Immigrants Must Earn £31k . . . Or Go

Emily Ashton, The Sun, February 2, 2012

Foreigners working in Britain will be kicked out after five years if they earn less than £31,000 a year.

Immigration Minister Damian Green is to unveil the radical plan today.

In a speech to an influential think tank, he will say non-EU migrants must prove they are “the brightest and best” if they want to stay.

Under current rules, skilled workers such as nurses and chefs who have been allowed in on work visas are entitled to apply for permanent residency after five years.

But Mr Green will tell the Policy Exchange group: “We will end the assumption settlement is an option for all.

“Instead, we will accord it to the brightest and best.”

He is drawing up plans for a minimum salary of between £31,000 and £49,000 on the recommendation of Home Office advisers.

It would be the first time an income hurdle has been set for migrants who want to stay. Each year about 60,000 in skilled jobs win the right to permanent settlement. The Migration Advisory Committee says a £35,000 pay threshold would cut the figure to 20,000.

Mr Green will say: “We need to know not just that the right numbers of people are coming here, but that the right people are coming here.

“People who will benefit Britain, not just those who will benefit by Britain.”

He will also outline a separate entry route for top musicians, artists and actors.

The Coalition has pledged to cut net migration from 242,000 to “tens of thousands”.

It has announced a cap on non-EU citizens and crackdowns on sham marriages and bogus students.

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  • kielderdam

    Probably more than £31,000 – a top end merc, or bmw, or audi, or range rover demands it.

  • Foreigners working in Britain will be kicked out after five years if they earn less than £31,000 a year.

    I’m sure they’ll really hire auditors to do audits to make sure they’re really being paid that much.  If this plan is implemented and even as much as one person is deported for not making enough money, I will personally kiss the Queen.

  • Anonymous

    Damian Green’s proposals are pointless. By EU law, any European citizen can come to live and work in the UK, regardless of their salary. This will only affect non-EU migrants – which are a minority of the total number of foreigners who come here. Our Coalition Government says it wants to limit immigration to the ‘tens of thousands’ – this won’t happen, because there is no limit on the number of European citizens allowed to come and live and work here, and that includes the considerable number of non-white, non-christian EU nationals. As far as crackdowns on sham marriages are concerned, all you need to do is be an EU citizen and marry a non-EU citizen anywhere in the EU, and, hey presto, the non-EU citizen becomes eligible to live and work in the UK; this is a recognised form of fraudulent entry into the UK, and there is nothing that the Government can do about it. As far as bogus ‘students’ are concerned, there may be something that the government can do about this – but considering that the majority of bogus ‘students’ are Islamic, it depends upon the Government having the courage to follow words with action. Don’t hold your breath.

    There is literally nothing we can do to stop the mass immigration into the UK unless we withdraw from the Soviet Brussels machine, then halt immigration completely. After that, engage in a meaningful deportation programme – and withdraw from all “Human Rights” legislation if necessary to achieve those aims. 

    • Anonymous

      I was going to make this very point.  Glad you came first because you made it better than I would have.

  • Anonymous

    More than I do!

  • Will they now have to report their real incomes on their income tax forms?

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope so.

  • Anonymous

    This could backfire.

    Non-white immigrants could claim they weren’t being hired for jobs that pay enough for them to stay. They scream racism and demand their base pay (regardless of the job) fulfills the requirement.

  • Only the honest ones will leave, the others will just stay on with no fear of actually being made to leave.

  • crystal evans

    31,000 pounds is equivalent to 
    49,021.52 USD.

  • Anonymous

    More spin….this policy will not be enforced enough to make ANY difference.

    Just like in The United States Of Ameritard, Party D and Party R put on a show to placate the Ameritard population……meaningful immigration reforms………..nope.

  • Let the phony cries of ‘racism’ begin.

    And ignore them.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you believe it.
    I state here, with absolute confidence, that this rule will never be enforced and will be ignored and quietly forgotten.
    The fact is this – the vast majority of third world immigrants are in low paid, low productivity service employment, if they work at all (around half exist on welfare).It’s been that way for years and no one has ever done a thing about it.
    They definitely won’t start now.The fact is the vast bulk of them are incapable of doing anything else, various legal wrangles and ‘human rights’, cowardice and ‘keeping good relations with the commonwealth and that up and coming superpower, India’, will stop any meaningful action.
    It’s pure grandstanding and politicking.Mark my words.

  • Anonymous

    So they will be given 5 years ‘before they are kicked out’.
    Loophole spotted already.
    All they need to do is marry and have children within that time period, and under ‘human rights legislation’ they simply will not be deported.They will stay for good, eventually be given citizenship and can be relied upon to bring over elderly parents and granparents whom will be ‘entitled’ to welfare.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, right. Why don’t they just go ahead and outlaw bad weather while they’re at it?

    I will tell you right now that the total number of people deported under this proposal will be zero. Anyone want to bet against me?

  • Anonymous

    Strangely enough, the Immigration Act of 1971 supposedly prohibited ‘non-skilled’ immigration way back then, it included a proviso that work permits for non-skilled work were to be strictly limited, if not unavailable.
    Curious to note that since 1971 the numbers of third worlders doing unskilled jobs in the UK has exploded at least tenfold.

  • Anonymous

    The source of all Evil is the Devil, not the EU. Nevertheless, The EU is bad for Britain. The EU allows for the influx of immigrants which is not sustainable as in terms of public services, as well as changing the unique character of so many of our cities. The EU is also, of course, a beaurocrat’s wet dream – what with it’s 100,000+ pages of rules and regulations.
    As for EU immigrants all being highly educated (Brain surgeon’s working as Taxi drivers etc), this is one of the biggest cliches put forward by the pro-immigrant crowd. One gets tired of hearing it. It is also completely untrue. If it were true, there wouldn’t be any Professional people left in Europe. I know people who work with European immigrants, and the vast majority of them are not educated beyond high school – just like most UK workers, in fact.
    As for British citizens going to work in Europe, the number of people who have actually done so is so small as to be virtually insignificant. Why do you think that is?. Would it be the fact that jobs in Poland or Lithuania pay only a fraction of what the same, or similar, job pays in the UK. There is not even a significant movement of UK citizens to Germany, the EU’s richest nation with pay similar, or even better, than the UK.

    As for EU immigrants representing only a minority of the immigration pool, what figures have you been reading?. All the ones I’ve read suggest otherwise, which is why any talk of meaningful immigration policy reform is pointless without renegotiatiing our position within the EU. Though I would grant that we “have absolutely no clue” (to quote former Home Secretary David Blunket) as to the total number of immigrants who have arrived on our shores – but this is due to illegal immigration. Another serious problem that we need to sort out.
    Having said all that, the fact remains that Damian Green’s proposals won’t stop a single one of Europe’s 350,000,000+ people from coming to live and work in the UK – even if said immigrant worker is only earning minimum wage, never mind £31K.
    I agree with your comment about Islam, though.