Tiny Gene Change Affects Brain Size, IQ: Scientists

Mariette le Roux, Google News, April 15, 2012

An international team of scientists said Sunday the largest brain study of its kind had found a gene linked to intelligence, a small piece in the puzzle as to why some people are smarter than others.

A variant of this gene “can tilt the scales in favour of a higher intelligence”, study leader Paul Thompson told AFP, stressing though that genetic blessings were not the only factor in brainpower.

Searching for a genetic explanation for brain disease, the scientists stumbled upon a minute variant in a gene called HMGA2 among people who had larger brains and scored higher on standardised IQ tests.

Thompson dubbed it “an intelligence gene” and said it was likely that many more such genes were yet to be discovered.


“It is a strange result, you wouldn’t think that something as simple as one small change in the genetic code could explain differences in intelligence worldwide,” said Thompson, a neurologist at the University of California at Los Angeles.

The discovery came in a study of brain scans and DNA samples from more than 20,000 people from North America, Europe and Australia, of European ancestry.

People who received two Cs from their parents, a quarter of the population, scored on average 1.3 points higher than the next group—half of the population with only one C in this section of the gene.

The last quarter of people, with no Cs, scored another 1.3 points lower.

“The effect is small,” said Thompson, but “would be noticeable on a (IQ) test . . . (it) may mean you get a couple more questions correct.


The research, published in Nature Genetics, was conducted by more than 200 scientists from 100 institutions worldwide, working together on a project called Enigma.

Thompson said other studies have implicated some genes in IQ, but this was the first to link a common gene to brain size.

The team found that every T in place of a C represented a 0.6 percent smaller brain—equal to more than a year’s worth of brain loss through the normal ageing process.


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  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Is this the “dangerous discovery” they predicted, or will it be when they “tragically discover” that the afrovoodoo full blooded Diversity Sons of Obama “sadly lack” this IQ gene?

    Bet on the latter.

    AmRen is setting itself up for a big disappointment if it thinks that IQ differences will ever amount to a “return to sanity” or a policy change or a rallying cry for White Humanity’s return to power. Just look at what happened in the Stell v. Savannah-Chatham for the precursor. The segregation lawyers introduced brain size differences into proof, the black lawyers started to cry, the Federal judge in Atlanta sent word down that he didn’t want any biology evidence in the record, and afrovoodoo Diversity integration steam rolled the Georgia coast.

    Same with genes and IQ. It just doesn’t matter, because science in the service of racist hate will not be allowed to stand in the way of real change and social progress.

    “As long as dose Whiteys whi’dat Whitey IQ gene still have deys raciss Whitey privilege all up ‘en heeah, we’s got da right to attack deys Whitey daughters in da name uv Trayvon all up ‘en heeah, sho’ nuf, dat’s right!”

    If all science agrees that race is just as you say it is and if they elevate Carlton Putnam to sainthood, our problems will only get worse and faster. We’re past the tipping point, and from now on, it’s not who has facts on their side and argues the best, but who either runs fastest or has the most fortified bunker.

    Running is the best option, because all bunkers eventually fall to a siege. There is no cavalry coming to our rescue. Vengeance may be our only joy at this point. If you aren’t invested in hate, you have nothing…

    “Before the Knoxville Horror, I wasn’t a racist.”

    Diversity is a vile hate crime against God’s kingdom plan for our White privilege and violates White Humanity’s ordained destiny.

    “As bad as slavery, Jim Crow, and lynching were, the integration, civil rights and Diversity are worse.”

    -Rev. Jim DeValleyism, “How Hinton Rowan Helper Taught the White South to Love Abolition,” 1994

  • Rocky Bass

    I don’t usually like “country” but I found this guy inspirational.

  • JohnEngelman

    This is the first IQ gene, but there will be many to follow. In the fairly near future it will be possible to estimate a person’s IQ from a DNA test on a tissue sample. 

    • Rocky Bass

       That would be an absolute certainty as computers are really good at weighting large numbers of elements precisely. Once a large enough data set is available, BANG, DNA based tests for everything IQ included.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        Local Tech is inventing a nuclear clock. The scientists interviewed on TV aren’t negroid Diversity! I deem that as racist science. I demand an apology from the TV station that put on such a shameful report. They missed an opportunity to reflect favorably on the community of color.  We will boycott the sponsors and advertisers until the entire White newsroom staff is apologizes and is fired and banned from further work in media.

        • Funny! Where’d you get the picture?

        • The__Bobster

          I imagine that a nuclear clock invented by an Afrovoodoo would be an alarm clock strapped to an atomic bomb.

    • acronymous

       How would you be able to tell from a DNA test whether or not they’d suffered one concussion too many on the football field? There are other things that factor into intelligence than heredity.

      • anonymous_amren

        You CAN tell, because only people with certain genes participate in violent dangerous sports.

        It works with other environmental factors too. Africans, and only Africans, are 15 IQ points stupider than their genes would suggest. That’s due to environmental reasons. But no other race creates environments that are so disfunctional. So you can look at their genes to tell whether they are affected by that environmental factor.

        • The__Bobster

          Since we haven’t yet mapped the intelligence genes, you have no way of knowing this. While it’s true that Africans score 15 points lower than our Bantus, they also don’t have 16-22% White admixture. A better diet and environment can only do so much.

    • Fritz Knobel

      Not quite. DNA test would tell you what upper bound the person may reach under optimal conditions. And so you can also tell if what potential was wasted if you compare the result with the IQ the person really scores.

  • WAIT A MINUTE,  I thought the ONLY thing that can be genetic is homosexuality?

  • they don’t dare study the differences between White and black brains, the results would be socially devastating and give a justification for Racism (more so than what we have now)

  • I presume we all know why the study was only of European-descended people. The top-lofty scientists doing it were afraid what they’d find if they included Africans and Aborigines in it. Can’t give any ammunition to those “Intelligence is genetic” racists, can we?

    It’s fascinating to wonder whether these learned scientists thought no one would notice their not-so-clever little omission. They probably did, if they’re like most of those who live “in academe,” who view the rest of us as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. The White people among us, that is.

  • Impertinent

    If the black leadership were to preach a more balanced message of both monitoring race-based discrimination while addressing more vigorously endemic pathologies in the inner cities (such as illegitimacy, absentee fatherhood, drug use, crime, violence, misogyny, and anti-intellectualism), most racism would eventually disappear—as black crime rates, graduation rates, or illegitimacy rates matched those of the general public.
    The phenomenal success of Asians, Punjabis, Armenians, Arabs, Latin Americans, and other supposedly non Anglo-Saxon groups is proof that the majority culture holds no one back on the basis of skin color.

    And so race relations have gotten only worse—as Barack Obama and Eric Holder well know. They do not seem to care or feel there is advantage to be had in the new polarity.

    • The__Bobster

      The phenomenal success of Asians, Punjabis, Armenians, Arabs, Latin Americans, and other supposedly non Anglo-Saxon groups is proof that the majority culture holds no one back on the basis of skin color.

      What “phenomenal success” have Latrinos had? Do  more than a handful have patents for their work? And I’m including all of them, even the ones south of our border.


      Putnam ignores the obvious difference between elite immigration by, say, Enrico Fermi and Alfred Hitchcock compared to illegal immigration. In contrast, the almost thirty million residents of America of Mexican origin have contributed remarkably little creativity to American culture and science. For example, although Mexicans are by far the biggest immigrant group, they don’t even rank among the top 20 immigrant groups in the U.S. in terms of patents awarded.

      • Impertinent

        Well they’ve pushed aside blacks in the job market. Someone has to pick the crops, dump the garbage and clean up hotel rooms. In that area they’ve succeeded in making blacks…an Irrelevant and insignificant “minority”.

  • Rocky Bass

    Sorry, since you did not reply to me I just now noticed your “reply” to me. What was it I said that  you take issue with? I stated that once enough samples of DNA, that have been correlated to all traits one would want to measure, DNA testing can determine everything “genetic”.  Please read the Twin studies to see that IQ is EXTREMELY heritable. Identical twins separated at birth have IQ’s most closely matching their biological parents REGARDLESS of upbringing. And this increases with age into adulthood.
    The DNA testing and the scheme by which it’s being implemented is just rout logic. The sample size will improve accuracy over time of course, as each contributing factor’s weight is determined. VERY DOABLE.
    Here appears to be a link to the Twin IQ studies I mentioned

  • Rocky Bass

    “Phew. Good thing it’s African populations that have the highest
    frequencies of allele C, else the media and public would immediately
    decry this kind of research.”

    Yes and it would appear as though their commentors are VERY aware of the politics of race as well.

  • anonymous_amren

    Native Born White American Engineers and Computer Programmers are, on average, a lot smarter and more rational than you are. So their reaction would be “That Jared Taylor talks a lot of sense, and seems like a calm and rational fellow. That Jupiter7 guy on the other hand, seems a bit unstable.”

    • The possibility that Asians are genetically  superior in math and computer science would be all the more reason to STOP those suckers from coming here.

      • MikeofAges

        If nothing else, that’s certainly a reason to focus efforts to bring more people into STEM (Science, Technonlogy, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects on the entirety of the original (pre-1970) North American population. Not just black, native and mestizo but white as well. If you can increase the number of black, native and mestizo scientists and engineers, you surely will increase the number of whites even more.

        Well, maybe somebody doesn’t want that to happen. Can that really be?

      • Detroit_WASP

        No, actually we need more smart people, no matter what color they are.

  • anonymous_amren

    “Why only those of European descent?”

    Because the test wouldn’t work otherwise! If you did the test on all
    races, you would find (incorrectly) that the skin-colour gene causes
    intelligence, and so does the bone-density gene, and the
    lactose-tolerance gene, etc. In other words, you would find lots of
    false positives caused by genes that occur together in some intelligent races.

    Also, genes don’t do anything by themselves. They only work when in
    combination with the right other genes. And different races have
    different other genes. It’s entirely possible that having 2 Cs in that
    position for a white person would cause high intelligence, but in an
    African would have no effect, or the opposite effect. Genetic
    researchers know race is real, even while some pretend it isn’t, so they
    know hunting one gene at a time wouldn’t work across races.

    If you look at 23andme, they show your DNA results for SNPs like this,
    and next to it they say which races they have been shown to apply to,
    because they know it might not have the same effect in every race.

    So it’s not because of political correctness, it’s because the reality of large genetic differences between races stops the gene search from working across racial divides.

    • The__Bobster

      Correlation is not necessarily causation, except for warmers.

    • neanderthalDNA

      Really?  Well…

      Cool.  Learn something new every day!  Thanks for the insight.  Makes sense to me.

  • anonymous_amren

    “9.   Razib Khan Says:

    April 16th, 2012 at 6:15 pm
    re: IQ. after 24 hours i would go “short” on this being a true positive. got some information which suggests this is probably not going to replicate.
    The biggest concern in my view in this study would be that a
    merely ancestry informative marker with neutral effect on intelligence
    is picking up of intelligence differences attributable to histories of
    well, as i said, the authors are not stupid :=) the samples were european.

  • JohnEngelman

    If one feels something strongly it is easy to over estimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion. 
    You have posted here long enough to know that what you call “the race-replacement issue” is only one of several issues of concern to American Renaissance writers and those who post comments. 
    During the 1960s and 1970s the United States made a number of mistakes premised on the assumption that genetics is irrelevant to the human condition. It is still somewhat dangerous to question this assumption, but it is important.
    In his essay “The Inequality Taboo” Charles Murray wrote:
    Good social policy can be based on premises that have nothing to do with scientific truth. The premise that is supposed to undergird all of our social policy, the founders’ assertion of an unalienable right to liberty, is not a falsifiable hypothesis. But specific policies based on premises that conflict with scientific truths about human beings tend not to work. Often they do harm.One such premise is that the distribution of innate abilities and propensities is the same across different groups. The statistical tests for uncovering job discrimination assume that men are not innately different from women, blacks from whites, older people from younger people, homosexuals from heterosexuals, Latinos from Anglos, in ways that can legitimately affect employment decisions. Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 assumes that women are no different from men in their attraction to sports. Affirmative action in all its forms assumes there are no innate differences between any of the groups it seeks to help and everyone else. The assumption of no innate differences among groups suffuses American social policy. That assumption is wrong.http://www.bible-researcher.com/murray1.html 

  • JohnEngelman

    The validity of IQ tests in predicting good outcomes in life has been established beyond the shadow of a reasonable doubt. So has been the importance of good genes in a high IQ. IQ scores are fairly stable throughout life. It is virtually impossible to significantly increase an IQ score. 

    • MikeofAges

       So much beyond doubt that those with high IQs have to be materially prevented from starting and pursuing their educations and careers in order to make this fact not prevail.

  • Rocky Bass

     On the being anti-race replacement, I could not agree more. As for the Asian vs. European engineers, I work with both. Strange thing I have seen, is that formulas I am given to turn into code, and control processes, track better with less “fudge factoring” being required when a European engineer gives me the numbers. I have had a couple bad experiences with an Indian engineer, and as such take extra precautions when starting up equipment he is involved with.    

  • gemjunior

    If you’re talking about who I think you are talking about, Americas is already delivered to their cause and it’s almost impossible to pry their tentacles loose, because they’ve done a pretty thorough job.  I guess that extra 15% has also served them well……. So how much more can they want that they also have to BLEND us with people we don’t want anything to do with?  They already own the government all three tiers bought and paid for, they own the communications industry both the entertainment part that SETS agendas and trends for the sheeple as well as the “serious” (LOL LOL LOL) national enquirer part that tells us the exact opposite of what truly is in the world and of course the BANKS.  What else could they want?  Oh, of course, our lives and our souls.  If we can get away from these ones we’re halfway there.  Almost all the way truthfully.


    No, it is not nonsense.  The phenotypic exprtession of a particular allele depends, in part, on other alleles.  If the other alleles are absent, then the particular allele will have a different ultimate effect on the phenotype.   It is sort of like pouring disel in to a gas engine vs. a disel engine.   The car only runs correctly if the correct fuel in present — if all parts (alleles) match.

  •  That’s a really good animation. I’ve linked to it on my blog. Thanks!

  • They seem to have been particularly successful brainwashing ME. I cant stand country. Fortunately their efforts to get me to abandon the Beatles,Stones,Doors et al for the likes of Kanye,Jay-Z,(The presidents favorite,btw) and Beyonce have fallen short!

  • 20670

    Jupiter7                      They would be outraged if Jared Taylor did that, and would question whose side he is really on.

    And you know whose side JT is really on, huh? 

    I never really thought he was on a *side* which is the reason I find more truth in *his* thoughts than most others.

    IQ is so over-rated (sign) …but the tests and research can be most helpful in formulating one’s beliefs, though the data can always be manipulated.

    • JohnEngelman

      What matters is not whose “side” someone is on, but whether or not the person’s opinions and arguments are based on facts and logical reasoning, or emotion. 

  • The__Bobster

    No.  He edited out one key word that changed the meaning in some people’s eyes: the word “in”. He believed that we were all equal in the eyes of the law, not that we were all equal.

  • No

    I am starting to “see” a future for us that will be very different from what we all expect.

    Let’s say we are able to define more and more of what makes a white man love poetry and makes a black man love watermelon.  Now let’s say we’re able to manipulate that.

    Will we have extremely black people with gorilla noses and 150 IQ?   Will two black parent be able to give birth to a blond-haired, blue-eyed nordic who loves fried chicken as much as they do?  Will a Hollywood couple birth children from different races just to have one of each?

    Since blonde-haired, blue-eyed people APPEAR to be prized over all others . . . is it possible that the world will one day be Aryan . . . well, at least those who can afford it . . . ?

    • Rocky Bass

       That’s an interesting take. I see a blade-runner type dystopian future I am afraid.
      Maybe you are correct, I still would not like the world your hypothesis brings.

    • Kurt Plummer

      Will two black parent be able to give birth to a blond-haired, blue-eyed nordic who loves fried chicken as much as they do?
      Blacks like bedding whites because it’s a massive social put down as well as aesthetics issue.
      But they are not so stupid as to think they will create one.
      They -know- (I’ve heard the discussions) that what is ‘improving the race’ for their own is also destroying ours, every time a white woman conceives a black’s child, because she is effectively excluded from our society and her genes never reenter it.  As Mohammed Ali once said: “There is nothing wrong with wanting your kids to look like you.”  And a mocca black is still a black to a black.  And everyone else.
      To create something else through the miracle of exogenic genomics, would be to admit that they were on the wrong track, all along.  Blacks will never do this.  It would implode their egoes.
       I see a future world wherein America is Balkanized because those who are too large or too small to achieve by merit what whites have, seek instead to sabotage those who have the ethnic homogenity and low population densities.  Importing breeder populations whose sole skill is to recreate their own homelands: overrun and exploited to saturation.
      That said, in this world of small white communiteis, living as say the Parsi in India do, ‘to serve a greater world’ of ignorant foolish populations, the ability to fix traits of IQ and beauty (see ‘Terman’s Termites’ a 1921 longitudinal study of high IQ blondes in California which saw that ‘good genes’ often meant that ALL factors came together: as social adjustment accompanied physical pulchritude and decent IQ, i.e. there were no ‘nerds’ once you got it right…) could be critical to maintaining islanded populations away from the glowering hordes.
      Put another way: I doubt if whites will -ever- really get along with the childish affected attitudes of blacks once they reach an age where the realization of how hard life is, without the complications of attitude.  If you give blacks a high oxytocin milk (+5 points) and the benefits of genetic research in small haplotype gains like this one, you can start to push them off on their own.  As they are no longer a function 87 IQ but something closer to a 93.
      Blacks seem to have this studied belief which they expound at every opportunity (I’m stuck living in a majority ethnic environment so I know whereof I speak) that ‘we need each other’ because, apparently, whites are too nerdy to live on their own.
      The reality is that they delude themselves as to how EVERY other race despises being around them.  And their ‘takeover’ of any environment they are in amounts to defensive clustering of their presence.  As an explicit denial of that unpleasant effects of constant stiffarming.
      Push them into a higher IQ bracket, one that is competitive with say, Hispanics, and you will take away that childlike ability to deny the obvious.  And force them to hunker down and become a breed apart.  Because it hurts more, when you are rejected.  And know how as
      This simple act alone, would be a _major_ achievement for whites.  Because it would effectively be pushing blacks towards self sufficiency in both the mechanics (percentage population with IQs over 120 an fit for college education) and philosophy (don’t force yourself on those who don’t want you around, you degrade your own soul by pretending their acceptance matters) of a separate existence.
      At the same time, I believe whites REALLY need the help to take the next step beyond our own group-think towards objective rational cognitive social values.  So it helps everyone stop being manipulated by the Universalist/Globalist elites.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I have long believed that there is an innovation gene. While Asian score higher on IQ tests, white males seem to bring home the beacon on inventing things.  

    Imagine what this world would be like if you took away all the inventions and discoveries of white males.   No computers, electricity, cars, planes,  central heating, rockets, planes,  and air conditioning, most antibiotics. 

    • Kurt Plummer

      Detroit WASP,

      Imagine what this world would be like if you took away all the inventions and discoveries of white males.
      In an effeminized world where there is no acknowledgement of racial heritage because it would be obvious where that pointed for both gender and race, the phrase ‘What have you done for us lately’ is all that would be considered applicable.
      As these inventions are already with us, so are they considered ‘natural parts of the environment’ whose social cognizance can never be lost.
      And, in some ways, with automated information storage systems, this is true.  But the numeric controlled machine tools which automan run off those CATIA driven files are another matter.
      As such, what we need to instead emphasize is that whites have innate traits which the rest of the world might -not- want to grab hold of.  Such as low fertility and excellent population control.
      Take away the right to breed like rats and you have a major inhibitor to social adjustment to our way of life.  Not least because many of the races which come here in fact have -more- kids than they do at home.
      Hispanics: 2.4 at home.  Here: 3.2.
      Make the world a merit driven environment where the simplest ‘first step’ to gaining access to our technology is mandatory sterilization for two generations after the first child and you would hear -such- a hollerin’ and a wailin’ from China, India, Central and South America and of course Africa.
      But it would instantly inform them of the realities of living in a white originated social landscape (the ‘first world’ lifestyle they all so desperately want) and this would be a good thing.
      That instead of making this a ‘free if you obey the rules’ construct, the forces that be are bent on -importing- the third world to the first, is what makes it obvious that this is not a global social evolution.  But an active genocidal attempt to slaughter one racial group without improving the lives of the others at all.
      THAT is what should worry all of us.  But as usual, only the whites on the top of the IQ and standard of living ladder see the threat for what it is.  The racing locusts swarming up beneath only see another Oklahoma Land Grab in progress.

    • Fritz Knobel

      Well, there is an innovation gene: look for the COMT Val158Met allele.

  • Jupiter7


    Stop worrying about if there is a gene fo this ot that. For the battle we are waging it is completely irrelevant. We don’t need the approval of some pointed headed academic-they are not going to give it anyway-to  wage our revolt against race-repacement. Our racial gut feelings are all that matter…from this the obvious truth emerges.

  • Kurt Plummer


    But with every generation of new riders, the Caucasian population just produce riders who are “geniuses” with skills that are just impossible to define.
    So, one should not get too concerned with raw numbers, it is the undefinable, that which can only be seen after looking back on a period of history or looking back on a competitive session that shows who/what was truly great.

    I see a future where what makes whites superior at everything we set our minds to: the native conception that we _can_ do it.  Because we live in a world of comparitive luxury with good nutrition, education, strong social support and _acceptance_ of our cultural norm is being lost to us.

    Which is itself an admission of no small merit because it suggests that non-white cultures in fact -want- what we have.

    You want competition?  Fine.  EXPORT our standard of living.  You import the third world to our shores and we will lose what makes us great.  And the world will have nothing to envy or model itself upon.

    As for the assertion that ‘numbers are too raw’ to matter.  You are completely incorrect.  Jews do well -because- they have fixed their genotypes around a higher average population IQ of 112-116.  That’s 1 MSD above us.  And the R correlate for that with SES and overal achievement status is .72 according to Murray.

    What looks ‘nebulous’ is the certain reality that anyone who has not practiced thousands of years of inbreeding (i.e. sustaining mono-ethnicity through endogamous reproduction) cannot be sure that that level of wealth will _sustain_ through a second or a third generation.  When those ‘raw numbers’ you talk about show that their kids and grandkids end up somewhere between their own IQ and the population norm.

    Since it takes -generations- to build wealth what we ought to be doing for ourselves vs. what we in fact -are- doing is making ‘competition’ (Greenspan, a Jew, was the one who originally torpedoed American industry and R&D by suggesting we ‘over value’  engineers and set U.S. Corporate Policy on the road to outright refusing to look at the CVs of graduating American Engineers when H-1b was ‘so cheap’ an alternative.  Twenty years later, America’s failing STEM and exporting R&D status is the result of this active sabotage) so essential that we refuse to acknowledge that being white is what is important to conserving our genes for the -next- time that genius IQ rolls around the epigenetic sequence.

    i.e.  We should be protecting our breeding groups as bookmarks by -excluding- other, ‘competitive’ groups.  While actively, urgently, seeking out the SNP haplotypes that bring us closer to fixing our own IQ in the 125 range as an average.

    We don’t owe the world our way of life.  If we choose to give it to them anyway, it _must not_ be at the cost of losing the geographic separation which has allowed us to become our own Terrain Isolate breeding group.  What Darwin suggested was the first essential step to speciation into new forms.

    Something that makes me furious every time I look at Israel with her fences and her ‘can’t marry outside the endogroup and get citizenship’ conditions.  Because they are practicing eugenics at the very level Hitler did (in fact, Hitler’s policies were very popular among Jews in prewar Palestine) and _nobody is saying a word_ about their active ‘lebensraum’ campaign.

  • APaige

    Sounds like we found a leader.