Jay Leno & NBC Sued over Mitt Romney Joke

Deadline, January 24, 2012

Jay Leno thought he was poking gentle fun at the lifestyles of rich and famous Republican presidential candidates—Mitt Romney in particular. But last Thursday when Leno’s slide show came to a location cited as Mitt Romney’s summer home—in reality an image of the Sikh holy shrine Golden Temple in Amritsar, India—it sparked a diplomatic incident. And now, a lawsuit charging Leno and NBC with libel.

Dr. Randeep Dhillon of Bakersfield filed the suit today in Los Angeles Superior Court. On behalf of himself and BolPunjabi All Regions Community Organization, the suit charges that the broadcast was libelous on its face and exposed Sikhs and their religion to hatred, contempt and ridicule because it portrayed the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh. The suit charges that Leno’s use of the photo of the temple was intentional, deliberately false and “hurt the sentiments of all Sikh people in addition to those of the plaintiff.” The suit seeks general, special and punitive damages as well as court costs. {snip}

Separately, Sikh leader Dalbeg Singh said today community leaders would seek an apology from Leno. India’s foreign ministry said a formal complaint had been lodged with the State Department in Washington.


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  • Anonymous

    Part of genuine equality is being able to take a joke in stride.

  • Anonymous

    Most Americans wouldn’t even know what that was.  Probably thought it was a fancy palace.

  • If Our Founding Fathers’ had wanted Third World People and their Third World Ways to be here, they would have included them but they didn’t.

    East and West lie on opposite sides of the Globe and all that is Eastern is diametrically opposite of all that is Western.  To mix the two is Utterly Unnatural.

  • An Indian owns the Vatican or The Buckingham palace and uses it as his winter vacation home. Aww poor little white person, did I offend you!!! Awww.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Ms. Mendes, whether you like ethnic jokes or not, they ARE protected by the First Amendment.

      So this Sikh gentleman who filed a libel suit against Leno is clogging up our courts with a frivolous suit. He should be fined by the court and forced to pay NBC’s legal fees, if any.

  • Deal with it. Mr Dhillon is an American citizen and has just as much right as any citizen to excercise his right to free speech. What if Leno has made a joke of a rich German Christian going to the temple mount and using that synagogue as his summer vacation resort, I bet many Jews ( I’m Jewish by the way) would be up in arms and rightfully complain about the incident. The Sikhs have every right to take offense at Leno’s low IQ, blatantly idiotic joke, which is not even remotely funny except that it exposes the fat ugly Lebanese toad as the Jackass that he really is. Kronos!

    • Still afraid of The White Man you are I see.

      Pray Tell, if you Jews are so Great, Wonderful and Intelligent, why then, do ya’ll need to continually FORCE this FALSE Equality between Non-Whites and Whites?

      Please Be Honest and ADMIT how you people NEVER call Non-Whites Equal to you NOR do you allow them to have ANY of the same Rights as you.

      Double Standard anyone?

    • Anonymous

      You just proved the falacy of diversity.  The Jews never really becamse American and never should have been allowed in en masse.  The only good thing about all this is that when we go you go.  lets see you champion for more diversity in Israel. 

      If Mr. Dhillon were an American in anything more than merly citizenship he would have laughed this off.

    • Anonymous

      ” Leno’s low IQ, blatantly idiotic joke, which is not even remotely funny
      except that it exposes the fat ugly Lebanese toad as the Jackass that
      he really is.”

      And in that one statement you proved your own racism, typical liberal hypocritical double standard rot.

  • Interesting. Straight out of the Jewish eternal-victim-playbook.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t take immigrants long to “assimilate” into the culture of victimhood and using the courts as a cash machine, does it?

  • Oil Can Harry

    The $PLC would put a modern-day Rickles on their HateWatch list and demand his prosecution for “oppressing communities of color while enjoying white priviledge”.

  • Israel is keeping Israel Israel.

    I find it to be perfectly Natural to Defend your own Country and everybody does EXCEPT for Europe and his little Sister.I sure hope it’s soon that we’ll all finally come together and put an end to all this bizarre self destruction.

  • Anonymous

    Muslims and Sikhs alike have a definite lack of a sense of humour.

    And then they wonder why no one likes them.

  • Anonymous

    He is an American of Scottish and Italian decent.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad to see Ms. Mendes is back on here again lecturing us about how wonderful Indians are.  I am also glad to see someone is finally deleting her comments.  It is not that we are unable to take her on with facts, but there comes a point where people like her disrupt the atmosphere on our website when most of us would just like to discuss intellectually how the subject matter of articles dealing with Indians negatively affects white people.  Why does she spend her time on here wasting our time instead of on some Indian pride website?

  • My, my my, these Sikhs sure have grown a pair of gonads in the sac, haven’t they? To actually sue Leno over what THEY consider to be a cruelty. Then again, we are talking about the U.S. A., where Sikhs have developed the sac.

    India, where they make up a majority of the Punbab region is an entirely different matter. When Indira Gandhi was assasinated by one of her Sikh bodyguards (in retaliation for Indian troops storming a Sikh “holy shrine” that was stockpiling weapons, a year or so earlier), some Sikhs were actually stupid enough to publicly boast and crow about a Sikh killing Gandhi. The reaction was swift.

    Some 1,000 Sikhs were killed by Hindus in retaliation for Gandhi’s assasination. They were dragged off trains and buses by Hindu mobs and killed on the spot. Sikh-owned businesses were torched day and night by mobs of Hindus. Sikhs cowered like rabbits cower before the tiger.

    I don’t watch Leno anymore, but if he apologizes to this organization, then I’ll have no more respect for him. Not one scintilla.

  • Anonymous

    I think Jay should apologize but on one condition, the Sikh’s convince Cuba to take back Geraldo Rivera.