Posted on August 11, 2011

Questions Arise over Whether ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race

Fox News, August 10, 2011

Police departments in several cities around the country are investigating what appear to be incidents of “flash mob”-generated violence, in which packs of dozens or even hundreds of youths appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, robberies and other crimes against innocent bystanders.

The motive and circumstances surrounding the attacks that have resulted in numerous arrests around the country are being investigated–and law enforcement officials in at least one city are looking into a possible racial component to the crimes.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who recently imposed a stricter curfew in response to the city’s latest attack, addressed black youths directly from the pulpit of his church on Sunday, reportedly saying, “You have damaged your own race.”

“If you want …anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, then leave the innocent people who are walking down the street minding their own damn business. Leave them alone,” Nutter told a mostly black congregation at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Nutter, the city’s third black mayor, spoke after a mob attack July 29 in downtown Philadelphia during which 20 to 30 black youths allegedly beat and robbed innocent bystanders, according to law enforcement. Several people were injured, including one man who was reportedly hospitalized for a fractured skull, and police arrested four people.

The incident happened the same day police said a group of all-black teens beat a man on a street in Philadelphia’s Old City section– which was caught on surveillance video obtained by Fox affiliate WTXF-TV. {snip}


But while some witness accounts suggest the attacks are race-based, law enforcement officials say they have no evidence to prove it.

There was “no confession or anything else” to suggest the July 29 attacks in Philadelphia were “racially motivated,” Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross told

“You can’t just simply look at the race of the offender and the race of the victim and say it’s ethnic intimidation. It may be, but we’re not sure. Does it give us pause? Yes it does,” Ross said.


Authorities in Wisconsin, meanwhile, say they are investigating 11 new allegations of race-based assaults near the state fairgrounds in which the alleged perpetrators were all African-American and the victims were either white or Hispanic.


“They were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white … We are actively looking at violations of hate crime statutes in Wisconsin,” [West Allis Police Chief Mike] Jungbluth told, adding that the alleged attacks were “an outrageous occurrence at an event that is truly designed to be about the family.”

[Editor’s Note: Be sure to click through to the original article to watch a video of one of the Philadelphia attacks.]

15 responses to “Questions Arise over Whether ‘Flash Mob’ Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race”

  1. XIXth says:

    Yet just another example of how the police have changed. They once at a minimum were to protect whites from the non-white criminals. Now they are there to protect the non-white criminals from justice. Time to ignore the police and form your own groups compatriots. Its either that or to the gulag and showers for all of us.

  2. F'artell Lincoln says:

    Well, DUH. do you think? Every video of flash mobs I’ve seen on TV shows NOTHING but blacks involved. They’re all black kids wanting something for nothing. And, if they aren’t stealing, then they’re going to be beating up white people. I mean, how hard is that to get when the evidence is right there in front of our faces?

  3. we're all whimps says:

    The most important part of this story is that Fox DID NOT request comment from the NAACP, SPLC, ADL, or Congressional Black Caucus.

    We’ll get nowhere until the media starts demanding answers from those who profit the most from African American “troubled communities”.

    All black problems should become a daily problem for the NAACP. We must link in people’s mind black crime and the NAACP, and then push for a boycott of any business that gives them money.

    Conservative media is missing a huge opportunity to move us forward, therefore, they are not really conservative.

  4. dan says:

    How much more obvious does this have to be? As I’ve said before, one of the most valuable services that this site offers is to provide information that is often buried by the national media. I suspect many people are not even aware of the recent attacks – you certainly won’t hear about it on CNN; and it’s not propaganda – it’s actual events that are happening. You can trace back to the local paper in question and read it. You and your efforts are sincerely appreciated, Mr. Taylor.

  5. HH says:

    We are living in 1984 – up is down, lie is truth…it’s all there!

    Moreover, and it isn’t easy to say this, but racially-aware Whites need re-assess our historical support of law-enforcement. It is OBVIOUS at this point that law-enforcement, at least at the senior and representative levels, are blatantly anti-White! And these policies are endangering our people!! Supporting those who hate and imperil our people, even as they enforce laws that are glaringly biased on a racial basis, is insanity.

    In war, all those who work against you are your enemies, like it or not.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The cops say there is no “evidence” that the beasts are targeting whites? These cops should join the beasts behind bars for aiding and abetting racist ,cowardly assaults on whites. Blacks who believe they are physically superior, actually are cowards who are only brave enough to attack whites if they outnumber them and if they can use their favorite form of attack: the sucker punch.

  7. Ken says:

    Race Crime, Hate Crime you have to be kidding just becuse gangs of 50 or more blacks go around beating lone whites into coma’s and right away people start saying this is racial.

    And you know the people who are saying it are 100% right.

    Worldwide blacks are beasts of the field as the bible called them and unfit to live among any civilized race..

  8. dittohead says:

    this race war seems to at least thre4 elements white vs black vs mexican and law enforcement/government. i think the whites and mexicans are going to join forces. i hope. law enf./ governments role may change with the political winds but i agree i feel as though white cops all cops are against white people. its sick. so many cowardly sellout traitors. pat mcdonaugh in maryland just used a petition drive to overturn legislation giving illegals instate tuition so i wonder if such methods could overturn ccw restrictions in md and elsewhere.

  9. rockman says:

    Self defense is legal. No one is obligated to put up with being beaten and robbed. stop being professional victims for the black folk.

  10. Mark Randolph says:

    Welcome to Thunderdome America!! This week I had a letter in my hometown paper about the flash mobs. My idea was very simple. All store owners should be required by law to own a warclub like that guy in Walking Tall. I have one in my car and inside the house. It’s a piece of oak 4 feet long with 10 hose clamps on one end. I call it the peace maker,lol. If I win the lottery I would have free self defense camps set up for white people to protect themselves. I wonder if al and jesse would protest that?

  11. Florida Lee says:

    It is up to each of us to do three things:

    1. Legally arm ourselves and carry consistently, not being afraid to use it.

    2. Promote the idea to other responsible individuals in our community to do the same.

    3. Each time our media does not fully report the racial implications of an incident, take them to task.

    As one poster has already said: stop being professional victims for blacks.

  12. PhillyGal says:

    The Philadelphia police are collectively regarded as One Huge Joke in this town – and have been for many years. They are the pc stooges of law enforcement – castrati who are quick to bust white kids on South Street for minor infractions – and just as quick to let black and Puerto Rican kids go free “with a stern warning.” My godfather was a police officer under the late Frank Rizzo and he is so ashamed of today’s police force that he refuses to attend any social events sponsored by the Philly police. Let me state emphatically that this is NOT the fault of the police officers themselves. This mess started at the top and worked its way down to street level. End result? Whites continue to flee the city, violence is rampant (and greatly under-reported), the schools are a mess, and no one in their right minds will venture into the city after dark. For Philadelphia, the end is not just very near – it’s here.

  13. Pa Sheriff says:

    Thanks, Commissioner Ross, for your amazing insight into the problem and for your great integrity in openly confessing what lies at the rotten root of it all. It’s why so many of us would rather whore ourselves than become a Philadelphia police officer. Oh, sorry. There’s not much difference anymore, is there?

  14. roger vivier says:

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  15. IndieGirl says:

    The first story I read about flash mobs (the term is being used incorrectly–a flash mob has pillow fights or dances to Thriller) was on the Drudge Report web site concerning the Wisconsin State Fair melee. Now, I learn there have been at least dozens in the last few years. The biggest concern I have is that every race is being complacent about this, mostly because of underreporting. My father, who died 16 years ago and was a law enforcement officer, told me that he and his college roommate, who is now 68 and still a practicing criminal attorney, knew a race war was coming. Here it is. Let’s not mistake this for random. Goddess help us if Obama isn’t re-elected. People, be prepared.