Posted on November 14, 2011

Joe Paterno and the Penn State Rape Scandal: Discrediting the Opiate of America

Paul Kersey, VDARE, November 12, 2011

Years from now, when American patriots have restored order to their nation and secured a future for “our posterity” — in the words of the Preamble to the Constitution — historians will look back on the early part of November 2011 and say that State College, Pennsylvania provided a perfect case study of the narcotic that fogged so many Americans’ minds, distracting them from the increasingly urgent implications of the National Question.

Longtime head football coach of Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Joe Paterno was fired last week for his failure to handle charges of rape and sexual abuse of young men brought against former Penn State defense coordinator Jerry Sandusky back in 2002. Indeed, many within the athletic department and school administration have lost their jobs over this blatant cover-up, and Paterno’s 46-year coaching legacy is now irrevocably besmirched.

Read the gruesome Grand Jury report that details just exactly what Paterno and the Penn State higher-ups tried to conceal.

It looks like something incredibly sinister was going on at Penn State — respected Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden has reported the rumor  young boys were being systematically pimped out to rich donors.  Each passing day, we will learn more damning details of just what was going on in the community known as “Happy Valley.”

But November 9, 2011, the date of Paterno’s firing, is also notable as the date when we learned exactly why college football is accurately described as the Opiate of America. Thousands of Penn State students, almost all white, took the streets to riot as the news became public.

They didn’t riot over the fact that Philadelphia is now home to some of the most violent Flash Mobs in the country. They didn’t riot over the hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt they will rack up in earning a degree that will get them a job serving tables. No — they rioted over the firing of a coach who concealed the raping of boys by a pederast whom the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) probably considers a hero.

Steve Sailer jokes that “aggressive rich men manipulating college football [is] a fine substitute for manipulating the USAF into bombing your relatives` tribal enemies for them.”

But, although I’m a serious football fan, I don’t take a benign view of it at all. Students and alumni living vicariously through the exploits of their particular college football teams, deriving their identity and happiness in life by what transpires on a football field on fall Saturdays, is a sickness in our society.

In the minds of thousands who took to the streets of State College on Wednesday night, Saint Joe Paterno could literally do no wrong:

“A man near the front of the room repeatedly yelled, ‘The campus is going to burn!’ while Surma attempted to give answers. The school was not in fact torched, at least not as of about 1 a.m. ET Thursday, but students took to the streets of downtown State College to protest the decision.

‘There`s much more anger here,’ freshman Steven Garner said. ‘[Monday] night was more like a rally by a community. Things are being broken tonight.’

Students turned over a TV station`s satellite truck on College Avenue and also tore down a light post and some street signs before police in riot gear used mace to disperse the crowd. Students also flooded Beaver Avenue and the lawn in front of Old Main, the school`s administration building. Some set off fireworks on Beaver, while chants of ‘F — the trustees!’ could be heard.”

 Surreal scene after Joe Paterno`s Firing, By Brian Bennett and Wayne Drehs,, November 9, 2011

Is it any wonder that the United States is in its current parlous situation? Jobs are being shipped overseas. Those students preparing to graduate from Penn State are about to enter one of the worst job markets in history. Yet they riot over the dismissal of a head coach–a man they apparently credited with the same God-like qualities as the Steve Jobs was upon his death.

There’s more. Lost in the present furor is the fact that, over the last 10 years, Penn State has come to rely on disreputable recruits to keep alive the football glory of the past. Sports Illustrated recently found that Penn State ranked fourth in the 2010 Top 25 for players with the highest arrest rates.

Indeed, today the bulk of the players on any college football team have no business attending the school–and would not be there if were it not for their ability to elicit the blind devotion on display in the Paterno riot.

Back in 2008, ESPN did an Outside the Line investigation of the Penn State football program, publishing these unsettling findings:

“Since 2002, 46 Penn State football players have faced 163 criminal charges, according to an ESPN analysis of Pennsylvania court records and reports. Twenty-seven players have been convicted of or have pleaded guilty to a combined 45 counts. 

“Most recently, former wide receiver Chris Bell pleaded guilty July 22 to making terroristic threats for an April incident in which he pulled a knife on a teammate in a university dining hall.

“These criminal charges coincide with concerns from a former player, a recruiting analyst, local media and others that Penn State has pursued recruits who are good athletes but might have questionable character issues, in order to improve performance. The team under head coach Joe Paterno faced an unprecedented four out of five losing seasons from 2000 to 2004.

“Paterno says the allegations about recruiting are simply not true.

“‘We tried to get kids that were good, solid kids,’ the coach said. ‘We may have made a mistake or two, but there was no deliberate attempt.’

“Penn State`s certainly isn`t the only football team with athletes running afoul of the law.

“Since January, players from Florida State University, the University of Iowa, the University of Georgia and the University of Colorado have been arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, including possession of illegal drugs, assault, sexual assault and robbery.”

Has Penn State`s on-field progress led to off-field problems?  By Paula Lavigne, ESPN, July 27, 2008

Rumors were common in the early 2000s that Paterno needed to step down because he could no longer recruit athletes with “speed” (a euphemism for “black athlete” employed by sports analysts). Thus–along with one of the immensely popular web sites  that millions of grown men spend hours of their time on researching the 40 yard dash times ,bench press statistics, and other measurables of high school athletes, predominately black, who might be attending their beloved college, published an unflattering story on Penn State’s lack of recruiting success in 2003: Penn State`s problem is not recruiting, By Phil Grosz, November 10, 2003]

After that, the floodgates were apparently opened, bringing kids of low character to the school in a convulsive effort to “just win, baby!”

Here’s something that, needless to say, went unmentioned in the ESPN story:  a rundown of the players who were arrested at Penn State from 2002- 2007. The vast majority of players in trouble with the law were black players. But Penn State’s student body is 75 percent white and 5 percent black. In other words, Penn State’s football program was actively recruiting athletes who brought crime to the school.

One such prized black recruit, LaVon Chisley, was kicked off the team after severe disciplinary problems and was promptly convicted of murder after gruesomely stabbing his victim 93 times. [Ex-Penn St. football player gets life in prison for murder, September 29, 2007] But, hey, he ran a fast 40-yard-dash!

Similar incidents involving out-of-control players are occurring in college towns across America. At Colorado-Boulder; University of Oregon; at the University of Washington; at the University of Miami; and at Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, the administration, alumni, student body and fans have turned a blind eye to the criminal behavior of players as long as wins are piling up on the football field the school’s coffers are filling up in the form of revenue and donations from fans.

Thus back in the 1980s, Barry Switzer’s Oklahoma Sooners were the poster child for lawbreaking in college football but the alumni and administration loved him as long as his teams won. Of course, the majority of the players breaking the law were black — although they represent less than 2 percent of the overall student body population.

Same with the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ so-called conservative Tom Osborne: he regularly played black athletes who got in trouble with the law — most notably Lawrence Phillips, who was accused of dragging his girlfriend down the stairs and beating her — but, hey, he produced national championships for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

And is there any need to even bring up the Miami Hurricanes program of the 1980s and 90s, one that even Sports Illustrated’s Alexander Wolffactually urged should be cancelled? [Broken Beyond Repair, June 12, 1995] (Of course, it wasn’t).

The tragic fact is that many Americans derive their entire identity out of their alma mater. Since we are no longer allowed to have an American identity (and yes, that does mean an identity derived from our European racial and cultural heritage), we can have a Penn State identity; or an Auburn identity; or a Texas A&M identity.

When good people — and college football fans are some of the most conservative in the country–care more about how their football teams performs, then the future of their country, you understand the power of the opiate.

We can riot when a coach who covered up a child rapist`s actions is fired. But when illegal aliens rape and kill our citizens, we hardly even notice.

But the day will come when American patriots salvage something out of this wrecked nation. And historians will look back on the Penn State scandal and date from it the discrediting of Opiate of America that delayed that day for so long.

46 responses to “Joe Paterno and the Penn State Rape Scandal: Discrediting the Opiate of America”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’s still drawing a stipend as President of The Little Sandusky Urban Achievers.

  2. Jupiter7 says:

    The Asians at Asian Majority schools such as Cal Berkely and Stony Brook must be thinking and saying to each other”Can you believe it!!!!!..I didn’t think it would be so easy to conquer the US!!!!”.

    I have sat in Beaver Stadium around five times for some really big games. The spiritual,emotional,cultural..and intellectual life of the Penn State students and the Penn State Alumni crowd revolves around the worship of Joe Paterno and his young black male jocks who run around in tight spandex on fall Saturday afternoons. This is a spiritual,emotional,cultural and intellectual life that has 0 depth. A very sad commentary on Native Born White America. There is a much more profound way to be in this world for Native Born White Americans.

    Jay Paterno became a very well known public supporter for Barack Obama in 2008. His blog was a Obama worshp site. Jay Paterno did this for one reason and one reason only:to recruuit talented black high school football talent. I mean it was and still is over the top shilling for Barack Obama.

    On Saturday afternoons in the fall in Beaver Stadium,110 thousand Native Born White Americans cheer on, and worship a team of young black males in tight spandex who voted in 2008 along- with Jay and Kelly Paterno-for a president whose publicly stated goal is to reduce the Native Born White Majority to a racial minority within the borders of America.

    How is this for really weird:recently fired Penn State President Graham Spanier wrote his sociology PHD on…wife swapping.

    Vapid, corn-ball Americana is rapidly comming to an end..the collapse of American society makes this event a complete certainty. An authentic,organic-blood-and-guts Native Born White American Patriotism is one alternative. The other alternative:Native Born White Americans become another stuffed wildlife exhibit of extinct species at Cabellas as our asian,muslim,hispanic and african replacements stare at the stuffed freak show on Saturday afternoons in the Fall in the state of Pennsylvannia.

  3. whiteraven says:

    It’s not just coaches who turn a blind eye to criminal conduct by players and sub-coaches, the entire administrations regards this group as special, because they bring in revenue.

    Look at how they overlook black atheletes’ grades and scores. They graduate them although they can barely read their certification.

    I’ve been waiting for a substantial cut-back in racial frivolties supported by these institutions of political correctness, due to much less funding during these lean times, and there has been a good bit of it, but it still isn’t at a level that has affected other businesses.

    But how long can they continue on with the same SOP? Not too much longer, I would guess. They’ve raised tuition rates and taken small steps at belt tightening, but still nothing earth shattering yet.

    I’ll know we are at the point many expected before now when we begin reading in the news about one institution or another routinely cutting blacks and women studies, along with coaching positions and talent scouts who have large amounts of money at their disposal.

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if they had to cut sports altogether and have to do without their “opiate of the masses?”

  4. Question Diversity says:

    I think there’s a race angle in this Penn State thing. The Grand Jury report stated that Second Mile:

    The mission of the program is to “help children who need additional support and would benefit from positive human interaction.” Through The Second Mile, Sandusky had access to hundreds of boys, many of whom were vulnerable due to their social situations…….Turchetta described the Second Mile as a very large charitable organization that helped children from economically underprivileged backgrounds and who may be living in single parent households.

    Translation: Black.

    Someone posited the theory at my own soapbox that the reason that young black men were probably the victims here was that they had no father around to teach them from a young age that it’s wrong for another man to touch them there, there or there, and doubly that such victims would be too ashamed to bring this subject matter up with their mothers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am not going to dump on Joe Paterno. If did any thing wrong it still has to be proven. A grand jury report can make any charge; you can indict a ham sandwich. I do not trust rouge prosecutors such as Linda Kelly. Remember the Duke Rape Hoax.

    The only wrong Paterno has done is go along with the mania for Blacks players. He is thus not a stand up White guy, but he has won National Championship, I have not.

    I can’t help but think that the attack on Paterno and college football is inspired by anti-White male animus. After all 99% of the rot in college football is from the Blacks. But you don’t see those attacking Paterno attacking the Blacks rot.

    If Paterno were non-White he would be given a free ride and the Mainstream Media would be pumping out article after article on how he tried to right the wrong but was stopped by red tape, bureaucracy, powerful foes, etc. Look at what the MSM does for one of its heroes, MLK.

  6. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    May I tell the audience that this disgusting child rapist is a White man who deserves the company of Pennsylvania’s worst offenders in the penitentiary. But that is the difference with Whites and blacks. The nearly overwhelming majority of Whites would never condone him. How many times have people like Al and Jesse and Hollywood elites defended minority criminals? All too often. I’ve read on numerous blogs that word got out about the race of his victims. White or black no child deserves this. The guy needs the death sentence hands down. There is no cure for pedophilia. There is no place in a civilized society for them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The so called girlfriend of former Nebraska player Lawrence Phillips whom he assaulted was white. This happened while another Nebraska football player{white} stood by and did nothing to help the girl. Osborne knew Phillips was a misfit and encouraged him not come back for his senior year. The last I heard Phillips was in a California prison unless he has since been paroled.

  8. Xenophon says:

    The single most glaring thing about this entire sordid mess is the absence of a certain word in all the press accounts: homosexual. The press refer to Sandusky as “a sexual predator” or as “a pedophile”, when in point of fact he is a garden variety homosexual. Also missing in all the accounts is the 800 pound gorilla in the room…political correctness. Thou shalt not insinuate that “alternate lifestyles” are deviant. But it is precisely the pall of PC that envelopes institutions in this nation which make it possible for the Jerry Sandusky’s to proliferate. This was bound to happen. And now that the veil has been ripped off, what can be done in the face of the fact that homosexuals have become a powerful political force? Sandusky may very well be let off with a slap on the wrist. In which case the gay community will extend the finger to decent society. NAMBLA’s goal may be closer than you think.

  9. Al Gator says:

    When you “mainstream” perversions like the homosexual lifestyle, and then wrap it in the bullet proof shroud of political correctness, this what you reap.

    My guess is that everyone knew Sandusky was homosexual, (Bellefonte is strictly Penn State centric and incestuous as hell). And that as a homosexual, he had big appetite for little boys. However, because he belonged to that “protected group”, no one wanted to brave the backlash of the queer nations by pointing out to the world that Sandusky was a homo with an appetite for boys. That would be considered very intolerant and boorish. Better just to look the other way and avoid the conflict.

    There is a REASON that the Boy Scouts stand firm on this issue, even though it has cost them millions. This case only proves their point.

    Just my opinion.

  10. Auntie Em says:

    It was inevitable. Power, money and testosterone make for a heady brew. And I believe we are only beginning to understand how deep the corruption, of many types, has gone.

    Or how early in a player’s career it begins.

    I, for one, will welcome the disintegration of the bacchinalia that represents professional and semi-pro sports today. The concept of sports as “sound mind in sound body” was discarded many years ago leaving our children with tainted role models.

  11. Paul Kersey says:

    Anyone who covered up his crimes (the Penn State coaches) should be found guilty and put to death.

    End of story.

  12. HH says:

    Team, spectator sports PERIOD are the opiate of the American masses. Whether college football is worse than others I cannot say, since I pay exactly zero attention to it. Nevertheless, it is clear that team sports, both professional and collegiate, are a haven for black criminals on a scale that is shocking to all decent people. Add to this the perversion or enabling of it, of the likes of these Penn State swine, and this whole mess is just a perfect snapshot of an America in hopeless decline.

  13. Anonymoose says:

    There is another issue at work in the Penn State scandal. Why is it that only traditional and generally conservative institutions such as the Catholic church, the Boy Scouts, and the athletic establishment suffer these scandals.

    It is inconceivable that there is no pedophilia within the leftist influenced segments of society. But apart from the stories of that famous beat poet who pursued teenage boys, the film director who had to flee America, and the encounter between the Hawaii-based black activist and the underage girl, there have been precious few cases of this activity being brought to light, and no civil lawsuits that I have heard of.

    Part of the reason has to do with pockets — who has the deep pocket. The corporate structure of the Roman Catholic church makes it possible to collect large judgements which could not be collected against an independent neighborhood congregation.

    A leftist organization that in its time had been headquartered in a shabby rented office or storefront, and today no longer exists is not much a legal target either.

    The other part of the reason is that the other side doesn’t care. Or at least they don’t care as long as they suffer no risk of exposure and censure.

    Consider the parallels between the Jerry Sandusky and Michael Jackson. You have the same material — showering and “horseplay” with boys and sleepovers, and the denial that anything more occurred. Does anyone remember that the conviction of Conrad Murray on negligent homicide charges in Michael Jackson’s death was treated as a vindication of Jackson?

    I guess there’s nothing like a good distraction.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we can all begin to see how “Sick” it is for 55 year old White men to be “adoring” and “fawning” over 19 year old Black athletes…Now THAT would be real progress!!

  15. olewhitelady says:

    I believe that many, if not most, of Sandusky’s victims were teenage boys rather than children. And they were all male. As a few other social commentators have stated, he appears to be a pederast, not a pedophile. The liberal media, of course, will proclaim him as a pedophile, since to brand him a homosexual would besmirch one of their most cherished groups.

    Liberals claim that the only matter blocking sex between people should be the matter of consent, either explicit or implicit. Thus, if one potential sex partner has more power, as in the case of a boss or an adult (vis-a-vis a child), the sex should be taboo. Of course, all the left needs to establish is that one or both of these relationship types is really NOT a consent or power thing, and the sex will then be okey-dokey. The Man-Boy Love Association is working on that as I write.

    Southern thinkers have been warning society since Emancipation that acceptance of the equality of blacks would likely bring whites down to their cultural level. Well, we can see examples of this all over the country, and the acceptance of unrestrained sex is a prime example. As Mr. Kersey often points out, heroizing black football players leads many down this dark path.

  16. SoCal LoCal says:

    The PSU scandal is purely about anti-male gender bias in the U.S. Had Jerry Sandusky preyed on girls he would have been jailed when first caught in 1998, at the latest, and likely far earlier.

  17. DJ says:

    Why bring race into this? The article brings “black males” into the equation, who have nothing to do with this disgustiing creature -Sardunsky.

  18. Sandy says:

    2 — olewhitelady wrote at 8:18 AM on November 15: Southern thinkers have been warning society since Emancipation that acceptance of the equality of blacks would likely bring whites down to their cultural level. Well, we can see examples of this all over the country, and the acceptance of unrestrained sex is a prime example. As Mr. Kersey often points out, heroizing black football players leads many down this dark path.


    It’s was also these brilliant Southern thinkers that brought blacks into this country to begin with. Brilliant. Boy, that was brilliant bringing blacks here. Lincoln was merely trying to save the Union not free slaves.

  19. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Jerry Sandusky said in an interview with NBC that he is innocent of the child sex abuse charges…’I am innocent of those charges!’ the 67-year-old Sandusky said.

    Why did NBC give this pedophile monster an interview? He’s already been given a pass- out on UNSECURED bail, living near an elementary school, the judge who released him a volunteer for his charity. WHY?

    You are a liar, Sandusky. Two eyewitnesses, an assistant coach and a janitor — both of whom the Grand Jury deemed as credible — saw you sodmozing these young boys.

    So, Jerry, if I’m going to believe you, I have to be convinced that over a 10 year period at least eight boys somehow cooked up the exact same lie. And that a 28 year old man and adult employee of PSU also managed to come up with the same lie as the kids.

    Either that or YOU are a lair!!

    “I enjoy being around children,” Sandusky said. “I enjoy their enthusiasm. I just have a good time with them.”

    Yes, spoken like the true pedophile that you are, and like most prisoners behind bars, you claim you are innocent.

    You are going away for a long, long time. The people who turned a blind eye or who sheltered you in this perversion and sexual depravity should go away as well.


  20. Angry Bird says:


    I believe that many, if not most, of Sandusky’s victims were teenage boys rather than children. And they were all male.

    They were CHILDREN between 11-13 years old, some between seventh and eight grade, as CLEARLY stated in the Grand Jury testimony.

    If he had done this to MY teenage son…

    You need to read the Grand Jury testimony that Paul linked to above before you write one more word on this thread!

  21. Xenophon says:

    @ #11: “It’s was also these brilliant Southern thinkers that brought blacks into this country to begin with. Brilliant. Boy, that was brilliant bringing blacks here. Lincoln was merely trying to save the Union not free slaves.”


    Wrong. Northern slave ships brought most of the blacks here, and Northerners made lots of money on the slave trade. And Northern cotton mills bought most of that slave picked cotton, as well…right up to 1861. Sorry your government text books never included this information. But I can see why they would not want you to know that.

  22. Auntie Em says:

    @ #16-

    Actually, no. Women have always been, and are, sexually exploited at the college student level by male (and female)staff. So much so that nearly every co-ed can tell you a story. It’s hardly news.

    Nor does it involve the kind of money and power that is being attacked in this case and is generally “resolved” in the Dean’s office with little or no publicity.

    In my observation the level of this harrassment has been increased with the influx of hormone-enhanced “ath-a-letes.”

    But I wouldn’t interpret this story as a male vs. female issue.

  23. Question Diversity says:


    One of the victims was perhaps as young as eight years old.

    5 Anonymous:

    I’ll grant you the point on Grand Juries, because only the prosecution’s side is heard. However, Linda Kelly is not a “rogue prosecutor,” she is the elected state Attorney General. And, she didn’t start the prosecution, the previous AG and now Governor Tom Corbett did. He may have been the first person with real power who did something about these allegations the moment he found out.

    If Sandusky’s defense in court is anything like his appearance last night on Bob Costas, I think the prosecution will have an easy lay-up.

    If my theory is right, and most of the victims are black, and this becomes common knowledge, Sandusky can can count the seconds he’ll survive in a PA prison full of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh blacks on one hand. Ironically, Second Mile once received an NAACP Human Rights award:

    One more thing — Why are boys that young being allowed into adult locker rooms, much less actually taking showers there?

  24. Lauren says:

    Wow! Finally, someone speaks the truth about the FOOTBALL CULT.

    A man in our extended family was a big ‘Football Hero’, back in the 60s, at our state’s ‘Party School’. When his Mother would get especially tipsy, she’d tell about their proud moment…delivering him, his first semester, to the Football Dorm, their Butler carrying his trunk to his room (they had only recently recovered from reversals incurred during the Cotton Panic of ’25, then the Depression, and were proud of once again having servants and a fine car)… and then she’d start to gently sob, and describe her Son’s screams of agony, echoing from inside the dorm, as they drove away…her Husband’s, “No, we can’t interfere.”, in response to her pleas to return and rescue her baby from the Football Boys.

    When I was little, I assumed he was being tortured. Now, I assume he was being gang-raped. At 70, he’s still hot, and at 17, I imagine he was quite irresistible to ‘certain types’.

    ‘Certain types’ abound in the sick world of Football. When we first moved to Jackson, I heard a story about a famous 70s ‘Football Legend and Sex Symbol’, who liked to…ahem…be…(not Gomorrah)ized by pubescent boys. The open secret was that ‘Football Boosters’ were networking…finding boys to ‘spend time with’ this famous (not so) Tight End. One can only surmise that they considered this to be some sort of extra-special Rite of Manhood. The Football Excuse made even THIS ok.

    Well, I dropped that little bombshell in front of some Jackson socialite ladies, expecting shock or denial. They calmly, with the resignation of women long inured to the demands of Pack Mentality, in a social milieu dominated by that sick sport, responded with, “Oh, Honey, everybody knows about THAT. You just have to get used to it.” In the present era, I suppose Notre Dame expected Lizzie Seeberg to “Get with the program” and “Get used to it”, when being pawed by the likes of Prince Shembo.

    Rather than ‘get used to it’, we got out of Dodge. We moved to the wilds of Madison County, to raise our kids. Still, at the Gym, I’d have a muscle-bound older man pointed out to me. “He just got barred from the (‘Party School’) Alumni (something) Program, ’cause he was using the Football Team as his own private brothel. He’s pretty rich! He’d take ’em ta Hiiiwawyah.” And I’d hear that back in the Seventies, every single member of a certain Football team was ‘available’, in a certain restroom, on a certain floor, of the school’s Library.

    As a tiny child, I watched our wonderful private school be ruined, when a probably psychotic ‘Great Football Coach’ was made Principal, in order to lure him away from the Catholic School, to coach our school to ‘Football Glory’. We were a remarkably well-behaved student body, until, in his first address to us, he spent the entire assembly delivering threats to “Get you under CONTROL!”. Kids immediately began misbehaving, of course. Il paradiso perduto: academics sacrificed to Football.

    At Tulane, a brilliant kid I knew had his dorm room robbed by black Football players. The school took no action. He left, and went to a New England school without a ‘team’. Girls were routinely raped by ‘Players’ of one sport or another. Boys were intimidated by them. NOTHING was done. Today, Tulane sends out ‘Give us Money’ letters, and we send them ‘Not While You Have a Football Team’ replies.

    Our kids, accustomed to compartmentalizing society and isolating the defective, simply dismiss Football Fans as “Football People”: another class of less-than-human untouchables, to them…a category just like “Druggies”, and “Cig-fiends”. They do not bother to further analyze what they have placed outside their bubble.

    At the edge of our town, there’s a fabulous new development: Ultra-trad architecture; great layout; sited between the Natchez Trace and a giant manmade lake…best architecture and site in the state. But the developers are prominent proponents of Highschool Football. And the development is foundering, because Young Professionals with the moxy to buy million-Dollar homes have labeled it as being for “Football People”. Those outside the Football Cult hate that cult.

    I DO analyze the Football Cult, though, and find that it is basically another form of ORGANIZED CRIME: Steroids supplied to Highschool Boys; the intimidation of others by them; the coverups of their incessant misdeeds; the culture of ‘not snitching’, over all the horrible things done by and for them at college; grades simply given to these creatures. Who knows what else?

    When McQueary (allegedly) spotted that child being (allegedly) raped, I’m sure he was already accustomed to, and part of, that culture of coverups. Just another something to be swept under the rug. Only…he still had a Soul, and…this time, torn between being a ‘Team Player’ and empathy for a helpless child…told his Dad.

    Having lived in New Orleans, I see no difference between the worship of that Paterno person, and the excuses made for the legendary head of South Louisiana’s Mafia. What is the difference between “Well, he killed a few people, but he gave a lot of money to the Church.”, and “Well, he had to bend a few rules, but the Football Program brings in big bucks from the Alumni.” ?

    Oh yeah? Have the people running these colleges ever considered the net effect of people like DH and me? …people who totally ignore the schools from which we graduated, because of the bitterness caused by those schools’ pandering to the Athletes? Personally, I think the Alumni donations are just an excuse.

  25. Anonymous says:

    For those interested in the racial aspect of sports in this country I recommend a site called castefootball.

  26. Anonymous says:

    There is a large sidebar to this story–if not an actual footnote. There is no question that paedophilia actuated into sexual contact and sexual-emotional damage is a horrendous

    offense. But as with most human behavior, this matter exists along a continuum. A partciularly courageous and insightful clarification about paedohysteria was made by UK psycologist Chris Brand more than a decade ago. It remains unclear in the Penn State matter just what specific behaviors were indulged in that would reach the threshold of being sexual contact and damaging sexual contact. Taking a shower with a boy, absent external constrictions (camping, traveling, etc.) is a disordered act, to say the least but is it sufficient to justify putting police gears in motion (as distinct from relying upon social cues and strictures)?? It is in the Penn State matter unclear what conduct reached a threshold to trigger a prosecutorial-media festival. In particular, there are all sorts of father-daughter behaviors that to the perceptive eye are at root very sexual but that do not involve literal physical sexual contact or overt sexual expression. The issue rests along a continuum–a chromatic of shadings . Of course, the same continuum exists involving accusations of racism, too. Hmmmm.

  27. New Right says:

    It’s the Roman Colosseum redux.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Barry Switzer was well known for his pandering to black athletes in order to get them to come to Oklahoma. And he also overlooked their thug behavior. Back in the 90’s a black quarterback from Oklahoma was sentenced to prison, I believe on a weapons and drugs charge. When he got out he wrote a book, with help obviously since most blacks can’t write their name, and talked about how O.U. coaches and alumni would use white coeds to “entertain” perspective black recruits when they visited the campus. This was a common practice under Switzer. When I was living in Colorado the Univesity of Colorado had alot of problems with black players under Bill MaCartney and Gary Barnett. Mr. Bill thought black players were getting a raw deal in Boulder. By the way his daughter while at the University was impregnated by one of MacCartney’s black players. Another black player at C.U. was named Eric Bienemy{spelling?} He was in trouble both on and off campus. He went on to play pro ball and one fall came back to Boulder to attend one of the games. After the game he came up to a white girl who was working for the University as part of a crew that helps direct traffic, grabbed her from behind around her neck and said to her, “I am a white girl’s worst nightmare.” After this incident he was banned from the campus, but in a matter of years when his pro days were over, Gary Barnett hired him as an assistant coach. He was at Colorado for a few years and now I believe is at UCLA. So one moment he is banned from campus and the next he is hired as a coach. Go figure.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The white race needs to purge homosexuals and freaks like Sandusky from our race. We white nationalists SHOULD NOT BE supporting Sandusky even though he is white. If he is found guilty of molesting children, we white nationalists should hope he goes to jail forever.

    The White Race needs to purge itself of people like Sandusky! People like him are a threat to our white children.

  30. Soprano Fan says:

    The article doesn’t say so, but Sandusky’s six adopted children are all from Ethiopia. This was mentioned in a USA Today article about a week ago, when the Penn State scandal was unfolding.

    The races of the boys Sandusky played with isn’t mentioned; but I’ll bet their ancestral origins are south of Algeria.

    To Lauren (re post #24):

    What I can’t figure out is how adults in the state of Texas are madly in love with prep football. When I graduated from high school – or rather, got TF out of there – I never looked back. It’s been several decades.

  31. yo my man.. u got 5 dollars? says:

    i read all the victims were black

  32. lashaquiticci johnson says:

    i see black black mobs attacking whites for laughs or fun in philly dc chicago denver etc then i go to the supermarket and see white men walk by with a ray lewis or rice jersey on. its beyond my comprehension.

  33. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    It remains unclear in the Penn State matter just what specific behaviors were indulged in that would reach the threshold of being sexual contact and damaging sexual contact.

    NO, it is not unclear. There was far more than “just” “horseplay” or “kidding around” as Sandusky and his lawyer claim.

    Testimony from the Grand Jury, which the Grand Jury took as credible and encompassed in its released “Findings of Fact” include:

    As the Graduate student put his sneakers in his locker, he looked into the shower. He saw a naked boy, Victim 2, whose age he estimated to be ten years old, with his hands up against the wall, being subjected to anal intercourse by a naked Sandusky.

    “Jim”, a physical plant employee, observed Sandusky with a young boy pinned up against the wall, performing oral sex on the boy whom “Jim” described as being between 11 and 13.

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that.


  34. anonymous says:

    Sometimes I call sports teams “mercenaries”, as in “The Chicago baseball mercenaries beat the Kansas City mercenaries 5-2 tonight.”

    Letting blue collar kids who might be less than totally qualified to be admitted to particular institution might be no sin. Letting in kids who have no capacity to do any meaningful college work is. So is letting in kids who could at least be “C” students, and then making sure they accomplish nothing as students.

    No, not everyone who goes to college has to graduate from college. A lot of people don’t. But there is something wrong with college football, more than any other sport. Young men are brought to campus as football mercenaries. Too many are not students in any sense of the word.

    Nothing new with this situation. Back when only the ball was brown, and the players came from mill towns and the hills of Appalachia, college football probably wasn’t always a lot different.

    A swamp is swamp. Either you drain it or you live with its stink and its critters.

  35. Question Diversity says:

    24 Lauren:

    I’m reading what you had to write, and it makes me remember a bit of history:

    We need another Teddy Roosevelt in this situation. By that, we need to put football, everything from the NFL down to Pop Warner leagues, on hiatus for one season, and during that time, all the dirty laundry comes out. Then and only then, once it’s all out in the wash and the right people have taken the proper remediation to make sure it doesn’t happen again, then football can continue. But you’re right, it cannot continue to be this opiate/cult.

    There is a way to shut football down — Almost if not all states have athletic associations and/or high school sports governing bureaucracies. All that would need to happen is for a Roosevelt-style President to use some sort of carrot-stick mechanism to have them prohibit football in their states.

  36. Jupiter7 says:

    I don’t want to hear about we should go read JD Cash’s website Caste Football. JD Cash is pushing the drug-opiate of sports entertainment . JD Cash has written many times that sports entertainment is healthy and helps you escape for a few hours. But isn’t this precisely the fundamental problem with Native Born White Americans? Rather than doing your racial civic duty-absolutely crucial for White racial surivival-waste you life cheering for something utterly frivolous..and it doesn’t make a difference if rosters on college and pro-football teams were 90 percent White…jock-sniffing is jock sniffing. Can’t JD Cash find something better to do with his time? White sports entertainment and jock-sniffing gave us the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and rapid race-replacement in 2012. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was passed because millions of White Men-the greatest generation birth cohorts-were to busy consuming sports entertainment-White Variety-as the degenerate Kennedy family was putting into motion the policy of White race-replacement.

    It is now a established scientific fact that the consumption of sports entertainment is threat to ones physical health. To state the obvious:the majority of White Men in football stadiums are out of shape and overweight.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Re: 33

    “It doesn’t get any clearer than that” In our heritage (what

    remains of it ) innocence is assumed until guilt is proven. The

    Grand Jury report (unless oddly proactive in way independent of the prosecutor–a circumstance that is theoretically possible but hardly ever attained ) is not a result of an investigation by the Jury but is a laying out of police findings via a prosecutor. And increasingly in the US , the police understand that finding exculpatory information is best left to the defense attorneys. The major police task is to cookie cut sufficient information to allow the prosecutor–in a manner of speaking—to grab the ball and run with it. As often as not such Grand Juries are little more than rubber stamps. It is fairly recent history that a major sports rape case had a high level of accusatory fever and media festivity–only to result in the legal exoneration of the accused and the censure of the prosecutor. The issue is not whether Sandusky had perverse inclinations and indulged in disordered conduct–he would admit as much, it seems. He appears to have taken the perverse liberties of mouth contact with upper thigh areas, etc,. IF he

    forced himself in any way upon others, that indeed is a great offense. But mere momentary observation from afar of improper and offensive contact does not establish just what the contact was or what degree of consensus characterized it,. The question: In terms of what upclose specifics is he to be judged as indulging in paedophilia as distinct from insulting conduct, indecent exposure, , etc.?? A parsimonious assumption at this point is that what was generally known “in house” at Penn State indicated that he needed many restraints to keep from indulging in embarassing, offensive, indecent conduct….BUT that is short of paedophilia Another parsimonious assumption is that in an organization that large, the sense of who owns the problem gets obscured and the relevant acts or omissions get obscured–the moreso, with a continuum of sexual attraction and physical contact within Campus USA, where full-throttle lust abounds. It is irrelevant what the legal findings in a trial may be–if a trial is to be held. At this point, there is a massive paedohysteria fed by a media in rampage. Accusations of paedophilia, as Chris Brand perceived and brought forth, are a close analog to what accusations of “RAY cizzz um” amount to. As for the emergance now of victim after victim–it is not lost upon lawyers and potential clients that there’s a big,big money tree pretty much for the picking. The main story at present is that American society is not in much better shape itself than Sandusky is.

  38. Question Diversity says:

    28 Anonymous:

    Do you know what Bill MacCartney was famous for after he left the University of Colorado? Founding the “Promise Keepers” movement, which was full of multiracialism. The Christian fundagelicals ate it up, at least for awhile.

  39. Periapsis says:

    The best thing that can happen to whites is the end once and for all of their fixation on sports. Horrible crimes like Sandusky’s against children must be punished accordingly, but with whites’ backs being pushed against the wall economically and politically, it’s insane how much money they throw at colleges in the name of sports when we are being dispossessed in our own land by darkie newcomers. Those millions would be far better used to help other white Americans instead of it going to horders of mostly non-white, violent thugs who assault, rape and even kill our your women.

  40. Jupiter7 says:

    Question Diversity

    If I am not mistaken Bill MacCartney’s daughter was knocked up by his starting quarterback..who was(now deceased)…nonwhite.

  41. Integration Anxiety says:

    I am sorry, but to people posting about how these big time coaches use White girls called “hostesses”to attract black footballers, let’s not drown in denial here. The girls are just as guilty in all this as the program/coach/boosters etc. They can say no to these chance encounters. No one is holding a gun to their head to “escort” these boys around the school. I have a daughter and she will know who is dangerous and what personality types to avoid when she’s college age. Look up a doctor named James Blair and another named Robert Hare. They will tell you the symptoms of a psychopath, and to learn how these people think could save yo and a loved one’s life.

  42. UnclePen says:

    29 — Anonymous wrote at 9:27 PM on November 15:

    “The white race needs to purge homosexuals and freaks like Sandusky from our race. We white nationalists SHOULD NOT BE supporting Sandusky even though he is white.”

    You seem very certain that Sandusky is “White.” I haven’t researched it, and don’t know if it is researchable, but I rather suspect he is not.

  43. T says:

    The “cult” of football is alive and well in Texas where many high schools have athletic facilities that rival those of colllege or professional sports teams.

    A number of years ago, some football “jocks” tormented and eventually murdered a white kid who was not of the “jock” mentality. When brought up on charges, they were not required to post bail. When tried by a “jury of their peers”, they were acquitted. You see, the big football championship game was the following week; the town of Amarillo Texas could not have their “star players” “off the team” and in prison for mere murder . . .

  44. Anonymous says:

    29 — Anonymous wrote at 9:27 PM on November 15:

    “The white race needs to purge homosexuals and freaks like Sandusky from our race. We white nationalists SHOULD NOT BE supporting Sandusky even though he is white.”

    “You seem very certain that Sandusky is “White.” I haven’t researched it, and don’t know if it is researchable, but I rather suspect he is not.”

    Sandusky is A WHITE MALE. There are many whites who seek to destroy our race from within. Sandusky is one of them. The white race must accept that there are those within our race who are degenerates and freaks. White Nationalists not only want separation from other races, but we also want to shun people like Sandusky from within our race. Our race must cleanse itself.

    I do not want my white family or my white children near Sandusky!

  45. Steve says:

    42 — UnclePen wrote at 10:20 PM on November 16:

    29 — Anonymous wrote at 9:27 PM on November 15:

    “The white race needs to purge homosexuals and freaks like Sandusky from our race. We white nationalists SHOULD NOT BE supporting Sandusky even though he is white.”

    You seem very certain that Sandusky is “White.” I haven’t researched it, and don’t know if it is researchable, but I rather suspect he is not.

    Are you for real? Sandusky is White! What other race do you “suspect” him to be?

  46. Anonymous says:

    “What other race do you ‘suspect’ him to be?”

    I think the poster is hinting that Sandusky is Jewish. And OldWhiteLady is right: this isn’t pedophilia but pederasty, a subset of male homosexuality. The boys have been described as slender, muscular young blacks. The media has largely kept mum re: the racial aspect.