The Diversity Illusion

Tony Bain, American Renaissance, June 7, 2013

One Briton who sees clearly.

Ed West, The Diversity Illusion: What We Got Wrong About Immigration and How to Set it Right, Gibson Square Books, 2013, $22.50, 288 pp.

Let us start with the facts as author Ed West sees them:

The latest projections suggest that white Britons will become a minority sometime around 2066, in a population of 80 million, which means that within little over a century Britain will have gone from an almost entirely homogenous society to one where the native ethnic group is a minority. That is, historically, an astonishing transformation. No people in history have become a minority of the citizenry in their own country except through conquest, yet the English, always known for their reticence, may actually achieve this through embarrassment.

This well-written, interesting book by a veteran journalist seeks to explain how Britain came to allow massive, unselective immigration, without particularly intending to. Ed West documents a typically British muddle, composed of idealism, ignorance, expediency, optimism, and lashings of embarrassment. He has charted the story with bemused dismay, analyzing yet another example of history being more cock-up than conspiracy. The actual decisions lurched from one expedient to the next, until the conquered peoples of the Benighted Isles conceded that their position was lost. An unspoken and much denied retreat from immigration has begun, with the often-muttered sentiment, “With any luck it can be confined to the cities.”

A series of historical and political factors conspired to create the mess. Employers wanted a quick fix to industrial problems that would help them get around union restrictions. Parliament saw the issue as minor, temporary, and best understood in terms of historical Commonwealth legislation. At the same time, the fact that immigration began in 1948 with men from the West Indies recruited to work in the London tube system meant that race became a dominant feature of the debate. Those who objected to immigration itself, or to unselective immigration in particular, could be silenced by the accusation that they were covering up their own racism. Racism was wrong because it was a judgment based on skin color alone. Therefore immigration in general was good, and opposed only by bigots.

As a consequence, as Mr. West notes:

Never in modern history has a free population simply suppressed discussion of a major issue.  In living memory barely a newspaper article, radio or television show has seriously questioned the diversity orthodoxy, and even in the intelligent right-wing press, skepticism has had to be couched in such a cryptic way that the paper’s horoscopes are more candid.

This was useful for employers, who could avoid the charge that they were breaking the unions with foreign labor by sneering at the xenophobia of the working class. Liberal and wealthier classes were ashamed of small-minded, anti-immigrant sentiment, and found themselves in favor of immigration as a point of honor, perhaps even as a point of snobbery. As a consequence, Mr. West notes, “British people have come to accept these changes, assured that to do otherwise is morally repugnant.”

The only sort to oppose immigration.

The only sort to oppose immigration (see this story).

It should have been realized that mass economic migration was a new phenomenon which had to be managed, but there was too much else to think about in shattered, post-war Europe.

By the time they started thinking about immigration, Labour, at any rate, got it wrong:

Labour’s attempts at creating a truly multicultural society have unquestionably succeeded. But why did the Government do this? What drove them towards imposing such an enormous change on England, one that will have profound, long-lasting and irreversible effects? And why did the entire political class go along with it?

Of course, some people opposed it, most notoriously senior Conservative politician Enoch Powell. However, when he decided to talk about the problem, he did so in such florid and apocalyptic terms—“like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’ “—that it was embarrassing. The English do not like being embarrassed. Thereafter, to be concerned about immigration was treated as if it revealed some distorted, childish version of penis-envy, best epitomized by the front cover of the satirical magazine, Private Eye, which showed an animated Enoch Powell with arms fully outstretched,  saying “I tell you, some of them have got them this long.” The debate has yet to recover.


Indeed, there has essentially been no debate at all. As Mr. West notes:

Everyone in a position of power held the same opinion. Diversity was a good in itself, so making Britain truly diverse would enrich it and bring ‘significant cultural contributions’, reflecting a widespread belief among the ruling classes that multiculturalism and cultural, racial and religious diversity were morally positive things whatever the consequences. This is the unthinking assumption held by almost the entire political, media, and education establishment. It is the diversity illusion.

Mr. West might as well have called his book The Diversity Religion: “A belief in the benefits of a multicultural, multi-racial society is an article of faith in today’s largely atheist society; to not believe is to not be in communion.”

Of course, diversity’s devotees seldom practice it: “If diversity is such a good thing, why do so many people vote with their feet to avoid it?”

Mr. West has a clear view of the evolutionary reasons why mass immigration does not work:

The universalist ideal rests on the belief that human beings are willing to share such a collective system with the rest of humanity. But evolutionary psychology suggests that humans have developed kin selection, those tribes with the strongest sense of in-group altruism being the most likely to survive. . . . No universal altruism has evolved because a sense of universal altruism would have no evolutionary advantage. Garrett Hardin argued in a 1982 essay, ‘Discriminating Altruisms’, that a world without borders or distinctions is impossible, because groups that practice unlimited altruism will be eliminated in favor of those that limit altruistic behavior to smaller groups, from whom they receive benefits.

And further:

Racism, or what anti-racists understand as racism, is a universal part of human nature, ‘as human as love’ as novelist Thomas Keneally put it. . . . One might regret that, just as one might regret that greed, lust and violence are part of human nature, but building a society based on the assumption that they can be driven out through re-education is an optimistic idea.

Mr. West recognizes that ancient nations like Britain have deeply-rooted assumptions about how society should be organized, and how its members should behave. The following passages recognize the threats to those assumptions of massive immigration by people who may not share them:

The creation of nations, under which common law ensured that Justice was dealt out by disinterested magistrates, allowed the radius of trust to expand and, even where the authorities were not close at hand, mutually-understood norms of behavior were built up. And so, with enormous increases in social capital, people living in nations, social solidarity maintained by a deliberately-encouraged patriotism, we were able to speed ahead of societies where men still owed their loyalty and protection to clan and tribe.

The basis on which you can extract large amounts of money in taxation, and pay it out in benefits, is that most people think that benefit recipients are people like themselves facing difficulties which they too could face. If values become more diverse, lifestyles more differentiated, it is harder to sustain the legitimacy of a universal risk-pooling welfare state.

Social capital, just like any other kind, requires generations of careful saving and hard work, and can last long after its original source dries up. Perhaps we are currently running on the reserves that were built up by our ancestors.

Mr. West notes the difference between the free movement of goods and the free movement of people, a distinction lost in fashionable praise for “globalism:”

Globalism has many benefits, but mixed with universalism it can become an ideological dogma that ignores the human consequences. [British economist] Phillippe Legrain asks: ‘Why can computers be imported from China duty-free but Chinese people cannot freely come to make computers here? Why is it a good thing for workers to move within a country to where the jobs are, but a bad thing for people to move between countries for the same reason?’ That is because human beings are not computers. Goods can be freely moved about only because they can be discarded when they are no longer useful; humans cannot. Immigration is long-term and has permanent effects for everyone involved. . . .

An extreme example of this [globalism] is the white liberal environmentalist who decides, for the good of the planet, that he or she should remain childless—the result being that future generations will contain fewer white liberals.

Mr. West also notes the double standards that are almost universal:

Writing about Tibet, [a] liberal blogger . . . once stated that China ‘has resettled Han Chinese colonists there to the point where Tibetans are at risk of becoming a minority in their own homeland.’ On his own country he declared that ‘further mass immigration obviously has the potential to rejuvenate the population of this island once the politicians can get their head around the idea.’ Tibetans becoming a minority in their country are a threatened species; the English are being ‘rejuvenated.’ Of course the Tibetans have no choice in becoming a minority, yet when the British express their opposition to ‘rejuvenation’ they are condemned as racists.

As should be evident by now, Mr. West is immensely quotable. He has the rare knack of summing up a complex chain of events with a succinct observation in plain English. In a book of 14 chapters he covers such topics as: the leftist language of social justice, Enoch Powell, the shadow of Auschwitz, doing jobs Brits won’t do, the new blasphemy laws, and the tribal nature of society. In every chapter there are many observations worth quoting.

There is one major omission. Ed West is a fearless critic of unselective immigration, and is willing to talk about immigrants’ skills and education, but not about their intelligence. He makes several references to skills, but not to intelligence as a heritable characteristic, nor to the fact that the acquisition of skills will be proportional to the power of the intellect. If not even sixth-generation immigrants can learn high-level skills, in economic terms this is a lasting deficit.

On the other hand, if high skill levels can be achieved in first- or second-generation immigrants, then immigration is a reasonably transitory cost. Bright immigrants flourish almost immediately, less able immigrants struggle for a very long time. The foolishness of immigration that ignores ability is that it brings in many people who are likely to be permanently less quick to learn. What country would willingly make such an error? Perhaps the author understands this, but feels that to mention intelligence would have been “a bridge too far” given that he had already taken the brave step of opposing racial diversity.

I wish I could write that this book has shaken the establishment, but it has not. It was reviewed dismissively in The Guardian, and a bit more sympathetically in The Telegraph, but does not appear to be having an impact. More precisely, because there is so little open discussion of this subject, it is hard to judge whether it has had any impact. It has a ranking of 14,451 on Amazon, UK; The Hairy Bikers’ Great Curries has a ranking of 91.

This is a book well worth reading, particularly because it shows a keen appreciation of the excruciating contortions of the middle-class Anglo-Saxon mind, which I parody thus: “If one may be so bold as to make a comment, one does not wish to be associated with anything vulgar. To treat someone impolitely because of race is vulgar. Immigrants are a different race. Opposing them is impolite and vulgar. Therefore opposing immigration is vulgar. Shall we talk about something else?”

Tony Bain is a researcher who lives in London.

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Tony Bain
Tony Bain is a researcher who lives in London.
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  • David Ashton

    Just two comments for now:



    • Huguenot

      I hear you. They say the same thing about the French even though they’ve had a nationalist party since 1972 (Front National). The enemy is in full control on both sides of the pond. None of our people “let it happen” or voted for it, but nothing is gonna change until we acknowledge who is truly responsible.

      That is their trump card since WW2, and the taboo has to be broken once and for all, including here on American Renaissance. The Russians, muslims and chinese don’t care any more, and so should we.

      • Dr. X

        OK, then. If “the enemy is in full control on both sides of the pond” and “none of our people ‘let it happen’ or voted for it” we musk as ourselves WHY and HOW this happened. AmRen and other sites have done a great job of pointing out that it has indeed happened, and pointing out the pitfalls of it. But the “how” and “why” this “religion” of “diversity” has triumphed in virtually all Western European, Anglo-American and Commonwealth societies remains unanswered. My thesis is that World Wars I and II in Europe, and Vietnam in the U.S., caused Western social and political elites to reject the previously-held assumption that developed, white societies were superior to savage, primitive, black and brown societies. It is a kind of collective self-flagellation, asking “How can we call naked Zulu warriors ‘savages’ when our ‘developed’ society incinerated 200,000 civilians at Hiroshima? Or killed 20,000 British troops in one day at the Somme?” Many of today’s effeminate postmodernists may not articulate this argument in so many words — but they have absorbed the multiculti zeitgeist. Nonetheless, this has been a feature of Western literature all the way from “All Quiet on the Western Front” to “Slaughterhouse 5.” The collective zeal of the Western public to create the greatest nations in the world has been sapped by war guilt. Western guilt over Nazi race theory has a lot to do with this, too. We are thus committing a slow-motion cultural suicide much the way a Vietnam vet-turned-hippie rejects all his martial values and after 40 years of guilt and PTSD kills himself, fat, bloated, and grey at age 60.

        • Pat

          Interesting post. Most of the reasons I have read about centre on the greed of acquiring cheap labour and the need of the left for votes from incomers on welfare, plus the fact that we would all be easier to control if we were ‘watered down’. The European Union is hell bent on making us forget our cultures and nationalities and become one amorphous ‘blob’. I do hope all this disaster is not just down to feelings of ‘guilt’, but you may be right.

          • David Ashton

            The “tyranny of guilt” is an important factor, deliberately encouraged by the enemies of white revival, but also – ironically – the loss of our best white men in unnecessary wars, often without children.

          • OnGuard

            “AN AMORPhous blob”; that’s what the UN intends for the First World. Social justice they call it; bring the First World down to raise the Third World up. The UN paid no heed to the murder of whites in Zimbabwe, and now South Africa, yet when the blacks were starving as a result, the UN came in with food aid. Tell your representative to sponsor HR75, to get US out of the UN! It’s getting more and more support!

        • Theorist

          But why would saying “we are savages” make Europeans less likely to call others savages? In either case it would be true and yet, just say the latter now and prepare for repercussions. IMO, to solve this puzzle let us look at the intellectual and the material reasons. Intellectually, racial science was slowly loosing influence even since the early 20th century; the rediscovery of mendel in 1900 actually proved that genes and traits do not share a 1-to-1 relationship. Also, marxism fed off of the 19th century liberal-democratic ethos to agitate against white rule of their colonial servants who represented an oppressed class regardless of their racial difference. Judaism ingratiated itself to westerners because anti-judaism was seen as a bigoted/reactionary attack on the practice of religious tolerance. Finally, narrow financial, political and ultimately pro-semitic policies helped to bring about the world wars which, due to allied victory, spelled the end of all honesty about racial/cultural issues and set the stage for our current problems.

          • Theorist

            Marxism is especially to blame, with its focus imputing moral responsibility to structures and institutions instead of onto individuals. For instance, white people are structurally racist though they are not individually racist. This is because, their society is (unintentionally) designed to be more difficult for non-whites to access. Why should this fact impose any obligation on whites as individuals though? As individuals, the only obligation people have is not to change the system, but to show charity to less fortunate others. But even this is not always obligatory.

          • Dr. X

            Well, Marxism is a faux religion in which Paradise is global equality and Communism… so this imposes an obligation on Whites who adhere to it. The other aspect of Marxism that is not often talked about and even less understood is that technological advancement produces a “new reality” and thus a “new communist man.” For instance, a 19th century guy like Andrew Carnegie, producing millions of tons of steel for use in railroads, skyscrapers, and bridges could look at Africans and say “Obviously we’re superior to those primitive savages who can’t make steel.” BUT a century after Carnegie et al, the white feminists, gays, hippie druggies, etc. who have never done anything but get high haven’t produced any steel, either. They simply assume that steel is part of reality as they experienced it from birth and never had to figure out how to make it. So they don’t think of themselves as superior to Africans — and in
            reality maybe they aren’t. So they’re all for multiculturalism and global equality because, unlike the 19th century, there’s nothing at stake. In the 19the century you would have no use for an African who could not make steel. Now, it’s a “share the wealth” mentality — the very definition of communism.

        • The Frankfurt School crowd have capitalized on this very well.

          • Dr. X

            And the Frankfurt School has pretty much dominated post-secondary education for the last 50 years. (When did Marcuse advocate “polymorphous perversity” and “repressive tolerance”? 1964???) … And the U.S. Government and all 50 states have been heavily subsidizing post-secondary education… thus subsidizing cultural Marxism. And at least 2 and maybe 3 generations of ellites have absorbed cultural marxism… ergo, our present situation.

          • Unperson

            The concept of “repressive tolerance” is from a 1965 essay, but Marcuse’s most influential work, Eros and Civilization — which became the Bible of the New Left in the 1960s — is even older, first published in 1955. In fact, you could say Marcuse has been poisoning American minds with his subversive Frankfurter nonsense ever since 1934, when the US made the mistake of letting him into the country.

      • Huguenot,
        You say the problem is the enemy is in control on both sides of the pond, and the taboo against talking about this fact has to be broken, and broken here on American Renaissance too.
        Yet about 8 or so years ago, the topic was not taboo on American Renaissance. The problem back then was it resulted in a very low quality of discussion. It pains me to say that, because I don’t want to say bad things about people who are race realists.
        When American Renaissance instituted the taboo, it caused great turmoil among race realists, but it did eventually result in diversity of expression on our side and it created an area of higher quality discussion between the MacDonald followers and the Duke followers.
        So there’s a reason American Renaissance has the taboo.

        • DaveMed

          The “taboo” is not on honest discussion of over-representation of Jews in progressive movements. It is on meaningless circle-jerk hate that serves no purpose and relegates AmRen to some ignorant, crackpot status like the KKK. Such comments are also destructive in that they ostracize many of those people who do consider themselves white and could help promote AmRen’s cause.

          • DaveMed

            Oh, BTW the discussion among Duke followers is absurdly low-brow. Most of the posters on SF have a worse command of English than my 8th grade brother.

          • TheAntidote

            If you and others feel that way, and you are sincerely interested in the White Race, then you should go to Stormfront and “evangelize” and conduct remedial education. These are Whites who have been rejected and marginalized; who daily fight on the front lines—-yet they still exist.

            But perhaps you have no concern for them, and are in no way interested in developing White Unity, and are in fact gleefully awaiting their mullato-ization. With this flippant remark you’ve tipped your hand: you’ve categorized these unfortunate people as filthy, worthless, dumb goys.

          • Just so people do not misunderstand what I said, let me state that I believe logic requires the absence of words such as racist, hate, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic.
            As for the next comment, by DaveMed, I reply that fancy language does not in itself by any means guarantee truth. Sometimes high-falutin language may even blind people from the truth (opening stanza of the Tao).

            I intended my above statement as a much more rational, non-emotional, logically analytical, statement.

    • sbuffalonative
      • David Brims

        Britain has 5 % of muslims, by 2050 it’ll be 25 %, by the end of the century the UK will be majority muslim.

        • sbuffalonative

          They bomb building, buses, and trains. They preach their prime directive, conquest of the west, in their mosques. They stand in the streets with sign proclaiming their intent. And western nations prosecute people who ‘preach hate’ on social media.
          There is no hope in the face of madness.

          • Bossman

            Islam is indeed a kind of madness but I believe their desperate acts are the results of not being able to stop the train of Western civilization that is roaring through them.

          • sbuffalonative

            My Brother the Islamist:


          • eonic

            Rich had the right diagnosis but the wrong answer.

          • plaintruthforidiots

            Then ‘Rich’ was a bloody idiot. I disagree with modern ‘culture’, it doesn’t mean I adopt an insane fantasy world called Islam. I offer MY OWN ‘moral leadership’, to myself – what sort of idiot requires somebody else to give them ‘moral leadership’? The sort of idiot that actually JOINS Islam!

          • David Ashton

            The train of Islam is roaring through Western civilization at present.

          • Bossman

            Only the very stupid, the very marginal, and very gullible will hop aboard that train. Many converts to Islam got converted while they were serving time in prison.

          • David Ashton

            Your last point is valid. Muslim prisoners in the UK are coddled and recruit for violent jihad.

          • saxonsun

            Yes, because it is worse today for a white person to be accused of “racism” than it is for a non-white to murder a white person!

          • I must disagree. We have beaten these savages before & we can do it again but we cannot get it done by asking pretty please.

          • sbuffalonative

            I agree that we can but it appears it’s going to get very bad before the average person finally screams, “Enough is enough!” In Britain, Muslims are recruiting white girls for the sex trade and the average Brit doesn’t yet seem fighting mad.

            Mr. Taylor has pointed out our fatal flaw; we’re too nice. The new moral high ground is to prove your tolerance in the face of abhorrent behavior.

            I hope there’s going to be a spark, an incident where people fight back but I’ve yet to see it.

            The big obstacle now appears to be Universal Human Rights and those rights are claimed by minorities and enforced by governments. Damn the majority.

          • I know how & when this all changes – read WILDERNESS EMPIRE.

          • Rami Eskola

            Madness thrives only because it is subsidized by taxpayer money; the inevitable coming collapse of the welfare state will come to rescue.

        • Bossman

          That scenario just doesn’t make any sense to me. Only stupid colored men convert to Islam.

          • David Ashton

            Not at all, unfortunately. I have met white male converts who are graduates and also some female teachers, whose revulsion against western decadence, especially sexual hedonism, has been a factor.
            The problem in western countries comes mainly from continuing immigration and rates of reproduction.

          • plaintruthforidiots

            Their ‘revulsion against western decadence’ is just an excuse for the fact that they are IDIOTS who cannot THINK – only a complete moron would actually join Islam. I don’t support the Jews’ destruction of modern society through their non-stop brainwashing of ‘sexual hedonism’, it doesn’t mean I have to join a vile cult, it means I talk about it and expose it to as many people as possible.

            ANY white person who becomes a muslim was an absolute idiot to begin with, as you will surely find if you try to debate Islam with them…

          • It’s a savage religion for savage people.

    • Please turn off your caps lock key.

      • David Ashton

        Caps put on for emphasis only on this one issue, after being described along with my people as “cowardly scum” &c in posts you consider OK.

        Incidentally, impossible for me to get back from Guest status to my original status (enabling alteration of posts) because Discus/Google now don’t recognize my previously accepted password as still mine!

        • Pat

          I had opposite prob. I used to post with just name and email. Last week I was suddenly signed up to Discus without even being aware of it. My initial attempts at Discus when AmRen first used them caused the PC to throw a wobbly so at the time I gave it up.

          You don’t suppose it is GCHQ?

          • The better answer is that Disqus is almost always on the blink in one way or another.

          • Pat

            Thank you for that, comforting to know it is not only me on this occasion.

        • Personal insults like “cowardly scum” are not okay.

          • anonymous_amren

            I disagree. It’s appropriate under the circumstances, and not applied to individuals. I didn’t say it myself, but I think it’s not unreasonable.

        • Pat

          For Info. I have just tried to access a Yahoo email account that I use infrequently. For some ‘security’ reason I had to think up a new password. A page appeared with ‘Manage App and Website Connections’ The page showed the applications that I had authorized (?) to access my Yahoo Account. The name below was Disqus. I tried to unclick it but it warned me that if I did I would not get the emails. Just a thought, if you use Yahoo your problem could be down that road.

    • David Brims

      Quite so, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, the Americans elected a mulatto, muslim, marxist Kenyan as their president ! Race realists should never criticize other race realists, we’re all in the same boat.

    • guest

      What exactly are you doing about it?

      Here in the US, we have an NRA with over 4mil members. We have two major anti-immigration groups that have millions of supporters. We have millions of Americans who are armed and get training.

      The only thing we don’t yet have is an active nationalist party, but only a handful of white countries have that. While we don’t have a nationalist party, we do have some small groups in the “I have a dream” stage 🙂 of a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest, as a strategic withdrawal. We may have enough support to block a massive bi-partisan immigration surge bill that’s currently in congress. We have millions of members of white-identified churches. Even our lame GOP tries to cut welfare (blackfare).

      Are there active anti-immigration groups there in the UK? Is there any group advocating arming Britons for self-defense? I’ve looked at your NRA org website over there and they are too timid to make any reference to using guns for self-defense.

      You’ve just handed your entire country over without so much as an “I say there!” Your taxpayers are smilingly paying radical Muslims to come there and have babies and foment Jihad. You had a soldier beheaded in London and everyone knows the perp is going to be out in ten years, will not be deported, and will be supported by the British taxpayer for the rest of his life. At least when we have a guy like that, he goes the Supermax and never comes out alive. Sorry to be so blunt about this, but show me something to give me hope?

      • but show me something to give me hope?

        The public militancy of the EDL.

        You’ll find nothing like it in America.

        It is my opinion that while Europe in general is worse off in a lot of ways than America in terms of the real problems and issues, they are closer than we are in actually solving the problem.

        • The Russians have made good progress in such matters.

      • David Ashton

        Thank you for your “advice” – based on ignorance of our anti-immigration groups which bravely struggle, despite “equality and diversity” legislation and comparative lack of funds.

        Three left-wing “charities” are funding a university-located project to “change minds” among the public from hostility to approval of even more mass-immigration. See e.g.

        Gun ownership of the kind you advocate is serious a crime in Britain. A handbag pepper-pot or pocket penknife is also an “offensive weapon”.

        Murder is also criminal, irrespective of the race of the victim (quite rightly so).

        Nor do we have a potential ethno-state in our crowded island to which we can run.

      • TheAntidote

        Yes, you’re right. Negroes and ragheads reign supreme in Britain, but the English don’t take any guff from the Irish! Periodically they invade Ireland and fire plastic bullets into the faces of eighty year old women. Then they erect peace walls of apartheid, so they can return to the “mainland” to watch their daughters and sisters get “groomed.”
        Forget about Britain; it’s over. I fully expect the Queen to appear in public with Ubangi lips any day.

      • plaintruthforidiots

        Your Congress is even more openly owned by Jews than our Parliament, so don’t speak too soon…
        None of us can blame invididuals in our countries because of how the majority of white people act.

        I can tell you one thing – ten years ago, in my workplace, not one person apart from myself would talk against immigration, Islam, etc.
        Over the past year, four of my colleagues have made very negative comments about Islam and non-white immigrants, without any prompting from me, without my having spoken to them about it in the past, so they had no idea what my views were (and I work in a typically Marxist organisation where free speech is not allowed, and punished by instant dismissal). MOST white people agree with us, THAT is what you have to remember.
        MOST white people will move house, over and over, to get away from non-whites, no matter what they say in public, they prefer to live around their own kind. As things get worse and worse, and more and more millions of whites are backed into a corner, two things will happen:
        Whites will start viewing other whites (strangers) as our own ‘kith and kin’, purely because they are white. You will see more expressions of friendship and ‘good mornings’ etc. from white people to random white people we meet, because we will all be realising that we are in BIG trouble if we don’t stick together.
        Secondly, white traitors who live among us, work in our workplaces,etc. and have spent the past thirty years spying on us and our speech, are going to suddenly realise that their number is up, and that when the civil war breaks out, they are literally going to pay with their LIVES for what they have done to us. It’s only because of the little quislings and spies who live among us, that most white people don’t speak out about what’s happening. THEY are the only reason things have got as bad as they have, because without little ‘snitches’ in our workplaces, families, etc. we would ALL be talking about how wrong mass immigration is, and it would have been stopped and reversed by now. The traitors among us are going to be made to pay for what they’ve done – destroying an entire continent with their incredible arrogance and stupidity.

  • saxonsun

    Superb article–it should be published everywhere.

  • Funruffian

    Upper-middle class liberals who profess to support Diversity live in the shadows. They believe that by detaching themselves from the scrutinizing eye of the media, that they are somehow magnanimous. Just wait until one of their ilk is struck down by a flash mob, or when they are passed up for a job due to Affirmative Action. Or just wait until they become victims of the Knockout game. There are a plethora of examples that can force them to adjust their deranged and self-abnegating beliefs. But do they have the character and fortitude to stand up to this lame slogan, “Celebrate Diversity”. I doubt the majority will. And it is this very mental state that will lead to the White nations’ demise.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I wonder how often “a brush with reality” really changes minds. Maybe a lot. Maybe rarely. I think that, upon being mugged by an African (or Arab, etc) it’s pretty easy to reach for the “Well, they’re not ALL like that” mantra or the “Well, it’s not like there are no white muggers” excuse.

    • gemjunior

      Can’t wait for that day.

    • saxonsun

      You are right; to illustrate the reality of what you’re saying, we saw 4 black male/white female pairings at our Upper East Side park in NYC last night. As we drove through Long Island earlier in the day, we passed through Orthodox Jewish enclaves. Not a black in sight. These Orthodox Jews simply will not tolerate “diversity,” but we do.

      • Bossman

        It takes a lot of work, discipline and study to be an Orthodox Jew and Blacks are not into that sort of thing.

    • I have been involved in this movement for quite some time (28y) and I can assure pro-whites that we are making progress. In fact I think that the anti-whites are scared because their plans are stalling. They should have accomplished their goals by now but they are actually losing ground. Just look at all the books, web sites, radio programs, political parties and the growing militancy of whites all over the world. They predict that we will lose power & become minorities in our own nations by 2050 but I think that THEY will be on trial for crimes against humanity by then.

      • Funruffian

        Da troof be Rayciss en sheeeit!

  • Bardon Kaldian

    I disagree about “IQ omission”. Should British import 5 million high IQ Chinese or Koreans ? Or 2 million Ashkenazi J*ws ? Doubt it.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      True, the IQ argument still runs into the Social Capital problem. How many Japanese are willing to fund schools for the Ashkenazim (and vice versa) to the financial (et al) detriment of their own kindred?

      • Morris LeChat

        BLOOD is thicker than IQ

    • David Ashton

      Export of low IQ millions would be preferable.

      • Morris LeChat

        really? Even whites? Then who would do the fighting on the front? Who would do the menial jobs? Do you think, in a democracy where every man gets a vote, that the small upper strata of society should be a different ethnicity? Let me tell you what will happen to that small upper strata when it is composed of a different ethnicity, it will be dispossessed through a vote. A lynching by democratic process is still a lynching.

        • Jenna Kerr

          Low IQ whites get to stay.

        • David Ashton

          Preferable than their mass import from the tropics.

          Warfare and menial jobs were done by our own people in the past, and we do not need alien coolie labor, unreliable in the first case.

          I believe that a nation should be completely or almost completely a single ethnicity, inspired by patriotism, shared heritage and mutual respect from “top” to “bottom” alike, and my previous posts (e.g. against Engelman) must have already indicated this.

          A multicultural society is a contradiction in terms. A meritocratic society is not.

          An advanced technological civilization should depend less and less on helot labor, and introduce mechanization instead.

  • sbuffalonative

    “An extreme example of this [globalism] is the white liberal environmentalist who decides, for the good of the planet, that he or she should remain childless—the result being that future generations will contain fewer white liberals.”

    One reason to permit abortion is that it eliminates the people who support it. If they want to do away with themselves, that is evolutionary self-selection.

    Unfortunately, they proliferate in higher numbers especially on the lower end of the social economic scale.

  • steve7789

    Ed West has since left the Daily Telegraph. I wonder how he came to that decision or if he even decided it at all?

  • Morris LeChat

    I would say social capital can ONLY exist in HOMOGENOUS communities. Therefore, for the white races, social capital, and therefore a homogenous population is more important than IQ, since whites are already more than adequate in the IQ department.

    • True to a point but we must always & continuously work toward improving our race both mentally, spiritually & physically. Logic – Reason – Eugenics.

  • Lacocoon

    Most Whites are too Gay to live now. This all didn’t just “happen” – it was planned. And yes, they used the selfishness of Industry and client seeking Bureacrats but don’t let that deter you from seeing the Master Minds behind it all.

  • JohnEngelman

    Employers wanted a quick fix to industrial problems that would help them get around union restrictions…

    Employers…could avoid the charge that they were breaking the unions with foreign labor by sneering at the xenophobia of the working class.

    – Tony Bain, American Renaissance, June 7, 2013

    By lowering wages and raising prices a high rate of immigration increases profits.

  • I see that the book is titled “The Diversity Illusion: What We Got Wrong About Immigration and How to Set it Right”.

    I would therefore be much impressed if there are any real solutions given in the “How to set it right” bit, especially from a non-racial-nationalist like Ed West, who to my knowledge is just a more general observer than that of a dedicated racially aware supporter.

    I do think Ed is being a bit naive if he thinks it has all been accidental, just flopping from one unforeseen disaster to another – and I think that the part described above about Enoch Powell is also a bit simplistic. To me, there must have been an agenda from the start.

    Given that Enoch had the support of around 80% of the electorate (and would have won election as Prime Minister by a landslide at the time), I hardly think that the majority of Britons were “embarrassed” or “put off” by what he said.

    As ever, it was the people pulling the strings, the media, the ruling elites, who shaped and managed the whole affair. It is the same today, and has been so for the last 50 years.

    Looking at the track record of Labour – even in recent years – with their border “mismanagement”, scandal after scandal, “cock up” after “cock up”, umpteen ministers for immigration and so on and so forth….. can it really be expected to believe that not a single minister, not a single policy, not a single thing could have been done to stop the tide?

    It is just too fantastical to me to believe that we got to this stage through simple lack of foresight or lack of competence. It seems to me that both Conservatives and Labour have purposefully turned a blind eye to the interests of Britain and the continuance of the British.

    Labour ran amok every time they were in office, and the Conservatives, at every turn, have failed to stop them or reverse the tide when they took office.

    But I have to say that Ed West’s book, going off this review, looks quite interesting and candid. He is brave to come out with a challenge to the orthodoxy that prevails. That he seems to tackle race and the demographic displacement issue is very promising. Not many mainstream journalists and commentators dare bring it up.

    What his solutions and proposals are I do not know, but I do hope it is not another ‘culture’ fest advocate – where we need to embrace some kind of renewed unity and national identity.

    The book will not have had good reviews in the media – because the media are implicit in what is going on, especially the Guardian, whose reviewers probably flicked through the pages with rubber gloves on so not to taint their delicate fingers with “unsavoury” material.

    The BBC will no doubt ignore it completely, just like they do with any books of this sort, including the even more tame ones from Peter Hitchens.

    I do not know if I will read it – as I am living it, I do not really need to know any more about how we got in this mess, and hardly need it confirming – but it does look promising, and may be a bridge point that spans the gap between the kind of UKIP crowd and the restless racially-aware native like myself.

    • David Ashton

      Interesting to reflect that as “recently” as 1981 the present now left-inclined Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, stated that “the strengthening of our national identity demands a program of assisted repatriation”.

      • watling

        I can only assume he’s since realised there’s more money in being of the liberal-left persuasion. He’s certainly doing well for himself financially.

        It’s staggering that 22,860 people voted for him in 2010. I hate to say it but it really does appear that most of my compatriots are completely stupid. Yes, I realise that it’s traditional not to oppose the speaker at elections but there are more important issues at stake, such as not transforming our country into a third world cesspit.

  • ricpic

    “…one does not wish to be associated with anything vulgar…”

    In the United States this translates into a mania to be “respectable.” Impossible to understand the resistance to any acknowledgment whatsoever of the catastrophe that is diversity without the need to be seen as respectable at all costs, even as your world is wrecked by waves of imported blacks and browns. Respectables never so much as notice, in company that is, the black/brown catastrophe. Therefore you don’t if you want to be one with the respectables. Therefore nobody says anything. And total catastrophe ensues.

  • Bobby


  • Spartacus

    That toothless guy in the picture – I would gladly buy him a beer, and treat him like family.

    I would never do the same for any non-white…

    • David Brims

      The Left wing press has specifically photographed him, to give the impression all EDL members are village idiots, a nice smear.

      • HamletsGhost

        It’s an old trick the lie-papers have used for decades. Find the most repulsive character you can from the opposition and give it long shrift to leave the impression that everyone in opposition is like that. Hollywood movies do the same trick by showing their good guys as attractive and bad guys as unattractive as possible.

        • David Ashton

          Hollywood often gives evil characters a posh English accent.

          • Bossman

            Yes, that is true and I do get a good laugh out of that sometimes.

        • George

          In similar vein, they continue to run the photo of an innocent-looking, fresh-faced, pre-pubescent Trayvon Martin, rather than a more current thugged-out, tattooed, gold-tooth-capped, hoodie-wearing gangsta.
          A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and the media can influence perception with a few well-selected photos, even if they are careful to avoid apparent bias in the written text.

      • David Ashton

        Actually he personally seems quite a nice guy in fact. He doesn’t look like a racial terrorist. Anyway, our enemies have more than enough thugs – black, white or khaki – of their own.

        Socializing with non-white individuals depends on the circumstances and purposes for me, using such occasions to push my views in whatever direction seems productive or appropriate. One can always share a beef sandwich with a Hindu or a pork shop and beer with the odd Muslim.

      • Mr Potato

        Absolutely. The left-wing press do it everywhere. Here in Australia too. It works a treat with the general public.

    • Bossman

      That guy looks like a retard. For him, any kind of cross-breeding would be an improvement. If all Britons looked like him, then they need to be cross-bred with other strains of humanity.

      • IstvanIN

        The only white people who are worthwhile are beautiful and smart? I’ll take him over any Paki or African, thank you.

      • HamletsGhost

        He might not get into Oxford, but I bet he could whip your sorry butt in any street fight. The British empire was won by such “scum” as the Duke of Wellington referred to his men.

      • Spartacus

        I don’t give a f*** what he looks like, he’s one of my own, and he’s fighting the good fight, out there in the street. What have YOU done lately for your country, you elitist a**hole ?

  • Rhialto

    What I find significant is that the immigration flood described in this article, is happening in every Western country. The governments import immigrants from alien cultures, encourages them to remain alien, and forces their native populations to suffer the cost, disruption and danger of these policies. I can understand why a few governments would become crazy, but why are all going insane at the same time?

    • Tad Welsh

      If you think that this was some sort of coincidence, then you have to be extraordinarily naive. It was orchestrated and socially engineered AGAINST the wishes of the whites who are being victimized now in every white country on earth.

    • HamletsGhost

      Because the same world-wide tribe is behind all the campaigns.

      From the horse’s mouth:

      • David Brims

        What a charming women !

      • David Ashton

        More evidence than this – nevertheless significant – video clip needed.
        Why should such people seek to create an anti-Israel “Eurabia” opposed by Zionists from Bat Yeor to “Mad Mel” Phillips?

        • HamletsGhost

          Why should blacks in Zimbabwe drive out the whites who fed them? Why do Bengali peasants cultivate land in the Ganges river floodplain that will wipe them out when the next cyclone hits? People do things for short-term gain that brings long-term misery all the time.

          • David Ashton

            The “people” noted in this context are not that stupid.
            The question is very complex, and I must forego comment (again) here.

          • eonic

            Meanwhile an analogous movement is under way Prosper In Israel

          • watling

            Short term thinking is very much a third world trait. There will always be famine in Africa because blacks are in general incapable of planning ahead. Ditto for their poor infrastructure. Ditto for their AIDS epidemic, which has come about because they can only think about the next few fleeting moments of sexual pleasure.

            Today people in London were demonstrating to stamp out world hunger. It doesn’t matter how much money, food and resources the west gives to Africa. It will always be futile.

          • sbuffalonative

            You can’t help people who can’t help themselves.

          • DaveMed

            There is no short term gain here, though. Muslim violence against Christians AND Jews (and atheists) in Europe is positively correlated with Muslim population; it’s not as if there’s a threshold before which all’s fine and dandy.

        • sbuffalonative

          I believe it’s a combination of short-sightedness and hatred/revenge for Whites.

        • George

          The reply is in the book Culture of critique by Kevin Macdonald.

        • Defoe

          There may be an element of “low-level” conflict being good for the overall “cause”. When a people are in conflict, they are easier to manage/control.

        • eonic

          Maybe this may help ? Keep schtum

        • Ken P.

          “More evidence [… is] needed.”

          It’s your responsibility to seek it out, isn’t it? You won’t find it in the Sunday paper. I suggest you read Kevin MacDonald.

      • Morris LeChat

        she preaches genocide

      • DaveMed

        It’s interesting that when people try to ascribe a particular attitude to an entire “tribe”, they somehow always manage to quote the same exact video. 🙂

    • Bossman

      No! They have not gone insane, those non-whites in Europe are really coming from the former colonies of the major Western nations and because of the European Union they are able to move to countries that never had colonies in Asia, Africa or the Middle East.

      • HamletsGhost

        Wrong. Sweden started importing 3rd worlders in the 70s, long before they joined the EU.

        • Bossman

          They may have come in as refugees. If Sweden took part and signed any international convention agreement, them they are obligated to comply by those rules.

          • HamletsGhost

            And what, pray tell, possessed them to sign such agreements in the first place?

    • watling

      My guess is that big business – which again I’m guessing has a massive influence on government policy – treats nations merely as spaces in which to make money.

      Third worlders are cheaper to employ but company bosses can’t put all their factories in Bangladesh etc. because such countries aren’t stable enough and don’t have the expertise and infrastructure that are readily available in western countries.

      Company bosses do not give a damn about native populations in western countries. They are only interested in making money. One day it will all come crashing down, as the third worlders’ natural collective ability to f*** things up will dominate. But by then the bosses will have made their money, lived their privileged lives and be six feet under.

  • DaveMed

    Infuriating. To think that Britain will be reduced to some Middle-Eastern-style hellhole.

    Truly, the suicide of one of the greatest cultures the world has ever seen – an act of unprecedented stupidity.

    It’s high time that whites forge a coherent, resolute message of determination to maintain our way of life and culture. And at risk of offending many here, I will remark that I do not think this is best accomplished by clownish marching around in Confederate costume. Time to create a new, unsullied brand supported by a firm intellectual foundation. Jared Taylor is a good example to be followed.

    • Sick of it

      The only people I’ve seen marching in Confederate uniforms are re-enacting battles from the Civil War…and I’m from the South.

      • TeutonicKnight67

        Ditto from a Yankee. But I have to ask…what exactly is “clownish” about a Confederate uniform? It is certainly a step up from bedsheets and pointy hats. IMO the CSA was the last attempt to stem the tide of totalitarianism that the insidious FedGov has now achieved.

        • DaveMed

          Certainly it’s a step up, but it is a defunct cause. Our goals are not the same as the CSA’s were. This is not, for instance, a fight for states’ rights (per se) but rather for a nation’s right to preserve its identity and culture. Also, applying the CSA theme gives the impression of similar lines being drawn, which is certainly not the case.
          Our goals should not be tied to previous failures. Dressing in CSA uniforms in protest just gives the impression of sore losing. I, for one, do not want AmRen’s movement to have any associations with loss.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Good point. We need a new “look” so to speak. I don’t think we need to deny our warrior spirit though and limit ourselves to suit and tie in the elusive search for “respectability”. Those who hate whiteness will hate us regardless of how we dress. Perhaps we could organize disgruntled white veterans who’ve been screwed over by FedGov. Freikorps anyone?

        • Sick of it

          I believe the actual America First movement was trying to do the same thing…the John Birch Society has tried to bring these issues up for public scrutiny for decades…the South rebelled again re: integration and actually lost, despite having a solid constitutional argument on their side. Now we have various groups getting information out, but not too much in the way of organization toward any common goal…

    • Bossman

      To say that is to believe that people in general are becoming more stupid in spite of all this communications technology that we now have.

      • But people are becoming more stupid in my opinion, probably because of communications technology and technology in general.

        I remember reading that IQ has dropped in some western nations, even when you take out the demographic shift of a higher non-white presence. (They just make it worse, if the Bell Curve is to be taken. Even American policy academics are concerned about the trends in America on this matter.)

        I do not think it is unrealistic to suggest that in terms of general society – using calculators, computers, technology like Sat Nav systems, etc – is reducing the capacity for people to work things out for themselves. (Not to mention the brain numbing TV, which is ever more attuned to short attention spans).

        People hardly know anybody’s telephone number any more -as it is stored in their mobile phone and ready to pull out by name. Many people cannot do simple maths without a calculator or a computer. Sat Nav systems may eventually make it so that nobody knows how to orienter a read a map.

        There is a “case” that we are seeing “Idiocracy” roll out.

        Given that Britain will be a majority non-white nation by the middle of this century and almost devoid of whites by the end of this century, I share DaveMed’s view that this country will slide further and further into backwardness, chaos, superstition, dilapidation, incoherence, and face that many problems it will be akin to the 3rd world.

        To believe that a non-white demographic that is currently brewing in the UK could eventually become some kind of great new future of science, technology, genius, is absurd to me. Not one nation has ever gone this way. Even within nations we can see what happens when the balance tips. Why should it be expected to go any differently as a whole?

        • sbuffalonative

          Why should it be expected to go any differently as a whole?

          Because this time it’s going to work!

          As they say, no one ever learns from history. Frankly, I don’t know why we even bother teaching it anymore.

          • I once saw a little cartoon image that struck a chord with me when it comes to that saying.

            It went something along the lines of a professor or studier reading a book and saying:

            “Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it”…

            ..and the other professor along side him says:

            “…..and those who learn history are doomed to watch everybody else repeat it”……

          • kjh64

            Yes, THIS time it WILL work. You see, all throughout history, multiculturalism didn’t work because they were just doing it wrong. However,if we just keep at it and do it right, this time, finally, it will work. (Sarcasm very much off).

        • David Ashton

          Thoughtful analysis, supported by several specialist studies on computer impacts especially.

        • Not to mention the brain numbing TV, which is ever more attuned to short attention spans

          When I was in high school, a teacher did an experiment on us. He suddenly stopped what he was talking about, and just sat there quiet with his hands folded on the desk. He did this for about five minutes. Within 10-15 seconds of him starting his silence and stillness, we started talking among each other, with teacher watching and hearing it all. We didn’t take long to come to the collective conclusion that this was some sort of social experiment.

          And it was. He told us that TV and its rapid scene changes have conditioned our minds to have short attention spans. When you watch a TV show, notice how quickly the scene changes.

          There is a “case” that we are seeing “Idiocracy” roll out.

          Actually, all of the examples you cit are better examples of Ray Kursweil style singularity.

        • kjh64

          As the saying goes, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.”

      • saxonsun

        They are and in large part BECAUSE of advanced technology.

    • MikeS

      What made you associate White interests with the Confederacy? Propaganda and misinformation, possibly?

      Why do people associate a proud White with:
      KKK, Confederacy, beer, redneck, trailer park, uneducated, bigot, slavery, jim crow, “clownish” marching, etc.

      What “tribe” is responsible for these associations?

  • IKantunderstand

    Look on the bright side. If current evolutionary theory is correct, well, than, all the Blacks and Browns will turn into White people after thousands of years of living in the North. See, problem(eventually) solved.

    • Tad Welsh

      No….whites will be bred out of existence.

      • Bossman

        White people will always be around but they will be mixed with many strains of humankind. Men of all the colored races prefer light-complexion women. That alone will ensure the survival of light-skinned people.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          “White people will always be around but they will be mixed with many strains of humankind. ”

          Re-read the silliness you are espousing. The truth is one is no longer “White” if one is “mixed with many strains of humankind”. That’s why the White population is in decline, fading away, being bred out. Whiteness is binary thing. There is no in between. Either you are or you aren’t White. White is White. White mixed with other race(s) is not White. It’s just that simple.

          • Bossman

            What you’re saying is not science. A case can even be made for believing that Whites are a mongrel race and came about through through cross-breeding. The colored races are purer because they were the most geographically isolated.

          • David Ashton

            A little learning is a very dangerous thing – in your case.

            Who were the races that gave rise to the Whites through crossbreeding, when and how? Peripheral gene exchange was a possibility (see e.g. C.S. Coon, “The Origin of Races” (London 1963, pp.485), but Caucasoids, especially Nordics, most probably developed fairly independently by selective adaptation to northern climatic pressures.

            See also: R. R. Gates, “Race Crossing” (Rome 1962); B. J. Lundman, “Race and Anthropology”, in R. E. Kuttner (ed) “Race and Modern Science (NY 1967) pp.6-13; and J. P. Rushton, “Race, Evolution and Behavior” (Port Huron 2000) pp.87-89.

          • Bossman

            We are told that modern Europeans are the result of Cro-Magnon man coming in from South Africa and mixing with Neanderthal man. If that is not cross-breeding what is? What did Cro-Magnon man look like? What did Neanderthal man really look like? Was Cro-Magnon man black? Did Neanderthal man looked like an American Indian or an Australian Aborigine?

          • curri
          • David Ashton

            I thought you already assumed you “knew” the answers to these “questions”.

            You need to be “told” something more reliable about the Cro-Magnons and the fate of the Neanderthals.

      • IKantunderstand

        That whole sarcasm thing, you find it impossible to understand?

    • Bossman

      Climate and sexual selection will turn many non-whites who are living outside their natural habitat, fairer. Remember what Charles Darwin said: What determines how a species looks like is natural selection and sexual selection.

      • TheAntidote

        You sound more like a believer in Lamarckism then in Darwinism. The white skin of the European was very likely a response to the arctic conditions of the Ice Age. The skin became a solar reflector for the production of Vitamin D. If Ice sheets cover Britain again perhaps the Africans and subcontinentals there will slowly become paler…..but then the Eskimo went to dwell above the Arctic Circle and is still quite dark.

    • David Ashton

      As old Keynes said, “In the long run WE are all dead.”

  • BulgAryan

    …If not even sixth-generation immigrants can learn high-level skills
    In this country (BulgArya) we have hundert generations immigrants, former untouchables from Tsingara, India – known as Tsigani (gypsies, Zigeuner) – they are still useless.

    • Defoe

      Quite right! Those who think that evolution can/will correct things in a few hundred or even a few thousand years are delusional. Evolution generally takes 100s of thousands of years, even millions, to breed significant changes to a biological entity.

  • Embracing hate

    There never was an illusion, there remains an enforced lie to bring about the extinction of White race.

  • HamletsGhost

    “…he did so in such florid and apocalyptic terms (…) that it was embarrassing. The English do not like being embarrassed.’

    Does the writer seriously believe that if Powell had couched his speech in more genteel terms it would have gotten respectful treatment? Jason Richwine’s recent crucifixion was for a PhD thesis at Harvard.

    Powell’s speech received a 74% poll approval rating from the British public. It’s seems they weren’t too embarrassed after all.

    • David Brims

      Powell got 2 million letters of support.

    • I agree. It is becoming some kind of common myth that what Enoch said somehow destroyed the ability to talk or take action over mass non-white immigration. I do not believe that for a moment.

      As you say, he was supported by around 70-80% of the electorate from all parties – and I bet “attitudes” to race back then, from that generation and older, were strong enough in general society to see you locked up in prison today.

      However, as usual, what 74% of the demographic think, feel, and desire is purposefully ignored by the real “movers and shakers” and the ‘establishment’ as well as the media – and they carry on regardless, creating “mood music” as they go.

      The simple fundamental is that the “left” and this little clique at the top managed to capitalise on it to their advantage, especially through a weak Conservative party, who couldn’t do enough to distance itself from Enoch, particularly the traitor Edward Heath – who not only sidelined him, but knowingly signed us up to the European Union project in full knowledge of what it would become.

      I do not know if society back then was capable of defending what we know as nationalistic positions today.

      Perhaps they did not have the key skills, arguments, counter points, understandings, etc, required to deal with the onslaught against them from the minority imposing it’s aims.

      There would no doubt have been a lot of “Alf Garnett” types around and people who could not articulate properly as to why they felt it was wrong. We certainly didn’t seem to hear them expressed in the (controlled) media anyway. It was all before my time, but I can imagine what it was like.

      • David Ashton

        Pretty good summary “before your time”. If you can imagine it so accurately, so can others.

        • I was not even born until 1978 – so I reckon much of the damage had already been done by then. It has simply accelerated since.

          When I first started getting into this, I still thought that things were still sortable if the door was closed and criminals etc repatriated.

          However, the New Labour project then arrived on the scene and imported some 5+ Million people. It was already a nightmare – and I get tired of people blaming it all on the Blair years for that reason – but it is without doubt in my mind that New Labour sealed the coffin shut when it comes to our nation.

          I used to be a heavy “liberal” and incredibly naive (to the point I cringe when I look back!), but I guess I must have the ability to think critically and for myself. Others, who I still call friends, never seemed to gain that ability to question themselves or society.

          I simply started to take notice of what was going on – and took notice of what the ultimate implications are. That was enough to set the ball rolling for me. Many sleepless nights then came.

          This has led to various phases. At first I could not believe it. Secondly I was angry. Thirdly I was depressed (and still am). Fourthly, I have had to accept it and come to terms with the notion that we are finished. That last one has perhaps been the hardest transition to make.

          I try and keep some hope, in fact I still have a few irons in the fire, but at the moment I cannot really see any way out considering the degree things are now at – and the kind of society that now surrounds us.

          (The greatest problem is often not that of Blacks or Asians, but whites – and the society they have allowed themselves to become).

          I am thankful that I “know what the score is”. It puts me at an advantage to a lot of other people.

          • Pat

            Well done for surviving all the brainwashing and propaganda you must have gone through. I hope my (older than you) children will eventually figure it out too.

          • saxonsun

            I too saw this very thing happening here in the USA and was astonished at the level of dumb acceptance around me. It was clear to me that this diversity nonsense would spell our doom and that the only way to reverse it would be a mass white awakening and the willingness to address the problem. And then I knew we were dead because whites will not do a thing. Lemmings.

          • David Ashon

            Don’t let the enemies inject us with the defeatism virus.
            Websites like this – and there are many others – are signs of hope.
            Small sparks can start prairies fires, so do not snuff them out.

          • David Ashton

            Your comments are excellent, perceptive, accurately informed and actually encouraging, despite your premature and needless “defeatism” – because if you can “change”, so can others, despite every effort wipe out or distort history from schools, localities, entertainment and family transmission.

          • Thanks David. Yeah, I suppose I have got rather pessimistic over the years – but in a twist of irony, I think I am starting to get more positive about life than I have been for the last decade.

            Accepting some things I did not want to accept has strangely helped me get a different perspective. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone though.

            I was at one stage quite pent-up, obsessional, permanently under some kind of rain cloud and fretting over how bad it all is and how exasperating it is. It is hard not to be this way.

            Whilst I may not have great optimism for turning this situation we are in around, I have come to realise that tying myself in knots, isolating myself, fretting and worrying is not particularly helpful to the cause or all that healthy.

            So, what else can be done? I am still figuring that out.

            However, my personal circumstances mean I can afford to throw some monthly funds at a little project taking root in Britain, I have some small projects to undertake concerning a huge catalogue of newspaper articles and such I have collected over the years off the internet (which I hope may prove useful to others in some way), I still try to argue the case where I can and I am just keeping my eye out at the moment as to what might happen next and where the movement will go.

            Yes, I have changed from my “liberal” days – and I am sure many others are capable of the same. I was a skateboarding “lefty” with no concept of the world other than ‘live and let live’ and vague communistic aspirations lol.

            Perhaps the key is to get people to care in the first place! You see, although I never placed any value on race in my liberal days, I had no comprehension of what was actually at stake.

            When I discovered the reality of what was going on – and even then in the early 2000’s it was still seen as a joke to suggest we would ever be a minority in Britain – I instinctively thought it was a monumental tragedy, a travesty, and I thus ‘cared’ about what happened and what the future would be.

            Not everybody seems to have that, by the looks of it. It is almost a point of principle – and maybe the question is how many people are prepared to fight for a principle in today’s society? I think it is our job to put forth the arguments and rationale as to why we are here, so others may join us.

          • whiteuncleruckus

            I noticed I have a few things in common with you. I too was born in 1978 and I am a former liberal. I believe much of the damage that has been done to our race started prior to my birth. I have several family members, friends, and ex’s who never figured out how race works. I went through all of the phases you went through and you’re exactly right, acceptance is the most difficult. I don’t want to believe my race is doomed, but all of the evidence points in that direction. I’m just about ready to give up this losing battle, mainly because I’m fighting it alone. I don’t know anybody who cares about fighting diversity as much as I do and most of the people who oppose me are my fellow Whites. Warning White people about the dangers of diversity gets me called “racist” and stigmatized. I’m starting to think “if you can’t beat them, join them.” The saddest part about it is I would be better off personally and professionally if I turned against my own race, like so many other have.

          • The pull towards re-joining the herd can be quite hard to repel at times, especially when major set backs and major new ‘mile stones’ are reached.

            I know exactly what you mean, and recognise the “uphill slog” all the time, just to even speak and be understood – never mind transform the country.

            Everybody has their own threshold and own abilities. All I can say is that I remain keeping an eye on things, remain supporting nationalist groups (in my case Western Spring for the time being), but I have had to recognise that I need to keep in mind what “can” be done instead of obsess over what likely cannot.

            For example, even small things like personal self improvement – fitness, education, setting oneself against mainstream society as much as possible through rejection of norms, rejection of their media saturation, making sure my family are going to be more secure in case of a collapse……

            I have also stopped wasting so much time trying to win arguments with the hardened opposition. I still engage, but not as much as I used to. Efforts are probably better concentrated on those who are susceptible and winnable at this state of the game.

            The sad fact is that some whites will never be won over – and in the time that is left, I think some of them will have to be left behind whilst the ‘survivors’ forge a new way forward.

            Keep on trucking. Just do what you can rather than get depressed and exasperated.

  • Achaean

    What is to be done? How to get rid of millions of Africans, Moslems and Asians in NA and WE?

    Should we coax them out, or chase them away? Or a mix of both? Which
    time horizon should we target: 10 years or 100 days? Which
    transportation means should we choose: airplane, cars, buses, trains,
    ships? Or all of them, depending on the country and the kind of aliens
    to send back (voluntary/involuntary)? In which order do we bring them
    back? Should we repatriate first all the ones having committed crimes
    and having hijacked native women?

    How should we make sure that they
    won’t try to return later? Should we tax their businesses heavily to pay for repatration? Which White groups/institutions are going to do the work? police?
    professionals of a new kind? army? civil population mobilized? How can
    we avoid that they just flee to the next European country, nullifying
    the whole program?

    How to cooperate with their native governments to take their own citizens back… and they refuse!) Should we plan large-scale
    military operations in case their home governments refuse to take them back, i.e. set foot in their countries to force the borders
    open to bring their own populations back?

    • HamletsGhost

      Those are technical problems that can be mooted at leisure when the time comes. And that time is after a nationalist government has taken power first. Not one minute before.

    • Bossman

      Those non-whites are just former colonials returning to the “Mother Country.” Why do British people want to have it both ways? They enslaved and exploited the non-whites in those former colonies and now a few descendants of those non-whites have returned to the “Mother Country” and they now want them to be kicked out after having exploited and enslaved their ancestors.

      • David Ashton

        Why should my children and grandchildren be punished because some of our ancestors brought railways, medicine, the rule of law and an international language to “colonials”, who have not “returned” because they did not live here in the first place. They asked for independence and development aid, and got it.

        • Bossman

          Maybe I should not have used the word returning. Colonials are people born in the colonies and also used to called British Subjects. They were told that Britain was their mother country so they might have a natural affinity for the UK. As far as I know, a Jamaican or an Indian cannot just pack his bag and head for the UK. It has not been that way for fifty years so why are the British still complaining.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Foolish Europeans! How dare they use their racist Christian Philanthropy to justify their imposition of their foreign values (Hygiene, Education, Modern Medicine) on the noble indigenous peoples of the world! How dare they try to share the blessings of prosperity and Freedom to those who have never known it! How dare they expect a mutual economic relationship (i.e. racist exploitation) and sharing of natural resources in return for the gifts of progress? How dare they sir!!

          • David Ashton

            Tell that to Bossman, not me.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Just a little attempt at levity through sarcasm sir.

      • Do we really have to start busting apart the whole “slavery” nonsense again? How many times do we have to go through this?

        The ordinary people of Britain owe them nothing. They owe us for what we have given them, and the world, for free.

        We were the ones who abolished the “slave trade” – something that cost Britain more money to achieve than it ever gained from it.

        Blacks were slaving Blacks long before the White man came along – as were the Jews and Arabs, who were far more ruthless. Hell, the Arabs used to work them to death and castrate them in the process so that they would not become so dominated with Blacks.

        British people were enslaved by Arabs and Blacks, stolen in the night from port towns on the coast. Maybe we can all get “revenge” and “recompense” from Africans and Arabs?

        Oh wait, there is no “guilt trip” against Blacks and Arabs for THEIR empires and their slavery, just whites. We have to fling open our doors and commit racial suicide alone, to make up for “crimes” that were hardly unique and not what any living person today was even involved in!.

        Why should the descendants of former colonies have some sort of claim over us? It is ridiculous. How far do you want to go back? Should people be able to claim for what Attila the Hun did, or the Vikings? I believe it is against the UN Convention on Human Rights to visit the “sins” of the father onto the child.

        As David Ashton says, they have not “returned” anywhere! They had no affiliation with this country, other than that they were shown a higher civilisation than their own and came to have an affinity for it.

        Some former colonies have held national polls showing that they wished they were still ruled by whites/British.

        It is also a fact that the African nations and other nations which were former colonies are STILL the best ones in comparison to their neighbouring countries who did not have the British and French come along and build up the infrastructure and provide the rule of law, education, etc.

        We are the ones being “exploited”. We are paying for the third world in aid money, we are paying their welfare here, we are handing over three of our major cities to non-whites already!

        We are having our “tolerance” and “good nature” taken the piss out of – especially when they are gang raping our teenage girls, dealing drugs, and so on and so forth in the process.

        • saxonsun

          Absolutely correct. I’m half-Greek. I suppose I should demand compensation from the Italians for the Roman Conquest of Greece. And anyway, the world owes England. Almost everything we have was given by the British Empire. If the Empire was removed from history, we’d fall through a very dark hole.

          • Bossman

            The British did not freely give. They went out to trade with other people for all kind of things; from slaves to spices, there was wealth to be gained.

          • Of course. That is no doubt as to why China is over in Africa right now doing the same thing.

            – Only we do not tend to hear much about that, do we, as it is much easier to accuse the ‘White race” and Britain for all the ills and expect them to tolerate the intolerable for ever and ever amen as “recompense”.

            What for, I do not know. I do not know of one single country which was WORSE off after we left, than before we arrived.

            We can certainly see the “success” of some of them after we had gone…… often handing them a fully functioning society on a plate, only to see it decimated at the hands of nobody but themselves.

            I am not a colonialist, I am not an advocate of empire, but I will not be had for some kind of fool by having it suggested that it was entirely a bad thing, that we were somehow the ‘worst’ thing and worst Empire to have happened, that we “raped” these countries of their wealth, and so on.

            Of course there was wealth to be made – and the top elites, just as today, were no doubt making that money. The average Briton here was working in slave conditions too, doing 12+ hour shifts in dangerous mines, undergoing 12 hour shifts in noisy and deadly mills where you would go deaf and get lung diseases, children worked too, with many children being so poor they had no shoes on their feet.

            We worked damned hard as a country for what we have today, but to many blacks and liberals we somehow sat back and just “robbed” everybody else.

            It is rubbish trotted out as an excuse for us to accept third world immigration to Britain and part and parcel of the whole “White guilt” trip where we are still apparently to blame for the failures of everybody else, even over a hundred years later.

            There is much more looting and pillaging going on today, but again, they are a tiny clique of globalists using the world like some kind of chessboard.

            Look what happened to Greece, the robbing of people’s assets in Cyprus, the manipulation of Libor, manipulation of gold and silver, the neoconolialist meddling in Iraq, Afghanistan, the “Arab Spring” and now Syria.

            Manipulation, chaos, asset stripping, warfare, leadership replacements….. what these people are doing is outrageous, but time and time again, it is ignored to concentrate on what the British might have done, pale by comparison, over a hundred years ago.

            Likewise, there is more slavery and trafficking going on today than any “slave trade” the British were involved in – but again, we do not get to hear about that all that much.

            When the British and French arrived in some of these African nations, they found people with no written languages, no sea worthy boats, no double storey housing, no sanitary conditions, racked with superstition, brutal savagery, and no signs of modern civilisation at all.

            People often say “you stole our wealth”. Oh yeah? What, like all that oil and diamonds etc that natives did not even understand what they were, nevermind how make a use out of them?

            They could not have devised the equipment to extract them, or even used them once they were extracted! It would have been useless sat under the ground doing nothing. We gave it value.

            But again, the British have since paid their dues as far as I’m concerned. The price for abolishing the open slave trade around the world superseded all the “merits” of that.

            The amount of money this tiny country has poured into Africa, India, Pakistan, blows the mind.

            That is just “government” assisted money, nevermind all the personal donations for “live aid”, “red nose day”, sending monthly payments to Oxfam and Red Cross and all that.

            We are talking Billions and Billions of British pounds.

            We are still funding the building of Turkey’s new sewage systems, paving the roadways in Nigeria or somewhere, and on and on it goes.

            Again, no doubt the “British” will get blamed in the future for Iraq, Afghanistan, the partitioning off of Bosnia/Kosovo, Syria, and so on.

            What people often fail to realise is that it is NOT at the behest of the British people. Just like most of the older claims against us as a people.

            Who in Britain voted for these things? Who has had the ability to stop it going on? Who gave David Miliband of the Labour party permission to speak for Britain when he pushed for Kosovan independence? On and on it goes.

            As ever, it is not the British people who “benefit” or create these problems. It is global leaders meddling for their own wealth and agendas.

            One of those agendas is to break down national identities and do away with homogenous nation states, particularly Whites.

            That is one reason why we “reject” the arrival of “former colonial subjects” and anybody else. We are in a fight for our very survival as a race and a people.

            That is why I have no time for harping on about ‘stealing wealth’ or ‘slavery’ or ‘immigrants coming to the mother land’ as though they should have the right of settlement.

            The idea of previous British governments that they could give settlement rights to hundreds of millions of colonials – especially in a country that can only sustain food for 30 Million people (of which we are already over double) and is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe – is clearly madness.

            You asked earlier that if the right of that settlement has been removed, why are we so angry?….. it is because they can all still come, one and all, and they are doing!

            They have never stopped coming! It has gotten worse! We are being ‘race replaced’ and ethnically cleansed from our own homeland!

            If was ‘wrong’ to go out and build up South Africa from scratch and make it into a first world country, it is doubly wrong to commit ethnocide against a racial group and re-populate an already highly developed civilisation which is not sparse.

            Particularly when it is done out of some kind of spite, or sense of “recompense” against an innocent populace who had nothing to do with empires or slavery. They have judged the past on “modern” morality, which is always ridiculous, and STILL proceed to commit an “evil”.

          • David Ashton

            Well said, once again.

          • shawnmer

            How is it relevant whether it was “freely given?”. They are either economically better off due to British presence and influence or they’re not. They ARE.

            We don’t calculate a debt based on whether one”s motives were altruistic or not.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            No. The Romans admired and co-opted Greek culture. More accurately you you should demand reparations from the filthy moslem Ottomans who tortured and oppressed Southern Europe for centuries.

    • Defoe

      “We” had nothing to do with the current situation other than remaining supine while this terrible tragedy was being perpetrated on us. And, “we” will be able to do nothing about it until “we” clearly understand HOW and WHY it happened. IF that understanding ever comes to enough of us, then something may be done. Otherwise, I see a dark future for us.

  • Bossman

    The British sailed down the river Thames to spread their language and culture around the world now many of these former colonials from the former British colonies are returning to the “mother country.” Many British non-whites are really coming from the former colonies of Britain and from France via the European Union.

    • David Ashton

      The place to end poverty in the “third world”, if it were at all possible, is in the “third world”.

      There is no general solution, or widespread gain from mass immigration from the “third word” into Britain, which simply spreads poverty (except for a few financiers, bureaucrats and left-wing big-wigs) around more “equally” and “diversely”.

      • Bossman

        Yes, you’re right about that. Importing poverty is not a good thing. I’m sure most of the immigrants to the UK would rather come to America. The USA and Canada are still the best places to absorb and assimilate immigrants.

        • Pat

          Well you do have more room – I believe that we are about the size of Oregon but with 70 million people. Every spare acre of land here is being crammed with tiny houses that you would just not believe, simply to accommodate the continual flow of ‘welfare seekers’. An added attraction is that due to the Empire they are more familiar with us and our language. The latter may be the reason they end up with you one day when we run out of cash and space.

        • shawnmer

          “Absorb?” As in proliferate in ghettos, go on public assistance and register as Democrats, right? That kind of “absorption?”

  • tombarnes

    Diversity is our strength !

    Arbeit macht frei !

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    If you need guards at the entrance of an upscale development, or iron gates as in the photo “preferred liberal habitat”, rest assure that community is shared with non whites. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for guards or iron gates. It confirms the potential threat non- whites and white trash are within striking distance of you.

    That’s what’s so wonderful about living in the suburbs and rural areas of the USA northeast and Midwest. Demographics largely divide along racial and often economic lines, especially for suburbs. If you live in suburban towns, the whole towns themselves are predominantly white, with only a token percentage of non- whites usually. In rural areas, white homogeneity is reinforced to even a greater extent.

    Guards and steel gates are only needed when your within range of those who are potential threats.

    “Enemy at the gate” just like the movie, seems rather prophetic.

    • Funruffian

      If you had made this statement in the early 1990’s I would completely legitimize it. However, Blacks are moving into suburbs via Race-mixing partners and Minority home loans. There are various types of suburbs where some are far more exclusive than others. There are a few factors that will determine if that community will have Blacks or not depending on net worth, income, the amount of members per household, etc.

  • AllSeeingEyeSpy

    “just as one might regret that greed, lust and violence are part of human nature, but building a society based on the assumption that they can be driven out through re-education is an optimistic idea”.

    This is wrong, cause obviously racism Can be driven out of society, as long as you don’t count whites disdain toward other whites, racism. The idea that racism has simply taken another form might be debatable. Moreover, as whites become a minority, asking people of color, making a constant concerted effort, to teach people of color that racism is the greatest wrong and that only people of color can be racist, will face stiff opposition. People of color already have a racial consciousness, they already have interest and trade groups dedicated to making them more conscious of their special interests. As whites are being replaced and embarrassed, and the effects of diversity become plain to see, to ask people of color to be tolerant would be a bit like asking them to submit to a Holocaust they’ve already watched someone else fall pray to. Will be interesting if the racism of people of color can be curbed. Until it can whites will continue to flee from racism, or rather, diversity.

  • Robert L. Thomas

    “Keep Britian white”. – Winston Churchill

    • Bossman

      Don’t know if Winston Churchill really said that or not but there was always rumors that his American mother, Lady Randolph, was not 100% white. According to her biographer, she was rumored to have some Native American blood in her background.

    • Although I have grown cool towards Winston Churchill (you might say that after enough reading and insight into different things you can start to get a different outlook towards some characters!), it is true to say that Winston Churchill jotted down in his diary that a slogan “Keep Britain White” would be a good campaign to run with.

      His words over the “Mohammedians” are also quite choice. He is a bit of a complex character, and can be controversial in nationalist circles, so perhaps it is always wise to use him like a hand in a card game, and pull things out to whatever is advantageous at the time!

  • Pointing out something embarrassing – that diversity is not only failed policy but an existential threat to White people – is never going to be a popular read.
    Even if it is not ground-breaking, it looks like it has some interesting observations and quotes. I might buy it.

  • Funruffian

    When ethnics and members of Third world countries think of equality, they only do so on their own terms. Their perception of equality doesn’t extend outside of their own group.
    When Whites and, especially White Christians, think of equality they do so on terms of benefitting everyone as a whole. This means that they are predisposed to sacrifice their own needs to benefit the needs of those outside of their own race at their own expense.
    When Mexicans come to America, they choose not to assimilate. They express homage to their own people, but do not wish to uphold equanimity for Whites. The same can be applied to Blacks and immigrants from other third world countries like India and Pakistan.
    I know there are exceptions. Not all of them feel this way, but an overwhelming majority do.
    If Whites cannot form their own union or other types of group solidarity without the scorn of other races, where is the ethnics’ standard of equality? We know the answer. They don’t want equal rights for Whites.

  • Bossman

    White immigrants are easier to assimilate than non-whites. American Indians are assimilated to a great extent. But these days it pays well to pretend that you are an American Indian, you could claim tribal land and build a casino on it. As for Blacks, they wanted to assimilate from day one but all kinds of laws were instituted to prevent them from doing so.

    • MBlanc46

      White resistance to black assimilation was certainly significant. But certain deficits in black psychology–low IQ, lack of long-term thinking, and impulse control deficits–made it impossible for blacks to assimilate in ways that whites found acceptable.

    • Stan D Mute

      The laws were not the reason blacks failed to assimilate. Blacks were the reason blacks failed. Laws simply protected whites from black failure.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    Well, someone is lying through their teeth…

    Secret Papers Reveal It Was Fully Intentional

    Stupid Is As Politics Does

    It always fails to amuse me to see the left make announcements fait de accompli in a giggled manner that comes off as “Te He, my bad, let’s all have a laugh at the crazy, random, way that life works.”

    What is dangerous here is that it’s not just deliberate but it may well be genetically ingrained. If you have a beta or omega personality who doesn’t get hurt but is restricted to an enabler role by more competent alpha status members of society who have no reason to fix what isn’t broken, then his/her ‘liberal’ mindset can only look upon the social environment with frustration.

    And yet that enabler training is crucial because it allows them to create allies in weakness who are NOT socially restricted because they are not part of the system at all.

    This evolutionary psychology as betrayal of in-group restrictive altruism in trade for a universalist ideology was likely a very useful tool for creating an interlocution of ideas as genes on the subarctic tundra of the Eurasian plateau, 50-150KYA. A place where life was so hard as to be unable to support large HG parties and needed the trust of strangers to avoid the cumulative effects of inbred recessional genetics while allowing the ingress of new technologies as materials in a gradually traded buildup to society.

    Obviously, the best effector and the vector here are female when adopting outside males and the grudging acceptance of this social norming vector may have even been critically necessary as a means to enable our civilization as a constant reinvention and working of conceptual notions of ‘what worked better than good enough’. Even if this came at the cost of destroying existing social structures, the assurance, among our own, was always that what was good would come around again as an idea that could not be held back from success.
    It may even be what makes whites the explorers, conquerors, traders, inventors, artists and philosophers as leverers of the planetary condition.

    Unfortunately, this kind of Savannah Principled inheritance doesn’t work quite so well, 17,000 years and Boeing/Airbus after the last glacial retreat isolated our population. Because other population group genetic memes -are- in fact tribally isolative. And so the betrayal-to-better conceptuals as stronger genes ideation is ruined by the simple fact that, in sharing status, liberals do NOT gain access to other power bases rather simply divide the existing pie through smaller and smaller individual slices.
    This is particularly relevant in the UK where demographics studies show that non-whites are clustering up in urban centers and those whites who can fly leave for the exurbs under the presumedly false hope that ‘maybe they won’t give chase’.
    But look at this, not from a chess perspective of stolen pieces as privilege but rather from an understanding of Go. He who has the most valuable terrain by occupational backfill can present a united front to all outsiders wishing access to the resources which that terrain represents.
    By executing a flight conditioned conservation of their genes, easily let’s-share gene programmed (as flummoxed) whites in Britain are in fact leaving the /lifestyle/ of central social existence to be taken over by high fertility non-whites who will quite happily usurp-by-occupation their existence.
    Which is why it’s important to understand that white flight doesn’t have to be pursued to be annihilative to our culture because it removes access to the idea-stream that social living requires and enables. If whites in England are to survive, they must have a homeland as a separate, standalone, social infrastructure to continue living as civilized people, not Appalachian isolates. IMO, with the severe criminal punishments now in place for simply telling the truth, that can only happen if the UK fragments and white states pop up in Wales or Scotland as places for the ‘best of the best’ white populations to set up new industrial and cultural bases with access to international trade and strict racial coherence laws as the direct opposite of multiculturalisms bigotry to the native peoples.
    By all means separate, if you can. But don’t think just in terms of personal survival as wealth base. Look around and see who as what is available to make your kids and their kids survivable as well. If there is no social infrastructure, build it with the aid of shared-belief others before you burn your bridges.

  • Jotun Hunter

    are those biker guys peter puffers?

  • Herman

    It cannot be confined to the cities.
    Look at America. Blacks have destroyed the cities so much they don’t even want to live there. They are heading to the suburbs.

    • It is already the case that there are fewer and fewer places where you can ‘run and hide’.

      The cities are terrible – I have trouble bringing myself to visit any of them. In fact, I wouldn’t go to London if I was paid.

      But the problem in Britain is that there is also a lot of change in the former mill towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire – and they are taking over slowly but surely.

      My town is around 30% Pakistani, nearby Blackburn is over 33% Pakistani. On the other side of the hills you have Keighley, Bradford, Leeds, Halifax….. which are all seeing the demographic change take shape.

      There are pockets like this allover the place. The time will come when I have to move out of this town – but if I seek to get a good 20 years out of the move before the tide rises again (and let’s be honest, unless something changes, we are all going to be doing this) – the choices available are getting slimmer and slimmer.

      • Defoe

        You must do everything you can to “fight the future”. Make life harder for the “pakis” in every way you can.

        Join groups that want the same thing you want. Or start your own.

  • curri

    “Cultural Marxism” is what happened when the left abandoned the fading industrial working class for new constituencies: non-whites, feminists and sexual minorities.

    • HamletsGhost

      That’s correct. One of the Frankfurt School academics, Herbert Marcuse, realized the American working class wasn’t interested in class warfare to overthrow the old culture. So this Holocaust survivor decides to change the program to make a new proletariat of assorted minorities, homosexuals, and “liberated” women.

      The trick worked. The current dissolution you see all around you is proof.

  • Stan D Mute

    The English are weak. Perhaps because the strongest left for America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, etc, what remains is consumed by a quisling infatuation with niceness. We see a lot of this today in the USA, but not so much as England. In both cases, however, it’s more than enough to be fatal to survival in the face of a human tidal wave of less “civilized” peoples who think nothing of pushing their way to the front of the line. It’s been well described elsewhere that this Northern European altruism spells doom in a “multicultural” society.