Rubio: Arizona Immigration Law Is Not a Model for the Nation

Beth Reinhard, National Journal, April 19, 2012

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that he does not view Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration as a “model,” distancing himself from presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who has embraced the legislation.

The Cuban-American senator, who spoke at the University of Phoenix/National Journal’s Next America forum in Washington, is viewed as a top name on Romney’s vice presidential shortlist.

Rubio said he understood why frustration with illegal immigration led Arizona to pass a law allowing police to demand proof of citizenship. He also disagreed with the Obama administration’s contention that the law is unconstitutional. But he added, “I do not believe [laws like the one in Arizona] should be a model for the country.”

As a Senate candidate in 2010, Rubio vacillated on the Arizona law. He initially expressed some concerns but later said he would have voted for it.


Democrats have been zealously attacking Republican opposition to the Dream Act, potentially popular legislation that would grant citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who go to college or enroll in the military. In recent weeks, Rubio has started countering the criticism by proposing an alternative that would allow these children to obtain legal status but not citizenship.

If Rubio is successful in building support for his proposal, he would help the GOP kick a potentially losing issue off the election-year table. Critics have said that his proposal would create a permanent underclass.


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  • Looks like someone just got himself kicked off the vice presidential short list.  Saying you disagree with the president to be on a big issue strikes me as a bad thing to do while seeking to be his VP.

    • The__Bobster

      Rubino has been a pro-illegal Reconquista for years. He initially was opposed to SB1070 and blocked anti-invader bills in Florida.

      Somehow true believers have chosen to ignore this….and the fact that he isn’t a natural born citizen.

  • This is hardly a policy shift for Rubio.  As Speaker of the Florida House, he was pretty much amnesty and open borders all the way.

    • Space4jan

      Except “open borders” for Israel – look at his record, backers and travels abroad.
      This is not “anti-semitism” (my AR posts free me from that charge) but part of the full candidate profile.

  • June39

    I believe Arizona has based its law on the nation’s law. Is Washington saying that the federal law is not legal? Or that they disagee with it? I think the whole country should adapt it. Then continue by stopping all immigration for a time, eliminating the anchor baby fiasco, stopping all goodies to those here illegally and making e-verify mandatory for all businesses. Maybe then, those who sneak in would finally realize that you don’t mess with Uncle Sam.

    • SarahConnor

      The feds don’t like the AZ law because they say illegal immigration is under the federal jurisdiction but AZ said the feds are not doing their job so we should be able to.

      Right now the bill is going through the courts and as of now the Supreme Court is deciding if they are going to hear the case. In the mean time illegal immigration has decreased some just due to the fact that illegals are worried. 

  • Rocky Bass

    No it’s not, as is does not have MASS DEPORTATION as it’s central feature!

    • ageofknowledge

      lolol… you’re crazy.

  • IstvanIN

    A Hispanic is a Hispanic is a Hispanic. 

    • No

      No they’re not.  But in the specific case of this pandering nitwit . . . yes he is.

      • IstvanIN

        They will always side against us and America.  His type would like nothing more than to recreate Latin America north of the border.  Ingrates we never should have let in.

        • No

          That’s nonsense.  Sorry brother, but there’s no other way to describe it.  There is no THEY.  There is no “hispanic” anymore than there is an “English” or a “French” or an “American.”  Nowadays you say “French” and you MIGHT mean a white descendant of the Gauls . . . or maybe a black . . . or an Arab . . . or even a Cambodian or Vietnamese.

          There are only a few remaining nation-states that haven’t been infested by multi-culturalism to the point where their populations are still homogenous.  Japan is one.  Maybe Iceland.  Maybe some black coutries.  Not many.

          Rubio is a spanish-speaking white man . . . HOWEVER . . . his politics (I believe) are anti-white.

          Look, my point is, we need to stop with the ignorance.  Either we are WHITE RACIALISTS or we’re falling victims to the ignorance, hatreds and superstitions that have made Europeans kill each other for centuries.

          • IstvanIN

            It is sheer ignorance to think that there are very many white Hispanics (or if you prefer white Latin Americans) who are for preserving European America.  He is CUBAN, first and foremeost, not Spanish. And certainly not European.  He, like Eva Longoria and Gloria Estefan and Bob Menendez,  identify with the little 4ft tall Mestizo more than with us.  We are Anglos to them. The enemy.

          • No

            Let’s see if we can agree on some points:

            1)  Calling someone a Cuban or Chilean in 2012 is no different than calling someone Irish or Italian back in 1912.  Newly arrived immigrants  are always rejected on the basis of ethnicity by whatever whites are already here.

            2)  Newly arrived immigrants  ALWAYS identify with the mother country.  Many have friends and relatives still there, or land or investments or whatever.

            3)  I agree with you.  Rubio is Cuban, first and foremost.  But he’s white, second . . . and his children and grandchildren will be whites, first.

            4)  I disagree with you that Rubio champions mestizo causes for the love of the mestizo.  I believe he’s doing exactly what Obama did.  Obama isn’t “black.”  Obama is a poseur who pretends to be black to gain their votes.  Same with Rubio.  Rubio identifies more with rich white anglo republicans and they’re using him to get the mestizo vote.

            5)  I see a danger in the white racial movement and it is the dismissal of ethnic groups because they’re not white enough.  I’ve seen greeks, slavs, italians, spanish, south americans and central americans/mexicans all dismissed at one time or another. 

            Either we develop racial pride, world-wide, or we’re on the same path Europe has been on 500 years.

            Like Ben Franklin said – either we hang together . . . or they’re going to hang us separately.

          • Lou

            WOW !!!  There are A LOT of nations that remain true to their culture without letting in outsiders ( other races  ) .. China , Iran , India , Israel, Africa ,Mexico .. I can go on and on ,the only country that isn’t allowed to have a single dominate race is The United states, well up until 1965 there was, but not now… You’re wrong on so many levels.. Not trying to be mean, just pointing out the facts..

      • IstvanIN

        I can not respond to your last post underneath it so I will respond here:

        1) Calling someone a Cuban or Chilean in 2012 is no different than calling someone Irish or Italian back in 1912.  WRONG.  The Irish and Italians were from Europe and identified, broadly, if secondly, as Europeans.  Latin Americans identify as Latin Americans, even if white they do not identify with their European roots.  Most are mixed race and proud of it.  They refer to other US citizens as “Americans’ (white) or as black (obvioulsy blacks).  This goes on generation after generation.  My family was extrememly interested in assimilating, getting American first names and learning English.  They loved Hungarian cooking and talking, proudly, about the old country, but there were no divided loyalties.  Same with the Italian-American and Polish-American families I grew up around.

        2) Newly arrived immigrants ALWAYS identify with the mother country.  Of course but they did not neceassrily have divided loyalties like todays Hispanics.  In addition communication and travel are so fast and cheap nowadays that the connection never dies.  Ships vs airplanes.  Skype vs post.  Today’s telephone vs waiting for an operator to get you an expensive overseas line.

        3) I agree with you. Rubio is Cuban, first and foremost. But he’s white, second . . . and his children and grandchildren will be whites, first. Nope, they will be “white” latinos, not anglos, not Americans, they will enjoy being at the top of their ethnolinguistic culture, just like in Latin America.  And we will be second class, at best.

        4) I disagree with you that Rubio champions mestizo causes for the love of the mestizo.   They are his people, in a broad sense, even though he may, in private, look down and them, and probably does.  But they are just as much his army against us as the Trayvon’s are Obama’s army.  As for his grandchildren, Hispanics have very low standards for “breeding partners” and spouses, they will no doubt marry out, assuming even he is 100% European himself.

        5) I see a danger in the white racial movement and it is the dismissal of ethnic groups because they’re not white enough.  We agree in this.  I hate to see whites dismiss other whites based on ethnicity, Christian denomination, non-racial political views, etc.  However, when push comes to shove Irish and Greek American will comes together for the common cause.  The only two US groups I am leary of are the foreign born or first generation Portuguese and (real) Spaniards.  They are far too used to being part of the affirmative action generation and may be loath to give that up.

        Either we develop racial pride, world-wide, or we’re on the same path Europe has been on 500 years.  Agreed.

        I just think you are naive to think Latin Americans, as a group, will ever be one of us.  They are used to having their “waters muddied” and their version of white isn’t really ours.  They want to be on top and they want to do it not my assimilating or building their own nations but by taking what we have.  And they can not even maintain that.

        The future is ugly indeed.

        • No

          QUOTE:  I just think you are naive to think Latin Americans, as a group, will ever be one of us.  They are used to having their “waters muddied” and their version of white isn’t really ours.
          I understand LatAm pretty well, I think.  I did several tours there . . . Honduras mostly, but also Panama and even Miami at Southcom.

          LatAms are different than Americans in that colonialism dates back to the 1500s.  They’re much older societies.  If you compare Mexico City to Los Angeles, for example . . . Mexico City had a significant white population by 1600 . . . but Los Angeles didn’t start becoming a white (anglo) city until the railroads arrived in 1876. 

          So there have been almost 300 more years of race mixing in LatAm  than in the US and you’re correct, this has created a lot of muddy water.  Most of it (I’d say well over 90%) was in the very lowest classes . . . soldiers, sailors, poor farmers, etc.

          But two important things have happened in LatAm. First, some of the “mixed” have mixed back.  So for example, genetic studies find many people who are 10-20% indigenous and 80-90% white.  They’re not pure white, but they’re darn close.  That happens because mestizos become “whiter” as they mix back with white populations.  This is especially happening here in the US.

          Second there have been numerous waves of white European immigration after the collapse of the Spanish Empire, then again after WW One, again in the 1930s  and then again after WW Two.   We’re talking MILLIONS of whites.

          For example, the population of Argentina doubled right after WW One when three million Europeans earrived.  In Cuba, it was around one and a half million Europeans. 

          So today, you have a muddy society given its history (true) but IT’S VERY DIFFERENT depending where you look.  You can’t lump them all together as “hispanic.”  Each has to be considered individually.

          Cuba, Argentina and Chile are 65% white with the other one-third being mestizo or indigenous. 

          But in Mexico it’s only 15% white.  Panama is around 10%.  In Honduras it’s only 1% white.  In Guatemala, there are so few racially pure whites that they’re not even counted . . . the percentage of whites is almost 0%.

          Bottom line . . . these white spanish-speaking people in the US still identify themselves ethnically as “Cuban” or “Argentinian” or “Chilean.”  But there is a growing  sense of white racialism just like there is in Europe.

          I think it serves us better politically to think, act and promote worldwide racial unity instead of separating ourselves into groups. 

          • IstvanIN

            10% non-white is non-white.  You can not easily breed out.  There have been no whites in Western China and Mongolia for thousands of years and yet this still shows up.


            Are they “white”?

        • ed91

           I agree with most of your post except for the part about europe being on their path for 500 yrs………  more like 80-100
          500 yrs ago was about 7 yrs before Hernan Cortez went into mexico and did away with the heart-snatching aztecs……..

          • No

            Have you forgotten about the religious wars?  The dynastic wars as this little feudal lord fought against that one/  How about the invasion of England by the Normans . . . that was essentially a racial/ethnic civil war . . . 1066.

  • Rational_Liberal

    Guys, c’mon. You can’t just stop someone and ask for their papers because of how they look. That is a very slippery slope, and this is not 1930s Germany. If they can do it to them, they can eventually do it to us. Use some good sense. Do you really want to be forced to carry a national ID card, because that is the natural end to this.

    I will say it again. The Mexicans are not our problem. It is low class, thuggish black people and the whites who think it’s cool to emulate them.

    •  “Slippery slope.”  “Nazi Germany.” 

      Sure, because asking to see someone’s photo ID is automatically going to lead to genocide and gas chambers.

      Note the irony:  You say it’s wrong to profile Hispanics, but you want us to get all riled up over blacks.  Of course, we should get riled up over blacks, but we should also get riled up over Hispanics.

      I suspect you’re going to be posting frequently, so I’m going to start a drinking game around your use of or allusion to “slippery slope” and that particular dictatorial regime.

      • Rational_Liberal

        I really don’t get why you want to insult me. I am a civil libertarian. I don’t want to be stopped and asked to prove my citizenship. And yes, it is a slippery slope when you start granting the government those powers, so drink up.

        You ascribed a word (profile) to me that I did not use. If we are going to engage, then we must do so honestly, or I will not participate. I came here because the dialog looked to be intelligent. I hope it stays that way.

        •  Okay, well, I’m sorry about that.

          Rhetorical question #1:  How much concern is there for civil liberties in Mexico and Latin America?

          Rhetorical question #2:  If it’s an illegitimate act of government to ask someone who is possibly and identifiably a non-citizen about his citizenship status, then what does citizenship really mean?

          • Rational_Liberal

            Since you pose these as rhetorical questions, I assume you don’t want me to answer, but to keep the conversation going and for the entertainment value for our readers, I will answer them.

            “How much concern is there for civil liberties in Mexico and Latin America?”
            In some, more than we have here, and in others, not so much. What is your point? If your point is to say that (for now) we have it better in the US, then OK. I never argued differently.

            “If it’s an illegitimate act of government to ask someone who is possibly and identifiably a non-citizen about his citizenship status, then what does citizenship really mean?”

            Possibly and identifiably a non-citizen? How would the officer know? Skin color? I have darker skin in the summer because I tan really well, but my people are from Wales. Do you want to be stopped and asked about your citizenship status? If yes, why? If not, why not? If it’s because you’re white and you think you have nothing to worry about, think again. We whiteys will soon be a minor in this country. Whatever precedent you set now will be around for a good long while. You’d better think hard. Use that brain, dude.

          • We whiteys will soon be a minor in this country. Whatever precedent you
            set now will be around for a good long while. You’d better think hard.
            Use that brain, dude.

            When we do become a minority in our own country, then nothing will matter anymore.  And whatever legal precedent we either did or didn’t establish won’t matter, either.  Demography is destiny.

            The point I’m driving at is that I don’t think you truly grok race.  As another AR regular stated so aptly in the past, race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct.  You countenance importing the same kind of people who built the same mostly failed systems in Mexico and Latin America, under the delusion that they won’t re-construct their same mostly failed system here, supplanting our own.

          • Lou

             ” We whiteys will soon be a minor in this country.”<<< Thanks to people like you..

    • SarahConnor

      I live in AZ and support SB 1070. You have misinformation about the bill. People would not be randomly stopped and asked for papers. It states if someone is stopped for a violation and the police then suspect that they are here illegally they can then ask them for papers. 

      Obama was totally wrong when he stated that you could be eating an ice cream cone in AZ and be asked for papers. 

      •  I have read the full text of SB 1070 twice.  Reading between the lines, I get the feeling that the real purpose of SB 1070 isn’t to catch plain ole regular illegal aliens.  Its real purpose is to catch the big time ne’er-do-wells, the human traffickers, weapons smugglers, dope smugglers.  The kinds of criminal illegal aliens and their citizen or legal alien abettors that even the Federal government would be interested in.  In other words, ICE won’t be interested in any ole Juan or Pablo standing on the street corner whose only crime is being here illegally, but the DEA would be really interested in tens of kilos of cocaine that an Arizona cop found in the trunk of a car after a traffic stop, the ATF would be interested in various weapons found in the same trunk, some Federal alphabet gang would get involved if Arpaio’s deputies pulled over some mysterious van and found thirty young looking girls crammed in the back. 

        SB 1070’s real purpose I think is to remove certain previous restrictions on law enforcement to search for and discover big time Federal crimes that the Federal government would take action on in spite of the “thorny” immigration issue.

      • Lou

         Obama wasn’t wrong Sarah , He lied purposely ,so that people like rational liberal would believe it.. As you see he does… So I guess it works on the lazy that won’t go through the bill to see what it REALLY says..

    • SarahConnor

      Also please read the article that the White LA teacher wrote about the Latino LA school she teaches in–the Mexicans just wish to kill the White man and take the country back.

      Also if they don’t murder us they will take over everything just due to their sheer numbers. When I go to places like Target I have never seen a family with less than 4 kids. Also very few of them speak English. 

    • Lou

       WOW !!!  That isn’t even what the SB 1070 is about ( stopping someone just to see their papers) It’s no wonder you’re a liberal ,you believe whatever they tell you without going to research the bill yourself.. Just to put it plainly, IF you were stopped running a red light THEN the police can ask for your “papers ” as you put it.. They just can’t go around looking for people that look Mexican and ask them.. They have to be in action of a crime or some other police contact.. ignorance is bliss to a liberal, I guess.. You just shouted out the main liberal talking point of SB 1070 and never even read the damn thing , because if you did, you would know this..  lol

    • People are not being stopped and asked for papers because of how they look. Police should have every right to ask someone for their papers during the course of a legitimate police encounter if PC takes them in that direction.

      But I digress. Illegal invading Mexicans ARE our problem whether you chose to acknowledge this or not. California is in the process of being destroyed by these invaders. How you could say this is “not our problem” is baffeling and so out of touch, that it defies common sense.

  • No

    Rubio reminds me too much of John Edwards . . . a cutesy, metro-sexual, JFK-wannabe . . . or even better . . . an Obama wanna-be.

    Every politician dreams of being “discovered” and thrust into the national spotlight to lead . . . like Moses only without the beard.  They all look at Washington, Lincoln, JFK and Hussein Obama as their models. 

    But behind those men were huge political machines or business interests.  It’s a myth that newcomers can enter the game as an outsider and win it all.  Obama’s corruption, for example,  specifically, goes back to his teen-aged years.  He was groomed to do what he’s doing.

    I only know ONE man in modern history who truly came in from the outside to lead his people. 

    Today is his birthday and I can give you 88 reasons why every white should be honoring it.

    • No

      Hey . . . to the moderator who hacked up my post . . . how about lay off the ham-fisted censorship?   

      April 20th is Hitler’s birthday.  That’s who I am referring to. 

      Are you going to deny that historical fact in search of political correctness?

      Maybe you should go moderate Huffington Post.

  • rhino1996

    Marbo Boobio, dedicated to his ethnicity, not the the country who bailed out the Cuban’s who fled their homeland and swamped the beautiful S. Florida that I grew up in. This is not to disparage the brave Cubans who were killed, captured, and tortured on the Bay of Pigs, the real patriots of Cuba, Brigade 2506, trying to reclaim their beloved homeland. Due to the despicable, cowardly conduct and advice of Adlai Stevenson,  Arthur Schlesinger, Dean Rusk, and the Gulf of Tonkin lying scumbag McNamara, Kennedy left at least 3ooo  unflinchingly courageous Cubans, high and dry.  I was raised in Hollywood, Florida, Broward County, from 1957 to 1988. I watched S. Florida demographic’s change, with the addition of the Haitian problem.  It has morphed from Dade County to Broward County, and now into Palm Beach County. The older Cubans are Pro USA, but still angry about the Bay of Pigs betrayal. The younger Cubans are more liberal than the old folks, but not as liberal as most young Americans. That said, S. Floridians who have endured their region being overrun with Cubans (and Haitians), benefiting from an exceptional display of AMERICAN humanitarian compassion, (as well as taxpayer booty) are now confronted and bamboozled by a typical, historically short-memoried political load, who supports ILLEGAL immigration, who has turned his back on the very principles of the country that saved his family’s bacon. All for his cowardly, limp-writed ambition. I say to Marco Boobio, you’re a disgrace to 2506, and even more, you suck as an American. Put that in your Cuban cigar, and smoke it!
     Geez, a Romney/Rubio ticket…is there enough vaseline for all of us to apply come November?

  • Rational_Liberal

    Yes, it you are stopped while driving but not if you are walking down the street.

    • Lou

      If you are just walking down the street, you wouldn’t need to carry an ID if you’re not doing anything illegal.. The police won’t stop you just to ask for an ID.. Do you get that yet ?

    • And you call yourself “rational?” You need to stop with the “police state” hysterics. Nobody is being stopped while walking down the street because of how they look. I challenge you to show me ANY law, which gives police the authority to stop someone while walking down the street because of how they look. This is the same argument the open-border zealots liked to tout in their opposition to SB1070.

      I will be waiting….

  • SarahConnor

    I would love to see Romney pick Rand Paul.

    • Lou

       Never going to happen, Too risque..  Romney won’t even call Obama a Socialist, even though EVERYONE and their mothers knows he is..

  • The GOP Vice Presidential Short Bus List

    What more does the GOP have to do to convince White men that is has thrown us away?


    • Impertinent

      Promote the T Party to a viable political 3rd party alternative?

      • Anon12

        You mean the Tea Party of today?  They are anything but pro-White.  They have helped sell us down the river with their support of Allen West and Herman Cain. They are your typical White sell outs.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The Arizona law does not authorize stopping someone and asking for their papers based on how they look. In fact, the wording as I understand it, makes it clear that such a scenario is prohibited. Law enforcement officers are allowed to inquire about someone’s legal status based on a lawful or probable cause stop or in connection with a crime. It’s as simple as that and any comparison to Nazi Germany is unfounded.
    With all due respect, Mexicans are our problem. Yes, it is thuggish Black people and Whites who emulate them that constitutes much of the problems in our country. But it would be naive to exclude the Mexicans since they bring a host of their own unique issues and problems as well. Simply look at today’s Los Angeles and tell me that Mexicans are not a problem (e.g., gangs, graffiti, crime and drug wars). Think of how much nicer, cleaner and less crime-ridden Los Angeles would have been had our country not allowed a mass of Mexican Aztecs to invade it.  

  • Rubio is flat wrong on immigration, as are so many politicians.  When will the pandering stop and reality set in?

  • I hope this lays to rest, rubio’s ‘Americanism’ for all those who believe this hispanic is actually for America and Americans.

    legal status vs. citizenship.  There is No Difference.  Legal status grants the alien to everything a Citizen gets.  It’s Amnesty plain and simple.

  • anmpr1

     No.  It is just one more reason for whites to abandon the Republican party.  Do you think that Mitt will be anything more than Bush No. 3?

    • WStryker

      Yes I think he will actually be a good pick.  While I don’t care for the Mormon religion I’ve never met one who didn’t have real character.

      • Anonymous

        Do you like our soldiers going off to die for global interests and bankers?  Do you like the fact white republicans ignore us, increase the size of government and pander to nonwhites?

  • Lou

    Blood is thicker than water .. No doubt about it…
    Doesn’t matter who it is, everyone wants to save their own race and ALL are welcome to.. Well, all,  except for whites, that is… If we even mention our race we’re subject to criticism …  La Raza  = Good .. White pride of any sort = BAD !!  The sad part is most of us just sit back and take it , and others are right along with the other side, voting for white genocide with out even knowing it ..

    • Impertinent

      Yea…reminds me of what hell we’d have to pay if we countered Obama’s “African Americans ( hyphenated of course ) for Obama” Political Pac…with White Anglo’s for Romney or against Obama.

  • Lou

     Correct , because if you do, you’re likely to end up with the likes of an  Allen West .. You know , that republican congressman that joined the CBC ??  Yeah him.. Wonder WHY he joined ?? Well, it’s simple ..It’s because he’s black and for no other reason… Hmmm , wonder who he voted for in the 2008 presidential elections,  hhmm, who could that be ??

    • Anonymous

      A white liberal is a white at their core.  A black conservative is a black at their core.  White liberals think in terms of race, even if they don’t say it out loud, even if their ‘liberalism’ gets them a free pass to make racial remarks (like Bill Maher, Joe Biden, etc), even if they preach diversity but live in a nice white neighborhood (like Tim Wise and Michael Moore, ie).  A black conservative and a black race hustler have the same goals in common: they want to take money from the white community.  They just disagree on how to go about doing it. 

  • Lou

    BINGO… I’m really surprised that this wasn’t the first reply to rational liberal from someone else.. I guess there are many on here that don’t know what the law is ,and what can and can’t  be done by the police with it..
    By the way , He calls himself a ” Civil Libertarian ” do you really think he cares if Mexicans are colonizing our country.. He likes it, thinks diversity is America’s strongest point… After all, to him we are the melting pot. I feel sorry for people like him… He really does sound intelligent but only in his writing the English language intelligent..

  • We have very few Hispanics in a position of leadership, supporting common sense measures like SB1070 in order to bring to a halt the Hispanic invasion of our country.
    Rubio is another open borders Hispanic, bit a bit coyer in his support of reconquista.  He has flopped all over the place regarding SB1070. We have 20-30 million illegal invading Hispanics in this country, whi9ch should be enough to cause revolt in this country. In my opinion, anyone who opposes measures to combat this invasion belongs nowhere near a position of leadership in this country. Of course, we cannot even get these traitors to admit we are under siege from Mexico via their illegal invading peasantry.

  • So much for the Great Hispanic Hope of the Tea Party.

  • ed91


    I feel no guilt for Cuba nor responsibility…

    Cubans don’t have to come here and advocate for our open borders.

  • ed91

     don’t confuse hispanics with indians from mexico/central america———
    hispanics in a strict or basic sense would be from the Iberian peninsula which is Spain.

    • IstvanIN

      Language evolves and the term Hispanic now means a person of Latin American decent.

  • jeffaral

    Rubio is one the the godfathers of the Miami cuban Mafia, and ardently pro-Israel.   

  • hyperborean_genesis
  • Hirene

    He is in the wrong party.