$1 Million Bond Set for Man Charged in Videotaped Beating

Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun, April 14, 2012

The 20-year-old man charged in connection with the recent assault and robbery in downtown Baltimore of a visitor who was stripped of his clothes was ordered held on $1 million bond Saturday morning, court records show.

Aaron Jacob Parsons of Rosedale turned himself in Friday night after having been linked to the videotaped incident for more than a week, as viewers tracked social media activity that appeared to show his involvement. He has been charged with robbery, assault and other crimes.


His attorney, Warren Brown, said Parsons is a “good kid,” who graduated from parochial school and was raised by his brother after his mother died. Brown said Parsons has no prior arrest record and is not responsible for the acts in the video that drew the most outrage.

“It’s not the punch that has aroused so much anger—it’s the humiliation after the punch, the disrobing of the guy and going through his pockets,” Brown said. “He wasn’t involved in any of that and has no real association with those people.”

In a television interview, Parsons apologized for his role in the crime but said his recollection of the events were hazy. And despite the apology, Brown said Parsons would be pleading not guilty.

In the video, filmed the night of St. Patrick’s Day, the seemingly disoriented victim is standing with a group of young people in front of the east building of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse. As a girl dances against him, a man who police now say is Parsons grabs something out of the victim’s pocket. The man moves to recover his property, and the man identified as Parsons rears back and punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. The victim is then stripped of his clothing and teased.


Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III urged residents this week not to mischaracterize the Baltimore incident amid other racially charged cases in Florida and Oklahoma, saying there was no indication that the crime—involving black suspects and a white victim—was driven by race.


Attempts to reach Parsons since the video surfaced had been unsuccessful. “He’s been deluged with threats,” Brown said. Parsons’ personal information, including phone numbers, his address and e-mail address, were plastered across the Internet.



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  • A commissioner for the Baltimore Police Department not only denied that this was not a hate crime, but impugned the motives of those who thought it was.

    A blog called “Ironic Surrealism,” with a tiny fraction of the budget of the BPD, and none of its enforcement or arrest powers, did the 10 minutes of detective work necessary to find out that it was a hate crime:


  • JohnEngelman

    His attorney, Warren Brown, said Parsons is a “good kid,” who graduated from parochial school and was raised by his brother after his mother died. Brown said Parsons has no prior arrest record and is not responsible for the acts in the video that drew the most outrage. 
    – Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun, April 14, 2012   
    I guess white racism is responsible. 

    • xxxtonygunsxxx


      • Pretty Sure John was being sarcastic; otherwise he has sunk to levels of idiocy I dont want to believe are possible.

        • The__Bobster

          No, he only sinks to that level when discussing Asians.

  • libertarian4339

    “Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III urged residents this week not to mischaracterize the Baltimore incident amid other racially charged cases in Florida and Oklahoma, saying there was no indication that the crime—involving black suspects and a white victim—was driven by race.”

    This character here is just one of many that refuses to condemn black on white racial crimes and because of it he encourages more of the same.  This same attitude is far too common.

    Does he think that a black would have received the same treatment from these blacks?  If so, there were plenty of other blacks around the same area.  Why weren’t they attacked instead?

    Here’s an excellent example of why whites are the objects of so many black on white assaults, beatings, robberies and murders.  This elitist has no allegiance to his fellow whites as all black leaders due to their population.  He cares only that by lying about the incident being non-racial he hopes to keep a lid on the unjust situation thereby protecting his position, assets and power that he obviously perceives white outrage might endanger by resorting to violence.

    If whites would only unify and demand that officials like this be fired, it would cause others to think twice before lying about a black on white atrocity.

  • Rocky Bass

    Man I can tell, he is a really “goot boi” indeed. I do hope he chooses the hard sciences as NASA could really use such a brilliant individual (maybe more now than ever as space is no longer it’s goal).

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


    • Rocky Bass

       Given this defendant’s “alleged” behavior, I would hardly refer to his as EXCESSIVE bail. I would hope the judge put in the “cash bond” proviso.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    warren BROWN JUST FILED a Habeas Corpus for this skittles and arazona ice tea baby so this trayvon might be released

    • Rocky Bass

       A writ of Habeas Corpus is not a get out of jail free card. There is easily provable cause, Corpus Delicti doe not to look to be an issue here. Or even Mens Rea as both are OBVIOUS just on the face of the charges and evidence. This clown is not walking without bond.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Well, he’s certainly not a “bad kid,” because no such thing exists in the community of color.

    No matter what they do, they can never be called bad, because some White person might hear it and start to question the assumptions of the Diversity Regime. There are some things that are just “too horrible” for White Humanity to contemplate, and one of those is that some blacks might not be “good boys.” Everyone knows that once a racist thought goes through the mind of Whitey, the uncontrollable virus of prejudice runs rampant. God mercy, but that it would!

  • To strip him of his clothes is a sexual assault. Parsons is NOT a good”kid”–and how I hate,hate,hate this idiotic trem of “kid”being applied to black malefactors. Those filthy stinking football and basketball coaches,covering up the latest sex/violence/ drug crime by their low IQ thug affletes,always use that stupid word,to suggest some type of “regular guy” whose “cool” with the young blacks. “He’s a GOOD kid.” “Yeah ya think so? Aww you’re a right guy,too. ” These are savage animals.

  • Impertinent

    ““He’s been deluged with threats,”…

    Spike Lee going to publish his address? Or the NBPP going to put a bounty on the burr head?

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Guess the suspicions about that video being staged didn’t hold water after all. 

  • 1proactive2

    He’s a good kid.  And he could have been Obama’s son. 

  • Had it not been for the video this assault would be unknown to the world. 

    Such black-on-White assaults are common. 
    We don’t hear about them because very few are video recorded. 

    This is why John Derbyshire advises to stay away from black crowds. 

  • There were more than one video. I saw at least three different videos.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Video was posted online almost a month ago and cops finally make ONE arrest?  They probably tried and tried to blame it on the White guy that was beaten up and when they couldn’t, they had to make an arrest.

    From the Baltimore Sun:  Baltimore’s top cop warned Tuesday against “race-baiting” amid rising tensions across the nation…cautioning that a video  of a tourist being beaten and stripped in downtown Baltimore does not appear to depict a hate crime…appears to be nothing beyond ‘drunken opportunistic criminality.’ 

    Were these thugs showing LOVE by beating, robbing and stripping a White tourist?

    This video should provide adequate warning to idiots who go to baseball stadiums or any other entertainment venue and drink to excess — there are thousands of thugs looking to rob and beat you (or worse) just for being White.  Get off the streets and go back to your hotel or go home if you’re going to get soused.


  • Rocky Bass

     That tweaked you too huh? Man the jungle rationalizations, these folks expect us to swallow are getting crazier and crazier aren’t they? Magnum justice is becoming all that’s left whites.

  • jackryanvb

    Video seems to be the key here. When we have solid video of Blacks committing terrible crimes, taking great joy in humiliating and torturing White victims, this can’t be censored by the MSM, “powers that be”. 

    American Renaissance readers should train in capturing video documentation of street crimes, TNB. If Zimmerman could produce video documentation that Trayvon Martin was a hostile, aggressive 6ft – 2 inch, 160 LBS 17 year old, or some other witness could produce video of Martin being on top of Zimmerman slamming his Zimmerman’s head in to the concrete, this would blow away the Sharpton, MSM “White Hate Crime” narrative.

    • The__Bobster

      Video has squelched many a lawsuit against the chain restaurants. Once an inkster’s Johnny Cochran sees that there’s a video, its feets do your stuff, I’m outta here.

  • A good kid?

    Good – NOW that means that even “good” kids are hopeless.
    And, we can forget about them and get on with what needs to be done.

  • Rocky Bass

     Yeah, it’s usually after they’re are gunned down trying to rob someone, that they are referred to as “goot bois” by some “fambly” member or another.
    This seems kinda evil and racist doesn’t it? In that their own indirectly make the case that the only good one is a…

  • Welcome to Thunderdome America. There is a website called Vanguard News Network that has race crime videos called [Race War] you can email to your friends and local paper. I sent the email to the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and a few others. This site should have an email link to send out crime videos. Readers on this site should flood People Magazine with that video.

  • Anon12

    Thank you for taking all that time to post the links!  

  • If the victim in the video successfully protected himself with a firearm (or any weapon, including his hands), we would have another Trayvon story all over the news.

    It seems to me that whoever controls the narrative are putting non-blacks between a rock and a hard place.  You either get hurt (or die, raped, lose property), or you protect yourself and have to deal with a kangaroo court.

    I’ll pick the latter.  I like life.

  • Periapsis

    The only approrpriate response to a black punching a white man out of the blue is for the white man to shoot his attacker between the eyes.

  • ageofknowledge

    “…there was no indication that the crime—involving black suspects and a white victim—was driven by race.” Oh please my nig. How stupid do you think we are.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    A good kid? The lies are very transparent lately.

    Here’s a black “good Mother”.