Gingrich Sends an E-mail in Spanish, Asking for Support in Iowa

Trip Gabriel, New York Times, January 2, 2011

Newt Gingrich promises to make English the official language of government, but on Monday he sent an e-mail appeal in Spanish asking for support at the Iowa caucuses.

With the subject line, “Ayudenos en Iowa,” the message continued in Spanish: “The Hispanic community is so important to the success of this campaign and you can make all the difference by making calls and getting the citizens of Iowa to vote on Jan. 3.”

It asked supporters to make phone calls from home to rally voters, explaining how to log on to the campaign’s Web site. “Please note there is a choice on top where you can switch between English and Spanish, depending on the language of the person who answers,” the message explained. Mr. Gingrich also has a Spanish version of his campaign site.


Asked if the Spanish-language appeal contradicted Mr. Gingrich’s call for English-only government transactions, a campaign spokesman said that Mr. Gingrich believes English should be the official language of the government. But he wants to communicate his message in the language of others.

“Juntos podemos reconstruir los Estados Unidos que amamos,” Mr. Gingrich’s message concludes.

“Together we can rebuild the America we love.”

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  • Herman

    If Gingrich, or any white person in the country for that manner, is hoping for cash donations from Hispanic people he will be sadly disappointed.

  • Seneca

    The phony shows his true colors like we all knew he would.  Anything to get elected, even betraying your core voting-base.

    Reminds of the Iowa man that told him to get out of the race and he was a joke.  Too true

  • Martin J.

    This is fine with me, people are free to mail campaign spam in whatever language they want. But government should be all-English and there should be no immigration of non English speakers. 

  • Gingrich has become just another shameless opportunist. At least in the past he seemed to have his own convictions;  he’s apparently dropped them all to make one final go at the presidency. 

  • Gingrich hates white people.

  • Agreed Martin. However, most of those “non-English speakers” are not” immigrants,” but illegal invaders who are not allowed to participate in our political process to begin with. That’s what makes Gingrich’s shameless hispandering all the more offensive. If  illegal invaders are not voting in our elections, then why do our traitorous politicians continue to pander to them.

    • Anonymous

      That’s where your wrong thomas. Illegal invaders DO vote in our elections!

      • Of course illegal invaders are voting in our elections! I was using cynicism to make my point. Said another way, why would our politicians continue to pander to illegal invaders unless they were getting votes in return.

  • This proves that Iowa’s Hispanic population is growing quickly, if a Republican (!) running for President thinks he can garner turnout to Republican caucuses with campaign literature in Spanish.  And, this NPR story states that immigration is on the minds of IA GOPers:

    If they do their research, this helps Bachmann.  If they rely on rhetoric, this helps Romney.  But it will hurt the Rickroller, and could hurt Ron Paul.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Back in the 90s Neutered Gingrich demanded that hispanic immigrants learn English because Spanish was “the language of the ghetto”.

    Of course the usual suspects complained and Gingrich immediately folded and began grovelling and apologizing.

  • Anonymous

    Does Newt, or any of the candidates, care about my vote? My family has been here since 1699 but it seems that Washington only cares about the support of those who break into our country or those who cheer the lawbreakers on. I’m very pessimistic. I believe anyone who wins the Oval Office will find a way to continue the invasion.

  • Anonymous

    The Republicans have another field of candidates that are not only lacking a fire-in-the-belly attitude, they are stuck with a total lack of charismatic figures.  Are Bob Dole/John McCain types the best they can do?  It appears so.

    The problem, I think, is that the old party apparatus is so intent on attaining power they’re terrified of anyone who might have strong, political views that are outside a very narrow parameter of thought, which they erroneously feel will be needed to win.   Consequently, they come across as stodgy, old-fashioned and bigoted, afraid to utter a peep that’s not approved by the party elite.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they utterly despise Ron Paul.

    Is Paul my condidate?  Yes, simply because he refuses to go to war unless we’re threatened, and he wants to eliminate several of the unnecessary cabinet positions.

    But, can he win?  Absolutely not.  An electorate so out-of-touch they refuse to vote for a candidate like Pat Buchanan who is considered “more mainstrea,” and holds many of Paul’s positions certainly aren’t going to vote for Ron Paul.

    Whites will continue to vote for the politically correct lackey and will continue to lose most elections, and those they do win, will look like George Bush in almost every respect.  And whites will continue to lose their country.

  • Gingrich has reached an entire new level in disgusting ethnic pandering with his current campaign.

    He has also stated that he would like to pardon convicted Israeli-Zionist spy Jonathan Pollard  ( ) as part of his grand pandering strategy that also appears to include Jewish voters!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not fine with me, as Newt-wit is sending out a totally different message in Spanish and most Americans don’t know that BECAUSE THE MESSAGE IS IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE.

  • Brett

    He is now telling blacks to demand jobs, not welfare.

  • Anonymous

    This only goes to prove how anti-American Newty is. He cannot be trusted to help recreate a great America. Many of the Latinos he is pandering to are VERY anti-American, so why is he pandering to them?