A Very Successful Eleventh AmRen Conference

AR Staff, American Renaissance, April 8, 2013

A warm welcome by friend and foe alike.

Despite the presence of noisy protesters–indeed, stimulated by their clowning—the 11th American Renaissance conference took place under ideal circumstances over the weekend of April 5 through 7. As we did last year, we met in beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park not far from Nashville. Some 150 people, many of them first-time conferees, enjoyed a weekend of stimulating talks, fellowship, and conviviality.

The conference began on Friday evening with a cocktail reception and welcoming remarks by conference organizer Jared Taylor. Formal talks began on Saturday morning with Roger McGrath, retired professor of history and noted television commentator, who spoke of the importance of honoring our heritage. “I was instinctively proud of our people when I was growing up in California,” he said. “The Golden State really was the Golden State. We must pass on to our descendants this pride in our people, our culture, our history.”


Roger McGrath

In a presentation lavishly illustrated with projected photographs, he then spoke of the devotion and courage of the American pilots who fought the Japanese in the Pacific. He cited many names of heroes, among them Butch O’Hare after whom the Chicago Airport is named. Early in the war, O’Hare was flying a Wildcat, a plane distinctly inferior to the Japanese Zero. He was the only pilot in the sky when nine Japanese bombers attacked the carrier Lexington. O’Hare shot down five bombers and damaged a sixth before other American planes finally arrived to protect the ship. O’Hare saved the Lexington and thousands of men single-handedly.

O’Hare was later awarded the Medal of Honor and reporters asked his wife what she thought of her hero husband. In words that captured the spirit of the times, and show how much we have changed, she replied, “I think he’s just swell.”

Professor McGrath spoke of the Doolittle Raiders, of “Pappy” Boyington, and the men who carried out the precision attack that brought down the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. These and many others, he said, are fit heroes for our tribe, men whose bravery can be a model for our own behavior.


Next to speak was Byron Roth, professor emeritus of psychology at Dowling College. His subject was the complex tangle of misfortunes that have befallen working-class whites. He noted that before the Second World War, a man did not have to have much education to get a job that could support a family. Farm, factory, and other low-skilled work was abundant and well paid.


Byron Roth

Prof. Roth argued that there are three reasons why things have changed dramatically. One, of course, is the influx of low-skilled immigrants who put downward pressure on wages. The second is off-shoring of jobs, which has the practical effect of making Americans compete in the labor market with people who live on twenty dollars a day. The third is the opening of markets to products from Third-World countries, which has exactly the same effect. Prof. Roth pointed out that the results of these policies—low wages and cheap foreign goods—benefit the elites but are a callous betrayal of unskilled Americans.

The Left always argues that “education” will lift the working class into the middle class, but Prof. Roth pointed out that this is a delusion. This theory fails to recognize that there are inherent differences in ability that mean certain people simply cannot benefit very much from additional education.

Forty percent of all high school students are now black or Hispanic, and many cannot absorb education past the seventh or eighth grade. Prof. Roth argued that they would be much better served by vocational training, but that would be impossible in America: classes of that kind would be largely non-white, resulting in cries of “discrimination” and “institutional racism.” In a homogeneous society, it is much easier to track students into instruction suitable to their ability.

Prof. Roth projected fascinating statistics on the screen, showing that racial differences in average IQ are an almost perfect predictor of how much people from different groups will achieve in school and in professional life. People with IQs below 80 cannot really handle a high school curriculum and people with IQs under 105 do not benefit from a four-year college. Yet, we have a tremendously powerful education lobby that persuades young people to waste years and to go deeply into debt for training that will do little practical good.

Prof. Roth noted that all societies must provide for their less able members, but that the combination of free trade, open borders, off-shoring, and the fraud of “college for all” proves that “our elites have lost any sense of noblesse oblige.”

Paul Ramsey, who goes under the Internet name of RAMZPAUL, is a YouTube blogger who pokes irreverent fun at the foolishness of our times. In a talk peppered with jokes, he spoke about how feminism and multi-racialism contribute to the decline of our country. “We are being replaced and displaced,” he said, and our country has become “a land of the racial spoils system and conflict of all kinds.”


Paul Ramsey

Feminism and the sexual revolution have also brought us unprecedented problems. Now, nearly 60 percent of college students are women. Women still prefer to marry men who are better educated or at least smarter than they, but many of these women will never find a suitable mate and will never have children. At the same time, the sexual revolution now means we have people who suffer from syphilis, gonorrhea and AIDS–people Mr. Ramsey calls “incurable romantics.”

Marriage is breaking down, in part because it has become risky for men to marry. If they divorce, they lose their assets and their children. “Marriage is like poker,” he said. “You start out holding hands and end up in financial ruin.” At the same time, as smart women go into careers and become more choosy about their mates, it means that even if they do have children, they have them late in life and have only one or two. It is the dim women, who do not plan ahead, who are proliferating.

Nevertheless, Mr. Ramsey remains optimistic. At least among whites, it is conservatives who are now having more children and the worst of the self-hating liberals may go extinct: “If you hate your race and you hate your sex, why would a white woman want to have sex with you to make more hateful babies?”

Mr. Ramsey reported that more people are speaking out all the time, and that the PC folk are desperate. So many people are now “haters” and “racists” that the words hardly mean anything. As Mr. Ramsey noted, “The country is lost, but the nation is still there,” and the nation could reassert itself with surprising force and speed.

Jared Taylor spoke of how the most basic and ancient distinctions between people have been crushed by relentless egalitarianism. He said that the rot began with race, with the assumption that race was superficial and meaningless. However, since then the egalitarian juggernaut has tried to obliterate distinctions between men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals, welfare spongers and productive tax-payers. Mr. Taylor also mentioned Marian Wright Edelman’s denunciation of the need to “distinguish between our own children and other people’s children.” Even the love parents show their children is bigotry because it is a form of discrimination. Mr. Taylor predicted that the next target could be distinctions between citizens and foreigners. After all, we are all citizens of the world, so why not let anyone run for office and vote and American elections?


Jared Taylor

Thus there are now many subjects—not just race—on which Americans may no longer dissent. Lawrence Summers was forced out of his job as president of Harvard for suggesting that the female and male minds are not identical. School teachers can be put on administrative leave for saying they think men should not marry each other.

We must recognize, said Mr. Taylor, that this is not our country and this is not our government. The federal government, which is engineering our displacement, has become the greatest enemy our people have ever faced. A government that is permitting Mexico slowly to invade and conquer the United States is, by any standard, a government of traitors.

Mr. Taylor emphasized that we, like all people, have the right to a homeland, but it is probably too late to reclaim the United States. He concluded that we must think in terms of secession and local community-building. There is no guarantee of success, he said, but we have an obligation to our ancestors and a duty to our children to fight to the last breath for the preservation of our people and civilization.

Richard Spencer, director of the National Policy Institute, spoke of the need to go beyond the question of immigration that absorbs so much nationalist effort. We have stopped amnesties in the past, but the other side always returns to the fight. And, since a white newborn is already a minority, stopping immigration would only delay our decline into minority status. In any case, not all immigration is bad. We should prepare to welcome the whites who, for example, may well be forced en mass out of southern Africa. Unlike others who talk about immigration in terms of numbers, we talk in terms of quality.


Richard Spencer

Conventional “conservative” goals are irrelevant to us. What would sound money, limited government, and a return to the Constitution mean if the country were a Third-World mishmash? These goals attract white people and give them the impression that they have a role in shaping the country, but any effort that ignores race is effort wasted. The energy and commitment of these white people must be redirected towards goals that will genuinely serve them.

“Our challenge is one of the spirit,” said Mr. Spencer. “Our task is to capture the imagination of our people or at least the best of our people and shock them out of their assumptions of what they think is possible.” Mr. Spencer noted that for many decent whites the process of letting go of the dream of America will be very painful, but we must dream of a new nation, an ethnostate for our people on this continent. He noted that although the idea may seem fanciful now, the construction of an ethnostate is a modest project compared to crazy federal goals such as narrowing the racial gaps and bringing democracy to the Middle East.

Our ethnostate will be an old-new country that nourishes our roots even as it ensures our future. Mr. Spencer concluded by quoting Theodore Herzl, the father of Zionism: “If you wish it, it is no fairy tale. If you do not wish, it is a fairy tale and will remain so.”

Jared Taylor then spoke in praise of Jean Philippe Rushton and Arthur Jensen, who both died in 2012. Both men, he said, spent their careers battling for truth in the face of insults, professional ostracism, and endless lies about what they said and wrote. Both men started out with conventional views on race and intelligence, but changed their minds in the face of the evidence. For them, what mattered most were the data, and as true scientists they followed where the data led.

With the help of other brave academics, they succeed in convincing essentially all the serious scholars in their field of the reality of IQ, the nature of intelligence, and the important genetic contributions to both individual and group differences. The mainstream media, however, ignore their findings, and public policy continues to be based on egalitarian fantasies. Mr. Taylor concluded by saying that the best way to honor the legacies of these great scientists is to disseminate as widely as possible their enormous and profound body of work.

Kyle Rogers then made a brief presentation about the Council of Conservative Citizens and Bill Johnson introduced the newly renamed American Freedom Party, which is the successor to the American Third Position.

Kyle Rogers

Kyle Rogers

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

The banquet speaker was Fabrice Robert, who is the leader of one of the most dynamic nationalist movements in Europe today, the Bloc Identitaire (Identitarian Bloc). He pointed out that traditionally French and Americans have had a prickly relationship but it is different for us: “We agree on a fundamental reality: We are Whites, with common problems. We must fight our demographic decline and our substitution in our ancestral lands by Third-World people.”

Fabrice Robert

Fabrice Robert

Mr. Robert said that the identitarian movement was born in 2002. It has put up candidates in local elections, but its greatest successes have been street action. The Bloc Identitaire burst into the national headlines in 2003 when it began distributing free food to Paris street people. Most are Arabs and Africans, but the bloc wanted to help needy Frenchmen. It hit upon the idea of distributing pork soup. Pork is cheap and thoroughly French—and considered unclean by Muslims. This put the authorities in such a frenzy that the police actually forbade the distribution of free food! It was “racist” food if Muslims could not eat it.

The bloc has also publicized the fact that parts of Paris and other French cities are taken over by Muslims for prayers. They illegally block traffic, lay rugs in the streets, and turn entire neighborhoods into outdoor mosques. The mainstream press refused to report this, but by filming and publicizing these activities, the bloc persuaded the authorities to stop these illegal takeovers.

The bloc’s most recent success was the occupation of the Poitiers mosque last October. Poitiers is where Charles Martel turned back the Moors in 732 at what Americans call the Battle of Tours. The bloc was outraged to learn that a huge mosque was under construction in a place sacred to the defense of the West. It sent 100 activists to occupy the construction site at 6:00 in the morning. By 9:00 a.m. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault was already denouncing this “act of racism.” The occupation lasted six hours, raising the bloc’s profile worldwide, and inspiring thousands of new members.

Mr. Robert concluded, to a standing ovation, with these words: “We are sons of the same matrix: Europe. We are brothers of the same people, the European people. There will be no future, for us or for you, unless we stand together proud, united, and prepared to fight.”

The next morning, John Derbyshire gave a very informative talk, supplemented with arresting slides, about the first encounters between people of different races. He noted that his was the last generation of Europeans to grow up in a mono-racial country—he did not see a black person until he was in his teens.

John Derbyshire

John Derbyshire

Most of the first encounters happened before recorded history. Genetic studies now show that at one point Australian aborigines received an infusion of genetic material from Indians who had crossed the ocean. It may well be that lost Japanese fishermen could even have washed up on Australia, but we know nothing of it.

When races encountered each other in historical times, people were invariably struck by physical differences. The Chinese word for whites was “ghost” because Europeans seemed so pale. In one noted encounter, a Japanese described to Chinese the Europeans with whom he was traveling: “Physically they are close to beasts. They cannot speak or write Chinese.”

First encounters sometimes led to race war. During the 1675-1678 King Phillip’s War in Massachusetts, for example, both the English colonists and the Indians fought with the explicit goal of extermination. Mr. Derbyshire noted, however, that the really great wars that have left their marks on history have been intratribal wars: the First and Second World Wars, the American Civil War, the Chinese civil wars.

Mr. Derbyshire concluded by pointing out that we can still have first encounters. In many countries children, especially, may have never seen someone of a different race. He told of an incident in China, in which a small boy stared intently at him as they went up in an elevator. Mr. Derbyshire got out at his floor, and as the doors closed, he heard the child say—in Chinese, of course—”What a big nose.”

As he always does, Sam Dickson brought the conference to a close. He began by pointing out that when the Southern Poverty Law Center calls American Renaissance a “hate group,” it means only that AR is a group the SPLC itself hates. Far from anything resembling hatred, the desire of whites to pass their civilization down to their biological descendants is the most healthy, natural, and positive of emotions.

Sam Dickson

Sam Dickson

Mr. Dickson noted that long-term planning distinguishes successful from unsuccessful people, and argued that the purpose of a group such as ours is to plan for what happens after the inevitable collapse of the present system. The entire paradigm of American society will change, and there must be as many of us as possible in a position to help direct the construction of an ethnostate out of the wreckage.

Mr. Dickson mused on how different our country would be if we had run it for the last 10 years. We would not have squandered trillions on useless wars, nor would we have encouraged the minority-lending housing bubble that so damaged the economy. By avoiding just those two catastrophes, a sensible, racially oriented regime could have saved six trillion dollars.

Mr. Dickson pointed out that we are not fighting for ideals or abstractions. We are fighting for our people. He spoke admiringly of the French, who build monuments to soldiers who died for la patrie, the homeland, whereas we build monuments to men we claim died for “freedom” or to “make the world safe for democracy.”

Mr. Dickson also urged us to purge our vocabularies of useless words, such as “conservative” or “right-wing.” To adopt these terms consigns us to a subset of a political spectrum that is irrelevant to our struggle. “We are a race, a folk, a people,” he said, “and a folk is not to be divided into Left and Right.” We can and must unite with all white people on the central subject of race; all other differences are insignificant. A true homeland for our people must be one that cares for our entire family.

Mr. Dickson argued that the founders fumbled badly because they failed to specify who could be an American. The black dictator Dessalines was smarter than Jefferson or Madison when he specified in the Haitian constitution that no white could ever be a citizen or own property. We, too, must act on the same principles and guide ourselves strictly in accordance to what is good for our race.

Mr. Dickson’s speech ended the conference on a note of high optimism, with the overwhelming majority of attendees expressing the desire to meet again next spring.

When we convened at the conference site, we were flattered to learn that “anti-racists” had organized a simultaneous “counter-conference” about two miles away in the same state park. Their goal, as they put, was to “confront white supremacy and hate.” A spokesman explained that it was our thinking that had “led to forced sterilizations in America, White European imperialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, and ‘ethnic cleansing’ of entire groups of people in Germany, Kosovo, Palestine, Cambodia, Rwanda and across the globe.”


The counter-conference, which was billed as “queer, trans, and feminist positive,” covered topics unfamiliar to us and included sessions with titles such as “Othering,” “Transphobia is Bigotry, Too,” and “Connecting the ‘Isms:’ How Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism & Speciesism Intersect.” It was a pity we had to miss these edifying presentations.

A small contingent of fanatics came by to greet us on Friday, and a larger group arrived on Saturday just in time to provide pre-banquet entertainment. From a distance of about 40 feet, they waved signs and red flags, howled and bellowed. We looked on, drinks in hand, as they shouted for “more Dresdens” and “death to fascists.” We got a hearty laugh out of their antics, and could not think of an exercise better calculated to fortify us in our convictions.


The scruffies were superbly managed by park police who, at one point, had to order them to stop shouting obscenities. Indeed, the park police were a model of professionalism and courtesy, and their presence ensured a smooth-running and most satisfactory conference.

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  • ArmenianWN

    Seems the liberals have sleazed out of their parens’ basements to protest this magnificent conference…..

  • Hirschibold

    One of the protestors had a sign that said “Repeat Dresden.” So because a handful of people got together to give a conference (as is their constitutional right) these Libtards want to firebomb a city, kills thousands of civilians, and destroy priceless works of art…

    Stay classy (and logical) Left-wing America!!

    • BannerRWB

      And the poster that read “Go back to Europe!”. A poster held by a White person. The left just can’t see it’s own hipocrisy.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        True. Any Hispanic ridiculous enough to hold up a “Go Back to Mexico” sign would be laughed at and lampooned. These protesters cannot see beyond the ludicrousness of their own stupid slogans.

        • Jerrybear

          Radical leftists have zero awareness of reality. The double standards are endless but pointing them out has no effect on their idiocy.

          • rebelcelt

            What can we say about people that spend time talking about Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism & Speciesism and Transphobia? They do not show any difference between a man and a lizard. They do not understand what the purpose of sex is, except it feels good. I do not mean just for procreation but also the strength it gives a married couple to stand together. Perverts in every meaning of the word.

        • dukem1

          Laughed at and lampooned? Stabbed is more like it.

      • anonymous

        That person isn’t white yo! Their skin is darker. They are probably a mix breed. Like latino, native, or Asian. Maybe even black, but doubtful.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      I can’t say I understand the “This Machine Heals Anti-Fascists” poster with the anarchy and antifa cogs. Seems contradictory to me. Maybe its logic depends upon the strain of MJ you’re tokin’.

      • PBL

        I believe the poster said, “this machine kills fascists.” Woody Guthrie had the same sign on his guitar. It is a falsehood, in both cases. Then as now, only force stops totalitarians. Then it was the AEF, now it is the park police who made the Reds cease disrupting Amren’s conference.

        • KevinPhillipsBong

          That was a different poster.

          • PBL

            Pardon. color blind here.

    • Dan Reardon

      They were a shabby bunch indeed! Ramz Paul put on his daughters pink sweater and joined them in a hilarious troll exercise – I don’t think they ever figured it out. I made a couple of new friends and even witnessed John Derbyshire singing a British song with some fellow Amren attendee’s! It was a very good time!

      • anonymous_amren
        • Morris LeChat

          this guy is so utterly lame

        • blight14

          Hmmmmm, I’ll refrain from comment…..

        • Morris LeChat

          Actually, most Amren readers DO want a white ethno state. Cannedballz just turns it into a straw dog argument by saying there must be a 100% white ethno state, or no ethno state at all. He himself is a miscegenationsist and like many, he tries to hijack the agenda. You are WRONG mr CannedBallz, we do want an ethno state, one that is defined as White AMerican, and one where the percentage of the population that is not white American is strictly defined and controlled, the same way the japanese control the numbers of non japanese in their country. BTW, why does he bother coloring his hair and eyebrows when he can’t put together a simple mix of baking soda and peroxide and clean that diseased mouth?

    • lol I just wrote the exact same thing. Hivemind.

    • They were obviously just trying to get a reaction out of y’all re: “dresden”. And re: “go back to Europe”, why not take the hint and realize that the territoriality characteristic of many of us white survivalists is nothing more than a show of weakness—a show that we can neither adapt to nor redirect contemporary cultural trends.

  • sbuffalonative

    The scruffies were superbly managed by park police who, at one point, had to order them to stop shouting obscenities.
    Let them expose themselves as the petulant toddlers they are.
    Just show them as they are. That’s all that needs to be done.

    • a multiracial individual

      Anti-racist protestors are usually 100% white.

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        As are feminists, environmentalists, communists, animal-rights activists, gay pride supporters, etc. With few exceptions, whites are generally the only ones practicing and preaching the many tenets of liberalism…for nonwhites “racial socialism” (redistribution) is enough.

        • dhs

          This is a valid and valuable point. The Liberal alliance is held together by a common hatred of white men. The whites and non-whites have many areas of conflict outside of this common hatred. A melt down will probably happen; the sooner the better.

      • Dr. X

        I noticed that, too. White Leftists (and their affirmative action tokens) simply use racial egalitarianism as a badge of moral superiority over other whites. They’re narcissists, plain and simple: it’s all about them. The actual merits or demerits of minorities are totally irrelevant to them. What’s at stake is their own smug sense of being “holier-than-thou” in the New Church of the Left which has displaced traditional Christianity as the official government religion.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        White or “kosher”

        • a multiracial individual

          No one denies that Jews very liberal. However, I have met many Gentile Whites that would be more than happy to go to a “racist BBQ” like this.

    • Morris LeChat

      I’m surprised, that is the best the leftists could come up with? Wow, are they off their game. This might be a hell of a lot easier than we imagined.

    • dukem1

      Scruffies! Petulant! So true…so sad.

  • MekongDelta69

    That was a GREAT Conference.
    …And the protestors put on a more amusing show than at the Super Bowl.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama

      Who were you? I was there too. I like putting faces with names on here. I met a lot of people who said “wow, it is Courtney from Alabama”! Unforgettable and rewarding experience.

      • JohnEngelman


        I would expect men to fight for you in the street.

  • CourtneyfromAlabama

    I was there. A great experience as always!

    • tremendouscoast

      And I was glad to put a face with a name. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you. I am just sorry James Edwards was unable to make it.

    • The Ice Queen

      it was nice meeting you Courtney! I had a great time chatting with everyone. I only wish I knew who was who. Some of the posters here are wickedly funny, and I wish I could put a face with the monikers.

    • Diogenes

      It was great to meet you, Courtney. I hope to see you next year. Take care!

  • Anonymous By Necessity

    There certainly seems to be a considerable difference in the attire and attention to grooming displayed in the two groups. Almost as if one were responsible adults and the other rebellious adolescents.

    I wonder if any of those youthful faces will take a place in our ranks as they mature and possibly experience the true reality of Diversity. As an aside, I notice that the group of protesters is about as diverse as that of the conference attendees.

    • pcmustgo

      that would be me, the ex-liberal… although I never attended a racially oriented /racial shaming protest.

      • Liberalsuck

        I got ill looking at pictures of these pathetic, miserable creatures.

  • newscomments70

    “The counter-conference, which was billed as “queer, trans, and feminist positive,” covered topics unfamiliar to us and included sessions with titles such as “Othering,” “Transphobia is Bigotry, Too,” and “Connecting the ‘Isms:’ How Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism & Speciesism Intersect.”

    That sounds pretty awful, but one can only expect such a reaction. What really horrifies me is that these topics are mainstream studies at most of our universities. I’m sure those protestors were full of college professors.

    • a multiracial individual

      We were discussing a book that we read in class the other day that was a collection of many essays from various academics. Toward the end of our discussion, a white woman in my class wanted to mention something about the book that bothered her. She was bothered that there was only 1 person of color among the book’s 25 contributors (she google image searched every contributor in the book).

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Liberals do love to preen and prance about in their moral glory.

      • pcmustgo

        She’s just repeating what is always said in our country. It’s a “typical” and boring liberal/non-white comment to make.

      • newscomments70

        I suggest studying something more useful, such as engineering or medicine. All liberal arts majors are marxist indoctrination, for the most part. (if indeed you are studying liberal arts)

        • a multiracial individual

          I am working toward a Ph.D in a traditional social science (not identity studies). Most (>95%) of my colleagues are White and/or Mormon. I was actually surprised that beating up on the White man is not that common in my program (although there is the occasional outburst like the woman in my class).

          The other day in the same class, a man claimed that he was a hyper-empiricist, and a “hyper-truthist.” I asked him to elaborate on what he meant by that. He essentially said, “No one should accept positions that are not supported by evidence, and once something has been reasonably demonstrated it should be revealed to everyone.”

          I decided that I should wait until after class to test his devotion to the truth. He is our conversation, more or less verbatim:

          Me: Hey [name], do you have a minute?

          He: Yea, sure.

          Me: I was wondering if your devotion to the truth included uncomfortable truths.

          He: Of course. In fact, those are often the most important truths to get out.

          Me: Okay. Let me propose a hypothetical scenario for you.

          He: Okay.

          Me: As you probably know, there is a significant gender gap in the natural sciences in most academic settings. Suppose you are a cognitive scientist who studies intelligence, during the course of your research, you discover that the most probable explanation for this is due to the fact that men and women have different IQ distributions. Would you have any problem disseminating that information?

          He: No, I would not have a problem disseminating that information. In fact, in the reading that I have done, it appears that is the case.

          Me: [My eyebrows exploded toward the heavens] Really? Do you have any qualms about similar information when it comes to other group differences?

          He: No, I think that there are likely racial differences as well. There is nothing wrong with admitting this. I do not advocate discrimination. I know that there will be Whites that have an IQ of 70, and there will be Blacks that have an IQ of 140. They are only averages after all.
          Now, if I was a politician, I might hesitate in saying these things [we laugh].

          Me: Well, I am pleased that you decided to stand by your position. Would you have any trouble discussing this with [the woman in our class]?

          He: I am not going to go out of my way to speak to her about these things. However, if she ever asks me directly, I will be honest.

          • newscomments70

            Thanks for your response, I always enjoy reading them.

          • a multiracial individual

            Thank you. I know that I am choosing a more difficult path by studying a social science instead of Medicine or Engineering (of course, if what I hear about the coming wave of H-1B visas is true, it appears that many of the smart kids who decided to enter these fields will probably be experiencing some difficulty as well). However, if I am unable to find a career in academia, I am certainly not above getting an entry level job in some office and trying to work my way up. Is there a job in this country for anyone who wants one? I hope so.

          • newscomments70

            I know some students around here in CA. They are earning high grades in engineering, often all A’s; they still cannot find work. They are taking unpaid internships in a valiant effort to be competive upon graduation. Education costs 3X as much as it did 15 years ago, the internships pay nothing, and there are even fewer jobs.

          • Duane A.

            Please. You’re an hypocrite who only cares about race when it affects you personally like the above, but turns 180 degrees against native White Americans as soon as they rightfully complain about blacks or being displaced by Asians in their own country.

            There’s no need for enemies with friends like you, and I don’t buy any of your

          • a multiracial individual

            I do not like double standards, from any side. I apologize if I have offended you. However, I will be forced to continue to point out double (or unfair) standards whenever I see them. Take care.

          • Duane A.

            So let me get this straight here. You first came on this website in the beginning of the year using the name “rosebud” to constantly defend blacks, then used the name “a multiracial Ph.D. student” to also defend Asians and Jews, and now you are “a multiracial individual” who also dislike the hypocrisy of White liberals ?

            I understand if you want to be honest about racial differences, but please don’t pretend that you care about the survival of White America.

          • a multiracial individual

            I was not “Rosebud.”

            If by defend Blacks you mean…I don’t buy into the garbage idea that 100% (It is only 33%) of Blacks are bad? Or that American citizens should be repatriated to a different continent? Or that we are not “fully human”….Then yes.

            If by defend Asians and Jews you mean…I had to point out occasionally (to people that denied the relevant scientific studies) that Jews and East Asians have an average higher IQ than Whites?…Then yes.

            Liberals are the most hypocritical people on Earth. They know why they avoid certain neighborhoods, they know why they do not want their children to go to certain schools, they know why Kenyans win every marathon on Earth, they know….of course they suppress these thought as evil.

          • anonymous_amren

            Normally people split such that 99% go along with the dominant system or culture of their group, and 1% challenge it. What percentage of black people do you think voted for Obama? And I can guarantee it wasn’t because they were worried about Global Warming, or some other issue that the Republicans are wrong about. The idea that 66% of black people would be against the special treatment that black people receive is utterly absurd. There are good black people, but they are the rare individual exceptions, not the majority.

            Of course so-called “American Citizens” should be repatriated to other continents if that’s where they came from and they are unable to sustain the American civilization.

            The definition of “human” is vague. No race is fully homo-sapiens, since they all interbred with other non-humans.

            You are right that Ashkenazi Jews and Asians are smarter than white people.

          • Morris LeChat

            yet white people defeated asians and jews in WWII.

          • David Ashton

            This seems to be a strange statement. Can you clarify or elaborate?

            The Japanese were defeated finally by the atom bomb which was largely the work of Jewish scientists. The Nazis killed many Jewish partisans, and huge numbers of unarmed Jewish families were deported to camps where many died from various causes. The Soviets won the war in eastern Europe and some Jewish communists were temporarily installed there in satellite dictatorships.

          • Morris LeChat

            The Japanese were driven back to their homeland. They were defeated by the US army. They were forced to surrender by the use of the Atom bomb. We could only drop it on them because we already conquered the Pacific.

            Many of the top brains in 1930s physics were non-Jewish German, notably Werner Heisenberg, Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman. Of course they were not working on the US atomic bomb program, they were in Germany. The reason the US got the bomb first is that the NAZI officials in Germany foolishly put the atomic bomb program on the back burner. They delayed it for over ten years. They delayed other projects as well, such as developing the jet engine. It was the NAZIs, ironically, that sabotaged Germany’s ability to win the war. If the Germans had gotten the jet engines in the air a year earlier, the outcome of the war may have been very different. IF they hadn’t stalled the atom bomb program, Germany may very well have developed the bomb first.
            Your mistake is to claim that jews developed the a-bomb. There were 6000 people working on that project. Jews were important in that effort, but they were not American born Jews, they were Jews from all over Europe. They did not create the technology, they only took what they had learned in Europe and brought it here, to one place.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Well at least yer not “Rosebud”, LOL!

            John Brown, Tired of anti-White trolls, though?

            What’s the deal guy? Agitprop? Bored? Doing research? Impish Amrenner?

          • Talltrees

            IQ studies were done by Cambridge University on European natives. No immigrants. Those studies on Germans, for example, showed 109. Most European countries studied showed higher IQ’s than nation tests with most over 100. The majority of studies we read about included immigrants who had lower IQ’s.

            Some research shows Jews have 110 IQ, rather than 115, too close to Germans to compare. (Israeli Jews have a much lower IQ.) The 109 IQ of Germans places them higher than China and Japan. China and Japan’s national IQ is pretty accurate because they permit few outsiders.

            Most American Jews came from Europe, Germany, mostly. Currently, most American Jews have (AT LEAST) 25% White ancestry. Some with much more.

            Years ago, Jews’ IQ’s tested below or around 100. Since then, around 50% of Jews have been marrying outsiders. Normally, Jews, very selective, choose partners with intelligence, education, money, and other Jews.

            Certainly, nutrition and environment played a role in Jewish IQ’s during the early 1900’s, but it wouldn’t be that much; however, a few theories also point to intermarrying with Europeans. If Jews consider intelligence, education, and money, as prerequisites for a spouse, then a European with those assets might be considered. An intelligent European would contribute intelligence to his/her offspring. If those offspring are raised Jewish, there are more intelligent Jews in the country.

            It would be great if there was some way to determine whether their IQ increase was caused by Europeans.

            BTW, Germans make up the highest number of Europeans in this country. There are so many Europeans with IQ’s over 100, I question anyone saying they are not evenly competitive with Jews. Some, more so.

            There is a reason why Jews monopolize certain industries, entertainment, banking, etc. It’s not because of high IQ. Once one was given a position of influence, he/she made sure other job openings were filled with Jews. This preference is illegal; however, they get away with it.

          • Morris LeChat

            Thank you sir, for telling the truth

          • JohnEngelman

            The Chosen People: A study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement is the most recent work of Richard Lynn dealing with group differences in IQ and their ramifications. As in all of his previous work over the past decade, he substantiates his arguments with huge quantities of empirical data. He advances his positions dispassionately and lets the facts speak for themselves, which they do in impressive, nearly irrefutable fashion. In his previous books he examined racial and ethnic differences in IQ for many groups.The Chosen People is a case study of one distinct group that has shown remarkably similar patterns of achievement in a wide variety of settings.

            Professor Lynn begins by pointing out the extraordinary success of Jews in almost every field…

            The development of IQ tests confirmed the impression that Jews were unusually intelligent, and Professor Lynn’s extensive review of the literature indicates that Jews in the US have an average IQ of 110 compared to 100 for other Europeans. This would help account for their outstanding performance in a variety of fields. Though Jews are only about 0.2 percent of the world population, half the world’s chess grandmasters, for example, and 16 percent of Nobel Prize winners for science have been Jews. For Professor Lynn, the purpose of his book “is to document and explain such achievements.” It would be a mistake to think that these are the accomplishments of all Jews, however, as they are mainly the achievements of Ashkenazi Jews, the Jews of Eastern Europe…

            The largest portion of Prof. Lynn’s book deals with the performance of Jews (mainly Ashkenazim) in just about every country in which they settled. The most striking finding is the very great similarity of Jewish achievement everywhere. Without exception, Jews outperform their non-Jewish neighbors by very large multiples. Whether in education, in professional and managerial positions, in prestigious awards, in income, and in musical and artistic fields, Jews are on average five times more successful than Gentiles…

            Jews significantly outperform European Gentiles in verbal, mathematical, and analytic abilities,

          • Talltrees

            You have a German surname, but could be Jewish. Europeans don’t call themselves ‘Gentiles,” unless you were quoting Lynn.

            Am very familiar with Lynn. Also with Jewish Ashkenazi achievements.

            However; there are questions about Einstein, just one Jewish example. The equation “E=mc^2″ should be called the “De Pretto Equation” not the “Einstein Equation.” De Pretto was European, Italian by ancestry.

            First World countries, created by Europeans, speak for themselves. What other races or ethnicities have accomplished so much?

            You say Lynn’s results show Jews at 110 IQ and Europeans at 100. My interest was IQ’s of each country’s indigenous people, not all Europeans lumped together. The Cambridge study showed Germans at 109. Other Europeans above 100.

            Jews appear to excel in European societies; however, they were not instrumental in building those societies.

            Intelligence is not the only criteria necessary to succeed. It is education, family, ethnic, religious, and cultural conditioning. It is also who you know. Jewish children are definitely conditioned, which certainly contributes to that success and… Jews help other Jews, (mentioned in previous post).

            While it is true, there are a disproportionately high number of Jewish achievements compared to their total population, there are more European achievements overall throughout history. There have been many brilliant Europeans. That is the point. To say Jews are smarter is not accurate because there are many more than an equal number of Europeans as intelligent. To say Jews are more intelligent than Germans is questionable. It would be helpful to know the ethnicities of all Europeans currently holding high level positions and those contributing to medicine, science, engineering, education, etc. European-Americans normally consider themselves Americans, not Germans, British, Italian, French, etc; therefore, it would be a challenge to find out. It would also be helpful to know the Jews using European or shortened surnames that don’t sound Jewish.

            Why is Germany the most successful country in Europe? How is it they overcame what appeared to be insurmountable odds following World War II so quickly? In spite of all the Germans killed and injured during the war and the over twenty million Germans MURDERED AFTER the war was over. Germany was and is not a big country by size or population.

            An interesting tidbit here. Germany had developed a stealth bomber. Fortunately, for us, it wasn’t quite ready to be used in the war. United States took it and most likely it was used to develop ours. A stealth bomber in the 40’s?

            To note and off subject, the slaughter of German citizens after the war, and how many were expelled from other countries is never mentioned.

            When a Jew is given a high position, he/she makes sure other high level job openings are reserved for Jews. They are taught as children to do this. They look after themselves. That would explain why there are so many Jews in certain industries, entertainment, banking, media, education, government, etc. Under those circumstances, it can’t be said, “Look how successful and intelligent they are because there are so many in those industries.” Some Jews have been heard bragging about displacing WASPS and to make sure none enter Jewish controlled hallowed grounds.

            By percentage and compared to their population totals, there are more intelligent Jews than Europeans. I agree, it’s percentage, not numbers; however, currently, there are more intelligent Europeans than Jews because there are many more Europeans in the United States.

            Historical evidence supports the Cambridge study.

          • David Ashton

            The Germans are the most industrious people in Europe, and unfortunately that is largely why other Europeans are disposed to dislike them. They are an admirable people, though your figure of the numbers killed after the war is greatly exaggerated.

          • Talltrees

            There are conflicting opinions, I agree.
            I have seen anywhere from 11 – 20 million. The number Russians dragged off, never to be seen again, is also based on opinions; however, there were many.

          • Morris LeChat

            The German Economic miracle after WWII was accomplished without any Jews. The technology we use today is not much more advanced than what Germany developed in WWII. Our missiles, our jet engines, stealth bombers, synthetic fuels, pretty much what we consider our “modern” world, is nothing more than German technology developed in the 30-s and 40s. The only really new technologies today are the computer technologies. In all other aspects, we have not advanced beyond 1940s Germany.

          • Talltrees

            Good point.
            Germany, the fourth economic powerhouse in the world, behind U.S., China, and Japan speaks for itself. China and Japan copied and stole technology from the U.S.

          • Morris LeChat

            Until the late 1940’s, the Jews were never able to establish a country, a nation state. This is so even though they constituted the majority populations at certain points in history in certain geographical areas. There are contradictions in the Jewish religion and world view that prevent a viable, stable state from being formed and enduring. We are seeing those play out in modern Israel. It is a state doomed to die of those contradictions. No matter how bright the people may be, their actions, their culture of critique, ends up defeating itself. The current conservatives in power are barely hanging on by a thread. The liberals there wish to pretty much conceded the demographic and military war, disarm and hand the country over to the arabs. The first step in this process was the Oslo accords. That was three steps forward towards the destruction of Israel. Then Israel took two steps backwards. It will take another three steps forward, then two backwards, and again and again, until it falls off the cliff. One things that was true of Jews throughout the ages since their defeat by the Romans was that they were not fighters. This changed after WWII, but only for a very short time. In order for that change to be sustained, the Jewish mind would have had to be transformed. It wasn’t. THeir tradition and culture of critique was not expunged. They did not do what needed to be done-namely expel all arabs from conquered territories. Instead, they have pursued an insane course of preserving their enemy because having an enemy prevents assimilation and fosters an insular, tribal mentality. They comfort themselves with their resentment of a hostile world population, but they do everything they can to maintain that hostility, to maintain their separateness. They consider the most potent threat for them to be assimilation. When one understands this, their insanity all of a sudden makes sense.

          • Talltrees

            What you say is important to emphasize and repeat. Europeans created the most successful countries. Wherever they have gone, indigenous peoples’
            standard of living had been raised substantially. Without them, China and Japan’s economic position would be far lower.

            American Jews, dependent on the European framework, cannot be compared to European accomplishments as they see themselves with respect to success in some United States’ industries. Europeans were there first, inventing the infrastructure, technology and systems. Europeans view their historical accomplishments worldwide, on a much larger scale.

            Many Jews seem to be their own worst enemy as they suffer from paranoia and victimization using the holocaust as a means for continued sympathy and preferential treatment just as Blacks use slavery. Paranoia causes them to behave in ways detrimental to not only their hosts but to their own well-being, as well. They constantly see themselves as societal victims, when they are the cause of their victimization. Obsession with money, position, and power, is to an extreme fault at the expense of ethical behavior. It’s common sense that an eventual backlash from the majority will occur. While they have exceptional traits, it’s those mentioned that harm everyone around them causing the backlash.

            No, they don’t directly confront their enemies. They work behind the scenes, pulling the strings, hiding and denying involvement.

            This does not mean Europeans are not without faults. They have become naïve, gullible, and passive, very unlike the Europeans of the past.

            Most are familiar with the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People. It’s worth reminding everyone repeatedly.


            What is a declaration?

            A declaration is an agreement among countries about a specific issue that
            requires urgent action. It tells us what governments must do or not do around such an issue.

            Who are indigenous peoples?

            Indigenous peoples are descendants of the original people or occupants of lands before these lands were taken over or conquered by others. Many indigenous peoples have maintained their traditional cultures and identities (e.g., way of dressing, language and the cultivation of land). Therefore they have a strong and deep connection with their ancestral territories, cultures and identities.

            The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states the following:

            Article 6:
            Every indigenous individual has a right to a nationality.

            Article 8.1:
            Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

            Article 8.2:
            States shall provide effective mechanisms for prevention of, and redress for:

            Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;

            Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;

            Any form of forced assimilation or integration;

            Any form of propaganda designed to promote or incite racial or ethnic discrimination directed against them.

            We need a lawyer!

          • Morris LeChat

            WOW, what a great post.

          • Gunrunner1

            Great, they can go be super jews in Israel

          • JohnEngelman

            My support for Israel is virtually unconditional, but I am glad that half the World’s Ashkenazim are here in the United States. We need their IQ power.

          • Gunrunner1

            When you are sending your Sons off to the Middle East to fight their Wars, you will feel different.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, I do resent that. Prime example of US policy over-identifying with the interest of Israel. Most legitimate statement you have made.

            Israel is a nuclear power and so woe be to the Muslims who ever get too close to their goal of extermination of Israel. I advise Israel to turn the entire country into some form of well laid out, high tech, arcology/fortress and button down the hatches.

            Kind of the way it’s going regardless.

          • Morris LeChat

            Israel will not exist in fifty years time. The reason wont be an atomic blast, it will be a demographic catastrophe. The liberals in Israel are already making a strategy of what to do when the day comes that the voters in Israel who are arab outnumber the people in Israel that are Jewish. They are not doing what needs to be done, namely expelling non jews. no, their economy is too important. They will choose oblivion over survival all in the name of chasing the shekel. This is the way it has always been with the jews, as tribal as they are, each individual has very little loyalty to other jews and will always choose the shekel over them.

          • Morris LeChat

            no, we don’t, they have no monopoly on that and there are many many goyim with IQ’s higher than most jews

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You make some very sound points. I’ve also often wondered what the average IQ is for Whites in many formerly White European countries.

            I look at the average Middle Eastern IQ and find it tellingly close to highly miscegenated American Blacks. Considering the results of European ascendancy (cut off of millions of White slaves, replacement by Africans)…who knows what the capacities of ancient Semites were? The old slur “sand n*****s” is not inaccurate when applied to many modern Middle Easterners.

            Honestly I consider the Africanized religion of Mohamed the perfect choice for nations of 85 IQ Africanized peoples. Incapable of participating responsibly in civic affairs, prone to seek simplistic answers, addicted to sadistic and brutal r-style breeding propensities…a good fit in my opinion. Likely offers the only real option to anarchy for such folk.

            Which is why good fences make for good neighbors.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            “The old slur “sand n*****s” is not inaccurate when applied to many modern Middle Easterners.”
            That slur is an oldie but a goodie. I use it frequently and relish it.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Interesting post.

            Firstly, I would like to start by dispelling suspicions of pretentiousness. I do not know anyone’s IQ here, and thusly I am not intending to appear superior based on averages, but merely to respond to your comment.

            Depending how you define “White,” Jews have 100% White ancestry. If White refers to people who traveled from Indo-Europe (Caucasia) into Europe and the Middle East, then people who would later become Jews were apart of this migration.

            Sumeria was a White civilization. They were not Negroid, and Sumerian language and culture was Indo-European. They may have been “Semitic,” but Semitic is usually a cultural rather than ethnic distinction because you can theoretically be apart of any race and be Semitic. For example, a group of Semites, the Akkadians, united the Sumerians into an empire. They had the same origin as the Sumerians (ie the Akkadians were White), but their linguistic and cultural branch was different.

            Therefore, if we consider the extent of what White civilization is, Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews are 100% White. However, genetics today is often so precise that Ashkenazi typically have from 25%-75% “German/Central European” (Germanic)DNA–specifically.

            As proof of non-European Jews being White, in terms of phenotype, I direct you to these two sources, one on hair and the other on eyes: http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/7061-hair

            In some instances, the amount of “European” DNA present (from prospective intermarriage) is zero, and yet these Persian and North African Jews have features such as blond hair and blue eyes, at higher rates than the native Arabs.

            Clearly, White identity is not exclusively European because genetic origin always has and always will be a better indicator than just a continent. Because Whites also reached the Middle East.

            Therefore, yes you can say someone is 25% Germanic (which is what the gene test you’re talking about was tested for… Ashkenazi weren’t shown to be “25% White at least” but rather 25% GERMANIC at least, which is a very large difference. Unless you are a Nordicist, proving small amounts of Germanic ancestry doesn’t prove non-Whiteness), but you can’t use Germanic as a synonym for White. If you are a Nordicist, then I speculate you would also say many Italians and Greeks are non-White for having small amounts of Teutonic/Germanic blood… In which case I will just reject your arguments, because Italians are White, even if non-Germanic.

            A long time ago, IQ tests were not nearly as accurate as they are now. Today we can test for intellect rather than education. “Years ago” the IQs of every ethnic group were lower than they are today.

            But more importantly, “European” intermarriage has had little to do with it (I assume you are using “European” as a synonym for “Nordic,” but I’m not sure). Egypt isn’t largely European, and Jews exerted a disproportionate amount of influence there as well. In the Islamic Empire, when the Muslims were allowing the Jews to exist, they were physicians and doctors and mathematicians at higher proportions than those around them. And where was the European ancestry to influence this? Surely it wasn’t Arabic ancestry, considering the Arabic IQ.

            As far as your general argument of sexual selection goes… You are correct. Personally, I am attracted to brains. If a woman is beautiful, but also an idiot, I am inexplicably turned-off. It doesn’t matter if she’s Jewish or non-Jewish. Moreover, within the Jewish community, intelligence as a trait for “sex” is prized. In African society, they admire spear-throwing or principally athletic endeavors as indicators for reproductive viability. I like fitness, but as it pertains to a healthy lifestyle and brain function. Likewise, I find Jewish women forgive me for not being an Olympic sprinter and instead look at the fact that I am good at math, critical thinking, and am very driven. So will I produce high IQ children? Probably. But the point of the matter is that within the Jewish community, stupid Jews are less likely to be sexually desirable… Therefore their traits do not continue.

            But most importantly, to even be a Jewish adult capable of having a wife, you must have a Bar Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah demands literacy, critical thinking skills, an observance and reading of Torah, and it is demanding because it requires years of schooling (You have to be educated). It exists in honor of Abraham, who found God at the age of 13, and thereafter he was an adult. Therefore, at 13, expectations are high. If you are to be an adult, the theory is that you better do something exceptional to prove your worth. Your wife is a privilege, and an intelligent man is more likely to better care for his offspring anyway.

            Remember that at one time literacy was a novelty… Most people on the globe have been illiterate. By making intelligence a requirement to have a wife… It automatically disqualifies non-intelligent Jews. Because you can not be a Jewish adult unless you have a Bar Mitzvah. And you can’t be married unless you are an adult. Which basically means that everyone who reproduced had something like a High School diploma at least, at a time when only aristocrats went to school, and in most cases were literate while peasants weren’t. Remember, this was before mandatory education. And even for some people who did demand education be mandatory, they didn’t typically make it a prerequisite for marriage.

            So when you consider the Bar Mitzvah, it is rather easy to discern Jewish IQ, absolutely no speculation of intermarriage is necessary.

            Concerning Jews in politics in business… This is a modern occurrence which is no different from “Court Jews” of the Middle Ages. It is a combination of Kings wanting Jews to do certain jobs, as well as a perception that Jews had an aptitude for it. For example, kings outlawed the practice of usury by Christians. But because kings needed money, they encouraged the practice amongst Jews, and then raised taxes on Jews to exorbitant amounts. Jews were lucrative and respected in monarchies until the populace began to resent them. It was convenient for kings, then, to blame Jews for doing what he wanted them to do instead of taking any personal flack. Although some were not like this, such as Frederick the Third of Austria, who was nicknamed “King of the Jews” for his positive interactions with Jews.

            In the 20th century, this has become a kind of culture that has been conditioned into some Jews. Jews are no longer pawns used by Kings and aristocrats to extract more money out of their populace, but certain aspects of this practice made certain traits continue in the Jewish heritage–whether that type of heritage is genetic or secular-cultural, that remains for speculation.

            But it can not be denied that an aptitude wasn’t developed for it. By the 18th century, an uneducated Mayer Rothschild became the father of modern finance because of intelligence and the monarchy-enforced family tradition laid down for him. This sort of thing was encouraged by the Prince of Hesse (who gave his father awards). And later, Francis I of Austria made him a noble.

            Apart of this has to do with the neutrality of Jews in Christendom. Leaders wanted Jews to keep their books and deal with money and finance, because they didn’t usually understand it themselves having merely been born into a position of leadership, not accounting. If you hire a Christian, they may have an allegiance that is elsewhere and they are unsafe unless you really know that Christian. Also, Christians weren’t necessarily self educated as Jews were (from Bar Mitzvah). Jews were unlikely to hold any allegiance to a rival prince or duke or kingdowm. As far as many religious Jews of the time were concerned, their Earthly kingdom was conquered by the Romans anyway. And since they kept to themselves to study and live in Fiddler-on-the-roof type communities, the political squabbling and allegiances were an affair for Christians. Therefore, for someone in authority, Jews were selected. It’s possible this type of Old Europe mentality continued with some Jews who emigrated and are now in the U.S. Probably both IQ and some conditioning play a role.

          • Talltrees

            Your detailed clarity is welcome.

            Many joining the White cause are college graduates. Of course, some are not. Some have PhD’s and are or retired college professors. I don’t mind when someone knows more than I do about a particular subject. It’s more important to be open to learning from others.

            We don’t profess expertise in anthropology.

            The “at least 25%” came from DNA results. Below is a comment made by a Jewish recipient of one of the DNA tests.

            “I am 75% Eastern European Jewish and 25% a mixture of European descent (Mostly British, German, and Dutch) and possibly some Native American. So learning that my DNA is 70% Eastern European/European Jewish isn’t much of a surprise.”

            I do not speak for other White European-Americans, but it’s my understanding that when we speak about Whites, it means European ancestry. A Caucasian Iraqi, for example, born in Britain is not of British ancestry even if Iraqi ancestors were born there, as well. It’s my opinion we look only as far as indigenous Europeans who settled our country comprising her majority. We haven’t gone beyond that time.

            We do know the Caucasian race includes more than Europeans, Jews included. Possibly, some Jews consider themselves European since ancestors were born there. Don’t know.

            Don’t think any of us are Nordicists. There may be a few groups going in that direction, possibly, neo-Nazis; however, we don’t associate with them. We include Italians, French, Greeks, Spanish (Spain and Portugal) as White.

            It’s not the whiteness of the skin or eye and hair color, it’s that they have European ancestry. Each ethnicity does have distinctive physical
            characteristics, though, but that isn’t important to us. We could return to the time before our country’s discovery and would find mixed peoples; however, our concern is that most U.S. settlers came from Europe. Those settlers and later immigrants claimed ancestry from European countries. We have to start and end somewhere.

            I agree with you, intelligence attracts intelligence. This is understandable and can’t be criticized. I also agree we gravitate to where our intelligence and talents lead us; however, when we get there, we must remain ethical.

            Our main concern…non-White Third-World foreigners invading the country, destroying our culture, ethnicity and race. This would include both Black and White Muslims. Evidence proves some very influential liberal Jews instrumental in convincing legislators that massive immigration is necessary; however, in reality, they have a hateful, self-interested agenda. Our anger is supported by actual statements and what we see occurring.

            We try to understand why these Jews are doing this and how an
            analysis of their behavior might lead to productive results. Only through understanding will that occur.

            Below are two brilliant articles written by British authors about Britain’s immigration problem in 2010. Most of it is applicable to the U.S.



          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Thank you for the thoughtful response. I shall try to answer clearly but without undo verbosity.

            I agree Ashkenazi have high amounts of European DNA. I don’t think this is a bad thing though. Certainly, God would have expected intermarriage in any diaspora type situation. My point was that even without intermarriage, my opinion is still that Jews are White. Unless they have significant amounts of Arabic DNA…. As I consider Arabic DNA distinct from “Hebrew” DNA.

            Based on the phenotype evidence I submitted (although admittedly from 1906 Jewry), I am hesitant to group Arabs and Jews together simply because of Hebrew having linguistic similarities with Arabic, and because of “Semitic” cultural status. It seems likely Arabs (as in, someone whose ancestry originates on the Arabian peninsula) have larger amounts of African admixture from Ethiopia and East Africa. After/during the Islamic conquest, these genes were carried to Byzantium, Persia, and Egypt. It can not be said that pre-Islamic Byzantium was Arabic, even if the Whites there were Semitic.

            Ultimately, while Arabs may have been white at some point, the extent to which they have bred with East Africans has been similar to the extent Ashkenazi have bred with Europeans.
            So I question whether a modern Iraqi is actually genetically similar to an ancient Sumerian. Certainly, they have nothing in common with them linguistically. Hebrew often has more in common with Akkadian (the Sumerian “sprachbund”) than Arabic does. Although, again, it depends. There are non-Africanized Iraqis and Afghans–such as the Nuristani. They are the remnants of Indo-Europeans in the area. Some of them until very recently followed an Indo-European pantheon. In terms of appearance, if they were to travel to Britain, the blond and blue eyed ones could easily be mistaken as visitors from mainland Europe.

            I understand the complaint with liberal Jews. Knowing quite a few myself, I find there are several kinds. Some are actually in-charge of things and given that immigration of cheap, unskilled labour is profitable, I assume they are doing it for profit. It is efficacious for them, then, to lobby for more of this type of labour. Many of the lobbyists also do seem to be Jews. I am not entirely convinced that this is liberalism or just plain greed (which, frankly, doesn’t have a race). If they have an allegiance, it probably doesn’t lie in people or a nation unless those people have a dollar-sign attached to them. Certainly, Marxism is the context in which their policy actions are sold to the American public.

            I find the majority are merely complicit in this. Unaware that the motivator is greed, the PR campaign uses the niceties of “egalitarianism” to sell the legitimacy of immigration. So they support it on these grounds… Most successful Jews being doctors or dentists rather than business owners. And still others are complete Marxists. They aren’t ignorant or naive of what’s going on at all, but are activists to a goal. Nor are they necessarily greedy though, so instead of profit being their motivator it is the strict ideology itself. This does not, however, prevent those interested in only profit from using the ideology of some non-profit oriented Marxists to acquire support among the general populace.

            I don’t think the Marxists know the “Capitalists” are using them. Nevertheless, the entire situation and power dynamic is rather fascinating and worthy of much study. Fascinating in the same way the destruction of an erupting volcano is fascinating. Either way, I think the misconception here is that these Jews present some sort of united “Jewish” force. As if your basic Marxist activist that rejects profit, and your businessman that seeks nothing but profit actually confer or agree with each other.

            On the contrary, it is more like some Nietzschean “will to power.” Marxists use the businessmen for power and legitimization of their message, and businessmen use the Marxists for PR and profit. It’s a rather unhealthy symbiosis. Not that I am making a philosophical argument, but Nietzsche would better relate what is happening here than any theories that it is the “Judaism” of these largely secular individuals that has any bearing. Moreover, I think that if “egotistical power” were a religion, then that would describe what is happening.

            I try to convince other Jews of course… And I enjoy debates with Marxists… But like McCarthy, it seems obvious to me that I don’t have to think about Judaism in order to confront a Marxist. (Naturally, I view that as illogical based on my experience).

            I agree this has to be attacked from an ideological rather than racial standpoint as it relates to PR campaigns. “Marxism” is an effective technique because it appeals to people who think they are dis-empowered by hierarchy and inequality–therefore it would seem egalitarianism is the answer. You can either use the McCarthy method, which is useful, or you can use the academic method… Which is what AmRen is doing and I approve of. I think in general, the problem is just that AmRen doesn’t have a loud enough voice. By focusing on race, it does help discredit “economic inequality” as the reason for inequality. So this is one way to disprove Marxism.

            Ultimately, as far as Jews in general go though… We just need more Jews to be in the Pro White movement. Humans in general have a herd mentality… And where leaders emerge in a field, others will follow. I guarantee the fact that AmRen allows Jews to address the racial realities of our time means that other Jews see this and find this palatable, and the monopoly that Marxism has held on their cultural psyche can thus hold less sway. If we can completely discredit Marxism as a logical or realistic mainstream cultural identity, our battle is largely won.

          • Talltrees

            Yes, some of us are guilty of concentrating on symptoms rather than the cause. It’s similar to treating causal symptoms of terminal cancer no longer responding to treatment. The cancer is so huge and overwhelming, there
            is no solution.

            It’s not that we don’t acknowledge Jews are White, it’s that Europeans, not Jews, are targeted, obviously, because Europeans are the majority in White countries; however, Jews become collateral damage.

            I see the situation IS multifaceted and complex. Allow me to add one more to the mix? Fearful of another holocaust, some Jews are anxious to see Europeans a powerless minority with no influence over the Jewish population. Certainly, this and other reasons conflict with prosperity Jews enjoy in European culture.

            All involved fail to address doomed existence when governed by Hispanics, Blacks, Indians, and Muslims in the future. You can understand our incomprehension of this one way thinking towards self-annihilation regardless of whether it is greediness, ideology, ego, complicity, whatever, it is shooting oneself in the foot. Would like to hear your thoughts
            on the holocaust theory.

            This incomprehension applies to our guilty White European conservative legislators, as well. Have our government and citizens sunk so low as to agree with genocide? It appears so.

            “the problem is just that AmRen doesn’t have a loud enough voice”

            Absolutely. None of the pro-White groups do. I’m interested to know your thoughts on how to attract more to the cause considering the subject is not permitted by the media. Passing the word is much too slow a process. Some fear losing their jobs. Pro-White meetings and conferences confront
            resistance, threats, and cancellation by facilities.

            I suggest everyone sign up with NumbersUSA.com. They are involved with limiting legal immigration to much lower numbers, prevent illegal immigration, amnesty, chain migration, etc. It’s not only for Whites,
            but helps our cause. They have 8 lobbyists from 3 different firms, and a mass method for members to contact their legislators called ‘Action Buffet.’
            Be sure to sign up for ‘Action Buffet.’

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            Marxists have always been very good at taking everything and using it to their advantage. They use the Holocaust to perpetuate themselves, for example. As I am sure you have observed. Namely that it is an industry that has in many ways hijacked Jewish identity to the benefit of Marxist ideals… I wish we still had a McCarthy.

            As far as a plan to make pro-White groups have more of a voice… It couldn’t be expressed in a mere comment on a Web Site. But, I will say that I learned when I was young that the only think that is appreciated in this life, sadly, is money. Money is quite gross, and the need for it a cause for existential crisis, but I am aware of its usefulness as a tool. We need capital and investment in a message that appeals to our White youth, on a “pop-cultural level.”

            Think about what Hip Hop has done to make race-mixing acceptable, and how it reached mainstream consciousness. Hip Hop doesn’t even have an explicit message of race-mixing necessarily, but it makes Africanization/Bantu behavior appeal to many suburban/urban Whites. We need music and visuals that constantly paint Whites as superior, preferable, and better than anyone else (which isn’t even difficult). It doesn’t have to preach racism necessarily (therefore dodging leftism’s “sacred cow”), it just needs to capture the attention of White youth.

            We need radio stations that use similar methods of “mainstream appeal.” Both for broadcasting news and culture. As far as news go, we have to have a clear message and good writers. It isn’t “racist” to talk about how other people want to kill you (“la Reconquista”), or what they are doing to destroy a great country, so we should focus on that (which also involves field journalism more than “idea activism”).

            Although we also shouldn’t forget that, pragmatically speaking, the greatest problem is that pro-White advocates are too often ideologues. We already have a marketable ideology, the problem has never been our rhetoric. The problem has been our lack of “voice” (as mentioned) which has less to do with the validity of information and more to do with attaining power. We need pro-White advocates who are going to focus less on spreading the ideology itself and more on going out into the world and making proposals to potential investors, building things… Becoming involved in media and culture on a more intimate level… And then implementing our culture.

            As far as investors go, I’ve met few that actually believed in anything. All they care about is whether the venture is lucrative or not. If it makes them money, they actually don’t care. It just so happens liberalism is lucrative and a safe investment with less risk given the current social state. But real investors don’t have any allegiance if you let numbers do the talking.


            There’s much to do, but it isn’t as hard to do as some might think. Even low-grade ventures like Al Jazeera are effective. Some of the most important events in history were not predicted. I believe in this Republic and that things can be accomplished on a grassroots level, although many of my political ideas about things are admittedly Fascist (I’ve even been accused of being a Nazi before, which I found to be terribly amusing), I want American principles.

          • Talltrees

            Some might call your fascism, patriotism.

            Excellent suggestions. George Soros – Peter Lewis types for money.

            I agree large scale; however, as far as action is concerned, we haven’t even taken baby steps. We’re not crawling. We’re still in cribs. Regardless of how small, shouldn’t we do something?

            There’s too much discussion and no action within all pro-White groups. Expected a strategy, plan of action, donation requests to implement a plan from one of the groups.

            James Edwards receives sufficient donations to remain on the air. Recently moved to a larger studio with upgraded equipment to reach a growing audience. Strictly spreads the word. A large donor offered him enough money to stay on the air indefinitely, but with a stipulation. He refused. Don’t know the details.

            At NumbersUSA, several times annually, someone donates $500,000 if matched by member donations. Donors are out there. NumbersUSA receives much more than that.

            Also missing is what individuals can do besides discussions with friends and acquaintances. Since we haven’t a White civil rights organization, shouldn’t we respond to anti-White rhetoric? Darry Sragow at USC and USC President, and The White Privilege Conference,’ examples.
            Of course, they will walk all over us if we do nothing.

            Preferably, with polite, professional mass emails designed by AmRen volunteers or see below. A multi-pronged approach offers
            pro-Whites something to work on, now…boosting morale. While I doubt a desired response, legislators must be on the list, as well. With sufficient numbers, even a few hundred, over a twenty-four hour timeframe, sent frequently, would get their attention. I receive responses from them.

            Florida Family Association has met with success fighting Islam using the mass emailing method. Recently, FFA solicited assistance countrywide for their campaign to stop American corporations from advertising on Al-Jazeera. All companies targeted, stopped! Because of national
            interest, it’s also worked extremely well during gay-marriage and sharia law
            state legislative debates.

            We need a tax-exempt association or similar, a strategic plan, a
            professional image and message, name, logo, volunteer web designer, volunteer attorney, initially, a volunteer director and elves to solicit donors. Lobbyists when afforded. Within an organized framework, eventually your suggestions could be implemented using outside professionals. These are merely some of the elementary basics needed to get off the ground. (Some
            pro-White groups should merge.)
            AmRen could do this. Hint. Hint.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            A number of fascist movements described themselves as a “third position” outside the traditional political spectrum. Spanish Falangist leader José Antonio Primo de Rivera said: “basically
            the Right stands for the maintenance of an economic structure, albeit an
            unjust one, while the Left stands for the attempt to subvert that
            economic structure, even though the subversion thereof would entail the
            destruction of much that was worthwhile”
            – from Wikipedia
            IMO A falangist movement here in the US would best serve the vast majority of whites.

          • George

            So let me address the elephant in the room and get this thing straight.

            You as a Jewish person come to a white nationalist board saying that you agree with our cause but saying nothing about the Jewish role in all this and even when asked your opinion of the Jewish role you said that its only economic and greedy reasons and the Jews dont want to get rid of the Whites at all.

            Well let me tell you that I find this pretty much fishy and dishonest.
            First of all you should have explained in the first place why you are here and not wait to be asked.

            Lets say if I were a Muslim and went to a Jewish board shouldn’t I to justify this or just keep quiet and start to chat with Jews as if there was nothing unusual about a Muslim going to a Jewish forum.

            Second of all if the Jewish role in the third world immigration is only economic why needed it to be non white? There are a lot of poor white countries also around the world.

            So my question to you would be, why did you come here? Did you come here alone, were you sent by some organization? ADL?

            If you feel honestly for our movement you probably shouldn’t be offended by these questions.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Man…yer even windier than I, LOL! If less prolific in totality…

            A few points/counterpoints to be followed by a request for a favor…

            1. “Sumeria was a White civilization. They were not Negroid, and Sumerian language and culture was Indo-European. They may have been “Semitic,” but Semitic is usually a cultural rather than ethnic distinction because you can theoretically be apart of any race and be Semitic.”

            You sure about that? I believe most scholarly opinion is that the Sumerians were neither Semite nor Aryan (a term unfortunately poisoned by the Nazis but much quicker to type out and basically accurate), at least linguistically. Many White/Caucasian groups existed like this prior to the great migrations of both Semitic and Aryan peoples. It’s my understanding that the Kassites were another indigenous White population whose language was a linguistic isolate. Basques, perhaps Picts and Etruscans all may represent the same as well, so the dividing of Caucasian into the two most widespread and successful groups may be somewhat misleading and not entirely true.

            “In the Islamic Empire, when the Muslims were allowing the Jews to exist, they were physicians and doctors and mathematicians at higher proportions than those around them. And where was the European ancestry to influence this? Surely it wasn’t Arabic ancestry, considering the Arabic IQ.”

            Well said. I wonder how Africanized the Middle East became after European ascendancy forced Arab/Islamic slavers to go to sub-Saharan Africa more and more to feed their addiction to the sloth and vice enabling institution…

            OK, favor time. I was involved in some spirited debate above and was given this URL…

            “while this is a convention of Rabbis inside Israel discussing the permissibility of killing goyim babies, no jokehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v…”

            What’s going on here? I can’t tell, but looks interesting. You speak/understand Hebrew? Educate me if possible.

            Regardless, always fun and thought provoking to read your windy posts, Brother Jacob and look forward to your windy response, lol.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Oh, one more point… (for Son of Jacob)

            I nurse a theory that Indo European folk originated around the Black Sea, may have had a surprisingly advanced culture very early and that their diaspora as well as general lack of physical evidence for such a culture, may have been due to rising sea levels that flooded a sub-sea level freshwater lake some 6000-8000 BC when the Dardanelles straights broke, resulting in the now saline Black Sea. Large areas once above water, especially the sea of Azov, were rapidly inundated, causing great and sudden displacement which resulted in the widespread presence of Aryans throughout Eurasia.

            Perhaps something similar occurred in what is now the Persian Gulf, inundating suddenly what the Bible refers to as the Garden of Eden. Perhaps causing a similar displacement of Semites?

            All very speculative but not entirely without evidence.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            You bring up a valid point of the “Proto-European.” Indeed, before the “Aryans” arrived from Indo-Europe (around the Black Sea, indeed), White people were already living on the continent and in the Middle East with a different culture, language, and religious pantheon. Indeed, I think the distinction made, at least by anthropologists such as Marija Gimbutas, was that pre-Aryan Whites were very different culturally. I recommend, “Der Ethnogenese der Europäischen Indogermanen” by Gimbutas. And also, “The Kurgan culture and the Indo-Europeanization of Europe.”

            It’s possible the Sumerians were “Proto-European”–ie non-Aryan Whites… I just don’t know if that is reflected as much in their religion. They are an interesting case though, so ultimately we have to go off of their religion and their depictions of themselves in art. They seem to have larger noses, suggesting that it was selected for in a colder climate. Longer noses help in cold air. So it does seem likely they came down from Russia at some point. They are usually depicted as identical to Akkadians. I think they made the Akkadians have slightly different shaped eyes though (but identical facial and nose structure)–or maybe that was just Sargon…

            Interesting you should make note of slavery… A little known fact is that the slave for Africans was much bigger in the Middle East than in the Americas, and for longer. The Muslims sterilized many of the African slaves, but they also converted them to Islam and married them. This has been happening in the Middle East, basically, since Islam began to dominate the region and force Christianity and the Byzantines out.

            The URL isn’t working for me because your sentence runs into it… Interestingly, my German is actually much better than my Hebrew (I haven’t decided if that should be ironic, yet). So my Hebrew is ok, although it leaves much to be desired.

            However, if there is a rabbi talking about killing “goyim” babies and this is legitimate and it isn’t some forgery… I have a few things to say.

            1. He sounds like a psychopath. Psychopathy is a genetic aberration inconsistent with a specific race. I’ve not heard of him and I can’t be certain he is famous… So hopefully this is just a rabbi who happens to be insane.

            2. For the same reason I acknowledge pedophilia is not apart of Catholicism or a prerequisite to priesthood, I acknowledge that being a Rabbi doesn’t make you impervious to being completely wrong about something. Or impervious to the effects of insanity. I would like to know what his justification would be for killing babies.

          • David Ashton

            Engelman must be tempted to press his automatic button quoting Taylor, Rushton, Lynn &c on seeing this.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Add “Tired of anti-White trolls” and “John Brown” to the list.

            My only question now is which one is the real opinion, if any? This is funny.

            I actually like the MRI personality, lol…

            Agitprop, multiple personality, or impish Amrener? Don’t ya love the webbytubey?

          • Morris LeChat

            he doesn’t, he doesn’t belong here

          • anonymous_amren

            Hopefully we’ll see [name] around here some time.

      • Luca

        Next time, ask her if she’s upset about the NBA being 80% of one race that makes up only 13% of the US populaiton.

        • a multiracial individual

          It’s strange, no one would think I am white, yet I am still very hesitant to be “out.”

    • Morris LeChat

      I guess just because some men “go down” they want to bring their whole ethnic group down.

  • wattylersrevolt

    How about holding the next conference in Fort Royal Virginia? Do it in the fall.Possibly do it at a Hotel on the Skyline Highway. Whole lot of them there Asians around in the fall.

    About the protesters:support enthusiastically hard core racial politics for the asians…on Native Born White American Living Space and Breeding Space….won’t suppport hard=core racial politics for Native Born White Americans. Well..who the hell cares..we don’t need there permission. Don’t beg for it…”why can’t we”..that’s begging for it..

    It shouldn’t be although difficult to expose the very vastly nasty intent of the antifa towards the Native Born White American Majority…when you can do this in front of an audience of own kind…you can and will provoke outrage among our people. This to me should be our focus from here on out. Always accuse them of hating Native Born White Americans..this frames the issues..the antifa have two options1)we don’t hate Native Born White Americans…2)we hate Native Born White Americans..either way we win…whatever answer, systematically take them apart….

    I am not a Separatist…I am an Expulsionist. Separatism=death of Native Born White America..that’s if you let china’s genetic borders extend deep..right up to the border of Idaho and Montanna…The Chang Family would like try some fly fishing in Montanna and Idaho.

    • OnGuard

      Have you heard about the Chinese enterprise zones being given by cash-strapped states? Idaho has given 64,000 acres south of Boise. Google it for more info.!!! The Chinese will bring in their own workers and have their own factories right here in America! They are extracting their”pound of flesh” for the debts we owe them; they demand real estate and goods, not dollars in repayment.

      • wattylersrevolt

        Oh yeah…this is even freaking out open borders enthusiast Gary Null. He really goes into a rage state about the Chinese land grab in the Northwest. I mean it likes the situation in the town of East Hampton..Springs area. The mexicans are all over the place. The very wealthy Liberal Jews there want the Mexicans Out!!! Remember the news story that was posted on AR about a year ago on Springs..it was hilarious.

  • Morris LeChat

    I hope all the rainbow flag crowd read, and re read, and re read again what JT has to say about meaningful distinctions and how that includes homo verses heterosexuality. The gay marriage crowd want to pretend there is no difference and that their agenda will do no harm. Nothing could be more wrong. The distinctions are profound, and changing the meaning of marriage and the definition of the family is a one way ticket to oblivion for the races that embrace gay marriage. Just because it doesn’t happen, “poof” the day after gay marriage is sanctioned by the state does not mean that nothing is happening.

    • a multiracial individual

      Here is a list of places that recognize marriage equality:

      – Canada
      – Argentina
      – Iceland
      – Sweden
      – Norway
      – Spain
      – Portugal
      – South Africa
      – Denmark
      – Netherlands
      – U.K (intent to recognize)
      – France (intent to recognize)

      In societies that are mostly white (or at least, mostly governed by whites) anti-gay sentiment slowly evaporates. If all non-Whites disappeared tomorrow, the entire Earth would recognize marriage equality in less than a century.

      • Aldric Mayson

        Actually the thread of commonality that connects all those countries you listed is that they are all Z.O.G.s. To say that they are governed by whites is to deny the disproportionately high number of dual Israeli citizens in those governments, as well as the massive efforts of lobbying and litigation pushed.

        The peddling of perversion, like multiculturalism, is an attack Israel aims and deploys at Western nations, while they themselves lock up African immigrants in pens and force African women to go on birth control before they can enter Israel. This they do in order to preserve Israel as fundamentally a semitic Jewish state. The only reason for them to do the opposite at home as they push in European nations is because it is an attack.

        • David Ashton

          In Britain, the departing Chief Rabbi attacked “gay marriage”.

          It is true that many Jews have been involved in pushing immigration and multiculturalism, but we would need more direct evidence that the State of Israel has been a prime mover of homosexuality abroad, and also an explanation of its motivation, especially with the need to keep US Christian Zionists on side.

          • Aldric Mayson

            The motivation is to morally corrup the society and to lower the birth rates of the only race that Jews ever deemed an existential threat.

          • David Ashton

            They have existential problems with the Arab and other Muslim birth-rates.
            White Gentiles (apart from a few exceptions like Proudhon and Duehring) have not posed an existential threat, as such, until Hitler. Given US political support for Israel, why undermine the supply of funds and friendship?

          • me

            We are Goyim, we are cattle, we are ‘other’–subhuman animals given to the ‘chosen ones’ by their Babylonian ‘god’ yaweh to serve them. The ‘chosen ones’ are also fearful of White ‘gentiles’ because of our innate goodness, our compassion, our creativity, our free and independent spirits, our idealism, our successful history, and our love for each other. Do you think that the ‘chosen ones’ will achieve their ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’, with the ‘chosen ones’ as our ‘overlords’, without bloody White resistance? Do you understand now?

          • Luca

            They are going after more than a race per se. I have repeated numerous times, they see the enemy as the “White heterosexual Christian male.”

            Being pro-heterosexual marriage is not the same as being anti-gay. Whenever people tell me that gays are being denied their “rights’, I say: “They have the identical rights that I have, we can both marry whomever we please of the opposite sex”. Furthermore the name-calling tactics in the media are clearly the work of an organized effort to label a person like myself, as homophobic. I don’t fear gays, I actually find most of them entertaining. I feel sorry for them, as I would for anyone with a birth defect or severe emotional problem. I believe they should not suffer discrimination but neither should we. They should not be able to marry but should have any legal contract that supplies them with the same outcomes. They should not be scout masters for common sense reasons that are based upon human nature and protecting children.

            Anyway and anytime they can attack or divide anything in this country that is White, male, heterosexual or Christian, they do. And they laugh all the way to the banks they own.

          • blight14


          • pcmustgo

            i am half jewish

          • anonymous

            I have a Jewish set of great-great grandparents, so technically I am ‘part Jewish’ so to speak and people have said that makes me ‘jewish’ but I’ve always identified as white, never set foot in a synagogue and absolutely detest Bloomberg, Feinstein, Tim Wise, the New Black Panthers, the muslims and other people who are enemies of the West.

          • Morris LeChat

            You will find very few “racial purists” outside of the ….what is their name?… oh yeah, “Stormfront” pages. We are concerned with what side your heart is on, we are concerned with who is a threat. I do not at all consider all jews a threat. The red diaper babies though…. they are a threat.

          • Gunrunner1

            Sorry Morris, we ARE concerned about race. That is exactly why America failed. Rather than specify a race that was able to own land and represent the polity, as in the example of Haiti, America did not, which lead to its downfall. Any future White Nation must specify and exclude. Did you not read the article? Jews have their own nation, blacks have entire Continents. Time for a White Nation.

          • Morris LeChat

            i am half surprised

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Watch out. The Nazis are here.

            Generally I avoid calling people I disagree with “Nazi” for obvious reasons (ascribe to Godwin’s law pretty much), but…

            When someone basically ascribes to a philosophy/ideology that pretty closely resembles Naziism…

            I don’t think Godwin’s law applies. “Nazi” becomes not a slur but an accurate description no matter how they self refer.

            Still I’ve refrained from going there out of distaste. I got your back, lol.

          • dukem1

            There seems to be an awful lot of people in all walks of life who are very successful and identify themselves as Jewish.But they are such secularists.
            Is being Jewish following a religion or belonging to a race?
            It seems to me that if you take step back from these secularists, the rest of these folk seem pretty much on board with an AmRen style point of view.

          • David Ashton

            I leave it to Jews to define themselves as such. Some are religious; others not. Strictly speaking, they are not a “race”. Some are on board with the AmRen viewpoint; others against. It is right and proper to criticize Jews or anyone else, whatever their motive, who seek to undermine our western nations, especially by mass-immigration. It is not right or sensible to unite Jews in opposition by needless provoking in them a needless fear that thet face persecution, let alone extermination, because of our policies. Of course, they are “over-sensitive”, and some exploit the charge of “antisemitism” for inappropriate reasons, but it should be possible to understand why this is the case after WW2.

          • ProWhite son of Jacob

            When a White is a Marxist Anarchist type, do you consider him “Conservative”? (not using the term to be divisive there, but rather just for clarification of an issue). When a Christian denounces God, is he a Christian? When a White only wants reproduction with a Bantu–and acts on this, is he/she a valuable member of White society?

            Such is it with Jews. In my experience, being Jewish doesn’t make you incapable of being a traitor. The Torah says those who honor God are apart of God’s covenant. If you leave the covenant you leave the covenant. Being apart of God’s covenant is what is Jewish. Yes, race plays a role as does religion… But ultimately, the covenant is why we exist at all. We don’t exist because we “evolved” or because Abraham was a new race (he wasn’t–he was a Sumerian). We exist because of God and only because of God. Jews who forget their biological purpose of existence are not Jews, in my opinion. How could they be? God is the only reason Abraham was a Hebrew and not a Sumerian. When you take God out of the equation, the identity doesn’t even mean anything. Even Jews who wish to say they want to be “cultural” but don’t like God… What “culture” is that, exactly? Our culture is inseparable from belief in haShem creator of the universe. Our race can not and will not exist without God… Jews who think otherwise are simply not apart of the covenant God extended “for all eternity.”

            Therefore, according to the Torah, religion trumps whatever the Marxist Jews think they are (they’re not Jews, because God trumps heritage unless you are King David’s descendant, and even then God got rid of Kings that were unGodly). Some Marxists even just say they are Jews because they want to somehow be a “minority.” That’s not how it works.

            Now, as far as the covenant and God’s laws go… I am not Orthodox, (although I’m not Reform either), but am a Conservative. I realize it isn’t realistic to live life like the Amish (although Amish have strong communities, high birthrates, they remain White, they value literacy and education, work ethic, etc.–so even that is good). But suffice it to say, if you do not believe God’s prayer (Sh’ma), then you aren’t Jewish: Shma Yisrael Yhvh Eloheinu Yhvh Echad, Baruch shem kvod malkuto leolam va’ed”

            Hear Israel, the Eternal God is Our God, the Eternal God Alone, Blessed is God’s glorious majesty for ever and ever.


            Veahavta et Yhvh elohecha bkal levavecha uvekal nafshecha uvekal meodecha
            Deuteronomy 6:5

            You shall love Yhvh your Lord with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might.

            Concerning Christianity (this will invariably come up because some people believe “Marxist Jews” are Marxist because of rejecting Jesus), this is the main reason why I am not Orthodox: Unlike Orthodoxim, I don’t see the major differences between us and Christians. Why should we deny their claim of entrance to the covenant? Are they less Godly than someone who is supposedly Godly by virtue of birth (although we know that this is not the case according to Deuteronomy). And I have read the New Testament, and Jesus recited our holy prayer in Mark 12:30, Matthew 22:37, and Luke 10:27. And Jesus prayed the Sh’ma in Mark 12:29.

            Now, personally, I still think the Messiah as prophesied in Isaiah has not come… So I’m not Christian. But unlike some Orthodox, I see the bigger picture… Which is that we aren’t so disparagingly dissimilar.

            Peace brothers. May White Civilization never perish from this Earth.

          • Katherine McChesney

            ‘If you leave the covenant you leave the covenant.’

            Jews cannot leave the covenant. They inherited it through Isaac. It cannot be taken away from them. Their RACE earned it thousands of years ago. They can choose not to practice Judaism but they never lose their covenant place. They are COVENANT CHILDREN. That’s why the Ishmaelite Muslims are jealous of them.

          • David Ashton

            I can respect your personal religious conviction, without sharing it, and agree with your support for white civilization generally, but others who consider themselves Jewish do not. I welcome support from every law-abiding individual and criticize those who seek to breakdown western civilization whatever their personal self-identification, political, ethnic or religious.

        • a multiracial individual

          Many Jews are liberal. However, if you removed every Jew from the Earth, there would still be many, many, White liberal Gentiles who adhere to the same tenets. As to your “Protocols of Zion” belief(s), well, Mr. Taylor distanced himself from such people a long time ago.

          • Aldric Mayson

            I believe the relative proportion of thumbs up to my main comment versus your response more clearly illustrates which opinion prevails than does what you say.

          • a multiracial individual

            Argumentum ad populum? The popularity of an idea speaks nothing to it’s validity. You know this.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            This Jew baiting thing is insidious.

            As I’ve pointed out before…

            American Black average IQ = 85

            White average IQ = 100

            Ashkenaz average IQ = 114 -115

            According to Black apologists, Whites are successful not as a result of +15 points of IQ but rather because we are evil and do awful horrible things to them.

            According to Jew baiters Jews have been successful vis-a-vis non Jews not because they have that high average IQ but because they are sinister and do awful, horrible things to non-Jews.

            The same folk who post here ridiculing Black paranoia fantasy conspiracy claptrap…

            Seem to have no problem gulping down Protocols of Zion style paranoid fantasy conspiracy claptrap.

            The only propaganda we need is the propaganda of the Truth, which as represented by science simply does not support the Protocols of Zion.

            Funny if not for Hitler.

          • Jim G

            “According to Jew baiters Jews have been successful vis-a-vis non Jews not because they have that high average IQ but because they are sinister and do awful, horrible things to non-Jews.”

            Not true.

            Calling critics of the Jewish dominance in subverting White Christian
            culture “Jew baiters” is giving the game away. There are many Jewish critics of White Christian culture and they are never, I repeat never called White Christian baiters.

            There is no parity. Being a critic of Jewish networking is anti-semitism and will cost you your economic life. But being Anti-Christian will get you economic success.

            American Renaissance is the place to go for facts about the conspiracy
            of pro-Blacks, pro-Hispanics, and other anti-White groups’ in their efforts to overthrow the White rule of America. It is the place to go for the latest news in the war on White people and the appalling acts of Blacks against White people.

            But American Renaissance is not the place to go when you are
            seeking the ultimate causes of the success of the anti-White and anti-Christian conspiracy. The most compelling explanations of the causes of anti-White Christian conspiracy come from thinkers E Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “E. Michael Jones: Anyone who has read the Gospel of St. John or the Acts of the Apostles or St. Paul’s Epistle to the Thessalonians should know the answer. It’s because the Jews rejected Christ, and in rejecting Christ they rejected Logos, and in rejectingLogos — the Reason for the universe and its redemption — they became, not only as St. Paul puts it, “enemies of the entire human race,” but foes of the moral and political order of the universe. As a result, the Jews engage in continual anarchy against reason and truth, a decision they solemnly ratified when they chose Barabbas over Christ.

            Rejection of Jesus Christ is the core of Jewish identity. And this identity will remain so until the Jews repudiate their rejection of Jesus Christ and accept Him as their saviour.”


            Is this the kind of superstitious Jew Baiting claptrap you’re talking about? Is this supposed to impress me with reason and logic? Really?

            Hey…I hate the fact that many bright White Jews have fallen for the siren song of hard core, nation denying leftism. I also do not believe that the interest of Jews is necessarily my interest.

            But if I were Jewish and understood the history of bloody paranoia in all too many Christian societies toward the Jews…I might find definite advantage in ascribing to some form of nation denying leftism.

            Sounds pretty smart to me…

            I would much rather have White Jews on our side, however. Perhaps the existence of cleaned up “Protocols of Zion” psuedo-academic, the unfortunate popularity of such ideology, IMPELLS some, many Jews to indeed look to self preservation, which should Mr. MacDonald’s musings indeed gain a widespread following, seems a very natural reaction by an intelligent people interested in their own survival.

            I’ll delve into this some more, but in all honesty what I’ve run across so far looks like polished Protocols of Zion stuff.

          • Sheila Dinehart

            (u said)
            Rejection of Jesus Christ is the core of Jewish identity.
            (u might want to rethink this statement)

          • NeanderthalDNA

            No, that’s what E. Michael Jones said. That was part of the quote, dear. If you had continued reading beyond that you would have reached my editorial comments, like,

            “Is this the kind of superstitious Jew Baiting claptrap you’re talking about? Is this supposed to impress me with reason and logic? Really?”

            Come on, really?

          • David Ashton

            Anyone really interested in delving into the subject may be surprised at the recent appearance of Daniel Boyarin’s “The Jewish Gospels”.

          • Morris LeChat

            right, it doesn’t automatically mean it is wrong.

          • a multiracial individual

            It could be true. I need to see some evidence. Documentation (paper, video, audio) between many high up Jews that speak about their insidious plans. Being “pro-immigrant” and “pro-multicultural” will not cut it. I need to see something explicit.

          • Morris LeChat

            if you think every thumbs up will follow you in a crusade to expunge “jewry” from the planet, or even the country, you are very mistaken. People know something is wrong, that someone or some group is manipulating everything, but voicing that recognition is a far different thing than causing harm to others just because they are jewish. Even the nazis had to use the worst criminal elements to do their dirty work and even then, they had to give them so much crystal meth that it saturated the whole army and caused them to literally melt down from exhaustion.

          • Aldric Mayson

            If you would be so kind as to reread my comments here you will see that I did not propose harming anyone. I suggest you refrain from asserting that I did.

          • Morris LeChat

            you wrote

            “The peddling of perversion, like multiculturalism, is an attack Israel aims and deploys at Western nations…The only reason for them to do the opposite at home as they push in European nations is because it is an attack…..” Sir, don’t play games with me or other readers. be a man . When you claim someone is attacking and threatening to destroy, you are laying very heavy charges that call for an equally heavy response. You are a rabble rouser. Your intentions are clear enough to me so don’t think you can say all of that and then play the innocent one. You are stoking ethnic hatred. I only want to identify individuals and hold them accountable. These individuals and organizations hide behind the jewish people the same way the palestinians fire rockets off at Israel from populated areas. The anti american and anti white jews counter any attack or even recognition of them and their motivation as an attack on all jewry.

          • Aldric Mayson

            “To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.” ~~~ Voltaire

          • Morris LeChat

            grow up

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Also, just what is an obvious Zionist doing trying to define terminology, counterbalance popular comments, and guide the discussion on what, ostenstibly, is a white rights site?”

            I think Mr. Taylor defines this site, not you. I think Mr. Taylor accepts most Jews as white.

            I agree with Mr. Taylor. LeChat is an obvious Zionist because he disagrees with you? Really?

            Mighty pontificant and presumptive of you.

            You Jew baiters always have all the secret, shocking information. I’ve dived down your rabbit hole and know what I found? Nothing. No different from any other poisonous IDEOLOGY disguised as SCIENCE or Truth.

          • Jaego

            The real question is whether Jews see themselves as White. They don’t by and large.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Most Jews I’ve known do. Most Jews you’ve known don’t?

            Been looking for something like a survey but can’t find anything. Wonder what most Jews say on the census? Bet it’s “white”.

            Although anecdotal, found this…


            Not that it proves anything, but your statement is neither supportable nor unsupportable by any evidence I can find.

            Like a lot of statements about Jews.

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not hate blacks, but I understand why others do, especially if like me they have been the victim of black criminals.

            There is no legitimate reason for hating Jews. The only characteristics that differentiates Jews from Gentiles are their religion and their superior average intelligence.

          • Mike Lane

            That and the fact that they have the largest mafia, own Hollywood, own and run the media (which pushes an anti-white agenda), run the FED (and other finantial institutions), have a leading role in banking, and dominate universities.

            Sure the vast majority don’t, but one cannot deny the fact that there are Jewish Elites (or “Jewish Supremacists” as many call them) who run some of the most vital institutions in the West, and it isn’t for our benefit either.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Mafia is a predominantly Italian organization.

            No one has to see Hollywood movies if they don’t want to. Most Americans want to. If the media has any agenda it is not anti white, it is pro corporate. What benefits the corporations does not necessarily benefit white employees. Often it harms them.

            Jews do not “own” Hollywood, the media, banking, and the academy. They do have a prominence out of proportion to their numbers because of their high average intelligence. During the twentieth century they acquired that prominence despite antisemitic bigotry and discrimination.

          • Mike Lane

            Actually, organized crime is dominated by the Jewish mob. The only reason people think Italians play[ed] such a dominant role is due to Hollywood film and Al Capone (amongst a few other Italian names). Look up Russian mafia and Crime Inc.

            I never said they own universities- I said they “run” them, which is essentially the same thing as having prominent positions. If Hollywood is pro-corporate (rather than anti-white), then why is it that corporations are always vilified as the enemy (Robocop, all James Cameron films, and The Muppets Movie being a few of hundreds of examples).

            You comment here a lot. What exactly is your political position?

          • JohnEngelman

            I said the media is pro corporate, not Hollywood. I did a media search for the Russian Mafia. It seems to be Slavic and Jewish.

            I am a registered Democrat. I lean to the left on economic and environmental issues. I lean to the right on social issues, especially crime and punishment. I favor a criminal justice system several times harsher than anything publicly discussed in the United States. Unlike most Americans I favor more restrictions on legal immigration, and the deportation of illegal immigrants. I am most definitely opposed to amnesty.

            In the immigration issue I see little difference between the two major political parties. Democratic politicians want more Democratic voters. Republican politicians want more low wage workers to enable their clients in the business community to lower the wages of American citizens.

            I agree with Jared Taylor, Jean Philippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen, and others posted here that racial differences are significant, and due to biological differences.

          • David Ashton

            The US Mafia was both Italian and Jewish; the “Red Mafiya” is largely Jewish in terms of proportionality. Israel has had problems particularly with Jewish immigrants from Georgia.
            As for Hollywood, it is sheer obscurantism to deny its predominant Jewishness, whatever one thinks of its output or its excessive presentation of Jewish issues in films.

          • David Ashton

            No: there are other differences, but these are no reason to HATE Jews as individuals or as a notional collective. Some deserve support, and others deserve criticism. The whole history of antisemitism is extremely complex.
            It is interesting to note some shift of opinion among Jews from anti-fascist pro-communism to post-war pro-Zionism. Their realization that that they are now considered to be brighter than the “Aryans”, plus problems they have with Muslims and other Israel-hating migrants, has modified their position in a way that helps western self-defense.
            Our “white Gentile” response should be twofold: (1) give them no cause to fear “Another Holocaust” and (2) criticize any action by any of them that continues to be detrimental to western survival. However, our main job is to put the case for racial renaissance without bringing “the Jews” into it at all. It is a diversion from the real struggle, which can lead at best to a cul-de-sac or at worst to powerful yet unnecessary opposition.

          • David Ashton

            The “only” characteristics, surely not. Does Israel admit to citizenship only religious Jews with superior IQ? Do only such people live in the “Jewish National Home”?

          • JohnEngelman



            I said “superior average intelligence.”

          • David Ashton

            Then you know better than the Israeli authorities as to what constitutes a Jew, but then you know better than lots of people about lots of things (or think you do).

          • Gunrunner1

            “A Jew is either at your throat or at your feet” _Winston Churchill

            They simply will not be in a White Nation

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yes it will.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            The “white” Jew baiter exemplifies the worst aspect of Black paranoia fantasies. Spewing nebulous statements difficult to prove or disprove (but believed with the fervor of a fanatic) but presented as revealed fact, bizarre conspiratorial theories backed by questionable “sources”, ultimately falling back on statements of faith and canards that no amount of rational questioning or analysis can unravel.

            It’s ultimately as impossible to argue with the hard core Jew baiter about the nature of Jews as it is to argue the existence or non-existence of God.

            Jew baiting has (via idiot Hitler) NEVER benefited Whites, Jewish or not. It has only resulted in division, degradation and self genocide for our race.

            Even at a time like this the Jew baiter insists on poisoning the well, wears his/her superstitious, conspiratorial ignorance like a warm blanket. Prefers self destruction to pragmatic self interest.

            Ironically may even drive many intelligent, capable, White Jews directly into the camp of our enemies by such hard headed, hubritic, ignorance.

            Well Jew haters, me and some of my Jews will indeed fight side by side against those who desire our White genocide, Jew and Gentile alike. When it’s all over I relish the next fight. Enemy of enemy = friend, but when enemy is vanquished, one more task to complete.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            In fact I would posit that the hard core Jew baiter is as mentally ill as the sickening liblefty suicidalist, and every bit as obliviously complicit in our white genocide.

            Alliance with such may be necessary in the coming struggle, but such is almost equal to using rabid dogs to guard one’s property.

            Worth the danger? Perhaps, perhaps not.

          • David Ashton

            Precisely because of Jewish influence in the media, and Israeli influence in politics, the acquisition of neo-Nazi exterminationists to the cause of white preservation is doomed, so long as the compassion and decency of our fellow “white Gentiles” can be used fatally to undermine our cause. This whole issue is too complex, however, to be discussed (let alone caricatured) in short posts.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, and I don’t deny it entirely. It’s just that…

            If the big worldwide Jew conspiracy is real and all it’s cracked up to be by the true believers…

            Sounds like they’ve already won to me. Reminds me of 9/11 hyper conspiracy types. If it’s really that bad, if they are really that all powerful and omnipotent…

            What’s the point, eh?

          • David Ashton

            Oswald Mosley said to Archibald Ramsay when both were imprisoned without charge or trial during the war: “If your Jewish conspiracy theory were completely correct, we have lost everything already.” Then some years later Count Loredan said to Mosley regarding such a theory: “If it were true, Jews would be gods, but they are men, not gods.”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Yeah, gotta be careful imputing purpose and intent upon sweeping historical trends and such. Sometimes things happen which are in fact far more semi-conscious and circumstantial than pre-planned and intentional.

            It’s easy then in the height of passion and fury to impute some kind of grand unified sinister conspiracy onto a situation that more likely evolved – at best semi-intentionally – in steps and starts rather than in some kind of Dick Tracey style grand consortium of wealthy evil shadowy plotters.

            I’ve no love for the shifty Jewish Wall Streeters nor Hollywierders who do indeed wield undue influence, but I know that many Jews in the real world suffer from the multi-culti abomination, hate it, and would love to destroy it as much as I.

            I know this for a FACT.

          • David Ashton

            On this we see more or less eye to eye.
            The conspiracy question is too complex to discuss in detail here and now.
            My policy point stands: we work with anyone who legally opposes the “multi-culti abomination”, and criticize or cold-shoulder anyone who pushes it.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You know…If I were Jewish I think I’d be creeped out by the googly eyed, effusive uber Jew-ophile almost as much as the opposite.

          • I’ve actually heard Jewish scholars say outright that philo-Semitism scares them more than anti-Semitism. They’re definitely right to think it’s not a good idea. It would freak me out to find out that there are people who are not of my tribe that are so interested in me in the collective that they ignore or forsake their own to obsess over mine and pretend to be mine. It’s nothing more than stalking.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Stalking – that’s a great analogy. It’s kind of like the w****r. I’ve known some older, sensible Blacks, with whom I’ve exchanged some interesting glances when confronted by some clownish white boy or girl acting absurdly “blacker than black”.

            I’ve generally gotten along very well with Jews but never insulted them by pretending to affect some sort of Jewishness, despite my chameleonic propensities. Probably why I get along so well with them and other non-whites in daily life, in general. People respect you if you are who you are, generally, and find it creepy and fake-o when you do otherwise.

          • David Ashton

            A bit of hostility keeps the community together.
            Too much hostility risks a real existential danger.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “Jew baiting has (via idiot Hitler) NEVER benefited Whites, Jewish or not. It has only resulted in division, degradation and self genocide for our race.”

            Let me qualify that statement – a tad over the top and histrionic in retrospect. Sometimes Jew bashing has indeed benefited non Jews, in the SHORT TERM.

            When Black Hundreds instigated and participated in bloody pogroms against Jewish Russian communities the non-Jews most certainly did benefit by stealing and looting from Jews precisely the way Blacks have benefited from looting rampages against evil whitey (or Koreans…). Much like angry Black looters, the non-Jews stole a lot of swag and certainly enjoyed the 19th/early 20th century versions of flat screen TVs and videogame consoles they lifted as a result. And comforted themselves morally by ascribing to a belief that Jews were evil and had come by this swag purely through cheating poor good Christian folk.

            Same for Spain/Portugal but on a grander scale when the exodus of evil professional Jews resulted in economic stagnation and an unsustainable economy based on extraction of mineral resources rather than mercantile thrift and innovation.

            And then there came Hitler. Nuff said about THAT one.

          • David Ashton

            England was not unsuccessful between the expulsion and return of Jews, so it is impossible to make sweeping judgments in any direction. This includes the financial system. If I would recommend only one scholarly study it would be Jerry Muller’s balanced and detailed “Capitalism and the Jews”. The Nazi economic system and the international boycott of German goods are other matters of some complexity as well as controversy.

          • Mike Lane

            I’m not criticizing your point, but using terms like “Jew baiter” only harm your argument. Instead it would be better to use “Jewish supremacist”- you do not sound angry or hateful and it sets them up as “supremacists” instead of you, thus making it much harder for you to be criticized and it makes it easier for liberals on the fence to open their minds.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I think I went a little overboard there. I’m a scrapper and sometimes get caught up in the moment.

          • Mike Lane

            I know what you mean. It can be tempting, but I have to remind myself that winning people over is more important than letting my emotions take over. Peace.

          • tremendouscoast

            We cannot discuss racial differences today because of what the Nazis did during WW 2. National Socialsim does not represent my beliefs nor those of the great majority of people in Amren

          • HamletsGhost

            and what the Nazis didn’t do as well.

          • Bad_Mr_Frosty

            If all the Jews disappeared White liberals would degenerate back into dirt-poor, smelly hippies that everyone ignored. We have always had liberals, but only after WW2 were they given funding and media support to tear down Western Civilization.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            If all the 100 average IQ Whites disappeared, who would the 85 (or 70, take your pick) average IQ Blacks have to blame all the problems on?

            If all the 114 – 115 average IQ Jews disappeared, who would 100 average IQ non-Jew Whites have to blame all the problems on?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Don’t care for the Truth, eh, Jew baiters?

            You remind me of excuse making Blacks.

          • ..oly

            I vote Amren ends razorrare’s banishment with an apology and bans you and John Engleman.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Hey oly! Notice you didn’t call me “jew boy” this time.

            You stormfronters are trained to sniff out hidden Jews, as I read over there.

            Perhaps you should get some sinus medicine buddy. It is allergy season after all.

          • Gunrunner1

            All we wish is to be left alone. Go to Israel and be amongst your people. We wish to be amongst ours.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “We wish to be amongst ours.”

            My people are Whites, preferably with higher than 85 average IQ’s. It may come to pass that Israel is the last White state after you guys pull another “hitler”, in which case I’ll gladly go and “shalom” it up.

            I don’t consider folk who think like you White regardless.

          • Pythagoras

            Your gross ignorance of Franz Boas and the Frankfurt School’s influence on millions of American students since WW2 as well as your complete denial of who is in charge of Hollyweird and the media really doesn’t change the obvious truth to anyone who has at least a basic knowledge of the history of American liberalism.

            And for the rest of you, stop pretending or at least don’t support this constant attempts from this “multiracial individual” to belittle and blame us in our own house. Seriously, this daily hijacking of AmRen is nothing short of scandalous.

            Frankfurt School:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School

            Franz Boas:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Boas

            How Jewish is Hollywood (by Joel Stein, no less):

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Why do you assume he is totally ignorant of Franz Boas and his influence? What, specifically cues you in on that?

            How, specifically, is he trying to belittle us in our own house?

          • a multiracial individual

            I am not denying that some Jews have come up with some garbage ideas. Obviously Boas, and his acolytes are partially to blame for some of the misery we are in. I am not denying that. Of course, I am denying that he did his deeds because he was Jewish. Jews have a higher average IQ, this means that they will be disproportionately represented in academia, which in turn means they will be disproportionately represented in things/ideas that flow from academia. It is that simple. Some Jews were kind enough to save possibly millions of American lives by ending the war soon with Japan, weren’t they? Jonas Salk was kind enough to cure polio, wasn’t he? I see no reason to unnecessarily vilify them. You guys and your lame conspiracy theories are getting old.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I believe both your response and “Pythagoras” appeared under “Tired of antiWhite trolls”, which is strange.

            Having a hard time seeing how you could do that unless you have ADMINISTRATIVE access. Or someone else does…

            Hoping for moderator to chime in at some point to clarify.

          • Glickstein44

            “Jews have a higher average IQ,this means that they will be disporportionately represented in academia,which in turn means they will be disporportionately represented in things/ideas that flow from academia.It is that simple.”—-so sayeth multiracial individual—but not so says a fellow Jew Ron Unz…

            Ron Un on the Illusory American Meritocracy–by Kevin MacDonald…


            Unz suggests that an important reason for the dramatic Jewish
            overrepresentation is the large number of Jews in faculty and
            administrative positions at elite universities. He points to the
            “massive overrepresentation is found throughout the … top
            administrative ranks of the rest of the Ivy League, and across American
            leading educational institutions in general.” He also points to the
            “overwhelmingly liberal orientation of the elite university community,
            the apparent willingness of many liberals to actively discriminate
            against non-liberals, and the fact that American Jews remain perhaps the
            most liberal ethnic community may together help explain a significant
            portion of our skewed enrollment statistics.”

            Apparently you are ignorant of within group-collusion or ethnocentricity practiced by the jewish elites who works hard everyday to ensure that Whites have no sense of racial solidarity or White Identity.

          • Gunrunner1

            We are NOT going to vilify! Never! Just exclude.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            If such comes to pass, and I suspect it will in some way, I would have no problem with asking Jews to either identify as us or Israeli.

            On the big scene Israel is the enemy of our enemy (Africanized Middle Eastern Muslims). For that alone, if a Jew rejects cultural Marxism, even if they identify with Israel, that Jew is my friend.

            How could that idiot Hitler favor Africanized Muslims over white Jews? Insanity.

          • HamletsGhost

            Isn’t it funny how some people constantly snicker at the Protocols of Zion without ever actually quoting them? Is it because Henry Ford was right to note that whatever their origins, they are accurate and true?

          • Gunrunner1

            That does not mean they will be allowed in a White Nation

          • NeanderthalDNA

            If they identify as White they will. What do you mean by that and do you assume your opinion will prevail?

          • Gunrunner1

            Because those that are working FOR a White nation are aware of the “negatives” of having a non-White race (the jew) living amongst us. Jews can be identified by race DNA (See: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jewish-world-news/dna-links-prove-jews-are-a-race-says-genetics-expert-1.428664 )

            Why do I presume my feelings will prevail? Because the jews will do nothing to help create a White Homeland. Those that are working to establish such (H. Covington, et. al.) are working to explicitly remove jews and jewish influences from the new nation.

            Jews think the can have the Nation made for them. As it says in the Talmud:”The Jews were created to be served by non-Jews. The latter must plow, sow, weed, dig, mow, bind, sieve and grind. The Jews are created to find all this in readiness. Berachoth)

            Not this time. (See: NorthWestfront.org)

          • AIdric Mayson

            Your comment will get deleted just like my 44 Likes / 2 Dislikes comment above got deleted after two days. What they can do with their steering of the conversation they will, and have, as you can see throughout this thread. And what’s more when a comment presents an alternative view to theirs that identifies the hypocrisy of pushing multiculturalism in Western nations while keeping Israel as semitic and Jewish as possible, they simply flag it and it gets deleted. You cannot win here. The discussion is rigged.

          • a multiracial individual

            For the record sir, although I may disagree with you, as long as you speak in a reasonably civilized manner, I will not flag you.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thumbs up/thumbs down is a valid and polite way to register like or dislike.

          • Enticer


          • Gunrunner1

            I had noticed that the conversation had drifted away from the point of covering the conference and the desirably of a White homeland to “how can we not let in the Jews!” Still, I have great respect in Amren and its efforts and commentary. I hope the comments will stay.

            Aldric, Consider joining us up here. Ex Gladus Libertas!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Here here!

          • 5n4k33y35

            You’re right. BTW, nice touch to use The Prisoner as your profile picture.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            “You cannot win here. The discussion is rigged.”

            Have you read the philosophy of this site? Did you notice that Jews participated in the conference?

            Oh…now it’s all clear, eh? Must be part of the big bugaboo Joooooooo conspiracy! They’re everywhere and always plotting our destruction, don’t you know?

          • NeanderthalDNA

            By the way, all flytting aside…

            I’ve had comments deleted here in the past. No problem. Amren pretty clearly states its philosophy and the rules for posting, and when I’ve violated them I’ve gotten deleted too.

            Not often. More often I’ve had a comment edited. Again no problem. It’s not precisely MY website, you know? In fact I’m rather flattered the moderator would take the time to edit rather than simply delete.

            My views and opinions, if a tad too forcibly opined from time to time, do however more closely hew to the Amren philosophy than yours. Not that I seek acceptance nor that I kowtow to any ideology beyond that of the Truth (whatever that turns out to be). Just the obverse – I post here because I largely agree with the philosophy of the magazine/website.

            Honestly – If I find credible evidence that your ideas are correct I will go with the Truth no matter how much crow I have to eat. For me that’s the nature of the Truth, and the reason I post here as well.

            In the initial phase of the struggle you will indeed be the enemy of my enemy, so there is that. One of the reasons so little of what you have posted has been deleted. The owners of this site understand the Venn nature of you and I, in terms of concern and interest but are not anti-Jew.

            I personally hope you continue to show up. I like flytting with you.

            You gotta get yours and I gotta get mine, but we do share some common interests and enemies. Come or go as you like but understand the nature of the situation.

          • AIdric Mayson

            The nature of the situation, as you put it, is that three Zionists are steering this conversation quite actively, with you the most active poster, and with Morris the most hard line amongst you. Since that’s the case, no progress can be made here because while Mr. Taylor might consider Jews to be white, ask a Jew if a white is a Jew and he would say no. A Christian Zionist is nothing more than a useful goyim. You and Morris and multi can banter back and forth amongst yourselves all you want but you can count me out.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            As I have pointed out, I would LOVE to see a legitimate poll/study that addresses the question of Jewish racial self perception. Perhaps such exists but I’ve not found it.

            “ask a Jew if a white is a Jew and he would laugh. Ask a Jew if he himself is white and most likely he would say no.”

            I hate to sound like some liblefty “eracist” but that’s precisely the type of unsupported claim I’m talking about. How many Jews do you personally know? You speak of them as if they are some distant group you’ve read far more about than personally known.

            Christian Zionist? Is that the nazi-esque slur tantamount to the liblefty’s use of “racist”? If I disagree with you regarding the Jews I’m a goyim Zionist? Well I do support a Jewish homeland, Israel, though I also do not like unconditional taxpayer support for such. I support deporting American Jews to Israel no more than I support deporting American Scottish Presbyterians to Caledonia, however.

            As I’ve stated elsewhere here I consider the American White to be a NEW MAN, a new breed of “white”, “caucasian”, whatever the (politically correct?) term is supposed to be. (Side note – I hate anybody lecturing me on what terminology I should use to describe anybody, much less myself. Debate one thing, pontificant lecture another). The NEW AMERICAN WHITE is a mongrel of not only the wonderful diversity of sacred Europa, but too of any number of fringe groups and yes, the descendants of a few peripheral white folks and yes even a few “fence jumpers” here and there, hopefully representative of the higher achieving individuals of their groups.

            Is there no room in your ideology for exceptional individuals? Is your definition of “race” based purely upon genetics and nothing more? Not saying I’m right and you’re wrong, but my definition, although heavily dependent upon genetics, is not exclusively so.

            Look white, act white, live white. Some “non-whites” indeed qualify on two or three of those criteria in my judgement far more than many Aryan whites. I believe such an attitude is one of the finest products of Euro-Western thought, unfortunately warped and twisted by the liblefty abomination but valid and noble nonetheless.

            Although I firmly believe there has been/is quite enough dilution of European blood as it is, thank you, I cannot automatically exclude real people of quality who evince the qualities of real, noble men. I suspect that in the current atmosphere of miscegenation the cream will rise to the top and the dregs (including the shallower end of the white gene pool) will sink to the bottom despite misguided policies and ideologies which lionize mediocrity and deny reality. Such is my hope.

            Notes of Morris and MRI. They are always polite and reflective posters, bring something useful here whether I agree with them or not.

            ASIDE TO MRI

            Sorry, MRI, if a discus error made it appear you were engaged in sock puppetry agitprop – it really did look that way. Although again in the big pic, nothing wrong with having fun. According to a section here such skills are actually encouraged in the broader struggle online…

          • AIdric Mayson

            Another wall of text. You just have to get the last word, eh? Well, tell you what. 1. TL:DR. 2, Here:
            This is an Israeli news broadcast detailing their problem with, in their words, “illegal invaders” and describes how Israel has been dealing with them http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV_FUJnNSHk … while, this is a convention of Rabbis inside Israel discussing the permissibility of killing goyim babies, no joke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7t_LxpCY2G8&hf=18

            Your need to get the last word is not endearing and it lends credence to my claim that you and your cohorts are steering this conversation, as a rider steers a horse.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Not trying to get the last word in, Aldric.

            1. Thanks for the links. I wish I understood some Hebrew in regard to the baby killing thing. I’m sure there are some less than savory things in the totality of Judaism. Certainly I find parts of the Old Testament distasteful, dislike many aspects of all three Abrahamic religions. Now I’m curious, I admit. Any Jewish posters care to enlighten me out there?

            2. I agree that we are too close to Israel and that this is largely due to undue influence by AIPAC and such. Ironically enough, before my racial awakening it truly infuriated me. Back when I thought that Islam was a religion of peace, before I came to understand the insidious threat to progress represented by subSaharan African genetics.coupled with liblefty lies.

            I wish you no ill, Aldric. Really. And I assure you I am not affiliated with this website in any way beyond posting (too much, yes, lol, though if Amren ever needs another moderator and pays, they have my e-mail address and fake name, har har).

            I go for the throat in arguments and if I went too far with you I apologize. In retrospect perhaps I was too nasty. Even if I disagree with you, you are my brother, and I would rather you come here and post, even things I disagree with, than go away and never come back. Honestly.

            Again, not trying to last word ya, not trying to wall of text ya. Offering the olive branch and letting my guard down.

            When I was in college I got into a fight one night with a peckerwood roughly my size after way too much suds. He had knocked out the teeth of a friend of mine in high school, and you know how these things can go. When It looked like he was trying to back out, I poked out my chin and offered him a free shot. When he drew back to give me a haymaker I came in on him and landed four or five square in his face. Kind of hurt him.

            I was perversely proud of that for a long time but now realize it was a real cheap shot – only to be used on real enemies. Unlike you. Unlike him. You’re both my brothers in blood.

            So again, if I was unfair and vicious, and I was certainly a bit of both, I apologize. Hope you continue to post here in the future, look forward to seeing you come here again. Perhaps I’ve something to learn from you hope I’ve not driven you off. We live in difficult times and I only wish for the survival and prosperity of my people, of which you are one.

            Yeah, I can get windy.

          • Christian Zionist? Is that the nazi-esque slur tantamount to the liblefty’s use of “racist”?
            I think that term is overused. It’s usually a semi-pejorative for a fundamentalist-evangelical Christian who takes the Book of Revelation as both literal and describing future events, and therefore politically supports the existence of the modern state of Israel.

          • David Ashton

            Those Jews I have asked over the years do regard themselves as “white”.
            On the other hand, it is true that many Jews do work simultaneously for a mono-cultural Israel and a multicultural West. Their motivation, however, requires careful analysis.

          • Smitty

            Thats right –Amren does more editing then NBC–totally rigged.

          • Yep

            Funny when you flag theirs,those of John englemans ilk, their post dont get removed…totally rigged.

          • TOO

            Aldric–keep it up and they will ban your permission to post like they did to razorrare.

          • David Ashton

            I think you have a point about some Jews wanting a Jewish “national” state while also wanting non-Jewish states to become less nationalist. There are reasons for this, and we are quite entitled to point it out, but the idea that it is simply a malign objective for global conquest is disputable.

            I remember Sir Alfred Sherman making the point that if his fellow-Jews are entitled to an intact national home of recent origin in the Middle East, then the English are no less entitled to an intact national home of ancient origin in Northern Europe, and he campaigned against mass-immigration (“millions of wogs”, he said in a well-lubricated angry moment) and multiracial education which he called “cultural genocide”. He was not alone in this view, though it was not the fashionable position among self-appointed Jewish spokespersons in Britain.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Of course Jews have different DNA markers from White Aryans. Does that make them “non-white”? Semite, Aryan, and aboriginal inhabitants mixed for thousands of years in the ancient near east and white jews are different despite thousands of years of mixing.

            How about Finnish people? Hungarians? Other non-Aryans who look white? Slavs? Do you consider Slavs non-Aryan?

            How “pure” you think you’re gonna get? Looked in your own woodpile, guy?

            I posit that the American White is a NEW MAN, a new form of White, and that your form of small tent fanaticism is as sure a recipe for racial suicide as libleftyism.

            I sincerely hope that when the country does fall apart you’ll get yours and I’ll get mine.

          • Gunrunner1

            Jews are a Semitic people, that is why when you disagree with them, they call you an “anti-Semite”, not an “Anti-Jew”. All they think about is that they are the chosen and you are the goyem.

            We got that covered, NDNA The Constitution of NAR article V.

            “The race commonly known as Jews are in culture and historic tradition
            an Asiatic people, and shall not be considered White or accorded White
            racial status under law. No Jew shall be allowed to enter or to
            reside in the Northwest American Republic under any circumstances.” See: (http://northwestfront.org/about/nar-constitution/1-nationhood-and-citizenship/ )

            So you can have ’em! Watch that interest rate!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            What of half Jewish? Quarter? You gonna have DNA tests done? What If you find out something about yourself? Your wife? What of American Indian?

            Are you sure you have thought this out? And if one of your higher-ups finds something unacceptable what then? Expulsion or hypocritical cover-up?

            I’ve never cared for the term “anti-Semite” myself. Ambiguous and though Jews and Arabs are cousins, my opinion of highly Africanized Arabs is not very high in the big pic, with many notable exceptions such as Steve Jobs. In fact, my studies of ancient Semitic folks like the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians has revealed a remarkable similarity in terms of primitive proto-democratic civic institutions vis-a-vis their Aryan counterparts and competitors, with cities governed by political structures very close to those of Greek and early Romans. A brief look at the accomplishments of these early, non-Africanized Semites reveals some pretty impressive accomplishments which are integral to the Western tradition and scream “White” to me.

            What about the Basques, eh? They appear to be descendants of a pre-Aryan group of Whites that inhabited Spain from time immemorial. There is evidence of such peoples throughout Europe, from the Sami in Scandinavia to the Picts in Britannia, to the Cretan/Pelasgians in Greece, possibly the Etruscans, and others? What about the Magyars? Hey, ol’ Hitler even conveniently downgraded the Aryan credentials of the Slavs, especially those who occupied prime real estate he had his eyes on. What about the Slavs?

            Too small a tent will result in self destruction as surely as self hatred.

          • Gunrunner1

            I know what I am and what I fight for and I know what the jews fight for. The jews run the only Theocracy in the Western world, something the White man needs not to entertain or defend, or even desire.

            As to you: Kusch mir in tuchis, paskudnik grober jung! Geh red zu der vant!

          • 5n4k33y35

            Jews cannot be compared to any of the ethnic groups of Southern Europe. Judaism is what sets Jews apart from others. You write pages upon pages of commentary, all of which misses the point.

            It is NOT antisemitism which is the root of the problem. It is Judaism which is the root of the problem. And Judaism is a religion of Jewish tribal supremacy, and naturally others respond with anti-Jew sentiment, not “antisemitism”.

            If you converted to Christianity and attended a Church instead of a Synagogue, the problem which separates you from white society would be gone. The problem is your primative, tribalistic religion, not others objection to the tenets of your earthy religion.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Thanks for the response. Listen, my God I call Truth, and this is why.

            Truth, with the big T, is eternal and unchanging. It is primary and not relative – all else is relative to It and the Lie is, by its inherent condition, utterly dependent upon the primacy of the Truth. Little truths can be relative as Hell, and certainly it is possible to convey Truth through a clever arrangement of lies, or to tell the Lie by doing nothing but cleverly presenting truths. The first is great literature, the second effective political propaganda, lol…

            OK, so no insult intended to any particular religion (sick of Christianity bashing from my years as a libtard), but I largely agree with you concerning the religion of Judaism. Despite it’s non-proselytizing nature (which I like) I find flaw in it’s claims to universal Truth precisely because of it’s ethnic nature.

            I’m not a Jew, by the way, just a chameleon. My faith, beyond veneration for Truth, resembles something between Buddhism, Christian Gnosticism, with a little Zoroastrianism thrown in. Something of a Cathar with a respect for some left handed traditions as well, up to a point (stark and ugly wisdom there to be sure).

            As I said above to Aldric, however, my main concern is for my people, my blood and brethren. To that extent, if I have insulted you I apologize, though I respect few people more than those who are not easily insulted.

            Regardless, thanks for your thoughtful response and I sincerely hope to see you here in the future, brother.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          Beautifully stated.

          If I posted that same info, it would have been deleted. I think I used up all my Joo points with the moderator.

      • David Ashton

        Please note that anti-“gay” sentiment is not the only or the most important objection to “marriage equality” legislation. You cannot make a hawk equal to a handsaw or the female reproductive canal to the male excremental canal. In Britain, “gay marriage” legislation raises the alteration of man-woman matrimony over nullity/consummation, adultery as grounds for divorce, paternity obligations, incest, bigamy, the need for a mummy and a daddy, and other (probably not all unintended) consequences. It is not just a matter of social recognition of lifelong commitment in sexual affection between people of the same gender. The LGBT&c “community” is being exploited by Cultural Marxists not to extend and reinforce marriage, but to assist the breakdown of the “bourgeois family unit” and the influence of religion.

        • Morris LeChat

          my objection to gay marriage is not at all born out of “anti-gay” sentiment. I am “anti ‘gays redefining society to make themselves feel good about themselves'”. I have no interest at al in policing sexual behaviors that do NOT OCCUR IN PUBLIC PLACES!! For some reason though, it seems most gay sex occurs in public places, with strangers.

          • David Ashton

            Your reply should be directed to “a multiracial individual”.
            I do not wish to police the bedroom. I remain free to describe and criticize some homosexual practices that are medically or socially harmful, such as barebacking, fisting and felching.
            On race issues, some gays are with us, and others against.

      • Morris LeChat

        so you are gay, thank you for letting us know this. It is not marriage “equality”. it is changing the definition of marriage from an institution that is concerned with the raising of new generations to one that is totally DIVORCED from reproduction. I repeat, a race or ethnicity that embraces this is leaping off of a cliff of demographic oblivion. The countries that have given legal status to gay unions have already started showing serious signs of rot. But once again, thank you for letting us know you are gay.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          “But once again, thank you for letting us know you are gay.”

          What? Am I missing something? Where did he say that?

          • a multiracial individual

            Lol…..Don’t you know?! Everyone who doesn’t condemn something must therefore be a participant of said behavior. All logicians know that! haha.
            1. If you support the decriminalization of marijuana that means you are a pot-head.
            2. If you support 2nd amendment rights it means you must be a gun owner.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You got called anti-white up there somewhere. HA HA!!!! Your views are about as “white” as I’ve seen, whiter by far than those pasty morons protesting the conference.

            Oh, and I don’t consider the kneejerky Protocols of Zion mindset to be white – actually just the opposite…

            Please keep coming here, dude.

            Oh, and what about that “John Brown” guy, below? Legit liblefty troll or some impish Amrener’s sock puppet? Who knows, eh?

          • Morris LeChat

            come out of the closet already.

          • Morris LeChat

            read between the lines. Only gay people claim gay marriage is “marriage equality”

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You may be correct. Or MRI could be female. It’s the webeytubey, so who knows.

            I noticed some bizarre stuff regarding posters “multiracial individual”, “Tired of antiWhite trolls” and that “John Brown” person, below. Now several of those posts have changed posters.

            The link between all of them is “Tired of antiWhite trolls”, some of whom’s posts were obviously, by content and style, MRI. If I accused MRI wrongly of sock puppetry…oops. Not totally understanding how Discus and the system works, nor how moderation functions, the simplest explanation is, of course, the simplest explanation, which is that MRI was involved in sock puppetry for whatever reason.

            Even if so, I would not entirely condemn him/her/it. Julius Caesar routinely had conversations with himself in preparation for debates and such, and a little mischief isn’t the worst thing.

            The next person of suspicion here (assuming it’s not Discus being weird) then would be the moderator…

            If not MRI nor Moderator, and human, the culprit would have to have some hacking skills. I find this possible, but far less likely than the most likely options.

            3 most likely possibilities…

            1. MRI is having fun or agitproping through the magic of sock puppetry…

            2. The moderator is doing the same…

            3. Discus is an imperfect beast and is effin’ up. In the interest of not ticking off folks I like (both moderator and MRI), I’m tentatively going with this one.

            Option 4, some clever hacker, although not inconceivable, is the long shot.

            Ultimately no big deal, but a little disturbing considering the subject matter here and who may be WATCHING.

            It is well known that people do indeed get paid to troll the internet and influence people thereby (nice job!) but the more I think about this, the more I think it may well be a Discus thing…beware paranoia despite the fact that folks are definitely out to get us, lol…

          • Morris LeChat

            I would say so

        • a multiracial individual

          I hope you are joking. You don’t seriously think that someone is gay because they use terms like “marriage equality”, or support gay marriage? You are not the first person here to accuse me of being gay. There was a fraudulent libertarian here who voiced the same idea about my orientation. Very strange. Support for “gay marriage” is approaching 50% nationally. Are 50% of Americans gay? What is your criteria for discerning how people are gay online? Aside of course from obvious monikers like “Gay Black Man.”

          [The countries that have given legal status to gay unions have already started showing serious signs of rot.]

          Here are some Human Development Index figures (and global rankings) for nations that are legalizing gay marriage. You are correct, South African does seem to be rotting since they allowed gays to get married. Or perhaps South African could be rotting for another reason? Care to venture a guess?

          1. Norway (.955)
          4. Netherlands (.921)
          7. Sweden (.916)
          11. Canada (.911)
          13. Iceland (.906)
          15. Denmark (.901)
          23. Spain (.885)
          43. Portugal (.816)
          45. Argentina (.811)
          123. South Africa (.619)

          Hey man, if gay marriage is not your thing, then I am sure you would be happy in one of these paradises in which homosexuality is punishable by death.

          57. Saudi Arabia (.782)
          76. Iran (.742)
          155. Mauritania (.467)
          160. Yemen (.458)
          171. Sudan (..414)
          ?? Somalia (too poor to measure)

          As you can see the more civilized a nation is, the more friendly they are to our gay neighbors. The more violent and barbaric a nation is, the more violent they are toward gays. Perhaps you might want to drift a little toward the side of Westerners.


          • Morris LeChat

            yes, or so seriously brainwashed that they are not worth bothering with

          • Guest
          • Morris LeChat


            your human development figures mean nothing, when the family unit is destroyed, a people disappear. Gay marriage has destroyed the family unit in scandinavia. the assertion by gays that it has had nor harmful effects are outrageous lies.

          • JohnEngelman

            What is weakening the family unit in Scandinavia is not gay marriage, but the disinclination of heterosexuals to get married.

          • David Ashton

            Feminism, the sexual revolution, the socialist transfer of parental care to tax-funded government, the decline of Christianity.

            However, “gay marriage” legislation as conceived in the UK impacts directly and adversely on [heterosexual] marriage.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Either Discus is really effing up or MRI has multiple personalities.

          I’m going with B.

          Don’t worry, MRI, thou art still the spiritual son of this son of Loki, LOL! Whatever/whoever you are you make the most sense as MRI and I respect your mischief even if you are indeed the enemy.

          Perhaps see you in Valhalla after all…

          • a multiracial individual

            What is going on? Are some post being made under my moniker that are not typical? I have been having problems with discuss as well.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            It’s weird. If I wrongly accuse my apologies. The post directly above was under the “Tired of antiWhite trolls” person.

            Several other bizarre instances. I wish the moderator would chime in on this.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            I’m pretty sure the moderator isn’t on 24/7, that certain key words like the N word flag folks for moderation. But this was strange. Perhaps I should drop an N bomb, which certainly gets the mod’s attention.

      • Tired of anti-White trolls

        Somebody is not spending much time on her PhD here as usual…

        • a multiracial individual


          Oh man, that stings…..lol
          If there is something you find distasteful about my presence please tell me directly. No need for mud slinging.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Tired of anti-White trolls a multiracial individual • an hour ago

            “Somebody is not spending much time on her PhD here as usual…0


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            Tired of anti-White trolls Tired of anti-White trolls • 27 minutes ago


            Oh man, that stings…..lol
            If there is something you find distasteful about my presence please tell me directly. No need for mud slinging.”

            Wait. Thought I had it figured out, below, but apparently what we may have here is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a tasty taco, battered and deep fried…

            I hope it’s not you, MRI. Sloppy sock puppetry would not become you.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Confession time. Way back in days of yore when I was a brainwashed libtard I used to post at The Nation under a handle I’ll not reveal since I still hold privileges there under said name.

            To stir in a little agitprop I once registered under the moniker, “ham sammich” in order to pose as an ignorant, semi-literate, rhubarb to make the opposition look stupid. Had a little fun, but tired of it quickly.

            Recently I accidentally dropped a few comments under my new Discus handle, “NeanderthalDNA”. First time was an “oopsy” but then I decided to go with it and see how long I could make it before I got “BANNED FROM THIS SITE”.

            Made it almost two weeks, lol. Had some fun.

            Nothing wrong with having fun, nothing wrong with a little creative mischief, but…

            Can’t get sloppy, you know?

        • Morris LeChat

          well, she has been going to those workshops for minorities where they try to correct their attraction to white males and try to desire their own kind instead

      • Tom_in_Miami

        What’s “marriage equality”?

        • a multiracial individual

          It is quite simple, an adult human being is free to marry any other adult consenting human being they choose. If an activity has no victim, there is no reason to restrict/prohibit it.

          • David Ashton

            Depends on the wording and impact of the proposed legislation. In the UK, this will affect the inherited practice of matrimony. Nothing stops consenting adults living together, and we have civil partnership arrangements that give male and female homosexuals all the “marital” rights they can reasonably require, without impacting on the rest of us, and nothing stops people calling their ceremonies “weddings” or securing religious blessings from other consenting adults if they can find them.

            There could be a problem over “incest” because same-gender “sex” does not result in children.

            Personally I find some homosexual practices, such as promiscuous barebacking (without medical insurance) undesirable, the recruitment of adolescents objectionable, and felching psychopathic.

            It requires a large stretch of imagination reduce heterosexual marriage, with a mummy and daddy, to the same behavioral category.

          • David Ashton

            Depends on the wording and impact of the proposed legislation. In the UK, this will affect the inherited practice of matrimony. Nothing stops consenting adults living together, and we have civil partnership arrangements that give male and female homosexuals all the “marital” rights they can reasonably require, without impacting on the rest of us, and nothing stops people calling their ceremonies “weddings” or securing religious blessings from other consenting adults if they can find them.

            There could be a problem over “incest” because same-gender “sex” does not result in children.

            Personally I find some homosexual practices, such as promiscuous barebacking (without medical insurance) undesirable, the recruitment of adolescents objectionable, and felching psychopathic.

            It requires a large stretch of imagination reduce heterosexual marriage, with a mummy and daddy, to the same behavioral category.

    • Mike Lane

      Let us not forget that most homesexuals are white, and usually do not have biological children.

      • David Ashton

        There seems to be a stronger gender dichotomy among black Africans than Europeans.

  • [Guest]

    It sounds as if the conference went very well. Congratulations.

  • a multiracial individual

    Have there ever been non-Whites at the conference?

    • tremendouscoast

      I am Hispanic and was treated wonderfully. I get much more flak from the left who claim to want to save me.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Heehee! Man, no matter how much sense you make someone here always gives you a thumbs down.

      Makes me wanna give you a thumbs up every time, but in reality I’ve yet to read a comment of yours I found stupid or offensive. Can’t say I agree with you all the time (not a big fan of Libertarianism which I identify with anarchism which is the most advanced political ideology the adolescent mind is capable of fully embracing, for instance) but you always make polite, well thought out observations that from any other poster would bring a cascade of thumbs ups.

      Keep up the good work, guy. This descendant of Loki and neanderthal giants always appreciates your point of view, lol…

      • a multiracial individual

        My comment got a thumbs down and it did not contain anything besides a demographic question. LOL. Oh man! I need to do an experiment and post something by a different name and see how many thumbs up I get. I am not complaining though. I do not see myself as a huge victim. Engleman is the one that takes the most thrashing around here.

        Rest assured brother, I will say something stupid from time to time. When that moment comes, remember, no one can be lucid 100% of the time.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          LOL indeed! I’ve thumbs upped every other comment you’ve made. Nothing wrong with a little good natured flyting between brothers for certain.


          I claim descent from Loki for a reason, heehee…

          See you in Valhalla!

          • NeanderthalDNA

            No, you are the same as that “John Brown” guy below. Just figured it out. Which one is the sock puppet?

            Perhaps I won’t see you in Valhalla after all.

            Do you work for Eric Holder or just freelancing?

          • a multiracial individual

            I have no idea who that guy is…

          • NeanderthalDNA

            This comment was in response to the “Tired of antiWhite trolls” poster, who now appears as MRI.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          This appeared under “Tired of antiWhite trolls” when it went up. Now it’s you.

          I doubt you could change it unless you are some kind of hacker or work for discus. So…now wondering if it is discus.

  • David Ashton

    Your opponents were self-parodying clowns.
    I hope this is a sign of diminishing opposition, but beware of much stronger and better funded counter-demonstrations in future, says this English friend.

  • Athling

    Congratulations on the successful conference. What an uplifting event it must have been. I take it the majority of protesters were, let me guess, white? When was the last time we saw any non-white race of people protesting members of their own race at a conference promoting their own concerns and interests as a racial group? This seems to be a disease common only to whites. Telling.

    In any event, the presentations by professor Roth and Fabrice Robert were of particular interest to me and will, in my estimation, prove to be prophetic with regard to our future.

    Well done Jared.

  • Lars

    The diaper-clad counter-crowd were clearly paid to be there by Code Stink.

    • John Brown

      dude i wish

  • NorthernWind

    Oh my.. those “protestors” are veritable trash heaps. Apparently, they can do nothing else to feel like their existence has any worth but to dress like slobs, hold up laughable and idiotic signs, and yell like little children. When you have to resort to their kind of behavior it shows that their game is almost up. They are scared and rightfully so.

  • Sue

    Dresden: 500,000 suffocated and burned when the air was sucked out of the streets. A war crime except the “good guys” did it.

    What I’d like to know is were there any young people there? Is the message resonating?

    • IanJMacDonald

      500,000? You either plucked that number out of thin air, or else you are merely repeating myths propagated by others for which there is no evidence. Between Feb 13 and Feb 15 1945, US-UK planes ferociously bombed the city and killed *at most* 25,000, a truly horrific number, but apparently not horrific enough more interested in advenacing an agenda than in discovering truth. Source: Historikerkommission zu den Luftangriffen auf Dresden zwischen dem 13. und 15. Februar 1945.

      • You’ve just propagated the same type of advancing agenda ahead of discovering the truth. There are no specific numbers of those killed in Dresden, and 25,000 is the starting point of most estimates. Certainly not the “at most” number you are trying to pass off. Were there not enough White people killed to justify outrage?

        • IanJMacDonald

          No, I am familiar with the historical scholarship as well as with David Irving’s mendacious pseudo-schorlarship that people continue to parrot even though Irving himself has had to climb down from his exaggerated claims in the face of historical evidence.

          There is not one shred of evidence to support the claim that 500,000 (such a nice round figure!) Germans were killed by Allied bombs at Dresden between Feb 13 and Feb 15, 1945. Statements by politicians made ten years after the event do not constitute evidence.

          Even internal German government documents at the time put the death toll at 21,000. Present day apologists for the NS regime feel a strong need propagate legends which pump up the death toll by a factor of 25.

          Read Richard Walsh, “Lying About Hitler,” Chapter Five, The Bombing of Dresden (Perseus Books Group: 2001).

          • David Ashton

            Richard Evans (not Walsh).
            “The fairest estimate seems, therefore, to lie between 25,000 and 40,000…less than the total for Hamburg….most of them were women, children, and the elderly” (Frederick Taylor, “Dresden” [London 2005] pp.508-9).
            “In the war as a whole, according to the US Strategic Bombing Survey, bombs killed 305,000 German civilians and injured 780,000” (A. C. Grayling, “Among the Dead Cities…a Necessity or a Crime?” [London 2006] p.104).
            “The Holocaust is neither an explanation nor a justification for the bombings” (Randall Hansen, “Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945” [NY 2009] p.286).

      • OnGuard

        Because the city was under a “protected” status with lots of refugees, the numbers killed can maybe never be known. My mother, Kate survived the firebombing at age 16, got out w.her mother on the last train out of the city, while the Russian troops were pouring in with a venegance! Her (Catholic) father had been killed by the SS, for his repested public opposition, and her older siblings put in forced-labor camps. Kate lives with me, and was part of the reason I couldn’t come to the conference. Did Jim Goad (author of Redneck Manifesto) show up?

        • Robert Binion

          And oil into waters poured. And the river was set afire. “Repested”! I embrace one able to invent the perfect word.

      • Sue

        the other hand, nobody disputes that more than 12.000 houses in the center of
        the city were reduced to dust during the hellish firestorm. In view of the
        fact that, in addition to the 600.000 inhabitants of Dresden, another 600.000
        people (refugees from Breslau) had found shelter in the overcrowded city, one
        can safely assume that each of these 12.000 houses contained no fewer than 50
        people. But of these houses virtually nothing remained, and the people who had
        been dwelling in them were transformed into ashes due to a heat of 1600
        degrees Celsius.

        The figure of 35.000 dead only represents the small part of the victims who
        could be fully identified. Erhard Mundra, a member of the “Bautzen committee”
        (an association of former political prisoners in the GDR), wrote in the daily
        newspaper Die Welt (12.2. 1995, page 8): “According to the former general
        staff officer of the military district of Dresden and retired lieutenant
        colonel of the Bundeswehr, D. Matthes, 35.000 victims were fully and another
        50.000 partly identified, whereas further 168.000 could not be identified at
        all.” It goes without saying that the hapless children, women and old
        people whom the firestorm had transformed into a heap of ashes could not be
        identified either.
        In 1955 former West German chancellor Konrad Adenauer stated:
        “On 13 February 1945, the attack on the city of Dresden, which was overcrowded with
        refugees, claimed about 250.000 victims.” (Deutschland heute, edited by
        the press and information service of the federal government, Wiesbaden 1955,
        page 154.)
        You were saying…………….an agenda?

      • Sue

        I did respond to this before but it either wasn’t posted or was removed. I will try again with part of what I had originally written:
        One newspaper account published in a German paper, Eidgenosse,
        (1-3-86) lists 480,000 dead. That count looks like this:

        37,000 babies and toddlers
        46,000 school age children
        55,000 wounded and sick in the hospitals, including their
        nurses and other personnel
        12,000 rescue personnel
        330,000 dead simply described as “men and women.”
        and your agenda?

  • John

    I literally live a mere 10 “crow-fly” miles from the Idaho-Montana border and prefer that the Chang Family fish elsewhere, as well as the Obama’s and all others not of my heritage. If I cannot have separatism then expulsion is the only alternative because those who I would have to expel are the one same who denied me separatist status.

    Congratulations on a successful conference and I wish I could attend such events, but I do not venture east of the foothills of the great ranges of the West. Evil doesn’t just lurk back there – it is omnipresent.

  • Martin Martin

    Will somebody please urge Sam Dickson to write a book.

    After I read or hear Sam Dickson I always hunger for more, more , more.

  • Hal K

    The Left always argues that “education” will lift the working class into the middle class …

    Mainstream conservatives argue this also. Pro-white advocates will never be effective if they keep letting mainstream conservatives off the hook.

  • bigone4u

    Mr. Taylor summed it up for me by his remark that this is not my government, but a government of traitors. If the traitors have their way there would be no Amren, no conference, and no US–the white race. Act to the traitors accordingly.

    • “It is clear that the state stands solidly on the side of white supremacy. They granted a permit for a known white supremacist terrorist organization, AmRen, to hold their conference and they have repeatedly denied all of our permit requests to protest racist attacks on our park. We will converge on Montgomery Bell Park on April 5 and 6 to defend our park against these attacks regardless of the state’s efforts to suppress free speech.”

      “Shut down AmRen!” they will be delivering a petition with hundreds of signatures to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation demanding that the park not host the conference.”

      Free speech in the mind of a Leftist is You pay for it, I use it. I have it, you’ll never get it back. How can any sane person person not cringe at the thought of people like this making decisions that affect other people’s lives?

      • tech

        So true. They are despicable.

        • Want a testament to their hypocrisy, depravity, and hyper-destructive mental state? Watch how these people talk about democracy, freedom and the Constitution — something almost solely attributable to White Western society — and then realize these are the same types of people that just love to protest anything where White people get together, and complain endlessly about White privilege. Some of the AmRen conference attendees might recognize a few of these people.


      • JohnEngelman

        I am old enough to remember when liberals claimed to believe in free expression. It turns out they only want free expression for pornography, blasphemy, and burning the American flag.

        • Jefferson

          Most liberals believe in limited free speech. Meaning only socialists, communists, and anti-white racists should have their speech protected by the 1st amendment.

          If it was up to most liberals, someone like Matt Drudge for example would be doing life in prison for being very critical of the Obongo administration.

        • David Ashton

          This goes back to your student days, doesn’t it?

      • bigone4u

        I looked at the petition last night. It had 69 signatures. There’s something funny about the number 69 as it relates to this little group of professional agitators.

  • Robert Binion

    How many “cardboard mansions” were sacrificed to create those signs?

  • Hal K

    Mr. Taylor emphasized that we, like all people, have the right to a
    homeland, but it is probably too late to reclaim the United States. He
    concluded that we must think in terms of secession and local

    The first step has to be to change the culture so that a substantial percentage of whites will think in terms of their group interests. I don’t see the point in looking beyond this transition, which has not occurred yet.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    I attended the conference. Great location, great presentations, lots of fun chatting with like-minded folks. Sharing a 31 second video below on a telling point Jared Taylor made in his talk:

    “Jared Taylor spoke of how the most basic and ancient distinctions between people have been crushed by relentless egalitarianism. He said that the rot began with race, with the assumption that race was superficial and meaningless. However, since then the egalitarian juggernaut has tried to obliterate distinctions between men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals, welfare spongers and productive tax-payers. Mr. Taylor also mentioned Marion Wright Edelman’s denunciation of the need to “distinguish between our own children and other people’s children.” Even the love parents show their children is bigotry because it is a form of discrimination.”

    MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry » All Your Kids Belong To Ushttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3qtpdSQox0

    • tremendouscoast

      I had an absolute ball meeting and interacting with many of the conference attendees! I was impressed with the excellence of the speakers and topics covered.

      On a “lighter” note, I also enjoyed tweaking with the love and tolerance crowd as a representative of the Hispanic community. I was hoping the protestors would “save” me, since liberals claim to love to “save” the oppressed.

      That is of course you reject their ideology of victimhood.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      They want to take your kids and make them “our” kids. I especially detest that one (MH-P).

  • The ice Queen

    It was a great conference. I must admit I was a little worried when I heard that protesters would be there, but when I arrived and saw the troopers I relaxed and felt confident things would go smoothly, and they did. Kudos to the Tennessee State Troopers for doing an excellent job of protecting our rights to free speech and freedom of assembly.

  • Dr. X

    Thanks! Looks like you guys did a great job once again. It takes an enormous amount of courage, self-confidence, and Socratic derring-do to dissent from the democratic mobs led by demgogues and propgandists. As Socrates himself noted, if the true philosopher who escaped The Cave were ever to venture back down into the darkness to tell the cave-dwellers that their “truths” are not really truths at all but merely shadows on the wall, they would get angry enought to try to kill him. So anyone who exposes lies, superstition, and mythology can expect to be treated with contempt — or worse. No good deed goes unpunished. But you are doing great work — keep it up! (Oh… I am still waiting for the opportunity to be able to buy an AmRen t-shirt to show my solidarity… in white, of course).

  • IKantunderstand

    I regret I was not there. I would have loved it. Of course, if I had been there , I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut about Mr. Spencer’s quote of Mr. Herzl:”If you wish it, it is no fairy tale. If you do not wish, it is a fairy tale and will remain so.”Excuse me? If it is wished, it’s not a fairy tale?The hell it isn’t. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, (Or something like that). If wishes were not fairy tales, fairy tales would not exist. Fairy tales are the very embodiment of wishes, and also the embodiment of the ethos and moral distillation of Western culture. Maybe Israel is a fairy tale.

  • NYB

    “The black dictator Dessalines was smarter than Jefferson or Madison when he specified in the Haitian constitution that no white could ever be a citizen or own property.”

    The modern state of Israel, which self-describes as a first world nation aligned with the West, stays true to the ancient laws of ethnic property. They would never allow outside ethnic purchase or occupation of their holy land of Israel.

    How strongly do they feel about the ties of ethnicity and soil? Taglit-Birthright Israel is a private organization which exists to build connections between Jews living world wide. Since 1999, the program has sent more than 340,000 young Jews from around the world on a 10-day free trip to Israel. The state of Israel rolls out the red carpet for its diaspora in this rite of passage.

    Ethno-statism is the only answer.

  • These speakers are a fine brace of young men. This gives put paid to the canard that pro White is just some old men that are past it all.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Were there any heterosexual protesters?

    • anonymous_amren

      Yes. “Nathaniel Berman, a Jewish cantor at a Nashville temple, and his spouse represented the Anti-Nazi Klan Coalition.”(and were mocked and trolled by RamZPaul)

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    I was a little surprised and saddened to read that the founder of American Renaissance now believes that “it is probably too late to reclaim the United States” but I must say that I cannot totally disagree with him.

    Not only have we reelected the nation’s “first black president” for a second term, but I see no indication that whites are even any more likely to speak out against bad black behavior such as the “flash mobs” and “Knockout King” that are so common across the country (much less nonwhite immigration) than they were before electing Obama.

    However, I would also point out that this is a rather serious admission on Mr. Taylor’s part that he was wrong in the past, when he frequently said that his gut instinct from doing radio shows was that whites were waking up.

    I must say that I also don’t see secession as occurring any time soon, and those who think it is imminent are just kidding themselves, just as Mr. Taylor was apparently doing for so long when he said that whites were awakening. Things are going to have to get a LOT worse before they start to get better.

    • anonymous_amren

      It’s not too late. White people will still be capable of taking over, even if outnumbered, and capable of forcing out other groups.

      I see plenty of indications that white people are more likely to speak out against bad black behavior. At that’s likely to increase exponentially. White people didn’t reelect Obama, only a minority of white people voted for him. The problem was too many white people stayed home rather than voting Republican.

      White people are waking up, I see it everywhere. Go out there and talk to them, and they will come around to our way of thinking.

      Things are going to get better and worse at the same time, as both sides strengthen their actions. But the “left” is losing white people constantly and we are gaining them.

      • libertarian 1234

        “I see plenty of indications that white people are more likely to speak out against bad black behavior. At that’s likely to increase exponentially.

        You’re exactly right.

        All anybody has to do is take a trip throughout the internet news sites when a black on white attack occurs and see the white rage that has never been expressed before in such numbers and intensity. While I can’t say most of them are ready to exact reprisals, they’re getting there. And with the situation getting worse so too will the white desire for repercussions.

        “White people didn’t reelect Obama, only a minority of white people voted for him. The problem was too many white people stayed home rather than voting Republican.”

        I agree with that assessment, also. In 2010 conservatives…..without the far right…..changed the make-up of Congress in a really dramatic way……just two years ago.

        I’m pretty sure it will happen again in 2014, because of the falling economy, the mismanagement and racism by the community organizer and his minions, and increasing black on white violence, so long as hard-nosed conservatives are running for office…again as in 2010.

    • [Guest]

      >>>…I see no indication that whites are even any more likely to speak out against bad black behavior such as the “flash mobs” and “Knockout King” that are so common across the country (much less nonwhite immigration)….

      Based on my experience posting on various forums devoted to social and political issues over the last few years, I agree. In response to news reports on the most outrageous antisocial behavior or vicious crime committed by black individuals or mobs, white people will either attack the messenger as a “hater” or carefully avoid the story altogether.

      Even as blacks and browns become increasingly extreme and more openly racist, white people seem to have made themselves evermore colorblind. It’s as if they believe the highest moral ground they can occupy is that of “anti-racist,” meaning oblivious to the most vile behavior among blacks.

  • Remnant

    Judging from the photos, the protest may well have been whiter than the AmRen conference.
    Another reminder that the struggle is largely of one group of whites against another group of whites.

    • Whites that haven’t bathed in over 6 months aren’t very White.

      • Remnant

        Someone (the SPLC maybe?) should publicly berate the protesters for their shameful lack of diversity.

  • John Brown

    Regarding Dresden: 25,000 innocent dead was a comparatively small price to pay for the decisive defeat of Naziism. Thanks for the shout-out, kids – flattery will get you everywhere.

    The white race is part of a caste system, conceived in the British colonization of Africa and developed via American slavery. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was expanded as part of a new social contract to cover all pale-skinned peoples (as in Rockefeller’s “Multi-Racial Commission), such as Irish and Hungarian immigrants, who were formerly not labeled “white”; they had been denied membership in the big club called “the white race” and did not have access to white privilege. A century of struggle later, whiteness has outlived its usefulness even as a cross-class alliance between European workers and a sector of the ruling class. Whiteness is over. You are anachronisms. You are relics of a bygone era clinging pathetically to an ancient privilege. The white race had an historical beginning and it will have an historical end.

    See you real soon, Heimbach. I accept the challenge, provided we each sign the disclaimers you graciously mentioned, and I suggest we sell tickets for the event to make it a benefit for our respective organizations.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      The European race is reasserting its right to exist. The ethno-centrism of the Nazis will pale in comparison to what is coming.

    • libertarian 1234

      “Whiteness is over. You are anachronisms. You are relics of a bygone era clinging pathetically to an ancient privilege.”


      Then why did you take the time to post anything in an attempt to denigrate? Obviously you’re wringing your hands with worry.

      Could it be because you see the paradigm shifting, with the racial gap becoming wider and even more intense nowadays?

      The internet is inundated with racial animosity by whites that has grown in leaps and bounds these last four years, especially the last three.

      Amren is now one of the less harsh forums that comment on race and racial issues. I just did a quick search of two web sites regarding recent black crime, so I could provide with a link to support what I’m saying.


      Amren is not your only worry, old boy. The entire net now explodes with white rage. What are you going to do now?

      • John Brown

        Oooh snap, we got ourselves an internet badass!

        “Could it be because you see the paradigm shifting[…]?”
        No. It’s because I’m something of an eccentric on the Left, and I like to keep tabs on the racist Right as a sort of hobby, in addition to legitimate organizing work.

        Couldn’t care less about other fringe organizations. AmRen shrouds itself in enough suits and ties and pseudo-scientific legitimacy to make it appear JUST mainstream enough for me to rationalize why I’m protesting it to my skeptical friends. Most serious leftists will ignore you until it looks like you might gain some measure of power. Which it doesn’t.

        As long as we’re posting riot porn, here’s some that includes youth of all colors: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/07/09/oscar-grant-verdict-oakland-riots-johannes-mehserle_n_640468.html

        • libertarian 1234

          “Couldn’t care less about other fringe organizations.”

          Why not?

          And do you understand that the links provided represent individual comments out of the mainstream, not “fringe organizations?” Do you understand that it is possible to see those kinds of comments throughout the internet except on only a few radical leftist sites that refuse to post them?

          “Most serious leftists will ignore you until it looks like you might gain some measure of power. Which it doesn’t.”

          “Serious leftists?” Hahahaha! We’re supposed to be concerned about what amounts to about 10% of the population of radical leftist geeks? The left, in total, only amounts to about 20%, old man.

          It is not Amren gaining power that you need to concern yourself with, which the internet sites clearly reveal, but white rage in general which has increased in intensity and numbers.

          All indications are that the societal situation is growing worse, right along with an economy that is giving every indication of imploding, just as it is in Europe.

          You radical leftists flakes, oddballs and misfits, just love to whistle past the graveyard and ignore the situation, pretending that your journey down the road to the rainbow utopia is just ahead, but it is coming to a screeching halt…not because Amren might get bigger and stronger, but because pluralistic societies have always failed throughout history and this one will do the same.

          We won’t have to do anything more than watch and wait. Things are coming apart all on their own, and they will continue to do so.

          Societal animosities are just one part of the equation, but even alone they have always spelled disaster, but include into the mix anything like a failing economy, a natural disaster or any kind of catastrophic event and the situation is placed on the brink 24/7, which is where we are right now.

          You have some hare-brained idea that denigrating Amren out of existence
          will remove one of the biggest obstacles to realizing the success of your rabidly demented agenda, but at the same time you are anxiously trying to maintain Amren doesn’t matter and that whites are on their way out. It’s not only contradictory, but a bit stupid as well, eh, old boy?

          And, as old-fashioned rabid leftist, are you in for a surprise. Just watch and wait to see what will inevitably occur.

          And, again, better keep an eye on the other tens of millions of whites who are becoming very outraged and aggressive. It will only take one very important spark to set them off and come looking for dorks like you for an in-depth discussion, because you are on the wrong side of history.

    • paul

      I’m sure the Ice queen was at the protest holding up the Dresden sign. What a loser.

      • John Brown

        Are you a detective?

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Are you working for the federal government, JB?

          • John Brown

            Ho ho ho, now you’re fighting dirty, honky. Good for you.

          • NeanderthalDNA

            Quack quack quack. Quack that duckspeak, boy! Quack it strong, quack it loud.

            Fight dirty? You better believe it, enemy.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Messianic terrorist John Brown, whose murderous, suicidal, treachery qualifies him as just about the only White libleftyism accepts as non-evil.

      Folks like you also have an historical beginning and end, my enemy.

      • John Brown

        Who you calling “liberal,” cracker? Why don’t you come to Maryland, put your ass where your mouth is, and see if you don’t qualify for Matthew’s “best 5” in our upcoming fundraising event? (Assuming he and Scott really are a men of their words, and not pissants who makes threats and then back down, that is…)

        • robinbishop34

          “Whiteness is over”

          And as soon as it is, it’s back to thatched huts you go.

          • John Brown

            Right, because no one else in history has ever built houses. Come on, doesn’t Taylor like to praise Asians to prove his objectivity? Consistency is all I ask.

            Anyway, I’m partial to earthships, myself…

          • robinbishop34

            Asians don’t possess the egalitarianism gene that is necessary for blacks to exist in the first world. Natural selection is already taking care of that flaw in whites.

          • robinbishop34

            “Anyway, I’m partial to earthships, myself…”

            You’re also a f*****g dork.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Oh I would dearly love to meet you in person, JB. Preferably alone, just you and me. We could have a very lively discussion.

          • John Brown

            Never been to SC and can’t say I plan on it. I’m dead serious about Maryland, though. Matthew Heimbach’s precise words were “our best 5 against your best 5.” If he tries to deny it, onepeoplesproject.com has it on video. I’m sure he and his Towson yuppies-in-training could use a good scrappy southern boy on their side (assuming, of course, they don’t bitch out and beg the hammerskins to stand in for them).

          • NeanderthalDNA

            You guys are in trouble if you are talking about a real debate, sans a disruptive witch hunting “woot woot” crowd of supporters.

            Every little drop of Truth that genetic science uncovers is one less day in the sun for you. Your entire ideology based upon a fallacious ideological assumption that is not sustainable and I think know this.

            Quack that duckspeak, boy.

        • NeanderthalDNA

          But please do feel free to come here and post anytime you wish. Preaching to the choir does get boring after a bit. And let me extend to you a warm invitation to South Carolina, my enemy.

        • rightrightright

          So rude. When someone flails around with rude words and threats flapping from him like scarecrow rags, one realises he has nothing of substance to say.

    • rightrightright

      Learn some history before you rant. If whites didn’t not identify themselves as such until the colonial era, how come medieval European ladies took care to stay out of the sun to preserve their pale skin from a suntan? How come Elizabeth 1 ordered “blackamoors” out of England. Just small details of our history there but they demonstrate that our ancestors always knew who they were.

      Whites had a pre-historic origin. In fact, your entire “historical” sentence is a nonsense. You cannot postulate a “historical” ending to a future. non-specific event.

      If you are white, I feel sorry for you in your self hate. But then again, there is good money and a whole industry these days in hating white people.

      • John Brown

        I don’t hate myself. I don’t hate so-called “white” people…shit, let me give you the racist’s disclaimer – some of my best *friends* are whiteys! I just hate fascism and anything that smells like it.

        I didn’t say ethnic hatred was a new phenomenon. I didn’t say peculiar cultural memes like the obsession with pale skin were new phenomena. I said the “white race” is a recent phenomenon. It’s one term in a social caste relation that cannot exist without its opposite. The Irish were not “white” until 100-odd years ago. (See this illustration to an 1890s text: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fa/Scientific_racism_irish.jpg )

        • NeanderthalDNA

          Hey John Brown. Just figured you out.

          You forgot to post as “John Brown” and posted as “Tired of anti-White trolls”.

          What form of agitprop are you engaged in, son? Are you “one of us” using “John Brown” as a straw man to build unity here or are you an “antifascist” trying to sow dissent?

          Whatever – yer gittin’ sloppy, boy.

          Get some sleep.

        • Wouldn’t it make sense to claim that the people(most of whom are White) who only seem to show up to protest White gatherings have some kind of self-hating obsession with pale skin?

          I would love to see all of the “I just hate fascism” protesters confronting the admitted racism and supremacy at a Nation of Islam gathering.

          • IstvanIN

            They wouldn’t because they would get beat up.

        • libertarian 1234

          ” I just hate fascism and anything that smells like it. ”

          You’re a one-man clown show, aren’t you?

          Fascism is a merger of state and corporate power.

          You’re a complexity of ignorance and stupidity.

    • David Ashton

      The “white race” will have “an historical end”. Extermination, or what?

  • To Henry Wolff is the website editor of American Renaissance.

    Are you going to make available to us all the speeches at the conferrence?

  • cecilhenry

    Wow, lots of hate out on that lawn.

    Its always okay to hate the enemy (so they think) and thus become what they think they are opposing.

    Way to go Amren.

  • Tannhauser

    Can’t believe these guys actually had time to put down their playstation controllers and get off their asses and do something. They were probably paid to protest. Their are all white too, sickening. These turds ever go near the ghetto and they’ll be target number 1.

  • JohnEngelman

    Mr. Taylor emphasized that we, like all people, have the right to a homeland, but it is probably too late to reclaim the United States. He concluded that we must think in terms of secession and local community-building.

    – AR Staff, American Renaissance, April 8, 2013

    Unless the median income adjusted for inflation starts to grow, the breakup of the United States into two or more countries is a real possibility. Like the fall of the Soviet Union it will result in further declines in the living standards of the vast majority of Americans. Unlike the fall of the Soviet Union it will be violent. There are too many guns in the United States, and too many groups of Americans who hate each other.

    It will not restore the white male supremacy that existed prior to 1964.

    • Morris LeChat

      wishful thinking on your part john, When white America secedes then the white nation will do what white nations have always done – excel, and eventually, reconquer the rest.

      • JohnEngelman

        Morris LeChat ,

        You are engaged in wishful thinking. What is more, you are engaged in the kind of wishful thinking that leads to catastrophic wars, where the loser is devastated and the winner is worse off than before the war.

        The non Hispanic white population of Texas is 45.3 percent.


        What will white Texans do with all those non whites? If you think they will leave when the welfare checks stop coming you are delusional.

        Also, what about white Democrats in Texas? A change as radical as secession requires at least two thirds support to make it sustainable. The advocates of secession do not have that and will not get it.

        • Morris LeChat

          I know several “hispanic” texans, many of them consider themselves white and will be on the side of white texans. They are a divided people, you have the Tex mex and you have the recent newcomers that are here for the handouts. The texmex don’t care much for those newcomers. And yes, those on welfare will certainly leave when the welfare checks stop coming, they will leave as fast as their hoopties can carry them to where they can receive welfare.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am confident that the clear majority of non whites and white Democrats in Texas are not on welfare.

            Many nonwhites in Texas own guns. They will not peacefully acquiescence to deportation or second class citizenship. This can be said for every state that may conceivably secede. They have large non white populations.

          • Morris LeChat

            once again john, you are living in your head, not in the real world. Many whites are already moving from other parts of the US to Texas. People from Texas will tell you this, they have new neighbors from places like New York and California. It is already happening John. I have spoken with people from Texas and many seem hell bent on secession and the trigger will be gun control and obammacare. The white democrats will not offer much if any effective armed resistance to a secession, ESPECIALLY if secession is in response to gun control. They will not be attacking others who are like minded about their right to bear arms, in an effort to aid a federal government that is bent on taking that right away.If democrats did arm and resist a secession, the first hint of such a thing will be dealt with so effectively that it will never be tried again. The welfare illegals will start heading back across the border or to other states. They will have nothing to live on in Texas. jared Taylor”s audience is much larger than you wish to admit to for personal emotional reasons.

          • JohnEngelman

            Actually I wish Jared Taylor’s audience was larger, not because I agree with him about everything, but because he expresses truths that have legitimate policy implications.

            John Derbyshire spoke at the most recent American Renaissance conference. This is what he said in a 2003 interview, and what I wish he said at the AR conference:

            “The kind of thoughtful and intelligent young people that [National Review] would like to have as readers understand that there are problems and absurdities connected with race in our public life…They are, however, determined to make the multiracial society work, they believe it can be made to work…and they are unwilling to read, say, or think anything that could be construed as unkind towards people of other races. The pessimism and cynicism on this topic that you rather commonly find among conservatives – including NR readers – born in 1930, or even 1950, are profoundly unappetizing to these younger conservatives.”

            If one feels something strongly it is easy to overestimate the number of people who feel the same way. It is easy to underestimate the difficulty of converting others to one’s persuasion.

          • Morris LeChat

            actually john, you have your own agenda and come here posing and expecting people to fall for it

          • JohnEngelman

            My “agenda” is that I enjoy investigating different points of view, and stating my own.

            I enjoy civil debate, and think I am fairly good at it.

            On the issues of race and immigration I am certainly more conservative than the American consensus, and probably more conservative than the white consensus.

            If you cannot respond to my reasoned, and well documented arguments with intelligence and civility, you cannot be effective with the country as a whole.

          • David Ashton

            How many times have you said on the AmRen website that you think you are fairly good at debate, like Chinese women, and regard the Jews as the best people in the world?

          • Katherine McChesney

            Multiple times….ad nauseum

          • JohnEngelman

            I do it less often than the number of times posters question my right to post here because I confront them with arguments they cannot refute, and with truths they do not want to be told about.

          • David Ashton

            Some of your actually few “arguments” have been refuted, but you carry on regardless as possessor of The Truth.

          • JohnEngelman

            How have my arguments been refuted?

            My basic point is that race realism required an acknowledgement that Orientals and the Ashkenazim have higher average IQs than white Gentiles.

            I am able to substantiate that point quoting material I have found on this website.

          • JohnEngelman

            You, basically, are just a waste of a life, and a waste of time for anyone that reads your posts.

            – Morris LeChat

            They why do you read my posts? It looks like you’ve run out of rational arguments, so you have reached into your bag of insults. The first person in an argument who becomes abusive loses.

  • David

    Whites with light blond and red hair are very overrepresented as anti whites.They make up 10-15% of my country and as authors of anti white artcles etc. they are the majority.On the picture i see 3 red hair alltrough it is a very uncommon hair colour.Is it the little melanin that also influences self hate direct or indirect?.Hair color also correlates with some other hormones…

    I am wondering for some time..

    • Actually, they are targeted at a very young age to feel like they have to conform and eventually atone for their ultra-whiteness. The White kid with brown hair and brown eyes doesn’t stand out like the kid with red or blonde hair. Put that kid in an environment where they are around black or brown folks, or any White person who has already been brainwashed with the Leftist disease and those people will almost always go after the red and blonde-haired individual first. The quicker they convert the “Whiter” looking person into self-hate, the more they believe it solidifies their rhetoric in the eyes of others. The principle is not much different than the White person having the token black guy to show everyone.

    • Two reasons, as far as I can reckon: A) Yes, they must “atone”, and B) They are of superior adaptive intelligence, and thus have the mindware to conform to such abstract knowledge systems as those employed by anti-racist ideas.

  • Two questions for anyone informed enough to answer:

    1) I know that it was stated that some 150 people showed up to this conference. What is the record for most in attendance?

    2) What is the seating capacity at this venue, and would conference organizers have been able to accommodate twice as many people?

    Okay, that’s two and a half questions.

    • I got turned away at the door because I was late. So they either met capacity, or they don’t care about actually making any headway.

  • Morris LeChat

    well, it was a lot of talk, but so what? I guess the white race will go down talking.

  • MissBonnie123

    I am grateful that the conference went well and that everybody was safe, despite the self-hating protesters who looked scruffy.

    I am so happy that some of the speakers mentioned an ethnostate. We definitely need a White ethnostate. I have been thinking for months about solutions regarding our dilemma as a people and I’ve come to the conclusion that our only hope as a people is to create a sovereign exclusively White homeland. This is the only way we will be able to honor and express our heritage and our culture, teach a history that honors our people instead of demonizing them, and be able to continue to express ourselves in our English language. We also would NOT allow the likes of the protesters shown above to express any anti-White sentiments in a White homeland!

    Let’s face it. If we White people had a country of our own, many of the problems we have in America wouldn’t be happening.

    • If everyone is so big on an ethnostate, why don’t you pool your cash together and buy a bunch of cheap land somewhere, even in a different country, and then live as pioneers? I’m not trying to lampoon the idea… The fact that we’re not doing this en masse raises doubts, for me, about the sincerity of those who voice such ideas.

  • MissBonnie123

    What’s this sign saying that the Amren participants should “Go Back to Europe”? Don’t these self-hating Progessives/Liberals realize that they too would have to “go back to Europe” since they are White? What are they doing in America if they feel White people shouldn’t be in America?

    Sometimes I think these Progressives/Liberals are doing this only for attention.

  • Unperson

    Congratulations on holding successful, uninterrupted conferences two years running — after having been shut down by self-described “antifa” two years running prior to that. For an org that’s as dedicated to telling the unvarnished, unpleasant (racial) Truth like AR, it’s a cause for celebration when an annual conference is actually allowed to take place as planned. From all reports, you have hit on an excellent location there in TN. Also very glad the protestors appear to be just the far-left wing of the local granola brigade rather than the aggressive, violent ARA kind of anti-white scum that assaulted Mr. Taylor in Halifax.

    When the DVDs of the conference are ready, I’ll be buying at least the disc with Derb on it, or maybe the whole set.

  • Here is the protesters facebook event page.

    The guy with the IWW t-shirt has quotes from racist, anti-black, white supremacist Che Guevara who wrote nasty anti-black things in his diary and made the extremely racist claim that Africa was a lost cause, because of alleged low IQ!!


    • I forgot to mention that Che Geuvera also wrote about his hatred of Homosexuals, Mexicans, and rock musicians. Prominent among the 4,000+ political prisoners he murdered for Castro were open homosexuals and musicians.

    • His name is Jonathan Beasley. His wife, Shannon, is standing behind him with her face turned. Preston Gilmore is the one holding the bullhorn. I have at least 20 other ones verified.

  • Remember the protesters claim online about having an expert in “transphobia?”

    Now the UFC is defending a man who was fighting as a woman and suspended one of their own fighters for criticizing!


  • white liberal feces

    If you notice the outside sign holders are the problem as usual is white liberal feces scum male college boys with vaginas who are useless and serve no purpose in life as a scab on the ass of humanity.
    Where does the Constitution it give the right to free speech and peaceful protest to redress grievances against a private organization or club? Is AMREN the government?

    Isnt what AMREN doing exercising their rights of free speech against government? What gives?

  • DailyKenn

    relating to, occupied with, or fond of feasting, drinking, and good company


  • David

    interesting.Also white people see them often as more white becuase when you are for example a white blond mexican people are suprised you are a mexican and when you are a relatively dark white person form mexico or other latin american countrie also Whites see you see you as non white.

    But it could be next to it that Whites have a tendency to selfhate and it could be stronger in the Whites with less melanin, of which already is known they are already more often shy and less self confident on average

    • Yeah, whites’ ability to self-hate (and be generally meek/humble/selfless) is a mark of their evolutionary progress away from the traits endemic to blacks.

  • Funruffian

    “Mr. Dickson also urged us to purge our vocabularies of useless words, such as “conservative” or “right-wing.” To adopt these terms consigns us to a subset of a political spectrum that is irrelevant to our struggle. “We are a race, a folk, a people,” he said, “and a folk is not to be divided into Left and Right.” We can and must unite with all white people on the central subject of race; all other differences are insignificant. A true homeland for our people must be one that cares for our entire family.”
    I will try to remember this quote whenever i get entangled in a political devate.

  • PhoenixBaran

    You guys are truly heroes, and I have faith in that one time in the future, you will be seen as such. Thank you for speaking the truth on part of the US, as well as Europe.

    Cheers from Norway!

  • thoughtcrime

    The “Repeat Dresden” sign for me is the most disturbing. It is extremely ugly and viscous. I am no longer surprise or concerned when libtarded antifa screech for the blood of those they have deemed their enemies, that is typical leftard sociopathy. Not a single word at ANY Amren conference was uttered on harming anyone in any way. Yet when the rabble show up to protest they do it with murderous intent. That is a major disconnect.

    Again we come back to “The Holocaust” as their “justification” for being so murderous. That is why Dresden was mentioned, it was a near reference to WWII and the ONLY relevant event for the left during it…”The Holocaust”. If you were to ask them why they have that sign and why they are so bloodthirsty, they will screech and say “NEVER AGAIN!” thus repeating the slogan that the Tribe has taught them so well.

    Imagine their outrage if someone were to hold a sign that says “Repeat Rosewood!”

    I have a few other WWII suggestions for new signs for the leftards for next year:

    “Repeat Vinnytsia”
    “Repeat Katyn”
    “Repeat Mykonos, Syros and Chios”
    “Repeat Monte Cassino”

    • StillModerated

      Or not WW2:
      Repeat Pearl Harbor.
      Repeat 9/11.
      Repeat the Alamo.

      Oh wait, I forgot “Repeat the King David Hotel.”

  • me

    Congratulations to Mr. Taylor, and all, on a successful conference. The next conference should draw even more attendees–start saving up your nickels, boys and girls! We need to get to next year’s conference en masse! The meetings of our Founding Fathers started the same way……it may be time for another American Revolution! The traitorous ‘federal government’, along with both Democrat and Republican Socialist parties, is NOT concerned with us…it is in compliance with the United Nations and the plans for a New World Order. A New World Order of serfdom, repression, slavery, and Marxist ideology. The billionaires are our new ‘royalty’, and they want nothing more than to have a world under their complete control. This is what they believe, and this is what will happen to the White races, along with every other race, on the planet. Rothschild already has his ‘world court’ built in Israel, and the other supporters of the New World Order have laid the groundwork for the death of every country, religion, race, and cultural history.They continually attack our First Ammendment rights of free speech, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of thought.They have destroyed the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and now they will seize our rights to self-protection under the Second Ammendment. We are Goyim, we are cattle, we are ‘other’–subhuman animals given to the ‘chosen ones’ by their Babylonian ‘god’ yaweh to serve them. The ‘chosen ones’ are also fearful of White ‘gentiles’ because of our innate goodness, our compassion, our creativity, our free and independent spirits, our idealism, our successful history, our fighting spirits, our love of justice, and our love for each other. Do you think that the ‘chosen ones’ will achieve their ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’, with the ‘chosen ones’ as our ‘overlords’, without bloody White resistance? Do you understand now? Support AmRen, support the resistance to the tyranny of the New World Order, and support each other.

    • NeanderthalDNA

      Joo joo joo joo joo.

      You sound like some mentally ill 85 IQ Black blaming whitey for all the problems from AIDS to the fact he can’t pass a freaking test.

      Get outta my gene pool.

  • Fritz Franz

    I’ll make it to one of these conferences one day.

  • Integralist

    Will you look at the neck beards on those protesters.

    • Unemployable losers.

      • Puggg

        Not unemployable. There’s a job waiting for them at Organizing For America or some college or university’s “studies” department.

    • Don’t be bitter.

  • NM156

    “And, since a white newborn is already a minority, stopping immigration would only delay our decline into minority status.” This is a mathematical falsehood. That 50% of all US-born children are minority in no way predicts that minorities will become the majority if immigration is stopped and the minority welfare state is reigned in. Mr. Spencer needs to get his priorities straight: planning for some non-white majority future of imagined secession is ludicrous. Stopping immigration from non-white countries is paramount. Nothing else matters. We should just stop efforts to stop amnesties because the left always comes back? Well that just makes perfect sense!

  • Mike Lane

    My hope is the silliness of egalitarians will become so ridiculous (as if it hasn’t already reached that point) that America will be ripped apart. While I love my country, its national anthem, its real “Native American” people- those of north/western European stock, its traditional values, and its Constitution, we have reached a point in which it has become an ugly behemoth. We must treat America like we would a relative with an addiction- show it tough love.

  • I would like to thank the AR Staff for not cowering in silence as many haters would prefer.

  • “Repeat Dresden”
    Stay classy, Marxists.

  • Descendant

    Keep in mind…

    The frontiersmen were a remarkable breed of men. They were
    often rough and illiterate, sometimes brutal and vicious, often seeking
    an escape in the wilderness of mid-America from crimes committed back
    east. In the beautiful but deadly country which would one day come to be
    known as West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and
    Illinois, more often than not they left their bones to bleach beside
    forest paths or on the banks of the Ohio River, victims of Indians who
    claimed the vast virgin territory and strove to turn back the growing
    tide of whites. These frontiersmen are the subjects of Allan Eckert’s
    dramatic history.

    Against the background of such names as George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, Arthur St. Clair, Anthony Wayne, Simon Girty and William Henry Harrison, Eckert has recreated the life of one of America’s most outstanding heroes, Simon Kenton. Kenton’s role in
    opening the Northwest Territory to settlement more than rivaled that of
    his friend Daniel Boone. By his eighteenth birthday, Kenton had already
    won frontier renown as woodsman, fighter and scout. His incredible
    physical strength and endurance, his great dignity and innate kindness
    made him the ideal prototype of the frontier hero.

    Yet there is another story to The Frontiersmen. It is equally the story of one of
    history’s greatest leaders, whose misfortune was to be born to a doomed
    cause and a dying race. Tecumseh, the brilliant Shawnee chief, welded
    together by the sheer force of his intellect and charisma an incredible
    Indian confederacy that came desperately close to breaking the thrust of
    the white man’s westward expansion. Like Kenton, Tecumseh was the
    paragon of his people’s virtues, and the story of his life, in Allan
    Eckert’s hands, reveals most profoundly the grandeur and the tragedy of
    the American Indian.

    No less importantly, The Frontiersmen is thestory of wilderness America itself, its penetration and settlement, and it is Eckert’s particular grace to be able to evoke life and meaning from the raw facts of this story. In The Frontiersmen not only do we
    care about our long-forgotten fathers, we live again with them.

    The savagery and commitment by both sides to the fight for Kentucky and
    the Ohio River Valley are brought to life by Eckert.

    Researched for seven years, The Frontiersmen is the first in Mr. Eckert’s “The Winning of America” series.

  • Max

    Calling for a repeat of a war crime that killed tens of thousands of women and children, very noble Antifa!

  • Jason Smith

    Kyle Rogers is not a member of the white race. Richard Spencer is just a kid. He looks like he’s only 30 years old and no way a ‘leader’. Byron Roth is a Jew. Paul Ramsey is just a jackass. I don’t think he’s got a real job. John Derbyshire looks stiff and out of place. He looks very sorry to be in this company and probably wishes he was still making money writing for National Review. And Matthew Heimbach is fat and ugly with glasses and a ridiculous black hair with a prominent widows peak.

    Jared Taylor is the only one making any money out of this. I guess he’s able to support himself financially with these conferences.

  • Hopefully, soon, we can begin to speak on how the jews have dismantled our country.

  • Jared Pierce

    Those on the left who are both pro Islam as an alternative culture and pro LBGTQ are at some point going to have an existential crisis because the two can’t co-exist in the same time space continuum. :).
    As for the conference, it was excellent. There is something very uplifting to be around many like-minded folk. We don’t agree on everything and that’s okay. We do agree that the whole politically correct mindset is very overrated, and that seem to be enough in itself. Great speakers, great people. And keep your eyes on France. Something big may be happening there!


  • It look’s as if the Communist dosen’t believe in the freedom of speech!

  • LHathaway

    It seems as though Jared Taylor had gotten more extreme. Good for him?

  • I don’t know if you have seen this yet. But it is a very well done explanation of what AmRen stands for. I’ve met the guy being interviewed at both M.L. Mencken and AmRen. Contrast his wisdom with the nuttiness of the counter protest. It gives one perspective. I feel like I am in good company when I am with AmRen folk. The link: http://www.tennessean.com/viewart/20130409/DICKSON01/304090073/AmRen-only-voice-whites-member-says

    • By good company you mean, what, /comfortable/ company? I almost elusively hang out with “liberals”, and I advise anyone who would like to save the white race to do the same. You learn their language, and learn how to convince them. Not to mention, it opens up the possibility for multiple approaches to emerge such that all our eggs aren’t in one basket, so to speak.

      • race realist

        I’d rather hang from a tree than to hang out with libtards ..

  • WillToPower

    There are some, very few, Jews who are exceptionally nice people. There are also some Blacks who are the same, in fact I’d say there are more good, honest, hardworking black people than Jews (this is coming from someone whose lived in NYC by the way, some of you southerners and midwesterners probably have never met a Jew in real life). But at the end of the day, the bulk of blacks are not capable of functioning in Western civilization, and most Jews latently or blatantly seek to destroy and corrupt us.

    Until some of you ex-conservatives realize this about world Jewry, you’re just punching at wind. Try and think of who you can’t criticize. You’re testing PC with the reactionary stuff on black crime and illegal immigration (symptoms of the problem), but you don’t venture out into no man’s land because you know deep down it’ll prompt a tougher response. If the AMREN conference had some blatant opponents of political Jewry, there wouldn’t be 60 ANTIFAs , there would be 60,000, once a day attacks from the mainstream media, and your venue would’ve gotten closed down.

  • Michael Mason

    Funny how the protesters were the ones hiding their identities.

  • Have to love antifa- always the strangest most unkempt bunch out there.

    • Smug ad hominems help in no way. Why not roll up your sleeves and get off the armchair? Stop making such an easy target out of yourself. The future existence of your race is on the line.

  • Abandon whatever you seem to think your “heritage” is. Your real heritage has subsumed the entire world.

    Your “heritage” is the bag of diversionary junk that’s weighing you down and preventing you—and your fellow man—from escaping dangers, existential risks.

    McGrath opened the conference by discussing the courage of American pilots fighting the Japanese? How exactly is this relevant or appropriate? Perhaps its vaguely relevant if you want an inspiring tale about the plight of the underdog, but I can’t help but suspect a current of smug white supremacism in it. And even if I’m mistaken in proposing such an interpretation, still, who’s to say that such talk won’t serve only to alienate potential comrades?

    To Mr Roth: Forget about diversionary matters of the economy. If we dwell on such issues, we take time away from solving the core dilemma of overthrowing the hypothesis of racial equality. ANd anyway, to deflate the job market for unskilled laborers is to bring about an evolutionary pressure which is already on the menu and which is rather appropriate to our cause.

    And Mr Roth is right in his cordial reminder that education is not a cure-all for disparities in native intelligence. Indeed, at best it merely hides the symptoms.

    Avoid posing complaints against hispanics. For the purposes of making an otherwise abstract discussion concrete, discuss blacks.

    I largeley agree with RAMZPAUL, although his is mistaken in writing-off as good the idea that liberals have fewer children. This is a complicated discussion, but it hinges on “Blessed are the meek…”. Liberals have more agile minds, minds that can do things that an emotive-driven conservative type simply cannot hack. (Remember, the entire point is /adaptive/ intelligence. A key error oft made in white survivalist circles is to presuppose that intelligence can be gauged by the extent to which an individual strives for self-preservation, and his/her ability to arrive at [merely empirically] true conclusions.) Even without articulating the true primacy of “liberal minds” in an evolutionary context, surely everyone can agree, at least by appeal to the “no man left behind” slogan.

    Yes, love of one’s children ought to be regarded as bigotry according to the antiracist paradigm. Another unmanageable corollary would be that there ought to be stringent laws prohibiting discrimination against the ugly, as it is equivalent to discrimination against another race, et c. (Down with the beautocracy! Lawl)

    Mr Taylor: Forget about the gov’t. All we have to do is effect a revolution of the prevailing scientific paradigm—that is, a cultural revolution. Our entire mission is to overthrow the [unfalsifiable] idea of racial equality such that that the class of sets called “races” is no longer of a privileged, unassailable status. We just need to convince people.

    Regarding secession: Sure, it’s a romantic way to look at things. But God as my witness (whatever that’s supposed to mean), I (whoever I am) see that as entirely unnecessary and counter-productive. To predict, let alone advocate, warfare is to hope for it. (And don’t pretend that we can expect secession to not quite likely entail violence.) While a national or ideological entity must be prepared for war in the absence of unilateral pacifism, it is my prediction and strident desire that warfare is gradually but steadily fading into obsolescence. You pull the trigger, you lose the war.

    If we are thinking in terms of “us” and “them”, then we are operating within an obsolete moral paradigm. Sure, bitter resentment and persecution are what cause us to “awaken”, but the brilliant epiphany we should be girding ourselves with is that by trying to hault the gears of evolution (IE: pretending punctuated equilibrism is real and championing divisive, egoistic traits which are evolutionarily obsolete, such as those exhibited by black people), we are not proceed by the path of least evolutionary resistance, and thus are setting ourselves up for demographic crises in the future—those swathes of population harboring obsolete traits, that are being kept on life support by the ideological infrastructure which champions them, are being set up for either a rather Orwellian demise, with great suffering. I’m not proposing positivist “evolutionary humanism” in Huxley’s modernist sense, but I’m saying that there is massive amounts of conscious suffering that we can actively /not/ create by /not/ tampering with definitions of intelligence and attempting to “correct” disparities, et c.

    Abandon sentimentalism. Play to win.

    “Conventional conservative goals are irrelevant to us.” From the perspective of myself and my confidents, much of Amren is not too far removed from typical bigoted paleo-conservatives, or at least paleo-modernists. At the very least, get rid of the suits and ties. When you’re standing before a judge, you don’t evade the death penalty by being well-groomed. (IE: Let me join the conference for the last two hours after spending two weeks riding freight trains, braving the ghettoest parts of the countries, fending off muggers, wading through alligator infested swamps for 18 hours, and then spending $150 to take a bus and limo to arrive for the last day of the conference.)

    Mr Spencer: I agree that race is the entire point of whatever discourse we’re trying to cultivate, but we need to somehow use a word other than “white” which incorporates all competent people. Like, maybe try to alter the definition “white” to make it more inclusive and flexible? Like, such that Chinese are considered “white”. Just an idea.

    A pet idea I have is to have an extremely libertarian physical country, with landless sub-divisions, or syndicates, where members (such as those who identify–and are accepted–as “white or Christian or anyting else) exist as a nation which could dish out socialist benefits or have goofy normative laws, et cetera.

    Yes, we need to shock people.

    One thing I do appreciate about Amren is its hard-packaged disavowment of anti-Semitism. The anti-racist experiment was an inevitable epoch, and can be understood as a natural phenomenon.

    Regarding Jensen et al: They rock and all, but we need to remember that the whole point is to try to agree with one’s opposition by finding the right language. This can be done without compromising the truth. It’s a seamless little technique. I say this to all who read this.

    If you want to disseminate ideas: You must present yourselves as impossible to pigeonhole or sketch a quick schema of. Be elusive. Take the damn suits and ties off. Produce elusive art, don’t get bogged down in polemics where neither parties exist in the same semiotical universe.

    “American Freedom Party”? Get real.

    The identitarian movement is, again, sentimentalist baggage. Or else it’s just trying to fit “white people” into the same damn, fractally wrong “diversity” equation to make a point. (Although I suppose it satirizes the “diversity” thing in a perhaps productive manner.)

    Bloc Identitaire’s idea of distributing pork is juvenille and bratty. I would’ve thought that was clever and potent back as a teenager, but now it strikes me as counter-productive.

    Re: Occupying a Mosque. I’m not entirely sure what to make of that. At the very least, I refer again to the strategic value of not trying to fit more than one target in your sight at a time.

    “Mr. Derbyshire noted, however, that the really great wars that have left their marks on history have been intratribal wars” This reminds me of The Global Brain by Howard Bloom.

    Regarding Mr Dickson: Yes, the construction of “fallout shelters” is important, but it must not be done out of defeatism.

    Regarding the counter-demonstrators: We must work harder not to resemble those eff-ups which they rally, perhaps rightfully so, against.

  • heretic

    Thank goodness for American Renaissance. It is such a rarity to see some proud white people stand up for their heritage.

  • Will there be a conference video available? I would be interested in seeing Fabrice Robert’s English-language comments.

  • race realist

    Love seeing all the losers, that hate the color of their own skin, demonstrating their non sense.. So to be proud of your white skin and your race is to be a NAZI ?? You can’t make this stuff up ..

  • jackryanvb

    The Amren conferernce was a solid, modest success (I was there) for many reasons. It’s always a good thing to get regular Whites to see “us” and “them” – we (us) are well dressed, well mannered, healthy looking White people and the others “them” are filthy, vulgar, repulsive and yes “hatefuL” creatures. I am sure many of the White Tennessee state troopers got to see, hear and smell the differences and I think many of these solid White Tennessee State Troopers are now Amren reads. Good job everyone.

    Jack Ryan
    Looking to start up a metro Chicago based American Renaissance support group. E-mail me if you are in the Chicago metro area and want to be involved
    [email protected]

  • B. Berthasback

    Sounds educational and informative. I hope that next year I will be in a financial position to attend

  • russian.face

    Starbucks wi fi does this in Toronto.

  • dkmeller

    I have the strange feeling that you were “privileged” to observe some of the best and brightest of your egalitarian (and clearly deranged) critics. The triumph of a century or longer of progressive “publiK scoolZ”, even for White people!
    I wonder how much longer these creatures, and others like them, will be permitted to run at large, emitting weird noises, frightening women and children, and otherwise offending law-abiding and decent passersby? Will there be zoos for them, or will they be permitted to roam at large only when leashed, and under appropriate adult supervision?

  • Calvin Saxon

    I’ve been trying to figure out why leftists get so emotional and like to scream, stomp, and whine instead of discuss or debate. It seems it’s because they have formulated their positions on the basis only of emotion, mostly through emotional identification with other leftists, and have not even got to the minimal level of cognitive processing of their positions. They don’t even know why they hold these positions and certainly have never actually analyzed them and thought them over. Thus, they remain trapped at the level of pure emotion. Kind of sad.

    • George

      In one word, they are only tools in the hands of we know who…
      Its enough to give them an emotionally charged argument and they are hooked and ready to go to war.
      The manipulator: “Whites were keeping Blacks as Slaves, how unjust is that”
      Leftist: “Ah yeah, Whites are the devil”
      Someone who can think: “Slavery was a common practice throughout History”

  • Young Werther

    I was in that audience.

  • Mark Champ

    European and proud of it! Nothing to apologize for!