Ballantyne Secession Is Hot Topic for Saturday Meeting

Caroline McMillan, South Charlotte News, April 13, 2012

On the docket for the upcoming Ballantyne Breakfast Club meeting Saturday is one of the most buzz-worthy topics of late: secession.

Ever since District 6 County Commissioner Bill James floated the idea a few months ago, the concept of south Charlotte forming its own municipality has been tossed around and critiqued by residents and city leaders.

“We want factual information and we want people to know what’s going on,” said Ray Eschert, president of the Ballantyne Breakfast Club, which has not endorsed any agenda for south Charlotte.

City Manager Curt Walton’s recently proposed 9 percent city property-tax increase, which would fund a nearly $1 billion capital plan through 2020, has brought the issue back to the forefront of political talk south of uptown.

South Charlotte’s District 7 City Council Representative Warren Cooksey and District 6 Representative Andy Dulin have openly criticized Walton’s tax proposal. They argue that the city disproportionately cares for the less-wealthy regions in the center city, while creating a void of projects in the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, where the majority of the tax base is.

Cooksey, who is orchestrating the speakers for the April 14 meeting, has been researching if—and how—an area like south Charlotte, which he defines as south of McAlpine Creek, could form its own municipality.


That’s when he happened upon Oliver Porter, who agreed to speak at the Ballantyne Breakfast Club meeting.

Porter, the author of “Creating the New City of Sandy Springs,” was the interim city manager when Sandy Springs, Ga., a northern suburb of Atlanta, fully incorporated in 2005.

Sandy Springs, which had a strong commercial base pre-incorporation, now has nearly 100,000 residents and contracts out its public services to private companies.

The meeting will also cover rumblings about splitting Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools into separate districts.


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  • Mmmsois

    South Carolina (NC-SC border is about 4 miles south of the Ballantyne Whitetopia— save for a few spouse murdering Charlotte Panthers football playerz homes) has long before  had this problem solved, at least in terms of public education expenditures vs. local tax collections. South Carolina is a school district state (like many Yankee states) with geographically small school districts that don’t respect county/municipal boundaries  and a state with very restrictive forced municipal annexation statutes whereas NC is a total municipal/total county unified school district state and a state with some of the most controversial statutes in the country allowing forced municipal annexations,  though in recent NC political history, these annexation statutes have come under heavy scrutiny in Raleigh.  Never mind though the fact that the entire concept of forced mergers of NC City School Systems with lesser per pupil funded County School Sytems was the socialist intellectual/political brainchild of the UNC-CH Frank Porter Graham Skool of Edukashun, yet to this day Orange County, NC remains one of the few remaining counties in NC with an UNCONSOLIDATED SKOOL SISTEMA!!  (Poor rural hardscrabble Orange County Skool Sistema  and well funded  Elitest Chapel Hill-Carrboro Skool Sistema.

    But I digress from my intended sharp pointed arrow. Ballentyne is full of Bank of Amigo type bad playerz and I’m going to reserve my sympathies for the time being.  Charlotte, NC is a classic case of a town cruising in high gear on entirely false premises.

  • Rocky Bass

    This will be fun to watch, especially if they do succeed in secession. Parasites rarely do well sans an available host.

    • Anon

       Holder and the Justice Dept will sue to block it under civil rights/voting rights/Fair Housing violations.  And the courts will strike it down.  Can’t let whites get away from all that glorious diversity! 

      Even “Black Pride” activists know that whites must be forced to stick around and pay for the Free Stuff Army, or the whole rotten framework of modern America comes crashing down. 

  • Rocky Bass

    Then again this might well be a symbiotic relationship, who supplies the wealthier areas with all their crime?  

  • Tim

    One of the greatest pearls of wisdom I have taken away from this site was posted in reference to an article of April 12th, entitled “What we Write Matters..”  It was an Aussie take on the John Derbyshire firing.  In the article the author asked, “What would happen if  an African American child were to read that?!?”    In the comments section a poster named Dean Wormers Hot Wife  responded to the effect that , “As adults, we are free to live our lives free from what Black children might think.”  Just a simple truth but to me it was as liberating being let out of prison. We do not have to conform what others think or expect. And that goes double for paying for it….

  • It’ll never be allowed to happen. Whenever the Whites try to legally separate from the blacks the Whites get called racists and then sued. Ballantyne would never be permitted to be created. That stuff has happened in the past in places like Georgia, Alabama and Michigan and all the parasite black cities (Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit) want their YT tax money back.


  • ncpride

    Imagine that. South Charlotte residents are sick to death of black run Charlotte city ‘leaders’ taxing them to death to pay for things that benefit them not at all.

    It doesn’t surprise me that this idea came from Bill James either. To say that liberals despise and loathe him is an understatement, and thay have tried to get him thrown out of office for years. You see, James has, to them, a nasty habit of speaking the truth, and we all know what happens to White men who speak the truth, especially about race. Need I say more?

    • Outerbanks22133

      It didnt come from Bill James. This has been around a long time and other parts of the city that as incorporated all the county have their own ideas also.
      In addition NC just passed last year a new law pushed by the anti-annexation crowd H845 in the NC Legislature that halted the liberal annexation laws and cities stealing land and doubling taxes at will since 1959, only one of 3 states allowed to do so.

      A few mostly black cities filed a class action lawsuit to end this bill that just went into effect June 30th 2011 and won with a Raleigh liberal district judge 3 weeks ago. The main attorney for the cities was noneother than infamous black Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx. Is that a conflict of interest or what? It will be going to appeals court.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    This folly will come to an end as soon as someone shouts “dat be raciss” and threatens to sue them for being “too White.”

    Westchester and Sandy Springs suffered the Diversity Curse for becoming too visible at “not reflecting the vibrant and enriching Diversity that is our greatest strength.” The only time you hear hard news stories about Sandy Springs is when the Diversity goes on a shooting spree in one of the appropriately Diverse apartment complexes that provide the 20% beloved community of color to hold accountable the 80% “too White” non color racists.

  • The day the blacks vote for something like the White taxpayers leaving is the day the lamprey lets go of the salmon, the day the leech leaps off the wound, the day that mosquitoes fly away and renounce veins and fleas hop off mangy dogs.

    Blacks are never, ever voting to gibs up dey gibs muh dat.

  • So they dont want to pay high taxes and get no benefit.I wish them luck every place able to get away from this situation has been able to lower taxes and provide top notch services.

  • Detroit_WASP

    We lived in the far east end of Detroit before we were finally driven to the burbs.   That far end of Detroit talked about breaking off from Detroit and joining one of the nearby burbs. 

    Looking back, that never would have worked because even boardering Detroit will destroy a city.   The burbs boardering Detroit are now turning black because the blacks have no where else to go.  They burned down and stripped all the houses in Detroit and now must move on to survive… like a swarm of locusts looking for a new cornfield to devour. 

    It’s amazing to me how whites can build a city and all of the infrastructure needed. AND BLACK S CAN’T EVEN MAINTAIN IT!

    Sounds harsh but it is true.

  • Varina

    Well, this is rather funny in a way. The Charlotte area is loaded with White yuppies who fled the diversity up North. Problem is, they’d rather be drawn and quartered than admit that’s why they left. 

  • Earlking

    This idea isn’t new.  There was an article about Buckhead succeeding from Atlanta a few years back but here is a link that I found: 

  • Queensland11294

    Last night on Tavis Smiley before a black crowd with racist Princeston prof who teaches easy black radical mess, Cornell West and Phil Donahue was unreal as West claimed whites owed 15 trillion in backpay as Donahue kept saying America was non-exceptional to the rest of the world and how some white Chicago woman screamed to Muhammed Ali who was a guest on his show once “why are you always thowing your backness in our faces”?
    Butt kisser lib panzy Donahue proudly bragged how Ali screamed back  to her ” why is angel food cake always white and devil food cake always black”  The whole place erupted in clapping.

    What level of intelligence is that to compare angel food cake to devils food cake? Do they want to call chocolate devils food cake as vanilla angels food cake? This  is insane.  Should vanilla ice cream be changed to chocolate and vice versa?This is  retard IQ level. 

    Ali didnt skip the draft either in 1968 and lose his title. He failed the 2nd grade level army test and was rejected.

    During the Rev War you had the traitor Tories and  patriotic Whigs.  Out of 300 million in Amerikwa today it appears 150 million are Tories and dumb as hell.

    Time to split off and form a new nation. ITS OVER. Do it before they steal Obama in a 2nd time or whites are dead.

    Split America in half. Its already midnight.