Posted on June 21, 2011

Holder: Justice Department Has Re-Opened the “Civil Rights Division”

Real Clear Politics, June 20, 2011

“We have reinvigorated the important work of our Civil Rights Division. Not only is this office once again open for business, it has never been stronger,” Attorney General Eric Holder said at a speech to the American Constitution Society.

“Now, some of you know during this administration’s first fiscal year the Department filed a record number of civil rights criminal cases,” Holder added.

“We’ve also expanded enforcement efforts to guarantee that in our work places, our military bases, in our housing and lending markets, in our voting booths in our border areas, in our schools and places of worship. And I mean all places of worship,” Holder also said.


6 responses to “Holder: Justice Department Has Re-Opened the “Civil Rights Division””

  1. flyingtiger says:

    God help us, the American Gestopo is on the attack.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “We’ve also expanded enforcement efforts ….. in our housing and lending markets,”

    this can only mean resurrecting the CRA. We can only hope our banks can out smart the govt. this time around. (i’m sure Janet Reno is much smarter than e holder) the only way this will work this time around will be for the govt… (i mean the US taxpayer) to buy up all the new breed sub-prime mortgages from the lenders and hold them till they are paid off, or else offer interest rates over and above the original notes initial rate, because there will be no international market for these sub-prime mortgages this time, they will be the equivalent of corporate junk bonds. if this happens, it will mean the US taxpayer is indirectly (well actually pretty directly) subsidizing home loans to low income under-privileged, less fortunate people of colour. I don’t know how much sense it makes for the US taxpayer to hold 30 year mortgages @3-4% interest, but if we wanted to put them on the secondary market we would have to tack on another 7% to attract any interest.

    this will blow up in our faces just like bill clinton’s failed social experiment did.

  3. Robert Binion says:

    It brings me pain to see denizens of the temple wallow in the misery of segregation. Yes, integrate every sanctuary where elites worship! Lead the colt to Jordan and make him drink.

  4. The Bobster says:

    “because there will be no international market for these sub-prime mortgages this time, they will be the equivalent of corporate junk bonds.”


    Junk bonds have been one of the best investments over the past few years. Sub-prime mortgages? Not so much.

  5. rockman says:

    The black folk are not doing any big civil rights things at the moment, how ever Holder has plans and has fore warned us he is coming. The up coming thing is illegal immigration. they are going to make a big issue out of the illegals granting them protected status and supporting them with court cases and federal troops in some cases to protect them from the evil white folk. This is to get the hispanic vote for the coming elections. Chaos and turmoil await. Get used to it Obama wants a 2nd term.

  6. Martin L. Kuhn Jr. says:

    I guess he needs more troops to combat the growing number of angry Whites who have recently had their racial blindfolds ripped off by the internet.

    You’d better hire a bunch of them, Mr. My People.