Bernie Goldberg on Iowa: Mainstream Media Would Never Say ‘South Carolina Is Too Black’

Frances Martel, Mediaite, January 2, 2012

With the Iowa caucus less than 24 hours away, there is still some hesitation in the media that the caucus, not being an actual election and being somewhere in the Midwest, isn’t entirely representative of the nation. On tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, media critic Bernard Goldberg took on precisely this claim from Andrea Mitchell, suggesting that it was only acceptable in the mainstream media to say Iowa wasn’t representative of the nation because it was white. “We’re not going to hear that South Carolina… is too black,” he argued.

Goldberg argued that he did not quite understand what “too white” means, other than to mean that it may be “more white” than the national average. “Every four years we get the same song and dance from the Andrea Mitchells of the mainstream media,” Goldberg griped, that Iowa was too white and rural to make a difference, that they were “covering voters who aren’t representative of any other Americans.” {snip}

He noted that this was part of the bias of large, urban liberal media enterprises, but that it was not only the fact that Iowa was rural that permitted them to question the legitimacy of it as a litmus test for the nation. “We’re not going to hear that South Carolina… is too black,” Goldberg commented, despite the fact that “statistically there are more blacks” in South Carolina than the national average.”


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  • Anonymous

    The Andrea Mitchell types can hardly contain their glee when they say that an area is “Too white.”   Reducing the white power base has been their goal for years now.

    And these great “intellects” are too dumb to know it will negatively affect them and their families to a great extent.

  • Anon

    If America were as white as Iowa, guess what – we wouldn’t have any of our current pathologies.

    • Anonymous

      Some people in power prefer pathologies. A divided society is easier to control. A society of healthy Whites might, for example, have successfully opposed some of the policies and ideas of Andrea Mitchell and her husband Alan Greenspan.

      • I’ve heard this kind of thing before but it just doesn’t make any sense.  A divided society is by definition uncontrolled and in the long run has got to be a drag on profitibility etc. for ‘elites’ if they really exist in the way that some people seem to believe.

  • Iowa wasn’t “too white” in 2008 when its overwhelmingly white Democrat caucus goers chose Barack Obama.

    It is not just the lamestream media peddling this line — Michael Savage is also riding this hobby horse.

    The hard truth of the matter is that even though Iowa is 90% white, it might not be white enough for a Republican caucus, because the Republican Party gets almost 100% of its votes from whites.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, Michael Savage is saying, without sarcasm, that Iowa is too white?

      • Anonymous

        Yes! I just heard him this evening saying that very thing. He likened himself to a “slave” watching the “masters” vote, etc.  Perhaps this will finally convince some who like to pretend otherwise, that Michael Savage is hardly on the side of White people, and has his own agenda going on!  Note also Savage’s fanatical hatred of Ron Paul of late. He has an agenda alright, and it isn’t about saving or supporting us!

        • Anonymous

          I’m with him on Ron Paul. I

          • Anonymous

            One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot. You can never defeat terrorists when you keep creating them through your actions.

            Savage and others of his ilk despise RP because he doesn’t take his marching orders from Israel or AIPAC. It’s time to defund the whole Middle East.

          • Anonymous

            Terrorists’ actions are THEIR fault not ours.

            And nobody takes “marching orders” from Israel – Americans support it because it’s normal and understandable we would. It’s a friendly First World, sane, democratic advanced humane modern Western country, surrounded by hostile Third World primitive brutally tyrannical zealot backwaters.

          • svyatoslavigorevich

            There’s nothing normal or sane about Americans’ support of Israel.  Unless you mean in the sense that normal, sane people are highly vulnerable to indoctrination and media manipulation.

            America’s all-in, flag-waving support for the Levantine equivalent of South Africa is bizarre to anyone without knowledge of the “deep state” running things.  Leftoids dismantle any hint of ethnocentrism on the part of Whites and routinely police White Americans for any hint of same, then do an about-face and go all-in supporting the ethnostate of Israel?  “Sane” is the last word I’d use to describe it.  In fact on this issue, like so many others touching on race in America, “normal” and “sane” are opposites. Somebody’s ethnic interests are clearly being served by this double-standard, but not Whites’.

          • You are badly misinformed

          • Fighting Irish Man

            Israel and a “Western Nation” ?

            If Israel is a “western nation” than I guess I too could call myself the reincarnation of George Bernard Shaw!

             I understand AR’s blog rules so at this point, as we Irish Catholics used to remark at something preposterous, allow me to exclaim: “G-d, send down thy dove!”

          • This is response to Fighting Irish Man, but I’m “responding” to Carney3 to keep the replies from getting too deeply nested.

            I don’t consider Israel to be a “Western” nation, because I don’t consider Russia to be a “Western” nation.  I consider Western aka Occidental civilization to be something related to but different from Slavic/Byzantine or Semitic or the historical Greco-Roman-Hellenistic civilization, even though Western Civ pedagogy often mixes them together.

            Occidental Civilization had its genesis of the politics of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, and Charlemagne could very well be legitimately cited as is founding father.

          • Anonymous

            Yes yes and the differences between rival Celtic groups in Ireland (the Catholic Irish and the Protestant Scots-Irish) are all important to them and trivial to everyone else. While we are indeed different from Russia and Israel we are much more like them than our common Islamist foes.

          • Carney3:

            I wasn’t implying anything contradictory to what you said.  In fact, I’ve proposed a Caucasian-only transnational organization that would include Russia and Israel.  Nevertheless, there is a uniquely Western European civilization worth keeping and defending.

          • “Marching orders from Israel” ?  LOL

        • tickyul tickyul

          Yeah, it really saddens me to hear Savage say some of  the things he does. I was realy sickened when he jumped on the “too white” bandwagon that all of the other filth in the media were spewing…….pretty sad.

          • I haven’t listened to Savage in a couple of years but in a way I’m not surprised.  You may remember the way he defended Kobi Bryant and without much evidence really trashed the girl involved.  As it turns out, she probably wasn’t very nice but he came right out of the gate with some very nasty remarks about her being ‘white trash’ etc etc.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, Michael Savage is saying, without sarcasm, that Iowa is too white?

    • Wikipedia claims that Iowa is about 96% white.

  • RJS

    This media double standard is disgusting.  The war on rural, fly-over country Whites continues unabated.

  • Seneca

    Please say Israel is too Jewish.  That would be funny.  What the original article is saying is that if you are black and looking for a place to sponge and commit crimes, Iowa is unprepared and naive.  This article about SC is obvious and makes total sense, so naturally liberals hate it.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about Ron Paul.  If Romney were head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pack, Iowa would be just fine with the salon set.

    It’s not bias, Goldberg, it’s bigotry.  Will they ever trot out that term and it’s big brother RACISM for whites in this country?

    Methinks no.

  • Robert Binion

    You will never hear Andrea Mitchell complain that the tax base is “too white,” either.   I snicker still when recalling that it was CBS’s Harry Smith who asked President Obama, “In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?”   Harry, from Bill Clinton the correct answer would be “behind the Texaco.”

    • svyatoslavigorevich

      Right.  You can’t say that our media is “too Jewish to serve and represent America,” either.

  • Anonymous

    Why should everyone have the “right” to vote? Why doesn’t it have to be earned through competition, the determinant for everything else in this country? At the very least, fingerprints should be required for those wishing to vote. It’s very annoying that someone can be smoking crack and holding up liquor stores for four years, then be allowed to vote for Obama, thus nullifying my vote, a vote that can explain the split Alabama Electoral Vote of 1960.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you.   Universal suffrage and mass democracy make very little sense.  Just because you’re a breathing adult doesn’t mean you have the intelligence, knowledge, character, and principles making you worthy of making important decisions about my family’s and country’s future.

      • Anonymous

        it makes sense if your a communist who wants to destroy our Republic..oh wait,democracy/communism has already destroyed our Republic.

      • Instinctively your idea sounds good but the only problem with it that I have is that eventually we’ll be battling over who chooses the voters.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    The comment that Iowa is “too white…evangelical…rural” is downright reprehensible.  It’s outrageous that someone in such as position as Mitchell can make these remarks and get away with it.  Kudos to Goldberg for calling her out.

    Also, Question Diversity, your comment, “Iowa wasn’t ‘too white’ in 2008 when its overwhelmingly white Democrat caucus goers chose Barack Obama” is right on the money.

  • In reality, the founding fathers of the white population of Iowa were New England puritanical farmers.  Iowa’s politics have an eerie liberal New England feel to them, and the Republicans are predominantly northeastern style RINOs.  “Massachusetts with corn” is too simplistic, but it’s good enough.  When its Supreme Court legalized “gay marriage,” I was not surprised in the least.

    The MO-IA border is something of a Mason-Dixon line, historically.

    • Anonymous

      Albion’s Seed.

    • Anonymous

      Albion’s Seed.

      • I’m not sure they did those things in “Albion”

        • Anonymous

          The book whose title I cited discussed the puritanical, meddling, moralistic section of England that settled New England. That disposition was well adapted to incorporating abolitionism and later similar crusades, and imposing them on other sections of the country.

  • Western Man

    It is one of the saving graces of the American electoral and governmental system — bizarre, haphazard, idiosyncratic and often exasperating as it can be — that it provides a modicum of protection for our republic against tyrannical domination by denizens of the large metropolitan areas (Iowa caucuses and NH primaries first, two senators for even the smallest states, etc.) This is amazingly providential, considering that the founding fathers — wise as they were — could not possibly have foreseen the racial and cultural polyglot that we have become. It will take the liberals a long time to dismantle all these safeguards, thus giving us more time to save ourselves — if we are able to muster the will to do so. What should really be done is to reconstitute the judiciary and academia, shame and de-fund the various PC enforcers, take over the D.C. ‘Beltway’ apparatus and dismantle its odious, unconstitutional components (that is to say, most cabinet departments and lobbies and all pseudo-governmental agencies). But a good starting point would be to increase federal gridlock as much as possible in the interim, while at the same time differentiating governmental procedures and laws as much as possible between the states — while trying to get as many of states as possible to adopt similar laws when it comes to protectingour culture, borders and demography. This will keep the Eric Holder type federal overlords continually busy and swamped trying to sue the states into submission. Remember that developments that to us appear as the ruin and gradual suicide of our country, seem to the die-hard leftist revolutionaries as ‘transformational’ or at worst a necessary chaotic stage. We can and should turn the tables on them: what to them will spell the demise of their social-engineering, class/race/gender warmongering dominion by a college-educated overseer class, will appear to us as an exhilarating liberation.

  • Anonymous

    Great point from Bernie Goldberg.  I was making it myself earlier today.

  • One wonders if Andrea Mitchell would also agree with the notion that New York is too Jewish?

    After all what is good for the goose is good for the gander…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, because NYC, Berkeley, San Francisco, Detroit, LA and other bastions of liberal fantasy land are taken right from the middle of the American pie…. 

    • Don’t laugh, those used to be American cities…

      • Anonymous

        Fair point. There may even still be a few Americans there as well.

      • Most people now wouldn’t know that at one time San Francisco was a real white, working man city.  I lived there for a few years in the mid-sixties and early seventies and there were still large swathes of the city that reflected that.  But the ‘S’ had already hit the fan and the resulting coating was completely applied.

  • Bromane711

    Michael Savage is profoundly narcissistic, paranoid, and a hypochondriac . Not to mention his association with N.A.M.B.L.A. co-founder Allen Ginsburg (swimming with him nude once or twice) and adoring Ginsburg’s “poetry. Savage (Weiner) roars like a lion over the microphone, but if confronted in person would have all the courage of the common rat. He is so self consumed that it is nauseating, I have to turn off the radio after a few minutes. He wants to talk about every ache and pain, and his digestive tract, not to mention boasting about his superior intellect and degrees. His books are generally about him, particularly his novel “Abuse of Power” which is a book about him as a super-hero (fantasy) which he reads chapter by chapter over the air. He is sort of like that character on the old “Mary Tyler Moore Show” Ted Baxter, plus Howard Cosell!

    • tickyul tickyul

      I don’t really mind Savage’s weirdness, kinda makes the show interesting. But it seems like he is now losing his mind, his rant against  white Iowa……wow, what a turn off. And he rips Ron Paul to shreds, that really makes me sick.  Savage is full of himself, like he is some fantasy super hero or something…..LOL.

      • BJ

        Savage was always full of himself. He was and is a joke.  He just mouthed words for a living hoping he could fool most Whites. He is no more pro-White than the Black Panthers are.

  • Andrea Mitchell is a rapidly aging hag.

  • Voiceofstl

    I don’t know where Andrea Mitchell lives or her on air boy friend Chris Matthews but I am willing to bet money that they live in lilly white neighborhoods.

    When liberals crow about about the joys of diversity, 99% of the time you will find out they live in white neighborhoods and send their kids to white private schools.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how characterizing an area as “too white” is now considered a pejorative.  I guess that means it’s too law-abiding and crime-free, too prosperous and its citizens too well-off, too well-maintained, too clean, possibly even too picturesque, and worst of all, having something worth conserving, too conservative.

  • I hope Iowa has the sense to STAY “too white.”

  • Anonymous

    South Carolina is indeed too black, as is most of this country.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    Does anyone remember Dubuque’s Mayor who about ten years ago decided that there wasn’t enough “diversity” in his city. They started a program in which Blacks from the South Side of Chicago were offered incentives to move to Dubuque. Within months after the arrival of the new residents, there were the usual assaults, rapes , robberies.

    White supremacist activity sprang up and Oprah had a special segment to deal with racism in Detroit.

    • Donahue also piled on, too.  To pay attention to Oprah, Donahue and the media, this “white supremacist” activity sprang up in Dubuque for no reason at all, as if it were a total accident of quantum physics or the space time continuum.  There are still people to this day that think that Dubuque is some sort of operational HQ for the K-people, simply because of the Oprah + Donahue concerted slander.