Posted on September 19, 2008

Kwame Speaks: Not Republican, Not Democrat, But Black

Josh F. Myers, The Hilltop (Howard University), September 19, 2008


To quote Neely Fuller, Jr, “If you do not understand white supremacy, then everything else will surely fool you.” It is essential for Blacks in America to understand what the system of white supremacy is including how it manifests itself in our social milieu.

It is essential for Blacks in America to understand the concept of Eurocentrism. Eurocentrism and white supremacy dominate our lives on a daily basis and many of us internalize them to such a high degree that we uphold their sanctity. The pillars of Western society were built upon these basic concepts, and as the United States stretched its power these concepts solidified internationally. To truly understand the Democratic party is to understand that it is a white supremacist institution. To have any type of understanding of the Republican Party is to know that it is a white supremacist institution.

As African American people living under this system, it is imperative that we understand this and realize that these parties did what they did in order to remain in power (i.e. Abolition, Civil Rights). We have to begin to understand that they are concerned with African-American people only insofar as our vote, resources and capital is concerned, not necessarily our humanity.

The examples are endless of how much this country and the global powers value black and/or African life. We have to understand that a political party within that very system cannot possibly be for the reclamation of the humanity of our people. We must know that political parties, regardless of their stated platforms and purported moral values, regardless of whether they are conservative or liberal and regardless of whether they allow a black man or white woman to run on their ticket, are defenders of the very status quo that has always worked to the detriment of our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

When we understand these concepts collectively, we will no longer organize our time and energy for the Democrats, or go out canvassing for the Republicans. Our greatest defenders from David Walker to Kwame Ture, were never tied to a party, they were tied to their kinfolk. For those that truly love our people, when we come to understand the dynamics of American political party affiliation, it will be clear that our energies must be directed to the building up of our community on our terms. That is our goal, and “we all we got.”

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