It All Comes Down to Race

Sasha Issenberg, Slate, June 1, 2012

The wishful scenario many Republicans envisioned after Barack Obama’s change of heart this month on gay marriage—the president’s African-American base, far less supportive of expanding marriage than other parts of his coalition, becomes demobilized or even defects as a result of Obama’s stance—already seems unlikely to be realized. Last Thursday, Public Policy Polling revealed a 36-point swing in black support for gay marriage among Maryland voters, who will have the chance to legalize the practice in a November referendum, since PPP’s last poll on the subject in March. Then, 56 percent had been opposed to the new marriage law and 39 percent supported it. In May, PPP found the numbers nearly reversed: 55 percent supported, and 36 opposed. By all indications, black voters weren’t abandoning Obama over an issue on which they disagreed, but adjusting their opinions to match his.

That notion—that our views toward Obama are stable and everything else is changing around them—has been at the core of Michael Tesler’s groundbreaking survey research throughout the Obama era. Last week, as PPP tracked opinion in Maryland, the Brown University political scientist was reviewing his own national polls conducted since Obama’s switch, which helped moor the movement on gay marriage in a broader, deeper set of attitudes. Not only was Obama’s support pulling blacks toward his position, it was also pushing a segment of whites whom Tesler categorized as “racial conservatives” away from his position. In other words, Obama had such sway over race-conscious voters that they adjusted their positions on gay marriage because of him.

If Tesler was surprised by this, it was only because he believed views on gay marriage would be some of the most stable in politics, deeply anchored in moral values. Since 2009, Tesler has been chronicling what he calls the “racialization” of issues in the Obama era—the extent to which public opinion on topics unrelated to race have taken on a racial cast as Obama has staked out positions on them. Tesler has used polling experiments to identify a series of issues that have become enmeshed in complicated racial attitudes by dint of Obama’s association with them: health care reform, taxes, the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Even Bo Obama fell into this matrix; racists looked less favorably on a picture of the president’s dog when they learned the identity of his owner. That part, too, surprised Tesler. “I thought people would have stronger views about dogs than politics,” he said.

{snip} Tesler’s body of research suggests that instead of delivering what many suggested would be a post-racial presidency, Obama will have polarized corners of American politics previously untouched by race. Not only have racial considerations affected whether voters will support Obama, but they are beginning to renovate the entire architecture of public opinion.


The latest issue to fall into this pattern is gay marriage, although PPP’s Maryland findings seem to confirm that racialization can work in multiple directions. Tesler has repeatedly found that the polarization he has documented is partly a function of the voters he describes as “racial liberals”—those who score low on the resentment battery, a category that includes blacks and progressive whites—being more likely to support a policy when they learn that Obama does, too.


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  • Global Minority

    I hope BHO gets another term. The wrose it gets the more of our people seem to be waking from their slumber.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Does a patient little good to wake up dead though.

    • We might not be able to recover from anouther term.

      • Global Minority

        You could be right I am afriad. However if he does not get re-elected the blacks are going to go on a roiting rampage. So either way we are screwed.

        • 1gravity

          Let us prepare for the rampage, then.

        • whiteuncleruckus

          i completely agree the blacks will riot if obama doesnt win. even if he does win, it will just put the riots off until 2016.

      •  We will never lose hope so long as even 1000 white families are alive.  We must stop mass immigration, abolish federal reserve, cut govt, and revive our faith and traditional families.  We need 5 white babies for every family.

        But we must first shake off our paralysis.  We are completely paralyzed by cultural Marxist ethnic supremacists of a tribe whose name shall not be named, or my posts get “removed”. 

        Even Amren is frightened at the very mention of  this most hostile tribe which is leading the anti-white coalition to exterminate Whites.

        • anarchyst

          Some of my posts have received the same “scrutiny” as yours . . . one must be careful when posting about the “tribe” . . .
          Best regards,

          •  Yes 🙂 Amren is The most politically incorrect “politically correct” site. Lol!

          • Mel_content

             The policy is to always talk about the symptoms, never the underlying disorder.

        • Kurt Plummer


          We will never lose hope so long as even 1000 white families are alive. We must stop mass immigration, abolish federal reserve, cut govt, and revive our faith and traditional families. We need 5 white babies for every family.

          Why?  So that the evil corporate socialists who currently import hispanics to create a consumerist wage slave population can instead turn back to whites and say:  “Okay, you guys start mowing lawns for half minimum wage, right now!” ????

          IMO, we stand at a cross roads in history where the next step forwards is something which can only reflect the unique white race conscious of ‘whole systems’ modeling.

          We are running out of resources at the same time we are filling up our lands.  We are nowhere’s near as bad as the Chinese, Indians, Africans or Hispanics but having alot of babies is only going to make things worse for each and every one of those whites who, having reasserted (if that’s possible) white population majority, do so in a country where 600 million people squabble over the same things they do in Kibera, Kenya.  Or Dharavi, Mumbai.

          Water, electricity, food, shelter, sanitation.

          OTOH, there is absolutely _nothing wrong_ with having a mere 60-100 million people in the United States as a whole while the rest of the planet drowns in the cesspit of their own reproductive irresponsibility.

          The _difference_ being that we must all be smart enough to carry onwards and upwards in some very demanding jobs.

          And that means being able to concentrate ALL our resources away from the ditch digger classes and towards a real elitism.  Of 125 baseline IQs where perhaps 40-50% (non Gaussian distribution) cluster high towards the genius end.

          Why?  Because you cannot convince a smart man to fight in some idiot’s wars and warfare and disease is the principle reason for having a large population to begin with.  As a guard against random attrition.

          To -replace- our ditch diggers then requires an attitude, not of exploiting biological shortcomings in other races (one of the primary reasons why the pursuit of IQ differentiation is so frowned upon is that it is very real and very biased against the nonwhite cultures).  But in creating a _tool_, at least as important as the automobile or  the lightbulb or steam power, by which to multiply the directive efforts on ‘just one man’ (or woman) in doing those things which currently a construction site foreman, roadway repair supervisor or grocery store night manager would require 10-20 people to achieve.

          This is where robotics can change the way we do things without turning us into a bunch of couch potatoes.

          This is where whites finally free themselves from the chains of slavery wrapped around our necks by saying:  “NO!  These are not jobs American’s won’t do.  They are just not jobs we will continue to do…poorly.”

          Which is to say with ethnic minimum wage indentured laborers, encouraged to breed like rabbits so that they can spend all their money on cumulative junk consumer goods, be they cheap food or diapers.

          We stand at a crossroads.  We cannot go back, because the planet simply doesn’t have the resources to do so and the myth of white supremacy for it’s own sake died in  the self inflicted wounds of the 1960s.

          But we -can- move forwards.  Towards a white nation with white ideals.  The first of which must be:  ‘No black, hispanic or asian is owed anything, here.”

    • MekongDelta69

      I know your (good) end purposes for saying what you said, but I disagree.

      There used to be a poster on here (I can’t recall his User ID on here right now) when AmRen first went interactive (i.e. where we could leave posts), who used to say, “Worse is better.”

      He was a great poster, but it was the only thing he would say with which I always disagreed. Obama is the MOST dangerous president we’ve ever had (for so many reasons which I’ve already recounted on here and a million other places).

      I would vote for an empty can of orange juice before I voted for this black muslim marxist. I would vote for almost any sentient being before him. Hell – I would vote for almost any non-sentient being before him. Or a weed… or a roach… or a rock… or anything made of matter… or anti-matter…

      This is one of (if not) THE MOST important election in our history. If he wins again, you can kiss ANY and EVERY vestige of America good bye.

      • Global Minority

        I get what your saying. I seriously think even if Romney wins its not going to be any better either. Blacks are going to riot if he does not get re-elected. That’s a hands down give me. Romney’s health care plan in Massacheuts is the same as BHO’s national health care.

        • MekongDelta69

          Of *course* they’re going to riot. It’s what they do when they don’t get their way – or even when they do get their way. The think, say and do anything they want, any time they want, for any reason they want, because they know nobody in power will do a damn thing about it.

          Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I like Romney. I was saying I’d vote for ANYTHING that runs against this dictatorial maniac. We don’t have a choice. (Well actually, we do – you can vote for Obama, or vote for somebody on Row Z, or not vote at all – all of which will just get this Mussolini look-alike re-elected.)

          I’m voting for Romney – NOT because I WANT to, but because I HAVE to.

        • Luke

           Brother Global Minority:   Here is another thing that I’ll predict, if RINO Romney does get elected and the blacks start rioting all over the country.

          Romney will not respond to these rioters like a strong, racially healthy, racially proud and fed up ‘White man’. 

          Instead, the entire White world – and especially the Whites who voted for the guy, mistakenly thinking that he was a savoir for our race and civilization – will witness what I predict will be one of the most nauseating and racially emasculating spectacles in world history.

          Romney will immediately morph, Incredible Hulk-style,  into a groveling, race whipped, race treasonous, race wimp and begin to pander to these rioting blacks worse than we’ve ever seen any White politician grovel. 

          He’ll appoint Je$$e Jack$son and Al $Harpton and Morgan Freeman to head up a new Executive Level Commission to monitor and study race relations in Amerikwa and these will be $500,000 dollar per year or higher, tax payer funded jobs – complete with multiple million dollar per year budgets, perks, benefits, private chauffeured limos and private jets and expense accounts that will make anything that Bill Clinton handed over to Jackson and company pale in comparison.

          Not only that, but I would bet that Romney will scour the country and find as many anti-white, hard core racist and militant, chip-on-their-shoulder types of blacks and staff his cabinet with them – to show how hard he is ‘reaching out’ to the disgruntled black community and trying to ‘heal race relations’.    He might even put another anti-white racist black on the Supreme Court, if he gets a chance – and the gutless, race whipped, spineless GOP politicians in Congress will quickly vote to confirm the  nomination without any debate or argument.    Worse yet, if RINO Romney is anticipating these riots – he might nab himself a hard core leftist RINO black VP, thinking that he can quell the spoiled-brat explosion of black anger and violence before the election results are known. 

          Or, hey, maybe he’ll decide to remove the face of our first president George Washington from our $1 dollar bill and replace it with a picture of Trayvon Martin flipping the bird to White America?

          You know, I am beginning to wonder if the White man is ever going to grow his testicles back.

          • You sound like a whiner, not a doer! 

            Anyway, Romney did NOT back off when he was castigated by that worthless “Catholic” neocon Santorum over his support for felon disenfranchisement, which Mother Santorum anxiously pointed out is of especial concern to minority communities. (I HATE Santorum, and would have voted for even Obama over him.)

            Mitt will probably be disappointing, but possibly less so than you think. He’s well-qualified to get the economy moving again.

          • Global Minority

            I agree completely. History of blacks roiting and the outcome will be the same as usual. Whitey gets blamed. Appeasement never works. It hasn’t yet.

        • Why are you so concerned about blacks rioting? Let em. We need to keep polarizing things, because our race is so pathologically stupid and weak that only constant  in your face outrages can ever hope to wake the white idiots up. But we cannot economically survive another Obama term. For the first time in my life, I shall not vote Far Right Third Party. I will hold my nose and vote Romney! My literal survival may depend on Obama’s defeat.

          • Global Minority

            Not worried about blacks rioting. Merely pointing out historical factors here. Every time they don’t get there way they riot. But you know what? It works. The government caves in to their demands and blames Whitey the whole way, while the majority of Whitey’s cower in the corner. The riots of Detroit, The Rodney King riots, etc… are two examples of this. However when the riots mount I do think it is a perfect storm for Marshall Law to be called and America OPENLY becomes a totalitarian goverment. For our safety of course. /s

      • mikejones91

        I’m with you on everything (almost) but do actually believe he’s a Muslim? Cmon now. I despise Obama as a president. He’s probably an atheist, but I really doubt he’s muslim.

        • MekongDelta69

          He was raised muslim and his foreign policy and holidays he observes are muslim, no matter how much he babbles on about being a Christian.


          (for just one reference of thousands I could give you.)

          • When speaking at Notre Dame he required that the cross, THE one symbol that is recognized the world over as Christian, to be hidden.  I know a muslim couldn’t stomach the cross but it is the evil one, satan, that sure couldn’t talk for an hour below that cross.  So he may be a muslim, he surely isn’t a Christian, but by God, he has a repulsion to the cross, he is evil.

          • anarchyst

            For a Catholic institution to comply with the o’bama’s demands that they remove or cover religious symbology speaks VOLUMES.
            I wonder if the o’bama would have required that certain “tribal” religious symbols or islamic symbols be “covered up” as well . . .

        • whiteuncleruckus

          even if he’s not a muslim he cares more about muslims than he does about white people.

      • I’m torn, Mekong…

        On one hand, I recognize the obvious threat that Obongo represents, and there is NO WAY I would ever vote for him… I would rather vote for the duckweed that forms on the surface of our pond than for him.

        BUT, on the other hand, I see the wisdom of “worse is better”. 

        I got flamed for saying this before, but I believe it:

        The US is doomed as a Republic.  It can’t be “fixed” in a peaceful manner… well, if we had another 100 years, which we don’t, I might be a more bit hopeful as we could use The Enemy’s own incrementalism against him for our own ends.

        But we don’t have another 100 years… or 50, or even 5.  Short of armed revolution (which I am not prepared to advocate for at this time), NOTHING can stop the slide the US is on… too much damage has been done over too long a period of time.  We will, literally, have to start over from scratch if we want a better life.

        So, voting for Obongo would only hasten our end.  Which would allow us whites to get to the business of making a better life for ourselves faster.

        Come to think of it, NOT voting for Obongo will hasten our end as well:  Obongo getting booted out of the White House will be viewed as RAY-CISS by 99.99% of Uruk in the US, and they will act accordingly.

        Looks like a win/win for us.

        • MekongDelta69

          So, voting for Obongo would only hasten our end.”
          I agree 100% with this part.

          Which would allow us whites to get to the business of making a better life for ourselves faster.
          I disagree with this part. To keep from writing a 10,000 world treatise, I’ll simply say, ask white people in present-day South Africa and/or Rhodesia how that’s going for them.

          Obongo getting booted out of the White House will be viewed as RAY-CISS by 99.99% of Uruk in the US, and they will act accordingly.
          As I said (in another way), in another post about a week ago on here, I couldn’t care less what non-whites think. EVERYTHING we think, say and do is racist to them. Just our living presence on earth is racist to them.

          I’m not a seer and I don’t know how many years we have left, but I will do anything I can to slow the process down. I grew up when America was really America (90% white). I know we’ll never get back to those decades, but I don’t want to live out the rest of my life in misery in my own country. And I want to do the little I can do to give my kids and grandkids the best shot they can have to live in some semblance of a civilized society.

          I’m not saying Romney is the answer. I’m saying NoBama is definitely NOT the answer.

          • “And I want to do the little I can do to give my kids and grandkids the best shot they can have to live in some semblance of a civilized society.”

            I am in the same boat.  I am responsible for two beautiful, intelligent white children.  When I was born in the early 1950s, my world was safe, sane and really miraculous.  I want that for them too.  Just as you know, those of us that have been on the line, we do have one more fight left in us.  I think we will need to make that decision soon, either we push back hard or we will not survive.   If the latter, we will see the slow way, a slow disappearance from our own land. You and I may live in relative peace and plenty, our children may not, our grandchildren surely will not.

          • MekongDelta69

            Just as you know, those of us that have been on the line, we do have one more fight left in us. I think we will need to make that decision soon, either we push back hard or we will not survive.

            I fought a war a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, for people, SOME of whom were grateful, some of whom were resentful and ALL of whom (on the other side) were terrified.

            I may be older, but I haven’t lost my ‘skills.’ If my family and my people and my country aren’t worth putting those skills to use once more, if push came to shove, then nothing is…

          • MD69

            Much respect..

            I took your name to mean you were One Who Has Gone Before…

            My time came after Nam.  I did, however, benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of the last of the Vietnam Vets, who were my teachers, instructors and 1SG’s… I learned those lessons well, because I survived and thrived.

            I spent most of my adult life wearing green, until 2000.

            If you stand up to fight, I will stand up with you… those of us who came After, well, we are legion…

            I got at least one good rumble left in me… into the breach one last time.

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         maybe he is right. i am tired watching these little gorilla flash mob attacks on lone whites or occasional riots over a police shooting.  it would be better to just have an all out street war, a civil war and get it over with. we might lose we might win but either way it would be a lot of FUUUUUUUN!!!

    • Church_of_Jed

      We need more Whites to FEEL the loss of White privilege and have a Diversity In Chief for the blame.  With Romney, they’ll lose just as much, but will blame it on themselves for not working hard enough to keep up. With Obama, they won’t be able to deny.

      • Celestial_Time

        I agree.

        I really don’t understand the logic of people believing Romney in office is somehow beneficial to White America. Delaying the inevitable in this situation is kind of like delaying a cancer treatment. The quicker the gravity of the situation is put in perspective, the quicker the treatment, giving the best chance for a positive outcome.

        White America was sacrificed by the political system way before people even knew what an Obama was.

        • better_times

          By the criterion of this site, it’s beneficial because he’s White and you vote for the White candidate in absence of other factors.  Do you really want Obama naming the next Supreme Court Justice?  Or having control of all those drones?

          • Celestial_Time

            I can understand the notion that voting for the WISO(White in Skin Only) in this situation is more beneficial, but it still makes no sense when you actually pull your head out of the sand and look at how this country has gone down.

            What exactly do you think is going to happen should an anti-racist White President be in office again? What was the great big benefit to White America when Bush was in office?

            Honestly, a Supreme Court Justice gives no reprieve to White America. They do absolutely NOTHING to change direction away from multiculturalism and the multi-racial idealists that still control media and commerce. Nothing! All they do is pacify a segment of White society that is too self-serving, scared and/or myopic to actually realize that a White America at 70% strength was more able to affect change at 80%, was more able to affect change at 90%……

            A mechanism of a controlled government is still a mechanism of a controlled government.

          • better_times

            My head isn’t in the sand, thanks. I saw it in Russia. You don’t just hand over the keys of the kingdom to the enemy. You fight every possible battle both within the system & outside of it.  Whether it’s the Supreme Court or your local school board. It pays to slow the process down so you can re-educate your people & save lives. Think about South Africa – if only they hadn’t just handed it to the ANC. They probably thought when the people saw how bad it would become, they’d be clamoring for white rule again. They couldn’t imagine the torture & sadistic violence that is communism. The race war is an old & thus far very successful CP strategy  for taking down America as well. Obama is all for it. 

            I’ll take my chances with a capitalist Brigham Young grad.  Romney would’ve okayed the Keystone deal and is much more conservative than most think.

          • Celestial_Time

             better_times, “Handing over the keys” to what kingdom? You can’t be serious. What aspect of this society have you convinced yourself that White America is still in control of?

            Any pro-White media outlets not pushing multicultural/multiracial society?

            Any pro-White corporations not pimping their brand of diversity madness?

            Any pro-White politicians daring to speak out against the reality and facts that prove that multicultural/multiracial societies are poison?

            Any pro-White people, organizations, or groups not demonized the very second they display one ounce of unabashed pro-White views?

            Sorry, I don’t mean this as an insult, but your head is completely buried if you can’t see that you/we/White America have no kingdom left. We certainly have no keys.

            Frankly, it really doesn’t matter who or whom you take your chances with. The choices you think you are making have already been made for you.

        • Church_of_Jed

          We lost White America on September 24, 1957, and it was given away to the Diversity by a traitor White president.

          Everything has been getting worse since then, and now, much faster.

          If you try to imagine the horrors awaiting minoritized White children, you’ll feel a panic injected into your blood straight from the adrenaline of God.

    •  A vote for Obama is a vote endorsing Flash Mob violence against innocent whites, MANY of whom CAN SEE but have no other choice but to live amongst the savages. 

    • Kurt Plummer


      I hope BHO gets another term. The wrose it gets the more of our people seem to be waking from their slumber.

      _The 10,000 Year Explosion_ would disagree with you.

      Specifically the opening chapters which are virtually panting with lust after the idea that Neanderthals ‘contributed a litte something something’ (as introgression which differentiates us from or perhaps numbs us too miscegenation with, blacks) to our genetics based on the twisted illogic that:

      1.  Before the arrival of modern, dark skinned, man; the Neanderthal showed no signs of long distance teamwork as planning, no modern art and only a very basic set of tools that may not have included such things as projectile arms or ivory needles for sewing close fitting clothes to stay warm in Europe’s glacial environment.

      2.  ‘Lo and Behold!’, 10-15,000 years later, the Neanderthal has what modern man does (Mousterian industry), in the Chatelperonnian culture of Southern France and Spain.

      The problem with this argument of course is that it is not supported by any mtDNA basis that suggests that Neanderthal Eve is our Eve and so there is no real reason to believe that, beyond the fact that someone copied something they saw, Neanderthal genes had some unique (bigger brains) capacity which they handed on to us.

      Indeed, the key element to take from the Chatelperonnian (sp.) findings is that -by the time the Neanderthal ‘awakened’ to their peril, they were already geographically trapped in an isolated area well away from the central continental river valleys by which access to -trade- in specialist flints, obsidian and other goodies made these technological improvements useful.

      These regions being unavailable because modern man had already staked out and/or overrun those parts of Europe which would have defined post-recession (of the ice sheets) trade routes.

      Similarly, we can’t have a unique and thriving culture if all elements of our society are overrun and controlled by the like of idiot A/A blacks and hispanics who effectively control make our access to the sustainment necessities of life, let alone it’s perks, totally at their ‘gimmesumdat’ whim.

      In this, the longer we wait, the closer we come to point wherein the elderly of B1 and B2 Boomers are gone and, because of our hyperextended generational cycle, we find ourselves caught at the crux of a demographic sea change from 65% down to 35% of whites.  A large majority of whom (essentially all our young people) will have grown up in a society where kowtowing to the multicult has washed whatever brains they had capable of independent reasoning, right out of their ears.

      Perhaps as much as 50% of what makes us unique as a racial group has occured in the astonishingly short period of 1,600BCE to 1600CE people.  We may pretend that we identify with Shakespeare and Homer’s ‘human condition’ of character motives as drama but the fact is, genetically, we are as vastly different from those fine folks as Modern Man was from the Neanderthal.  Not the least of which is a 15% larger cranial vault, just in the last 400 years.

      What this means is that the assumption that the white man is irreplaceable is a false one.  Not least because, once we can no longer -physically- dominate our racial opponents, by numeric superiority, we will lose our women to their men and this will jump start their own genetic revolution.

      I doubt seriously if blacks are thinking this far out, at least among the massed majority.  But it will progress naturally due their HG residual aggression taking the dominant social roles as job positions in a society reshaped to reflect the cultural identity of a much less advanced or caring people.  The Science of Leadership in particular will be replaced by Croneyism and corruption.  And society _will_ function within those new-as-old rules.  Because our women are reproductively faithless, materialist, sluts.  By genetic design.  They will take their eggs to the successful group, even if success is measured in a manner less than it is today.

      If we want to stop this (I personally believe it is impossible to do so because the majority of whites are against us and for the herd-conscience that egalitarianism has programmed them with) we must do so -now-.

      Even waiting as late as 2016 might be too late.

      One way to get there could be to hold a national referendum and seek to demand a Constitutional Convention by which to address the concerns of the dominant ethnic group, while we still are one.  Namely that our government is not giving preferential treatment to the values of it’s numeric majority the same way we for instance demanded that South Africa do so.

      If and when this fails, another idea might be to simply start declaring new local currencies as the precursor to direct secession with all trade in USD having to be at a leveraged advantage as an alternative to direct barter between proto-secessionist white states.

      The more we do to incite direct and immediate civil disobedience, the more direct cause we will have to call down the government for not meeting our needs as they in fact suppress us, when the time comes to withdraw from the Union.  Or at least to completely rewrite the Constitution giving whites protected minority status in our own States.

      There is no g-o-d coming at the end of 2012 to save us people.  If that’s what you’re waiting for, may I politely suggest you yank your collective thumbs out and start thinking secular, for the benefit of your posterity.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “If living around the noble, dignified, vibrant, and enriching Diversity was really such a good thing, we wouldn’t be so miserable.  The only benefit to the White community from its inability to escape the blacks is our deepening appreciation for the memory of Jim Crow segregation.  Because of the blacks, we now know that our White privilege is targeted for elimination, and our Whiteness along with it.  We are an endangered species. The murders of Channon Christian, Eve Carson, and Brittny Watts by the Diversity call us to a deeper understanding of the costs of racial genocide.  We now embrace our White privilege as the one value that reflects who we are as a people, and we commit more will to its defense and perpetution. Call us racists, we don’t care. If racism is a weapon in favor of White survival, then racism should be defined as a holy inspiration written onto our hearts by the finger of God himself. Racism is a virtue in the moral excellences of Whiteness.”


    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “We’re now understanding what Diversity really means,” 2011

  • Francis Galton

    Barack Obama suffers from a common black ailment: extreme, unwarranted levels of self-regard and self-esteem–in short, narcissism.  This article, should he read it, will only add fuel to the fire.  Of course, we can be sure that blacks breaking toward Obama’s opinions is grand and wonderful, while Whites pulling away from his opinions is racist and subversive, and perhaps even worthy of a visit from Big Sister himself.

  • JohnEngelman

    The most radical program advanced by President Obama has been a health plan that is very similar to the plan introduced by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. 
    I do believe the President should have pursued policies to reduce unemployment before addressing health care. I also believe that if a white Democratic president had pursued all of Barack Obama’s policies there would be less white hostility toward him. 

    • The__Bobster

      No, we would’ve openly expressed our hostility to those policies without fear of being called racist, which is why the Usurper was chosen in the first place.

  • If opposition to Obama is racially based — or if the liberals at Slate want to try to make it seem so — then so be it. Are we supposed to feel ashamed of that?

    But here’s a fact that puts the writer’s assumption in a very doubtful light: If Barack Obama had been, say, Herman Cain, or J.C. Watts, or a much-younger Thomas Sowell, holding the political views that those black men hold, many, many more Whites would have flocked to his banner than the measly 43 percent who voted for him in 2008.

     I won’t deny that there are Whites who voted against Obama because they simply couldn’t stomach the idea of a black president. But I’m firmly convinced that there were many more who were suspicious of his shady and murky background, and the fact that the mainstream media and Oprah Winfrey were so smitten with him that they would do anything to get him elected, and his leftist political leanings, both before and after he was elected.

     “Racism” is the handy catch-all word on which liberals try to blame all opposition to Obama; but folks, that dog won’t hunt.

  • Samuel l Jackson came out  in the press several months ago and said ” I voted for Obama because he was BLACK, his politics didn’t matter to me.” Sounds pretty racist to me, but these two airhead TV presenters thinks it’s  ” wonderful because he’s just being honest .” More double standards and hypocrisy in the media.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “I can’t say to all the people that are unhappy with him that they’re racist people,” Lee said of Obama’s critics. “People ain’t got jobs, people are hurting. So I don’t care what color you are, if people are out of work, it’s tough. And then when you’re the first African American president, that’s not helping either.”

    Something is up with that. We can’t understand the afrovoodoo code.  When Spike Lee doesn’t blame racists for Obama’s decline, then confusion reigns.

    But probably it’s a voodoo scam- he’s sending a signal to Obama to “do more” in a hurry, push the Tea Party racists harder, and rule by executive order.If Obama loses the election, we can blame it hubris. He probably thought that as long as he was fundamentally transforming America into a post White privilege Diversity mecca, the blacks would be willing to wait for the benefits of a black president.  Since he’s only half black, he misjudged the black character, which thinks only in terms of jungle immediacy.  They’ll turn on their half blood prince just as fast as they do on each other in the ghetto.

  • Johnny Reb

    I think most negroes are partly homosexual or at least, homosexuality is widely accepted in whatever they call a “culture.”  I never understood why else they would wear their pants down low and expose their panties unless it was to advertise that they WERE downlow.

    Old negroes might object to homosexuality based on the Bible, but the younger animals can’t read, don’t go to church and think of Jesus as the white man’s God. 

    So it doesn’t surprise to read that one minute they’re against it and the next minute they’re for it simply because Barry Sotero wants them to be.

    I mean, c’mon, it’s not like the negro has any moral principles . . .

    • That would also explain the outrageous HIV rate that is unique to black men. Its actually quite difficult for a heterosexual, circumcised man to get AIDS.

    • haroldcrews

      It may be more a matter that the black identity is primarily collective.  Individualism runs less strongly in blacks than in whites.  Unity is more important than being right.  Though I do agree that sexual opportunism is much more common in blacks.

  • Church_of_Jed

    A possible victory for Jean Raspial:

    Golden Dawn threatens hospital raids against immigrants in Greece

    Far-right party says it will throw immigrants and their children out on the street, as some hospitals run short of supplies

  • Church_of_Jed

    Good news, but will it come fast enough or soon enough to make a difference? Can the hopeful trend overcome all the illegal votes that Holder is forcing on the states?

    Obama’s White Base Shows Cracks Compared With 2008
    Support down five points since 2008 among all voters, but more among key 2008 white supporters

  • Someone needs to tell these guys that blacks and their handlers have polarized the issue of race by claiming that any criticism of any policy is a racist attack on the President.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    michael savage just mentioned the black mob attack on the white guy in bmore st patrics day. if it comes to a race war blacks are going to lose the reason is there are way more upper level military and retired military men with experience in warfare tactics etc. than black. plus whites on average have 20 times the net worth of blacks meaning 20 times the weapons and ammo. blacks put up a good front but in reality they only fight when it is ten of them against one white guy. the are loud and act bold and fearless but in reality if it turns into a war they will quickly retreat because in reality they are cowardly and they are all talk. if we pull their card they will quickly shut their mouth and creep back under their little rock. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     white man beaten to death by black in knockout king media refuse to report it spread it around

  • Sounds like pro-gay propaganda. I;d like to investigate this study’s methodology. 

  • Shawn_thefemale

    All valid points expressed. My measuring stick though, is  SCOTUS. The imposter who hijacked the office POTUS cannot possibly be put in charge of appointing one more member of that vile body.

  • better_times

    Progressive Insurance is a big Obama supporter & underwriter of lots of lefty causes.

  • better_times

    That was the fear when Dinkins lost the mayoralty in New York City but contrary to expectations, blacks quieted down & violent crime fell significantly. The symbolism of black leadership emboldens & empowers them tremendously. 

  • curri

    Tinley Park Five antifa terrorists are complaining about the lack of support they’re getting from 
    the SPLC  and the Chicago Tribune: 
    WW: With the Tinley Park Five, have you gotten a lot of support from the left?

    The Southern Poverty Law Center … I was a little disappointed with their reaction to it. We stand in solidarity with the Southern Poverty Law Center. We think that they’re fighting people on a legal basis is great. Good for them. We don’t think that everyone should be involved in militant action or that’s their strong suit. We believe in education; we believe in legal remedies; we believe in all of that stuff; and we believe that it’s going to truly take diversity of tactics and solidarity amongst the people who practice those tactics in order to be successful in this battle.
    One of the members of our community gave an interview [to the Chicago Tribune — WW] and it was very explicit [with the Tribune — WW] about some of the security concerns that are going along with the death threats, and they went ahead and put pictures of the people that were able to make the first arraignment on the front page of the paper. These people have since received death threats, so that’s a little disappointing. The Chicago Tribune is supposed to be a liberal paper

  • Kurt Plummer

    They don’t call it a bandwagon for nothing…

    Groupies get the backstage pass only so long as they understand and accept that they must meet ‘certain expectations’ of behavior once there.

    Since blacks more or less -don’t care- what Obama’s politics are, only his skin color (that’s raciss!) you can bet their gold teeth that they are not going to go storming away in a huff on something that doesn’t even have to be fulfilled until -after- the election.

  • Heck,I’d rather have “Flo” from Mel’s Diner as prezident than this idiot! Hey all you afrikan-amerikans:: Kiss my grits!!

  • After reading most of the comments, all I can say is I disagree with most of diagnoses & prognoses.

    1. US is not run, ideologically, by “cultural Marxists” or “Jews” (cultural Marxist would be, I suppose, followers of Frankfurt school of Adorno, Horkheimer, Marcuse,..and tangentially Wittfogel, Benjamin, Fromm, ..). Marcuse was shortly an influence in the 70s, but quickly waned. The US is, essentially, not “run” by any identifiable group or ideology. What can be said is that perhaps a conglomerate of bankers, military-industrial complex & oil and gas companies are the most powerful policy makers, and that the degenerate liberal democratic ideology infused with a strong dose of egalitarian dogma is the dominant public discourse. It is not “Marxist” or “Socialist” in any sense, but a perversion, or late, decadent version of egalitarian democracy. It does not have any “sacred texts” (as Marxists or Jacobins during the French Revolution did) ) & it is not an ideological project- again, unlike Marxism or, Jacobin terror, or Cromwell’s Ironsides during the English civil war.
    Simply, this is a decadent state of society wielding powerful weapons of control & destruction, but essentially- spineless & cowardly. Cromwell, Robespierre or Lenin would not shun death in battle for realization of their ideals, while there is no single man or woman in the US current establishment with balls- so to speak. They SEEM powerful, but are rotten & weak inside.

    2. I don’t know how this all will develop- I’m not a fortune teller- but I’d say you look too much through US lens & ignore processes in the “wide world”. World is also EU, Russia, China etc., and rules of conduct in these will no doubt influence those in the US. Example- in the first half of the 20th century US was racially certainly more “reactionary” than both European countries & Soviet Union; now, most of the powers are more “race realistic” than the US. Also, extreme anti-White rhetoric & WM ideological bashing are strong in Anglosphere- but not anywhere else where Whites are the majority or ruling classes.
    In short- PC, affirmative action, pathological variants of feminism, anti-White media discourse..everything this is as ramshackle as Austria-Hungary in 1910. There is no true power behind it & it will have collapsed in a relatively near future.

    3. there will be no race war- never was in history- & even Obama’s reelection would not change anything drastically. Obama is a puppet of greedy Capitalism, and not much more (hence Libya war & other wars). What is a realist option is awakening of more Whites to the unpleasant reality of race question & differentiation about central question: which is the ethno-racial substratum of the US ?

    As for various scenarios of apocalypse or supposed genocide on Whites- forget it, it won’t happen.

  • Kurt Plummer


    If option 1) is chosen, it would require a some point in time the expulsion of hispanic,muslim,asian,carribean and african fifth columns.

    I hope that AIPAC is somewhere in there.

    I hope that the withdrawal of our Legions from other nation’s defenses is somewhere in there.

    I hope that the purchasing of a 1,000 bulldozers of the kind they use in coal mines is somewhere in there (to dig a big ditch, on the southern border, to keep them from coming back).

    I hope that this includes disbandment of all ‘Congressional Caucasus’ by which ethnics are encouraged to vote for ‘their people’ rather than for their state.

    If option 2) is chosen the partition of the “America” into separate raced-based nation states will occur.This means that post-1965 nonwhites will control immigation policy on their turf…and this means hyper-exponential population growth in the nonwhite nation states…and this-with 100 percent certainty-will result in ecological collapse across the former “America”.

    Whites could self-exile themselves to the likes of a Montana Muscovy and still be better off, with as few as 60,000 (really smart, dedicated, ‘colonists’).  What must happen if we become a culturally islanded people is first the securing of sufficient nuclear weapons to prevent anti-secessionist overrun by conventional forces.  And then the development of ethnographically selective pathogens which can cull the herd before any ‘migratory period’ (post U.S.) pursuit can ruin what we have.  Without the fallout mess of atomics.

    Identifying a threat is only the first step but with things like subterranean (warmth of the earth, light of the sun) greenhouses, whites could ‘green the desert’ of places like the upper northwest states where blacks and other cultures simply would not want or necessarily -know- to follow us.

    At which point, it becomes a choice to develop a microculture which can survive as a set of high technology enclaves and largely ignore the passing of the United States into history.

  •  A few things have to be said about Jews in the US.

    1. most are assimilated & intermarriage rate is- for ethnic Jewish organizations- alarming, ca. 40-50% (mostly with other Whites). High levels of ethnocentrism Kevin MacDonald & other Judeophobic ideologues ascribe to “Jews” are confined to a small, but influential circle of Jewish ethno- nationalists who do not care much about their host country- in this case, USA. BUT- most Jews in modern history- last two centuries- have strongly identified themselves with their host countries (Germany, Russia, Austria, France, Hungary,Britain, USA,..) & made crucial contributions both to their adopted countries & world civilization.
    What MacDonald, or Israel Shahak, describe is, speaking in terms of Jung’s archetypal psychology, “Jewish shadow”, i.e. the sum of vices & malignant drives. But- a person is more than the sum of vices and destructive drives. To reduce someone to their “bad” traits is simply a demonization & not an objective analysis of a person or a group.

    2. Jews are, considering their entire history, one of world’s great creative peoples. I place them somewhere near English, Germans and French among existing European peoples. Italians & Russians are close, too. Other peoples (the Chinese, Japanese, Bengalis, Koreans, ..) are, due to cultural differences, very hard to compare, and ancient – not modern- Greeks are beyond comparison at all: they were gods who had walked the earth.
    Of course, there are great destructive peoples- I’d say that Mongols had been in that realm what ancient Greeks were in the creative area.

    3. many AmRen regulars make the classical logical mistake: correlation= causation. True, many Jews in the US are involved in the activities not conductive to the health & stable, prosperous identity of the US (unrestricted immigration, SPLC, Soros,..)- but, this is not the opinion of most US Jews. Jews do not “run” Norway, Italy, Sweden, Britain,…, yet one can find in many of these countries patterns of self-destructive behavior noticeable in the US. It’s the decadent stage of civilization, something like attitudes of French aristocracy in 1770s & not the result of some devilish conspiracy.

    This is long enough & I’ll add that negative ethno-cultural trends can be reversed only through shocks & collapse of illusions and “safe fat life”. IMO, this will have ineluctably happened, but not out of blue.

  • Pandemonium

    “….which is to prevail over an enemy that hates us and wishes to have all that we own.”

    Even if there were a dramatically destructive event that tore our country apart, how would Whites “prevail over an enemy that hates us…”? Even in those dire circumstances, and with Whites STILL being a dominant majority in our country, we have no organization, no leadership, and no financing. 

    It seems to me that with the chaos that followed a tearing asunder of our country, the Elites would still have control over the organs of communication and the financing to keep control. Not to mention the military.

    As I have mentioned on this site before, Whites need massive funding, organization, and leadership in order to successfully advocate for our people. Failing that, we fail. Otherwise, our countries will continue to be diluted by browns and blacks, our culture will continue to be destroyed and we will continue to shrink in population. We will be dispersed across the world and lose the ability to unite, organize, and advocate until we will be an occasional oddity seen on the streets of a black, brown and yellow world. 

    I don’t like to sound defeatist, but right now that is how I see things. In my darkest times, I fall back on the premise that White brainpower will ultimately prevail. Then, that dark cloud returns with the message that “it ain’t worked so far! 

    Then I hope that there are those much smarter than me working out the problem in secret, something like the Atlas Shrugged scenario where the best people kept disappearing to a hidden society where they were able to build a society based on their values. You have to wonder why this is NOT happening. 

    We need to get organized.