Posted on May 20, 2021

Signs of Change

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, May 20, 2021

Greater Idaho

What is to be done?” ask white advocates. There are countless strategies, but a crucial one is to build power on the local level. One way to do this is to secede from states and either join or create other states. The Left is already trying to do this. It wants the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and perhaps even Guam to be states. Unless the GOP wants to give up the Senate forever, it better act.

One of the most promising movements, “Greater Idaho,” just won a huge victory. Five counties voted to leave Oregon and join Idaho. More counties in eastern Oregon may join. Idaho Governor Brad Little admits creating a new state may be difficult but says, “They’re looking at Idaho fondly because of our regulatory atmosphere, our values. That doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

Greater Idaho Event

March 7, 2020, Roseburg, Oregon: Mike McCarter, the founder of the Move Oregon’s Border and the Greater Idaho Movement, speaks during a rally with about 600 people in a building at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Roseburg. The conservative movement is attempting to expand the borders of Idaho to include the rural eastern and southern areas of Oregon. The map shows the prospective new border. (Credit Image: © Robin Loznak / ZUMA Wire)

This should be just the beginning. Frederick County in western Virginia could join West Virginia. West Virginia State Senator Charles Trump supports the idea. It could also be a compromise to the DC statehood question. Northern Virginia is a liberal enclave of federal employees. Booting it out of real Virginia and tying it to a DC state would mean greater self-government for both regions.

Racial awareness isn’t driving these efforts, except perhaps implicitly. However, we have a stake in these battles. The federal government is trying to impose a radical agenda, including Critical Race Theory in public schools, non-enforcement of immigration laws, and miserable housing policies.

We must physically concentrate and build at least some power within existing institutions to fight this. With white advocates in the vanguard protecting real communities  (not the fake “communities” we always hear about), we can spread our message of love for our people, culture, and traditions.

Existing institutions can be the basis for reform and revolution. From the Parliament that challenged the king in the English Civil War, the Continental Congress that made the American Revolution, and the state legislatures that voted for secession, we see a clear pattern in the way we Anglos operate. We are legalistic, even when it comes to revolution. We don’t have the French tradition of mass protests to topple governments. Our revolutions are according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Even the January 6 protesters who marched into the Capitol did so because they thought they were saving democracy.

All white advocates, especially those who are not doxxed, need to be involved at the local level. This is something we can do right now and would have a major impact. There are no excuses for inaction.

  • The Globalist American Empire Tries to Break Spain

My colleague and co-host Chris Roberts reports that Spain is being invaded. Thousands of “migrants” from Morocco have stormed Ceuta, a small Spanish possession in North Africa. Spanish troops repelled the invaders. This is why you have an army.

Videos showing soldiers fending off the invaders are all over social media. The Left thinks this was heavy handed.

However, this isn’t a “spontaneous” movement. Morocco is behind it, but is still posing as the victim. Morocco reportedly withdrew its ambassador for consultations.

In 1975, Morocco waged the “Green March” to win control of Western Sahara, sending thousands of unarmed people to claim the territory. The result was the same as an armed occupation. In many ways, it’s worse. Armies leave, but migrants don’t. It was real-life Camp of the Saints. This means hurting an opponent by using people as a weapon. Turkey has been doing it for years.

Spain is a member of NATO. It is also a European Union border state. EU commissioner for the European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, says the EU won’t be intimidated by migrants. “Ceuta is Europe, this border is a European border and what is happening there is not Madrid’s problem, it is the problem of all,” he said.

Margaritis Schinas

Margaritis Schinas (Credit Image: © IsopixIsopix via ZUMA Press)

However, the United States seems to be siding with Morocco. We can’t blame this on Joe Biden. It was President Donald Trump who sided with Morocco in a dispute over who owns the Western Sahara. This was so Morocco would normalize relations with Israel.

The Biden Administration won’t reverse that. Once again the United States seems more concerned about appeasing Muslims than protecting allies. State Department spokesman Ned Rice wants Morocco to speak out about Israel and Palestine and reinforce “the key role of Morocco in promoting stability in the region.” Morocco is causing instability right now.

White advocates love the historic American nation — our history, Founders, culture, and ancestors. However, the United States — the Potomac Regime — is not “America.” It is a Globalist Empire that does not defend Western Civilization.

For the American nation (and Western Civilization) to survive, the Empire must collapse. For nationalists, this may sound strange. It shouldn’t. It’s not that we want “our country” to become weaker. We want the current system to become weaker. This system has nothing to do with us, or even America. It is anti-Western, anti-worker, and anti-white. I welcome signs that the European Union can act independently. If the EU moves in the right direction, our job is to restrain DC.

  • Who is the Army preparing to fight?

I don’t believe the American government isn’t incompetent or weak; it’s anti-white. This includes “conservative” institutions like the military. We saw an example of this when Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier of the Space Force reported that personnel were sent videos that allegedly said America and white people were evil. Lt. Col. Lohmeier was reassigned last week; his military career may be over.

The Pentagon will also be spying on troops’ social media. The Intercept reports that this will be done by a private company to get around the First Amendment. The leader of the “steering committee” that will head this plan is Bishop Garrison, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion. Bishop Garrison has repeatedly said that supporting President Trump makes you a racist. Thus, every Trump supporter in the military should fear for his or her career.

Normally, I would just say “his,” but the Pentagon is also clear about the type of “soldiers” it wants. It certainly wants plenty of women. Look at this ad:

Instead of joining the Army to serve your country, the Army supposedly gives you a way to find yourself. Compare that to an ad for the Russian army:

Or the Chinese military:

The Russian ad calls for warriors and offers a challenge. The Chinese ad promotes loyalty to the nation. The American Army turns you into a cartoon.

This should worry you, not because it means the American Army won’t be able to win a major-power war. It should worry you because the military is being purged of conservatives. It is almost as if our rulers were preparing to attack the American people, at least white conservatives. In 2019, National Review wrote a bloodthirsty article declaring that “white supremacy” (whatever that means) requires a war to “crush this evil.” Don’t expect conservatives to stop what’s coming.

Recently, there was a bit of a reaction from the brass. A group of generals and admirals released a letter blasting current policy, including “open borders,” censorship, and anarchy in American cities. However, it also demanded a tougher approach to Iran and China. Compare this to the letter from military officers in France, which clearly recognized that the true threat to the nation was Muslims living in France. Who cares about China and Iran when we are losing America?

The American nation lives, but it is leaderless, confused, and suppressed. Reawakening it and giving it direction is our mission. The historic American nation was made by Europeans and it is sustained by Europeans today.

America is in danger, not because of some external threat, but because our rulers are the Republic’s greatest enemies. To quote The Camp of the Saints: “In war, the real enemy is always behind the lines. Never in front of you, never among you. Always at your back.”