Posted on September 18, 2017

Things Biracial People Are Too Polite to Say: A Letter to White Nationalists

Mixto, American Renaissance, September 18, 2017

The forced consensus on race and intelligence, being at war with reality and evidence, has always been difficult for its supporters to maintain and justify. To claim, as this consensus does, that the natives of Ghana are every bit as intelligent on average as the natives of Iceland is necessarily a project of permanent defence. It cannot climb over the top of the trench it has dug for itself, and so it settles for fortifying and defending its little patch of earth with all the mad ferocity of a Japanese infantryman at the close of World War Two. And to this end, surely no measure has been more effective than the strategic usage of multiracial people.

The intelligent reader will already well understand what I mean by this. The ‘all races are equal’ forces have long been dependent on the achievements of people of partial Black African descent to prop up their claims of cognitive racial equality. Even today, any suggestion that Black Africans may be less cognitively able than people of other races is routinely countered with a list of multiracial high-achievers, from Pushkin (1/8th Black), to Dumas (1/4th Black), to Obama, Rice, Douglass, Powell and Harris (1/2th Black). So common is this tactic that it is now almost reflexive, requiring little thought or reasoning. Of course, a child could see what is wrong with this argument. A liberal, it would seem, cannot (or does not want to).

Full disclosure: the author of this letter is multiracial. I am not in any way sympathetic to the White nationalist cause, or to the doctrine behind it that would elevate purity over quality in the classification of human beings. Nonetheless, I write to propose a kind of alliance against common errors equally damaging to us both.

Biracials are human beings, and as with all human beings our judgement is too often compromised by pride. Many of us, perhaps a slim majority, would rather be part of a Black elite than be cut adrift from traditional categories altogether, and this is the preference most seem intent on sticking with for the foreseeable future. But there are others. There are Biracials who are quite tired of the laurels of multiracial achievement being donated by the White liberal establishment to a community that has done nothing to earn them. There are Biracials who view with contempt the liberal practice of crediting the intelligence and success of White-raised Biracials to absent, often imprisoned, Black fathers. And these people, though perhaps still a minority, are the most effective allies you could wish to have.

Our interests do overlap in important ways. It is surely fair to say that you cannot embrace the ‘one drop rule’ and race-realism simultaneously. For if one drop of Black blood makes a person Black, then the Black race is of such infinite variety that the very notion of an average Black intelligence is absurd. We can also agree (I hope) that this idea, taken literally, is infuriating in its implications. The fact that two hundred years ago, with only slightly modified conditions, the founder of modern Russian literature could have been won in a raffle by an illiterate farmhand is offensive to anyone who believes, sincerely, in human hierarchy and natural order. Until you dispense with the voodoo of a mystic ‘purity value’, you will continually find yourself running up against a brick wall of your own making.

Please appreciate that I resolutely do not want to see the multiracial community re-absorbed into the White race. I seek with enthusiasm the creation of a unique multiracial identity. We are not White and do not wish to become White. We have enough of our own to celebrate and be proud of. There is no clash between our goals, therefore; only a clear and consistent harmony between our interests.


It is inevitable that Biracial people feel ambivalent about acknowledging the realities of race and intelligence. On the one hand, to do so would allow them to honestly identify and celebrate their advantages over Black people. On the other, however, it would by definition confirm that a major constituent part of their heritage is objectively inferior to other genetic endowments. Quite rationally, Biracials fear that if they concede this — publically — then the less fair-minded sections of the public will make the jump of logic that Biracials must be, though brighter than Blacks, inherently weaker cognitively than all pure Whites.

This we know to be untrue. Relative to its numerical size, the multiracial community has established a quite dazzlingly large presence in journalism, literature, politics and academia. We can argue all day long about how much influence political correctness and (real or imagined) conspiratorial initiatives have on this reality, but the increasing prominence of the multiracial in all areas of Western life cannot be sensibly or convincingly denied.

Still, inevitable ambivalence aside, no group is more acutely aware of the realities of racial difference than the Biracial community. The reasons for this are obvious, but we will talk about them anyway.

Biracials, whom I will define simply as anyone no more than 50% African in heritage, tend to become aware of their distinctions at a very young age, usually in the course of interaction with other children. In a typical Anglo-American classroom, brimful of easily recognisable Whites and easily recognisable Blacks, Biracials find themselves in a stressfully uncertain position from the first moments of social consciousness. This is to say, Biracials have reason to think of race long before other children find it functional (let alone essential) to do so.

Given the continuing cruelty of hypodescent, and its seemingly immovable place in public policy, Biracials are also miscategorised from a young age. Despite usually being White-raised (and thus invested with White social habits and preferences), Biracials are frequently encouraged by misguided liberal authorities to socialise with the people they have the least in common with; namely, people of the same descent as their absent fathers. This is designed, no doubt, to aid in lowering Biracial social aspirations to prepare them for the infrastructure of hypodescent they will inevitably have to contend with later in life. Put another way, the liberal logic at work seems to be that if a Biracial can be made to feel Black as a child, they won’t be too proud to be Black as adults.

But Biracial angst always appears eventually.

Let us be quite clear about the nature of this angst: Biracials are conflicted because they are almost always different in social and intellectual ability to the people with whom they are lazily, anachronistically and cruelly grouped by Anglo-American custom. This alone can explain why White-Black Biracial angst is many degrees more intense than the angst felt by people of, for example, mixed White-Asian, Arab-Hispanic or White-Native American descent. Not only is the difference in ability between White and Black intelligence greater than in the other combinations listed, but White-Black Biracials are, unlike these other individuals, encouraged to identify as being no different to the people comprised entirely of the less advantaged component of their ancestry.

Hypodescent, the assignment of mixed people to the least able (or least privileged) racial group in their lineage, is cruel, unscientific, irrational and completely without justification in the modern world. The motives of those who uphold it — apart from those wrong-headed White liberals who see in the donation of mixed people to the Black community an opportunity to undermine the claims of race-realists — are always sordid, be they drenched in sexual opportunism, sadistic fetishism, fascistic mysticism, or simple ignorance.

This isn’t right. It isn’t scientific. And it isn’t helpful to anyone except our enemies. Let us work together to abolish it.


All we want is what you want. We want honesty about race. We want categorical independence. You have no sensible reason to shut us out of the conversation. A perverse custom with roots in America’s worst historic mistake has cracked the scientific basis of race across the world. To repeat the central point of this letter, you cannot combine the anti-scientific and the scientific in the same system of thought. A clash will come eventually; perhaps not immediately, but eventually. And it will destroy us both. If hypodescent is taken seriously, your claims of racial difference are greatly, perhaps fatally, undermined.

I strongly suggest that you talk about this matter with greater frequency than you do at present. You are not, as the media claims, ‘cranks and fruitcakes’ for stating that race and intelligence are connected. I completely agree with you. Almost all Biracials, in their quiet, honest moments, agree with you. In fact, and to conclude, we are likely the strongest witnesses you can call upon – provided, that is, you are serious about winning the case.

This article appeared originally at Mixto Web.