Nigeria Tested by Rapid Rise in Population

Elisabeth Rosenthal, New York Times, April 14, 2012

In a quarter-century, at the rate Nigeria is growing, 300 million people—a population about as big as that of the present-day United States—will live in a country roughly the size of Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. In this commercial hub, where the area’s population has by some estimates nearly doubled over 15 years to 21 million, living standards for many are falling.

Lifelong residents like Peju Taofika and her three granddaughters inhabit a room in a typical apartment block known as a “Face Me, Face You” because whole families squeeze into 7-by-11-foot rooms along a narrow corridor. Up to 50 people share a kitchen, toilet and sink—though the pipes in the neighborhood often no longer carry water.

At Alapere Primary School, more than 100 students cram into most classrooms, two to a desk.

As graduates pour out of high schools and universities, Nigeria’s unemployment rate is nearly 50 percent for people in urban areas ages 15 to 24—driving crime and discontent.


Last October, the United Nations announced the global population had breached seven billion and would expand rapidly for decades, taxing natural resources if countries cannot better manage the growth.

Nearly all of the increase is in sub-Saharan Africa, where the population rise far outstrips economic expansion. Of the roughly 20 countries where women average more than five children, almost all are in the region.

Elsewhere in the developing world, in Asia and Latin America, fertility rates have fallen sharply in recent generations and now resemble those in the United States—just above two children per woman. {snip}


Across sub-Saharan Africa, alarmed governments have begun to act, often reversing longstanding policies that encouraged or accepted large families. Nigeria made contraceptives free last year, and officials are promoting smaller families as a key to economic salvation, holding up the financial gains in nations like Thailand as inspiration.

Nigeria, already the world’s sixth most populous nation with 167 million people, is a crucial test case, since its success or failure at bringing down birthrates will have outsize influence on the world’s population. {snip}


Internationally, the African population boom means more illegal immigration, already at a high, according to Frontex, the European border agency. There are up to 400,000 undocumented Africans in the United States.

Nigeria, like many sub-Saharan African countries, has experienced a slight decline in average fertility rates, to about 5.5 last year from 6.8 in 1975. {snip}


Statistics are stunning. Sub-Saharan Africa, which now accounts for 12 percent of the world’s population, will account for more than a third by 2100, by many projections.


The United Nations estimates that the global population will stabilize at 10 billion in 2100, assuming that declining birthrates will eventually yield a global average of 2.1 children per woman. {snip}


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  • Pastor Chucque Dupuis

    It is Western science and medicine that has made this possible. Are we insane?

    • Heinrich24

      In a manner…yes.

  • IstvanIN

    They won’t all be in Africa.  NJ is a hot destination for Nigerians with the state giving them high paying public jobs.

    • Papernews88

      I live in NJ and was just thinking the same thing

    • The__Bobster

      Most Americans have no idea that Obongo is legally importing 100,000 bluegums to our shores every year.

      • ed91

         I know the lutheran church and several other so-called religious institutions import somalians and other africans and call them refugees………….
        they bring them here, as many and as fast as they can………. 

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Looks like Bono’s rescue plans have worked.  Now Ireland will get even more Nigerian fathers.

    • 9etrjdg

      I do like Bono but I wish he would care more about Ireland then other countries.

  • neanderthalDNA

    Build the walls and let the subsaharan african live as he was meant to live without outside “deviltry”.  Pure stasis existance determined by ironclad external malthusian factors.  300 million?  I’m thinking Mr. Malthus will have a say in that one.

    The apocalypse has already begun and will continue to germinate in that accursed land. 

    Build the walls and implement Skynet…

  • Your taxes at work via foreign aid….

  • NYB

    ” The United Nations estimates that the global population will stabilize at 10 billion (by the end of this century”

    Judging from history, this seems wildly optimistic.  Our food stocks are subject to nature’s whims.  Catastrophic wars, bad harvests, famines and pandemics are absent from this rosy projection.   

    The world was over-populated in 1970 when there was 4 billion.  Nobody can predict the future with certainty, but  over-population in nature never ends well.

  • Rocky Bass

    What damn fool is feeding this?
    Feed the hungry Africans there are 1,000,000 starving Africans.
    After much TAX waste and donations, the next year we hear
    Feed the hungry Africans there are 10,000,000 starving Africans.
    After much TAX waste and donations, the next year we hear
    Feed the hungry Africans there are 100,000,000 starving Africans.

    • Rocky Bass

       What country on Earth wouldn’t want a chance to import a few hundred million Nigerian “baby daddies” to their shores?

  • 33% of the population, but 90% of the poverty, famine, disease, crime. yay negroids!!!!!

    • Fakeemail

       Hey, the Negroids are winning.  Doesn’t matter if its pretty or not.

      Evolution doesn’t really mean survival of the fittest and certainly not the best.  It’s basically a whatever works kinda thing.

      White Man’s “altruism” will be his evolutionary downfall and defeat.

  • ed91

    that will be special…..

  • For every 100  africans you feed today with dollars and food, you will have to feed 150 next  year.

  • Ao

    Living on our dime…

  • I thought Africa was starving?

    Yet, go type your sub-Saharan Africa country of choice along with the word “population” in a simple Google search and you will get a chart showing the population group in numbers from 1960 to 2010.
    1960 population: 45 million
    2010 population: 170 million

    Wow. Quadrupling your population in 50 years is a Hell of a way to starve to death, wouldn’t you say? White aid, farming technology and medicine was the worst thing to happen to sub-Saharan Africa. Africa has 1 billion starving savages instead of a sustainable population of 200 million or so. This is all with the added benefit of automatic machine guns, narcotics, alcohol and fatal venereal disease.

    • george00

      As Winston Churchill would say about blacks, “We feed and they breed.”

  • Okay raise your hand if you think there will EVER be 300 million Nigerians living in Nigeria……yeah thats what I thought.  The thing about these “predictions” is that they never come true.  I seriously doubt that Sub-Saharan Africa will account for 33%!  of the world’s population by 2100 (can you imagine the horror!?!)  Then again Im not so sure that humanity will be around in 2100.

  • Martin Wallace (juamongu2)

    Normally many articles on this site ruin my day,this one ruined my
    century.The main reality of life on this planet is that the less capable
    races are greatly outbreeding the culture creating-maintaining ones.
    The grave and terrible implications of this fact are laid bare in this
    extraordinary piece which even the liberal crowd that reads the Times
    cannot fail to glean,let alone the illusionless denizens of this site.

  • Thehammerhandyman

    Let’s send them more food and medicine, I know it will make them love me. They are so productive — I hope they breed more. That will really be better for the world and the USA. Maybe we can import them, and I mean a lot of them. Just you naysayers wait, I bet one of them will invent the spear or the drive by.

  • Anon12

     Statistics are stunning. Sub-Saharan Africa, which now accounts for
    12 percent of the world’s population, will account for more than a third
    by 2100, by many projections.


    No it won’t. 

    Not if we quit feeding and medicating them.  We need to also forbid these church missionaries and charities to cease and desist helping them in any way. .  The churches are one of the biggest problems we face as they “think” God instructs them to “save” and feed the whole world, while we PERISH?  How very wrong they are.

    Every member of any Christian Church should be handed the book Camp Of The Saints and forced to read it.  Then be given the percentage of the White population in the world and the population of ALL nonwhites in the world.

    Let us see if they are smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall. The blood of the White race will be on their hands if they continue “saving” these Africans who will ultimately murder every White on the planet.

    In Sub-Sahara Africa alone they are 12% of the world’s population! Whites are only about 8 or 9% and falling fast!  And we allow these so-called Christians AND our government to KNOWINGLY guarantee our genocide?  What is wrong with us?  Who are they working for anyway? God or Satan?  The answer is obvious.

  • Rocky Bass

    All future food aid should contain chemical castration  additives.

  • No

    Living standards are falling?   I wonder how many nigerians are willing to be slaves?  Slavery seems to be about the only thing blacks do well except for feetsball and b-ball but you can only have so many professional afletes.

    The last group of slaves Africa exported have done quite well.   Ex-Africans in America today don’t need to go to high school to get a diploma.  Public schools will give them one if they just promise not to come back and stab the teachers.  Affirmative Action gets them into college where they can screw around for seven years and finally get a “degree” in “black studies.”

    A useless degree, you say?  Doesn’t matter.  They’ll get lots of free gibbs-me as they go through life, they can rape any white woman  they want, steal whatever they want, say whatever they want and nothing happens to them.  They can broadcast their genes by mating with as many females they can catch.  (Don’t sweat it bro, the gubmint will pay for your babies too.)

    So, overall, I recommend that the Nigerian Chamber Of Commerce seriously consider re-opening Middle Passages Cruise Lines and get the slave trade going. 

    America is pretty full . . . so don’t send us anymore.  Try California.  I hear the mestizos are going home so California liberals will  need replacement gardeners.

  • Superman is working on the world’s greatest tragedy in Africa.  Just give him time.  First, he’s making Africa dependent on first world technical and financial aid; Africa’s population grows far beyond what it can sustain.  Then, economic reality, or some catastrophe, whatever, will yank the technical/financial rug out from under Africa.  A holocaust ensues.  Cue the wailing and gnashing of DWL teeth.

  • ed91

    this kind of ridiculous situation arises from liberalism……….  send american aid in food and money, the blacks are plush for awhile and everyone is happy and having black babies as fast as they can………. then–  liberal doctors who intend to do good (doctors w/o borders etc)  help the people get healthy ———– then…….. 5-10 yrs later when inevitably the aid or doctors might fluctuate down for awhile…….  or get thrown out for being white………or any reason…..a new dictator comes to town……….
    and the hordes will  be starving and disease ridden once again………. only to need aid and doctors on and on………. it’s hideous and stupid…..and liberal

    • Anon12

       Please quit saying “liberal” all the time. You would think that the “conservatives” aren’t the same way in their thinking nowadays. They are even worse when it comes to feeding the blacks, etc…

  • Detroit_WASP

    Give an African a fish and you feed him for a day.
    Teach an African to fish and he will steal your fishing pole and blame whites for being racist. 

    The population explosion of the 70 IQ crowd is the biggest problem facing civilization.  Haiti has no trees, Haiti does have Africans.  You do the math.   

    We have all seen people fighting over gym shoes or foolish Christmas toys on TV news. Can you imagine what it will be like when people start fighting over food, water and shelter? The lesson here is BUY GUNS.

  • AJ Sims

    If we just let nature take it course, the population explosion in Africa would come to a grinding halt. Africans as a group are programmed to produce large numbers of offspring, but before white do-gooders interfered a high death rate always countrebalanced a high birth rate. What we are now doing is unnatural and unsustainable. Something’s gotta give sooner or later..

  • Rob

    Th worst tragedy about Nigeria and all the other African countries will be the massive loss of of their wildlife and forests. And the developed countries will continue to help them to multiply.(Peejay) 

  • Anon12

     Lifelong residents like Peju Taofika and her three granddaughters
    inhabit a room in a typical apartment block known as a “Face Me, Face
    You” because whole families squeeze into 7-by-11-foot rooms along a
    narrow corridor. Up to 50 people share a kitchen, toilet and sink—though
    the pipes in the neighborhood often no longer carry water.

    Makes one wonder where these “families” procreate?  I guess lying next to their 10 or 12 kids in the same room?  I bet those kids know all about the birds and the bees from age 2 and up.

    No pipes that carry water?  Can you just imagine the lice and the hygiene of these people?  Even when we bring them to America they typically live the same way.

    This is what America will look like in 50 years. They (nonwhites)will destroy all infrastructure, plumbing, grids and you name it. The Multiracial States Of The Third World.

  • I think we should all do our part to help out those poor Nigerians, by speaking out against giving them any sort of food or financial aid whatsoever.

    • Mahound

       It’s the medicine and vaccinations that we provide that are the cause of a lot of over-population.

      • Periapsis

        Which is why white nations should stop supplying food and medical aid to these nations, who are returning the favor by sending armies of invaders who are pushing whites out in their own lands. Let the coming famines, pandemics and their barabaric natures cull the herds of non-white invaders and mindless breeders.

  • Skipper

    When you contemplate it, the HIV/AIDS virus was nature’s way of correcting for the most wantonly promiscuous people in Africa.  Unfortunately, some guilt ridden Westerners disrupted nature’s (Darwin’s?) plan for eliminating the most reckless of the population by the massive intervention of life extending drug therapies.  Remember, GW Bush committed the USA for $50 Billion USD !!! for mostly HIV/AIDS related medical aid to Africa without a whisper of protest from congress.  A number of other Western sources have also poured aid money into Africa for the same reasons.  Putting money into Africa is akin to sending it down a virtual black hole as it will just get larger and eventually envelope you. 

    The Africans are now invading Europe, and even making their way into China. A very facetious look at the growth of a primitive, uncontrollable population can be seen in the South African film District 9.  And, hint, hint, the science fiction theme is just a thinly disguised cover for the real story.  The West has to stop all aid to Africa before its population explodes even more on our shores!!

  • Unperson

    “Nigeria made contraceptives free last year, and officials are promoting smaller families as a key to economic salvation, holding up the financial gains in nations like Thailand as inspiration.”

    If Africans had levels of intelligence, industriousness, and self-restraint comparable to East Asians, there might be room for optimism here. But we all know they don’t, so Nigerians will not start behaving like Thais anytime soon. What Nigerians will do is what Africans have always done: mindlessly multiply by the millions… and then starve  to death by the millions (unless fed by outsiders).

  • rockman

    Cannibalism in Africa was able to control the population growth then we came along and stopped it.  the breeding habits continued how ever and the population will out grow its food supply and start looking around for dinner.  Remember that lamb chop

  • The g Factor

    Judging by the problems in First World countries at the moment, most having low – or no – economic growth it’s unlikely that sustained aid will be available and poverty and starvation will get worse in Africa. Rather than growing the population is likely to to the extent that mass starvation and genocidal war like Rwanda in 1994 will slow population growth.

  • nettle

    Eugenics and massive birth control are long overdue on blacks.  China and Israel (currently being overrun by illegal black migrants) will now have to step up to the plate since the whites have been effectively shut down on the matter.

  • Freyr

    Blacks are the ultimate weapon in the Globalist Quiver. Breeding like flies and then leaving Africa and going into every White Country. And into Asian ones once Europe and North America are gone. A race to the bottom. And once the different races are gone, the Elite can pull the plug and pare it down to half a billion.

  • thiudemir

    Does anyone in the liberal or progressive community have a clue on who is going to respond to these problems when whites are 30% of the population in America?

  • KenelmDigby

    Rest assured that there will be massive Nigerian immigration into Europe and north America.
    Rest assured that this immigration will be the death-knell for these former White nations – they will never recover from the genetic blow inflicted on them and Whites will just wither away.
    Rest assured that the political elitists won’t do a damned thing to stop this immigration.
    Rest assured that the political elitists will actually encourage this influx – and persecute by legal and other means anyone who dares to question the influx.

    Mark my words.

  • Reg

    “{Snip}… {snip}…{snip}…”

    Let’s hope all these snips represent vasectomies.

  • JackKrak

    Headline should read “Nigeria Tested By Rapid Rise of Population of Nigerians”

    • Unperson

      Either that or, “Taxpayers in White Countries Tested By Rapid Rise of Nigerian Population”.

  • Bantu Education

    What happened to $trillion of oil revenues?   The usual suspects who insisted on de-colonisation and sanctions against the last white-ruled countries are strangely quiet.   Nigeria became “free” in 1960 (5 years before the big oil discoveries) but, if it had remained under colonial rule,  it would probably by now have the best living standards in Africa.   But that wouldn’t have stopped the UN from wailing about colonial exploitation.  

  • Greatlakes22194

    By then Obama will have moved all to Europe or America wouldnt he? This is of course if his plan works to retain permanent power and change the laws after he wins in 2012 and legalizes the 50 million illegals.

  • slobotnavitch

    Hey, who cares, as long as they stay where they are?  Let mass starvation undo what modern medicine has wrought.

  • “Nearly all of the increase is in sub-Saharan Africa, where the population rise far outstrips economic expansion.”

    I thought population increases are supposed to coincide with economic growth. Isn’t that why our politicians keep saying America needs so many immigrants? To keep driving economic growth? Well it looks like high native birth rates aren’t doing so well for Africa’s economy. They obviously need millions of immigrants.

  • I recently bought the book Dead Aid written by an African from Zambia about how the billions in aid to Africa has been a total waste and has actually inhibited their economic growth. Anyone interested in this article should definitely read that book – it is eye opening to say the least.

  • Texan1st

    Meanwhile, leftists ridicule the Duggar’s as the overall population of whites declines both in the US and globally. Never will you hear them speak out against the population explosion by non-whites. The left has always been suspected of being anti-white. Their selective indignation regarding reproduction is further proof.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    YOU breed them, YOU feed them, there problem solved and we save the US millions in hard earned tax money.