Posted on June 21, 2011

Anonymous Eden Prairie Group Threatens School Boundary Suit

Kelly Smith, Star Tribune, June 20, 2011

Eden Prairie parents fighting a school desegregation plan say they’ll release a proposal for a settlement with the school district in the next week.


It’s been that way for six months as leaders of the group Yes For Neighborhood Schools have confounded school leaders and waged an elusive, prolonged war against the 9,700-student school district.

The showdown using the Internet and anonymous statements offers a preview of what other districts across the metro area could face over the highly sensitive, contentious issue.

The Eden Prairie group recently spoke publicly for the first time through one parent, defending anonymous e-mails that have warned of a lawsuit and shedding new light on a largely faceless group.

“We stop fighting when a judge tells us that it can’t go any further,” said Nancy Frischmon, an Eden Prairie resident with five school-aged children. “But until then, we don’t stop.”


In the affluent, high-achieving suburb, a widely watched December vote by the school board to reconfigure schools and alter boundary lines to achieve socioeconomic desegregation fueled a volatile debate that’s split the community. Other suburban districts face similar demographic challenges. In Eden Prairie, though, much of the animosity is targeted at Superintendent Melissa Krull, the plan’s champion.

Numerous e-mails from Yes For Neighborhood Schools–signed “Editors”–have threatened a lawsuit and demanded that Krull’s contract not be renewed. {snip}

Last October, as proposed new boundaries were released, Frischmon said about 30 parents launched website. They were united in opposition to a “recycled busing experiment,” or the plan to bus some kids farther from their neighborhood to balance concentrations of low-income students.

The website has organized protests and petitions, promoted meetings and shared research that disputes benefits of busing plans. It seeks financial contributions through a Minnetonka post office box; the initial goal was to raise $100 per family. Frischmon declined to say how much has been raised.


9 responses to “Anonymous Eden Prairie Group Threatens School Boundary Suit”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Notice this is happening in Minnesota, a state which on multiple occasions sent a man to the U.S. Senate (Hubert Humphrey) who said that he was going to make the South “eat integration.”

    Paying attention, Republicans? Here’s a good chance to turn a blue state red.

  2. Ciccio says:

    Why don’t you all chill out and rely on expert impartial advise, or rather irrefutable statistics from an impeccable source. None other than the US census.

    13 % of children disregarding race are in advanced or gifted programs.

    Of those. 49% or children with parents who have advanced degrees.

    Of the remainder, 24% are the children of normal couples whilst of 12% are the children of a single parent.

    So basically it does not matter if you bus the bastard spawn of welfare queens from here to Timbuctu, they have only 1% chance of making it. To jeopardize the education of the other 99% for that slim chance is criminal.

  3. Wayne Engle says:

    It’s good to hear of a group of White parents (the Star Tribune story doesn’t mention race, but I’ll bet they are) standing up for themselves and resisting this forced busing which hasn’t worked and has only resulted in re-segregation as White families moved to more distant suburbs.

    It’s also not surprising that they’ve chosen to remain mostly anonymous. The Left loves to pounce on White people who attempt to stand up for themselves and point out that the politically correct emperor has no clothes. And if they’re not able to get a majority on the school board at the next election, I hope they do take legal action. Any time we can give the Left and the multi-cultis some of their own medicine, let’s do it, by all means.

  4. William says:

    Why stop merely because a judge says it can’t go any further? I don’t get it.

  5. AnalogMan says:

    Exactly when did diversity, “our greatest strength”, turn into “demographic challenges”? I’d guess, about the time it threatened to impact these affluent, high-achieving suburban residents directly.

  6. Tusky says:

    Soon enough a substantial portion of whites will decide that public schooling is a poor investment when the tax costs are considered on top of their costs for private school. Then they won’t support the taxes or bonds. This may work if they can keep political power, otherwise the blacks and latinos will vote the taxes anyway. Another facet of the John Galt scenario.

    If the taxes stay in place, it further spotlights the critical situation of whites and drives recognition of their ethnic self interests. Then comes conflict.

  7. Hieronymous Anonymous says:

    I live in this city, this district, this area, this state, and have done so for over a decade.

    Yes, the city is overwhelmingly ‘white’ – comprised in large part of the sons and daughters of parents who ‘achieved Edina’ in the 1960’s and ’70’s. Edina is the home to the first indoor mall (Southdale) and, until the late 1980’s (I believe) had a clause forbidding sale of property to ‘persons of color.’ Not being racist, merely looking at demographics, and the facts of social disparity from the North Side of Mpls, and the attendant rise in Crime when HHH began the ‘invitation from Gary, IN.’ and points darker, to ‘come to MN, we have free welfare.’

    My late mother kept a constant move on with our family, going ever westward, away from Mpls. She KNEW, she SAW, and she acted accordingly. We could not afford Edina then, and I couldn’t afford it now (nor want it) Today, their children, living in EP, are forty somethings suffused with ideas of ‘achieving the good life’ but caught between the liberal marxist thought they were taught at the U of M in the days when they were undergrads, (Hey, WELLSTONE taught at the U, before being elected Senator- and who do we have today? Klobuchar, Ellison, and Franken- sheesh!) and the current anti-White, offshore-sourcing jobless market for White Males 30+ with Grad degrees. We also have one of the largest SOMALI contingents in the Twin Cities, apart from Ellison’s district.

    So, they are schizophrenic, pretending race doesn’t matter in the general, but acting as all War combatants do, in real life. Trouble is, they still would rather seek to be ‘man pleasers’ than actively work for their racial compatriots… until it hit the fan.

    Which it apparently is doing- not only here, but also in a local ‘charter school’ who just fired their principal. Also in EP… I might add.

  8. Old White Jim says:

    When will the low-level politicians on school boards accept this one undeniable bit of hate truth: The only thing wrong with the schools that the Black and Brown kids presently attend is that THEY are there.

    This article highlights the importance of local elections. Don’t let the progressives keep control of our schools.

  9. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    When Neal Boortz finishes his welcome remarks about Atlanta’s thugs, maybe he would have a few words about the school and neighborhood desegregation thugs who have brought us the other thugs.