Government Aims to Hire More Minorities

The Local, February 1, 2012

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has unveiled a formal programme designed to increase the number of minorities in public service, calling integration “more urgent than ever.”

Merkel announced a “National Action Plan” at an integration summit in Berlin on Tuesday where more than 100 federal, state and provincial officials gathered to discuss how to attract more people from minority backgrounds into government service.

Although roughly 20 percent of people in Germany are considered to be foreigners or of minority background—but they make up only about 10 percent of public service positions.

Federal officials say there have been significant increases in the number of police and teachers of minority backgrounds in the last few years, but hard numbers are unavailable.

Merkel said government agencies would start setting binding hiring targets and unveiled a new internet portal designed to encourage young people of minority background to go into public service.

“We must become more binding, we have to be clear in our aims,” she said.

But the Green and Left parties said Merkel had taken few concrete steps to improve integration in Germany.

Sevim Dagdelen, the Left’s migration policy spokeswoman in the Bundestag said the summit would “hardly change anything,” saying the government was trying to “divert attention” from failed integration policies.

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  • Gavrick

    I for one welcome more incompetent “Beamters.”  It would be great to replace competent, efficient, intelligent accountants at the Finanzamt with low IQ Africans and Turks.  Perhaps one would have more success at cheating at one’s taxes!

  • Magnum Force

    If Germany needs immigration, try an Aunschluss with Austria.

  • Anonymous

    This is what Merkel meant when she said that multiculturalism was a failure. She was saying that multiculturalism was a sort of de facto segregation and that the multikulti era in German racial relations is over. Now is the time for integration.


    Seems they have much yet to learn.

  • I vote for none of the above.  Both Germany’s general population and Germany’s public employees should be virtually 100% German.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know how you could live in Europe today without thinking the Nazis look better and better every day.  It sounds blasphemous to say it, but at least there would be a place for Whites.  Especially the Brits; I bet there’s a sizable number wishing they could have a modern-day Operation Sea Lion.  They probably wouldn’t resist this time.

    • I have to remark on this.  I’m sorry but I just must.

      For me, Nazi is Not Evil nor “blasphemous”.  For me, many more people have done much much worse.

      For me, a Nazi is but a Soldier.  A Soldier, like Any Soldier, who LOVES their Country, their People and Unlike Many, are Willing to Kill and Die for him/her (Country) and them (their people).

      What happened in Germany, The Civil War, they’re callin’.

      “Hunger was The Daily Companion of The German Worker and I, like others’, lost all I had possessed.  So, I Joined The National Socialist Party!” From a Starving German In Germany – The Color of War (I think) Part Two, within the first few minutes.

      Yankee comes across a Child Man (a boy, fourteen, fifteen) and the Yank says “Boy, what you doin’ here?” and The Confederate says “’cause ya’lls here.” – and that’s that. – Shelby Foote – The Civil War – I cain’t remember which part.  Mostly, I cain’t stand to watch it.

      • Anonymous

        Not every Nazi was a soldier, and not every soldier was a Nazi.  Most of the individual Wehrmacht soldiers fought for Germany.  SS troops fought for the party, the ideology.  They may have paid lip service to the Fatherland but their first loyalty was to the Swastika. 

        I understand your point and I’m not dismissing it out of hand, but what exactly do you think is “much much worse” than ethnic cleansing? The biggest mistake lovers of power always make is they assume it can’t or won’t be turned against them.
        We’re seeing the ugly side of the budding police state growing right here at home.  The Dept. of Homeland Security that was created to protect us from the threat abroad is now becoming increasingly paranoid and looking to ferret out the threat at home.  It fears that Constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters, disgruntled veterans, and you and I Stephanie, pose a serious threat to the integrity of the state.  It must justify its budget, after all.  Secretary Napolitano is always reminding us “if you see something, say something.” 
        “First they came for the communists…”  Niemoller initially welcomed the rise of Hitler as he wasn’t ideologically that far from the Nazis, but he eventually spoke out against them and it earned him an eight year stay in the camps.  Zealots leave little room for dissent.

        • Is this to me or to Guest?

          If it’s to me, let me just say this:  I believe in Dissent or as I call it, Free Speech, just not the kind that takes your Country and People and turns them into something they were never meant to be.

          DHS – You mean Our New Found “Right” to have Our Right to be Free from Illegal Search and Seizure Violated and Pay for it too DHS?

          • Anonymous

            It was to you.  What you describe there is not dissent, it’s subversion and not only should we oppose it we should label the enablers amongst us as traitors.  That’s somewhere we can definitely agree, as I see we also can on DHS.

            Funny thing…did you notice both our comments were removed and we were renamed “Guest”? Whoever is doing this should make the likes disappear too or folks who read this website are gonna wonder what’s going on when the highest rated comments on the site disappear.

            Amren needs to stop being scared and trying to pretend that communicating like polite, well-mannered Southern aristocrats of a bygone time is going to make a whit of difference in whether or not our ideas are accepted.  They already accuse us of “speaking in code” as it is.  What’s all this going to change?

            The censorship on this site (sorry Mod, that’s what it is) really bothers me and has been the biggest obstacle to me opening up my wallet to contribute to it.  The Powers That Be aren’t going to make nice with us if we water down our message, any more than Hispanics are going to put Romney stickers on the bumpers of their cars if he panders to the La Raza lobby.  Wiping language that makes the squeamish twist in their seats off this site isn’t going to change things in our favor.

            So maybe we should just be free to say what we mean as long as it’s well-reasoned and articulated and let the chips fall where they may? 

          • Dear This_Name,

            I wondered what happened to my post.

            I’m not advocating for “nazism”, I’m just saying, hey, no one is innocent here.  That’s all.

            What I describe, well, it’s hard for me to put pen to paper, EXACTLY what I mean.

            I want Americans to Be Proud, NOT be willing to tone down our Culture because immigrants are “offended” and I want Americans to be counted First in America.  I see nothing wrong with this.

            If Amren doesn’t want me here, I guess I’ll go away.  I don’t want to.  I get My Strength here.  I like to post on a Liberal Website and Amren is my place to go when they start calling me “racist” ’cause I can get actual acts of racism to post in response.

            Also, you know, Amren has always Censored.  I personally find it to be odious given “We” are a Nation based First, on Free Speech and what gets me is, Free Speech is First but no one seems to understand why it is so.

            I know I myself, have a real way of stating things where it could stand some change.  I could definitely give a little more definition to my meanings and I could even soften it a little.  It would make it more “acceptable”….but on the other hand,

            Sometimes, you just gotta state it and make No Bones about it.

  • What people tend to dismiss I fear, is Human Nature.

    People who find themselves Eaten out of House and Home do tend to Fight Back.  They have No Choice.  I Eat or You Eat.  Since it is I who Belong and you who does not, it will be I who Eats.  It’s just so Basic.

    Why people can’t see this is Truly, beyond me.  I mean really, are you really going to just hand over your last bits to people who share not Language, Ethnicity, Religion, Ethics, Morals, Traditions or Values rather than giving it to your own?  I believe the Human Answer is a Solid NO!

  • My post was meant to say:

    You can’t just deny your own People.  You just can’t.  Where will they go, who will Employ them, who will House them, who will Feed them, who will take care of them when they get old?

    If Germany doesn’t belong to Germans then where do Germans Belong?

  • John Smith

    What minorities are there in Germany besides Turks?

  • Anonymous

    This decision will mark further deterioration in the German state just as has happened in Britain.

    But I’m of the opinion it will not have long enough to play out to cause much real change, because Germany is just now beginning to experience a few cracks in its financial situation brought about by numerous social payments to refugees and third world importations.

    As soon as Greece defaults, Portugal, Spain and Ireland won’t be too far behind.  And, during all that tumultuous upheaval Germany will be experiencing revenue shortfalls as well.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    So the Germans have apparently taken a page out of the playbook of US Democrats – government exists for the purpose of giving minorities jobs and in doing so you get a loyal voter for life. Look for the Germans to start doing studies to ensure that the Lower Bavaria Department of Street Sweeping has hired enough left-handed red headed handicapped Bhuddist lesbian Eskimos to reflect a workforce that “looks like Germany”.

  • Anonymous

     The Asian countries are not dominated by the Israeli lobby as are the western countries.

  • Anonymous

    “…realizing we may have been lied to…”

    We were.  Check out Churchill, Hitler and The Unnecessary War by Pat Buchanan.  Eye opening alternative view on things to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    Agree completely.  I am a race realist; I am most certainly not a White nationalist.  I don’t reject them out of hand, I’ve just read enough history to know that eventually “they point the cannon at you, lawd.”

    So, it ain’t me.  Not long ago the K would have strung me up next to the Blacks for being a “Papist.”

  • Anonymous

    …”when America fought the Nazis they were “racist” themselves…..”

    I think there is some big differences in degree and methods of dealing with it.  Simplifying an issue like this is easy to do, but unless you are a mental midget, or live in a cave, some red flag qualifiers ought to pop up immediately.

    Could it be that there is a middle ground where whites can love their whiteness and their national origin as it relates to themselves as the true natives, or does it have to mean that we must go about and murder everyone who isn’t like us?

    • Marcy Fleming

      Translate your wordsalad into english. The Nazis never went around murdering everyone they disagreed with. Stop peddling that lying WW2
      Soviet-promoted agit-prop.

      • Anonymous

         I am not responsible for your inability to think dimensionally, critically, or other than the strings of babble and screwed historical references. 

        You need more help at articulate thought than I or blathering on this site is going to provide you with.

        As for you ordering me to do what you wish, you know what you can do with your advice.  Take it your self and take it hard and deep.

  • Anonymous

    Doing the same undesirable thing over and over while expecting desirable results shows a complete disconnect from reality and some categorize such behavior as a form of insanity.

    It’s bad enough when an individual does it to themself but when a politician does it to a whole country, perhaps it’s time to retire and let another have the reigns.

  • Marcy Fleming

    This is the same idiot Merkel who bemoaned the total failure of multiculturalism last year and who puts people in prison for disputing the Shoah Business racket !
    Why would she have any credibility at all ?