Posted on September 7, 2007

IQ And Crime In The US Redux

Robert Lindsay, September 7, 2007


The Color of Crime, a report by the frankly racist New Century Foundation, is nevertheless an excellent document that has managed to dredge up some good figures for Hispanic, American Indian and Hawaiian crime rates.

It has been idiotically bashed all over the Left as “racist”. Here is a typical argument, this one from Wikipedia:

One New Century Foundation’s publication, The Color of Crime, makes various claims about the relationship between crime and race. The publication concludes that black people are more dangerous than white people, just as “young people are more dangerous than old people” and “men are more dangerous than women.” It claims that is logical to take precautions around black people.

The SPLC has led attacks against the report authored by the execrable Heidi Weiss, leader of an attack force against the fine scholar Kevin MacDonald. The attacks by Tim Wise on ZNet are quite sophisticated and deserve to be rebutted, perhaps in a separate post.

Bottom line is that Wise appears to be disputing what seems obvious to most any non-Leftist with a brain: Black people have an elevated crime rate, and one is more likely to be attacked by Blacks than by Whites, no matter what one’s race is.

Furthermore, Wise’s characterizing Jared Taylor as a “white supremacist” is as problematic as calling 99% of US Jews “Jewish supremacists” based on their Zionism. And it is grossly unfair of Wise to call Taylor a Nazi, especially since he renounces anti-Semitism. Wise is an anti-racist activist. I am an anti-racist too, but facts are facts.

Despite the fact that The Century Foundation authored the report, The Color of Crime is excellent, and the attacks on the report do not do it service. Those opposed to the report are asked to logically rebut its arguments or hold their tongues. The best figures are towards the middle of the report. Of most interest are the overall Hispanic and Black crime rates.

The Black crime rate is 7.4 times the White rate, the Hispanics 2.9 times the White rate and Indians and Hawaiians are about 2 times the White rate. From another study, Masking the Divide, by the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives, the figures are a bit different: the Black crime rate is 9.1 times the White crime and the Hispanic crime rate is 3.7 times the White crime rate.


The report also pretty effectively deals with familiar complaints from the Left that the Black crime rate is so high because police selectively target Blacks for arrest while ignoring White criminals. A careful examination of the data, shows that, actually, looking at the whole picture, if anything, the system is somewhat prejudiced in favor of Blacks and against Whites.

Prejudice and discrimination does not appear to be a significant factor in Black crime rates. Further, Blacks are much more likely to target Whites as crime victims than vice versa.

An incredible anecdote: in a 3-yr period, there were 9000 cases of group Black on White sexual assaults — about 10 per day. In that same 3-year period, Whites, with a 4.5 times greater population, committed exactly zero group sexual assaults on Blacks. That figure alone is simply stunning.

The Left loves to talk about hate crimes, but the only hate crimes they are interested in are White hate crimes against non-Whites. The report makes it quite clear that Blacks are much more likely to commit hate crimes against Whites than vice versa.

What is fascinating is that the media plays up White on Black hate crimes for weeks on end as the crime of the century, while Black on White hate crimes are met with deafening silence form the media. That right there would seem to give the lie to the notion that the US media is hopelessly prejudiced against Blacks and in favor of Whites. If anything, the opposite seems to be the case.


Lining up IQ with crime rates seems entirely logical to me. Groups with lower average IQ’s should commit more crimes than those with higher IQ’s on an ascending linear scale.

Unfortunately, the results do not pan out very well. Let us look at some racial IQ scores in the US:




American Indians:





89–92 (90.5 average)




Crime rates: Asians:
White rate:
22% lower than Whites (!)
100% higher than Whites
100% higher than Whites
230% higher than Whites
750% higher than Whites (!)

The racial IQ scores and racial crime rates do not line up very well; there is some correlations, but there are also some problems. The small difference between East Asian and White IQ’s in the US would not seem adequate to explain an Asian crime rate that is a mere 22% of the White average.

The Hispanic crime rate is 45-85% higher than the Amerindian and Hawaiian crime rates, yet Hispanics have significantly higher IQ’s than both groups. The Black crime rate is an incredible 270-305% higher than the Amerindian and Hawaiian crime rates, despite the fact that all three groups have the same IQ’s.

In these cases, there is absolutely no correlation whatsoever between IQ and crime. There is a modest correlation between crime and IQ between Whites, Blacks and Hispanics, but the differences are completely out of sync with what we would expect merely based on IQ.

In particular, the Black and Hispanic crime rates are far higher than expected by IQ compared to Whites (especially looking at the Hawaiian and Amerindian figures), and the Black crime rate that is 2.5 times higher than the Hispanic rate is dramatically higher than expected by IQ compared with Hispanics.

Furthermore, we can completely rule out IQ-crime links in Hispanics. How is it that Amerindians have a crime rate double that of Whites, yet White-Amerindian mixed race people (Mestizos with an average of only 1/3 Indian blood) have a crime rate of 3.3 times that of Whites? That makes no sense whatsoever.

One would expect White-Amerindian Mestizos to have a crime rate median between Whites and Amerindians and probably closer to Whites, considering that they are about 63% White on average.

Also, from 1965-1995, the Flynn Effect has been causing steadily increasing IQ’s in all ethnic groups. During this period, the US population increased its IQ by 9 points. During this time, crime exploded from 1965-1980, and has continued at a very high level ever since. How is it that a steadily rising US IQ amongst young people has coincided a skyrocketing crime rate concentrated in those very same young folks?

The Flynn Effect has had its most noticeable effects at the lowest end of the IQ range — precisely the people that are most likely to commit crimes. Nevertheless, wild crime increases occurred in tandem with a progressive loss of those very young people most likely to commit crimes — those with the lowest IQ’s.