It’s All About Race Now

Pat Buchanan, World Net Daily, March 30, 2012

If it had been a white teenager who was shot, and a 28-year-old black guy who shot him, the black guy would have been arrested.

So assert those demanding the arrest of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

And they may be right.

Yet if Trayvon had been shot dead by a black neighborhood watch volunteer, Jesse Jackson would not have been in a pulpit in Sanford, Fla., howling that he had been “murdered and martyred.”

Maxine Waters would not be screaming “hate crime.”

Rep. Hank Johnson would not be raging that Trayvon had been “executed.” And ex-Black Panther Bobby Rush would not have been wearing a hoodie in the well of the House.

Which tells you what this whipped-up hysteria is all about.

It is not about finding the truth about what happened that night in Sanford when Zimmerman followed Trayvon in his SUV, and the two wound up in a fight, with Trayvon dead.

It is about the exacerbation of and the exploitation of racial conflict.

And it is about an irreconcilable conflict of visions about what the real America is in the year 2012.

Zimmerman “profiled” Trayvon, we are told. And perhaps he did.


He saw a male. And males are 90 percent of prison inmates. He saw a stranger over 6 feet tall. And he saw a black man or youth with a hood over his head.

Why would this raise Zimmerman’s antennae?

Perhaps because black males between 16 and 36, though only 2 to 3 percent of the population, are responsible for a third of all our crimes.

In some cities, 40 percent of all black males are in jail or prison, on probation or parole, or have criminal records. This is not a product of white racism but of prosecutions and convictions of criminal acts.


For all the abuse he has received, Geraldo Rivera had a point.

Whenever cable TV runs hidden-camera footage of a liquor or convenience store being held up and someone behind the counter being shot, the perp is often a black male wearing a hoodie.

Listening to the heated rhetoric coming from demonstrations around the country, from the Black Caucus and TV talkers—about how America is a terrifying place for young black males to grow up in because of the constant danger from white vigilantes—one wonders what country of the mind these people are living in.

The real America is a country where the black crime rate is seven times as high as the white rate. It is a country where white criminals choose black victims in 3 percent of their crimes, but black criminals choose white victims in 45 percent of their crimes.

Black journalists point to the racism manifest even in progressive cities, where cabs deliberately pass them by to pick up white folks down the block.


As Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute has written, from January to June 2008 in New York City, 83 percent of all identified gun assailants were black and 15 percent were Hispanics.

Together, blacks and Hispanics accounted for 98 percent of gun assaults.

Translated: If a cabdriver is going to be mugged or murdered in New York City by a fare, 49 times out of 50 his assailant or killer will be black or Hispanic.

Fernando Mateo of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers has told his drivers, “Profile your passengers” for your own protection. “The God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these guys are blacks and Hispanics.”


Some Sanford police believed Zimmerman; others did not.

But now that it is being investigated by a special prosecutor, the FBI, the Justice Department and a coming grand jury, what is the purpose of this venomous portrayal of George Zimmerman?

As yet convicted of no crime, he is being crucified in the arena of public opinion as a hate-crime monster and murderer.

Is this our idea of justice?

No. But if the purpose here is to turn this into a national black-white face-off, instead of a mutual search for truth and justice, it is succeeding marvelously well.

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  • What I’ll write will not be PC, but: only White militias can scare Blacks and Hispanics into submission.  Then, they’ll be like puppies.

    Whites have not yet come to this conclusion, but are not strange to the idea as have been as far as 10-20 yrs ago.

  • No

    “It is about the exacerbation of and the exploitation of racial conflict.”

    Well . . . sort of.  Actually, that’s a pretty nebulous explanation for what we’re seeing. 

    Exacerbating racial conflict?  What racial conflict?  There isn’t any; it’s been outlawed.  Minorities walk all over whites with full government, Hollywood and media support.

    Exploitation of racial conflict?  How?  It can’t be exploited any more than it has in the last 50 years.  We’re broke.  We’ve spent (some estimates say) $15 TRILLION on social programs and blacks are even more criminal, more illegitimate, more drug addicted, less educated and far lazier and irresponsible than they were in the 1950s.  

    We’ve integrated every institution to the point of destruction and there’s now there’s nothing left to destroy. 

    The explanation is simpler and much more concrete than Mr Buchanan claims.  It is this:  The overwhelming majority of blacks hate whites.  They hate us just because we live.  They hate us because they are not white.  They hold an unquenchable grudge against us, they envy us, they resent us and they blame us.  So they look for every opportunity to rip into our flesh and poke us with sharp sticks.

    What happened to Skittle Boy is simply just another EXCUSE to rip into us.  That’s why we go from incident to incident:   Tawana Brawley, Jena, Duke, Abner Louima, Amadu Diallo and now Skittle Boy.  Each incident gives life to smoldering black hatred. 

    Hatred.  Hatred is fun.  Blacks love to hate us.  It makes their miserable existence tolereable.

    That’s why there will never be peace between blacks and whites until we separate from each other:  It’s more fun to hate.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       anybody but me notice that the most hateful quote unquote blacks, are those with light skin or half white example, hussein, ben jealous leader of naacp who actually appears white at first glance, rev jeremiah wright, louis farrakhan to name a few, pretty obvious why.  

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         oh yeah and holder

  • Detroit_WASP

    Blacks have a system in place to raise complaints when they don’t get their way.  Whites don’t.  

    When whites are murdered like sheep, shot to death for sport like cat fish in a pond, whites do nothing.
    Conversely, ONE black kid, who appears to be a bad seed gets killed while assaulting (no doubt in my mind) a white guy and all hell breaks loose.

    Blacks have this complaint system in place and it is a legacy of the civil rights movement.  Typical tactics include:

    1.  Protest marches. 
    2.  Singing at candle light vigils
    3.  News conferences
    4.  Tee Shirts
    5.   Church involvement in any given cause.
    6.  Threats of violence and riots  if they don’t get their way!!!! 

    This is how OJ Simpson got off.  The trial was moved to a mostly black area which stacked the jury.  A weak Asian was made the judge and he let “Mr. Johnny” walk all over him.  Incompetent Black Chris Darden was put on the prosecution side.  All of this was done to accommodate blacks  and look PC….and it lead to the release of a double murderer.    

    It should be summer by the time authorities decide to charge Zimmerman or not.  God help us if they are dumb enough to make the announcement in August, on a Friday, close to the first of the month when everyone has their government check to buy and trade for  booze and weed!

  • Oh no, Pat’s telling the truth about race again, so he must be a racist. And so is Fernando Mateo:
    “The God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these guys are blacks and Hispanics.” Everybody knows it’s only 98%, therefore he’s lying — and a racist too.

    How much would it cost to put them on reservations — in Africa? We could even send our liberal media elite to study them in their natural habitat.

    • IstvanIN

      And he is a black hispanic!

    • j j

      A hell of a lot less than the near 15 TRILLION we have spent trying to placate them with welfare and other forms of reparations since since LBJ signed that insidious legislation.

    • The_Bobster

      Yes, libtards like to nitpick numbers so that they can walk away thinking they won the debate, nevermind that they missed the big picture altogether.

  • I would suspect it is less than 1% as many mestizos are classified as White, Zimmerman being a perfect example. Hispanics intentionally identified as White are negatively skewing the numbers.

    • IstvanIN

      All Mestizos/Hispanics are classified as white when they committ crimes by the FBI.

  • The_Bobster

    Every “ethnicity” but White.

  • haroldcrews

    You can’t fight biology on a long term basis; particularly in a large population.

  •  In California, the hard and fast rule for the media is to never report the race of a criminal if they are black and always report the race if the criminal is White, even if they have been captured and knowing the race is no longer useful. Even though Zimmerman has not been charged and is not wanted the media stresses his race  and features his photo continuously. Why? what is the motive?  Then we hear of NBC and MSNBC selectively editing Zimmerman’s 911 call, deleting the 911 operator’s question “what is his race” and leaving in Zimmerman’s seemingly spontaneous “he’s black” response so as to make it appear Zimmerman is focused on race. It’s obvious what the media’s agenda is, to remind America just how racist Whites are and that for this reason it is necessary to re-elect obama,  hoping whites will feel the need to sub-conscientiously ease their “White guilt” one more time

  • razorrare

    Translated: If a cabdriver is going to be mugged or murdered in New York City by a fare, 49 times out of 50 his assailant or killer will be black or Hispanic.

    Yes,and that is why black cabbies in NY…if they saw a Trayvon Martin sticking his thumb out for a cabbie…would ignore him because he is black…and doubly so for a black wearing a hoodie.Even mainstream publications like the Times have done stories like this in the past…but the jacksons & the sharptons arent protesting that black cabbies are “discriminating” or “profiling” black people in choosing whom they feel and choose to give a ride to….

  • Hahhahah….just read the comments:

    • The_Bobster

      I did and our side is winning. I think the libtarded Yahoo mods just gave up and let everyone’s voice be heard for once

      • They tried to censor but were overwhelmed. People are just fed up & that’s it. First comes a change in the mind, without it nothing can happen.

  • Pandemonium

    Separation will be the inevitable result of all of this conflict. Nature will out just as Truth will out. The “social engineering never works in the long run. It took seventy years for the Russians to figure out that the Soviet Man could not be made. It will probably take about that long for our social engineers to figure out that Integration or Diversity doesn’t work. 

    The terrible thing is that over that span of time, the perpetrators of such despicable experiments are never brought to account for their crimes against humanity.

    • Let’s see. Begin with the full integration of the US Military in 1948 as the starting point, which means we’re, what, already 64 years into this losing experiment? Darn, I’m not sure I can suffer 6 more years of this idiocy with incompetent employees, dumbed-down schools, and an unsupportable parasite class! At least the Soviet Union had enough sense to make parasitism into a punishable crime.

  • razorrare

    According to the 2000 census,of the 62,000 cabbies in N.Y.,82% are foreign born,25% are from the Caribbean(the Dominican and Haiti) and 30% from South Asia(India and Pakistan).

    below is a recent article by a black author that addresses the same..also found another article where the city of N.Y.(mayor Giuliani) was sued successfully by the cabdrivers for a “sting” on cabbies who refused to pick up black fares…even Mike Wallace was arrested..

    • razorrare

      In 1996 the TLC began Operation Refusal, an undercover sting operation created to address the alleged phenomenon of the service refusal. In 1998, the TLC enacted a package, inspired by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, of regulatory reforms that included a structured framework of enhanced driver standards. In 1999, actor Danny Glover filed a complaint with the TLC after he was allegedly refused service by New York cab drivers. This resulted in a highly publicized Operation Refusal crackdown on drivers who were allegedly discriminating against certain passengers, sometimes for race, but far more often because of the passenger’s destination.
      However, Giuliani’s crackdowns led to a series of successful lawsuits against the city and the TLC.In 2000, a federal judge ruled that the NYPD had violated taxi drivers’ First Amendment rights by refusing to let the drivers engage in a peaceful protest of new rules. The TLC also lost a series of cases in state courts for implementing rules without allowing for notice and comment. In 2000, another federal judge ruled that the Operation Refusal sting violated the cabbies’ due process rights. In 2004, TLC inspectors were embarrassed when they handcuffed and arrested 60 Minutes reporter Mike Wallace, charging him with disorderly conduct for simply questioning the treatment of his driver. In 2006, the city was forced to settle the remaining aspects of the Operation Refusal case. Under the settlement, the TLC agreed to pay a group of 500 taxi drivers $7 million.
      Many cabdrivers protested the new regulations sought by the Giuliani administration and in 1998 their activity formed the basis of a new taxidrivers’ union, the New York Taxi Workers Alliance. Under the leadership of BhairaviDesai, the union has grown to fifteen thousand members (2011 estimate), representing almost a third of all licensed cabdrivers in the city.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    see below for preview of  april 10 courtesy of the black “community”

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    And white Democrats thought that getting Obama into power would lead to a post-racial society.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       true, some are that dumb, but more are sympathizers

  • razorrare

    They tried to censor but were overwhelmed. People are just fed up & that’s it. First comes a change in the mind, without it nothing can happen.

    Yes,very encouraging…the “like” hits were very supportive as well.

  • Tampabay, you basically summed it all up. We really screwed up bringing them here in the first place. Africa being the bottom of the bottom, how many of them would have made it here without our help? Airfare is a great obstacle, but what’s done is now done. These parasites are here to stay and will continue to infect. Unfortunately, liberals have counter-acted anything that stands in the way of blacks being responsible for their own actions.
    The only good that may come from yet another black victim story, is that some fence-sitters will get swayed if yet another black riot ensues. The LA riots sure swayed a lot of the Koreans and Mexicans who did not have too much “hate” in their hearts for the blacks.