The Euro 2012 Soccer Championship

Joe Kowalski, American Renaissance, June 13, 2012

It actually looks European (with two glaring exceptions).

The Euro 2012 soccer championship matches the 16 best national soccer teams in Europe. The event is held every four years, and since teams must qualify, it is not always the same 16 squads. The European championships are the second most important international soccer tournament after the World Cup since, outside of Europe, only Argentina and Brazil are consistently at the level of the best European teams. All the matches are being shown live on ESPN in the US, and a large audience is tuning in from around the world. The winner of Euro 2012 will probably be considered the favorite to win the 2014 World Cup.

But Euro 2012 is also interesting from a racial point of view, since European soccer is turning whiter. From the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, European squads were increasingly being filled with blacks. This was particularly true for France and the Netherlands, which were trending toward majority-black sides. France actually had a majority-black starting lineup for the last several years, and won its only World Cup in 1998 with a starting team of seven whites and four blacks.

Of the 16 teams in Euro 2012, seven sport all-white starting lineups: Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. An additional four teams—the Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, and Sweden—start 10 whites and one black. Italy may start an all-white side next game as their one black, Mario Balotelli, a full-blooded African adopted by Italian parents, played poorly in the opening game. His white replacement scored Italy’s only goal against Spain.

Portugal starts nine whites and two blacks from Brazil. They also have at least one black substitute who sees playing time in the second half. Germany starts eight whites, one Turk, one black, and one player who is half-German and half-Arab. The Turk and the Arab do not look much out of place and without seeing their names, most casual observers might assume the team starts 10 whites and one black.

Netherlands has whitened greatly in the past few years and this has payed dividends. The team made it to the finals of the World Cup in 2010, where it lost to Spain. The Dutch start seven whites, three blacks and one Berber Arab who looks very white. In their opening game they ended up with 10 whites and one black on the pitch after substitutions.

Two teams stand out in Euro 2012 for not looking very European. France started five whites, three Arabs, and three blacks for is opening-round game against England, which started five whites and six blacks. France has actually whitened a bit from their disastrous 2010 World Cup, in which it started seven and sometimes eight blacks. England’s white star player, Wayne Rooney, is injured but is expected to make a return during the tournament. That will leave the English side with a slight white majority of starters.

There was a total of 176 starters for the opening round games, of which 151 were white, 19 were black, and six were Arabs or Turks. And almost a third of the blacks were stacked on one team: England.

So why has European soccer whitened a bit over the past few years? Undoubtedly it has to do with who is winning international tournaments. The last two World Cup winners (Spain and Italy) were all-white. The last two European championship winners were also all-white (Spain and Greece). This compares to France, which packed its national teams with blacks and performed poorly in recent international tournaments. Many black players would not even sing the French national anthem during the opening ceremonies. Friction between French players and coaches reached a boiling point during the 2010 World Cup when black players walked out of a practice over disagreements with the white coach.

Immigration and changing demographics certainly have something to do with the fact that many European teams are no longer all-white or almost all-white, but blacks are overwhelmingly the non-whites who join these squads. Arabs, Asians, Turks, and other Muslim groups are the majority of new immigrants to Europe but they barely make a dent in soccer lineups.

Why is this? As I wrote elsewhere during the 2010 World Cup:

A proper HBD response might be that blacks are better athletes than whites, and much better athletes than Arabs, Asians, and mestizos. But that is certainly not reflected in the World Cup results. All-black African sides are losers who have never come close to contending for the World Cup, though soccer is universally played throughout the Dark Continent. Some might say they need better training and coaching, but all-black African teams are currently coached by whites. Even the Asian sides usually outplay the all-black nations. Though they enjoy home field advantage, the record of the all-black teams at this writing is a pathetic one win, four losses, and two draws. It is possible that none will advance to the next round of 16.

Demographics are certainly changing Europe, and that is reflected in the national soccer teams. However, the belief that blacks are simply better athletes has much more to do with the composition of teams like England and—though more so in the past—France.

If England wins it may usher in a return to heavily black “European” national teams, but yet another victory by an all-white team like Spain or Russia—or even an almost-all-white team like Italy—will help keep the European in future European soccer tournaments.

Russian fans unfurl a banner at Euro 2012.

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Joe Kowalski
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  • newscomments70

    It looks like someone tried to post a wikipedia article about Joe Kowalski, but the article was promptly deleted by their left-wing GESTAPO. It would be interesting to see Joe’s website, if he has one.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Go to  to see the diversity which infects my national team. Pathetic.
    I’ll be watching the game against Sweden this friday; not holding my breath, though.

    • I assume you’ll be rooting for Sweden, the Whiter team?

  • Strider73

     The only way Uganda reaches the World Cup is if it’s played there (the host nation automatically qualifies).

    As I mentioned here earlier regarding a Euro 2012 news article, I’m pulling for Russia to win the tournament because 1) all the players are white, and 2) seven of their starters play for Zenit St. Petersburg, whose huge fan base would revolt if management even considered signing a black player. My closet features three Zenit jerseys (two blue and one white), which I wear with pride.

  • Church_of_Jed

    God Bless Russia!I know a Russian who hates blacks and says that all Russians hate blacks.  I’d vote for Putin if I could.

  • I was cheering on the Spanish team and they won the world cup.  That it’s a white team is an added bonus.

  • I said they saw the Argentina team. . .

  • The thing I LOVE about Euro 2012 is hearing all of the SINGING!  Every single nation has its’ own soccer traditions and songs, it is a wonderful expression of European culture.  I was watching the Ireland/Spain game today and the Irish were singing their hearts out, it was beautiful!  Now contrast that to the World Cup in South Africa with the horrific Vuvuzela bee hives going constantly.  It was terrible, no wonder that was the WORST  World Cup tournament I have ever seen.  I can’t imagine how the players could concentrate or focus with all of that insane noise.

  •  West African blacks excel at short distance sprinting.  East African blacks excel at long distance running.  The 100/200/400 medals in track will be mostly West Africans and their diaspora, the marathon will be almost always East Africans and their diaspora.  Whites dominate most other sports.

  • candide

    The outbreak of violence between Poles and Ukrainians at the Football event in Ukraine is at least an improvement over what happened in the last days of WWII AND SHORTLY THEREAFTER.

    Then thousands of Poles were killed by Ukrainian nationalists and many Ukrainians were killed by Poles.  They were both glad that the Nazis had killed all the Jews who had lived among them for 700 years or more.  This enabled them to pursue their primary ethnic cleansing goals.

  • Strider73

    Because both teams finished with four points (1 win, 1 loss, 1 tie) and Greece beat Russia. The first tie-breaker is now head-to-head result, rather than goal differential.

    I was very disappointed in Russia’s play. After thrashing the Czech Republic in their opener, they conceded knuckleheaded goals against Poland and Greece to tie and lose, respectively. A tie vs. Greece would have gotten them through.

  • Lynceus

     So, what became of these intended “attacks”?

  • patriotdad76

    It takes character to win, and intelligence to defeat a tough competitor.

    I’ve seen blacks mega fail time and time again when it really mattered. Just because they can sprint fast doesn’t mean they will come through and help win a game.

    The UK vs Italy game is a prime example. The Italians messed with the heads of the Brits. And the two blacks on the team both failed to score. It was awful for the UK, but they deserved it using blacks for the shootout.

  • OneTrackMind

    I am Croatian and I find Zlatan I’s look “suspicious”. He might well have a good dose of Gypsy blood in him. In the Balkans that’s about the worst thing you can imagine, that’s probably why ZI has never commented on the matter. He was asked about that repetedly from Gypsy organizations who likely hoped for some bragging rights by being connected to one of the best players in the world… 

    Also, a correction, the Croatian team indeed had one non-white player, a Brazilian named Eduardo.

    The Croatian team was the tallest in stature and from the smallest (population wise) nation, of just 4.5 million. The Croatian football federation got  fined twice for unruly supporters. One fine was because someone had thrown in a banana in the game against Italy, which was interpreted as directed towards their black player, Mario Ballotelli. The banana is supposedly a racist expression which couples blacks with monkies. In reality blacks ARE coupled with monkies, and so are whites. So why then is a banana more offensive towards blacks? Probably because UEFA subconsciously thinks that blacks are closer to monkies than whites are.

    The second fine was because of a supposedly “racist” sign among Croatian supporters. I haven’t seen that sign, but the ribbon for what is supposedly racist is lowered all the time.

    The most “racist” thing coming from the Croatian football team must be from its coach, Slaven Bilic, some years ago, when he stated that he could never imagine marrying an English woman. He was playing in England at the time.  

  • I just watched the last few minutes of the championship game between Spain and Italy, the latter being the team with a black player.  Thankfully, Spain won, 4-0, which in soccer terms is a blowout.  I noticed that on his way off the field, in frustration, the “Italian” black player, Mario Ballotelli, shoved his coach.

    Spain beat a heavily black and goonish “Dutch” team in the World Cup final two years ago.  Seems like Spain is on a roll shredding apart the cult of black athletic supremacy.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Might be a bit late, and noone will read this, but anyways.

    The winners of the 2012 Euro Cup in Football was Spain
    (For you americans, football is that sport where you have a BALL that you play with your FEET, unlike the sport in USA with the same name where you carry the ball or throw it, and it very rarely has any contact with any players feet, which makes you wonder why they named it that, maybe because handball was already taken. Too bad they missed that football was also already taken).

    And the spanish national team that won looks like this:

  •  Pele is overrated:

    The thing about team sports is that they require good teams.  That might seem sort of “duh,” but teams aren’t just a random collection of the best individual talents, because a team is supposed to be synergetic, better than the mere sum of its individual parts.

    On top of that, one of the things I was always taught while growing up was that the things in life most worth having are the things you don’t know you have while you have them but you miss the most when you no longer have it.  Racial and ethnic homogeneity is one of those things.  Spain’s ethnic homogeneity has helped make it greater than the sum of its individual talents.

  • Ahhh how nice to see ALL WHITE Spain win the Euro Championship!  No doubt this generation will be regarded as the BEST FOOTBALL TEAM IN HISTORY!  And they are 100% White!

  • The best won, without doubt.

  • TheTruthHurts4

    I am sick and tired of reading about black athletes. That and entertainment is all those people are good at. Where are the black scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs?  They do not exist, except in the fantasies of Hollywood.