Posted on November 14, 2011

Cuomo Tries to Shore Up the Support of Minorities

Thomas Kaplan, New York Times, November 13, 2011

The crowd of Hispanic legislators and business leaders from New York, sipping cocktails at a sleek hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, abruptly halted their conversations as Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, fresh off a 1,600-mile flight, came in through a side entrance on Friday.

Well-wishers pulled out their cellphones and digital cameras and swarmed the governor–so many that it took him several minutes to cross the room and make his way to the microphone.

Assemblyman Félix W. Ortiz, a Brooklyn Democrat, introduced Mr. Cuomo as “a real friend and a real hero of the Hispanic community,” and declared that no governor in recent times had been more supportive of Latinos. Mr. Cuomo, in turn, declared his support for bringing diversity to state government and promised to push for action to combat joblessness among minority youths.

The enthusiasm that greeted Mr. Cuomo almost, but not quite, obscured the underlying reason he chose this conference, called Somos el Futuro, for his first official out-of-state trip since his inauguration.

Over the last several weeks, the governor has been lavishing attention on minority communities amid signs that some were growing impatient with what they perceived as a lack of attention to their concerns.

The governor’s signature economic measure thus far–a property tax cap–does not affect New York City residents, and he opposes a top priority for many minority lawmakers: an extension of the state’s so-called millionaires’ tax, which is to expire on Dec. 31. His travel itinerary has focused heavily on New York City suburbs and upstate communities; when he toured the state to describe his legislative priorities this year, he did not hold a single event in a minority neighborhood in New York City. In July, The Amsterdam News, a black newspaper, published an article with the headline, “Black Community to Andrew Cuomo: Where Are You?”


{snip} On the day before his trip here, Mr. Cuomo announced the appointments of two Hispanics to posts in his administration; he had named two other minority officials to jobs the week before.

{snip} And last month, he met with members of the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus in his office in Midtown Manhattan to discuss their priorities.

In his 11-minute speech here on Friday, Mr. Cuomo cited several achievements of his first months in office: doubling the state’s goal for participation by businesses owned by members of minority groups and women in state contracting; suspending the state’s participation in a controversial federal immigration enforcement plan; closing some prisons and juvenile justice centers and directing state agencies to provide free interpretation and translation services in six foreign languages.


8 responses to “Cuomo Tries to Shore Up the Support of Minorities”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Cuomo is pandering to New York’s “Hispanic” (mostly Afro-Caribbean or mulatto-Caribbean) population foolishly. As if they would vote for any party other than Democrat. Yes, New York State has semi-credible outlier parties, but they usually fall in line with the Democrat or Republican nominees.

  2. Anonymous says:

    White leftists haven’t got a genuine bone in their body. They would say anything to anyone, to get a vote.

    Non-whites be warned: these Whites sold out their own kind. They will dump you as soon as it’s politically expedient.

  3. Jack in Chicago says:

    Italian Americans can usually be counted on to take the White side – they are our toughest, most consistently pro White group and most are tough, ready, willing and able to defended their urban turf when most other Whites have fled to suburbs or given in to NW “minority” intimidation.

    One glaring exception has been the Cuomo family – the current governor of New York is hideous, his father extremely bad. The cleanup of New York City happened when Guliani replaced Black mayor David Dinkins and Pataki replaced Cuomo Sr. – after our side grabbed the mayor’s office and the governor’s office we took back New York City from the Black, Latrino criminals, mobs.

  4. rockman says:

    Be warned that hispanics in power will discriminate against whites as soon as they can do so. When living in Calif I went to a state office for help when injured on the job. the office was 100% hispanic. I was told that they were not helping white males to make up for past discrimination against hispanics. They would not help me because I was a white man. This was a state office. I left the state and found a white community to live in. Take a lesson from my experience and stop things while you can. they will destroy the white race when they can do it.

  5. Marc B says:

    My Italian side of the family, even counting the very dark complected, consider themselves white and consider Hispanics of every hue a people with a very different set of group interests and values not in line with ours.

  6. fuzzypook says:

    Are you serious Rockman? That happened to you in a STATE OFFICE? I would have been in my congressman’s office the NEXT DAY!

  7. Bardon says:

    Cuomo aside- wouldn’t it be wise to try old Roman “divide et impera” policy ? To separate White or light Hispanics from Mestizos/Chicanos & try to somehow acculturate or assimilate the former ?

    Just a thought …

  8. fuzzypook says:

    Are you serious Rockman? They refused to help you in a state office??? The NEXT DAY I would be in my congressman’s office, angry and with a story that I insist that he hear! Go back down there again, this time with a recorder on your person. Don’t let those invaders conquer you!