Ron Paul and Race

James Maia, American Renaissance, January 2, 2011

Is it all a mirage?

Ron Paul has—without question—the most dedicated supporters of any presidential candidate in decades. Perhaps the Buchanan Brigades of 1992 and 1996 showed something like the enthusiasm of Paul backers, but that before everyone was online. Today, the comments section of any article on the 2012 presidential race in even the mainstream media will be deluged with Paul supporters arguing that their man is the only one who will preserve the Constitution, keep us out of foreign wars, and scale back government.

I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 and agree with most of his economic and foreign policy views—and I am not alone. According to the latest polls, Mr. Paul could win in Iowa tomorrow and is gaining steam nationally.

The race-realist section of the blogosphere is one of the most enthusiastic sources of support for Mr. Paul. For example, a December 16 poll on the website of the Council of Conservative Citizens had Ron Paul as the choice of 80 percent of respondents. His closest rival was Michelle Bachman at 8 percent.

Why is there so much support for Mr. Paul among racially conscious whites? Perhaps some remember the old Ron Paul newsletters of the 1990s. The newsletters came up in the 2008 campaign and have predictably surfaced again, now that Mr. Paul is a serious contender. Some quotes:

“Boy, it sure burns me to have a national holiday for Martin Luther King. I voted against this outrage time and time again as a Congressman. What an infamy that Ronald Reagan approved it! We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day.”

“Even in my little town of Lake Jackson, Texas, I’ve urged everyone in my family to know how to use a gun in self defense. For the animals are coming.”

“Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks.” (about the Los Angeles riots of 1992)

“We are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men; it is hardly irrational.”

A photocopy of the hard copy June 15, 1992 Ron Paul newsletter shown on the Reason website has the headline “A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism,” and contains sentences such as:

“We now know, if we did not before, that we are under assault from thugs and revolutionaries who hate Euro-American civilization and everything it stands for.”

“Ten thousand stores and other buildings looted and burned, thousand beaten and otherwise seriously injured, 52 people dead. That was the toll of the Los Angeles riots in which we saw white men pulled from their cars and trucks and shot or brutally beaten. (In every case, the mob was not too enraged to pick the victim’s pocket.)”

Mr. Paul’s rather weak defense is that he didn’t write these words and did not even know they had appeared in the newsletter that bears his name. Of course, the supposedly “racist” articles only say things that are true, but the taboos against discussing black-on-white violence and black crime and welfare have only gotten stronger in the last two decades, so perhaps he can be excused for running away from those words.

Mr. Paul has not said much about race in his presidential runs but what he has said makes him sounds like a leftist. After the December 15 presidential debate in Iowa he was interviewed on FOX by Sean Hannity, who asked about the newsletters. Paul replied in a way that sounds as though he thinks blacks have high imprisonment rates because white “racism.”

“I’m the greatest defender of civil liberties especially when it comes to the inequities in our judicial system, you know, with blacks . . . the imprisonments from the drug wars, the number of blacks to get the death penalty . . . .”

A few days later, Mr. Paul appeared on The Jay Leno Show to say that Michele Bachmann “hates Muslims.” He was more charitable to Rick Santorum who merely “doesn’t like” Muslims. This implies that Mr. Paul, himself, just can’t get enough of Muslims.

In January 2008 he told CNN about his heroes:

“As a matter of fact, Rosa Parks is one of my heroes, Martin Luther King is a hero, because they practiced the libertarian principle of civil disobedience and nonviolence.”

In the past, Mr. Paul even granted an interview, but by 2011 he was promoting rather different views on immigration in his book Liberty Defined. Here are a few excerpts:

“It’s hard to hide the fact that resentment toward a Hispanic immigrant is more common than toward a European illegal immigrant.”

“One side says use the US Army, round them up ship them home. The other side says give them amnesty . . . . The first choice—sending twelve to fifteen million illegals home—isn’t going to happen and shouldn’t happen. . . if each case is looked at separately, we would find ourselves splitting up families and deporting some who have lived here for decades, if not their entire life, and who have never lived for any length of time in Mexico. This would hardly be a Good Samaritan approach to the problem. It would be incompatible with human rights.”

“Don’t punish third parties for not being keen to act as law enforcement agents in regard to illegal immigration. Blaming American employers and fining them for hiring an individual, directly or indirectly, with counterfeit identification strikes me as a compulsory servitude not permitted under the constitution. Determining who is legal or not is police and court function, not a responsibility of private business.”

“Arizona-type immigration legislation can turn out to be harmful. Being able to stop any American citizen under the vague charge of ‘suspicion’ is dangerous, even more so in the age of secret prisons and a stated position of assassinating American citizens if deemed a ‘threat,’ without charges ever being made.”

“[Immigrants] have a work ethic superior to many of our own citizens who have grown dependent on welfare and unemployment benefits.”

Mr. Paul’s website claims he is against amnesty but that, “As President, Ron Paul will encourage legal immigration by streamlining the entry process without rewarding lawbreakers.”

Such enthusiasm for more legal immigration was evident in Liberty Defined:

“With free markets and private property, a need for immigrant labor becomes obvious. Make it legal and easy with a generous visitor work program.”

This is almost the doctrinaire libertarian position on immigration.

Like every other Republican candidate, Mr. Paul has not touched affirmative action—yet in every debate, he rails against burdensome government regulations and intrusion into private lives. Quotas and racial preferences should be exhibit A for big government meddling, but Mr. Paul appears to be afraid of the issue.

A win in the January 3 Iowa primary will surly make the infamous newsletters center stage again. Mr. Paul will have to do better than the “I didn’t know” defense, and that defense is likely to take the form of hard-left rhetoric on race. Get ready to hold your noses.

For some reason, leftist nonsense on race will probably not lose him many votes—even among his racially aware white supporters. Once people decide that Mr. Paul is even a little bit on our side on race, they seem ready to forgive him just about anything.

My guess is that Ron Paul probably does have good instincts on race. He would not have hired a complete ideological alien to write those newsletters. However, he certainly does not care enough about race to blow a chance at the top job. If he ever became President he would have had to and dance backwards so frantically on race that he could never suddenly start pushing realistic policies—even if I am right about his instincts.

Whites looking for an advocate for our people are going to have wait.

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James Maia
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  • Anonymous

    We cannot expel 15 million Mexicans.  We didn’t even try to send back our blacks, which would have made more sense.

    • Marcy Fleming

      Yes, we can. Only 11 million now. Millions have left since 2008 when Depression came.
      Lincoln wanted to return Blacks.
      Stop your loser whining and come up with solutions.

      • Anonymous

        Lincoln failed.  Do you have a PLAN TO REMOVE THE BLACKS?

    • Operation W*tb**k, 1950s, Eisenhower.

    • baby steps!

    • Mdottwo

      “…send back our blacks.” This is the purest example of the racist mentality of dim-witted whites. Captain dim-wit thinks he has the right to determine what happens to black Americans because he is white.  Nine times out of tin, my black ancestors were already here building this nation under the whip and eventually by free will citizenship when his ancestors arrived here.  Black Americans have done more to build this nation that any other ethnic group.  They have paid the price for the “advancements” that America offered the white immigrants came here. How did America create white opportunity? They created a false bottom in this ship of state, beneath which no white man could fall; it was done on the backs of and at the expense of black America.  With each successive wave of white immigrants, black workers were dispossessed of their crafts and livelihoods  in order to provide opportunities for new whites.  At one time in America black men were the cooks, chefs, journeymen, gardeners, carpenters, bricklayers, black smiths, metal workers, tanners, so on, and so on. The stock market sold black human beings like cattle, in the name of white advancement

      In the midst of slavery, Africans created things like the long handle broom, and many, many other inventions critical to American life. For those who have tried to debunk the history of black American genius, visit this website that lists black inventors in alphabetical order( that has the list of inventors, inventions, the patent numbers and the date of the patents. Read the lists of hundreds of patent numbers and reassess the thought that black Americans have not greatly contributed to this nation and its success.

      There is also the history of American culture and popular culture, that has been built on black music, dance and talent. Black Americans created the Negro spiritual, work songs,  minstrel show music, the popular ballad like “Carry Me Black To Ol’ Virginy”, cakewalk music and the cakewalk dance, ragtime, the black bottom of the “roaring 20’s, torch songs, the blues, New Orleans jazz, popular jazz, progressive jazz, the jitterbug dance craze, swing – the big band sound, stride piano, do-wops, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, the Motown sound, the Memphis sound, the Philadelphia sound, funk, psychedelic, gospel music, black popular music(via Stevie Wonder and others), protest music(via Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone and Gil Scot Heron), and to our chagrin – rap music.

      Black America has produced the world’s greatest singers: Bessie Smith, Marion Anderson
      Paul Robeson, Billy Eckstine, Cab Calloway, Joe Williams, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald,
      Lena Horne, Louie Armstrong, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Ethel Waters, Leslie Uggams, Diahann Carroll, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Sam Cooke,
      Ray Charles, Diana Ross, The Supremes, Smokie Robinson and the Miracles, The Drifters, The Temptations, Eddie Kendricks, Martha and the Vandellas, Ruby and the Romantics, James Brown, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave, The Coasters, Otis Redding, Carmen McCrae, Della Reese,  Etta James, Peaches & Herb, Lionel Richie, Sly & the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, Kathleen Battle, Leontyne Price, Mahalia Jackson, Betty Carter, Whitney Houston, The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Miriah Carey, Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, The Mills Brothers, Donna Summers, Alicia Keys, Patti LaBelle, Dionne Warwick, Marilyn McCoo, Gladys Knight, Jessye Norman, Anita Baker, Mary Wells and a long list of others not named here.

      Black America has produced some the worlds greatest musicians: Eubie Blake, Noel Sissle, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Fats Waller, Charlie Parker, Myles Davis, the Modern Jazz Quartet,  Herbie Hancock and a long, long list of others.

      Black American has produced an incredible long list of sports super stars; many of whom
      have greatly contributed to the long list of gold medals that America has won in the Olympics.

      Send black people back to where? We were stripped of our names and places of origin in the name of white advancement. African Americans are America. We have paid the price to be American, despite the centuries of social engineering that has all but destroyed the black family.  We own this place, and no group of Johnny-come-late-lies can assumed the authority to diminish our status or right to be in America, simply because they white.  For the record, Ron Paul is not a racist. The people who are accusing him of being racist, are the racists.

  • We already know that Ron Paul is not a race realist or white nationalist at heart.  My vote for him is based on a calculation that among the existing candidates, his world view is closest to mine.  Michele Bachmann has the best immigration record of the field, and even broached the 1965 taboo in a debate, but she is now only in the race to be a blocking back for Romney, so she is not a serious candidate IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      Paul’s opposition to the Fed and military industrial complex seal the deal for me. Other Republicans talk tough regarding immigration but I have no assurance that they are not in the pocket of the business lobby. Paul is most certainly an enemy of them.

    • Anonymous

      I like Bachmann’s stances on immigration best of all the candidates, and she clearly has some good instincts there, but it’s conspiratorial crackpottery to say she’s only in the race to be a “blocking back” for Romney.   No sinister puppeteer is pulling Bachmann’s (or for that matter, anyone else’s) strings in this race.  Bachmann is sincere and running for her own reasons, not to help any other candidate.  I wish I could back her; but she lacks enough gravitas, accomplishments, and resume to be a credible contender. 


        Notice the date, this is not long after the date of the Ames Straw Poll which Bachmann won, which was the very same day the Rickroller announced.  A version of this story first appeared in the Washington Post.

        Plus I have two ears, two eyes, and a brain with an above average IQ, an opiate addiction to conventional politics, a long enough life to have observed a lot of these Presidential primary seasons, and an adequate reading of the history of those that occurred before my lifetime and in the realm of modern American political history.

        All that is a little more reliable than conspiratorial crackpottery.

        So we’re left with one conclusion:  Bachmann is a blocking back for Romney.

        No, she’s not doing it at the behest of some “mysterious” puppeteer, she’s doing it because she wants a cabinet position in the Romney Administration, or for him to twist arms to get the House Republicans to ditch Boehner and make her Speaker.

        Heck, when it all comes down to it, Ron Paul might turn into a blocking back for Romney, if he isn’t one already, because if he thinks he won’t win, he would do anything he can to keep Gingrich from winning, because Paul despises Gingrich on a more personal level than he does Romney.  All goes back to the second half of the 1990s.

        • Anonymous

          Sigh. Obviously Romney wants non-Romneys to be plentiful and spend their time fighting each other. That doesn’t mean any of them are doing so on his behalf, at his behest, or in an effort to do anything but benefit their own presidential campaigns. Despite your OUTSTANDING nick/handle, you just lack a firm grip on political reality and common sense.

          • So saith the man or woman who advocated on this very website a few days ago that the the entire American automobile fleet switch over to ethanol, so that our food prices can go ten times higher overnight.  The ethanol wouldn’t be cheap either.  Little food, and little driving.  Let the good times roll…

          • Anonymous

            Wrong for many reasons.

            1. Ethanol does not cause higher food prices. We have huge unused ag surplus production capacity. Even while ethanol corn production has risen dramatically food corn production is up as well as has production of other staple crops so the only mechanism by which ethanol could cause higher food prices is not in fact happening.

            2. I also called for making compatibility with METHANOL with an M a standard feature. Methanol can be made cheaply from natural gas, coal, or any biomass (not just sugar or starch), all of which we have in abundance unlike oil. Ethanol gets a bum rap and has helped, but methanol is the real key to crushing our enemies overseas. Methanol is cheaper than gasoline without subsidies and with a vast broad resource base always will be.

          • I might agree on methanol, but we would have to drill for a lot more natural gas, to keep home heating bills from getting any higher than they are.  But to say that ethanol isn’t increasing the price of food?  Granted, it’s not the only reason, but it is a reason.  A lower supply and a higher demand can only mean one thing in economic terms.

          • Anonymous

            But there is no lower supply. That’s my point, the key point that the food vs. fuel myth overlooks.

  • Anonymous

    Even with all his backtracking and pandering it hasn’t done him any good. The left and the right are doing their best to paint him as a Nazi Israel hating lunatic. He should have just owned up to writing it and stated he no longer holds those views. It’s unfortunate but if he tried to defend the truths he wrote, he would be castigated even more by our Stalinist media. This has shined the light on who in the media are actually conservative. Talk radio has been exposed for the sham that it is. A bunch of hosts that I used to respect are foaming at the mouth with hatred for Paul. The establishment wants Romney. Though this is far better than John McShame, I don’t have much confidence that Romney will go through with what he says regarding immigration.

    • Talk radio has been exposed for the sham that it is. A bunch of hosts
      that I used to respect are foaming at the mouth with hatred for Paul.

      One such host, Mark Levin, is on as I write these words.  To show you what kind of a sense of gratitude this schmuck has, he used the first half hour of his show to promise that if Ron Paul ran third party and got at least a million votes (even if those million votes didn’t alter the outcome between Obama and Romney), he would do “everything in my power” to get Rand Paul out of the Senate.  Now, Levin and Rand Paul had a good relationship before now, and the younger Paul even recommended Levin’s previous book.  In spite of what he probably knew was Levin’s long career of trashing his father.  No good deed goes unpunished.

      If I were Rand Paul, I would hire a lawyer to scour Federal laws for anything that any prosecutor can use to get Mark Levin convicted of a Federal felony and into Federal prison.  Examples:  Financial impropriety relating to his legal foundation, being an “unregistered lobbyist,” for whatever concern.

      • Anonymous

        Levin is a little weasel who pretends to be a ‘constitutional scholar’. An enemy of Levin, Michael Savage, is also spewing nonsense like ‘Paul supports terrorists, hates Israel, etc.’. Just a month ago, Savage had Paul on as a guest and had a lot of nice things to say. So which one is it Savage? One minute you rage about corrupt banksters and the military industrial complex. The next, you sound like a raging neocon. It’s really sad that you can’t trust anyone. Do Savage and Levin know that they are alienating a large section of their audience? I certainly will no longer support them.

        • Marcy Fleming

          Why did you ever support them in the first place ?

          • Anonymous

            Because I agreed with what Savage said. He used to be a more mainstream Alex Jones but that boat has sailed. I agree with Jones on a lot but he goes into strange territory at times.

          • Mike

            Savage has been acting more like a child than anything ‘conserative’. the lamestream ‘conseratives’ are totally jealous of RP. and will stop it nothing to smear him.

        • Levin and Savage are only “enemies” because they’re on during the same time slot.  Ideologically, Levin is more “conservative Republican plantation,” while Savage sometimes strays off of it.  Though with Savage, you don’t know if his straying off the reservation is for real or a play act.


          Levin should have read that before running his mouth tonight, this story posted more than five hours before his show started.  He would have saved himself a lot of grief, and he wouldn’t have ruined his cordial relationship with a sitting U.S. Senator.  Now I’m reading stuff that speculates that Levin just committed some sort of extortion/coercion crime relating to Federal elections.  I’m sure some liberal Democrat U.S. Attorney would love to be able to string up any “conservative” talk radio host.

    • Marcy Fleming

      He should have owned up to it and proudly stated that he still held these views.
      Your just finding out NOW that talk radio is a neocon hoax ?

  • Marcy Fleming

    Paul knows that King’s sit-ins were a forcible invasion of and violation of individual property rights. King was an avowed Socialist with Communist Party support.  If someone sits in at your home and you try to eject them you will be accused of using force ! That’s King’s nonlogic and why is Paul endorsing it ?
    Thanks, AmRen, for your great new look and ease of access ! Happy New Year !

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is definitely not a white nationalist or someone who would explicitly support white group racial interests. But he does have views which will benefit whites.

    1. Ending birthright citizenship. This is hugely important. I believe there was a report showing that close to 10% of America’s births were to illegal immigrants.  Removing birthright citizenship would greatly help in tipping the demographic favor to whites.

    2.  Ending of welfare benefits for illegals.

    3.  He doesn’t support amnesty for illegals.

    4.  Voluntary association.

    5. Opposition to neo-conservatism, intervention and foreign wars. Why is this important? Foreign wars and interventions (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya among many) generate hundreds of thousands of refugees. Where do these refugees go? The US and other white countries.

    That being said, he clearly supports more legal immigration and is seemingly naive about Muslims and Islam.  So your concluding sentence, “Whites looking for an advocate of our people are going to have to wait”, is correct.

    • Anonymous

      Supposedly. But why does he never campaign on issues like ending welfare for illegals and for voluntary association?

  • Anonymous

    I recall the righteous anger we had for Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry and their anti-white stances on affirmative action, immigration and the Confederate flag.

    Why does Ron Paul get  a pass from some people for his equally anti-white positions on immigration and  ‘racism” in the justice system?

    • Anonymous

      Answer: Money.

      Paul won’t cost them as much money.

      This moment in history is brought to you by Jack Benny.

  • JJ Cintia

    Ron Paul is a Phony!  He’s in the pocket of the Internationalists and the Financiers on Wall Street!  Libertarianism is a Sham!  It’s just more Laissez-Faire Capitalism with a Smiley Face drawn on it!  A Paul Administration would be a Disaster for Whites!  This Assclown would let in so many Non-Whites it will make your head spin.
    Half of Mexico lives in America NOW, with Paul as POTUS he’ll invite the other half right in!

    • Sure.  That’s why The Powers That Be have the long knives out for him, and are engaged in a campaign of eliminationist hate against him, because he’s in the pockets of the internationalists and Wall Street financiers.  Repudiating the Federal Reserve?  Just what the banksters wanted.

      • Heir of the Dog

        Paul won’t invade Iran, THAT’S why TPTB have “long knives” out for him.

    • Kent Wilson

      Mr. JJ Cinta is right. Ron Paul is a Libertarian and they are only conservative on economic issues. On social matters Libertarians are far, far left. If Libertarians come to power expect to see the end to any restrictions on immigration. Libertarian philosophy stands on two pillars… 1) The unrestricted free movement of people on a global basis.  2) The unrestricted free movement of capital on a global basis. What good is it to have sound money (no Fed) if America has become nothing more than a Libertarian engineered polyglot?

      • Marcy Fleming

        If the welfare state safety net was ended there would be no illegal mass immigration to the US.

        • Jackellisdd

          That’s simply not true. People will go where life is perceived to be better. Blacks in the inner city will want to move to the Whiter suburbs. Mexican and Central American Indians will still want to move to El Norte – maybe not most parts of California where life is the same as Mexico, El Salvador, so these masses of people will try to get to Utah and Nebraska. And check out scenes of Somalian refugee camps in Kenya – you’re telling us that these starving, disease ridden Somalian bantus there won’t want to come to Minnesota even after welfare benefits are scaled back? There are still lots and lots of White do gooders in Minnesota that will want to house, clothe and feed the Somalians.

          Marcy – our problems are racial/cultural, it’s not all about economics. Please, everyone posting comments on Amren, please get out of this libertarian cult.

          • Anonymous

            Marcy Fleming writes:

            “You are totally wrong, the expansion of immigration, illegal and legal, started with the Great Society in 1965.

            We’re not talking scaled back welfare , we’re talking eliminated in toto.”
            Jack Ellis replies:

            Marcy and other libertarian true believers – you’re living in a fantasy world. Libertarians are not in any position of power to end  Social Security, end the entire welfare state. There is as much chance of restoring absolute Monarchy in the United States as you have in imposing this Ayn Rand Libertarian fantasy world. Ron Paul ran for President of the United States on the Libertarian party ticket in 1988 and won…

            0% of the popular vote.

            Ron Paul and 100% true believer Libertarians have as much chance of winning the Miss teen America beauty pageant, of convincing the entire country of Saudi Arabia to give up Islam, of getting the entire nation of France to give up the French language as they do of winning total power in the USA and imposing this Libertarian fantasy world.

            I urge American Renaissance editors and readers to break out of this Libertarian fantasy world and try to join the real world and do as best as we can in the real world.

  • Dan

    A lot of people here are pointing out the obvious, Ron Paul is not a race realist, but his policies are about as close as we are going to get to in this election cycle. Because he leans libertarian on most issues, a Ron Paul presidency would be beneficial to whites.  He can think whatever he wants about race, but as long as he promotes an unobtrusive government with an emphasis on a merit based society, he will be responsible for moving the country in the right direction.

    I also agree with Paul on most of his other positions, particularly his fight against the neocons and our wasteful warfare state that irreparably harms all our citizens, black and white.

    I would love to see a true far right candidate run, but for now I am more than happy to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a pro-white race realist AND a hawk in the War on Terror.  Why is it so hard to find someone who will defend the West both at home and overseas?  Why must race realists have the national security policies of the far Left and Islamists?  Why must tough-on-terror hawks be Politically Correct weaklings on race?

    • Anonymous

      Remember: We have to fight them over there so we can give them EBT cards and help them settle in to Vermont.

    • Anonymous

      Remember: We have to fight them over there so we can give them EBT cards and help them settle in to Vermont.

      • Anonymous

        Either that, or we cut off their EBT and don’t let more in, but surrender to them overseas and let the world descend into a new dark age of chaos and terror. Why this false choice? I say we should be strong at home AND abroad.

    • Anonymous

      I feel your pain

      But you need to understand the Neo Conservative program, which isn’t our program

      1 invade the world for Israel – endless foreign wars against Arab/Muslim countries

      2 invite the world – open borders immigration in to the US, the West

      3 In hoc to the world – endless borrowing to pay for 1 and 2

      These expensive foreign wars against Iraq and Iran are just destractions, the real wars are here in our country,

      • Marcy Fleming

        Whose post was deleted here ?

    • Marcy Fleming

      Your statement here makes no more sense than your advocacy of the discredited ethanol boondoggle. The war on terror is an Israeli Lobby farce that has cost us at least 5 trillion dollars since the first Bush war in 1991. I am Jewish and half Irish and lived in Tel Aviv for two years. I liked it but their interests are not ours. And all the Israel First pandering of the GOP won’t get them 10% of the Jewish vote here.
      We don’t need any more wasteful foreign crusades that we have needlessly had since Wilson.
      The war on terror here is to create a police state and following neocon dummies like Savage and Hannity and Levin, ad nauseum, is to be sucked down the wrong path.
      We want a free society, not a national socialist one.

      • Anonymous

        If you want a boondoggle, try jihad juice. Because OPEC controls 78% of world oil supply while we have less than 2%, OPEC can set production levels to control the supply available to the world market, and thus set prices wherever it likes. Ultimately OPEC deliberately under-produces to create artificial scarcity and artificially high prices in a giant brutally regressive tax on the entire rest of the world, including us. The Saudis’ total cost per barrel is about $1.50 yet oil was $10 a barrel in 1999 and over $140 a barrel in 2008, a “tax” increase of over $650 billion (since we import 5 billion a year), coming to over $8,000 per family of 4 when average income is $35K after taxes. And yet you complain about Israel?? Focus on the conspiracy of Mideastern socialist tyrants that actually exists in the real physical world – OPEC. I’d rather send my fuel dollars to all American corn farmers in the Midwest.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, I’m all for having a strong defense, but we have no business nation building.  And how can you say our military is defending us *over there* when you have rights-stripping bills such as the NDAA *over HERE*? 

      I am not so much anti-war as against unjust wars.

    • Anonymous

       Why must race realists have the national security policies of the far Left and Islamists?  ”

      Thats right! REAL ‘MERICANS like to start wars against terrists!  

      The Carney3’s of America are why are getting nowhere.  The same globalists who support needless wars of aggression are the same people who support a policy of vicious race replacement.   

      • Anonymous

        1. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan are “needless wars of aggression”. That slanders a good country and its people.

        2. I do not support race-replacing white people, and grassroots Americans such as the Jacksonian Southerners and others who back a strong national security policy overseas don’t either. What I’m frustrated by is that many of those in our opinions leaders – politicians, pundits, etc., do indeed seem to be Politically Correct. Just as frustrating that so many of those who do have sensible views on race are Muslim-appeasing surrenderniks.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Ron Paul is against, whites can compromise on.

    The only thing whites can’t compromise on Paul won’t touch.

    My fondest hope is that Ron Paul wins the nomination, and then goes on to get trounced in the general election.

    Because then implicitly white Tea Partiers — and even many explicit whites — will have to try something else.

    Something that WORKS.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul and virtually all libertarians like to be on TV – like to be allowed on college campuses.

    They firmly believe that they have THE TRUTH to save the entire world with the one true gospel of FREE MARKETS.

    Thus they will backslide on all racial issues if threatened with loss of access to the MSM or driven from PC respectable society for being RACISTS

    What’s the difference between liberals and libertarians?

    On the live or die issues of immigration and Black crime there are no differences.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is no white savior on a horse. That much is clear.

    To his eternal credit, he voted against the renewal of the Voting Rights Act and the Emmett Till Civil Rights Act under Bush. Paul was on CNN on New Year’s Day reiterating his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    I was planning on voting for Michele Bachmann, but she is unlikely to make it to my state. So it boils down to a choice between Romney and Paul. I think Romney will win the nomination anyway.

    • Let us listen to the eternal words of Ron Paul:

      ‘Federal bureaucrats and judges cannot read minds to see if actions are
      motivated by racism. Therefore, the only way the federal government
      could ensure an employer was not violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964
      was to ensure that the racial composition of a business’s workforce
      matched the racial composition of a bureaucrat or judge’s defined body
      of potential employees. Thus, bureaucrats began forcing employers to
      hire by racial quota. Racial quotas have not contributed to racial
      harmony or advanced the goal of a color-blind society. Instead, these
      quotas encouraged racial balkanization, and fostered racial strife.’

      This direct quote from Ron Paul sounds like something that could have been posted on the comment pages here!

      Ron Paul has earned my vote with the above brave statement of Truth to liberal Power!

  • Anonymous

    The American  Empire (the source of Cultural Marxism throughout the West ) is the main enemy of whites in the world today.  The USG aggressively promotes the Multicult in all parts of Europe which are even slightly resistant. It even promotes more aggressive”mainstreaming” of blacks and Muslims in a country like France which the neocons  portray as hopelessly  leftist.  And recall that It supports the entry of Turkey into  the EU. 

    Ron Paul is an America First enemy of the neo-Bolshevik American Empire.  That’s the crucial 
    point  to keep in mind.  

  • Anonymous

    Mangan’s is a race realist blog that covers the neo-Bolshevist nature of the American Empire: 

  • Speaking of one Michael Alan Weiner, proving he’s not a race realist or a white nationalist (if his public bashing of AR and Jared Taylor went over your head), he trashed the Iowa caucuses last night because Iowa is “too white” and doesn’t “have enough minorities,” and therefore doesn’t “look like America.”  Sounds like Bill Clinton.

    • Mike

      he meant the country probably changed since say the 1965 bill. He didn’t per say slam white people. I listened to it. thats not what he said.

  • Anonymous

    Only anti-semites think opposition to Islam is a code for pro-Israel policy.  Islam threatens more than Israel.  It threatens every Christian, every Jew, every Hindu or Buddhist, every secular humanist.  It is the religion of violence and primitivism. It  must be stopped — nay, it must be destroyed.

    • Marcy Fleming

      99% of all Semites are Arabs and Ashkenazim Jews like myself may not be Semites.
      See The Invention Of The Jewish People by Shlomo Sand, Prof at Tel Aviv University.
      Everything you write about Islam could be said in spades about Christianity, Hinduism,
      Buddhism and Judaism.
      Your talking genocide and you should be kicked off here.

      • Marcy Fleming

        Why was I edited instead of Candide who’s calling for literal genoicide ?
        Also an earlier response of mine to her on this same subject seems to have disappeared. What’s up ?

  • Pateroz

    Subtle and pervasive repression and fear is a fact of life amongst realists in contemporary America.  Public officials who are otherwise realistic are usually so in private about race and gender differences–but not not in public.   Nothing is going to be gained in having such persons self-destruct by being candid overtly about these facts of life at this time.   When the dam bursts on all this, it will be a spectacle to behold.  Until it does burst, the art of the possible is the compass to follow.   

  • Mr.Fleagle

    Reported by James Oliphant on January 2, 2012, 1:25 p.m  from Des Moines—  “While other candidates were speaking at coffeehouses and diners on the day before the Iowa caucuses, Ron Paul was greeted by a crowd of 500 and scores of national media who packed a downtown hotel ballroom for a morning event.” End quote.
    This is a blaring indictment against Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich or any other candidate in the field who support endless wars and federal government tyranny. This exposes the lackluster support for the Neocons and their agenda. How can they claim their winning with so little visible support? The short answer, they can’t.
    RON PAUL is the only candidate that can beat Obama in 2012.

    • Anonymous

      Rasmussen Reports   Friday, January 13, 2012 

              Although Texas Congressman Ron Paul has had strong finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire, his support remains little changed nationally in the latest hypothetical election 2012 matchup with President Obama.A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely Voters finds Obama earning 43% support to Paul’s 37%.

  • British Activism

    Although I am in England, I have to say that I have been a bit of a ‘fan’ (if that is the right word) of Ron Paul for quite a long time.

    I do not pretend to know the dynamics of the American system or the political atmosphere in America, but Ron Paul sounds like a real challenge to the two party state control over major issues, just like we have in Britain with the “main three” parties.

    As the article states, and as others have commented on, he is not really a ‘racial themed’ candidate – he is just a Libertarian candidate who is prepared to challenge the more general prevailing orthodoxies from the more ‘typical’ candidates/puppets.

    Regarding ‘race blind’ libertarianist viewpoints, I do wonder how some of these forms of libertarian expect to keep their traditional western civilisation ideals and principles going in the future when their core supporters and upholders (who I believe are to be more likely to be white) are going to be dwindling into a demographic minority.

    I also wonder if this campaign would be quite as tight if it was being held somewhere which is not around 90% white. I have no evidence to substantiate these points, but my impression is that non-whites are not as naturally inclined to libertarian ideals and, for example, prefer a welfare state and ‘protection’ such as ‘hate speech’ laws.

    • Anonymous

      “but my impression is that non-whites are not as naturally inclined to
      libertarian ideals and, for example, prefer a welfare state and
      ‘protection’ such as ‘hate speech’ laws.”


      You are absolutely correct, as long as they are the ones receiving the welfare and protection, and as long as they can never be held accountable for their own hate speech or actions they are happy and the world spins on in their favor.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul is the candidate of potheads, isolationists, and delusional reactionaries.

  • Charles

    Ron Paul was rated an F by Numbers USA on immigration issues. He is opposed to the tough Arizona law, e-verify and doesn’t want to build the fence. Most libertarians are bad on immigration issues and support open borders. They feel there is no difference in importing a Mexican made shirt and a Mexican worker. Paul is a little better – but not much. In fact,he is regressing from some of his better positions of four years ago. I would look elsewhere for a candidate who will stop the third world immigration invasion. Racially conscious whites must not be swept up by Paulmania.

  • Marc B.

    While I was initially so irritated by Paul’s softening on the immigration issue since the 2008 run, that I was supporting Bachmann, but he is right enough on most other issues so he quickly gained my support. Anybody that supports cutting the largesse of the parasite class is likely to make things far less hospitable for illegals as well as native-born welfare bums.

    I can overlook his pandering racial pandering because he simply offers minorities much less than any of the other big government GOP candidates.   

  • Marcy Fleming

    You are totally wrong, the expansion of immigration, illegal and legal, started with the Great Society in 1965.
    We’re not talking scaled back welfare , we’re talking eliminated
    en toto.
    If you want to help people out of your own pocket, then you have to guarantee they will not be a public charge. 99% of do-gooders
    would balk at that.
    Our real problem is not illegals, it’s US Blacks. They hardly immigrated here. The issue is collectivism-statism versus individualism-laissez-faire capitalism

    • Guest

      Our real problem IS illegals and their growing population. Have you been to California, Arizona or Nevada?  Overwhelming numbers of fecund illegals are closing down hospitals, ruining the schools, driving up crime, forcing out businesses, lowering the quality of life and driving up taxes causing taxpayers to flee the state. 

      The burden they put on the welfare state each year is in the billions of dollars with no end in sight.

      Hispanics have surpassed Blacks as a percentage of the American population with no end in sight. They are a HUGE menace in the Southwest.

  • Erik

    Thank you Mr. Maia,

    I for one am tired of baseless support for Ron Paul among race realists. While a long time ago Ron Paul or his staff may have expressed sensible views on race, his policies on economics, trade, drug legalization and his enthusiasm for legal immigration and some form of amnesty make him entirely unacceptable. He’s no Patrick Buchanan. Let’s face it, there are no candidates in either party who support race realism. The elections are rigged and voting is a waste of time in my opinion. It will not accomplish anything. I’m not worried about Ron Paul because I know he can’t win however.

  • Anonymous

    Tom Tancredo was shilling for the refugee program last week on Human Events– Middle Eastern Marxist terrorist refugees at that.

    The author did not begin to explore the fact that his supporters do not care about the newsletters, and what sort of opportunity this might offer to those who are willing to speak with his people on their terms.

  • WR the elder

    Ron Paul is not and never was any sort of white nationalist, despite the mass media’s best attempt at portraying him that way.   But be realistic — nobody who is explicitly pro-white to the degree that Eric Holder is pro-black has a chance of being elected dog catcher in the United States as it is now.  Although Ron Paul is against illegal immigration his libertarian instincts make him unwilling to enforce the law in any effective way.  (If you don’t want families broken up then end birth right citizenship — then the kids can be deported too.)  Ron Paul is against affirmative action but given the heat he’s taking on the old newsletter articles (which Paul did not write) and his opposition to the Civil Rights Act (because of the inteference it imposes on private businesses) he has no doubt decided that he doesn’t need to give more ammunition to Rachel Maddow.

    Given that a man like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer hasn’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected to national office, I’ll settle for a guy who will get us out of stupid wars, preserve the Bill of Rights, and seriously try to balance the budget — Ron Paul.

  • Charles

    I find it disturbing for racially conscious whites to be uncritically gushing over Ron Paul. This guy received an F on immigration issues from the premier ant-immigration group Numbers USA. The only candidate rated lower was Obama. Paul doesn’t even have the guts or consistency to criticize affirmative action (there aren’t many more blatant examples of big government social engineering and meddling.) Paul is opposed to the tough Arizona law, e-verify, and the border fence. What a poor record.

    Most libertarians (there is no doubt that Paul is a staunch libertarian) are bad on race. They consider white racial consciousness as unacceptable “collectivism.” Paul lists Rosa Parks and MLK as two of his heroes. Mainstream libertarians seem to love the notion of open borders and importing millions of cheap labor, illegal aliens to this country.

    Paul is not the answer to our all important immigration problem.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks have debased our culture and will lead us to Socialism.

    • Anonymous

      “In the midst of slavery, Africans created things like the long handle broom”


      why do blacks have to make up false history all the time. Brooms were used in cultures even thousands of years before America even existed. attaching a bunch of twigs to a long handled stick is not any type of accomplishment either

  • Anonymous

    Blacks are 12% of the population yet commit over 50% of violent crime. Blacks have destroyed great cities like Detroit, Birmingham and Philadelphia.

    Blacks are the only group whose hand is always out and who always complain about racism (though they get preferences at every turn).

    Blacks have always been a burden and most of the greatest Americans wanted to send them back to Africa.

    Black inventions are a myth:

    Whites have produced better singers, dancers, athletes and entertainers than blacks but we don’t feel the need to list our accomplishments down to the very last man and woman.

    Blacks on their own create Haiti and Uganda.

    Blacks are racist and a huge burden and I would be pleased to separate from them.

    • Mdottwo

      You people refuse to see or hear this but the truth is the breakdown of the black family, the violence perpetrated by the fatherless was engineered. Black unemployment is between 20-25%. Democrats, catholics, and jews  have fought to keep the borders open.  30-40 million Mexicans have disenfranchised Black America. Media and music promotes sexual perversion and debauchery to all American children. Black men, women and teens cannot get jobs, because the democrats, catholics and jews are now courting the endless supply of cheap labor whom they can legalize and turn into to liberal voters.

      At the beginning of the last century it was the Irish, Jews, and Italians who were perpetrating most of the urban crime, especially in New York, Boston, and Chicago.  Black people lived in terror.  Thousands of lynchings of black men occurred between the beginning of slavery and the 1960’s, and was accepted as a white cultural norm, if not a right.  Google images of lynchings, and see whole towns participating with glee in the tarring and feathering, the castration and burning and lynching of black men while their children stand by and watch their parents commit murder. Black women and children were raped, and the police would not protect black people. The police themselves even participated in the rape and butchering of black people, including children, especially black boys.  During these times 75% of the crimes black American experienced was at the hands of whites. The police also helped to deliver the cultural message that black life was expendable. Research how many innocent black boys have been executed  right in front of their parent’s eyes.  Black parents were forced to allow their daughters to be routinely be raped by all levels of white men, or face the penalty of their own death, or the death of their daughters.

      Whites refuse to admit that their fear of black violence is of their own making. Now they are using their latest manuevers in social engineering
      with Mexican illegal aliens to accelerate the violence carried out by the children of the welfare system that has been used to remove black men from jobs and their families. When your country favors illegal foreigners over it’s legal citizens. When they pass laws to protect illegals at the expense of outraged citizens, why are you surprised at the escalating violence?

      It has become a racist habit of younger whites to slander black people on the internet. Whites and black people can commit the same kinds of crimes, yet whites will ignore the race of white perpetrators, but immediately will attribute black violence to race.  Whites can shoot up whole families, towns and campuses.  White men can abduct and murder
      children and babies, yet whites like the ones on this thread attribute this criminal behavior to individuals, but acts by black criminals are attributed to the whole race.  You people are idiots, you take for granted that the majority of black Americans condone black criminals. Here’s  a thought for you dim-wits, 98% of the crimes committed by black criminals are perpetrated up black people.  We want them dead more than you do.  We have gone from living in fear of white terrorism, to fearing the mindless spirit of murder that now resides among underclass
      black kids. They are waging a murderous campaign against black middle class boys. The fatherless are jealously killing the boys with protective parents.  All thanks to the invention of the political welfare plantation, foisted on the black community by lawless  liberal politicians.

  • Anonymous

    Tancredo is presently shilling for a Marxist Terrorist organization, even demanding that the US take on more Middle Eastern refugees–I am sure he scored high with Numbers while in Congress.

    When we say “character matters”, this is one angle toward a meaning of the phrase.

  • One place where black entertainers tend to excel is in comedy. One may suspect they may accomplish this feat because they are afforded more opportunities to be honest than most other groups.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    Blacks are 12% of the population yet commit over 50% of violent crime. Blacks have destroyed great cities like Detroit, Birmingham and Philadelphia.Dear BGF,

    You forgot Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta, Miami, Trenton remember (“Trenton Makes, The World Takes”. It’ s still on the Bridge but meaningless) , Buffalo, Memphis, Camden (believe it or not), Gary, New Orleans, St. Petersburg (Fl), San Francisco ( with no lack of help from the city fathers), St. Louis,  Kansas City, LA, Long Beach, Atlantic City etc. ad infinitum et ad nauseum. Their disproportionately large criminal element whose crimina have been passed down from one generation to the next, has been  pillaging our cities and murdering and raping their law abiding citizens for the last 100 years with increased intensity following the birth of the “Great Society” of Lyndon (Bane of our existence) Johnson.

  • Anonymous

    Maia seems to think Ron Paul, and presumably any other conservative office seeker, can simply speak utter truth about race without political consequence.  Saying that black African-Americans average  fifteen points lower than whites in IQ may be perfectly valid.  Pointing out that blacks commit felonies at 8-10 times the rate of whites may be equally true.  Making either statement publicly, however surrounded with qualifiers, is political and likely character suicide.

    • Anonymous

      I’m Black and proudly so and I work with a lot of you people and it really surprised how smart you people are not. Growing up you get it drilled into your head how smart white people are so you just look for them to be smart. But during the that oil disaster in the gulf–I swear to your jesus–I had two perfectly white,  people ask me where the Gulf of Mexico was. Now these are IT people and software engineers and they are not really that bright. Software goes down and who do they call at home in the middle of the night? So dumb ol’ n#gger like me to come and sort things out. So please the stop self horn tooting, you people are very over rated. 

  • Anonymous

    Paul was wrong to imply that casualties of recent wars were disproportionally made up of minorities, when it has been shown to be the opposite.
     He was right though about black incarceration for drugs as crack was given lengthier and more frequent sentencing than powder cocaine and crack was used less by whites.
    Thanks to meth, the disparity has been narrowed considerably.
     Paul is right, treatment and education are better than incarceration.

    • Anonymous

      The simple answer to black incarceration numbers is plea deals.  When whites get caught with a gram of coke they normally don’t have priors–particularly no assault or robbery charges.  They are respectful, no they’ve done wrong, get a lawyer, and usually correct their idiotic childish mistakes.

      When blacks get caught, they’re often dealing, might have a gun, usually have priors and/or skip out on bail, and foolishly don’t pay for a good legal team.

      As far as I’m concerned, drug laws are the best thing out there.  They pre-screen low IQ minorities,  the would-be dangerous criminals, and get them off the streets.

      • Anonymous

        Are you serious? This is really sad that even in the face of breaking the law white people will make excuses as to why they are better than any other law breaker. I’m as serious as cancer when I say this: Something is fundamentally wrong with a group of people who see no wrong in the mirror but can find it everywhere else. You people are truly a virus. 

  • In other words,  if Libertarians come to power in America, at least we would be able to defend ourselves against the criminals among those unrestricted immigrants.

    Fortunately, we have been headed in that direction even without libertarians.  Weakening of the “duty to retreat” in favor of the “castle doctrine” or “stand your ground,” civil and criminal liability shields for those that use self-defense, more states issuing CCW permits, are all serving that purpose.

    My point is this:  I want the power to be able to defend myself if it comes to that, but at the same time, I want a culture and society where there is as little crime as possible, such that I don’t have to use this thing on my hip.  Pure libertarian philosophy, taken to its logical consequence, makes us whites worse in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    “Drill Baby Drill” is a feel-good fairy tale. It’s time to grow up and face unpleasant FACTS. According to the CIA and many other credible sources, we have less than 2% of world oil reserves (counting Arctic and offshore) while OPEC has more than 78%.

    While we are oil poor we are energy rich. We have the world’s biggest coal deposits (the Mideast has none), lots of natural gas (the Mideast has that but can’t control that market as it does oil), and the world’s most efficient and productive agriculture (not much grows in the desert). All three resources can make alcohol fuels such as methanol and ethanol.

    Ethanol does NOT increase food prices; that’s OPEC propaganda. Even while ethanol corn production rose several fold in the last decade, food corn production did not fall but rose 45%. Try not to be so gullible to the enemies of the West.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul has as much chance of winning the NBA slam dunk competition or competing for the heavy weight boxing title as he does of getting elected President of the United States on a 100% true believer, race-denying Libertarian platform.

    Hey folks, we’re in some serious race wars – don’t waste your time on Ron Paul or any other 80 year old Liberal/Libertarians who deny that race/culture has any relevance to our lives.

    Check out this 1988 radio call in show where Libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul (won 0% of the popular vote) tries to reassure some regular White guy from California that the invasion of millions of low IQ, unskilled Mestizos from Mexico is really good for America. Yeah, Ron Paul deserves his failing F immigration grade from Numbersusa.

  • Anonymous

    We can be honest here: Ron Paul is no friend of ours.  Even if he had written those allegedly “bigoted” words back in the Nineties, the important thing is that he has completely disavowed them.  By refashioning Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as Ur-libertarians who resisted the State, he’s distorting history for the sake of attracting the Left-leaning multicultural youth vote.  He’s now a den dad for the culturally illiterate looking for easy slogans.

    Rep. Paul is as much a sellout politician as any other candidate.  Indeed he is worse.  His views on Muslims, and the need for more immigration by them and other nonwhites, would open this country to national suicide.  The types — and Paul still regularly writes for them — are NOT our allies.    

    • Anonymous

      Now it will snow in hell today, a white person that doesn’t have nose squarely in the behind of RP.  

  • Marcy Fleming

    Actually all the DUI laws should be abolished because drinking is not a crime. Misuse of a lethal weapon, a car, is the real crime whether you are drunk or sober. Only if a person is visibly driving erratically should they be stopped.  DUI checkpoints and arbitrary
    alcohol limits like O.8 should be abolished. They are largely revenue gimmicks.
    The analogy to illegals is just dumb.
    Illegal immigration is per se a serious crime.
    Mexico routinely deports illegal Guatemalans by the millions as does Nigeria with illegal Ghanians.
    You end welfare and plenty of Americans will get off their fat behinds and do some actual work.
    At the end of the day the Black problem is THE problem. The good news is in NYC there are 1500 abortions of blacks for every 1,000 black births.
    Yet much of the braindead GOP and the conservative movement is still pushing fetus fetishism and the Christ Cult nonsense. The New Right in France rejects all that and takes a hard line on race. Half these rightists here don’t even believe in evolution !
    What are the conservatives trying to conserve anyway after 150 years of Big Government going back to Dishonest Abe ?

  • Anonymous

    Although most of Mr. Maia’s criticisms are accurate, Ron Paul is the greatest living American statesman. He deserves the support of all of us who wish to preserve the white race and our liberty. His welfare policy would go far to solving our problems without depriving any natural born or naturalized American of any God-given rights.
    Regarding the immigration invasion, President Eisenhower initiated Operation Wetback in 1953 and sent two million illegals back home to Mexico. With advances in transportation the same can be done for 15 million now. After all, they all managed to come here. Therefore they can leave just as easily. We must be very careful not to give up any of our liberties while the Operation Wetback II  project goes into effect. And, of course, there should be a moratorium on legal immigration, which is much too high, at least until Operation Wetback II is completed.
    When legal immigration resumes, at a much lower rate, either the pre-1965 law, which was designed to preserve our civilization, or IQ standards should be put into effect.
    As for returning blacks to Africa, they are citizens of the United States and most of them do have ancestors who were here long before most of our ancestors arrived. The time for such a project ended in the 1840s, although it might be feasible to make arrangements with some African nations to accept criminals on death row or subject to life imprisonment or very long sentences. The reason which made repatriation impossible was that the American people would not have tolerated the huge expansion of government and the enormous expense of a Back to Africa movement even then. Hopefully, we can live in peace if welfare and the income tax were abolished, so that more white people would be encouraged to have babies. Repeal of the drug laws to reduce the number of blacks imprisoned for such activities, repeal of gun laws so that all honest people could defend themselves more effectiviely,  and the resulting increase in concentration by the police on reducing real crimes, such as murder, robbery and rape, would certainly improve the situation and reduce the chance of civil war.

  • Ron Paul is no White racial advocate, never was, and doesn’t pretend to be! He is a libertarian/Constitutionalist who supports the Constitution and its Bill of Rights AS WRITTEN. White advocates support him because we understand that if he is no overt supporter of our cause, he is at least no adversary, and will do what he can, as President, to get the leviathan monstrosity on the Patomac out of the way!

    He is absolutely dedicated to the ideal of rights given by our Creator to the individual, NOT to groups in any way, shape, or form. He has always opposed quotas, “affirmative action”, government mandated political correctness, the EEOC and other meddlesome injustices (against Whites) inflicted by the Federal government. He also insists upon the right of States to nullify oppressive and meddlesome intrusions by the Federal government, and the right of individual jurors to nullify anti-constitutional (and illegal) statutes on the State level as well. This can and would be enormously helpful in II Amendment protection such as when White defendants are prosecuted for alleged ” firearms violations” for defending themselves against the aggression of black thugs.

    In short, he is no White racial advocate, and neither are many of his supporters. The only way that the White race can seek justice, however, is if Ron Paul, and a lot of people like him, are in the White House, Congress, Supreme Court, and for that matter, in State governments from coast to coast. A Ron Paul Presidency is the first step. But we all know what the alternatives are…

    Ron Paul won’t,  and probably can’t, restore freedom to White people alone–nor should he! But he will work hard to get the NWO and its financial/media/ political criminal class headquartered in DC  out of our way so that we can do it ourselves!

    David K. Meller

    • Anonymous

      “He is absolutely dedicated to the ideal of rights given by our Creator to the individual, NOT to groups in any way, shape, or form.”
      I wonder if that creator just extends those rights to the master race or can us sub-humans have those same rights? 

      If Ron Paul came out right now and said we need to separate the races, I would break my neck to vote for him. The fact remains, it’s no way on this our Earth Ron Paul would get no where near the presidency. And if he did, he still couldn’t any of the things he talks about. The senate and congress would’t go for it for one second. But let’s say he did get to the white house and got wise, they would bury his WN behind six feet deep.   

  • I didn’t make the challenge to the anti-Ron Paul people in the previous letter, but whom do YOU have to offer in 2012 who is any better than Ron Paul? Is Barack Obama? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? Rick Santorum? To ask such a question is to answer it!

    Even if  an explicit White advocate such as e.g.  Don Black , David Duke, or purely hypothetically, Jared Taylor, were to have entered the GOP race as explicit White advocates–no argument, they would be BETTER than Ron Paul–all that they would have done is dilute the white vote between Paul and themselves, and give the neocon polecats (most probably either Romney or Gingrich) a clear field, with Obama having improved chances for a second term. 

    Again, even a strong RP finish, much less his nomination, would give white racial activism a “shot in the arm” that could not be obtained any other way!


  • Anonymous

    You know what really puzzles me outside of white people in general? How is it that a group of government hating people would put so much effort in this career government employee. And also, why is it that you people don’t believe a thing the government says until the government says something you believe? One example crime stats, the government Black people are the most whatever and without missing a beat you people eat it up. 

    I famous white person once said: There are lies, damn lies and then statics. Did you people not get that in school? Or is it don’t bug me with facts, I just hate them.  *tisk tisk* 

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Libertarian ideal is….


    No government, no recognition of Black African racial/cultural realities, most everybody has guns and uses them in day to day transactions.

    This libertarian Somalian ideal for America sounds pretty much like hell on earth to me – I’ll take 1970s Sweden with high taxes, a generous welfare state, strict gun laws and 95% White.

  • Jake

    We all know candidates say what people wanna hear and do what is really on the agenda when they are elected.

  • Taurus689

    Would any Italo-Americans care to join my Class Action suit against the government of Hungary to seek monetary reparations to all people of Italian descent whose ancestors may have been persecuted, tortured, murdered  or enslaved by Attila’s hordes as they made their way through Italy?  Our suit also seeks free housing in the most upscale section of Budapest (either side of the Danube).  We also demand that the statue of Attila in the city be taken down and that by government decree no more male Hungarian babies should be named Attila.

  • Anonymous

    Ron Paul has indicted his opposition to mandatory e-Verify checks on employment eligibility.  That tells me all I need to know about this fraud.  

  • Corves Fralman

    Ron Paul made some gutsy “politically incorrect” statements in the past, but now disowns them. It would appear that he is now willing to lie his way into the White House.

    • Anonymous

      RP is going to be going to the White House in any way except as a tourist. He’s not lying, just pandering to the PC, anti White powers that be.

      Ron Paul and his hard core, Libertarian cult followers just love to see RP on TV and they will feel it is a great victory if 1% more Americans (all White) embrace race-less Libertarianism. 

      Amren should commission a study to see how the 2% Libertarians behaved on the Titanic as it was going down or how White Libertarian Greeks behaved in the last days of Constantinople, same with French Algeria, at the fall of Saigon.

      Momma don’t let your babies grow up to be… Libertarians.

  • Anonymous

    For Ron Paul’s “faults” he is the ONLY candidate that has been consistent in his beliefs throughout the years. Many of his solutions would indirectly make things better for us whites.
    Please do not forget that Ron Paul is aware that he has to pander to the so-called “mainstream media” to avoid being “eaten alive” by them . . . being taken out of context, etc. Ron Paul HAS to stay “race neutral” in order to “stay in the game”.
    He is against much of the “civil rights (for some) laws . . . noting that they trample on “freedom of association” . . .
    Illegal immigration would be sharply curtailed by the loss of “benefits”; it would no longer be economically advantageous to come here. Without welfare benefits and other “social services”, there would be little benefit to coming here.
    As for the drug legalization argument, freeing up prison cells for REAL criminals, reversing the corrosive effects on our Constitution (warrentless searches, confidential “informants”, the prison-industrial-justice system, crooked law enforcement, etc.). During our first “drug war” (prohibition), end-users of alcohol were generally not prosecuted for possession. All the present “drug war” has done is made some very nasty people rich. In addition, all legal proscriptions against drug use in the workplace would remain in effect.
    As to foreign affairs, it is sickening to see the rest of the candidates pander to Israel, even to claiming that they wish they were jewish (Ms. Bachmann). I have no problem with Israel conducting its own “foreign policy”, just leave MY country out of it. Eliminating foreign aid to ALL countries would actually be beneficial to Israel as the “apron strings” to the USA would be cut. Ron Paul would also see to it that our “foreign entanglements” (American military bases on foreign soil) would come to an end. It would be easy to station our military on our borders . . .
    Ron Paul is not perfect, but, compared to the rest of the crowd, he is the only real choice.     

  • jackellis

    White Anglos get weak, defensive, cowardly, senile on racial issues in their old age. Ron Paul is very, very old and can not handle anyone calling him “RACIST”. Just getting called this name forces Ron Paul to back pedal, deny he ever said, wrote or thought anything RACIST, pro White, anti Black, even anti Black rioters, murderers. Ron Paul feels that the libertarian, free market cult will solve all of the world’s problems – even places like Detroit, East St. Louis, Haiti and Somalia will become, nice peaceful, prosperous places if only free market economics are brought in and everyone is “free to choose” to do what they want free of government interference.

    My take is that Somalia is pretty much like Ron Paul’s vision for the future of the US – there has been no effective government in Somalia for about 25 years, everyone has guns, there are no government schools, government trash collection, taxes on commerce etc.

    This race denying libertarian cult is a huge waste of time for White Americans, and no other race goes for race denying Libertarianism except our confused, cowardly White race.