165 Kidnapped Migrants Freed in Mexico

Mariano Castillo and Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN, June 6, 2013

Mexican authorities say they’ve rescued 165 migrants who were apparently kidnapped as they tried to cross into the United States.

The victims were held for weeks in the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas, Mexico’s Interior Ministry said Thursday.

One hundred fifty of the migrants are from Central America. Another 14 are Mexican nationals, and one is from India, the ministry said.

They were crammed into a house and held in squalid conditions for two to three weeks, officials said. Photos released by the interior ministry showed blankets, shoes and buckets scattered on the fenced-in home’s patio.

“The victims said that they had the intention of entering the United States of America, but they were held against their will while a suspected criminal group contacted their families by phone and demanded different sums of money that were sent to their kidnappers,” Interior Ministry spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said.


At least 11,333 migrants were kidnapped during a six-month period in 2010, Mexico’s National Commission for Human Rights said.

That year, authorities also found the bodies of 72 slain immigrantsfrom Central and South America on an abandoned ranch near the Mexico-U.S. border.



Where they were kept.

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  • blarg

    And where will they end up now?

  • Alexandra1973

    I hope they don’t come here.

    Watch, we’ll somehow get blamed for this. “All I wanted to do was invade Los Estados Unidos and I was kidnapped.”

    • Oil Can Harry

      Of course we’ll be blamed. Right now Senator UpChuck Schumer is probably working on a speech that will state this wouldn’t have happened if we had amnesty.

  • OlderWoman

    Mexicans are like American blacks. They kill each other without conscience.

    • Lila Dennis

      Right, as opposed to whites who kill each other ever so thoughtfully.

    • Shanekwa Williams

      Nobody is American blacks. Most Mexicans would find that comparison insulting. Then again, so would every other ethnic group on this planet.

  • Romulus

    So what! Squat monsters ransoming and killing each ,hell,that’s a good day!

  • MikeS

    “Mexican authorities say they’ve rescued 165 migrants who were apparently
    kidnapped as they tried to cross into the United States.”

    Upon their release they immediately continued on their journey and illegally entered the US where they were promptly given EBT cards, driver’s licenses and the right to vote.

  • WowReally

    Kidnappers were doing more than over government to halt illegal immigration. See government? It’s not that hard to stop them.

  • White Mom in WDC

    Oh well. Don’t try to enter the States illegally then.

    • The__Bobster

      They should’ve waited until Rubio/Schemer doubled the legal immigration rate.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Thank you kidnappers?

  • bigone4u

    The point is that there is an organized, ruthless industry in Mexico that exists to exploit the US failure to secure the border. This corrupt industry would not exist if the border were secure. So, let’s shut down the abuse and the murder by securing the border. Even the libtard UN would say that’s a good thing–stopping the exploitation of third worlders by heartless, cruel Mexicans.

    • Lila Dennis

      Except that there is an organized, ruthless industry here in the U.S. that exists to exploit/maintain the US failure to secure the border. Illegal immigration reduces wages and increases consumption and has long been directed by corporate interests.

      • bigone4u

        You are so right. Big agriculture, construction, and many more have controlled the agenda. They love that cheap labor.

    • borderjumper

      An unsecured border between a first and third world country is what’s called an “attractive nuisance.” It’s much like an uncovered swimming pool. When a child is hurt in that situation, the person who failed to secure the pool bears some responsibility, just as our government bears some responsibility for failing to secure the border.

      • r j p

        Some places require that in-ground swimming pools have fences with gates that lock. in those areas, swimming pools are more secure than the southern border of the US.

  • The__Bobster

    Kidnapping is a growth industry in Mejico. So much for the Ron Paul-type drug abusers who say the country would be peaceful if drugs were legalized. No, malefactors will just find something else to do and it might be more dangerous than drug smuggling.

    Expect this crime to spread here on a large scale too.

    • Jenna Kerr

      I always ask naive liberals and libertarians how come we don’t have problems with Canadian Cartels coming here to sell drugs? Mexico is always going to have problems because of it’s population.

    • bigone4u

      Great minds think alike. I’ve made that same argument on HuffPo. The dumb libtards over there insist that when drugs are legalized in the USA the dealers will go back to their careers in nuclear physics. I insist they will find new crimes to commit.

  • Anon

    There are two types of immigrants coming to the US. People like in this article. And those that kidnapped them.

    You have the majority of mexicans coming here as part of the drug trafficking business. They bring the drugs in. Sell the drugs when they get here. Help the blacks and anyone else, convert their welfare into drug money, through various scams and schemes (how much of the welfare…..most of it…MOST welfare goes to drugs and worse). These people are criminals. Many are violent criminals. A certain amount of these people are on the low end of the totem pole in this 100% criminal undertaking. They come here to work in the drug industry but end up in chains (literal chains). The men are smuggled into drug farms hidden on our national parks land. They are worked to death and then their bodies are ground up in a wood chipper or similar and buried in mass graves all along, and on both sides of our border. The women and children are chained in filthy basement dungeons and raped hundreds of times a week. Increasingly, the drug business is a package deal of some crack plus a few minutes with a child to rape. Who does the raping? Mostly two groups. Blacks and homosexuals. Both groups our government goes out of its way to cover up what they are doing (do you think a single gay would be allowed to live it was made widespread knowledge that most regularly pay to rape a small child).

    How many. Unknown. But it is far more slaves than when slavery was legal in this country.

    Immigration is not about jobs. There are no jobs for immigrants in the US. The real unemployment rate in this country is 25%. To think people are coming here to work is ludicrous…and in no way today’s reality. Maybe twenty years ago. Immigrants are coming to our country because we are so weak we won’t punish or even admit these heinous behaviors are going on. In their countries of origin, such things would never be allowed to even enter the legal system….all involved would be executed immediately and extra judicially. Notice no one is saying jack about who kidnapped these people and what the authorities did with them? That’s because they were all stuck in a hole, shot and then buried within hours of the incident.

    US authorities regularly discover these slaves on our side of the border. And yet, this is not news. Were the truth of what is going on, widely known, I highly doubt anyone on either side of the issue would dare promote immigration in any way.

    But you know what? I RARELY hear this issue brought up by even so called radical opponents to immigration. What does that say about them? It says they are controlled opposition. I find it difficult to believe that any of the advocacy groups on either side of the issue don’t know about this. They all choose to be silent because they just don’t give a damn.

    Our people….no, not just our people…ALL PEOPLE….of all races, should be rioting, burning and freaking out over this.

    One day, there will be a white nationalist police state. Most people will be free to do whatever normal thing they want but severely punished….beaten, jailed, even executed for even hinting at support for certain ideologies. People certainly won’t have what we call “free speech”. Instead, you will very much have to watch what you say. In the future, saying things like you marxism might be worth looking at will get you hanged. If you live long enough to see these days and your children ask why…..tell them about the child rape slaves kept for black crackheads paid for by tax money…..and remember to tell them how people yawned over it…..most could not even be bothered to know, while they supported what enabled it to happen.

    That’s if you can live down the shame of it.

    • IstvanIN

      You sound crazy. Blacks are paying to rape women and children in dirty dungeons? And most gays rape children on a regular basis? And the moderators allow this?

      • r j p

        He may have exaggerated slightly, but only slightly. There are crack and heroin houses (dirty dungeons) in nearly every city, and there are people (sex slaves) in these houses who do drugs for free for being there. Drugs are either provided to them by the dealers or patrons. I have never been to one of these places but I met someone years ago who confessed to being a former junkie and told me he used to patronize one of these place in WashDC — tend bar in the long enough and you will hear some seriously messed up stuff.
        There are drug farms in park land acros the nation, even here in Illinois and nearby Indiana. Some are guarded, especially in California, some are not. Whether the farmers disappear at the end of their service, I do not know.
        He is also correct about immigration and unemployment. Here in Chicago all low skill jobs pay minimum wage which is $8.25. My sister, who lives in a less hispanicized place sees fastfood places advertising $12.50 per hour, assistant managers start at $15.00. Current US immigration policy has one purpose, to depress wages. Want to work in a restaurant kitchen in Harry Reid’s Las Vegas, better be able to speak spanish.
        Regardless of what they say, there is no penalty for hiring illegal workers in this country. I lived with three New Zealanders in Park City Utah in the early 90s. All three were on tourist visas, all three got jobs.
        One more thing, my Kiwi roommates were stopped by the police one night for trying to drive drunk up the ski mountain. They were not arrested as one of the roommates was actually sobor enough to drive home. So for a crime which I would have been thrown in jail, they were let go because of the detailed technicalities involved in actually arresting them. I laughed about it with them ….. but then I didn’t know there were drunk illegal hispanics driving everywhere.

    • guest

      statements such as, “do you think a single gay would be allowed to live it was made widespread knowledge that most regularly pay to rape a small child” are hysterical and idiotic. Statements like that negate anything sensible you have to say. If you chose to have those beliefs, at least back them up with facts and statistics. The same goes for your other extreme statements. I believe that gays have a higher rate of dysfunction in their communities, but to say that almost all of them rape children is outrageous. Most of the girls in my family were molested by an “uncle”. Does that mean that all heteros are pedophiles? Of course not. Give me a break. You have a right to free speech, but back up your extreme statements with facts…otherwise you sound like a whacko.

    • pawcatch

      Ok,I’m involved in the bail bond industry,so I know a thing or two about the criminal underworld.
      Most of what you said is largely BS!
      Most of the prostitutes in drug houses are either white or black.Most latina women of the night only service their own kind.
      Yes,many illegals wind up as sex slaves,but they are usually sold to other hispanics,not blacks and gays.Most black drug dealers don’t have to pay for sex.
      I come across many black pimps in my business and rarely do the have any hispanis working for them.

  • IKantunderstand

    They will all be sent to their countries of origin. HaHa. That is right up there with “What’s the difference between a pair of jeans and an Ethiopian?” The pair of jeans only has one fly.

  • mobilebay

    The hypocrisy of Mexico is unbelievable! They won’t allow immigrants to tarry in their country, but urge their own people to break into ours. Anyone who votes for S744 is voting against Americans and for the continued invasion of our nation.

  • Lop_Eared_Galoot

    So, we pay the DTOs to do what we will not in securing our own borders?
    What have we come to as a race that ‘the rumor’ of mass kidnap/killings is the sword we use on the minds of poor dumb invaders looking for the social welfare check as an excuse to not pay for the SHIELD which would make this officially _none of our concern_?
    I mean, you know that the DTOs get a percentage quota increase in ‘DEA says ignore it’ drug imports for every hundred ‘migrants’ these criminals stop and/or slaughter, right?
    Are we so impoverished in our souls that we allow such an (even unintentional) mercenary dependent relationship to exist?