that we are losing as the POTUS and NASA are headed by a blacks whose main goal for space is to make NASA “diverse” by hiring muslims.
      Look at these images!! No black, Asian, Hispanic or muslim created this!!   BTW: The FINAL servicing mission for Hubble was in 2009. Another telescope is set to be launched, but I doubt it ever will given the current government “atmosphere.”
      Legacy of White America:
      #1:  Hubble Space Telescope
      #2.  Photo of the Cat’s Eye Nebula from the HST
      #3.  Photo of the Eskimo Nebula taken from HST
      Enjoy as you think about what is being lost as Whites and only Whites are race replaced in their homelands.

    • Anon12

       Now that made me chuckle.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you love how anti-white people say blacks/browns/asians were held back by whites, yet they also say they contributed much?  Which is it?  You can’t be oppressed and left out, yet be able to make contributions that change the course of history.  It’s like saying, “I was not allowed in the kitchen, but you wouldn’t have had this great dinner if it weren’t for me.”

  • Browns identify as very liberal, liberal and somewhat liberal almost entirely. It is because they associate the word liberal with governments robbing Whites and giving them goodies like food stamp cards, housing, public schooling and the like.

    Browns are hostile invaders. They don’t wish to “assimilate” and furthermore, even if they wanted to they couldn’t.

  • MissBonnie123

    Regarding Mexicans….

    Why should the Mexicans assimilate? Our traitorous government allows them to break through the borders, take jobs, receive social welfare benefits, and demand that bilingualism(and pretty soon “Only Spanish speakers need apply”) be required on jobs and in government agencies.

    Many of them live in ethnic enclaves where only Spanish is spoken so there is no need for them to learn English.

    They say they want to “take back” the southwest. Our government is actually giving it to them. 

    • 20670

      MissBonnie123 1 comment collapsed CollapseExpandRegarding Mexicans….Why should the Mexicans assimilate? So true, why should they when they can reclaim what was formerly theirs anyway…at least they are not Islamic fanatics.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        This is my answer to mexicans claiming this is “stolen land”:

        Mexico fought a war against the U.S.  Mexico lost.  The two countries signed a treaty.  The U.S. gave Mexico $15 million.

        Get over it.


        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           But have you ever known or seen a Mexican (or Hispanic) that was a cheerful loser?

          • Periapsis

            Not a one, which is why I don’t want them in my country. They are far more dangerous people than most whites realize, they MEAN what they say when it comes to “killing all the blue-eyed devils.”

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Mexico inherited the Southwest from the Spanish Empire who couldn’t manage it and zMexico did an even worse managing job, which is how it came to be part of the U.S.

        Now that the U.S. is failing to manage it it is up for grabs, but that doesn’t mean that Mexico will get it; Mexico is having a hard time holding its present territory together.  Most likely is the Chissum prediction.

  • ed91

    you are out front with your racism anon12–

    there is that-  
    the insane blacks and illegal immigrants are the real problem………..  legal spanish/indians from south america are not.

    • ATBOTL

      Yes they are.  Anyone who supports legal mestizo immigration has no business being here.  

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Race Realist is the label if you want to use one.  We know it, but you think it is an effective method of attack.  We don’t care about being called “racist.”  We know that you are one too, and so is everyone else.

    • ed91

      this post is directed to whiteplight and assbotl–below

       I don’t support illegals breaking in………………

      read the post, idiot.

    • Anon12

       Who are the spanish’/indians you are talking about?  Are they “white” or not” ? Please explain. The Indian part does not sound “white”.

      As for my “racism”, yes, I am just like everybody else. Some admit it, some don’t. Racism has gotten a bad name, because every race has it, except Whites are not allowed to. I call it survival of one’s racial heritage. If we mix and match the White race will be the only one that will go extinct.

  • America’s Democrats have sown the seeds of America’s destruction by importing FOREIGNERS to vote them into office – and keep them there with pork handouts.


    Crystal Evens is an anti-white advocate for race replacement.  

  • 20670

    Well…I don’t think the intention was ever to  bring about *assimilation*…the hidden agenda was always one of two things 1)to create cheap labor for greater profit, 2) to cause a breaking up of traditional (or what was perceived as Judeo-Christian values) American values…leading to the destruction of traditional America as an authentic foe of modern Marxism…or put another way,what happens when Marxists *own* all the money?  

  • Merriweather

    My family comes from an immigrant background as well. My grandparents immigrated here from Ireland in 1948, both my father’s parents and my mother’s father. They raised 12 children respectively, my father one of five and my mother is one of seven. My parents were raised to be Americans. They assimilated because their parents pushed them too. They played baseball, basketball and hockey. Their was a minor emphasis of their heritage on St. Patrick’s Day. That was all.

  • Landover

    Brevity is the soul of wit.    Shakesphere  16th century

    AMREN needs to limit this long winded diatribing for those who go on and on in ungodly waste of pixels noone reads.
    Limit all postings  to 2 sentences max. Seriously. This is ridculous.

    • J.P.

      If the posting’s at amren aren’t witty enough for you you can always go to another site. Seriously. 

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      That eliminates your own post.

      I’d rather suffer the occasional long winded post (I sometimes do them) than see this site become a version of Twitter with people making two sentence smart aleck remarks aimed at demonstrating how witty they think they are.

      • ed91

         you’re an equal-level jerk yourself

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Oh thanks, I didn’t know that. It took seven years posting here and you for me to learn that.

  • He was of Cuban ancestry.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       He was of Cuban birth.

    • Anon12

       I know that. Many Cubans are of  the spaniard (Caucasian) race, are they not?  That is what I have heard.

  • Jefferson

    Most Hispanics in the U.S can never be mistaken Anglo Americans. Unless you think Hispanics like Jennifer Lopez for example look Anglo American.

    Most Hispanics in the U.S are not assimilating just fine. Have you ever been to cities like Los Angeles and Miami ? Stepping into those cities feels like stepping into a foreign country. 

  • D. H. Andrews

    To think that Cape Cod spoiled brat pettled the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 to the American public as something minor is astounding. It will later(most dimwits I know don’t even realize WHY the U.S. is getting darker every year) be dissected as the root of many if not most of our problems. Kennedy stood before the American people and assured everyone that it “would NOT flood our cities with squabbling minorities”. That is, of course, exactly what it did. The Immigration Reform Act will go down as one of the most traitorous deeds ever foisted upon Americans. It will go on to change American forever – not for the good.
    By the year 2042 Whites will be a minority in the U.S. and we will proceed in our progress to a Third World country.
    You can’t have a First World country with Third World citizens.
    Thank you, Teddy. May your days forever be hot.

  • ageofknowledge

    As sociologists point out, members of a culture must conform to its norms for the culture to exist and function well. And the better those norms are, the greater they benefit society. It is observable that ours are better and have taken us much farther as a nation than theirs have taken the country’s they seek escape from enmasse.

    But in order for that to occur, they must be taught what those social norms and values are with the expectation that they will follow them and pass them on to their children.

    In a well-functioning society, people cooperate like a system of interconnected parts because they believe it is the “right thing to do.” We call this the “social contract.” Though it is looking tattered these days, America still has a social contract. Sociological studies show that people internalize the norms and values (e.g. social contract) of a society to the degree that a society actively imparts them. If internalization and socialization fail to produce a positive social conformity, some form of “social control” is eventually needed. Social control may take the form of ostracism, fines, punishments, and even imprisonment.

    In the U.S., the entire system broke down as millions of mostly hispanic immigrants simply bypassed the entire process created by our government and society to accomplish exactly that and retained the very norms rooted in the poor performing societies they were seeking to escape from and passed those on to their children. Even their loyalties, in many cases, are not even to this country.

    (Note that historically, America has referred to the United States of America with the term American often relating solely to the people, language, and culture found within the United States of America and that is how I am using the term).

    And what has been the result? Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants have illegally entered the U.S. and propagated. In large portions of the Southwest United States today, gone is the Americanism along with much of the American dream.

    In their place are sprawling concrete urban barrios held by criminal gangs working for prison gangs and cartels (who recently have been ensuring their children are born on U.S. soil) and a new La Raza racism which preaches a seditious policy of reconquesta based upon a false history and logic.

    Our judicial and social safety nets have been stretched to the breaking point, once prosperous states run massive deficits, nice neighborhoods are gang-controlled, and our public education system, despite 40% of the entire state budget and the proceeds of the lottery being allocated to it, fell from first in the nation to third from the bottom. They have literally partially transformed the U.S. into the very dysfunctional places they sought to escape from rather than them being transformed into the America they entered… an America which was a great forward-thinking, homogenous, safe, and educationally challenging one to grow up in… even right in Los Angeles County in those days.

    Hispanics will no longer be able to use the race card to justify their substandard contributions to the U.S. as they will soon be the majority racial demographic in the most populous states in the U.S.. What will they do then?

    As Teddy Roosevelt once said:

    “We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin.

    But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here.

    We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

    -Teddy Roosevelt.

    • ed91

       where would we be without sociologists?

  • IstvanIN

    They belong to the group that we may not speak of.

  • IstvanIN

    So true.  That is why they will work together to exterminate us first.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I’m with you.  The only and original idea of assimilation was of Europeans by Europeans.  It meant that Germans and British could get along, and French and Catholics and Protestants.  It never was meant to mean Africans, Asians, Islam, people from obscure island nations and diverse people samplings to the point that we have 160 languages represented in the U.S.

    Ten Percent of “others” add a little spice, as it did up to 1965.  What has happened since has been a slow but steady social decline to the point that I don’t really see an America that includes me any longer.  In fact, as a white male, I am intentionally cut out of everything.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I am white and I was born here, but I will only fly an American flag upside down for now on.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     The women have always been far worse, but the men are beginning to catch up.  It’s being pushed on them in the media now and the white liberal women are pretty horrid anyway.

    • Anon12

       I was talking about the White men who post here on Amren compared to the White women who post here.

      There are a few (men) here that admitted they were/are married or dated someone of another race.

      There is not even ONE White woman here that has done so. That is what I was comparing.

  • Bobby

    Cubans are essentially Spaniards. Castro brought many Africans to Cuba in the sixties. And many were there from the slave trade earlier. A Cuban friend of mine told me that Cuba was basically always segragated with black people in one part of the nation and the Spanish Cubans on the other. Cuba also had a world chess champion, one of the greatest masters of all time, named Jose Raul Capablanca. He had black hair and blue eyes and looked like a kind of intellectual Valentino.

  • ed91

     Bon is correct, it’s our frickin’ government that is our worst enemy.

    illegals  just gravitate to free tax money given away……..

    • Periapsis

      I don’t disagree that our government is our biggest enemy. But the fact is, it’s using these invaders as weapons against us.

  • Bobby

    Anon12, all theory of multiculturalism aside, most of which I agree with you on, most of the Japanese people I’ve met are some of the finest human beings I’ve ever known.

    • Anon12

       Doesn’t matter.

      Most are like Crystal when it comes to us White Americans. They are just too polite to tell you to your face.  I do not care how “nice” another race may be, nor how smart. They will never side with the issue of White survival. THAT is what this is all about, isn’t it? 

       I don’t “hate” certain individuals in some races at all.  In fact I have met a few that I like better than some Whites I know. But those Whites are still of my RACE. MY loyalty is to my race and no other.

       I know for a fact that we cannot let those few we may like override our emotions because we are talking about the collective of the races,  not the few individuals.  Those few will never make up for the NATURAL instinct of any race to ensure their OWN survival. It is Whites that seem to have  forgotten and discarded that natural instinct.  That is what concerns me.

      So when I am called a racist, that is okay with me because I know what that word stands for.

  • ed91

     I spent 13 months with the Marines in vietnam near the DMZ and the few blacks I saw were a drag on the unit and a silly waste of time.
    not serious people……… they are overgrown mean children………

  • Bobby

    As I said, I have known a lot of Japanese people, and they are hands down some of the finest human individuals I’ve ever met. They have done miserable, dirty, backbreaking work, as gardeners, fisherman, farmers–all with a stoicism and acceptance that puts many other cultures races to shame. With it all, they remained polite and decent.

  • We did not need a study to prove this.  Just watch when the USA men’s national soccer team plays Mexico’s “Tri-Colores” on US soil.  Watch how all of these mexican – “americans” root for their home country of mexico.  Last year when the US played Mexico in LA at the Rose Bowl you could hear them BOOING the National Anthem!  Thats all you need to know about mexicans/hispanic “americans.”

    • Merriweather

       I witnesses the atrocity myself. “Proud Mexican-American” rooting for their home country, to which they have been removed for at least two generations.  As an American with Irish heritage, I root for the United States because it is my home, the place where I was raised. I am more American and only celebrate my heritage once a year on ST. Patrick’s Day. These so-called “Americans” are nothing more than opportunists who come here to exploit our country for all that it has. 

  • Xanthippe2

    Even a lot of liberal women will not race mix, it is a social thing for them.  They will go on and on about not being racist but will not be seen with your everyday Black or Mestizo.  The women who race mix are usually less intelligent and lower class.  (Hollywood excepted.)  However, the men on AmRen who race mix do not have these limitations.  They should know better.

    Historically, of course more men have engaged in more miscegenation.  This was often because they were in areas with few White women and didn’t want to remain celibate.

    I had no idea you were female anon12.  You write great posts!

    • Anon12

       Thank you and so do you!…yes, for some reason many posters still think I am a “man”.  Guess because of the “photo” head shape of a man. Don’t know why they don’t have  a female head shape one could choose from…  Maybe I need to change my pseudonym to a female name  and that would be easier for all. Any suggestions?

      • Xanthippe2

        You could upload a female head shape or an avatar only women would use. Or if you uploaded a photo of a “hot chick” probably a lot more of the posters on the AmRen forum would be reading your posts. 😉

        You can do this via your Disqus profile.

  • He was a poor example, though what Crystal said was still overall true… and largely meaningless with regards to who’s coming in to the United States.

    Cameron Diaz is a better example of a White Hispanic.

    • Anon12

      I loved her in that movie, “Holiday” shown on TV every Christmas season. She looks White through and through. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s because whites everywhere are ashamed to be white, are ashamed of their history and let their fear of being called the ‘r’ word dictate everything and everyone they grovel to and cower to. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I recall hearing a woman on the radio in 1988 in Northern California talking about illegal immigration as the campaign for Pete Wilson’s measure that would have denied education and health services to illegals.  She said, “They are not assimilating into our society, they are assimilating us.”

    I remember growing up in California with a few Mexicans around.  They were mostly okay, unless it was a bunch of males in a pack.  It was possible to enjoy the Mexican culture sometimes and not feel overwhelmed as it is natural to have some influence from a neighboring country when you share a border.  But I never wanted them to assimilate with us genetically or come to dominate politics and the land.  La Raza was calling for a total “Reconquesta” by the early 70s, which proves that anything over 5% is too much for a nations stability.

    • LuisArroyo

      “Or assimilate with us genetically” does that go for all Mexicans? Or are you refering to the amerindian type that predominates among illegals? Because while 15% of Mexicans are unmixed white, 50% are mestizos with european (spaniard) features. Think Selena Gomez, Rita Hayworth(margarita Cansino) Raquel Welch, Selma Hayek, The Estevezes (Sheens) Martin,CharlieEmilio Estevez….. just wondering.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Some “Mexicans” are actually more German, as many Germans settled in the Vera Cruz area.  Those are the ones they usually pick for ogling on Mexican TV.

        I have been in Spain and Spain has a great deal of people of Moorish descent.  Before the recession, I read several articles that mentioned that Mexicans, among other South American nations, had come to Spain to work.  Europe, as we know is filling up with non-Europeans, so white consciousness has to be heightened and our indigenous lands retained.  But when I have seen a real “Spanish” Mexican as the recent presidents have been defend the emigration of indigenous Mexicans to the U.S., they don’t seem to be acting in any other way but destructive toward the U.S.  Of course, what they are thinking of is the 4 billion USD they have been getting in remittances for years, Mexico’s third or fourth source of income.

        In the end, one has to make personal choices on the spot when it comes to who they “assimilate” with.  But the main idea of making the U.S. a Spanish language dominant culture is the concern, as is the importation of Mexican culture.  It’s okay in Mexico, but NO to La Raza and those organizations that have been pushing the “Reconquesta” agenda.

  • Jay1

    The latinos/hispanics/whatevers are really a diverse lot.  I personally know over a hundred latinos whith whom I interact on a weekly basis, most on a first name basis.  Two thirds are easily just here for the money and freebies and are not ashamed to say so, and feel no shame in pushing their nationalism in public.  The remaining third (that I know) do want to assimilate, speak English whenver possible and even say things like “We” and “Us” when talkiung about national issues.

    What’s the difference between the two groups?  The 2/3rd who resist assimilation are almost all illegal aliens.  The 1/3rd remainder are almost all legal immigrants, and some of them are mestizos even, but they have adopted America into their heart.  I wouldn’t mind them for neighbors, but the illegals have come in such numbers and with such arrogance that all of us are up in arms and alarmed and rightly see the end of our civilization in the near future.  So sad that our government won’t act to preserve the culture and system our forefathers worked so hard to erect.

    • LuisArroyo

      You are absolutely right. In Puerto Rico,a US territory, the 49% who want statehood are patriotic, wave US flags alonside Puerto Rico’s (as a “state” flag) and refer to America as their nation, while they refer to Puerto Rico as their local country the same way aTexan would refer to “texas country”,in an endearing local sense. Most statehooders are Republicans, but call their party the new progressive party. (Glenn Beck lied!, Its been called the new progressive party long before “progressive ” became a dirty liberal word.) But then you have the other 45% who are Democrats (they call themselves the “popular democrats”) and want to maintain “commonwealth” (PR is actually an unincorporated US Territory) these claim that with “commonwealth” they get the “best of both worlds”!! Federal funding for social programs without paying federal income taxes!!

      Worse, they wont refer to the US as their nation. The “popular democratic party” ferers to PR as their nation. They live under a fantasy that PR is already a soveregn nation with a bilateral pact with the US. (I kid you not) They eliminated all english from schools in 1948 to keep the people ignorant of PR’s true status. If you can read english, you will read what congress says vs what the “popular democrats “tell you in spanih This is trully a welfare political party!

      • Puerto Rico has a separate Olympic team. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about that. I don’t know if I should really even be caring about that.

        • LuisArroyo

          It makes no sense. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated Territory of the US. Fully under the territorial Clause. Anyone born there is born an American Citizen. Nothing is more ridiculous than seeing Americans vs AmeRICANS pretending to be some sovereign nation.

          This is the fault of prior Congresses with a PC mentality to allow PR the illusion of sovereignty. (The popular democrat party has officially called the island, “The Free Associated State of Puerto Rico” and Congress has never bothered to correct them.

          The solution to PR is so simple…..
          *98% claim they want permanent union and citizeenship with the US.
          *55% are now pro statehood.(however, 7% defect and vote against statehood to “punish” pro statehood governors. They intend to do so again against the republican governor Luis Fortuño. The morons only punish themselves!)

          *******what to do?*******

          1. IMPOSE THE FULL TAX CODE.(DC pays full taxes,and its not a state,neither can it ever be as a neutral US Capitol.)
          2. Impose English as the primary language in schools.
          3.Eliminate Puerto Rico from The Olimpics and Ms Universe pageants.
          4. Implement a federal referendum, Independence? OR permanent union throu Incorporation into the US?
          5.If despite the imposition of English and Taxes, they remain loyal to America,and vote for incorporation into US, pass a statehood mobilizing act.

          •  I’m totally opposed to statehood. It would result in two Democrat U.S. Senators in perpetuity, and about six Democrat Congressmen in perpetuity, and since the size of the House is fixed at 435, those six would have to be take away from mainline states, probably four or five of those six would be solid red districts.

            I want Puerto Rico to be completely independent, but I’d rather have the status quo than statehood.

          • LuisArroyo

            Here we go, associating Puerto Rico with the Nuyorican trash in the northeast that has tainted Puerto Ricans in the eyes of most Americans. The Republican Party in Puerto Rico has the majority of the commonwealth Legislatuure. The current Governor Luis Fortuño Bursette is a Republican and head of the US southern Republican Governors association.

            The Republican Party in Puerto Rico is co existent with the New Progressive Party. No, its got nothing to do with “Liberal Progressive” as that asshole Gllenn Beck claimed. That’s “progress to statehood” they had the word Progressive long before democrats hijacked it. Their former name was the “Republican Statehood Party” but 40 years of straight democrat rule and left wing media on the island persecuted the republicans into changing their name. I actually enjoyed Glenn Beck, untill he had that TV episode where he savaged all Puerto Ricans, calling us tools of an Obama conspiracy theory to take over as a dictator!

            Beck went on to display his complete ignorance of Puerto Ricans by calling us “foreigners ” We are Americans since 1917. Worse, be trashed and bashed the greatest tool American Citizens in US territories used when Congress ignored their statehood petitions…..”The Tennessee Plan”.

            After the original thirteen colonies became the United States, Vast territories were sold to the US from other European powers, notably, Spain, France, Russia, and the Mexican session/gadsdenpurchase. The Northwest Ordinance(midwest at the time) established that after a Territory reached a population large anough , Statehood could be attained.

            Ohio was the first new state (14th) since independence. Soon. The entire Midwest (northwest Ordinance)had entered the union as Ohio,Indiana,Illinois,Michigan,Wisconsin.

            However the “US territory South of the Ohio River” was never part of the Northwest Ordinance. North Carolina sought to reannex the region, but failed. American settlelers petitioned congress to pass a statehood mobilization act, Congress ignored them. They then organized themselves as the “state of Franklyn” passed a state constitution and asked Congress to recognize them as a new state of the Union. Again, Congress ignored them. A lot of the resistance to act. Came from the free vs slave proponents in Congress.

            Finally, the old Watauga residents had enough. If Congress would not bring statehood to them, The Territory south of Ohio river, would bring it to Congress. Under the 2nd amendment’s right of the people to peacefully assemble and present their grievance, the American Citizens of said territory , Voted up a state constitition for “The Great State Of Tennessee of the United States Of America”, voted for 2 senators, and 1 representative, and off they went to Washington DC!

            You can imagine the shock and outrage in Congress’s mood when they showed up, uninvited, without being previously invited to the union, but soon unofficialy took part in national debates, and were won over within weeks. After years of Congress ignoring Tennessee ‘s statehood pleas, The Tennessee Plan got them admited within months! Many other states would follow Tennessee ‘s lead in implementing “the Tennessee Plan”, among them California(a military. District) , Nebraska, and most Recent, Alaska. (Google “admission of the bold/Alaska Tennessee Plan”)

            As soon as Statehood gains steady support in PR, the Tennessee Plan will be implemented. There’s nothing alien or senister about it.

            Glenn Beck is a hypocrite, talks about God,while at the same time slanders an island of 4 million US citizens.

            Yes Mainland Puerto Ricans are supermajority Democrats, but they are also majorit colored light skinned mullatoes and octaroon “near whites”, however they have assimilated into African American habits!

            Island Puerto Ricans, by contrast, are 80 white. Mostly Spaniard with moderate admixtures of German Irish, Corsican Italian, Lebanese, and Jewish. Puerto Rico is not as poor as they tell you. Its lies and myths passed to right wing conservatives(this conservative knows better, Im PR, American) by the Statehood opposing “popular Democrat Party”.

            During the last status hearings in Congress, the “popular democrats” submited photos and videos shot in the dominican Republic, and Haiti, and tried to bamboozle Congress into thinking that was Puerto Rico. The point? To make Puerto Rico appear as a third worls shithole!

            Go to google earth, fly over Puerto Rico, you will see nothing but beautifull valleys, Plenty of Freeways,Shopping malls galore (especially mall of americas’s ,home of the largest JC Penny in the US) . Look at neighborhoods like Levittown, Caparra Hills, Country club, San Patricio (st Patricks/irish heritage in PR) , look at all the avenues named after Irish and Spanish heroes of Puerto Rican history,including avenues named after US presidents. The Hato Rey district is a major banking center with railways. The entire island is covered with suburban cul de sacs. Single family homes in neat rows (US zoning codes) dot the landscape. Its just like flying over Hawaii or Florida and seeing suburbs below. PR is first world. Even the “poor 40%” have cars and sony playstations/X boxes. LOL.
            He claimed that Puerto Ricans sought “social Justice thru equal rights” So, to Glenn Beck, seeking equall rights and reponsibilities under statehood is a communist plot for “social Justice” I didn’t know the constitution has a political party litmus test. (Sarcasm)for statehood. Thats a new one.

          • That PR currently has a Republican government in its own territory is irrelevant.  A “state” of PR will send all Democrats to its Federal elected offices on account of viva welfare.  Even if it voted Republican all the time for everything, I still wouldn’t want it to be a state because we don’t need any more non-whites.

  •  Well, you would be surprised that Emma Lazarus had quite mixed feeling with regards to the Eastern European Jews when they started coming into NY. She was herself Sephardi and saw the Eastern Jews as “wretches”.

    I hardly think that her overall bad effect on this country is any more sinister than that of the Kennedys and all the other braindead Irish in this country who think supporting the destruction of America is to be honoring their ancestors.

  • JamesGarbarzewich

    Most Spaniards are of Jewish descent. baltasar swallow that.

  • Dark

    Look at how self righteous you all are in here. “BLACKS” “LATINOS” get over yourselves.
    What goes around comes around, you did it to others, now soon it will be done onto you.