Posted on November 4, 2017

Global Demographics and White Survival: What Is to Be Done? Part VII

Guillaume Durocher, American Renaissance

This essay is part of our symposium on “the world’s most important graph.” Global Demographic Projections

We asked our contributors to answer the following questions: “What should the white West do about this prediction, and what will we do about it?”

All holds together in this world. The demographic collapse and replacement of European humanity is occurring because of a deeper spiritual collapse — our disconnection from our ancestors and the laws of Life and the universe — which has occurred in the modern era. The average Westerner today is not much more than an atomized and entitled pleasure-blob, one that does not even have a thought for what makes his comfortable life possible (he believes it is a “human right”). Having no deep ties with past or future generations, his is a meaningless life that ends in a meaningless death. Spiritual suicide, I believe, was a necessary condition for our demographic suicide.

A major paradox of modern life is that technological and material progress often goes hand in hand with moral and intellectual regression. As our existence becomes more comfortable, we become more cut off from many of the harsh realities of life. Our audiovisual technology — our screens — enable us to replace our lack of genuine life experiences with a fantasy world of television, film, and websites. This fantasy world reflects the psychological inclinations and wishful thinking of the media-masters and their democratic audience; not the truth.

In Platonic terms, the sophists and mass men reign; they are the great purveyors of falsehood.

Ironically, our pop-culture producers have often had a better sense of this paradox than has the official intelligentsia. The 2008 Pixar film Wall-E convincingly depicted the “human being” of the future: a chair-bound, obese, soda-drinking, screen-watching blob.

Other films, such as The Matrix and The Truman Show, have gone further, suggesting that human beings could be parasitically exploited by manipulative elites through the creation of a mendacious virtual world. Westerners today are completely cut off from deep reality, from their own nature and that of the universe, and prefer a childish make-believe.

This spiritual collapse, this descent into unconsciousness, was a necessary precondition for so many Europeans’ acceptance of their decline and dispossession. Yet, even Panglossian liberals are dimly aware that the promised economic and social advantages of limitless diversity (a lack of common ethnic identity and the decline of Europeans) have not materialized. French President Emmanuel Macron remarked in a rare moment of lucidity:

What are the problems of Africa? Failed states, complex democratic transitions, the demographic transition which, as I said this morning, is one Africa’s fundamental challenges. When countries still have seven or eight children per woman, you can spend billions of Euros, you will not stabilize anything.

Through Mr. Macron, we see that “Davos Man” — to use Samuel Huntington’s inspired term for that ever-more rootless and degenerate superclass — is dimly aware that 4 billion Africans would pose enormous problems for the global jet-set, not to mention all of Europe.

Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron (Credit Image: © Emmanuel Macron/London News Pictures via ZUMA Wire)

We face the gradual effacement of indigenous Europeans and the European diaspora — with a declining share of global population, reduction to minority status, and a gradual blending out of our existence. The disappearance of our genes is a crude scientific measure of a supreme impiety: Our ancestors will have struggled and triumphed for 300,000 years . . . for nothing. The wisdom that still flows in our veins and our very existence — both won through bitterest struggle — will have been thoughtlessly thrown away. Nothing could be more impious.

One can easily become discouraged. The scale of our demographic problem is enormous. The inertia of demography is such that, even when one recognizes a problem, the trend will continue for a long time. And as Jean-Marie Le Pen has said, the “viscosity” of demography is such that reversing trends is extremely difficult, both in terms of the practical difficulty of raising birthrates and the taboo on policies to support ethnic homogeneity and genetic quality. 

All that said, we can be joyous: For the first time since the Second World War, European Man is awakening. This is an inevitable trend. The new generation’s mind is no longer fully imprisoned by the ideology and proclivities of the effeminate and miseducated media-cultural “elites.” Nor do the postwar taboos on race and nationalism, so entrenched in Boomers, have the same hold on Millennials.

There are two irresistible forces pushing towards an awakening:

  • The scientific truth on race and heredity.
  • Ethnic self-interest.

Self-interest and love of the truth will lead to an identitarian subculture in all Western and European nations. The cost of speaking the truth will decline as alternative media and the counter-culture grow. Already, we see figures such as Ann Coulter, Julian Assange, or James Damore speaking forbidden truths in places we might not expect. Awakening will be further encouraged as more and more Europeans directly experience the problems of ethnic diversity.

Ann Coulter — In Trump We Trust

Ann Coulter (Credit Image: © Latour/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press)

We can then imagine a gentle transition for Western civilization. Speaking ethno-genetic truths and advocating for European ethno-genetic interests will become increasingly acceptable. In terms of practical politics, the taboo on mainstream conservative parties allying with “far-right” nationalist parties, particularly in Germany and France, will be broken. Thus, nationalist-conservative governments could rule in Western Europe, decidedly changing the leadership of the Continent, adopting rhetoric and policies similar to those of more enlightened governments in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

The practical policies to protect Europe from the African tidal wave are not hard to imagine. Birth control and family planning must be spread throughout Africa so that excess population is not dumped on Europe. All European nations must work together to police the Mediterranean and stop illegal crossings. Eventually, European nations must adopt serene and enlightened demographic policies explicitly aimed at maintaining and cultivating our unique genetic and civilizational heritage. 

The difficulty, it seems to me, will not be in intellectual knowledge of the truth. The truth will spread. The problem will be in living the truth, in acting on it. Already in the 1930s, I believe, the Western liberal nations of America, Britain, and France were too comfortable for their own good. They were incapable of preventing their own slide into decadence or protecting themselves against subversion. And yet, how much more effeminate we are today than our grandfathers! We will need to develop our manly courage, our thumos, as the Greeks called it. For only with courage can we dare to live the truth and fight for our freedom.

We will need to achieve something we have only just begun to think about, let alone practice: a spiritual revolution. To a certain extent, this is already happening. We are rediscovering the fundamental truths of life and the universe: that we are part of an endless chain of being defined by constant struggle; that we exist only by the eternal recurrence of love and war; that we need not live the meaningless lives of neurotic pleasure-blobs with no past or future; that the spirit of our ancestors, of their triumphs and tribulations over the last 300,000 years, lives on in our blood, and that we may heed the wisdom therein, if only we would listen; that we have a duty, to our parents and all who came before us, to perpetuate and cultivate a glorious heritage. We must develop and perfect our spiritual practice so that, every day, we imbue our souls with eternal truths and dare to live by them. I have a dream: that during this century European Man will reawaken to the spirit of his ancestors, to that mysterious force beyond good and evil which is the source of all Life, and, fulfill his destiny in the cosmos.

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