Posted on May 9, 2011

Bin Laden’s Death

Kyle Bristow, American Renaissance, May 9, 2011

Osama bin Laden

When I turned on the TV news on May 1, 2011, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Osama bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan by US forces. As I flipped channels, I noticed a common theme: utter jubilation by pundits and interviewees alike. CNN showed that thousands of people had spontaneously flocked to the gates of the White House to celebrate the death of the world’s most infamous Islamic terrorist.

I watched as the crowd sang patriotic songs, waved flags, and chanted “USA! USA!,” and noticed something that someone without a consciousness of race might have missed: the impromptu rally was virtually all white. It was whiter than a Tea Party rally. It was so white that any company with a workforce that white would be sued for violating Title VII.

Although Presidents Obama and Bush have asserted that the attacks of September 11 united the country, the crowd that gathered outside the White House suggests otherwise. Washington, DC is only about 33.5 percent white. Why did white people–and apparently only white people–gather by the thousands to celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden?

It seems to me that only white Americans are deeply concerned about the conflict between Arabic Muslims and their country. I suspect that this is because only white Americans–deep down–think of the United States as their country, whereas nonwhites do not have the same level of attachment.

White Americans abhor Osama bin Laden, but Chicano Atzlan activists have compared him to their hero, Pancho Villa.

Six months after the September 11 attacks, the leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Zulu Shabazz, referred to Bin Laden as a “brother,” called him a “bold man,” and praised his allegedly visionary “reforms.” Shabazz’s remarks drew roars of approval from the black crowd.

Three months after the attacks, Al Sharpton ridiculed our soldiers–likewise to deafening applause–at the State of the Black World Conference where he asked the 700 black attendees, “This country can’t find a guy who comes out every two weeks to cut a video, and then you challenge us to stand under one flag?” [Steve Miller, “Black World Conference Loses Its Audience,” Washington Times, December 1, 2001, p. A3.]

Mainstream black author Brian Gilmore wrote that after the attacks blacks were “not feeling that deep sense of patriotism that most Americans feel.” He added that blacks “were Americans, but not quite as American as white Americans.” [Brian Gilmore, “Stand by the Man,” The Progressive, January 2002.]

He’s right. In 2008, a black player for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, Josh Howard, participated in a charity flag-football game, where the television cameras caught him making faces as the National Anthem was played. “‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ is going on,” he said. “I don’t celebrate this shit. I’m black, goddammit.” [Eddie Sefko, “Dallas Mavericks’ Josh Howard Disrespects National Anthem,” Dallas Morning News, September 18, 2008.] These sentiments help explain why white Americans supported the 2003 Iraq invasion 78 to 20 percent, while black Americans opposed it 61 to 35 percent. [Darryl Fears, “For Blacks the War Is Another Divide,” Washington Post, March 25, 2003, p. A22.]

More recently, Rashard Mendenhall, a Pittsburgh Steelers running back, condemned the celebration by whites of bin Laden’s death via Twitter: “What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side. . . .” Black columnist Edward Wyckoff Williams even compared the death of Osama bin Laden to the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

Not surprisingly, American Muslims–blacks and immigrants alike–view the world differently from non-Muslims. According to a 2007 Pew Research Center survey, 47 percent of American Muslims consider themselves Muslim first, American second. American Muslims think it was wrong to attack Afghanistan–48 percent to 35 percent–while other Americans think it was right–61 percent to 29 percent. Only 25 percent of American Muslims think the War on Terror is a sincere effort to combat terrorism (that number drops to 20 percent for American-born Muslims, including blacks), whereas 67 percent of non-Muslims think it is a sincere effort.

Thirty-nine percent of American Muslims between the ages of 18 and 29 think Muslim immigrants should remain “distinct from American society” rather than adopt American ways, and for native-born Black Muslims that number rises to 47 percent. Perhaps this is why President Obama sent a letter to Congress in 2010 saying it was “in the national interest” to permit another 80,000 Muslims to immigrate during 2011.

Many blacks simply do not feel loyal to the United States, which they associate with slavery and “racism.” Others are openly hostile. Here are Malcolm X’s classic 1962 comments after an airplane carrying white Americans crashed in France:

“I would like to announce a very beautiful thing that has happened. I got a wire from God today. He really answered our prayers over in France. He dropped an airplane out of the sky with over 120 white people on it because the Muslims believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. We will continue to pray and we hope that every day another plane falls out of the sky.”

Malcolm X would no doubt have been ecstatic about the September 11 attacks, and to the extent they share his views, blacks are saddened by the death of the man who planned the operation.

In international relations there is something called the “rally ’round the flag effect“; patriotism and national solidarity rise when a nation experiences a triumph or a defeat. This was very clear after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the attacks of September 11. In the case of Osama bin Laden’s death, it appears that it is mostly white Americans who are rallying ’round the flag. Non-whites seem to think it doesn’t concern them.

It is whites who care about the United States, who grieve for its losses and celebrate its triumphs. Perhaps subconsciously they think of the United States as a white nation, and of Osama bin Laden as an enemy of white America. Their celebration of his death was a celebration of their civilization and of a country they still think belongs to them.

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  1. Question Diversity says:

    I agree with the general premise of Mr. Bristow’s article. But I’m suspicious about the crowds of young white people (who were nothing more than kids when 9/11 happened) that gathered to celebrate on that late Sunday night/early Monday morning a week ago — were they really celebrating patriotism, or was it just an excuse to drink and party?

  2. highduke says:

    Osama played his part: creating the illusion of externality, ie: that America is fighting Islamic fundementalism when it has already infiltrated America in secularized form by Saudi & UAE oil & real estate corporations lobbying corrupt WASP politicians in both the GOP & Dems, hence Americans voted for Husein Obama or WASPy pro-Saudi oil & construction CEO-politicians. HOW can we believe that Osama hates S.Arabia bc it’s a monarchy & allows US troops to defend it? Osama & Obama work for S.Arabia

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    I don’t doubt the spontaneous revelry by whites with the announcement of the death of Osama.

    It was also clear years ago that blacks didn’t like Bush’s War on Terrorism basically because it was a war started by a white man and blacks thought the money for the war would be better spent being given to them.

    The day after the announcement of Osama’s death, blacks in western New York held their own celebration while sporting t-shirts that read ‘Obama Got Osama’.

    Blacks are giving praise and credit for the death of Osama to President Obama. They’re call into c-span to rub it in the face of white America that President Obama did what President Bush couldn’t do. This is no longer Bush’s War on Terrorism. It’s now Obama’s Victory Over Terrorism.

    If you want to re-frame the argument, remind blacks that President Obama acted as judge and jury and ordered the execution, without trial or due process, of a Muslim and alleged terrorist.

    Had President Bush done the same thing, blacks, Democrats, liberals, and the left would be rioting, not celebrating and taking credit.

  4. Jupiter7 says:

    If this is the best that Native Born White Americans can come up with in terms of Patriotism and Native Born White American identity poitics….than Native Born White Americans are in very big trouble.

    The chant of “USA..USA..USA” by White Teenage College kids from American University and other DC area Universities is nothing but mindless jingoism that will not translate into anything…0…substantive on the race-replacement issue…in fact, it will accelerate White race-replacement. The assassination of Osama Bin Laden will be used as a springboard to unprecedented levels of invasion and occupation of Muslim nations. And with these invasions and occupations will be a corresponding transfer of the Muslim population in the Middle East into America.

    And I just to point out that the Teenage White Males who were celebrating in front of the White House-with very high probability-would not be celebrating in front of the White House if they were drated into the military and actually have to lay their bodies on the line to fight the war on terror.

    There was, and is, absolutetly no reason for America to be in Afghanistan. It would have been simple enough to protect America from future terrorist attacks. All that had to be done right after 9/11 was 1)to reduce Muslim immigration to America down to 0 and 2)deport all Muslims out of America back to the Middle East. And on a more fundamental level, if the 1965 Immigration Reform Act had not been passed, 9/11-and the earlier Nov 2003 attack on the Twin Towers-would never had occured. Osama Bin Laden’s assassination is so beside the point that it is completely irrelevant.

    It has never been established in any convinving way that Osama Bin Laden was responsible way for 9/11.

    To repeat:all this chanting of “USA….USA..” is mindless jingoism from chickenhawk White Teenagers who go out of there way to avoid military duty. And anyone who thinks this is a deep expression of White Identity politics is clueless.If anthing, it shows just how clueless and possibly insane these White American Teenagers are.

    Chanting “USA..USA..”=invade the world;invite the world=the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority.

    Every Republican and Democratic Administration-Nixon and Reagan included-is by many orders of magnitude a much more serious threat to the long term survival of the Native Born White Majority within the borders of America than Osama Bin Laden could hope to dream about in his wildest dreams.

  5. BannerRWB says:

    I believe Kyle is correct, in that from what I have seen, there is a much higher percentage of White’s who care for America as compared to those of other races. Hispanics, Blacks and Asians have fought and died on America’s behalf (all very bravely so), but it appears they have done this moreso out of a sense of gaining a “better life” or of otherwise being caught up in the system, and then not being able to find a way out. Those who have served honorably, from whatever race, are indeed a credit to their race. Still though, there isn’t any way around the fact that we have a constitution that was signed by White men and only White men. There isn’t any way the United States will ever be a nation that did not have Slavery as part of its past or as an institution at the inception of the nation. The Mexican-American War will always be a point of issue between Mexicans and Americans. Separation was/is the answer, not segregation; building secure borders is also part of the answer, but since we didn’t do it at the Rio Grand, we’ll have to do it at some point much farther North or else we’ll lose the entire country. In any case, at some point we’ll end up writing a new constitution, and I suggest we write it on behalf of each country that will come out of the current United States, as we then may be able to avoid much of the coming ethnocentric bloodshed. As to the article, I did not celebrate the death of Bin Laden. The Islamic problem is such that I’ll reserve my celebration for when Islam is out of North America and out of Europe as well, as until then, we remain in danger.

  6. AmericaFirst says:

    I remember reading an interview with a well-known black activist in the late 1960s (cannot recall if it was Dick Gregory or Malcolm X), but the guy did state that “Young white people really do love this country.” This stuck with me at the time, because implied therein was the sentiment that “Young black people DON’T love this country.” From the fragging and intraservice racial violence during the Vietnam War (just ask any vet) and in the states, during the early 1970s, to the wave of interracial violence that engulfed the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s, to the destruction of their own cities by those who live and vote in them ever since, to the open disrespect, disdain and dislike (to put it mildly) shown the United States by almost all black commentators (see Leonard Pitts column today, for one example), it is patent that blacks do not love the U.S. Common sense would dictate that each one of them be grateful to have been born here instead of Africa or Jamaica or Haiti, or some other black-run hell-hole, but we will never see that in our lifetime.

  7. bryan boru says:

    I bet the navy seal team that killed Bin Laden was all white.Of course when they make the movie,their will be starring roles for Jamie Foxx,Vin diesel and Sammy Jackson.

  8. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    At least the killing of bin Laden did not provoke a wave of black ghetto riots.

  9. Tim in Indiana says:

    There are those on the white right who are questioning whether bin Laden really was killed or what exactly were the true circumstances of his execution. To me, this is nothing more than a distraction.

    I think Kyle Bristow got to the true crux of the matter here: the whole saga of bin Laden is really a story of white vs. nonwhite, or another race war, so to speak. After all, the vast majority of those killed on 9/11 were white, making it an attack essentially against white people. Notice the media, however, never called bin Laden a racist.

    As far as blacks refusing to celebrate bin Laden’s demise and failing to show much interest in the story otherwise, so what else is new? By and large, blacks tend to be a rather narrow-minded people. With them, it always comes down to race, race and race.

    This almost complete single-mindedness of purpose is what makes them a formidable force to white people.

    And by the way, even if bin Laden was executed, the credit really goes to our special forces, not to Obama, who simply happened to be in office at the time it occurred.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rashard Mendenhall, a Pittsburgh Steelers running back, condemned the celebration by whites of bin Laden’s death via Twitter: “What kind of person celebrates death? It’s amazing how people can HATE a man they have never even heard speak. We’ve only heard one side”


    Osama Bin Laden’s complaints are well known…except to barely-educated blacks. Rashard Mendenhall has only heard one side, because he’s never bothered to read up on the issue (or anything else, I’m guessing). Most white Americans have read foreign policy articles, wikipedia, Al-Qaeda media statement, etc. Hardly obscure stuff!

    Of course, Rashard’s silly statement gets even more laughable with his spiel about “hate” and death. Blacks celebrate violence more than any other race. Just listen to their music and walk through their neighborhoods – got to “keep it real”, after all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is an embarrassing essay. All it proves is how gullible and uninformed American whites are regarding bin Laden’s latest death (is this the sixth or seventh?) and how easily the government can manipulate the masses. Thomas Fleming over at Chronicles Magazine has a proper article on this subject. This essay, on the other hand, is just neocon boilerplate with some racialist overtones.

  12. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    This is a very insightful piece.

    Now that the author mentions it, subconsciously I noticed that the White House celebratory crowds were overwhelmingly White, too. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

    “Many blacks simply do not feel loyal to the United States,” he writes.

    Absolutely, one hundred percent true.

    I lived among blacks for many years, even up until about a year or so ago. I can never — and I mean never — remember any blacks who ever hung a flag from their front porch on patriotic holidays like July Fourth or Memorial Day.

    And I can’t recall how many times at sporting events of all kinds I have seen blacks stubbornly and defiantly refuse to stand for the national anthem.

    The truth is, they just don’t feel like the United States is their home. There is no doubt in my mind that Whites view America as their country. Blacks are either ambivialent toward it or hold America in contempt.

  13. len says:

    Make that White Americans , rallying to the flag of freedom. The white resentment and bitterness towards the US , shown in Europe is amazing. Apparently we ought not to have executed Bin Laden. From white folks in London of all places I was told I was a disgrace to be celebrating the Ben Laden death , I continue to celebrate. It seems that only white Americans were harmed on 9/11.It seems that “people of color,” just love Muslims and Ben Laden. Something to remember should Islam o Afro EUROPE ever scream for help again.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I believe Bin Laden died a long time ago.. I never believed all those videos we released of him over the years either..didn’t Dick Cheney say in 2006 that Bin Laden was NOT the leader for the “terrorists” or something to that effect?

  15. white guy says:

    that would explain louis farrakhan….

  16. P.C. Insanity says:

    The views of Muslims, blacks and hispanics should come as no surprise to us who are intelligent and strong enough to acknowledge what is really going on in our country. They don’t feel our “deep sense of patriotism”. No kidding.

    But look at the millions of dollars our country has spent rebuilding and feeding third world countries. Time to vote out the bums who use our tax dollars aiding and abetting our enemies. For that is what they have proven time and time again to be. Time to pull out our troops, secure OUR borders and let the rest of them fend for themselves. And while we’re at it, let’s deport all our illegal immigrants. Think this would be cost prohibitive? Think our deficit wouldn’t go down? Think again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Personally, I don’t think these displays are any credit to white Americans, not because I think it’s wrong to celebrate the death of somebody like Bin Laden, but because I think they demonstrate a fantastic level of credulity and a willingness to believe the official line despite everything that’s happened over the last ten years. Everyone by now should realize that the federal government and mainstream media have zero credibility. I mean, how many times do you have to be lied to before you stop believing what you hear?

    Look at the cover of the Daily News included with this article. The sub-banner reads “Obama: US Team Kills Bin Laden In Firefight.” That is a flat-out lie. The official story is already coming unraveled. According to official sources, there was no fire fight, Bin Laden was unarmed and he didn’t use one of his wives as a human shield. It makes you wonder what actually happened–if anything–but there’s no way to know because THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. The body was supposedly buried at sea. The first photographs that came out showing Bin Laden dead were fakes–composites of an old Bin Laden picture with a photograph of an unidentified dead man. These fakes apparently originated in Pakistan and they’ve been floating around the internet for years. They were exposed as fakes by the Guardian and others and at least three US senators who saw them later admitted they had been taken in.

    I don’t claim to know what happened, but something’s really wrong with this story. Assuming that Bin Laden didn’t die years ago from kidney failure and that the US actually killed him a few days ago, how can this be seen as anything but a gigantic failure? Bin Laden, according to the official story, was still running Al Qaeda. He was supposedly the head of the entire organization. According to the official story, the team that went into his compound or house or whatever it was had orders to kill him, not capture him. Does that make sense to you? This was either a colossal blunder or they’re lying about him being dead.

    Personally, after the lies about weapons of mass destruction were exposed, I didn’t believe anything coming out of the Bush Administration or the MSM and I don’t believe anything coming out of the Obama Administration, either. The fact that so many whites were cheering for a story like this is mind-boggling,to say the least. The ironic part of this story is that Bin Laden’s supposed death has set off another round of hysteria about terrorism and it will undoubtedly be used to justify the expansion of HSA powers and government surveillance on every aspect of our personal lives.

    You think the situation in Britain is bad? The same thing is happening here.

  18. tony Soprano says:

    Kyle Bristow proves here what non-whites also believe. The definition of a nation means to be of common birth. The fact that non-whites insist on hypenating themselves they will never be Americans. Only white people can be americans. As far as Muslims are concerned they are a cancer. I cannot think any nation dominated by Islam that people would want to live.

  19. generalquagmyer says:

    What’s really neat about all this is knowing that the Navy SEALS were 100% white guys, and that every one of them would be capable of placing that kill shot just above the eye socket. Our enemies never know what hits them once you get us riled up. We’re organized, we’re coordinated, we’re hi-tech but capable of improvising, and we can enact our own “no snitchin'” rule once we’ve identified who hates us and wants us dead.

    “Minorities” have long whined about white people’s ruthless efficiency in warfare, but that’s just the way white people do EVERYTHING. We don’t enjoy violence for violence’s sake, and for far too long that has been taken as a sign of wimpiness.

    If I were black, I wouldn’t be too gung-ho about what happened to that fellow white hater either.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Those white men joyously celebrating remind me of white men celebrating a championship for a local sports team. White men, who understand their position in America, know that Obama is a greater enemy then Osama. If ordered to do so, the same men that cleaned out Osama’s headquarters would have cleaned out Amren’s headquarters.

  21. Ross says:

    I am a white American and a patriot. Bur here is why I have mixed feelings about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

    His followers consider him a Muslim martyr and believe he is in the Muslim “paradise” with the 72 virgins.

    Compare these two contrasting examples. In July of 1944, if Col. Claus von Staffenbug actually did succeed in his failed attempt to kill Hitler, that would have ended the reign of the Third Reich and Ann Frank would have survived the Nazi Holocaust.

    In the 1980’s, when Mikail Gorbachov instituted “Glasnost”, that led to the downfall of communism.

    Unfortunately, the threat of Muslim terrorism is far from over. There are too many Muslim terrorist leaders who are glad to take Bin Laden’s place, and willing to commit even worse acts of terrorism. Even greater than the tragedy that happened on September 11, 2001!

  22. Whiteman says:

    “only white Americans—deep down—think of the United States is their country, whereas nonwhites do not have the same level of attachment”.

    lol white americans Fear america and being an american. It shows they have at least Some intelligence. .

  23. margaret says:

    Here’s something from the UK Daily Mail. Thought I would post it. Apparently the British left take on the obama killing is the same as Michael Moore’s

    Hand wringing over Bin Laden is not just distasteful – it’s potentially suicidal

    By Melanie Phillips

    9th May 2011

    On BBC TV¿s Question Time, Paddy Ashdown claimed that the killing of Bin Laden supplanted the rule of law

    Given some reactions to the killing of Osama Bin Laden, you really do have to wonder whether, if Britain were fighting World War II today, Hitler would have won.

    Just consider for a moment an instructive comparison. Reinhard Heydrich was one of the key architects of Hitler’s genocide against the Jews.

    In 1941, the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) was authorised by Winston Churchill to assassinate high-ranking Nazis wherever they could be found.

    In 1942, two of the many Czech citizens whom the SOE had trained to implement this strategy blew up the car carrying Heydrich to his office in Prague. He died a week later from infection following his injuries.

    If that had taken place today, we would most likely find the Archbishop of Canterbury fretting ‘justice didn’t seem to be done’, Paddy Ashdown tut-tutting that the rule of law did not condone ‘non- judicial execution’, and human rights lawyers seeking to arrest Churchill for war crimes.

    Well, all right, human rights lawyers didn’t actually call for President Obama to be prosecuted for authorising the Bin Laden operation.

    But such lawyers did fulminate that he should not have been killed, but arrested and brought to trial.

    On BBC TV’s Question Time last week, Ashdown claimed that the killing supplanted the rule of law (while trying simultaneously to identify himself with soldiers killing terrorists under the pressure of split-second decisions).

    And Dr Rowan Williams said that the ‘killing of an unarmed man’ left a ‘very uncomfortable feeling’.

    Such hand-wringing is beyond absurd; indeed, it is morally distasteful and culturally potentially suicidal.

    Though we still can’t be sure exactly what happened in Abbottabad (and it certainly hasn’t helped that the U.S. changed its story), it seems that when Bin Laden was shot he was not holding a weapon.

    Osama Bin Laden’s death has been described as ‘the killing of an unarmed man’ rather than that of a terrorist leader by some

    True, the rules of warfare dictate that if an enemy combatant unequivocally surrenders he must be captured rather than killed.

    But given that this man spawned an army of suicide bombers all of whom believe martyrdom is their calling, surrender was never going to be an option. Indeed, there are reports there were weapons in his room.

    The assumption has to be that, if cornered, such a man may well detonate himself or otherwise fight to the death. It is not only reasonable to assume that he must be killed; in order to safeguard innocent life, it is essential.

    All the hand-wringing reflects a terrible and widespread confusion about two things: first, the nature of the threat we face from Islamic terrorism; and second, the place and nature of war.

    There is a persistent belief that the threat from Al  Qaeda is scarcely any different from that previously posed by the IRA. But what Al  Qaeda, in fact, represents is not terrorism as conventionally understood.

    Terrorism is the use of violence against innocent people to force a government to accede to certain specific demands. But Al  Qaeda makes no demand to which Britain or America could ever accede. It uses violence against innocent people to try to destroy an entire civilisation.

    Moreover, no sanctions on earth will deter those for whom self-destruction is the highest goal of existence.

    Unlike Irish republicans, whose goal was limited to a united Ireland, Al Qaeda intends to murder as many British or American citizens as possible.

    If its followers could destroy an entire British or American city through a dirty bomb, they would do it.

    So the consequences of any failure to stop them belong to a different league altogether from Irish-style terrorism.

    In other words, this is more like a war. The problem, however, is that war is conventionally defined as taking place between the armies of opposing states.

    Given that their goal is even more devastating than a war between states, to say that the leader of such a force should be arrested and tried is even more ridiculous than it would have been to say it about Reinhard Heydrich.

    The principal reason this nonsense has taken such deep root is the baleful influence of the human rights industry and the doctrine to which its advocates adhere.

    This holds that the nation has had its day, that trans-national courts and other institutions should trump our own, and that war must be replaced by law and terrorists arrested and tried by international tribunals.

    That’s why UN officials have been criticising the killing of Bin Laden, saying that terrorists should normally be dealt with as criminals through the legal processes of arrest, trial and judicial punishment.

    Last week, on BBC Radio  4’s Moral Maze (on which I am a panellist) a human rights lawyer similarly argued earnestly that the rule of law was preferable to war.

    For heaven’s sake — as if any of us would disagree! But the point is that, in certain circumstances, warfare and the resulting killing of the enemy amount to the only way of keeping us safe.

    After all, that is why we are bombing Afghanistan. And that’s why soldiers rather than the police were sent into Bin Laden’s hideout.

    We are not up against common criminals, animal rights terrorists or even the Mafia. We are at war to defend our entire way of life, just as we were doing against Hitler.

    Yet even what happened during that war is being airbrushed out of history by the human rights fanatics. For we are being told Bin Laden should have been put on trial, as was done at Nuremberg to previous enemies of humanity after World War II.

    On Question Time, panellist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown said idiotically that ‘we did it for the Nazis’. Dear, oh dear — the events of 1939-45 appear to have passed Ms Alibhai-Brown by altogether.

    For what we ‘did for the Nazis’ was to wage war upon them — total war.

    It was only after the Allies won that war that captured Nazis were put on trial at Nuremberg. Indeed, the Nuremberg tribunal only took place at all because the Allies had won a military victory — which involved killing not only Nazis but civilians, too.

    As, indeed, the West is doing in Afghanistan, where untold numbers of Taliban and civilians have been killed. Untold because no one seems to know or care about those casualties of war.

    Indeed, one could say that, with inexplicable perversity, the human rights industry only ever becomes enraged when military targets are singled out for targeted killing, which is designed to avoid hurting the innocent — as with the killing of Bin Laden.

    On that Question Time show, panellist Douglas Murray was booed when he said he was elated at the death of Bin Laden.

    And Paddy Ashdown provoked a storm of cheap applause when he declared in response that he could not rejoice at the killing of any man.

    Of course, gloating over any killing is undesirable. But that’s not what Murray meant.

    Surely all decent people should rejoice that the leader of a force working to blow an entire civilisation to kingdom come has been removed from the scene.

    But if the only permitted reaction is to condemn it, what chance is there that such a civilisation will ever defend itself against those intent upon its destruction?

    Churchill must be spinning in his grave.

  24. Anonymous says:

    A friend who always turns the morning news shows called me at 6/30 am pacific time on 9/11 and told me to turn on the TV.

    At 3/pm, after watching the coverage all day I reported for my 3 to 11 pm shift in a 96 percent black government agency. All I heard was “who cares a bunch of rich White people goh kil?” Bush did it, he and CIA did it, Jew did it for the insurance, who cares, not my country White people killed good” The major thing was that Bush and the CIA did it for some reason.

    It was not the most disgusting thing I ever heard in that horror show of a civil service gulag staffed by ghetto and parole board trash.

    I’m now retired and will never have to listen to or look at a black person again.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I noticed the same thing. Contrast the white cheering crowd with the black cheering crowd when OJ Simpson was found not guilty. Two different worlds, two different mind sets, two different races.

  26. Ben says:

    Unfortunately, he is is now a martyr, in the eyes of his peoples, and is stronger now then he ever was in life.

    I fear that many people don’t understand Muslims and how they see the world.

    This won’t be the end but only the beginning.

  27. C says:

    In Denmark the mood has been supportive of Osama’s assassination, except for the leftists. Maybe the Bush doctrine of unilateral action was necessary–if we had to get all of our allies on board, for every important action, we would probably never get anything done…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Where I live I saw several Blacks celebrating with Whites about the death of Osama Bin Laden.

  29. Greg Wilson says:

    I too noticed (first hand) the difference. A black facebook “friend” of mine called Osama a “leader” and said Americans shouldn’t be celebrating his death. I promptly removed him from my friends list.

    Even though many white liberals were undoubtedly celebrating Obama and caught up in the moment to party, what we saw last week was unprecedented in modern times. The celebrations were sporadic and unplanned. Like residents of cities that win a sports championship, (mostly white) Americans across the nation went outside to set off fireworks (in my hometown), or chant USA! USA! in pure jubilation.

    What is encouraging is this. Young whites *do* care for their country and are patriotic. Unfortunately, many of us have grown up brainwashed and believe the mantra about “diversity” and multiculturalism. Unfortunately, it is apparent most minorities do not. Instead of realizing terrorists indiscriminately kill anyone they can, many blacks would rather see these terrorists kill innocent whites who would never harm them than Osama get sniped. Maybe this will be a wake up call for moderate/liberal whites–but probably not.

  30. flyingtiger says:

    Pancho Villa was the Osama Bin Laden of his time.

    If blacks do not feel loyality to the USA, then leave. You don’t need an exit visa and we don’t need you. I don’y know where you should go, but that is your problem.

  31. Alexandra says:

    Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. There was a Fox news article from December 2001 stating this, and in 2007 Benazir Bhutto said that bin Laden had been murdered (right before she was assassinated).

    I refer to him as Osama bin Goldstein. Bush trotted him out whenever his ratings dropped. Now this comes on the heels of the fake birth certificate and everything else.

  32. Bill says:



    Osama’s countenance looks much like a much manlier version of the usual wimpish and soppy depiction of Jesus Christ.

    A lot of people reading this wanted Osama dead but – paradoxically – had a sneaking admiration for a guy richer than any of us who chose to embrace lethal danger, extreme squalor and poverty and fight a superpower he MUST have known he couldn’t beat.

  33. South African says:

    “lol white americans Fear america and being an american”.

    It rather sounds like a lack of courage of the future and a phobic fear of everything dangerous. This fear is being fed in an artificial way in order to manipulate the whites in a certain direction. America as a country never had the amount of bloodletting by personal engagement like other Western countries had during major wars (read it up in Yockeys Imperium, this figures are found there). This fear of personal engagement (most probably also intensified due to the many years of affluence since WWII, for the first time disturbed by the first incident of a internal terrorism threat by 9/11 after an unimaginable long period of peace – even Vietnam was no general call-up mustering like in South Africa) carries an unnatural feeling of joy, if the bogeyman ‘enemy’ has been destroyed. It has the feeling of a comic strip hero event.

    This saying of “The tree of liberty is nourished by the blood of patriots and tyrants. That is its natural manure. –Thomas Jefferson” seems to be the most feared event for white America. There is a confusion about who really is the enemy, an identity crisis, a national mental illness.

    That fear of personal seems to be compensated by an overly reliance on technology to do the work – guided missiles, robots, machines – everything to prevent the letting of blood. The machines have become the objects which must carry out heroic acts. So what example of a hero is left for the humans, but a machine?

    It is a hit-and-run affair – enemies are seen everywhere. Where is the art of diplomacy and talk? There is just one tactic – bomb them to hell. To an outsider it has the feel of an ‘Advance to Barbarism’ (F.J.P. Veale). In the meantime America is being run bankrupt by a rogue government and the ultimate losers are the American people.

    All this can only be turned around with a loftier goal than just materialism and fighting for the neocons. I mean, there is plenty of work to be done not only on earth, but also reaching for the stars.

    Please correct me, for me it sounds like the last real major personal engagement on American soil was the American civil war. That is something you read about in older history books.

    This is the impression I get from all this.

  34. Anders says:

    4 — Jupiter7 wrote at 6:21 PM on May 9:

    “There was, and is, absolutetly no reason for America to be in Afghanistan.”

    I completely agree; This strange mission of ‘war on terror’ or bringing ‘democracy’ to Afghanistan is, and has always been a complete farce.

    As far as I see it, the entire country of Afghanistan is not worth the life of one American soldier, or one Australian soldier, or indeeed the life of a soldier from anywhere else in the world that has been sent to that God-forsaken useless place.

    Jupiter is completely correct here on all counts.

  35. Jupiter7 says:

    It is no big secret that Al-Queda and Osma Bin Laden are a creation of CIA and the Reagan administration’s Cold War Policy in Afgahanitan which began in 1981. The larger background to the creation Al Queda is US foriegn policy in the Middle East which is hated by one billion muslim world wide. The popular rebellions in the Middle East that began a few weeks ago is a reaction to this hated US foriegn policy. Al Queda feeds off of this hatred. US foriegn policy and the millions of White American fools who tolerated it and openly supported it are ultimately the ones responsible for the creation of Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden…and therefore are ultimately responsible for the first terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in Nov 2003 and the second much more successfull one on 9/11. I mean it wa stupid enough to enrage one billion Muslims in the Muslim World..but to let in Muslim legal immigrants..I mean how dumb can you get? You can easily find the video of Osama Bin Laden’s second in command- his father-in-law and personal physician-saying to a CBS News Reporter:”America…no problem at all..very easy..very easy..anyone can walk right in”..he said this one year before 9/11 and it was on the National News. It was shown over and over again right after 9/11.

    The “USA..USA” nonesense is for chickenhawk pinheads. It is mindless acceptance of Republican-Demcratic bold-face lies such as”We have to go there..or they will come here and kill Americans and American soil”. It is utimatley a cheer for the race-replacement of the Native Born White American Majority at the hands of high-fertility post-1965 nonwhites such as Muslims. Several of the 9/11 terrorist will living legally in America-water scarce Florida in particular-where they created a Muslim geneline in America. How ironic, the children of at least two of the 9/11 Muslim terrorists are now full-blown US citizens and legally allowed vote for the race-replacement of the pinhead chickenhawks who were chanting “USA..USA..”

  36. Nordic says:

    Seeing America from afar, I’m afraid it’s too late for you until a racewar starts. I don’t want violence, I will not seek it and I will damn the (inevitable) day when it comes. But come it will nontheless and the damage meted out to my people in America will be great, for your youth believes all the lies in the world, and they have been intellectually – and even more importantly – psychologically disarmed for what is coming.

    The beginning will more or less look like a purge. The more PC/multicultural you are, the less likely you are to make it through. As always, the poor will be hit the hardest and many of the wealthy white liberals who have been pushing for the inevitable, will at least initially be spared.

    But we need America, because Europe is a joke. It’s a dying continent, with a joke for an army. But with America fully immersed in it’s own civil war, Europe will be naked and OPEC’s power over the energypoor Europe will tighten, as the mass migrations swell into our lands.

    My only solace in despair is knowing that we are the worst rulers but few, if anyone, are as powerful as we are when we are facing imminent danger.

    The future is dark for us.

  37. cpascal says:

    Although I don’t believe the official story of either 9/11 or the bin Laden death, I was hoping that now that the official version has killed of bin Laden, the War on Terrior would be considered won, and that there might finally be an end to the loss of freedom, and that the wars in the Middle East might finally be over. Instead, it looks as though both are only going to continue. Osama bin Laden’s death happened very soon after Obama produced the birth certificate which he spent millions of dollars to keep sealed, and many people think that the birth certificate is fake. This death could have been produced in order to distract attention from the birth certificate.

  38. Anonymous says:

    His followers consider him a Muslim martyr and believe he is in the Muslim “paradise” with the 72 virgins.

    Compare these two contrasting examples. In July of 1944, if Col. Claus von Staffenbug actually did succeed in his failed attempt to kill Hitler, that would have ended the reign of the Third Reich and Ann Frank would have survived the Nazi Holocaust.

    In the 1980’s, when Mikail Gorbachov instituted “Glasnost”, that led to the downfall of communism. says Ross, poster #21.

    I believe your examples are also more propaganda that we have bought into. We, in America, have been led to believe anything “our side” puts out. From the Civil War and every war since then we have been hoodwinked into believing the “official” version by those with an agenda.

  39. ice says:

    “Many blacks simply do not feel loyal to the United States, which they associate with slavery and “racism.”

    I agree that blacks do not feel loyalty towards the US, but not because they associate it with slavery or racism.

    They don’t feel a part of this country, because they don’t dominate and control it and amount to the majority population.

    But those aren’t the only reasons. They hate this country mostly because they can’t compete on an equal basis with the other races here, especially whites. It enrages them far more than most people are aware of. Every day in one way or another they see evidence of black failure. I’m pretty sure even the dumbest blacks realize they can’t cut it, especially the black leaders who are embarassed by it, because they see that it reflects badly on them, and well it should, because even as leaders they have less than the normal mental abilities of an average white.

    To distract from the truth of black incompetence, the embarassed black leaders create a whipping-boy white icon whom they wail is racist and oppresses them. Blaming whites for all their incompetence and inability acts as a salve for their wounded prides, which they apply to excuse anything and everything regarding black insufficiency and failure.

    They mouth these lies until they’re programmed into every black head. The result is that nearly every black in this country will scream injustice and racism to excuse anything they do or cannot do, including horrific crimes and murders.

    Instead of condemning them for their criminal conduct and atrocious lies, the MSM and radical politicians encourage it all.

    If this financial plummet continues on down into a severe depression as many expect, the situation WILL reach critical mass, and the country will explode.

    And, the blacks won’t care if America is no more. They don’t like it anyway. They never have, andthey never will.,

    Is this why Obama always seems so non-chalant in situations where the country is in danger of falling? A left-wing reporter went so far as to say Obama had a “detached serenity” about him.

    Maybe it is because he really DOES feel detached, as the leftist admitted.

  40. Nick says:

    We talk about the lack of love non-whites have for the U.S.

    Doesn’t that go a long way toward explaining why their lands of origin are such failures?

  41. GetBackJack says:

    Since I, personally, believe Bin Laden was killed years ago, I look at all these whites celebrating as nothing more than gluttons for propaganda. It is, after all, the root of their own demise.

    Celebrate diversity!!! Embrace multiculturalism!!! Wealth redistribution!!! Goodbye Whitey!!!

  42. Retired Cop says:

    Blacks do celebrate death.

    In 1992, a white Minneapolis cop was shot in the back and assasinated by black gang members. When the blacks in Hennepin (Mpls.) County jail found out, they broke out with yells and cheers of celebration at the cop’s death.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Black Iconoclasty is diffuse but opportunistic and exploitationist. Because that is how it was molded and formed to be: as a blunt weapon but a headless one. Killing Black Leadership targets in the 60s and 70s was part of keeping it so.

    Blacks don’t have the courage of their convictions to put forth a genuine agenda and so act as a spiteful mirror towards anything white, stealing whatever they can ‘from the man’.

    Like all riotous mob cultures however; they rely on a sense of common benefit or at least common /pleasure/ in deriding what they find themselves excluded from on the basis of their brutality and ugliness in our eyes.

    And in that sense, racism is very real and I’m sure very frustrating to a people that have long since realized how little they are liked by any who must suffer their company.

    This doesn’t mean that blacks are going to rise up and declare jihad because, frankly, most of the black Muslims are jailhouse converts without the intellect to do more than beat up their women, abuse drugs and abandon their kids on the outside.

    It does however mean that if we want a white nation, we had better get to building one by transfering societal resources towards a Middle America that is still more or less white. Because sooner or later, someone, somewhere, will pick up that blunt weapon and start to use it again, against us.

    And they will likely be a lot smarter in how it is employed.

    Indeed, this is one of those ‘the house is on fire!?’ as your hair catches alight moments wherein they who are responsible for setting us against each other have been allowed to progress for too long to save all our lands.

    And if we wish to avoid a neo-nazist demonization as racists we had better be able to prove how much we will sacrifice, simply to be left alone. If the Blacks have the South and East. The Whites the middle and north and the Asians and Hispanics bicker over the Southwest thru Northwest, America will effectively be divided and powerless as a first world nationstate.

    Which is of course the ultimate goal on the march towards globalist corporatism. But a third of what was once ours exclusively will still be better than living in a multicult disaster area where we cannot even count on our ethnic populations to stand with us against all threats, foreign and domestic.

    There’s a lot of things that I disagree with in the prosecution of the GWOT. But 3,000 men, women and children on 9/11 and 48,000 warriors in the decade since made this a blood feud that had to be fought to the finish. UBL knew that. He was no hero to stand up for what he believed in at Tora Bora. He ran like a whipped dog, leaving his people to take what was coming to him. It took awhile but we tracked him down, living an assassin’s existing in a hole.

    And then we killed him in a lot fairer fight than he gave all those civilians.

    Thank You, Armed Forces Of America, for never forgetting that this IS _our nation_.

  44. Periapsis says:

    Whether or not Bin Laden died like a cornered animal at the hands of a Navy SEAL or in hails of bombs back in 2001, there’s not a lot to celebrate. It’s a good thing that an genocidal murderer like him who killed thousands of whites is dead. However, we are fighting a Hydra, a monster with multiple heads. When one is severed, two more grow back in it’s place. This is the problem the white race faces, for every enemy of the white race we eliminate, several more spring up to take his place. In other words, whites face a darkening and ever bloodier future. The death of Bin Laden, whenever and however it really occurred, is not the end of the war against the white race. It’s just the start.

  45. Nathaniel Branden, Jr. says:

    I salute Jupiter 7 for by a country mile the most intelligent comments here. This Obama ‘victory’ was simply cold-blooded murder. If an honest trial would have been possible, instead of a Stalinist Nuremberg Farce where the verdict was determined in advance, we might have learned something much more useful than this killing.

    White, Jewish and Proud, I’ve seen plenty of blacks put out flags on Memorial Day and the 4th of July. They are just as naive as the rest of Boobus Americanus in celebrating our many stupid wars.

    Margaret, please don’t use the war criminal Churchill to justify our current crop of criminals. Sick of the WW2 bad analogies and

    as a Jew I never thought that was a ‘good war.’

    Ross, Anne Frank died of typhus like so many others, it was not by any means a ‘holocaust’ which means death by great fire. In fact Frank survived Auschwitz but the camp in Germany she was sent to was decimated by the Anglo-American saturation bombing and no food or medical supplies could get through. Families in Germany itself were reduced to eating the family dog.

    Let’s give the Shoah Business a well deserved rest.

    Nor did glasnost end Communism, central planning did as Gorbachev conceded.

    AmRen to date has been reasonably intelligent, I hope the Dumb Right doesn’t take it over.

  46. George says:

    I have absolutely no confidence in the Obama’s Bin Ladin news story. The media has accepted it without question, just as they have the forged birth certificate, draft card, and social security number of Obama’s. And why didn’t the author of this story mention Obama’s attendance at the right wrong Reverend Wright’s racist sermons for over twenty years and Obama claims to never have heard any anti-American sermons?

    Question: Just who do you think that the blacks are going to vote for in the 2012 election?

  47. SavetheWest says:

    I hate to be the dissenting voice here, but I’ve gone on some extreme pro-white radical sites. Neo-Nazis were just as overjoyed when the planes crashed because they saw it as an attack on Jews, who they feel run the USA. So ironically Shabazz and his brothers were singing alongside Tom Metzger and his crowd. Just letting you know.

  48. Franz of Malibu says:

    The basic picture of what this event expresses is given by the enormous discrepancy of population growth between the Muslim areas and those of developed modern, secular countries.Just now we see a growing insecurity and revolts in the Muslim world as those populations get familiar with modern means of communication and ask for democratic changes.The technical-science deficiency and lack of employment combined with a more than 4%/a growth (5 women per man)lead inexorably to imbalance and wild emigration.New, secular,logic living rules are needed if humanity wants to adapt to the given possibilities on a limited planet earth.Hamed Abdel Samad has clearly defined the problem in his book on “Der Untergang der Islamischen Welt” (The Demise of the Islamic world)Droemer verlag, Germany 2010.

  49. Anonymous says:

    One thing I remember vividly from 9/11 was that I was resolved to help, so I went to the Red Cross blood bank and got in line. I waited hours to give blood and I never thought that I could want to bleed so badly. But HERE is the thing; ALL THE DONORS PRESENT WERE WHITE.

  50. patthemick says:

    I speak only for myself but I wonder if he was unarmed why not take him prisoner and put him on trial? Could it be what he would say about people currently in government?

    I agree with the person above that simply would stop immigration and deport every Muslim back to their home country. Bin Laden did accomplish one stated goal we now trade freedom for security and have spent ourselves to death in endless wars.

    If I had my way we would simply retreat to taking care of our own country and let them take care of their own countries. Forcing Democracy I fear will be as achievable as forcing Christainity on them.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I was thrilled to hear that OBL was dead. My fear had been that he’d die of natural causes. I’m not a chanter, but I was gratified to see the young people celebrating – even if it’s somewhat sophomoric.

    “These sentiments help explain why white Americans supported the 2003 Iraq invasion 78 to 20 percent, while black Americans opposed it 61 to 35 percent.”

    I didn’t support the bankrupting of our country and sending our young men to die in order to invade Iraq – a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, all while letting OBL run free for a deacade to air more videos than Mtv. I get your point, but supporting the Iraq war isn’t a particularly flattering example of white American patriotism.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Those cheering whites may feel America is their country, but in truth, they no longer have a country. Question. How many non-whites and muslims have been allowed into America since Sept 11 2001? It must be in the MILLIONS. America would have been safer if it had just ended all of this immigration 100% then its stupid fools errand attack on Iraq in 2003. We are “fighting THEM over there, so we won’t have to fight THEM over here”. But we are letting THEM in over here via immigration.

  53. John Engelman says:

    12 — White, Jewish, and Proud wrote at 7:51 PM on May 9:

    “Many blacks simply do not feel loyal to the United States,” he writes.

    I lived among blacks for many years, even up until about a year or so ago. I can never — and I mean never — remember any blacks who ever hung a flag from their front porch on patriotic holidays like July Fourth or Memorial Day.


    I live in a black neighborhood. On occasion I see an American flag, or a sticker expressing pride in having a son in the Marine Corps. There is less of this than there would be in a white blue collar neighborhood. There is more of it than there would be in an affluent white neighborhood.

  54. ATBOTL says:

    Someone should show this article all the Eurotards who keep writing that America does such a great job assimilating immigrants and minorities.

  55. a guy says:

    I wouldnt rush to assume that black people didnt take pride in Osama’s death because they dont care about America. Lets all keep in mind here: blacks and whites do stick with their own. when Osama was killed and (predictably) whites started celebrating, its more than possible that plenty of blacks were about as excited as whites were, but did not take part in celebrating alongside whites. This could be because of what we have all pointed out on here before: Self segregation.

    Good example: I cant speak for many readers and posters on here, but i do know a number of black people on both a professional and personal level. Not one of them is unhappy to see the head terrorist go. but I also know that they werent about to be partying in the street alongside whites. Remember: blacks are in fact mostly paranoid about being arrested by “tha man” for having too much fun, or what have you. Time and time again i have seen black people, who i know and like, noticing all the crazy fun white people are having, but simply do not want to take part.

    It’s always possible they were celebrating his demise amongst themselves. Many blacks may not feel that America is “theirs”… but they also do know a foreign enemy when they see one.

    Just playing devils advocate here. Dont go ballistic on me people. I read this site regularly and am just as aware of our struggle and proud of my Euro heritage as the rest of you.

  56. Jupiter7 says:


    Osama Bin Laden did not declare war against the White Race. Al Qaeda’s goal is to drive the US out of all Muslim Countries. AQ was able to take advantage of the incredible stupidity of a large population of Native Born White Americans who know more about the fine details of Derek Jeter’s contract than they know about the comment’s made by Osama Bin Laden’s second in command – made on CBS nightly news one year before 9/11 – where he boasted how easy it would be for AQ to just walk into America and kill Americans.

    So to state that Osama Bin Laden is a genocidal maniac is nonsense.

    Assuming that the SEALS did in fact kill Osama Bin Laden last week, there was no reason why 80 heavily armed US Navy SEALS couldn’t have captured a sick old him with kidney problems who was being protected by an unarmed teenage girl and brought him to stand trial. This is what a society that believes in the rule of law would do. This is exactly what America did with Waffen SS officers such as Kurt Myer-indicted for giving the order for executing Canadian Soldiers on D-Day- and Jaochim Piper-indicted for given the order to execute American Soldiers at Malamady. They both weren’t executed in cold blood when they were both captured despite the crimes the were indicted for.

    The fact of the matter is, Native Born White Americans only have themselves to blame for 9/11. It was their monumental stupidity and sloth that at the most fundamental level brought about 9/11, the Fort Hood Massacre and all the other attempted terrorists attacks-Time Squares and the attempt on the passenger Jet that landed in Chicago… and the earlier attack on the TT in Nov 1993… were completely avoidable. I mean, how dumb can you get? Apparently incredibly dumb if you are the average Native Born White American….AQ took advantage of this stupidity.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Well, Kyle, don’t want to be a spoilsport here, but those same whites seen celebrating in the pictures will most likely vote for Obama in the coming election.

  58. Aware says:

    Such sheep. If they were smart they’d be more suspicious and not be chanting in the streets.

    It’s no surprise that whites feel for America the most. Their ancestors created the country as we know it. It’s theirs. And non-whites will always envy us for this.

  59. sommers says:

    I also believe Bin Laden has been dead for years. I also expect we as a nation are headed for a breakup or an all out civil war.

    Obama is opening the borders and bringing in more immigrants from Africa as we comment.

    The main problem whites here have is the fifth column of the “left” that lead the current dialogue in the country. We are being destroyed from within. I can’t figure where these progressives think they are going to live when things go down.

  60. Periapsis says:

    Then Jupiter why have the Arabs and other Muslims been attacking white nations since the seventh century A.D.? Why the Muslims went out of their way to enslave millions of my Slavic ancestors? Why have they been attacking the U.S. after we just fought off the British? And why have the majority of dead and injured because of 9/11 been mostly white? Coincidence? I think not, and when Bin Laden declared war on the west, he also declared war on the white race. Sorry, I don’t see it the way you do.

  61. Jupiter7 says:


    Your confusing two issues. Osma Bin Laden and Al Queda have stated many times-over and over again-that their goal is to drive the US out of the Middle East. I see no reason why I shouldn’t accept Osama Bin Laden’s an Al Queda’s explanation for why they have committed acts of terrorism in the US. The US does not belong in the Middle East….it is the Muslim world. By occupying Muslim lands, the US ignites massive hatred and rage towards the US. Muslim immigration-over the long term-into America and Europe is the far bigger-by many orders of magnitude- problem and threat than Al Queda terrorist attacks. Both Europe and America can be completely protected from Muslim colonization and Al Queda terrorist attacks by shutting Muslim immigration down to 0- forever-and deporting all Muslims out of America and Europe.

  62. Question Diversity says:

    Jupiter wrote:

    I see no reason why I shouldn’t accept Osama Bin Laden’s an Al Queda’s explanation for why they have committed acts of terrorism in the US.

    I do: Taqqiya.

    As much as I could argue with you or Pat the Mick above (I was thinking about it), I now realize that it would be futile to do so. If the name of the game is preventing future Muslim terrorist attacks (no matter what is their motivation), then it all comes down to what you’ve been saying — 9/11 doesn’t happen if the 1965 immigration bill doesn’t happen. Simple as that. Another 9/11 is very likely to happen unless we deport or highly marginalize the Muslims we have allowed to immigrate legally since 1965, and the ones that have been able to sneak in here illegally from Mexico, being passed off as Hispanics.

  63. Diversity = adversity says:

    The young white men celebrating are believing the mainstream media propaganda.

    ” The birth certificate is real! But never mind that, Usama is dead!”

    How many times has he died? The videos from “AQ” over the years, featuring “Usama” talking, they all look different.

    White aAmericans may feel this is their country but blacks may feel as a minority that they are only Americans in residence. They may feel like colonists.

    Everyone should unsubscribe from TV. MSM is nothing but propaganda. Wealthy liberals can live in all white liberal enclaves because they say the right things in public. I used to be a liberal, many think that if all whites were ‘liberal’ (or at least acted like it in public), then blacks would not have the phantom of “racism” to blame. Liberals know well that blacks need welfare, those whites are settled with enough white guilt to make them feel like they should give the blacks welfare, but they are WNish behind closed doors. They want whites to make blacks disperse among non-blacks so that they cannot form concentrated ghettos. However, the reality is self-segregation and “‘minority’-majority” voting districts that they must pretend to approve of. “Racism” and “nazism” have been used as weapons for far too long and many are afraid of being associated with them. WNs seek to show the legitimacy of our concerns, and get sleeping sheeple to Wake UP! Whites are an endangered species. Now I can’t help but envy the spoiled brats of rich white liberals, whom will never see combat and never have to marry a non-white. Do what you can now to combat immigration at home! Use taqqiya on immigrants already here.

    Finally I would like to thank the numerous informative posts above; thank you so much particularly # 43 and #62.