Posted on October 14, 2004

Condom Maker ID’s Sexiest Country

Reuters, October 13, 2004

France is well positioned as the world’s sexiest state, according to a global survey of lovemaking published on Tuesday.

In a poll of more than 350,000 people, condom maker Durex found that lovers across the globe are having sex an average of 103 times per year, but the French are living up to their romantic reputation with an average of 137 times.

Greeks and Hungarians followed close behind, with averages of 133 and 131 times a year.

Asian countries lag behind in the love stakes with the Japanese managing just 46 times per year and those in Hong Kong and Singapore just 79 times.

“As it was a Web-based survey, people could be very frank about their sex lives—possibly even more so than with their partners,” said Rosie Lodge, a spokeswoman for Durex.

“The results show the wide spectrum of sexual experience and attitudes across the globe and the high number of respondents . . . shows that people are growing increasingly willing to talk about sex and their particular likes and dislikes.” Britons lead the pack when it comes to foreplay, devoting an average of 22.5 minutes compared to a global average of 19.7. The fastest lovers were the Thais with just 11.5 minutes.

But despite their efforts on foreplay, Britons appear to be among the least satisfied by their sexual experiences, with a third saying they had faked an orgasm in the last year.

The Macedonians were the most satisfied with only 13 percent saying they had faked an orgasm and the Japanese are the least satisfied at 40 percent.

When it comes to spicing up sex lives, pornography emerged as the most popular choice, with more than a third of lovers worldwide admitting to having used porn.

Pleasure-enhancing condoms were second and bondage equipment such as blindfolds and handcuffs third.