It is a museum which is probably best avoided for those with a sensitive disposition.

Provocative exhibits at one of America’s newest museum’s include a full-size replica of a lynching tree with many items portraying black men as lazy, violent or inarticulate.

The objects displayed in the U.S. state of Michigan’s newest museum are steeped in racism so intense that it makes visitors cringe.

That’s the idea behind the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, which says it has amassed the nation’s largest public collection of artifacts spanning the segregation era, from Reconstruction until the civil rights movement, and beyond.

The museum in a gleaming new exhibit hall at Ferris State University ‘is all about teaching, not a shrine to racism,’ said David Pilgrim, the founder and curator who started building the collection as a teenager.

Its name – Jim Crow – is often used to describe the segregation laws which arose after Reconstruction ended in 1877 and continued until the mid-1960s.

Mr Pilgrim, who is black, makes no apologies for the provocative exhibits. The goal of the $1.3 million gallery, he explained, is ‘to get people to think deeply.’

The displays are startling. The n-word is prevalent throughout and black women are shown as kerchief-wearing mammies, sexually charged Jezebels or other stereotypes.

The shocking images exact an emotional cost.

‘There’s parts in that room – the main room – where it’s quite gut-wrenching,’ said Nancy Mettlach, a student conduct specialist at Ferris.

‘And the thought that was going through my mind was: “How can one human being do this to another human being?”‘

Mr Pilgrim, a former sociology professor at Ferris State, started the collection in the 1970s in Alabama. Along the way, he ‘spent more time in antique and flea markets than the people who work there.’

His quest for more examples was boundless.

‘At some point, the collecting becomes the thing,’ he said. ‘It became the way I relaxed.’

He spent most of his free time and money on acquisitions.

In 1996, Mr Pilgrim donated his 2,000-piece collection to the school after concluding that it ‘needed a real home.’

The collection spent the next 15 years housed in a single room and could be seen only by appointment. Thanks to the financial support of the university and donors – notably from the charitable arm of Detroit utility DTE Energy – Mr Pilgrim’s collection now has a permanent home, which will have a grand opening ceremony on April 26.

Today, the school has 9,000 pieces that depict African-Americans in stereotypical ways and, in some cases, glorify violence against them.

Not all of the museum’s holdings are on display, but the 3,500-square-foot space in the lower level of the university library is packed with items that demonstrate how racist ideas and anti-black images dominated American culture for decades.

Visitors can forget about touring the exhibits and retiring untroubled to a cafe or gift shop. Some leave angry or offended. Most feel a kind of ‘reflective sadness,’ Mr Pilgrim said.

But that’s not enough. If the museum ‘stayed at that, then we failed,’ he said. ‘The only real value of the museum has ever been to really engage people in a dialogue.’

So Mr Pilgrim designed the tour to give visitors a last stop in a ‘room of dialogue,’ where they’re encouraged to discuss what they’ve seen and how the objects might be used to promote tolerance and social justice.

Some of the objects in the museum are a century old. Others were made as recently as this year.

Ferris State sophomore Nehemiah Israel was particularly troubled by a series of items about President Barack Obama.

One T-shirt on display reads: ‘Any White Guy 2012.’

Another shirt that says ‘Obama ’08’ is accompanied by a cartoon monkey holding a banana. A mouse pad shows robe-wearing Ku Klux Klan members chasing an Obama caricature above the words, ‘Run Obama Run.’

‘I was like, “Wow. People still think this. This is crazy,”‘ Mr Israel said.

One of the first rooms in the museum features a full-size replica of a tree with a lynching noose hanging from it. Several feet away, a television screen shows a video of racist images through the years.

The location of the museum – in the shadow of university founder Woodbridge Ferris’ statue – also catches some by surprise. Mr Ferris, who later served as Michigan governor and as a U.S. senator, founded the school more than a century ago. He once said Americans should work to provide an ‘education for all children, all men and all women.’

The mostly white college town of Big Rapids is 150 miles from Detroit, the state’s largest predominantly black city.

Mr Pilgrim, who is also Ferris State’s vice president for diversity and inclusion, initially considered giving his collection to a historically black college, but he wanted to be ‘near it enough to make sure it was taken care of.’

Most of the objects ‘are anti-black caricatures, everyday objects or they are segregationist memorabilia,’ he said. Because they represent a cruel, inflammatory past, they ‘should either be in a garbage can or a museum.’

[Editor’s Note: There are a number of photos and a video of the museum at the original article link below.]


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  •  Sounds like just a black pity party.  Ironic that it’s in a nearly all white town.  What, couldn’t get Detroit to pony up the 1.3million?  Or is it just that the blacks living there wouldn’t care?  No wait, let me guess – the very black mayor pilfered the town’s treasury again.

    “One T-shirt on display reads: ‘Any White Guy 2012.’”

    I must be a racist, because that’s almost exactly how I feel.  With the exception of people like Ted Kennedy(finally in the grave where he belongs – though don’t take this as me indicative of wanting him dead solely due to ideology, as repulsive as that was, the man was a heartless murderer) or someone like Tim Wise.  They’re even worse than Obama, they hate whites while being white.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    They gave Diversity Obama his Diversity Nobel Peace Prize, and then he allows Diversity Holder’s “my people” DOJ to ignore the Diversity NBP’s illegal and outrageously racist terroristic threats against “white” Hispanic George Zimmerman.

    Other than in sports, blacks are over promoted, propped up, supported, defended, and lauded, even when they make fools of Whites.


    Because the points aren’t really to reward the blacks for something they didn’t do or for an early recognition of their “potential.”

    The first point is to flush out White racists and then punish them for their “vile, toxic, virulent, and ugly” racism. Only outraged racist Whites would complain about giving a black a reward for not doing any work.

    Once we know who the racists are in our midst, we can scream “Racism!” and remove them from our list of competitors while we grab more White privilege for ourselves. Co workers secretly lust over the day when Bubba shows up to work with a Confederate flag on his truck, because they know his merit promotion will now be up for grabs and will go to someone more “sensitive, tolerant, and inclusive”.

    As bad as giving blacks rewards they didn’t earn is, White racism is worse. We get more benefits from punishing White racists than we do worrying about whether the blacks is qualified or not. And best of all, when we give a black an undeserved reward, we look like good anti racists, and that helps us shoot straight to the top.

    The second point it to force Whites to live under “transformational Diversity leadership.” They must be UNDER blacks, not OVER blacks in order to be transformed into good Diversity worshippers. That’s how we soften them up for the day when their systemic privileges are completely gone, and they won’t complain because we did it to them in little steps. Black Power! wasn’t just a slogan. When Whites are second class to blacks, the blacks in power will be very attractive to the White man’s daughters, and interracial dating and mulatto babies will result. Few things destroy White privilege as good as destroying White bloodlines through mongrelization.

    “Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. White countries, and only White countries, for EVERYBODY! Anti-racism is codeword for anti-White. Racism rears its ugly head after uglier shows up first. We didn’t invent the blacks.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “No peace in our time,” 2008

    “Remembering always, my son, that there is nothing in the oaths of Christ’s brotherhood that should make a Southern patriot agreed to let his nation sink into mongrelization.” -Thomas Dixon, The Flaming Sword, 1939

  • Francis Galton

    There are only three kinds of people who will (voluntarily) visit this museum (voluntary excludes school children):

    1) Guilty White Liberals who will attend with their two token black friends and literally get down on their knees and grovel for forgiveness for the umpteenth time;

    2) Self-consciously Black-with-a-capital-“b” black people who are looking for more excuses to hate on the White man;

    3) People like me (and possibly others on here) who find these artifacts entertaining for their own sake (oops, did I say that?  Yep, sure did!)

    • Sylvie

      3) People like me (and possibly others on here) who find these artifacts entertaining for their own sake (oops, did I say that? Yep, sure did!)

      I’m with you, Francis. I would find it interesting and entertaining to look at the artifacts from this lost world. Would I feel a twinge of guilt? Hahaha!

      Above article states: ‘with many items portraying black men as lazy, violent or inarticulate.’ I got up this morning, switched on the television and what was the first thing I saw? A hideous, and I mean hideous, shirt-less, tattooed black with jewels in his mouth rapping some gibberish that I could not understand a word of.
      Did such ‘negative stereotypes’ come out of thin air? Were they completely invented by naughty Whites without any good reason at all?

      • robinbishop34

        Speaking of inarticulate, I heard the ‘attorney’ for Treyvon Martin’s parents actually say twempo-warry in an attempt to say ‘temporary’ on television Friday night. 

        • white_privilege_stigmata

          It’s okay to hear our changing language and be enriched by ebonics, but to post it on a racist blog is outrageous.  Stop judging Diversity through the prejudicial lens of White privilege and begin to value the unique differences of all.

        •  Speaking of which, why do Ma and Pa Skittles have a lawyer?  The full prosecutorial weight of the state (and eventually the Federal) government is on their side, so it seems like hiring a separate lawyer is redundant.  Unless they’re lawyering up for a reason, maybe they expect to be sued or charged for some reason.  Or maybe it’s none of that:  Maybe some obscure ambulance chaser sees his chance to become a celebrity, to promulgate his name for future clients.

    • white_privilege_stigmata



      1. Hereditary influences descending from the uncivilized ancestors of our negroes.

      2. A disproportionate development of the animal propensities incidental to a relatively low degree of differentiation of type.

      3. A relatively defective development of what may be termed the centers of psychological inhibition.

      4. Physical degeneracy involving chiefly the higher and more recently-acquired attributes, with a distinct tendency to reversion of type, which reversion is especially manifest in the direction of sexual proclivities.

      5. The removal of certain inhibitions placed upon the negro by the conditions, which which slavery imposed upon him: these were removed by his liberation.

      6. An inherent inadaptability to his environment both from a moral and a legal standpoint, the result of his inadaptability being an imperfect or perverted conception of his relations to his environment – i.e., to the body social.

      7. An incapacity of appreciation of the dire results to himself of sexual crimes.

      •  When we take over and convert this goofy museum in Michigan to a museum about black crime and failure, you will be its curator.

      • robinbishop34

        “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.  There is something that all White men who have lived here like I must learn and know:  that these individuals are a sub-race.  They have neither the intellectual, mental or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with White men in any function of our civilization.  I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior.  For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him.  And they will destroy all of his work.  Let White men from anywhere in the world, who come to Africa remember that you must continually retain that status: you the master and they the inferior like children that you help or teach.  Never fraternize with them as equals. 
        Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you.  They will destroy you.”

        — Albert Schweitzer

        That about sums it up no?

        • Mainstreaming_Diversity

          That quotation is supposed to be excised from all later editions of his book.  Has anyone seen it in the original.  Until we do, we should remain suspicous of its authenticity.

          • Does it really matter?  Your eyes tell you every word of it is True.  Every word.  You know this Sir!

          • Mainstreaming_Diversity

            I’m getting sick and tired of this waiting that you are putting me through. Were are those pictures you promised me???

          • robinbishop34

            I posted in on the Huffington Post a couple of years ago and they deleted my account. As far as I’m concerned that means it’s authentic.

  • I noticed this collection is hosted at Ferris Wheel State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.  There’s some “institute” (i.e. a dork with a fax machine) at that school dedicated to “exposing academic racism.”

    • white_privilege_stigmata



      BY WINFIELD H. COLLINS, A.M., PH.D., 1918

      THE present criminal status of the Negro, and his criminal record since the Civil War as well, should cause every member of the race in America to hang his head in shame.

      Yet, may it not be that, after all, the Negro is, to a large extent, an irresponsible creature of circumstances, and that his crimes are upon the heads
      of those who unwisely placed him in a position that he was unable to occupy, except with injury to all concerned?

      Scholars hold that the average citizen of the ancient Athenian Democracy, the greatest of ancient democracies, was as intelligent as the average member of the British Parliament, or of the American Congress. The Negro, however, with all his barbarism and ignorance, totally unrelated to the white man in origin, character, and race, directly after his emancipation, was made a full-fledged citizen in the greatest of modern democracies. The fact is appalling.

      Stupidity unsurpassed, unless by the pacifist visionaries of the present day who seek to usher in the millennium by proclamation, peace treaties,
      world federations, or leagues to enforce peace. Human nature cannot be changed overnight by edict. When the sun fails to rise wars will cease.
      It is to be hoped that enough sanity yet remains in the American people to save them from such nonsensical vagaries of sentimental dreamers.

      But the Negro, son of a wild and tropical race, content for thousands of years to roam the jungles of Africa, supplied by bountiful nature with all
      his heart’s desire, failing thus to develop any controlling trait of character, or mental stamina, and although civilizations rose and fell beside him, it
      meant nothing to him. And even now in the midst of American civilization he is moved to action, mainly, by the gusts of primitive emotion and passion. This is the creature that was expected to take an equal share in the government of the most enlightened and progressive people that the world has ever known.

  • Rocky Bass

    Some people today STILL have good reason to “think this way”. New idea there eh?

  • The__Bobster
    • white_privilege_stigmata



      Member the National Geographic Society; Cor. Membr. Societa Italiana d’ Antropologia, Ethnologia, a Psicologia Comparata, Florence, Italy; Mbmbr. l’Alliance Scientifique Universalle de France, Etc., Etc.

      “A mixed race; a fatal stumbling-block that has cost more than one Latin race the crown of empire.” —John Cameron Grant.

      In the negro all passions, emotions and ambitions are almost wholly subservient to the sensual instinct, and that quite apart from the sexual or procreative instinct, for an individual of this race is yet to be found who has ever had congress with the opposite sex, having only in mind the making of a child. They copulate solely for the gratification of the passion—for the erotic pleasure it affords them. In other words, negroes are purely animal, that is, in the sense of quadrupedal animals, in this respect. Nor should we expect anything different from this; civilization and progressive civilization are altogether meaningless to them, consequently posterity has practically no interest for them. They live in the present, and being essentially without morals, and, as a rule, being equipped far above the average man for sensual indulgences, he gives that side of his nature full sway, when no restrictions of any kind whatever are present to hinder.

  •  “to get people to think deeply.”

    More likely it will have people fondly remembering the past, and “the good old days”

  • RJS

    Oh my…some of the Frankfurt school strategies have infected England.  Herbert Marcuse, Theodore Adorno and Max Horkheimer, etc., were absolutely prophetic with their strategy.

    After WWI, it was realized that a conservative, patriotic, homogeneous and cohesive White Christian society would never accept a violent revolution to replace capitalism with communism.

    So the Frankfurt School “Cultural” Marxists developed an alternative plan (“the long march through the institutions”).

    The goal of the Frankfurt school was to SUBVERT, CORRUPT, DISCREDIT and ROT OUT White institutions (academia, music, art, literature, religion, history, media, politics, etc.).

    The goal was also to relentlessly criticize family values, patriotism, morality, and other cultural traditions.  It was believed that the people would then be more receptive to the cancer that is communism and its nutty ideas.

    To this day, “the long march through the institutions” continues forward with clever mottos and slogans like “the strength of diversity”, “cultural enrichment”, “sensitivity”, “tolerance”, “fairness”, “equal treatment”, “gay rights”, “the brotherhood of man”, etc.

    Any opposition is always ridiculed as “racist”, “fascist”, “homophobic” and “hate”.

    The term “long march through the institutions” says it all…these evil men were literally
    thinking DECADES ahead into the future. 

    I have shared the two following links with many of my friends and the response has been very positive.  I highly recommend viewing them and sharing with your friends: 

    (this takes a few minutes to get going)  Cultural Marxism, the Corruption of America:

    (this is also fantastic)  The long march thru the institutions:

  • ageofknowledge

    The only problem I have with this museum is that it deliberately misleads the public into believing that whites didn’t suffer slavery in the Americas when they certainly did.

  • No

    Pffft.  Big deal.  The black version of the holocaust museum.

    I’m there.  Grab a bag of Skittles and my wife and I will make a day of it. 

    I laugh at the convenient “outrage” blacks show.  These are the same savages who murder little blacks in drive-bys . . . boil their babies or shove them in microwaves . . . beat wives to death over a pinch of powder . . . raped an 85-yeard old white woman before beating her to death and shooting her husband in the face (with a BB Gun).  

    And that’s just in the last 5-6 weeks.

    Give me a break.  Blacks are the most barbaric, inhuman people in history and they’re demonizing the United States.  All this exhibit does is explain how whites have protected themselves.

    My only improvement would be to add a wing to the white martyrs of black depravity and liberal political correctness.  It would make the museum ten times bigger than it is now but God himself would call it justice.

    • J.P.

      Your post reminded me of a funny sticker a friend of mine has, it’s a haloed picture of obama that says “at least God doesn’t think he’s Obama”.

  • Spartan24708

    Stereotype my rear end! Droopy drawers, askew baseball hats,  clownish looking 200.00 shoes, tons of gold (or more likely gold plated) jewelry… need I go on? Just about every black male I see is dressed like that. 

    • Impertinent

      Yea…what kills me is how they can afford all that bling bling and say they’re still…”poor”? Look at Fat Al Sharpton….never lets an Armani 3K suit pass him by.

  • ncpride

    Mr Pilgrim, who is also Ferris State’s vice president for diversity and inclusion, initially considered giving his collection to a historically black college, but he wanted to be ‘near it enough to make sure it was taken care of.’

    Is he suggesting that he doesn’t trust an all black college to do just that? Sure sounds like it me. I can’t imagine why he would feel this way. After all, just look at ANYTHING that blacks manage and the wonderful job they do.

    On a serious note, why not just name this…’The White Guilt Museum’ and be done with it.

    • Impertinent

      I wonder if blacks have to pay an admission fee…or just whites to use for “reparations”?

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    ” ‘Remember always, my child, you duty as a White person is to always put the feelings of the blacks first and foremost in all of your thinking, acting, speaking and doing.  We are obligated to them for the sins of slavery and segregation. We must constantly audit ourselves for anything that would hurt them through reminding them of painful memories of oppression and marginalization.  When you choose your friends, look first to those people of color whom you can make your proud friends of color. Only through proper relationships with them, especially accepting the enriching and transformational Diversity leadership the offer us, can we begin to atone for out shameful past and lessen our unjust hold on our unearned White privilege. In the future, we will be minorities in this country, and your multicultural sensitivity and competency will foster much needed change and long overdue social justice.’ ”

    -Jed DeValleyism, “How White parents kill their children,” 2002

  • sbuffalonative

    I like the two water fountains. The white one is higher and seems to be pristine while the black one is lower and is dirty or marred. Was this deliberate? Was the white one cleaned and polished while the black one was left as it was found? Was the condition of the  black one the result of being vandalized by racist white folk or  how blacks took care of their property? 

    Blacks being portrayed as caricatures? Whites weren’t?

    I just did a google search of “historic white caricatures” and what came up were links to black caricatures. I guess caricatures of Yosemite Sam, a short, hot-headed, red-head doesn’t count. How about the short, dopey, speech impaired Elmer Fudd? I won’t even get into The Simpsons and Family Guy.

    There’s a poster from the Cotton Club. Weren’t white people depicted in the same manner? Where the black performers offended by this depiction of blacks or did they see it for what it was, a poster highlighting black performers?

    I will conceded that some of the objects and images were clearly produced to be demeaning and hurtful but others have  counterparts in white objects as well. What’s the difference between a small ceramic of a black man dancing and a sad, white clown (a white man in white face)? 

  • I hope they save at least one room for the future “Extinct White Man” exhibit.

  • white_privilege_stigmata

    Yes, thinking deeply, with the help of Charles Carroll’s The Negro a Beast, 1900.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      More deep thoughts.

    • robinbishop34

      Is that Sandra Bullock in that illustration?

  • white_privilege_stigmata


    J.R. RALLS, 1877

    The negro, we find, in his mental organization, exhibits but little or no originality. His faculty for invention and contrivance, where a principle is to be studied and applied, is rarely drawn upon or improved, or whatever proficiency he may attain in any branch of art and science, is due rather to the process of memory and his skill at imitation, than any process of memory and his skill at imitation, than any proper understanding of the rules of art or principles of science. His intellect, if susceptible of classification, is on the mechanical order. He reasons, when that faculty is called into requisition, by analogy- in comparing the subject under consideration with something else that came under his observation, and forms his conclusions without resort to the more intricate process of induction. Memory, the faculty of imitation, forming the order of his mind with insufficient power of abstract thought, to examine principles, compare different methods, and originate new plans, he seems designed by Providence for a subordinate position under the direction of the superior intelligence.

  • white_privilege_stigmata


    BY E. H. RANDALE, A.M., LL.D., 1910

    We are of the opinion that the negro consumes more than he earns, and that difference is increasing.

    If the negro makes more than his rents and expenses, he wastes it.

    The negro takes poor care of his belongings. He leaves his plows in the weather to rust all winter and treats his other implements the same way. When he wants a hoe or rake he sometimes has to go to the back of the field after it. His implements are always scattered.

    The negro needs a boss. In all his years of slavery he worked under a boss and looked up to him. In his African life he did no regular work of any kind. He still looks to someone to advise, direct him and to tell him to go.

    The negro’s greatest failure, perhaps, lies in his failure to raise his children to be as good as himself. Even the best and most sensible of them rarely exhibit any tact in molding the character of their children.

    As a race the negroes were more contented, happier, made more progress in morality and practical knowledge, were better fed, better developed, physically and mentally, were more elevated in spirit, had fewer troubles and more pleasures in slavery than in freedom ; yet doubtless all or nearly all of them desired freedom and still prefer it to slavery.

    The negro had or liberty in slavery than he now has in freedom. In slavery he was always in good humor, and sang much while at work.

    Thousands of years in the jungles of Africa, raised in superstition and cannibalism, under despotic chiefs, and one to two centuries in Southern slavery- such were the qualifications of the negroes for the ballot- the right not to rule themselves but to rule over the Anglo-Saxon race.

    The race war is already upon us. A few years ago, carloads of negroes seeking work, were driven out of Illinois by State authority. Later the Springfield riots in the same State resulted in many deaths and in many negro homes being burned, and in most of the colored people being driven away. These facts, with many others of the same sort, prophesy evil of a direful nature.

    The negro is a great admirer of oratory and is easily influenced by oratory that is on the side of the majority, but it must be of a particular kind. To establish any point before a colored audience, if it is on their side of the question, the orator must make a few statements, coherent or incoherent, pertinent or impertinent, and the then wind up with a kind of assertatory ridicule, giving a peculiar twang to his voice, and his point proved beyond a doubt, and responded to with a stormy applause. One well-arranged effort in a few short sentences will down pages of fine logic and elevated oratory.

    Nowadays the negroes sing and dance very little compared with what they did in the days of slavery. They now turn their attention more to religious revivals. The often continue a meeting many weeks.

    All mixed races are violent, in incoherent, incapable of national government, revolutionary, and are on the down grade of civilization. If this statement is correct we must conclude that miscegenation is a sin against God and a violation of the laws of nature.

  • JackKrak

    I think it’s only fair that he have his little museum. After all, there are thousands of musems all over the country with shocking displays dedicated to showing the detrimental effects of blacks on society.

    They’re called prisons and jails.

    • Now that’s Funny!!!

      and here’s something that’s not funny:  Jails and Prisons are not a punishment for non-whites.  The recidivism rate from twenty years ago was over 70% and were one to break that down by race, I’m bettin’ non-whites took and still, take the lead in that department.

      • white_privilege_stigmata

        Where are those pictures you promised me? What are you wearing right now?

    • Up to my neck in CA

      How right you are.

  • mettlach asks “How can one human being do this to another human being?”

    EASILY!  Very very easily is how.  All one needs to do is see how you people act when you’re Free to do as you wish.  You murder, rape and steal damn near every chance you get and to top it all off, you cry about “racism” when there is no racism.

    You people stand silent whenever it’s a non-white attacking a White but demand heads be on platters when a White Person attacks a non-white.  You people have a never ending supply of non-white groups advocating for you but White People can’t even have one group advocating for them without you people screaming “racism”

    Why people aren’t putting you people in your proper place is what should be the question.

  • Rocky Bass

     When I am “lampooned”, as most other whites, I feel smug. I know their best insult is nothing, for something to “sting” it must have some kernel of truth at it’s core.
    Pretty much any talk of blacks stings like hell! Hence the overblown reaction/lack of reaction (in our case)

  • Impertinent

    “Their biggest fear is a truly equal playing field…”

    Which is why Malcom X and now the NBPP want segregation. They want a separate “african” nation within our borders. They do not want competition in black neighborhoods. Someone should give them a map of Africa and they can pick any country they want. But I seriously doubt anyone could ever save Africans from themselves. A continent that’s completely ungovernable…by themselves.

  •  Very interesting. I’d like to visit it some day — as it’s far enough from Detroit to be reasonably safe. From the sampling of photos with the original article, I’d say I’d be laughing all the way through it. But I wouldn’t need any “room of dialogue” afterward. Unless it would be to argue with self-hating Whites who want to beat their breasts and don sackcloth and ashes over all this. What’s happened to our sense of humor over the years?

  •  “We all want the same things.”

    Sure, we all want the same things.  But is that supposed to be some sort of accomplishment, or more, a form of intelligence?  Every person on Earth has a theoretically infinite set of desired tangible and intangible goods, services and social conditions.  The discipline of economics was established to quantify and qualify how people and societies reconcile these infinite desires that everyone has with a finite set of resources.

    Therefore, it’s true that everyone wants the same things, that being everything.  But that does not mean that:

    (A) The races are equal

    (B) Any one individual is equal to another

    (C) Creating a set of circumstances where everyone has virtually the same resource set is feasible or desirable

    (D) We all deserve everything we want, or an equal set of stuff to someone else in the individual or the collective

    (E) One wil get the things one wants just as a virtue of wanting them.

    (F) Just the act of “wanting” something is morally equal to or tantamount to engaging in the behavior and actions of people that have something you don’t but want did in order to get.

    I better stop there before I run out of letters.

    I have heard a lot of blacks, and white liberals, and a fair number of white conservatives, genuflect to this faux egalitarian mentality, by saying that blacks “want safe streets.”  Of course, they say they want safe streets, but far too many belie their wishes through their actions.  When you say you “want safe streets” with your mouth and then commit murder and robbery with your hands, then you’re not going to have safe streets, and it also means you’re not equal to the people who both say they want safe streets and resist the urge to murder and rob, simply because your wish for safe streets is equal to theirs.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    You think we have some kind of problem? Really?

    Well, it’s been called many things- the Negro Problem, the Negro Question, the Negro Dilemma, the Race Problem, the Race Question, the Race Dilemma, the Diversity Problem, the Diversity Question, the Diversity Dilemma.

    But it’s always been the same problem- THE DIVERSITY CURSE.

    Just today, while enjoying a rare and wonderful Whites Only Moment, your tribe, the Diversity Curse, found us with that uncanny afrovoodoo instinct that tells you when and where to find White Humanity enjoying the joys of segregation memories.

    You just won’t leave us alone. Weird, isn’t it, that wherever Whites are, blacks must follow? Why is that? Why don’t blacks respect White dignity?

    There is no such thing as White privilege. It’s a hate lie myth. White privilege is being left alone. When can we be left alone? We stay out of your neighborhoods, so you should stay out of ours. We don’t want your vibrancy and enrichment anywhere around us. That you won’t leave us alone indicates your most notable trait- HATE WHITEY and make his life as miserable as possible.

    All blacks in America are benefitting from the Federal Government’s suppression of White Destiny through Affirmative Action. Even if you “did it all on my own,” you still have Affirmative Action.

    Whites emancipated you from the horrors of Africa- just your being here in our White America instead of in your Black Africa where you belong is an Affirmative Action program.

    “Anything the blacks have that is better than a bone through the nose, a dirty loincloth, a mud hut, and a hideous, disgusting village full of starving pickaninnies is because of White charity. They owe us an unpayable debt, and all they give us are Zebra Killings, Wichita Massacres, Knoxville Horrors, and eternal apprehension for the future. As bad as lynching was, Diversity is worse.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “Looking Ahead by Looking Back,” 2008

    Unless we hear blacks start complaining about how homesick they are for Africa, we just won’t take them seriously on anything. The time is long past due for you to start solving your own problems with your own resources, and stop demanding equality, rights, and justice FROM White Humanity. Everything we’ve done for you has failed.

    Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Anne Pressley, Emily Haddock, Lauren Burke, Kristen Warneke, Nancy Strait, Beverly Melton, Sandra Rogers, and Brittny Watts suffered the ultimate horror of the Diversity Curse, and we will never forget or forgive.

    If we didn’t hate you, we’d be sick, ignorant masochists

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    The contrast between the ugly Diveristy and the beautiful White child of the same race as Mary and Christ, does make a vivid point.  The Virgin and Child would be honored to know that they are helping to promote racial integrity.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    All White men and black males want the same thing: beautiful White women.

  •  Let me give you a practical application of my own axiom.

    I want an Audi R8.  There are a lot of people who want an Audi R8.  But for various reasons, there are only a small number of Audi R8s to be had.  Therefore, there is a high barrier to acquiring an R8.

    It is true that there are people who have an Audi R8.  That is because they are worth enough to this world that they have acquired the resources to overcome the high entry barrier that was established to reconcile the high demand for R8s with the low supply.

    My only relevant equality with a person who owns an Audi R8 is that we both wanted one.  But that equality is so irrelevant to the greater reality of things that it might as well not be talked about as if it were some sort of credible social barometer.  The hard truth of the matter is that in spite of my wishes, I’m just not that valuable to the world around me such that I deserve an R8.  My actions will continue to belie my desires until either Audi R8s become a lot cheaper, my marketable skills become a lot more valuable, or a combination of both.

    This is an explanation that all but the most devoted of communists and anti-economists will accept.  However, a whole lot of people can’t grok the analogy between an Audi  R8 and “safe streets.”

  • anarchyst

    Where can I buy one of those T-shirts?

  • You have MORE than all the White Men put together my dear black american.

    Let me help ya out:  The Small Business Administration has a program called 8a.  Now you run along and get your hand-out that the WHITE MAN paid for.

    If you can’t get help there, go to the Minority Business Development Agency.  If they won’t help you, Wells Fargo or most other Banks will help you for they have money set-aside for you to borrow and because you’re black, you are given extra consideration.

    So you see, you have MORE opportunity than White Men.  You can apply for any type of loan out there PLUS, you get to apply for loans that have been set-aside for ONLY, you whereas White Men are not allowed to apply for that money that has been set-aside for only you.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A museum dedicated to victimology!  

    Well, being a victim of White racism is a lot easier than getting a job!!

    Does the museum mention THE FACT that Jim Crow laws were passed, put in place and enforced by Democrats?

    George Wallace, Bull Conner and Robert “Sheets” Byrd were all Democrats. Democrats were also the people to come up with the first ‘gun control’ laws – aimed at keeping blacks from having guns.

    Every child within a 1,000 mile radius will be mandated to make a pilgrimage to further instill White guilt into their little skulls.


  • shmo123

    “include a full-size replica of a lynching tree”…This struck me as rather odd. Is a “lynching tree” somehow different from a regular tree? Does it come with its own rope? Are there less leaves so the view isn’t obstructed? Questions abound.