Edmonton Anti-Racism Centre Loses $500,000 in Federal Funding

Juliana Cummins, Edmonton Journal, April 16, 2012

An Edmonton organization that promotes racial harmony and education is facing a massive budget cut after Citizenship and Immigration Canada notified the group they will no longer receive funding from the federal department.

“We’re still here. We’re not going away. We’ll just have far less capacity,” said Charlene Hay, executive director of the Centre for Race and Culture.

Last week, Hay was informed by the organization’s contact at Citizenship and Immigration Canada that their funding would be cut. The Edmonton-based centre is dedicated to programming, research and education that addresses racism and discrimination.

The money from Citizenship and Immigration made up about half the total funding the centre receives in any given year. For the past few years, the centre received roughly $500,000 annually from the federal department, Hay said.

“It was something that we expected would be renewed again,” Hay said.

At least in the short-term, Hay said she will have to look at eliminating some programs and cut about half of the centre’s 14 staff positions.

The centre has decided to eliminate its Peace Ambassadors program, in which volunteers learn about issues of race and discrimination, then give educational presentations to schools and other groups. The Keshotu Leadership Academy, a leadership and performance arts program aimed at African-Canadian youth, is also on the chopping block.

“They were really needed and wanted by the community,” Hay said of the now-defunct programs.

Citizenship and Immigration will not pay for any of the group’s costs accrued after March 31 until a new funding proposal from the centre is approved, said spokesman Jack Branswell in an email. A recent proposal submitted by the Centre for Race and Culture “lacked sufficient detail to prepare a new agreement,” Branswell wrote.

“Given continuing competition for limited funds, CIC seeks to ensure that requests for funding are strong, provide good value for money and address the needs of newcomers,” Branswell wrote.

Shana Stafiej, 25, was a volunteer with the Peace Ambassadors program for about two years. She joined soon after she started a masters of special education degree at the University of Alberta. Stafiej said she has experienced discrimination as a Muslim, and she was happy to find a volunteer program that gave her an opportunity to educate others about issues of racism and stereotyping.

“For both schools and students—they are going to lose this indispensable resource,” Stafiej said.

Stafiej and the other Peace Ambassadors were told of the elimination of the program at a recent meeting. With the end of the program, Stafiej said it’s unfortunate that some of the younger volunteers only had a short experience as an ambassador.

“It’s frustrating that they were not able to get to the point where I was,” Stafiej said.

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  • NYB

    30 years ago, Canada, like the United States, began an aggressive policy of bringing in  millions of Third World immigrants to kick-start domestic consumption.

    In addition to a surge of property development, it got a growing industry of social workers looking for tax-funded employment.

  • neanderthalDNA

    “Shana Stafiej, 25, was a volunteer with the Peace Ambassadors program for about two years. She joined soon after she started a masters of special education degree at the University of Alberta. Stafiej said she has experienced discrimination as a Muslim, and she was happy to find a volunteer program that gave her an opportunity to educate others about issues of racism and stereotyping.”

    So why not find a nice Muslim country where she will be discriminated against as a woman rather than as a Muslim?

    What a crock of duckspeaky vomit. 

  • Rocky Bass

    Could Canada be wising up?

    • Ao

      The Conservative Party, as far as I can tell, doesn’t care for these kinds of people. It definitely isn’t a pro-White party but it has been reducing some of the madness of the previous governments now that it has a majority.

      It’s not much but at least we have changed direction somewhat.

      My vote went and will continue to go to the Conservative party merely because they are the less evil of the three main parties (Liberal, NDP (socialists), and Conservative).

    • Ryan

       Not entirely, it’s just that this is the beginning of the end of leftist diversity simply because it wasn’t financially sound to begin with.

      Think Greece for the rest of the west by another generation, and that’s our future.

  • Kate

    Good for Canada 

  • kjh64

    ” Stafiej said she has experienced discrimination as a Muslim,”

    Then perhaps she should go back to her own country. Would White christians, atheists , non-muslims etc. experience “discrimination” in muslim nations? You betcha. Why should Whites want muslims in their country or put them on equal footing when muslims certainly don’t do the same for non-muslims. 

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  Anytime you hear a nonwhite or nonChristian whine about how mean we are to them, reseach how they treat others when they are the majority, and there’s your answer about how they will treat others not like them here.

  • ELN

    To give readers a wider perspective on this Edmonton, Alberta story, and to see exactly how this foreign-clad organization used Canadian tax-payer’s monies against them, read this:

    Canadian City Abhors “White Privileges”
    <a href="http://elliotlakenews.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/canadian-city-abhors-white-privilege/"Canadian City Abhors "White Privilege"

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    He used the code word “indispensible,” which makes us suspect he has close ties to the ADL. He’s probably getting a scolding from Abe Foxman right now for leaving out the other mantra word

    We are shocked that a Western government would dare cut funding to such an institutionalized hate Whitey opportunity as this anti-racist centre provided. The only explanation is that the budget folks must have set up their own foundation that will hire their families, and the money went there instead.

    Elites may like what you do, but if you can’t figure a way to cut them in on the vig, you’ll be cut.

    • Anon12

       Don’t worry.  A speedy gram is on it’s way via George Soros and Bill Gates.

  • whitecracker

    Wake up people. Even if you are a person who “Does not have a racist bone in my body”, tell us how we can afford this nonsense?

    What is the end game? When will we have spent enough on these failed endeavors? What are you willing to sacrifice to pay for these programs – your publicly paid for health care, retirement, social security? 

    • Anonymous

      The people who want us dead and make a living insulting us don’t care if we have a ‘racist bone’ in our body and they view it as a sign of weakness that we feel obliged to explain ourselves.  I had a black female call me a racist for speaking out against the New Black Panthers.  I’ve had this issue with blacks before when I point out black on white crime.  Most always want to know what the white person said instead of showing outrage at the violence.  Because of that, I was so annoyed at her that I said, “I am not even going to dignify you with a response.”

  • Wow, 7 whole leftoids forced to seek real work.  Truly, a holocaust.

    Shana Stafiej should consider moving to a majority-Muslim country.  Then her life would be much better.

  • No

    It used to be that the Brits could count on Canadians to go kill fellow whites during the World Wars but I’m not even sure they have enough moxie left to even do that.

    Something went drastically wrong up there.    It’s like someone let the air out of their penis pumps.

    Canadians have never been the most manliest of white men.  Many are part French.  They sang kum-ba-ya with their indians while we were turning them in Good indians and they’ve always had a Dudley Do-Right attitude towards minorities and draft dodgers.

    I don’t know how Edmonton’s aboroginals and “visible minorities”  will survive without Peace Ambassadors and the Keshotu Leadership Academy.  Those sound extremely essential  to modern Canadian life.

    Perhaps, First Citizen of the World Obama has thought about helping Edmonton out.  Maybe Moochelle will take a trip up there to run a fund-raiser.  Take lots of Secret Service and boost the underground economy . . . that sort of thing.

    We here could take up a donation, but better to wait.

    Let’s wait until Canadian liberals start promoting racial harmony between polar bears and baby seals.

    That should at least be entertaining.

    • Anon12

       Seems to me like the French and the English have always been girly men. Anyway, that is what they always remind me of.  Remember how they used to say the French men were the greatest “lovers”?  I never could imagine them being much of anything.  The same with the French women. I know they used to never shave their legs nor their underarms… how manly of them. Maybe it is the French women who are the manly men…

      • Anonymous

        French and English men ‘girly men’?  Um, you do realize these are the same men who colonized the world and tried to take over the US twice? 

    • Rhondda Wilson

       Men in Canada do not need penis pumps, I assure you. A few years ago I tried to promote a huge wall along the 49th parallel to keep the American degeneracy out.  Didn’t go over.  Then I wanted to deport all Americans.  Didn’t go over. Oh well.  Do not underestimate Canada.   We are more Nordic than you guys and besides we burnt down your white house in the early days. We know how to survive. We just move indirectly, not like Americans who strut and pontificate. If you want white allies, you should figure out just who your enemy is. 

      • AmericaFirst

         I love hearing about how “the Canadians” burnt down the White House.  First of all, there was no independent Canada, just a British North America in 1812-15.  And it was BRITISH troops that invaded the U.S., not a “Canadian” army, there being no such thing at the time.  By the way, who has been defending Canada since WWII?  The Canadian Defense Forces number (total) less than 70,000 members, less than twice the number of police in NYC.  Canada could not defend itself against any kind of invasion, and does not need to, as it relies on us.  So quit bending the facts and the truth by bringing up something that was effected 200 years ago by people who went back across the pond in any event.

        Oh, and as being “more Nordic than” us (U.S.),  I am glad we don’t have the problems of the Scandinavian countries, whose leadership has, even more than ours, allowed wholesale African and muslim immigration to transform their cities into unliveable hell-holes.  (We do have enough of  our own problems, but I would not look at the “Nordics” as beneficial examples.)

      •  One problem.

        This very site on which you posted would be an illegal “hate crime” in Canada.  Note even the most conservative head of state the Canadian body politic could produce, Stephen Harper, wants to do away with the laws that make it so.

  • The__Bobster

    I thought there was never a price too high to pay for diversity.


    UC Berkeley’s Plans for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity, Diversity Journal, MAY 4, 2011, by Gibor Basri, Vice Chancellor for Equity & Inclusion UC Berkeley

    My 30 years as a professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, has given me a comprehensive perspective about the needs and desires of the students, faculty, and staff on this campus. With shifts in state policies and economic challenges over the past few decades, I have shared mounting concerns about the ability of this university to continue to reflect the rich diversity of California and the nation. In 2007, Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau, with the support of campus leadership, launched an entirely new division—the Division of Equity & Inclusion—to address these concerns as never before.

    Dr. Gibor Basri is the vice chancellor for equity and inclusion at the University of California, Berkeley, overseeing a staff of approximately 150 and a $17-million budget. His responsibilities include working with faculty, staff, and students on strategic planning and fundraising for UC Berkeley’s Initiative for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity and to carry out other key programs. An expert in “brown dwarves,” stars that cool down to planetary temperatures, Basri is an astrophysicist, who has taught at Berkeley for 25 years.

  • Perhaps they should do their own fund raising from the public and see who WANTS to support them..  

    Instead of parasitizing taxpayers.   I’m sure the response would show them where they stand.

  • Seek

    Canada deserves praise, however guarded.  Up in Great White North, you really can be arrested on “hate crime” charges if you write for AmRen.  

    • Anonymous

      Even though Gandhi wasn’t white and defied the British occupation of India, I think whites could learn from him.  He realized what mattered to the Brits and didn’t do it, like using his own salt or refusing to work and get enough Indians to follow his lead.  He said, “It’s better to be ruled by your own government and fail than it is to be ruled by a foreign government.”  I also get strength when Gandhi said that dictators and despots fail all the time, even though you think they are invincible at the time.  This rings true here with race hustlers, black panthers, illegals sponging off us, blacks sponging off of us, liberals silencing us, etc.  They will get their commupence and I want to be there to laugh in their not-too-bright faces!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, they need our tax dollars to make a living call us racists and blaspheming our culture every step of the way.  How else can they earn a living, huh?

  • ageofknowledge

    Maybe they should change their mission to anti-illegal immigration.

  • ELN

    Good points, Beaver. 

    We are of White European stock, and those who try to divide us by invoking the 49th parallel, do deserve a reprimand. 

    Remaining on the the topic of Europe, or what’s becoming less of it, Irish Savant has a post on snow-white Finland that may prove a disappointment.

    Check it out HERE