Playing the big man for his pathetic posse, the sneering thug charged with shooting and nearly killing a brave Brooklyn cop demanded his 15 minutes of fame Wednesday as he was hauled out of a police precinct in handcuffs.

“Yeah, take a picture of me,” a grinning Luis (Baby) Ortiz said as about a dozen cheering friends and family gathered outside the 90th Precinct.

Sporting corn rows and dressed in a black hoodie, Ortiz yelled “I love the Latin Kings” in Spanish and then added with a knowing smile, “You know what it is,” as two officers led him to an unmarked police car.

“We love you, we love you,” his aunt Celine Ortiz yelled.

The brazen gangbanger blew an air kiss and said “I love you” back before he was bent over and shoved into the back seat.

As the car pulled away, a female follower pounded her fists on the trunk screaming “F—- the police!” and “I hate the f——-g cops!”

There wasn’t a shred of remorse from Ortiz or his mangy followers, who vented their anger on news photographers before finally stalking off into the night.

Ortiz’s deluded display of defiance came as chilling new details emerged of the dramatic struggle that ended with Officer Kevin Brennan laying bleeding in hallway of a Bushwick housing project—with a bullet wound to his head.

Amazingly, the shot just missed piercing his brain and Brennan is expected to eventually recover.

But his chances of surviving appeared to be slim to none around 9 p.m. Tuesday after he chased the 21-year-old Ortiz into the hallway.

Charging like a linebacker for his beloved New York Giants, Brennan tackled Ortiz, police said.

“We do have some video that I’ve seen,” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said after visiting the critically injured Brennan at Bellevue Hospital. “You see the officer right on top of this individual, or an effort to tackle him.”

Brennan “has his gun out,” Kelly added.

But so did Ortiz, a knock-off .38 caliber Colt that Kelly said he’d fired twice before that night.


“They struggle and fall in sort of an alcove where you can’t actually see the shot, but you see Ortiz with his arm around the officer’s head and then he’s shot,” Kelly said. “He doesn’t move after he’s shot.”


Officer Brennan

Meanwhile, Brennan’s wife Janet, 27, was by his side and his family was breathing a big sigh of relief.

Waiting for Brennan at his sister-in-law’s place was the apple of his eye—his six-week-old daughter, Maeve.

“Things have been going so well for them,” brother-in-law Robert Masi said. “New healthy baby. He just got promoted to sergeant. Even the Giants are in the Super Bowl.”


Ortiz, it was later learned, “had fired two shots at a man with whom he had a staredown” before his confrontation with Brennan, Kelly said.


Ortiz may be shrimpy, but his neighbors in the Bushwick Houses said he’s a terror. And police source said he was arrested as a juvenile in 2006 for assaulting another police officer.

Court records and other sources revealed Ortiz has 14 arrests on his rap sheet, everything from gang assault in upstate Goshen to torching trash cans around his Hewes Street building.

Ortiz was also being sought for the New Year’s Day killing of 34-year-old Shannon (Sham) McKinney in front of a Brooklyn supermarket.


Luis Ortiz


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  • Anonymous

    I knew many fellows like this Latin King when I was in the military. As William Makepeace Thackeray once said, “King George was too greatly in need of men to heed from whence they came.”

    As the viewer can tell, Puerto Ricans have essentially been Africanized, due to their decades-long influence from black culture in the five boroughs of New York. On the bright side, their immigration numbers tapered off some time ago. Unfortunately, this one just shot a cop.

    • Many PRs have been Africanized because they were already part or mostly black to begin with.  Remember, people like Nut Gingrich want to make his home island a state because he thinks that Mexicans will be more likely to vote Republican.

      • Anonymous

        How do you come up with all these gems?  Occutards, Rickroller, Nut Gingrich, do you come up with all these on your own?  You should write comedy.

        • To be fair, none of these comedic inventions of mine are as profound as inventing the wheel in a world previously without it.  I’ve been calling Perry the “Rickroller” for a long time, and that came from the (thankfully now passe) meme of Rickrolling someone, i.e. leading them on with some pretense then either playing the audio or the music video of Rick Astley’s 1987 song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  BTW he’s probably the most racially mistaken singer in world history.

          BTW, I kinda do write comedy in a way.  Click my own nickname for that.

          • Anonymous

            Well God bless you man.  I’ve been trying to come up with a good one for Gingrich and the best I could do was Fig Newton.  We need to come up with some sort of affirmative action program for clever nicknames because I feel historically disadvantaged. Obviously you can tell from my handle.  You will have to make them up and then attribute the credit to me!

            I’ve been using Occutards shamelessly all over the place.  Hope it’s not trademarked or I owe you some serious dough.

          • Oil Can Harry

            Sorry, Question, but “rehabba dabba doo” was coined long ago by this famous comedian:


          • Anonymous

            Best nickname for a politican? One of Dennis Miller’s callers dubbed Nancy Pelosi “Pelosi Galore,” in honor of the Bond villainess

          • Oil Can Harry:  Like I said, I’m not exactly a profound thinker in this stead.  I see people saying “Occutard” all over the place now, when I wasn’t aware of anyone using it before myself.  I could give myself credit, but I’m sure someone coined it before I did.  And “it” is just a snarky word, not a technological breakthrough, so it matters not anyway.

      • Anonymous

        I knew a Puerto Rican when I was in the Army and I asked him flat out, if his island were to secede and fight against the US, would he fight for the United States, or for his island. It didn’t take him long to answer the question, and I’ll bet you can guess how he answered it.

        • Secede?  And give up those EBT cards with welfare and food stamps viva Uncle Sap?  I’ll turn 21 instead of 35 this year before that happens.

          • Anonymous

            They love the SSI checks too, whether here or in PR.  Like the Rivera family of MA.

        • Anonymous

          At least the Puerto Ricans have a “national” or ethnic identity as opposed to we Americans who still think we are Irish, Italian or Polish.  Hvae you ever seen those annoying commercials were they got from one brown face/foreign accent to another saying “I am an American”.  i don’t see an American in the lot.  And do not ask a Republican what an American is, according to them we are a propositional nation or some such baloney.

      • Anonymous

        Hispanic family values!  Even the aunt approves.

  • Why does this guy look inbred?

    • That thing doesn’t even look human

  • Anonymous

    I hope this good Irish cop comes back one day and plugs Ortiz, a person barely meriting the term “human.” 

  • Nice teeth, it’s a shame that Officer Brennan didn’t get a chance to curb stomp them out. 

  • Anonymous

    This is why I legally carry a cocked and locked .45 with 230 grn hollow points….

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    NYPD – New York Police are quite good. Philly police under police chief Frank Rizzo in the 60s early 70s were also great. 

    Stay strong kinsmen and never lose hope. We have lots of great White guys like NYPD  Officer Kevin Brennan. I’m down on most things Irish – including my Irish ex-wife Joan from Manchester England (the Irish have flooded Merry Old England) but I must admit that these Irish American NYPD cops are really great. 

    Thanks Officer Kevin Brennan – we wish you a full recovery and the Latin Kings will be soon taken down.

  • Oil Can Harry

    “The brazen gangbanger blew an air kiss and said ‘I love you’ back before he was bent over and shoved into the back seat.”

    Due to his upcoming prison term this won’t be the last time he’ll be bent over…

  • Well being from NYC, I can tell you that the Latin kings are quite a problem. This group is defended by the usual suspects, do you know that a contingent evens marches in the Puerto Rican day parade ?  I know who these individuals really are, but alot people here in NYC do not, a great many think there just undervedly the target of the police. Latin Kings figure heavly in the crime stats.

    Now that this Ortiz has brought out the Latin Kings by shouting and such, maybe just maybe, the usefull idiots here in NY, will figure out that the Laten Kings are not a Hispanic civic organization like the Kiwanis, or the Rotarians, but nothing more than a group of among the lowest scum this city has to offer.


  • Anonymous

    This young man and his supporters are all part of the rich cultural tapestry that makes New York such an exciting and vibrant place to live, don’t you know???

  • Don’ t execpt that to happen, while it’s true that large busts go on all the time  against these vermin, they have yet to admit in public that the Latin Kings are a problem. In my area of Queens, the neibourhood in which I grew up in has become heavly populated by PRs, they now have gangs there,  though as of yet, it is not that bad, it will get bad, simply because of constrants put on the NYPD, for instance, in a large Playground near where I live ( One a know very well, and played in the 60s as a boy, in the early 70s I played Pop Warner Football there, and yes in the late 70s and throughout the 80s hung out and drank beer, no low life punks where we ) in the Summer a large gather of hispanics was broken up one night, the Police suspected a Latin Kings Intiation night was in progress, all the cops did was arrest, a few but dispered the rest, like wise in Prospect Park, Brooklyn the same deal. Thats all they can do right, now in known cases that are being investigated, they of course make mass arrests, but like everything else in this country, they just can’t arrest them where ever they are seen in found, this holds true with all criminal groups, from the Italian mafia down to individuals” know to police”, its a game thats played. Started by shysters, for their own inrichment, not for a sense of justice.

    BUT what would be the ideal method in dealing with ALL gangs, no matter there ethnicity, and no matter there age ? I think you know the correct answer.

  • Just remember that Ron Paul is not the one who pulled the trigger.  Paul can think anything he wants to, and no cops are harmed in the thinking of those thoughts.  Very different from your boy Ortiz with his phone-book sized rap sheet.  Don’t worry – he would kill you just as quick as he tried to kill the cop.  Fortunately for us, the black blood in his veins made him screw up the attempt.

    • Anon

      What is with the “your boy Ortiz”????  Where did I say anything good about that black thug?  I am not talking about Ron Paul pulling the trigger and not Ortiz!

      All I said is that RP is sticking up for the damn illegals and legal immigrants in this country and calls us SCAPEGOATING them!   Ortiz I am sure is one of those “immigrants” or his parents were. This is what we will get even more of because of the thinking of RP!  He isn’t going to close the borders or send back ONE illegal!

      That is what I am talking about! Read before you post.

      • Guys, Ortiz is a Puerto Rican, and you know what that means, right ? that means he is an American citizen. they are not IMMIRGRANTS in the very strictest sense of the word, I know it only a matter of wording. As such HE’S beyond reproach, as a native New Yorker I have heard it a thousand times from PRs where’re just as American as you ! well anytime you will hear Puerto Rican say this, you can thank those short sighted idiots way back when who made Puerto Rico, a part of the U.S. which it is, it may not be a state, but it is a part of America.

        • Here’s more info, Every single year in September, comes time for the Puerto Rican Day parade, and during this time the Puerto Rican Flag gets unfurled and displayed, more that it does throughout the rest of the year ( You still it alot), here in NYC you will see them allover the place, alot of the times festooning motor vehicals, and every year the arguments start, WHY ? and the replys are we Americans we showing pride in where we come from Puerto Rico is part of the United States, nobody says nothing when Texans fly there state flag BLAH,BLAH, BLAH we fought in Wars BLAH,BLAH,BLAH,  and of course that all time favorite,YOUR  A RACSIST, YOUR  A  HATER !

          But to most leval headed  New Yorkers, ( Naturally of the non liberal bent, and yes this would include alot of normal decent  Black New Yorkers, and dare I say quite a few of totaly assimilated Puerto Ricans, these being ones whos families that have been here 50-60 years or more( I,ve personaly met and know a few these Puerto Ricans, they just don’t go into that sort of thing ) view this display as a national pride thing, and not so much as a ethnic pride, one might see at say the Von Steuben , or Saint Paddies day parade or the other ethnic day parades, here yo will those flages in and around where the parades are, with the PR one its all over the place, and as mention is not something that gets busted out in large numbers only one time of the year, it is to a very great degree a year round thing.

  • That,s a fact Jack ! people from England, and Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and most of Northern Germany to include Hannover, and for that matter Danes and Norwegians, are kinsman, being relate by blood in the majorty of cases ” Thumbs-up”

  • Anonymous

    The perp gets free room, free board, free medical care, and the chance to associate with his jailhouse friends  for the rest of his natural life courtesy of the taxpayer. They call it justice for some reason in the states. 

  • Yea, but in the movie Starchamber Douglas’ charactor reverts back to his own mealy mouth shyster self at the end of the Movieand goes after the star guys to shut them down, even as those two guys he let go earlier in the abdution case proved not to be the guys involved, they did in the end try to kill Douglas in an unrelated incident towards the end right, and it still din’t change his mind.

    Having said that, the courts will do what they always do, nothing, I mean this is Fucking New York right ? the template for all the liberal, progressive garbage that we now have,in so many ways the birthplace of this thought, nothing can get done in the whole country as a matter fact, the courts will see too that. 

  • Mike Flores

    First off I love the unbiased journalist who at no point in this article does he not interject his own feelings or personal point of view.
    Second of all what does it matter if this guy is PR, black or whatever ethnic group you want to classify him in? He could be Irish, Italian or Dutch , I wouldn’t want him living anywhere near me.
    Third I am by no means defending or rationalizing this animals actions but the one thing that is rarely considered is the fashion in whih policemen terrorize and abuse their authority in some of these neighborhoods. There is only so many times that you can be stopped for no reason, patted down and made to give detailed information of where you’re going to or where you’ve been. There comes a point that even the most passive of men will begin building up a hate for the degradation and outright humiliation that some, not all, but some of these men with badges force citizens who they have taken an oath to serve and protect.
    And before the bombardment of comments start flying my way. The truth of the matter is you will not and cannot understand unless at some point in your life you have been in compatible circumstances.