Two Charged in Towson Shop Assault

Steve Killar, Baltimore Sun, April 14, 2012

Two Anne Arundel County men were charged Friday after an altercation in the early morning outside a Towson pizza parlor, police said.

Glen Kyle Staley, 27, of the 1600 block of Wall Drive in Pasadena and Jamar Rashad Patterson, 22, of the 900 block of Mago Vista Road in Arnold have been charged with second-degree assault after getting in a fight near Pizan’s Pizza in the 100 block of York Road about 2:35 a.m. Friday, according to a statement from Baltimore County Police.

A group of six men followed two white men in their early 20s into the restaurant, police said witnesses reported. The group did not order food and “yelled racial comments” at the pair while they were buying pizza, according to the police statement.

One of the men told police, according to the statement, that when he left the restaurant with the other man, the group tailed and “knocked the pizza out of his hands for no reason.”

A fight followed and one of the two victims was taken to St. Joseph Medical Center with injuries that were not life threatening, police said. The second victim was injured but didn’t require hospitalization.



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  • Thanks for yet another news report about black on White crime. In other words, a report about the real enemy.


    • Xanthippe2

      Blacks in any number at all can make a place very unpleasant, but they just don’t have the organizational abilities to be a real enemy, let alone the real enemy.

  • Francis Galton

    I have to give the Sons of Obama (love that term, by the way) credit where credit is due: they were brave, by black male standards, to engage in a six-on-two fight; normally, it’s more along the lines of ten-on-one. 

    • sbuffalonative

      “Sons of Obama (love that term)”

      You and me both. This phrase is the gift that will keep on giving. From now on, whenever I comment on a story of a black criminal, I’m going to refer to him as a Son of Obama.   

      We should start a pool to bet on how long it takes for the phrase “Son of Obama” to be denounced as a ‘racist slur’.

      • Rocky Bass

        I am another who is fond of the “Sons of Obama” tag too.
        Not long until it’s a racial pejorative term. As all terms ever used to refer to blacks become. Even the term black. I say it’s caused by black actions, in that every reference to “them” is in s negative sense. No term can long remain positive after being used to identify such aberrant people.   With common black behavior, were their color shifted in the spectrum, we could have purple hate in no time.

      • The__Bobster

        I’ve already been denounced by a libtard on a news site for using it.

        Ah, another notch in my keyboard.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    heres a recent case fro him  FROM PUBLIC RECORDS  PUBLIC ACCESS PERMITED
    Case Information


    Case Number:0A00217210Tracking No:082002308146

    Case Type:CRIMINAL

    District Code:07Location Code:01

    Document Type:CITATIONIssued Date:01/06/2010

    Case Status:ACTIVE

    Defendant Information

    Defendant Name:STALEY, GLEN K JR



    Address:1627 WALL DR

    City:PASADENAState:MDZip Code:21122 – 0000


    Address:1627 WALL DRIVE

    City:PASADENAState:MDZip Code:21122 – 0000

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    Defendant Information




    Address:912 MAGO VISTA RD

    City:ARNOLDState:MDZip Code:21012 – 0000

    Charge and Disposition Information

    (Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)

    Charge No:001Description:ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE

    Statute:CR.3.203Description:ASSAULT-SEC DEGREE

    Amended Date:CJIS Code:1 1415MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X

    Incident Date From: 06/13/2008To: 06/13/2008Victim Age:

    Charge No:002Description:THEFT:LESS $500 VALUE

    Statute:CR.7.104Description:THEFT:LESS $500 VALUE

    Amended Date:CJIS Code:3 5010MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X

    Incident Date From: 06/13/2008To: 06/13/2008Victim Age:

    Charge No:003Description:ROBBERY


    Amended Date:CJIS Code:2 0700MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X

    Incident Date From: 06/13/2008To: 06/13/2008Victim Age:

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    THE area where this occured is in the county next to towson university an area which is proported to be safe. NOT 

    • Proud republican

      I went to Towson univ back in the day. (1995) It used to be safe. Now since Towson towne center was built up they all come up the bus lines into the county and rob and steal wreak havoc. They are a warring culture. I moved to the beaches of Delaware 3 years ago since I know they don’t like to swim. Best move ever to raise my family. Baltimore used to be a cool city. Now it’s just flat out dangerous. City that reads? Nope. City that bleeds is more like it…..

  • libertarian4339

    No word yet on whether there will be hate crime charges attached.  If there’s a way they can avoid it, they would prefer to call it an ordinary assault with no racial overtones.

    The police official in the other hate crime where the guy was knocked down and stripped would probably claim this assault had nothing to do with race either.

    I don’t know who is worse, the black attackers or the authorities and the MSM. 

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    If you drive a car that does not have an Obama 2012 and Justice for Treyvon stickers, you are leaving too much to chance that the Diversity Sons of Obama will just give you the benefit of the doubt.

    Consider your own personal commitment to anti-racism as a Machiavellian White Survival Strategy.

    Give your kids the Talk, ramZpaul style:

    “In times of Diversity Rule, normal rules of racial morality don’t apply.” -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How Hinton Rowan Helper the White South to love Abolition,” 1994

  • Damn I love Texas, if this would have happened to me, Im 56, it would have made the media nationwide as “whiteman shoots mulitple blacks” outside a pizza shop.

  • Texan1st

    “A group of six men followed two white men…..”

    So the media gives the race of the victims but refuses to give the race of the suspects? Obviously we can figure it out based on the way things went down and the racial slurs, so why must the media not just come right out and say it? That one sentence is verifiable PROOF that the media intentionally censors black on white crime.

  • Rocky Bass

     Could not agree more. It’s the Bankster, one world, absolute power cabal that’s the root of all this EVIL in our land and world. I know the J word is Verboten, but the more I learn the more it surfaces.

  • How nice it’d be could White Folk be able to be walk down these here American Streets and be Free from being Assaulted by Unruly Non-Whites.

    • Anonymous

      It used to be that way.  Then agian, the US was 90% white, white men were men and most nonwhite males were too scared to do anything but hold a job, stay out of trouble, stick with their own women, raise their kids and pay for them on their own.

    • ageofknowledge

      When I grew up in Los Angeles County, so many decades ago, much of it was completely safe. Now it’s all gangland.  

  • No

    Jamar Rashad Patterson . . . black.

    Glen Kyle Staley . . . also black?

    I didn’t know there were any blacks named Glen.   Must be another “son of Obama” racial mongrel.  If so, he’s probably even more dangerous than the average feral black out on a hunt.  He’s got to prove he’s down with the struggle.

    • Also might be a little smarter than the average unmixed black, due to his White blood.

  • Talk all ya want about it – again.
    If nothing is done’
    nothing is done

  • Rocky Bass

     Pound for pound, more scientific advances and medical advances and all that is true, but when “J” folk go bad they are evil geniuses!
    And for the record, I have no hate for them, or you. I just wish they would not view us as the goyem to be disposed of. The world always needs more intelligence, just not that’s trying to kill off me and mine. 😛

    • Guest

      Yeah, we Jews have achieved the most amazing advances especially in the sciences.  And at the same time we have done the most evil things to Europe and Western world.  The most evil is the spread of socialism.  The overthrow of the Czar was done by Jewish Socialists.  They lit the way for Stalin to come in to Eastern Europe with the Jewish Workers Bunds.

      Look at Einstein in particular. Among the most brilliant physicists ever, who gave the US the atom bomb.  Also a socialist and sympathizer of Stalin.  I wish I could be proud to say Einstein was a Jew but I can’t.  He was a self-hating socialist, and that zeroes out all his achievements in my opinion.

      But there are some Jews, including me, and including many or most Orthodox Jews, who are very upset about this.  Socialism is totally contrary to Jewish law and thought.  So is racial integration.

      Ok that’s probably more than enough Jewish discussion.

  • Anon12

     Then what can we do to stop the insanity and the destruction of our race and our nations?   Do other Jews feel as you do? Or do they call you a self hating Jew and traitor?  Why cannot Jews such as yourself inform others of the facts. Will they listen or are they pretty much on board with those that want us destroyed?

     I do know one thing. I have heard it so many times on talk radio. Try calling a talk show and even try to mention anything about the Jews or Israel and you will be demonized and hung up on. They will then lambast the caller after hanging up,  calling him a nazi, anti-semite, and a conspiracy nut job, (as one neocon talk show did just last night when a caller called up and mentioned the Rothchilds, the Fed Reserve, the bankers, and the mossad). 

    The host called him every name in the book and said people such as him NEVER have any facts whatsoever, they are all just plain ole Jew haters. He then proceeded to tell his audience that the Jews do not control anything it is OUR “government” and other governments that are the villians and not the Jews.  Pretty vague just saying, it’s the “government”, wouldn’t you say?  Talk about a hypocrite.

    He didn’t bother to list any facts, either, or name any names of those in the “government” that is responsible for this in the last 100 years or so..

    • Guest

      ” Do other Jews feel as you do?”  YES, the Orthodox Jews mostly do.  The Conservative and Reform Jews would not agree with me.

      ” Or do they call you a self hating Jew and
      traitor? ”

      I keep my mouth shut around Reform and Conservative Jews.  I can speak openly about this with Orthodox Jews and they agree with me.

      ” Why cannot Jews such as yourself inform others of the facts.”

      I have used all my copious brain power to think about that very same question.  I have some ideas.  Not a plan yet, but at least some ideas.  I’m a good writer and I have thought about this deeply.

      I have “converted” at least two Jewish friends of mine, who are now voting Republican and now see clearly the real issues.  Yes it’s small but it’s a start.

      ” Will they listen or are they pretty much on board with those that want
      us destroyed?”

      Most Conservative and Reform Jews are, indeed, fully on board with the destruction of the West.  They don’t say it that way, of course.  They put it in terms of helping everyone become equal, and they wrongly see the oppression of blacks as being connected to oppression of Jews.  But the end result of that is our own destruction.

      Remember that Conservative and Reform Judaism started as a confrontation with normal Jewish (Orthodox) thought.  The Reformers started eating shrimp and advocating Socialism.  They didn’t do this because it was Jewish.  They did this because it was anti-Jewish and they hated themselves for being Jewish.

      On a personal level, I recently went to an Eastern European city and laid flowers at the base of the Freedom Monument there, as my own very small apology for the meddling of my ancestors in Eastern Europe, and the millions of deaths they brought about.  It doesn’t change anything but rest assured there are a few of us who love Western civilization very much and would do anything to defend it.

      • Anon12

         I have “converted” at least two Jewish friends of mine, who are now
        voting Republican and now see clearly the real issues.  Yes it’s small
        but it’s a start.

        Why would you convert them as Republicans?  They are as bad as the Demoncrats.  You say “most conservative and Reform Jews are fully on board with the destruction of the West and IMO, so is the Republican Party.  I don’t understand.

      • What do you think about this:

        I believe every Race has the Absolute Right to Defend, Seek and Promote their own but not to the detriment of others nor via any Unethical or Amoral Ways.

        I have no problem with Jews or anyone else for that matter but I will say this; because we’re all forced to fund stuff we don’t agree with, it does cause resentment.

        For example, I dislike Asians like you wouldn’t believe.  Why so?  Because all I see are asians and asian owned businesses.

        And why do I dismiss Jews?  Because when I had ordered a Pizza, I was disgraced with a “happy holidays” instead of a Merry Christmas and when I asked why (I’m a regular customer), I was told it was because some jew customer complained.  Well let me tell ya, jews are new here so it is they who must submit to my way.  “We” Celebrate Christmas here and if the jew don’t like it, he/she needs to move to Isreal.

        No one likes to be forced to submit to someone else’s way.

    • Guest

       Let me put it this way: I know that Jews (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) gave Stalin the hydrogen bomb.  If I could have, I would have given to him also, except I would have given it to him by air delivery!!!

      • What hurts most is:

        There are TONS of Non-Whites and Jews who have nothing to do with nothing and it is because of a few, a few people brought us to disliking/hating each other and it’s all because we’ve been forced upon each other and who did that?  They did.  Those few.  It’s who those few are that we need to know about.  Tri-Lateral.  Do you know about it?

        Surely you know, were we allowed to just be left alone, we’d have no problem with each other.  Except for the muslims that is.  You being a Jew should know better than everyone, muslims or rather, idiotlam, I mean, islam, cannot be allowed to stand.  islam must be eradicated. 

    • The__Bobster

      They will then lambast the caller after hanging up,  calling him a nazi, anti-semite, and a conspiracy nut job, (as one neocon talk show did just last night when a caller called up and mentioned the Rothchilds, the Fed Reserve, the bankers, and the mossad). 

      Would that be Pawn Shammity? That’s the only retort he has when he loses a debate. I’m guessing he knows who signs his paycheck.

      • Anon12

         No, it was 2 neocon guys on a radio talk show I believe is called Red Eye radio… I think ALL neocon hosts say the same darn thing!  I have heard many of them over the years. This also includes Christian radio. They are so pro-Israel, you would think they never read their Bibles or the warnings therein.

  • Tostig1933

    Strange  how the police can never recognize racism when directed at white people. Our police are the same in England (and probably any other white run country). I think that policemen are really black men wearing white masks.

  • Anon12

    But, only a very small number of Jews are involved that I  am aware of.
    __________________________________________________Oh no, not another typical Judeo Christian!

    I don’t mean to sound harsh but I am so tired of hearing the mainstream Christians on TV and the radio in America today. I know word for word what they tell  the “flock”.

     You need to READ (CORRECTLY and with Understanding) your Bible and not listen to 99% of the preachers of today.

    As for this humdinger you say,

    Therefore, let us not cut ourselves off from moderate and conservative Jews, Blacks or any other races.

    Your reasoning is another  99% of what is wrong with the White Christians of today. The same kind of “logic” that the multicults use on us.  It seems to me that Whites have tried for eons “to get along” which will never work and never has worked.  Try telling your message to all those who are totally against us and are very vocal and PHYSICAL about it.  They have no love for the White flock.

    God did not tell us to be fools. In fact, just the opposite. Don’t go along with the PC “world’s” thinking which is  about what you are saying.

    BTW, how many news articles/comments have you read on Amren?  Are you new to this site?  If so, spend a day or two and get familiar with what is going on in America and Europe today. It will open your eyes that God gave you to see with, in more ways than one.

  • The__Bobster

    I care even less about mudsharks, since they had a choice.

  • The__Bobster

    You gained carriage returns? I always lose mine when cutting and pasting.

  • Reverse the races here, and imagine the “national outrage” that would be outraging right now. “Unarmed black men attacked by White racists while peaceably eating dinner” — or words to that effect. But since it was blacks doing the attacking, and Whites who were attacked, it probably won’t make it outside the borders of Maryland — except on the AmRen website.

     The American news media practices “selective indignation” and “selective indifference” on racial clashes, depending on who is the aggressor — or can be painted as such. But then, we all knew that already, didn’t we?

  • True. Stand up to them, and they’ll back off. But then, if you have to still be in their vicinity, watch your back. They are sneaky.

    • James

      Yes, you are right. They are sneaky and cowardly. 

  • Stephanie

    The same goes for us White Folk.  My People handed over their very Right to Exist and for why?  Because a FEW White People did bad.  Or so they tell me…

  • Anonymous

    California, Texas and New Mexico will be what the US will look like if we don’t wake up. Then again, there’s the Northwest Front movement.  Maybe I’ll move out there to the Northwest, since most whites will be there, the mexicans in the southwest and the blacks in the southeast.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why our ancestors knew we had to be aggressive dealing with them and why we had segregation.  It was to protect whites from blacks, not to keep blacks down.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    James you are 100% correct. I have always challenged the lone uppity black man when confronted with their aggressive posturing, they back down every time. The secret is you have to make them think you are unhinged and about to snap, be crazier than they are, crazy eyes and all. I’ve been called “Crazy Cracker” on more than one occasion as they shuffle away from me in a hurry. In packs of 3 or more, you quickly remove yourself from the situation. Excessive talking is a sign of weakness to predators and will make them strike.