Hate Crime: Racist Black Youths Beat Up Hispanic Boy

YouTube, April 1, 2012

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  • Rocky Bass

    “Fight” VIDEO?  Why do they ALWAYS refer to Blacks (so proud of their actions as to film it for posterity) ATTACKING INNOCENT people “Fights”?

    • ageofknowledge

      I don’t know but it is strange. Back when video cameras first fell in price and became accessible, these videos started surfacing. I remember the big rage in Washington DC was for black youths to go up to white people waiting at a bus stop and try to knock them out with one punch and film it.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       obviously. they are sympathizers.

  • Count on it — the Mexican youths will do just what the black woman said: Catch a black kid by himself, and do to him just what the blacks did to the Mexican boy. It’s called “Getting your own back.” And the Mexicans aren’t burdened with any White guilt, as most of us seem to be nowadays.

    • Rational_Liberal

      Exactly! We should embrace them.

      • ageofknowledge

        We have about 15 million here in the state I live in that you are most welcome to embrace. I hope you have enough beans and rice.

        Please post your real name and address with permission for me to use them on posters letting all the hispanics in LA know they can head over to your place. I’m glad to help you in this matter.

        • Rational_Liberal

          I live in Georgia, and we have plenty here, too, and not just from Mexico. The ones I know are honest and hardworking. They are married, go to PTA meetings, attend church. They are ashamed that they are here illegally, but desperate times call for desperate measures. They end up being exploited by employers because they are willing to work for less. So whose morals should we examine first?

          •  You’re seeing a small cross sample.  Of course they “work hard” when they first cross the border and settle down somewhere.  They’re doing that to keep their heads down.  Once they learn how to work the welfare system, then sayonara hard work.  Then the cheap labor gluttons who are benefiting from that cheap labor will have to import a whole new group of “hard workers.”

            “They end up being exploited?”  No kidding.  That’s why our cheap labor overlords want an open border with Mexico, because they’re exploitable people.  If they were the type to organize real unions for high wages and good working conditions, then you can bet your bippy that we would already have a fifty-foot wall at the Mexican border fortified with 10k volts and the 101st Airborne.

            Since you say you’re in Georgia, I tend to think that your less than hostile attitude towards Hispanics probably has to do with the fact that in your particular location, Hispanics are supplanting blacks.  Therefore, conditions are getting better.  Obviously they would:  It’s not hard to improve on the lowest common denominator.  But that doesn’t justify converting the United States into just another Indoamerican country.

          • Rational_Liberal

            I hear you. Trust me. I do, but I know illegals who came here, worked hard, raised kids, an those kids went to college on money their parents stashed for. Now they pay a load in taxes. Much more than many of the good-for-nothing jigs who amble about around here.

            Unions? Hell, yeah. Let’s encourage all workers, citizen or non-citizen to organize so they will have more power. That will raise the wages and encourage everybody to work.

          • ageofknowledge

            How lucky for you. The ones here mostly are in gangs.

          • IstvanIN

            They should still be deported.  Thier children should not be rewarded with citizenship.  They broke the law and should pay, just like you would if you did.  Save your bleeding heart for your own.  They will when push comes to shove.

          • Come to California and then we’ll see if you still believe illegal invading Hispanics to be so “hardworking” and virtuous….

          •  And, exactly how many do you know, five, six, maybe you are real friendly, and let’s say you know ten or fifteen, so what, there are over 20 million illegals in this country, and they are all not like the ones your buddy buddy with.  I was in Alabama, and there was this perso there that said the same thing you are saying. you all must know the same poor hard working illegals.  But let me tell you out here in Arizona, there isn’t a one and personally, I think they all should be nothing more then Targets

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         they hate whites as much or more than blacks. why dont you wake up

        • xxxtonygunsxxx

          than blacks do is what i meant

      • Dan

        Oh yeah that’s great advice. I’m sure the Latin disciples, Latin Kings and LaRaza would love to embrace some dimwit White who helps conquer his own people. 

  • Impertinent

    Oh boy…here we go. Just what we wondered would happen since Zimmerman was abandoned by his natural allies in the Latino world. I mean..if blacks can embrace a half breed Obama as one of their own…( even though he’s a bona fide Kenyan and not a native born America black ) why not Zimmerman too?

    Maybe the animals will have their hands full trying to beat off Latino ( very tough ) gangs? These Latino guys make the NBPP look like a troop of sissy cub scouts..!

  • On second thought, I’m going to stop arguing with Rational Liberal over Hispanic issues.  Not because I’m conceding the argument to him, but because I was so foolish as to think that we were engaged in an actual argument.  My advice to the rest of you AR regulars is not to argue with RL on this subject matter.

    RL, you have pretty much admitted the personal motivation, that in your particular time place and circumstance, that (A) Hispanics are supplanting blacks, and (B) Therefore, conditions are improving.  Most people say and think the things they do for very simple and usually personal motivations, so this is nothing unique to you.  Virtually everyone does it.  However, you’re projecting your local circumstance onto an entire country.  America won’t be a better place for being an extension of Mexico, just because your particular part of Atlanta is.

    There is nothing I can say to make you think otherwise, because my words can’t defeat your reality.  Ergo, this conversation is over.

    • Impertinent

      Kind of like being happy you didn’t get AIDs / HIV and just contracted a case of Chlamydia? 

      •  If living in the United States of America is not an option, as it does not seem to be for RL in his part of Atlanta, and the choice is either Mexico or Africa, of course I’d pick Mexico.  But that doesn’t justify converting what’s left of the USA into Mexico just because Mexico (and every place else but Africa) is better than Africa.

        My mistake in arguing with RL is calling Latin America a “failure.”  That’s because to RL, it’s a success, simply because it’s better than Africa and its American involuntary diaspora.

        • Impertinent

          Well said QD…well said and well thought out.

      • Rocky Bass

         That’s a nice analogy. Like all recent presidential elections, Phillips or regular, either way, we are still screwed!

  • Impertinent

    “they don’t take any nonsense from the blacks and aren’t afraid of being called ‘racist’.”

    Yep…and that’s when the Lame street media forgets they’re “white” ( like Zimmerman ) and they magically become….BROWN!

    • Rocky Bass

       Brown? I think my hero RamZpaul said it best, in that they are “vibrant people of color”. Brown I think is a little passe isn’t it?

  • Cary1

     The claim by a member of the aggressor group that they fear or expect a counter-attack is a very old PR tactic to join the victim group in the verbal tangle of “who’s to blame?”

    In California, all the newspapers indulge in this “spread the blame” PR.  For example, a gang of seven Samoans from East Palo Alto visited neighborhoods in Palo Alto, and ultimately killed one of the diverse white Americans they encountered.

    The media coverage of the Samoan community’s fear of a “white backlash” was equal to the stories of the crime itself.  It wasn’t the Samoan community’s initiative (as it was in the video above by an African American woman at around 1.03) but it is an exceedingly common tactic by members of the aggressor group to “spread the blame around,” often aided and abetted by a dishonest media.

    • Mentious

       Tricky, tricky, trick Marxists!

  • SarahConnor

    Like you stated, the truth here is that the Latinos haven’t assimilated After growing up around a lot of Latinos and not having hardly any experience with Blacks, I have to say there are parts of Phx. where if I walked through I would never be seen again. The Latino gangs are vicious and  I remember going to Cesar Chavez High with my son’s Jesuit High School where the Mexican flag was flown at the school.

    Interestingly also at this Jesuit High School all my son’s AP classes whether Physics, Math or History– zero Blacks and Latinos–just White boys with a couple of Asians!

  • I don’t know whether it’s race or culture or both, but Mexicans are dominantly Mestizos (OK, this is trivial). Ruling class is White- although many commentators here would disagree, but this is not the issue.

    The issue is, as I see it, the continuity of Mexican, racially saturated culture, through the ages. We now about Hernan Cortez, conquistadors etc.; about Spanish culture & Catholicism supplanting old ways of Aztecs, Mayas, Zapotecs, …

    Mayas & their life were not unlike Gibson’s “Apocalypto”- heads chopped en masse, bloody rituals, absolute disregard for women.
    There is perhaps subconscious tendency – not restricted to liberals- to ascribe to most Hispanized counties in Americas traits that are characteristic of Latin, Romance cultures: high regard for women (Virgin Mary) & sexual morality that is, apart from macho playboys, generally traditional re female “chastity”- virgins & whores.

    This is the way in Italy, Spain, Portugal,…

    Not Mexico.

    Violence against women is horrible, absolutely unthinkable of in European Mediterranean countries. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Female_homicides_in_Ciudad_Ju%C3%A1rez
    For instance, during Spanish Civil war 1936-1939 rapes were vary rare (don’t believe Hemingway); the Mexican situation is completely different.

    Also, gang crime. Well, Mafia in all parts of Italy (Camorra in Neaples, Mafia in Palermo,..) is a cancer of Italian society, but not nearly as violent or homicidal as Mexican (or Columbian, or ..) organized crime.

    Seems that Catholicism & race mixing somehow “softened” a bit those peoples in Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua,….- but not much.

  • BO

    My data point is an illegal from Central America with two young sons fifteen years ago. I knew the father’s employer and this illegal was a hard worker. Being 15 years more idealistic than I am today, I sometimes gave the kids rides to school when things were slow at the shop. They were really nice kids.
    Now the one of those kids I have kept in periodic touch with has grown up to be a fat tattooed punk sentenced to substance abuse counseling, and fired from McDonalds. He struts around and acts like a wanna-be gang banger. If the demographics of the town were different, I’m sure he would be.
    This family seems to be pretty typical. A Central American used to making $3/day in the fields understands the privilege of earning $12/hr under the table. His sons, surrounded by plenty, revert to the mean. Self-esteem issues then creep in, and a deep resentment of the host country and its native people follows.
    A re-settlement program is a very good idea.

  • Greg West

    Holder’s “people” are all looking like the son Obama never had.
    I am beginning to think Obama has had many sons.

  • Greg West

    Ah, diversity is so sweet!

  • Pelayo1492

    Actually it wasn’t “Tanto” which means “so much” in Spanish. His name was “Tonto” which means “foolish” in Spanish. Perhaps that’s why Tonto said “What you mean we…….”
    I also heard the one about why the LR shot Tonto. Because he found out that in the language of Tonto’s tribe “Kemo Sabe” means “A–hole”.

  • Not wanting to write a long comment, I’d just say- political dimension of “La Raza” is way overestimated. Apart from a few slogans, there is no idea nor master-plan of irredentist Mestizos to annex or do anything similar in any part of the US.

    These peoples don’t think in European way (Germans & French over Alsace-Lorraine; Irish and Anglo-Irish over Ulster; Italians and German-Austrians over  South Tyrol). Their main goal is to be as parasitic as Blacks- to move in large numbers, be some group that will live better life then at home- and that’s all.

    Mexican nationalism is a joke, as is Puerto Rican.

    •  Might Chicano irredentism be a fringe mentality among “American” Chicanos?  Yes.

      Is it germane to the greater scheme of things?  No.

      East St. Louis, Illinois is part of the United States, legally speaking, in terms of the source of the welfare checks.  There is virtually no credible movement to detach ESL from the United States and affix it to some African country.  But does that matter?  Do you want to live in ESL simply because there are no irredentist movements afoot there?  Plainly not.

      That’s the future of American Southwest:  One big Hispanic barrio, almost wholly unlivable for identifiable Americans.  Whether it formally “belongs” to the USA or Mexico will be irrelevant.

      Demography is destiny.

      •  I agree. And don’t underestimate the situation. Just- may posters here argue along the line that “La Raza” was some kind of genuinely Mexican nationalist movement.

        It’s not.

        Most Hispanics are P-A-R-A-S-I-T-E-S. They don’t know how to organize functioning society on any level. I’m talking US Hispanics, not Argentina or Brazil, which are serious countries (although riddled with problems, but this is another question). Whites simply don’t want to live in squalor & 3rd world- it’s similar to exodus of Russians from parts of Kazakhstan or Tajikistan.

        Brown tide has to be stopped & reversed, we all agree. Just , don’t credit these guys with something they are not. They are into breeding, welfare &, max, physical labor.

        •  That’s something Steve Sailer has noted, that Hispanics are even worse than blacks when it comes to social and political organization, and voting.  That means that the “Great Hispanic Vote” tidal wave will eventually happen, but it will take longer than we thought because we were assuming that Hispanics are as interested in the franchise as blacks.

          • I doubt even that. In next few decades they’ll be even more chaotic & internally divided. Great Hispanic vote is as unrealistic as great Catholic or great women’s vote. It’s a non-event.

  • And one thing I forgot: I don’t understand why are Hispanics so averse to education ? Populous countries in Hispanic America have numerous universities of various quality, but, anyway.. people go to school, high school & “Universidad”. Not in European-level numbers, but nevertheless.

    For instance, Iranians are very successful students & value education as such. Also South & East Asians.

    On the other hand- Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Cubans, … simply don’t care, statistically. They’re satisfied with dumb soaps as a mental pastime & that’s all. Maybe their sheer numbers, Spanish language TV and generally weak understanding of English, the US common language, is the crucial barrier. Plus some race and IQ added, of course.

  • Impertinent

    And in a South Carolina McDonalds….the minimum wager does this:

    19-year-old Marvin Washington, Jr., was arrested Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food after discharging gobs of phlegm into the customers’ beverage cups. The article notes:According to the warrant, Washington was seen filling up and serving the teas and was also seen leaning his face down to the drinks before filling them with tea.The incident, which occurred last Saturday, may have been triggered by the customers’ returning their original drink order, complaining that the tea wasn’t sweetened, as advertised. When they left McDonald’s for the second time and discovered the “present” Washington had left for them, they drove instead to the police station.

    Bad enough they have to be employed for “diversity”…but they’re capable of this?

  • Agreed, but all these countries are so damm south. North & Cental America & the Caribbean coast are mostly Indio/Mestizo with some blacks.

    I guess all Americans would be happier if south of the Rio Grande was Argentina. But- it isn’t. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     la raza  issued a press release 2 weeks ago stating they are treyvon and that zimmer is a white man. hispanics and blacks hate white people wake up

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     i think most mexicans voted for obama and will again so what you say is weak

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     2008 voter demographics from ny times
    67 percent hispanic vote obama
    95 percent black
    62 asian
    43 white but most disturbing is 56 percent female 78 percent jewish voted obama.
    78 out of 100 jews voted for someone who hates jews as well as whites.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    zimmerman is a fool.  only a fool would apologize to blacks. he deserves whatever he gets. i would never apologize to a black even if i was wrong. but at least he helped clean up the neighborhood.

  • How true.  What is interesting in Florida is that the term Hispanic is much different than that used out Western US.  Out west is is primarily meant to include just mexicans.  Here in Florida it means Cuban as well as Central and South American.  The Florida Hispanic population has moved increasingly further up state from South Florida so that from the Miami area all the way up to Orlando and now Ocala, the S Fl kind of Hispanic is prevalent. While nowhere near the population % as in S Fl, that also includes the Sanford area. Why does this matter?  As pointed out, Hispanics will not put up with monkeyshines and they have obtained increasing political power in the state such that no blacks are willing to take them on in that arena. The mix of Central and South Americans includes some really tough cookies. For instance, when the commies retook Nicaragua, where did all those Somoza El Guardia Nacionale go? That’s right, to Florida.  If Zimmerman is found not guilty, as most expect, blacks would be well advised to not start something akin to the “Miami” riots of 1980, it will not go well for them.