Foreign Mums Are Leading Baby Boom

Oxford Mail, February 2, 2012

New figures for Oxford reveal that close to half of all births were to non-UK mothers.

Population statistics for 2010 show that 47 per cent of babies were to mothers born outside the UK, compared to the national average of 26 per cent.

Oxford City Council‘s report shows the city’s annual birth rate has risen by 40 per cent in less than a decade.

Figures also show the number of babies born to UK-born mothers living in Oxford has remained almost unchanged over the last 10 years.

The report by Mark Fransham, the city council’s social research officer, is based on data from the Office of National Statistics.

Mr Fransham said: “The UK birth rate has been rising since 2002, the result of an increase in the number of women of child bearing age, driven by international immigration and a rise in births per woman.”

In 2006, births in Oxford to mothers born outside the UK was 34 per cent. The 2010 figure was 47 per cent. Countywide a quarter of all births were to non-UK mums.

A breakdown shows the highest group of non-UK born mothers in the city were from Asia, making up 17 per cent of the Oxford births.

Babies born to Asian mums rose from 170 in 2001 to 354 in 2010, while the total from the EU more than doubled to 13 per cent.

African born mothers made up eight per cent and the rest of Europe three per cent.

Babies born to UK-born Oxford residents remained stable changing from 1,045 out of a total of 1,505 in 2001 to 1,103 out of 2,100 in 2010. The figures are based on mothers with Oxford addresses.

Mr Fransham said: “Oxford has always been a diverse, international city attracting people from all over the world.”

County Hall said it was already focusing on creating additional school places in the city.

Paul Smith, spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council, said: “It is true that there are a large number of pupils who do not speak English as a first language within Oxford.

“While it is true to say that this will always have an impact on educational attainment, it cannot be used as an excuse.”

At the 2001 Census, Oxford’s resident population was estimated to be 134,248. By 2010 it had risen to about 153,700.

Jolanta Oamen decided to take a break from her university studies in Poland to learn English in Oxford.

She married, has a three-year-old son Oliver, a home in Greater Leys and is now running her own child minding business.

The 30-year-old, of Elder Way, said: “When I first arrived I hardly saw anybody from Poland. Now you see Polish people all the time. I can recognise them before even hearing them speak.

“Most Polish people who come here, I think, want careers. They want to stay a few years and then go back.”

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  • It’s good about Poles. About Asians, Africans…well, not so good.

    • William Cutting

      Take a look at the picture in the original article, you will change your mind.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you mean when you say that it’s good about Poles, but I have to disagree a bit. I know quite a lot about this as I live in Poland but I’m not Polish. Everyone here has a brother, cousin, neighbor etc. who has gone to work in the UK or Ireland in the last 8 years (since Poland joined the European Union). They go because of the money they can make there vs. the money they can make here & that’s it. The vast majority have no intention whatsoever of integrating into English/British/Irish culutre and indeed there is no need to since they can easily live a “Polish life” there. They can live there for years and never get beyond a very basic level of English. They can buy from Polish shops, go to a Polish language church and any number of businesses, especially banks, advertise their services to them in Polish. Anyway, I mention this because the reason I disagree that their mass immigration to the UK is a good thing is because it’s just one more group to make the English feel that they don’t live in their own country anymore. Racially, yes, I’ll take Poles over Pakis but at the end of the day they are still just the lighter-complexioned part of a tidal wave that has washed away part of the greatest European people and culture.

  • Anonymous

    Oxford is an ancient and beautiful city. It is being changed beyond all recognition due to mass immigration and multi-culturalism. The Labour Party sit back and rub their hands with the usual spiteful satisfaction that is such a common feature of the Political Left. After all, they let it happen. Our Coalition Government won’t lift a finger to do anything about it because they are not inclined to and in thrall of the UK’s mainstream liberal media.  

  • Anonymous

    That’s one in four.  How many of their mothers and/or fathers make over 31k per year?

    Here’s just one of the caveats that will be included to keep these people in the UK.  We just can’t separate families, and well, these young people are citizens!  So they all have to stay.

  • Anonymous

    How did you study at Cambridge?  I thought we were all supposed to be idiots…..

    (sarcasm off)

  • Anonymous

    Any alien group in a nation that keeps increasing its births to the point where the offspring can ‘t be adequately cared for should be targeted for deportation, because there’s no greater indication of irresponsibility than that one factor alone.

    But, I’m betting the inanely ambitious big wigs in the corporate world very much like having a huge population of uneducated peons to work for starvation wages in order to enrich themselves further.   And the government likes them, because they represent tax units.

    The EU was formed with the intention of deriving more taxes and more consumers from warm bodies no matter who they were, so long as the elites were getting wealthier and more powerful from them. 

    With all the extra peon labor and additional taxes the EU architects expected to realize,  they were sure they would amount to a powerhouse that would be greater than the good old  US of A.

    But the last laugh is on them. 

    Their multicultural scheme has backfired.  The country is threatening to go belly up financially and the restless immigrants they imported are all in or near riot mode and are waiting their chance to set all of Europe ablaze.

    An outside enemy force couldn’t have destroyed the West as easily as they are destroying themselves.

    It won’t be long now till the fireworks begin in earnest. 

  • Anonymous

    William should have married an Arab Muslim to legitimize his claim to the throne of the soon to be Ignited Kingdom.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And that’s only the half of it.
    Tere are at least as many second and third generation immigrants in Britain as there are newcomers.If you factor in their contribution, the proportion of birhs to third world stock probably exceeds 50%. 

  • Anonymous

    As an actual fact, the indigenous British haven’t reproduced at replacement level since at least 1972.
    I’d wager that their TFR is below that of ethnic Germans.
    ALL of Britain’s elevated fertility is due to immigration.

  • Anonymous

    It’s true that generally immigrants contribute to higher fertility rates, more so in Britain than in France or the Nordic countries. Let’s look at the UK since it’s the case you cite and it’s also the country with the largest immigrant population. The Pakistanis and the Bangladeshi do have high fertility rates, but it is falling not rising.
    Bangladeshi women in the UK overall now have a TFR of slightly more than 3 and Pakistani women slightly less than 3 and it’s still falling. Overall, those two ethnicities contribute less than 4% of total births in England and Wales,a percentage that has ben stable in this decade. The increase in the percentage of births attribuable to immigrants is in fact largely because of European immigration.

    As for the White British population, TFR has until recently been in the 1.7-1.8 range. We won’t know for sure until the 2011 census but as I argue in the post, the uptick in the TFR in recent years will be largely attribuable to an end to birth postponement in the white population.