UWA Academic Farida Fozdar Told ‘Go Back to Your Own Country’

Linda Parri, Perth Now, January 27, 2012

Brunei-born University of WA Professor Farida Fozdar, who moved to Australia when she was seven, said she was shocked by the national reaction to her study which also spread as far India and the United States.

“Some emails have been quite polite and I’ve been able to reply and we’ve actually had quite a positive interaction out of it which, I really really value,” Professor Fozdar said.

“But some are straight out lots of swear words and suggesting that I should go back to where I came from.

“I’ve also had a couple of emails from people implying that I’m the Grinch that killed Christmas and that now nobody is going to fly a flag because they think it shows that they’re racist.”

Professor Fozdar, a sociologist and anthropologist, said that although the study was reported “relatively accurately” in the media, some people have misinterpreted its findings.

“What has struck me most is that the media has reported the research relatively accurately in most cases, perhaps apart from some headlines, but people have taken it up in the wrong way,” Professor Fozdar said.

“People have taken it as though I was saying that anyone who flies a flag on their car for Australia Day is racist and that flying the flag generally is a racist thing to do and that certainly wasn’t what I was saying.”

Professor Fozdar said the study revealed flag-flyers were significantly less positive about Australia’s ethnic diversity than “non-flag flyers” but that the attitude is not shared by all Australians.

“The fact that there were significant differences doesn’t mean that everybody who flys the flag feel negative towards minorities but it means that a larger proportion of them did compared with people that weren’t flying flags,” she said.

Professor Fozdar said many people ignored her findings that the majority of both flag-flyers and non-flag flyers, interviewed by her research team, felt positive about Australia’s ethnic diversity.

“But that’s not what gets picked up by people,” she said.

“That statistic was there, in a lot of media reports, but people took out of it that I’m saying they shouldn’t fly a flag for Australia Day because it’s racist and that we shouldn’t celebrate Australia Day.

“That was just nowhere in the research and so that is what has surprised me.”

Professor Fozdar said that in light of the media attention, she was amused to notice some vehicles sporting unusually large flags on Australia Day.

“And I couldn’t help but take it as a message,” she laughed.

Farida Fozdar

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  • La Santa Hermandad

    Farida dahling,
    IF you moved to Australia when you were seven, the Australian flag is also YOUR flag. If you can’t see it that way then I suggest that maybe you’d feel much more accepted back in the Punjab.

    • The Aussie Flag was never, will never, could never be her Flag.

      You cannot just move around and “be one”.  This goes for White People too.  An Irish cannot move to Germany and say, okay, now I’m German!  No.

      Please pardon me but I just don’t go for this, ‘here I am so therefore I am’ bit.

      • I’ve always said, ethnicity trumps geography. I always use the Andretti family of auto racing fame, to illustrate my point.

        Mario and his twin brother Aldo Andretti, were born in Italy, in the northern region, I believe. They emigrated to America, where they became U.S. citizens. Mario’s son Michael was born in Nazareth, PA and Aldo’s son John was born in Bethlehem, PA. That made them U.S. citizens, of course. It did not eliminate their Italianism. They’re just as Italian as their fathers are.

  • No matter how many *racist symbols of sovereignty we choose to display, it does’t seem to have any affect on the amount of ‘new Australians’ arriving or wanting to come here. 

    *If not racist, then in liberal speak “showing a higher inclination to xenophobic ideals”.

    The truth is the majority of our immigrants are legal ones .i.e. the Government let them in, and there’s been an official push for the last twenty years to re brand Australia away from the feisty Anglo-Saxon ANZAC soldiers image, into the “we’re a nation of immigrants” image, its a battle of attrition, but thankfully us antipodeans are a stubborn lot .

    You notice that ‘culture’ is shoved down our throats as the only intangible positive that comes from hosting a new alien peoples, yet preserving the hosts culture (even including nationalistic symbols) apparently means squat. 
    I guess the new arrivals feel more comfortable and contribute more, when they’re not reminded in anyway of where exactly they’ve actually relocated to (hate the people and the nation, but love the prosperity and the multitude of rights that they’ve instantly gained).

    Finally, you’ve got to love it when someone from ‘Brunei’ lectures the locals on racism.

    • Make no mistake about it, they’re after your Country, Your People and You.

      They really do believe they’ve won and have to a VERY REAL Degree.  How else does one get the nerve to move to a Host Country and then proceed to bash the Natives without Fear of Consequence but worse, get away with it?

  • For one to Wave India’s Flag in India is NOT a problem but an underlying one when it is Australians Waving Australian Flags in Australia?

    Do people have a choice as to whether they get to pick and choose whose class they attend ’cause the best way to get rid of this raving Third World Moron is to ensure she gets no business/students.

    • Wishful thinking. But guess what, despite your wish, the fact is a complete antithesis!

      • Child,

        You, I and everyone unfortunate enough to be around, will find out the Very Hard, Very Cold, Very Evil and Extremely Intolerant way of how Truth really is.

        I mean, you think The Nazi’s were bad?  Wait.  Just wait.  Whites/Germans/Nazi’s have NOTHING on the likes of the Non-Whites.

        I fear, you will Rue the Day you Cursed The White Man.  Understand this to mean:

        White is not your problem.  Non-Whites, once we’re gone, will Focus ENTIRELY on you not counting muslims that is.

        Muslims want you first and you, you are not bright enough to see, it is White People and ONLY White People, who would even bother to save your sorry ass.

    • Anonymous

      No, they would just give her some course to teach that was a requirment for graduation that everyone had to take.

      She isn’t, and will never be, Australian.  Australia was a country built by British people.  Other European peoples may be able to assimilate but non-Europeans, never.

      • College never was needed if People really want to know.

        Intelligence is there or it is not and this is why some people can figure out while others cannot.

        There was a Time when “Education” did not Exist yet we did.  Brutal yes, but Alive.  From there, White People have done nothing but Go Forward and this, this was mostly done without a lick of Formal Education AND, it Speaks Loudly, to the Level of our Intelligence, Compassion, Generosity, Forgiveness and Teaching of and to others.

        I mean to say, We Grew with no one telling us how.  We Set the Way.

        Australia and British – Thank You for this piece of Information.  It is People like you from whom I get sort of Information from and I Trust it, Depend upon it and Treasure it.  Thank You.

        I mean, I’m no Expert in Old History.  I’m not an Expert in anything.  I’m just an American who will be damned if I sit idly by and watch My Country and People be quashed and then promptly squashed without so much as a whimper.

        • Anonymous

          An admirable sentiment Stephanie.
          When we discover our identity and become aware of the threat to our race it then becomes our lifelong duty to awaken others.
          The difficulty is education. Persuasion is very difficult and despite old wives tales about it being a talent you are born with, in fact it is a skill aquired through study and practice. Yes it is easy to persuade someone who has an inclination to subject of your persuasion. However it is extremely difficult to persuade someone against their current beliefs. More so when the ideas were aquired in childhood. This is the reason the filthy Marxists focus on our children.
          I really appreciate Amren, Jarred Taylor and all the guys. However I have become convinced that talk and politics will not save us. As time goes by and the odds against us increase then democratic politics will be used to oppress us, never liberate.

          • I COMPLETELY agree.  COMPLETELY.

            life long – I’m in.  I cannot allow My Precious Race to just die.

            skill acquired – I agree.  I post mostly on Politico and for just about, since they were Born, kicked off twice but, I keep trying.

            As to your point, you’re Right.  I can write as much Fact and Double Standard as I want BUT, not a bit of it is absorbed but I always thought that was due to the way I write.  My writing is Cold, Hard, Intolerant and Unforgiving.  It puts people off.

            talks/politics not save – Again, I agree.  Outside of Bloody War alone, I see no change.  Well, I see change but nothing we want.

          • I forgot to say:

            American Renaissance and others like them do a GREAT Service to White People.

            Anytime you find yourself up against an Anti-White person, use what they supply us with.  This information is Gold!

  • Anonymous

    In Brunei, what kind of reception would a female Aussie-born academic get if she came to the conclusion that the people of Brunei were racist for displaying symbols of their nation?

    I mean, after the Shariah police finished, um, “talking” to her about it.

  • Anonymous

    The same claim was made about the St. George flag in the UK being perceived as racist by non-Brits. In the US, a young boy was asked to remove an American flag from his bike because it was perceived as antagonizing Hispanics.

    Professor Fozdar said the study revealed flag-flyers were significantly less positive about Australia’s ethnic diversity than “non-flag flyers” but that the attitude is not shared by all Australians.

    In other words, Ms. Fozdar didn’t say Aussies who displayed the flag were racists, she only implied it. See the difference?

  • Anonymous

    Patriotism and racial separatism do go hand in hand, as well they should.

  • Anonymous

    If being a racist means flying your country’s flag, standing up for the laws of your land, love your nation more than anywhere else, defending it, protecting it and wanting it to remain as it always has without being invaded by those who seek to change it, or challenge its laws…then I am racist!

  • Fozdar may not know it, but for a great many people, perception is reality. If they perceive her to be against people who fly the Australian flag, then that’s the reality of it.

    By the way, Brunei is one of those sultanate states in the Pacific Ocean, not the Punjab region of India. It’s near Indonesia.