New Black Panthers: ‘Don’t Obey White Man’s Law’

Breitbart, March 30, 2012

CNN’s Anderson Cooper questioned New Black Panther Party spokesman, Minister Mikhail Muhammad, over his group’s involvement in the Trayvon Martin case, exposing the party’s racism.

Cooper: But I mean, just—factually speaking, what you’re saying does not make sense that under the Constitution you can make a citizens’ arrest. You can’t arrest somebody if they have not been charged with anything that’s still being investigated.

Muhammad: Well, according to the street law, he has been charged with murder.

Cooper: According to the what?

Muhammad: We have 40—30,000 people out here today—according to street law, according to God’s law. Andy, I want to say I don’t obey the white man’s law, I don’t follow the American law. The American law—the American law does not protect me, Anderson. I’m not a citizen. So I have no right to respect American law. So we decided to (unintelligible) language, to put pressure on the United Snakes, because these are snakes, government to arrest him. Because when the people find him, he may not be alive. So do your job. Do your job.


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  • B

    They are all ministers and reverends! So why then is every ghetto a war zone where the homes need bars on the windows? The only fools bigger than these low IQ amoral blacks are the Anderson Coopers who patronize them and give them a public platform.

    • Because what passes for nuns is Our Lady of Jiggling TaTas

    • ageofknowledge

      Don’t confuse being God’s minister with a turned around collar in the ghetto. It’s one of the few positions of wealth and power in the ghetto and, as such, heavily vied for. It’s not about Jesus.

  • “Im not a citizen” – Mikhail Muhammad

    Truer words have never been spoken.  Deport this non citizen immediately.  Also as an aside, does anyone else think that it is High Comedy that these blacks practice Islam??  I mean for people so concerned about the history of “their people” they certainly gloss over the fact that ISLAMIC ARABS were the first people to enslave them by the millions.  Arab slave traders would CASTRATE the male slaves because they were so horrified of what they saw in Africa that they did not want a repeat in Persia…….

    •  If he’s not a citizen, then he has very restricted 2nd Amendment rights.  The Feds could nail him for firearm possession by a non-citizen, or something like that.  But we know it won’t be THESE Feds.

    • razorrare

       Arab slave traders would CASTRATE the male slaves because they were so horrified of what they saw in Africa that they did not want a repeat in Persia…….

      that may be the reason why arab slave traders castrated male black slaves but that is definitely not the reason why arab slave traders castrated White male slaves…

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree with you!  This guy disavows his citizenship, advocates murder, assassination, promises terrorism against whites and other non-blacks.  Why is he still here, walking free?

      Also, the NBP constitute a private army, which is illegal within the U.S. borders.  Remember those weekend warriors in Michigan that got arrested for saying they were going to start a revolution?

  • sbuffalonative

    THESE PEOPLE blame us for everything and yet they DEMAND to live and work with us.

    WHEN are THESE PEOPLE going to get so fed up with the white man and the white man’s justice that they leave or demand their own homeland with their own laws and black justice?

  • gemjunior


  • WmarkW

    I read and comment regularly on a religion-in-politics site.  The authors and commenters constantly bash the likes of Harold Camping and Fred Phelps.   Somehow they never get around to Al Shaprton, Jeremiah Wright or this doofus.

  • Impertinent

    This low life negro belongs in jail.If it were the KKK calling for the death of a private citizen….or a negro….there’d be hell to pay.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    thank God that zimmerman had his gun and was able to use it to defend himself or he could have been injured or killed. i wish we had a watch guy like him in our gated community.   

    • Afrikanerhart1

      Well, hopefully he has more than one gun as I’m certain the police confiscated the one he shot his attacker with as part of the investigative process.  (according to people I know who have been involved in shootings, Zimerman will be very lucky if he EVER sees that one again)  He may very well need to defend himself again if some of these lunatics take that “street law” crap to heart and come after him.

      • The_Bobster

        Yes, the police do have his gun. I hope he has another to fend off the threatening hordes.

  • No

    I’m not sure what he’s jabbering on about.  Blacks don’t obey the law anyway.

    The whole concept of law is alien to blacks.  Their simple brains don’t grasp inticracies like “morality”  or “right versus wrong.”  Honor?  Keeping one’s word?  Responsibility?   Ha-ha-ha . . . . don’t make me laugh.

  • chuck_2011

    people like these have nothing to lose by disobeying “white mans law” as they are at the bottom and can’t get any lower. Funny how its they themselves who are hurt by rioting and looting in their neighborhoods. Consider Detroit, essentially a large ghetto now and going nowhere. Who in their right mind would move to this crime infested area to start paying taxes?

  • “Andy, I want to say I don’t obey the white man’s law, I don’t follow the American law. ”

    So tell us something we already didn’t know!

  • Black pansies are a joke. They seem threatening only because White people are in identity stupor & paralysis. A company of volunteer White corps would dispatch all these blabbermouths to the afterlife in a split second. 

  • Let these feral porch monkeys chimp out all they want. It is time for a correction and the Humans are growing weary of their monkeyshines.

  • Yes, I have to believe Obama to a certain extent feels the same way – along with most of his appointments- including the “wise latina” sitting on our Supreme Court. They may not be as outspoken (yet) in their disdain for this country and our law, but it’s there. Instead of sounding like an out of control maniac on CNN, they choose to express their contempt more subtly, like  not wearing an American flag lapel or cover one’s heart during the playing of the National Anthem.

    • Afoster477

      The “wise Latina” had had twelve years of private education and still needed affirmative action to get into college.  But maybe she is wise for a Latina.  But on the Court she is a lump.

  • LMAO! I also fell out of my chair after reading that one! Shaking my head…LOL!

  • MissBonnie123

    Muhammad stated “…I want to say I don’t obey the white man’s law, I don’t follow the American law.”

    Yes, but given the chance, you will take the White man’s money!

  • SLCain

    Why doesn’t CNN fire Anderson Cooper and hire someone more manly in his place?  You know, like Rachel Maddow, for example.

  • You know what, let’s just get this race war started. It will be over in less than 2 weeks.

  • Zorro

    They should be looking over their shoulders regarding real Muslims.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    You might say all of this started when Zimmerman applied street law.  And now all the Blacks are marching in the streets demanding de man do something. I guess they don’t like street law when they are the recipients.

  • razorrare

    Well,for those who may not be aware why arab slave traders castrated White male slaves i am repasteing this..

    Early Muslim texts provide insights into the extent to which the Arabs identified Europeans with slavery,classified White slaves as animals and even produced learned racist disquisitions on the supposed merits of emasculated East European slaves.In his ninth century treatise on beasts,The Book of Animals,the Muslim scholar Jahiz writes: “Another change which overcomes the eunuch:of two slaves of SLAVIC race,who are…twins,one castrated and the other not,the eunuch becomes more disposed toward service,wiser,more able,and apt for various problems of manual labor…All these qualities you find only in the castrated one.On the other hand,his brother continues to have the same native torpor,the same lack of natural talent,the same imbecility common to slaves,and incapacity for learning a foreign language.”(Charles Verlinden,THe Slave in Medieval Europe, vol. 1,p.213). All excerpts taken from the book,They Were White and They Were Slaves by Michael A.HoffmanII.

    • Well you can “repasteing” it all you like but that will only prove our contention that all blacks and muslims are the civilized world’s enemy.  And as with a bug, we will one day do what is necessary to stop the infestation.

  • It’s too complex an issue & would warrant voluminous treatment. As it is, my 0.02$:

    * Blacks did behave submissively until 1960s. Frankly, they didn’t have another option.

    * the 1960s-1970s counterculture (draft dodgers, hippies, junkies,..) has created something what hadn’t existed previously in the US (or Western culture): masses of feminized & apathetic (White) men. Sure, aesthetes in 19th century (Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde, Walter Pater, ..) had exhibited some traits of similar behavior, but they were creative & influential individuals, and not a widespread phenomenon. The same goes for English dandies from 18-19th centuries.
    For the first time in history, large sections of White male population could be described as sissies, pansies, ..

    * as for miscegenation, I believe that White women who engage in this with Blacks do it for various reasons. One is a myth of Blacks’ sexual potency & genital “endowment”. Well- this is proven to be false:  Yet, stereotypes subsist- for instance, after all lost wars, Arabs still think that Israeli Jews are “effeminate” and pansies.

    Some man has written an interesting piece on human sexuality forum, and I’ll quote it:


    Be careful now, the poll asked if the white woman has had SEX with the black guy, which doesn’t necessarily mean that she had dated a black guy. A lot, and I
    mean a LOT, of girls try various things in their college-age years
    that do not represent their normal behaviours before or after that brief moment in their lives. Drinking, drugs, and sexual exploits are
    typical areas that people delve into for brief periods of their life,
    yet seldom make a “habit” of such. For example, how many
    girls have hooked up with a guy from the internet, but only once? Or
    cheated on their boyfriend with some hot yet random guy she met on a
    vacation, but never cheated on a guy since? Or, on a dare, gave a
    blow job to a guy at a drunken party, but never became an exhibitionist? Or got in a “bikini” contest that was more like an amature stripping contest, but never became a stripper? Or hooked up with a professor, or dad of a kid she was babysitting for,
    or some other “older man,” then stuck with guys her own age from then on? Or, took a friend’s 15-year old brother’s virginity (when she was 22) just becuase she knew he was a virgin and thought he as cute. Now I doubt that too very many girls have done ALL of those things, but I’m betting a majority have done at least one on
    the list. I also bet that most of those that have done one of these
    things, never made a long-term habit of such behavior. Similarly,
    having sex with a black guy is one of those semi-taboo things that
    many white girls will do, just for the sake of trying it. At the same time, you would be hard pressed to identify even 10% of white girls that have “dated” a black guy.(By “dated,” I mean there was some sort of ongoing thing, not just a one-time event.)
    This was/is an anonymous post. If you first required the white girls
    responding to this post to produce an ID, the percentage that ADMIT to having had sex with a black guy would fall significantly, because (regardless of how you feel thing should be) there still remains a stigma for white girls to be sleeping with black guys. And most white girls will “accidentally” forget to mention the black guy
    when the eventual discussion of sexual history comes up with a white
    boyfriend. I’ve been on dates with a few girls that admitted to high numbers as to how many guys they had been with, but I’ve never been on a date with a white girl that admitted that she had done a black guy (me being a white guy). I’m not naive though, and realize that some of them have.


    * with regard to aggressive behavior, one must bear in mind at least 4 things:

    a) Blacks tend to attack in packs
    b) in 17-27 yrs age range, average White guy will not be a member of a gang or some quasi-threatening group, and a Black will
    c) the presence of White “nerds”- some of whom will call the shots in the future, while Black “alphas” will be parasitic beggars- reinforces the illusion of White physical inferiority vis a vis Blacks
    d) but, the most important White man’s emasculating forces are two: the legal system & media indoctrination. Without it, Blacks would be as irrelevant as they are in Brazil, where they constitute 60% of the population (“true” Blacks plus mulattoes)

    And, at the end- self-respecting White man, young to adult (25-35 yrs) simply wouldn’t engage in fist fight or anything similar (except in the case of self-defense). Because a 30 yrs old White man has, on average, much to lose. Average 30 yrs Black has nothing to lose.

    • Since I don’t want to make a long comment even longer- this is Black “courage”. As I say- they attack in packs; their “masculinity” is a joke (otherwise, they wouldn’t behave like feral animals). They are not duelists from Dumas or Russian novels, nor hard fighters from Hemingway, nor trained fighters from special forces.

      They just have to be dealt with in adequate manner – and this is not a manner prescribed by a civilized society, West or East.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I agree with you.  In fact, one analysis I have read is that blacks so fear being beat by a white that they never or rarely attack one on one.  As for Hispanics, I grew up in California and we always knew that Mexicans attack in packs.  They’re basically feral.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Back in my days of singlehood and dating, which was a long time as I married at 47, I was told many times by white women that they had slept with a black.  In most cases they seemed to regret it.  I even have known white women who were in relationships with blacks and got beat regularly but wouldn’t leave, drugs, sex., etc.  I have met women a few times who declared that they only dated black basketball players.  Quite the opposite of what you are guessing, I’m sorry to say.

      • First- it wasn’t my post; I just c/p it. Be as it may, your personal experience was different from this man’s. To  close this miscegenation subthread, I’ll paste 3 more posts that seem authentic- readers can judge for themselves. It’s all about WW/BM “unions”. Texts are various- from confessional pieces to musings (last two from Black men, first one from a white woman). Ponder on this.

        1. (WW)  voted yes. But it was only one time. I was 19, I’m 31 now and happily married (and I sort of forgot to mention the black guy when we exchanged histories, my hubby wouldn’t be happy about the black guy thing). To be fully honest, it was one of those things that I just wanted to try to see what it was like, more than having a thing for black guys. It was just one of those late teenage curiosities and/or quest for doing something naughty that most girls have (meaning most girls have some sort of sexual curiosity during their late teens early 20’s that goes beyond the standard “making out with your boyfriend thing,” though obviously not every white girl’s curiosity/quest involves doing it with a black guy).

        I must say that the black guy wasn’t really all that great of an experience. Sure, sex is good regardless, but I had no trouble whatsoever “going back” to white guys. I always was more attracted to white guys (both before and after). I think easily half of the white girls that do it with a black guy are like me — a one-time thing just to try it.(Sort of like my friend that turned a trick for $200 with a 42-year old guy that she first met because she had babysat for his kids, but that was her only adventure into prostitution, and she too is now happily married.) When you are 19 and living in the dorm, you hear so many girls talking about black guys — most just a one-time fling — and it almost becomes a peer pressure sort of thing.

        2. (BM)

        Question for black men – do you see having sex with white women as revenge for slavery?

        A: My answer is going to incense just about everyone, but, you asked the question. Black men don’t prefer sex with white women just as a revenge for slavery, although it is probably a minor sexual component for them.
        To be more raw and specific, black men prefer sex with white women as they perceive it as more sexually degrading for the white woman and that is a sexual turn on for black men. Actually, that is a turn on for most men if they would admit it. We are talking about sex here, not “making love”. It is also a turn on for white women for the same reason. Even though the white woman may be the most politically correct female on the planet, she can still “feel” sexually degraded by having sex with a black male. It doesn’t have to be rational to be a sexual turn on. What you believe in mentally and what you get off on sexually can be worlds apart. Why do you think so many male and female CEO’s of major companies are seriously sexually submissive while the lowly government clerk may
        be the Alpha man in some kinky B&D / S&M group? Seeker of
        Unpleasant Truths hit on it when he pointed out that a lot of white
        women wouldn’t consider marrying or maybe even dating a black male but enjoy sex with the almost exclusively. Black men can get off on the feeling of sexually degrading white women without actually having to admit that is what turns them on. Even more importantly, white women having sex with black men, can get off on the feeling of being sexually used and degraded without having to admit that being sexually used and degraded turns them on. Hard to believe in this day and age that the overwhelming majority of people (women especially) steadfastly refuse to admit the truth about what turns them on sexually.

        3. A: I’m a black guy.

        The answer to your question is no. I see having sex with white women as sexy, fun, romantic, everything just like with any girl. The only real difference is, because white women are presented as the ‘sexy girl to be with that is hard for men of other races to be with’ in all forms of media over other races of women, it makes being with a white girl a bit different than other girls. That difference is:

        1) the media portrays white girls as females who will usually only date white guys, so when your that black guy who gets with a white girl, you feel like, ‘ah, I was able to have sex with a white girl.’, and you feel as though you accomplished something a lot of guys of other races couldn’t.

        2) the media portrays white girls as the sexiest to be with, the top
        woman over all other women. So again, when you get with a white girl as a black guy, you feel a bit special for it.

        3) the media portrays white girls as being hurt by white men’s sexism, and usually black men are shown as being on the same level in terms of being mistreated by white guys due to racism, so they are shown to have something in common. So being with a white girl makes you feel that you have a connection on that level. Which is desirable.

        4) the media portrays white girls as being heartless b*tches, and to be with one who likes you, makes you feel that YOU were the guy she needed to soothe her pain, making you more desirable to her as a black guy.

        5) and lets not forget about the black guy with big penis having sex
        with dainty cutsy white girl porn. That makes being with a white girl more sexy because in porn, it’s shown as hot, and when your with her, you feel similar.

        HOWEVER, in reality, white girls are JUST GIRLS, like any other girl. There is nothing more special about them than a Hispanic chick, or a Black chick, Asian chick, etc. As a black guy, you learn that the hard way after dating a few white girls and realizing that they live life by white American social standards. that means, they are been raised on feminist belief, etc, which makes having a real and meaningful relationship with them, extremely difficult.

        It is then that you start appreciating women of other races, like
        Chinese women who are actually from China, because of their cultural background they tend to appreciate good men more.

        But what you say in your question is ridiculous, and I think you know that. You sound like you read waay to many sources on what books and magazines say black men are like with white women, when in actuality, we are different from how you and your white buddies see us.

        Lastly, you’re basically saying that black men mistreat white women, when in actuality, white women usually only date black guys simply because he’s black and she wants to try something different. But talk about marriage, and she runs for the hills. Because although black guys appear exotic to her, she really only truly feels comfortable with white guys. Even if she claims she’s not racist, most kind of are for this reason, otherwise “race wouldn’t matter” as they claim they believe.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I don’t know about the reply mixup, sometimes things happen. But I was just relaying my experiences and observations.  Your counter posts were interesting, but they represent three peoples views.  The last one, the black guy seems to have sampled from every possible pool, enough to seem bored.  The one thing that I am aware of regarding the subject of these posters is that in his autobiography, Soul on Ice, Huey Newton said that he first raped black girls in practice for raping white girls, which is claimed he did for political and social revenge.  In my day, the feeling that blacks were dating white women just for revenge was well known and beatings usually part of the experience.  Today, things might be somewhat different and these comments come from British posters, is that right?

          The short looks I took at interracial porn show white women often being sexually and racially humiliated often taunted while being “tormented” by artificial extensions, and when a romantic approach is attempted the kissing results in obvious slobber all over the woman’s face. 

          White women are highly pressured to miscegenate these days and from what I see on the streets there is plenty of it going on.  Like porn workers, they may see it as a temporary thing, but what they don’t know is that memories and damages are permanent.  Bruising female sex organs over and over doesn’t exactly render them fertile and I think will eventually be found as part of the cause of birth defects like autism later on.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Well, actually- we don’t know. No reliable stats, only first-hand observations. Let’s not forget that British investigations have shown that 72% of their people have had sex only with members of their own race, and US stats, if interpreted in a statistically correct manner- using marriage & cohabitation stats- would imply that somewhere between 7% and 15% White females have had sex with Blacks (including one night stands).

          I won’t start on the collapse of morals, which is THE root of all, since it would take us too far …

  • Kevin Vail

    The guy is so stupid he can’t hardly make it through a sentence in the English language.
    I like this one, “So I have no right to respect American law. “…. amazingly the guy doesn’t even know what the leftist definition of “right”, he means duty or responsibility but he’s just so stupid he can’t come up with the word.
    With his attitudes and apparent IQ he belongs on the streets of Somalia or some such other place where he will be among his equals and peers.

  • Lou

     Yes correct, we are only judging them by the content of their character, as we have been told to do… Unfortunately their character leaves much to be desired..

  • The reason they see us as “cowards” is that no other race sabotages itself in order to elevate another race. For the past 50 years, we have allowed the White race to be shattered through affirmative action and other racist set asides, while rewarding minorities based upon skin color and not merit. The perception is that Whites are weak and prone to submission if you scream “racism” loud and long enough.

    In fact, the whole concept of affirmative action is predicated on the rational that Whites are “racists” and without special programs, minorities could never receive equal opportunities. This is a lie! Affirmative action was implemented not because of racism, but because of inferior abilities of minorities as a group. Of course, they could never admit this, so they simply proclaimed White “racism” as the basis for such programs.
    They have zero respect for the White race because of what we have allowed ourselves to become in our efforts to elevate other races and ethnicities, to the detriment of our own people. Its insanity and even a “street” black with an IQ of 80 can see this.

    This is what happens when you give preferential treatment to minorities, which has always been to the detriment of our race. They come to see you as weak and lose all respect for you. That lack of respect eventually turns into outright hate as we are seeing now. It will only get worse…..

    • That’s what we’ve been talking all the time. Legal system plus media indoctrination.

      White men deserve respect (those who do, of course). But- how can one have this kind of respect when Lawrence Summers, despite his brilliancy (I’m not talking about his moral character), has to step down from Harvard because of trivial observation- backed by investigation- that women are less gifted for exact sciences than men (which is banal truth).

      Or when one of, say, 30 most important scientists of the 20th century, James Watson, ends his career like this:

      What can a small guy expect ? This society is thru-and-thru ill with egalitarian lunacy & only as hock can deal with it.

      * Black “masculinity”.Well- this is idiotic.
      This pop-psychology is nothing more than- rubbish. An “alpha” male is
      defined as a natural leader and sexually dominant/irresistible to women
      (if heterosexual). What about great “sexless” tyrants in modern history:
      Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler? They simply didn’t care about sex. Power
      and ideology were much more important for them. This
      pop-stuff is a display of mindlessness of a rootless culture. Who were
      the greatest lovers (or “sexers”, to coin a neologism) in modern (post
      1800) history? Franz Liszt, Victor Hugo, Honore de Balzac, George Byron,
      Frederic Chopin, Richard Wagner — in short, artists with no “alpha”
      imagined traits. Frequently insecure, self-doubting, effeminate
      (Chopin).  As for self-assuredness and leadership, what about Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton (this one never had sex)?

      creative fields, especially science, the “leadership quality” has more
      to do with one’s intellectual strength, insight and originality, than
      with cocky posturing. In short, the entire “Greek alphabet” ideology,
      when applied to humans is bunk.

      Blacks are not leaders as such; they do not shape environment & history; they don’t call the shots. They are just physically overrepresented in 2 US sports: American Football & basketball and very narrow part of athletics. Whites dominate in more than 40-50 areas of sports, but- what the heck ? Sport is entertainment & nothing more. And even there, Blacks are absent from most global sports.

      So, whence this myth about Black “alphaness”, while in effect it all boils down to cocky posturing ?

    • No

      Let me clarify something . . . . 

      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is what essentially outlawed white racism.  Various Titles under the Act prohibit whites from defending themselves against blacks . . . Title II, for example, says you have to serve a black in  your restaurant . . . Title VII says you can’t discriminate in the workplace.   Etc.

      The CRA of 1964 is what shattered the white race.  Thanks LBJ.

      “Affirmative action” is actually a policy first born as an Executive Order under FDR and then re-established by Orders written by Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.  It started as an effort to ensure that government contractors hired more minorities.

       This is the REAL evil because it’s based on the philosophy that race matters.  

      OK, follow along . . . the 1964 CRA says that race shouldn’t matter.  But AA says it HAS to matter.

      So, say a black guy wants to work for my restaurant as a dishwasher. 

      #1 I’m wrong if I refuse to hire him because he’s black.

      But, #2, I’m also wrong is my percentage of blacks is too low.  If at least 10% of my dishwashers aren’t black, I can get sued.  If I don’t fire a decent white guy (or Hispanic) and hire the black to fix my percentages . . . I can get sued.

      This more than just insane . . . it is evil . . . and it’s economic genocide for whites.

  • Perhaps the 45 degree slope on his forehead has robbed him of the neurons and synapses that are associated with civilized thought. In that regard, however, there remains nothing left but to observe this bi-ped with a wry curiosity and a hope that his disease is as limited as his intellect.

  • anarchyst

    Don’t take the white man’s money . . .

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Don’t obey White Man’s Law”
    The solution is very simple: black panthers should buy a one way ticket to Somalia, where, alongside the native black moslems, they can live happily ever after.
    They won’t do this of course. Too much free money from whitey means that they’ll stay put, and breed. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i hope blacks keep marching and whining about this trayvon martin thing because they are making huge clowns out of themselves and  i am personally getting a great laugh out of it and high entertainment. plus it exposes them for the losers they are and everybody of every race knows it. 

  • Obey the White Man’s law? Huh, why should the blacks start now?

  • And liberals think they can reason with morons like this? I’d ask the diversity training instructor for my money back.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Not a citizen”  DEPORT HIM, he’s asking for it!

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I want to add to your post as I have some literary and material proof of to add to the correction to such generalized hyperbole.  I sure have seen and recall some manly hippies.  Some of those guys were alpha males without a doubt.   You wouldn’t know that in 1967 during the Watts riots and other mimic riots, as the one in the Filmore District and Playland in San Francisco, hippies in the Haight Ashbury District, this would be the Summer of Love, considered getting guns and some had them. A once famous photo of a local radio station staff shows long hairs armed with shotguns, a scoped rifle, and even a mace and axe, accompanied by two alert looking dogs one a German Shepherd. Posters shouldn’t lean on generalities too much. Most of what is referred to as “hippies” really pertains to the New Left political movement that is a separate issue, even if some “hippies” were involved with it. But those were really Yippies – any of you remember them? The were really old, communist/socialist activists and Union types from Chicago. Real hippies sought to drop out of society, which also meant not taking part in politics. This may be too much information or no one may care, but this is history I know about and have studied. Knowing is better than guessing in any subject.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I get the feeling he doesn’t like the “pole-leece”.


  • Squid Exedor

    FEMA Camps are in mothballs all over the USA just waiting for fisky ni99ers like them! Bring it on, you pavement apes. You’ll be in chains working for YT in prison camps 14 hours a day for 3 cents an hour!

  • ageofknowledge

    I’m a little lost here in that what’s new about them? Only the faces have changed.

  • Kurt Plummer

    They wouldn’t be playing this up, for this long, in the face of yet another Duke U Lacrosse embarrassment, if there wasn’t a point to it.  Usually, the media can be relied on to at least CYA itself with the three monkeys treatment of ghosting a topic from -all- discussion.

    I think blacks are being put in a position where they sell themselves right up the river with their attitude and the rising awareness of the _5%_ (Black Males, 14-44) effects on society.

    Unfortunately, the only reason I can think of is that blacks have been determined to be ‘interchangeably replaceable’ with the higher fertility, more aggressively labor minded, Hispanic community.

    And, IMO, the hispanics, precisely because of these aspects (as well as a superior ability to organize and render ‘communal’ their own interests as a function of exclusion) represent, by far, the greater threat.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     See, we have have much in common after all!

  • Is it possible ? Hmmm…no. Soviet Union in 1930s  was in an entirely different situation, as was China during Mao’s regime.

  • rebelcelt

    Anderson you are stupid! All of your standing up for blacks and villifying your own people has only earned you hate from them.

  • Guest


  • thesecretdog

    But they don’t get respect. They don’t get respect so they don’t respect the law. They see there treatment by the court system as injustice. Respect is a human need like food and water.

    • FransSusan

      What they don’t understand is that respect must be earned.