CofCC National Conference in Less than One Week!

Council of Conservative Citizens, June 3, 2013

The 2013 CofCC National Conference will be held Friday and Saturday, June 7th and 8th.

The Conference will be at the Hawthorne Inn & Conference center in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Call 1-336-777-3000 and ask for the CofCC group rate. Registration, which includes a Saturday lunch banquet, is $65. Each additional person in your party is $55.

16 speakers and live bluegrass music

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

James Edwards & Keith Alexander of the Political Cesspool Radio Show

Jon Shudlick, former 5 term mayor of Ocean Ridge, FL

Paul Fromm, Canada’s leading defender of free speech

Earl P. Holt, former St. Louis, MO school board member

Don Sullivan, retired Air Force Lt. Colonel

Political activists from around the nation

Speeches will begin at 1:00 p.m. Friday. Live music Friday evening.

The program will resume Saturday morning with a lunch banquet featuring Jared Taylor.

To register by credit card call 636-940-8474.

To register by PayPal click here.

Facebook event page

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  • Well, whoever’s going should put up a collage of the white victims of black crime. Let’s not forget the protesters who will be showing up with their picket signs.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Yes, that’s an excellent idea. Lots of inescapable visual images for the cameras, for the media.

      • Morris LeChat

        Leaflets listing all of the attacks against whites, the flash mobbing, the general mayhem should be handed out to the crowd. Those that hand them out should be exceptionally cheerful and well mannered and there should be others on our side filming in case anyone attacks them

        • DiversityIsDeath

          Yes, lots of fact-and-statistic based literature, pamphlets, and large images placed in background. “A picture says a thousand words.” Lots of visuals, photos, images, that do the talking for us.

          • Morris LeChat

            With a bold headline – let’s have the REAL discussion! and a smaller line underneath it- or do you know yow hat you have been taught and believe is all lies and are afraid to read this?

          • HJ11

            Always remember, that a news outlet may take hours of video, but only show about the 30 seconds that makes the point they want to make. So, make every second count when the media are around.

      • Freey’all

        The MSM wouldn’t show it although I agree someone should provide visual imagery just to have it.

        • DiversityIsDeath

          I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but I imagine that these images (selected for their ability to wordlessly convey our message) would have be thoughtfully arranged, with the idea of making it as difficult as possible to be cut out. These striking images would have to be large, numerous, and inextricably woven into the whole scene, making it difficult for the enemy to edit them out. There ARE people who do know how to do this kind of thing.

        • HJ11

          Reporters who interview you usually already have their story written (at least in their minds) and what they are trying to do by interviewing you is to have you say something that plays into what they’ve already written so it comes from your mouth, not theirs.

          If a reporter asks: “Are you a racist?” Never answer yes or no. Instead, ask the reporter to define the term, and then respond to each of the elements of the definition individually. Thus, if the defintion given is: “A racist hates people of other races.” You have the elements of “hate,” “people,” “races.” You might then say you don’t hate whole categories of anything. And, you might also ask which “people,” does the reporter mean? Does he or she mean those who are killing Whites? Well, yes, you do hate them. And, what does the reporter mean by “races”?

          You get the point.

    • Morris LeChat

      great place to hand out the “Kindergarten brawl” and “no! cheerios” leaflets!

      • Morris LeChat

        Kindergarten Brawl…..hmmmm “KGB”

    • Spartacus

      Know what I’d like to see ? A big picture of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, along with descriptions of how the n*****s culturally enriched them. That should make a few people think, just like it made me think when I first read about it. Looking back, that was probably the tipping point for me.

    • Fr. John+

      Who gives a sh** about ‘Rent-a-mobs’? It’s all smoke and mirrors. If those opposed to White Interest were to be clinically analyzed, we would find two groups, (both non-White, and thus, suspect of clear racial bias towards the Founding Race of this nation):

      a) A group of ex-slaves, whose IQ=shoesize
      b) a group of ex-slaves, whose conversion to a racist ideology, happened ca. 700A.D.

      And naught much else. He who has ears……

  • Dave4088

    I expect the traveling circus of anti-racist, left wing beatniks to make an appearance outside the conference. Let’s hope this crowd has slightly better dentistry than the lefties that protested the Amren conference.

    • Hell no!! I want the protesters to look as filthy and toothless as possible. The more tattoos, dirty clothes, and scraggly beards, the better. Perhaps Spicoli himself can make an appearance.

      • Freey’all

        My generation made Spicoli an icon and I still think he was funny as s***.

        • newscomments70

          Spicoli is much more respectable than the man who played him.

      • AllSeeingEyeSpy

        “I want the protesters to look as filthy and toothless as possible. The more tattoos, dirty clothes, and scraggly beards, the better”

        As opposed to some of the comments on here that sound ugly? You gotta admit, a fair share of ugly comments appear from time to time on this message board. And no one is Forced to agree with them. But, let’s see. . .

        • Beetlejuice

          It is your OPINION that the “comments on here sound ugly.”
          Instead of debate, you just want us to shut up. If you are ready to debate rationally, “All SeeingSpy” then I and others are ready to debate you.

          Until then AllSeeingSpy, knock off the silly, childish comments.

          You don’t like it here? Thread exit is that way ———>

          • AllSeeingEyeSpy

            you trying to force me to agree with you?

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Yeah, he’s going to come through the computer screen and…

            I see intelligence isn’t your strong suit, LOL, LOL.

          • Morris LeChat

            he is “pantspeeingcryingguy”

          • AllSeeingEyeSpy

            hehe, that’s true

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Intelligence isn’t a tactic in a play book. One either has it or they don’t. Your handle, by the way, is the title of an old Bob Dylan song.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Correct. Dylan wrote the song but Manfred Mann was the first to record it.
            I like the Grateful Dead version best, it was used as the closing song in concerts. Jerry Garcia’s version had slightly different lyrics than Dylan’s.

          • Morris LeChat

            so in your world, you state an opinion, then someone disagrees with you, then you restate your opinion, and when they restate that they hold their ground then that is forcing you to capitulate? You do not have the power to decide what is too “ugly” the moderator does, and if you don’t like it then ………….> and spare us your whining.

          • Romulus

            Pay him/her no mind. Probably another bleeding heart,kumbaya,panty waist,sissy! Who believes in the egalitarian fantasyland that’s pumped out by the Hollywood media complex. When dead brained leftist, reefer heads attempt any intelligent discourse,the usually Alynski tactics are employed.

          • A Freespeechzone

            Guaranteed he/she does NOT live in a ‘diverse’ neighborhood, have children attending ‘diverse’ govt schools…

            I’d bet on it…

        • BernieGoetzFan

          Whites are being robbed, raped and murdered on a daily basis simply due to our ski color. You’ll have to forgive is if there are 1-2 “ugly” comments.

          • Sick of it

            When you look at it from a global perspective, you will find that we are being pushed further and further into poverty as well. Our choices in life are being limited with every new piece of legislation that benefits minorities.

          • Morris LeChat

            My white brother, tell it like it is, thank you!

  • Correctione

    Keith Alexander will be there–James Edwards will be absent.

  • what on earth does conservatism have to do with the mission of this site? I thought amren was all about stopping mass immigration, ending anti-white laws, ending racial integration etc.

    The GOP is the conservative party. The GOP also started affirmative action under Nixon. A GOP-appointed federal judge just effectively ended Arizona’s attempt to enforce immigration laws. The last ‘conservative’ president, George Bush, in an interview said that mexicans were in texas because texans won’t lay tar in august. The last conservative nominee, Romney, stood up on the debate stage last fall and said that america was a nation of immigrants and that we welcome immigrants.

    GOP-appointed judges continue to allow affirmative, discrimination against males and whites, mass immigration etc. What on earth have high profile conservatives done for whites and for white males except betray us????

    THAT is conservatism. So WHY is amren participating in a conservative conference? Out-RAGE-OUS!

    • Talltrees

      The recent and current crop of Republican legislators and past candidates aren’t conservative. CofCC does share our traditional conservative values.

      • oh, riiiiight. It’s just this latest crop. A real conservative is jussst around the corner. Just keep voting GOP, right?

        PT Barnum sure was right…

        • Shaun

          Conservatism is just a measure of the current political spectrum. Anyone can claim to be conservative and be correct in their own mind. CofCC shares traditional conservative values that are easily defined on their website. This doesn’t coincide with Sean Hannity or George Bush’s conservatism.

          • I know the alternative-right, paleocon scam–you offer a lone voice fighting against the anti-white, anti-male pro-nonwhite, pro-immigration propaganda and laws of the mainstream establishment. And in doing so you draw in white males who have been pushed away from the mainstream. And you call yourselves conservatives so that many of these young kids get pulled into the pro-plutocrat policies and propaganda of the rightwing, the GOP. The alternative right is nothing more than the internet outreach arm of the GOP.
            By aligning the alternative right with ‘conservatism’ you do the GOP and the plutocrats’ dirty work for them.

            If you are against the anti-white, multiculti regime, and if you are against the ruinous mass immigration, then be against it. Great! Be then you turn around and call yourselves conservatives. Why? Conservatives have done NOTHING against multiculti and mass immigration.

          • What exactly have you done that is so great and so much better anonymous person?

          • how about post the truth?

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Not much more can be done at this point.

          • So anonymous virtual rock throwing is what you call “truth.” Most people call that “being a troll.”

          • Morris LeChat

            what are you engaging in? Answer- defamation. You WRONLY label him as a troll. He made several valid , original points about the GOP style “cohhhhnserrrrrvahhhhhhhtihhhhhhve”

            “The GOP is the conservative party. The GOP also started affirmative action under……………What on earth have high profile conservatives done for whites and for white males except betray us????”

            That is not trollish, that is not throwing stones. That is pointing out valid facts and criticism. YOU on the other hand, pull a move right out of the mind control handbook and try to discredit through defamation…calling him a troll. He is NOT a troll, YOU are.

            There seems to be confusion between the standard conservative- dole, mcsame, bush etc, and race realist conservatives. WE need a new word for the latter.

          • [Guest]

            >>>Conservatives have done NOTHING against multiculti and mass immigration.

            You’re simply monkeying around with terminology. No one who approves of multiculturalism and mass nonwhite immigration and immigration from alien cultures is a conservative.

          • Morris LeChat

            YOU are being disingenuous, many have campaigned against such things then become for them once they were in office. The GOP has a well earned reputation for being posers and liars.

          • Sick of it

            Buddy, being conservative means you’re to the right of all the nutjobs you’ve been denigrating. Like the Founders themselves. Sure many people who call themselves conservative are IN FACT Marxists, but I’m not sure that should cause us to re-define conservatism.

            I’m in favor of fiscal conservatism, crazy small government, no income tax, American business rather than outsourcing, a friggin wall on the border manned with machine guns, immigrants being dis-invited rather than invited, actual competition in the market (rather than government subsidies/regulations), and all of the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution (which includes the many that are implied without being stated). Call me old fashioned.

          • David Ashton

            And some “marxists” have sounded like “conservatives” – Khrushchev’s Communist Manifesto the beginning of the sixties aimed at the eventual creation of a new “man” – characterized by “moral purity” and “perfect health”. No wonder perhaps that some the Frankfurt School leftists were turned off by that square, fascist and eugenic prospect from Moscow, and went for “sex, drugs and rock” instead.

        • Talltrees

          Let’s not become sarcastic with each other. All of us are in this together.

          Said recent and current, not just current. Ronald Reagan was much more conservative than Bush; however, Reagan failed big time on immigration and amnesty.

          No, conservative politicians haven’t done anything for Whites, but have Democrats? Neither represent the majority of Whites who are conservative, much more so than our political representation. We only have two parties. There is a third party for Whites, American Freedom Party. Check it out.

          You might be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find on CofCC’s website unless you are liberal. If you are liberal, that’s fine. AmRen is not political.

          I don’t plan on voting for Republicans until they address White issues, which they won’t.

          • conservatism has NOTHING to do with fighting against anti-white, anti-male, pro-immigration multiculturalism. The Republican party IS conservatism. And the Republicans are the ones who destroyed the south in the 1860s. The republicans have never been on the side of the workers, but always on the side of the bosses. The bosses are the ones who came up with the so-called civil rights movement, affirmative action, mass immigration etc. They wanted more cheap labor. I am not saying the Dems are much better. They are worse in many ways because they actively attack whites. But at least they do some few real things for workers. The GOP just pretends to be on the side of the whites. That’s worse!

            And when are the paleocons and the alternative right going to address the federal judge, appointed by Bush, who recently put a knife into the heart of the arizona immigration law? Not a peep out of the paleocons and the alternative right. Not a sound. Crickets. That right there tells me everything I need to know about the alternative right. Everything!

          • conservatism has NOTHING to do with fighting against anti-white, anti-male, pro-immigration multiculturalism. The Republican party IS conservatism. And the Republicans are the ones who destroyed the south in the 1860s. The republicans have never been on the side of the workers, but always on the side of the bosses. The bosses are the ones who came up with the so-called civil rights movement, affirmative action, mass immigration etc. They wanted more cheap labor. I am not saying the Dems are much better. They are worse in many ways because they actively attack whites. But at least they do some few real things for workers. The GOP just pretends to be on the side of the whites. That’s worse!

            And when are the paleocons and the alternative right going to address the federal judge, appointed by Bush, who recently put a knife into the heart of the arizona immigration law? Not a peep out of the paleocons and the alternative right. Not a sound. Crickets. That right there tells me everything I need to know about the alternative right. Everything!

          • Talltrees

            I agree with you. We are disgusted with both parties.

            Business is a Republican issue. It always has been. I agree. I’m disgusted that Republicans are placing companies ahead of Whites as far as low wage non-Whites taking Americans’ jobs, supporting affirmative action, amnesty, immigration from third-world countries. They allow them to continue to pour in by the millions.
            No one is trying to lure anyone into the GOP. Those who are conservatives don’t relate to the GOP. They are traitors working against us and you. They don’t represent anyone except themselves.

            The CofCC will be talking about White Identity at this conference. Saving the White race is their priority. Since most Whites are conservative it is a way to attract more Whites to the cause. It’s just one group. There are others.

            The CofCC is concerned about jobs, affirmative action, immigration, amnesty, the White male. It is not for business discriminating against the White male, against multiculturalism, and absolutely nothing like the current GOP. Just go there and read about it. We’re all deeply concerned about discrimination against the White male, not only in the job market, but in education, the media, portrayal in advertising, and in movies, as well.

            Right now the GOP is pandering to Hispanics rather than Whites, their base. The GOP doesn’t pretend it’s on our side. It isn’t on our side. They think White voters will always be there for them. They are sadly mistaken. I encourage all conservatives not to vote for them.

            Democrats cater to non-Whites. They are pro-immigration of more non-Whites, affirmative action, amnesty, multiculturalism, etc. They are not supporting the White male. Non-Whites are anti-White. Right now, they stand for so much that is against us. Actually, at this point, why would we support either party?

            The bottom line for all of us, liberal or conservative is stopping those things you mentioned. But, White liberals seem to be pro non-White immigration, affirmative action, multiculturalism, etc. They call us ‘racist.’ If we could get them to see it’s suicide for them, as well, we would. We, including them, will live in a hostile environment as a minority. Can we even imagine Hispanics, Blacks and Muslims running the country? See South Africa.

            If there was a liberal group holding a conference on White issues, AmRen would support it. Do you know of any?

            All I can say is both parties are equally as bad. I’m not defending the GOP. I’m thoroughly disgusted with both parties. They have the nerve to snub their noses at us. We are not important. We need a third party that addresses those issues you mentioned plus many more.

          • americans are guiding into one of two parties. These two parties are associated with two separate bundles of ideologies:. The liberal bundle of political ideas; and the conservative bundle of political ideas.

            The liberal bundle of political ideas contains the following ideas: everyone should be equal; whites are innately racists and must atone for their racism; immigrants should be allowed in; the state should provide for those in need.

            The liberal bundle of political ideas contains the following ideas: business should be let loose and unregulated; american military must be strong; lawbreakers should be punished.

            Now both these bundles of political ideas are twisted in real life and in practice. In practice, the economic populist aspect of the liberal ideology emphasizes the minority/nonwhite/immigrants aspect of it. Why? Because that helps rich folks get richer. And the liberals really don’t do much about helping working class white people or taxing the rich. They just give lip service.

            And the same thing goes for the conservative bundle of ideas: they really don’t care much about enforcing immigration laws. And they let the rich get away with breaking the law.

            Both sides are corrupt.

            But what I find most interesting is that the forces in politics and media in america invariably prevent mixing and matching ideas from both sides. You cannot say that you against mass immigration, against affirmative action, against race-spoils, and also for taxing the rich, for universal healthcare, for stopping the rampant overuse of the military.

            Do you see that I have combined ideas from the Left and Right above?

            I appear to be the only person in America who has noticed this.

            And Amren is playing along with the game by aligning itself with the conservative side. That means that young white males, being pushed away from mainstream politics by the anti-white laws and propaganda of the mainstream come to amren and get told that if they want to support a political party that will stop anti-white laws, then they have to also support regressive taxation, anti-worker policies, uncontrolled military power, and all the other anti-worker, anti-citizen policies of the GOP, the GOP being the conservatives.

            This is one way how those at the top keep winning no matter what side is in power.

            Where is there a site that combines ideas from the right and left?

          • You’re fighting a good battle, but on the wrong battlefield. While I only have about half in common with most conservatives that claim to be pro-White, I do understand that they are not the Conservatives that are the ones who have gutted the country.

          • Talltrees

            “if amren had NOT aligned itself with conservatism, and had instead combined ideas from the Left and Right”

            I don’t know what else to tell you other than AmRen, itself, does not align with either party. Just because it informed everyone about CofCC doesn’t mean AmRen is conservative. If liberals had a website promoting White issues, AmRen would have mentioned it.

            Who’s trying to switch anyone to the GOP? Heaven Forbid!!! I haven’t seen it. Whites actually have no party, no representation. Don’t recommend liberals go to the CofCC website if you’re fearful of brainwashing young White males.

            Just like with anything else, we can’t find everything we want in an appliance, car, house, etc., unless we design them ourselves.

            Why don’t you start a pro-White group representing combined liberal and conservative views?

          • Alexandra1973

            I’m not concerned about left vs right, but rather right vs wrong.

          • Talltrees

            Unfortunately, with today’s political climate, everything is left vs right and we must face that reality. We are a divided country. Leftists think what they are doing is right and conservatives think what they are doing is right. Both think the other side is wrong.
            I certainly think what is being done to us is wrong, but others don’t and they happen to be liberals who are in power, right now.

            As Sun Tzu says in the ‘Art of War,’ “Know thy enemy.”

          • Jackryanvb

            Don’t worry so much about “names”, labels. The good White men and women at the CoCC are solid White, pro White. If you are well mannered, well dressed I’m sure folks there will be open to White racial realism from populist, socialist, working class perspectives. Just look at Russia, the USSR from the 1970s to the end, now nationalist Putin. The name of the party in control was “the Communist Party”, yet all the political leaders, sports teams, even the media were White, no Russian cities were turned over to Black criminals.

          • Morris LeChat

            what doe the dems do for workers?

          • [Guest]

            >>>The Republican party IS conservatism.

            The Republicans would heartily approve of that line. But conservatives would object.

          • Sick of it

            If the Republican Party is the definition of conservatism, then why were the Radical Republicans closet Marxists?

          • Tucker

            There has never been even a single legitimate conservative bone in the body of ANY member of the despicably evil Bush Family.

            Those judges who were appointed by any of the Bush’s were selected because they were NOT conservatives, friend.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Exactly the point. We are a constituency without a candidate.

          • MBlanc46

            “Reagan failed big time on immigration and amnesty”.

            How is it that he failed? The 1986 amnesty provided millions of cheap Latino laborers for the economic elite. That’s sure success from their point of view. Now they want even more millions, The 2013 amnesty will provide them. Another success. Whether it’s success or failure depends on whose ox is being gored. I see no reason to think that Reagan didn’t think it was a great success.

    • MekongDelta69

      1.) The GOP are NOT conservatives.
      2.) While your views are similar to many of ours on AmRen (and CofCC and Vdare, etc.), you’re taking it over the rails because you saw the word ‘Conservative’ in the CofCC name.
      3.) Therefore, I’ve come to the conclusion you obviously have NO clue who the Council of Conservative Citizens are.

      • Well, I started reading newspapers in 1963. I have 3 degrees, including a law degree. I have previously worked on a presidential campaign. I think I know what conservative means.

        • Morris LeChat

          in other words, you have no clue

        • wilburnsprayberry

          “I have 3 degrees, including a law degree.” — Congratulations on your credentials. But the authority you apparently think they give you in this discussion is not evident in the quality or erudition of your posts.

          “I have previously worked on a presidential campaign.” — That’s even less of a argument in favor of your credibility than your three degrees and your ability to read a newspaper.

          “I think I know what conservative means.” — I think you don’t. If you did you would know that “conservatism” is now nothing but an empty brand name, used to confuse well-meaning but ignorant voters. Beyond that it is a term whose meaning has changed over the years, especially since the take-over of the “conservative movement” by “neo” conservatives over the past 30 years. (Most neocons are ex-Trotskyite Jews who purged real conservatives like Joe Sobran & Pat Buchanan from the movement long ago.)

          FYI, most “alt right” types eschew “conservatism” — witness the speeches by Richard Spencer & Sam Dickson at the recent American Renaissance conference.

          The Conference of Conservative Citizens is a remnant of the older conservativism (the kind the neocons hate & fear), the states rights, “blood & soil” type of conservatism that was peculiarly Southern, and helped that region maintain its racial & cultural identity for a long time, but which is now, for all practical purposes, extinct.

          But for many potential recruits to our cause, who are trying to find their way in mogrelized & deracinated America to a more healthy way of thinking about themselves as white people, “conservatism” of the CofCC type still has positive connotations, & can serve as a bridge for them to cross over into our ranks.

          Therefore, in certain circumstances, utilizing the term, “conservatism” still has a usefulness, albeit limited, to our movement.

          • Morris LeChat

            EXCELLENT POST!!!!!

        • HJ11

          You’re mistaken about the C of CC. Don’t get hung up on the word “conservative,” they’e with us.

        • Anon

          Perhaps….but you clearly don’t know much about the CofCC. They may have conservative in their name but they are white nationalists….and obviously so if you took just two seconds to check them out.

          That is not to say that you don’t have an important point. Conservatism is and always was a scam, top to bottom. It’s roots are religious liberalism… direct opposition to the protective (and equally religious) racism of the Ku Klux Klan which controlled the democratic party. The two vied for who would define religious righteousness….white Christianity or multi-cultural missionary thought. This is an old conflict that pre-dates our nation by hundreds of years. Those who conquered the world in the name of white Christianity had direct contact with whites and knew through direct experience they were evil. Those Christians left in white lands could not accept this. Faith demanded they believe that spreading Christianity would redeem these people through supernatural means. They simply would not accept direct evidence to the contrary, even when so many of them ended up in the cannibal’s stewpot. Unfortunately, the power of the conquerors enabled the idealism of the liberals. Blacks and other scum dared not misbehave wherever there was the rule of law….consequences (used to be) brutal.

          The Klan lost that battle. The way they lost it is highly controversial and has much to do with the invasion by stealth of hostile foreign powers. The now dead carcass of the democrats was taken over by extreme anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-man, genocidal freaks. And it is only by this comparison that “conservatism” is at all conservative. The conservatives have abandoned the worship of Jesus for “negro worship”. Crazy…but still an attempt to keep up the pretense of righteousness.

          The left, however, is openly satanic. Left unchecked, they obviously intend to recreate the old soviet union in the US, complete with the genocide of tens of millions of people (that’s us, in case any of you are confused).

          And those are the legitimate ones. Much of our government is, quite frankly, occupied by jews. The very fact that saying as much will get you quickly thrown in jail, in white countries outside the US, pretty much is evidence to even the stupid that this is going on. Saying the truth about certain things and pointing to direct evidence and facts is highly illegal in most of the white world. Not just despotism but extreme despotism. In the US, you can still open your mouth. But you better not be too effective at it. Just ask James Trafficant about that.

          Two problems make this a completely unsustainable situation. The first is that Israel is very much divided between communists and fascists. They are united in controlling us, but can’t figure out what they want to do with this power. Communism is a failed ideology. Fascism….well, by any measure, Israel is a failed state. Neither can work but gosh darn it, both sides will kill every single one of us and everyone on the other side before they will admit it.

          And that is the other problem. For thousands of years, jews have lived parasitically on white nations. This has been unpleasant for all involved but since so many on both sides of the equation have built so much power each generation, abusing the situation, the cycle persists (the cycle of them turning up on our doorstep as beggers…then prospering…then wearing out their welcome and being expelled for the hundreth time). You would think that sometime over the last three thousand years, someone would have learned a better way. But here we are again.

          But this time, there is Israel. As I mentioned, Israel is a failed state. A handful of rich live high on the hog, the rest is a third world cesspit. Despite a fully functional first world economy (paid for by the US tax payer), they still cannot maintain stability without what amounts to their entire GDP being matched by direct handouts from America. Fine. Whatever. The problem is, jews think Israel is viable. A source for them to live and take over the world. So they treat other countries, most notably our own, like a garbage can. What matters what mess they make of things here when they eventually plan to leave for Israel. Problem is, that isn’t viable for 99% of them. But that’s why you see them stupidly flooding white lands with crazy murdering muslim scum. One day soon, they are going to have to face the fact that there is nowhere to escape to from those muslim scum.

          What to do. Where to go from there? What should white people do. Very debatable questions. But nothing can even begin to be done until we are honest about what is going on, who are involved and why.

          White nationalists of the past would have said we have a war to win. I’d say it is far beyond that. We LOST that war, decades ago. Now we need to survive. So do our enemies. The current situation is unsustainable and will paint the world with blood if we allow it to turn into a collapse. But there is plenty of room for behaviors of mutual self interest. And some enemies are more intolerable and vicious than others (and shared by pretty much everyone). Trust though…..I would recommend against that. White people need, more than anything else, to deal from positions of informed power…in every sphere.

          Don’t get too hung up on labels. And pretty much ignore anything that comes out of anyones mouth…it’s all lies. Behaviors are what count.

          • eonic

            “For thousands of years, jews have lived parasitically on white nations.
            This has been unpleasant for all involved but since so many on both
            sides of the equation have built so much power each generation, abusing
            the situation, the cycle persists (the cycle of them turning up on our
            doorstep as beggars…then prospering…then wearing out their welcome
            and being expelled for the hundredth time). You would think that
            sometime over the last three thousand years, someone would have learned a
            better way. But here we are again.” Persistence obviously pays – The Fable of the Ducks and the Hens by Lincoln Rockwell

          • Dr. Möbias

            Excellent post. Great shout out to Jim Trafficant, whose very important story has been disappeared by those who control the media and everything else in the former U.S.

        • Morris LeChat

          the comics pages of the newspapers don’t count

    • [Guest]

      >>>The GOP is the conservative party.

      That is a false statement and therefore your claims based on that statement are also false.

    • David Ashton

      “Conservatism” like “racism” is a word of many “meanings”.

      Conserving white nations and the people who created them is also conservatism, and AmRem should use any opportunity almost anywhere to get that message across. Incidentally, the suggestions for propaganda at the start of this thread are excellent, even if ignored by “reporters” in ideological or financial alliance with enemies.

  • Romulus

    Good evening all!! On an unrelated topic, if you havent already,
    Please take a look and read The article “Kindergarten and the Kafkaesque” by Daren Jonescu!!!!

    With high respect for Mr. Lechat’s previous posts regarding the kinsey report and the feminist movement, the information contained inthe article tie in perfectly with the commie/socialist
    Agenda. If you ladies and gentlemen, have children, particularly,boys,… This is a must read!!! Combine this with your knowledge of the demise of the Boy Scouts of America and the big picturd becomes crystal clear.

    • Morris LeChat

      My nephew drew a cartoon of a gun in class. He was 8 years old, he drew it with a friend, they were having a good time, they added a picture a cartoon person that it was pointed at. A girl in the class saw it and scolded them, they in return said it was shooting at her. Long story short, my nephew had the excrement scared out of him by the female teacher and the school board and my sister who did not stand up for him. He went from a happy, energetic boy to a glum, introverted, depressed child who lost interest in everything except a handlheld electronic game. He was labelled a “bad person” for having a bit of fun. He was probably proud of the way he rendered the gun and he ended up having his world crash down on him by crazy, hysterical females. I told my sister she was wrong, that she should have at LEAST told him when they were home that the school was wrong, that he did nothing wrong, but that he needs to realize that there are crazy people in charge. She refused to admit how she seriously damaged her son and said the females that run the school were right. I haven’t spoken to them in years and this is the main issue. Her husband is a weak irishman, former illegal alien who married her for a greencard, makes much less than her, is a marxist, teaches at a school where the bosoton marathon bomber was a pupil of his and does whatever she tells him too. The kid has no chance.

      • dd121

        You might consider trying to be part of the boys life to give him another perspective.

        • Morris LeChat

          That, is not up to me. I have been banned with veiled threats to have me declared mentally ill.

          • OlderWoman

            I have a sister like yours. And my brother is the same. But they are in AA where they teach that everybody else is their problem. They call us ‘toxic’. And seeing a psychotherapist clearly states your sisters is the problem. Sounds like she’s the one who’s toxic. I avoid my siblings so I don’t have to be a party to their drama.

      • Spartacus

        Have you tried being part of the boy’s life? Maybe take him hunting, and teaching him to be a real man ?

      • Romulus

        Words can’t express my empathy. I have only one nephew. He’s father is nice but to soft for Penn deutch. Luckily, im his uncle. I’ve managed to have a fair amount of influence in his life. Now that he’s nearly old enough to imbibe, hell have to start making adult decisions. I’ll help as help as much as I can, but I need a break from sounding the alarm all the time. One has to look out for their own backyard first. Thank you for sharing.

        • Morris LeChat

          I’ve detached emotionally. One grieves and moves on.

      • [Guest]

        That’s a sad story, but I think it’s being played out, with variations, all over the country every day, with boys being specially targeted.

        >>>…crazy people in charge…

        It takes a clear-headed person to notice that.

        • Morris LeChat

          The way I look at it, when they are teenagers, they will HATE their parents, and even MORE so for removing a loved one from their life over something like this. They have them now, I hold my ground and I will have them later, and I will bury my sister and brother in law . Patience is a virtue my friend.

      • Sick of it

        I was actually put into detention when I was 10, by a Jewish teacher, for drawing pictures of German aircraft from WWII. Weirdest thing that ever happened to me during my school career and I didn’t understand until years later.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      American education has been femanized from top to bottom, it is run entirely by the femi-nazis Rush Limbaugh talks about. Their goal is to neutralize and emasculate white males.

      • Romulus

        The leftist garbage that Mcarthy warned us about are trying to complete their coup! My hope is that the more aggressive they become, the greater the backlash, as Mr. D.B. Cooper so eloquently points out.

      • Ella

        Actually the movement started more so with “Marxist Feminists” in Europe as socialism began to rise in Western Europe, 20-30’s. They aligned with them due to their promises of equality: equal pay that never happened even under Communism and freedom from the “drudgery of motherhood.” In 60’s Birth control was a big part of women limiting the number of babies -much too successful. Austrian Dr.Djerassi regrets the development of the pill as Austria commits social suicide along with Germany, Czech, Spain and Italy. The Left are nut jobs and thrives on falsification. Really, there is no paradise in FT work or motherhood.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    The Conference will be at the Hawthorne Inn & Conference center

    I hope the CofCC has better luck than Amren. The leftists really are getting more brazen as time goes on and they will target groups like the CofCC for silencing next.

    • Eight ARA members drove from Columbus, Ohio to Ashville, NC and protested in 2001 for two hours. They were conned into believing that they would be joined by an army of locals. They never came back for the second day of the conference. We have not had any protesters since.

  • bigone4u

    On a similar note, Jared Taylor is featured on this week. Radish is pushing out a series of informational posts on key figures in the “Dark Enlightenment.” There’s a brief amusing comment on Mr. Taylor’s strength, which I recall has to do with his politeness disarming the enemy. If you are unfamiliar with the Dark Enlightment and what it encompasses, then the last two posts on Radish, along with going to the websites Radish provides links to, will get you up to speed.

    • Freey’all

      I consider Mr. Taylor’s ability to maintain a completely calm, civil and affable demeanor a tremendous strength. I don’t even agree or identify too deeply with some of his ‘platform’ yet I still profoundly respect his contribution in large part because of the dignified manner in which he espouses it.

      • bigone4u

        I agree, but even Jesus lost his temper once or twice. When entering the temple and seeing the moneychangers at work, anger is justified I think. More specifically, I think anger toward our government is justified. As to the Gang of Eight, whatever comes beyond anger, perhaps hate, is justified.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Not a loss of temper, but a demonstration of justifiable holy wrath.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            No one would think it unjustifiable if a people becomes angry when they are physically invaded, reduced to a minority, and their culture taken away from them. Although not the result of physical invasion, the end result of this onslaught is exactly the same.

            There is no more grievous crime against a people than the crime being committed against White America. Righteous anger is an appropriate response indeed.

            — Professor Kevin MacDonald

          • razorrare

            This is one of my favorite Jared Taylor videos made in Jan, 2013. I think all would agree Jared articulates righteous anger…and i suspect even more so in his private thoughts,though not as articulate when speaking to the public…

            Are You Happy Now,Swine?


            White people are the cancer of Human History…S.S.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Is it directed at the right enemy, though? I believe not…
            He needs to take heed of “S.S.”‘s quote and understand, very deeply, where it came from, that it is deadly serious and she and others of her ilk mean to genocide us whites.

          • David Ashton

            But it has to get us somewhere. Letting off steam alone is understandable, but not of the controlled media can simply fit its expression into their narrative of racist evil.

        • MBlanc46

          I believe that the function of the moneychangers was to exchange temple money for Roman coins, with images of the emperors on them, so that Jews could buy animals to sacrifice.

          • David Ashton

            Jesus played a practical joke on his critics over this.

      • Morris LeChat

        Yes, that is very effective. Not everyone can be like that. Humor is also very effective, once you get people laughing at an absurdity, then they instantly become more receptive to a new ides. The left has been using this technique for a long time. That is part of the reason why the white male is always portrayed as a buffoon to be laughed at. Reagan would also stay calm but would also be lighthearted and humorous. He cut through liberalism like a hit knife through butter.

    • Mr Plankton

      Radishmag is one of my new favorite sites. It’s very insightful with a dash of witty humor that I thoroughly enjoy. I can’t recommend it enough.

  • There have been no protesters at CofCC conferences since 2001. Most years they call for a big protest, but no one shows up. We had a Conference in the Winston-Salem area two years ago and no protesters.

    Last fall, they called for a protest at our national fall board meeting. Near the end of the meeting, two gutter punks and a guy with a video camera approached a female CofCC member in the parking lot. They tried to recruit her to join a protest against “racists at the hotel.”

    Some more CofCC members came outside and the two gutter punks ran away leaving the cameraman by himself. The cameraman then said that the other two tricked him into coming along by claiming their would be real life “klan members in klan robes” at the hotel. He just wanted some youtube hits. The other two guys never came back.

    • David Ashton

      But be aware. Success will bring out the opposition. Look at the historic attempt to smash and discredit Mosley’s British Union in 1934, rapidly outstripping the Communists in recruitment, with a planned attack to close down his huge Olympia meeting and then to accuse his people of brutality when it failed, and repetition after the war against his increasingly successful street meetings against immigration. Look at the recent plan to cut the funds of nationalist MPs (only) in the European Parliament, and the current attempt to frame Marine Le Pen in France

  • Roger

    A friend of mine attended the CCC Conference in Winston Salem 19–19–years ago. He told me before his recent passing away that no one then would have envisioned the darkness of our situation now. Holding national meetings might nowadays be balanced by a lot of networking of local groups and an especial regard to those in our ranks who have taken deliberately and protectively to rural areas. Knowing when to retreat is one of the keys to any successful strategy. Whatever chances we have–whatever windows of opportunity–will come from a collapse ( or profounding sagging ) of the economy/ or from other large dislocations of now-dominant power. National meetings are not going to contribute to any breakthrough within the prevailing power arrangement. Such meetings should be perceived in terms of the fast growing national systems of surveillance of non-criminal activities and the increasing use of prevaricating infiltrators and snitches “creatively” reporting back on activities that correctly seen are perfectly within legal limits.

  • Ice Queen

    I would have liked to come to this event, but there are no flights into Winston-Salem from my area, and it’s too far to drive. Hopefully it will be in a city that is more accessible for me next year. Is there going to be a live broadcast on Political Cesspool, or recordings available? Hope you all have a great time!

  • Gereng

    The real problem are the two generations who have grown to adulthood thinking it is normal and necessary and civil and liberal to redefine every normative standard and measurement of acceptability in public behavior and discourse in order to accommodate the negro and Mexican Indians.

    • David Ashton

      “The public can usually be reliably whipped up into accepting each new ‘landmark’ decision by the courts as an advance for equality or social justice….by staged fits of enthusiasm by the media and educational establishment. One would have to be a fool or an engaged ideologue not to notice that the ‘people’, like ‘democracy’, now means whatever the ruling class is working to shape”. – Prof. Paul Gottfried, “The Salisbury Review”, June 2013, p.23.

  • MBlanc46

    Unfortunately, this organization excludes all of those who don’t wish to identity as conservatives (whatever those are).

    • Larry

      I am not sure what you are getting at, but it is a raw fact of life that many persons on the left have been realistic about the biological-evolutionary bases of human differences and about the varied potentials for survival and cultural propagation that exist among the different human evolved “kinship groups” (grandpa would have said “races”!) . In the former Soviet Union, it is coming to light more and more how many academics and others had a whispered awareness of this reality back in those decades. The far left IWW had many many local units that were firmly “racist”– as apparently were figures like Jack London. Among the apex of the social pyramid in such nations as Cuba, certainly in China, Vietnam… it is unlikely that many persons are unmindful of how contemporary science has put in the dustbin of history notions of biological equipotentiality.

      • MBlanc46

        I wasn’t intending anything so historical as that, but thanks for the capsule history. What I did mean was that there are certainly millions of people who don’t consider themselves conservative who have deep misgivings about black violence and the immigrant invasion. I’ve seen several such people here on AmRen. These problems will never be addressed without broad coalitions. It’s fine that realists who consider themselves conservative want to get together, but without reaching out to the entire white population, there will be no chance of constructing the coalitions that are required.

        • I agree, of course, but more importantly, we americans need to break down this ideological apartheid that keeps us from taking elements of the american conservative dogma and mixing it with elements of the american liberal dogma. There exists a huge statistical anomaly in american politics wherein there is not any mixing and matching of economic populism of the Conservative grassroots (anti-immigration, anti-multiculti etc) with economic populism of the american liberal grassroots (tax the rich, provide universal healthcare, more days off for workers etc).

          Out of all the thousands and thousands of political pundit columns, opinion pieces in the media, and even internet blogs, there exists almost NO mixing and matching of grassroots economic populism on the Right and Left. Such a stunning numerical anomaly tells me a lot. That aint no accident. And it is completely ignored by the mainstream. And yet I have seen polls where majorities of americans favor decreasing immigration and affirmative action, taxing the rich more, providing single payer universal healthcare.

          And yet no major political figure, no mass media pundit, and not even any blogger or political site ever mentions it. Stunning!

          And whenever something is important–as this is– and yet is ignored by the mainstream media, I focus in on it like a laser beam.

          • MBlanc46

            I feel sure that there are large areas of agreement between the populist left (yes, there is such a thing) and the populist right. There are doubtless also areas of disagreement. (In fact, neither formation is monolithic; each consists of a spectrum of opinion.) Single issue coalitions can be formed, at least, if not a unified movement.

        • Jackryanvb

          Nah, coalitions of extremely different groups simply don’t work. Organize, lead your own kind. Or just be a lone White Lib/Leftist working effectively for our side. But you actually have to work for our side.Blue state Lib California has elected officials who do not work for our side – they gave away the Golden State. Same applies to the UK Guardian newspaper – the UK Left goes as far as taking the side of Islamic immigrant terrorists.

          • MBlanc46

            Single-issue movements work, indeed. The anti-abortion movement is a prime example. Protestant/Catholic, white/black, Democrats/Republicans.

          • KevinPhillipsBong

            Gay whites and ignorant blacks couldn’t be more different and yet they both support the same party.

    • I’ve always looked at my situation as one of excluding myself from any attempt to “conservatize” my views in order to fit into a nice little box.

      At least they are getting together, with a key component of their gathering being about race. I just wish the more liberal and centrist people who might hold pro-White views were putting in the same effort to organize and network.

      • Don J

        Both in the nationalism that got in the driver’s seat in Germany 1933-45 and in the finally defeated British nationalism that surged forth for a time in the 1930’s, the movements in some respects cut cleanly across the political spectrum from “left” to “right” and drew membership from each direction.

  • Tucker

    I’ve got a grand idea. Why don’t those of us in the AmRen community start up a collection and buy a year’s supply of Cheerios as a congratulatory wedding gift for John McCain’s son and his new wife?

    • Morris LeChat

      instead of rice or confetti they should throw cheerios

    • ChrisM

      I think you mean John Boehner.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Both actually…

  • Tucker

    Here are the demographics of Winston Salem, North Carolina:

    White alone – 108,222 (47.1%)
    Black alone – 78,065 (34.0%)
    Hispanic – 33,753 (14.7%)
    Asian alone – 4,536 (2.0%)
    Two or more races – 3,801 (1.7%)
    American Indian alone – 567 (0.2%)
    Other race alone – 535 (0.2%)
    Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 138 (0.06%)

    Is this what most pro-Whites, White race realists and White Nationalists would describe as a hospitable environment to hold this National Conference? I sure do not think so.

    I predict that the left and these minorities will be screaming bloody murder and raising all kinds of trouble, which will include issuing threats to riot and do violence against the establishments who cater to this conference. Hence, if sparking this kind of reaction from our enemies is being done deliberately, as a means of exposing the hate that our enemies have for us – and then hoping that will help wake up more whites, then maybe this choice was a tactical move.

  • why r my comments deleted?

    even though im white and i support your site, because my comments have been repeatedly deleted i have decided this site sucks so what im going to do im going to see how many gov agencies i can email your url to and see if they can get this site shut down. you turned a supporter against you. i will go to the very people you are against and see if you can get shut down. or audited anyway.fucking idiots. advice get another moderator.

  • ken

    I wish these conferences will someday, just once be held up here in the north so
    i could attend.

  • Robbie Cheney

    Will ‘stormfronters’ attack the attendees or picket the event as per ‘past practices’?