Posted on January 21, 2005

An American Renaissance Reader Wants to Start a White Community

Cameron Scot, American Renaissance, January 21, 2005


I am a long time subscriber to American Renaissance. I recently read “Building White Communities” by John Hunt Morgan in the November 2004 issue. My family and I are ready. I am a family nurse practitioner, my wife is a registered nurse, and we have over $100,000 in savings. I have a lot of ideas and wish to become involved in starting a white community.

I have been looking at the demographics of different towns, counties, and states. I am very impressed with Southern Indiana. It is beautiful country. Many of the counties have populations more than 95% White. The people are predominantly conservative and supportive of traditional values. I believe in independent ownership of property; however, if ten or twenty AR supporters with approximately $100,000 each were willing to buy a large farm or tract of land, we could establish a community.

Please respond.

Cameron Scot

[email protected]