Ann Coulter Speaks Up for Whites

Justin J. Moritz, American Renaissance, October 11, 2012

New book is a must-read for race realists.

Ann Coulter, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, Sentinel HC, 2012, 336 pp., $26.95.

Ann Coulter’s recently published Mugged is a must-read for race realists. In it, Miss Coulter dares to discuss racial prejudice and bias against whites. While she is not anti-black, Miss Coulter excoriates anyone who wants to stop whites from seeking fairness in America. Whether or not it was Miss Coulter’s intention, she is an advocate for whites. Miss Coulter does not pull any punches, even in her chapter titles. “Innocent Until Proven White,” “Guilty Until Proven Black,” and “White Guilt Kills” give an indication of her thinking.

Miss Coulter targets race hustlers she believes have gone unchallenged for too long. She points out that a 1983 videotape of Al Sharpton discussing a cocaine shipment with an undercover FBI agent was not made public until 2002. If this video had been released earlier it might not have changed the media’s view of Rev. Sharpton, but it probably would have changed that of ordinary Americans. Miss Coulter also notes that Rev. Sharpton has managed to live down the infamous Tawana Brawley rape hoax—something that would have permanently discredited a white man.

As for Jesse Jackson, Miss Coulter quotes the black writer John McWhorter: Mr. Jackson’s “self-aggrandizing machinations have left behind not a single successful project that would improve black lives beyond the board-rooms of his friends.”

The chapter “Rodney King—The Most Destructive Edit in History” is a synopsis of what is wrong with America. A black, drunk, violent, ex-con on parole leads police on a dangerous chase. They stop his car, and most of what follows is captured on videotape. Footage of Mr. King attacking police is edited out, leaving for public consumption images of police subduing a black man with batons. A jury, which sees the entire tape, finds the white cops innocent of brutality, and blacks riot. A white man, Reginald Denny, is nearly beaten to death and blacks burn Los Angeles as America watches. The result is 54 dead, thousands injured, and a billion dollars in damage.

America ignores the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution because of pressure from politicians, race mongers, and the media. The cops are tried again, and are sent to prison for properly subduing a drunk, violent, ex-con on parole.

Mr. King receives several million dollars in taxpayer money, while the blacks who beat Reginald Denny and danced in ecstasy at their escapade are cleared of all felony charges. KTLA TV Los Angeles—which was the first station to edit the tape of the beatings—gets an award and accolades for its coverage of the riots. Black congresswoman Maxine Waters’ view of the riots: “I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable.”

The mainstream media has become the Fourth Estate in America—it wields as much power as a branch of government. But America also has a Fifth Estate: college and university faculty. Miss Coulter points out that in the case of the white-on-black rape hoax at Duke University, the faculty was just as willing as the media and race hustlers to jump from accusation to verdict.

Miss Coulter contrasts the Duke case with that of Channon Christian and Christoper Newsom, both of whom were white. They were carjacked, raped, tortured, and murdered by five blacks. The no-justice-no-peace crowd was indifferent to their plight. Miss Coulter points out that liberals salivate at the merest hint of a white-on-black rape, even though such rapes are have been almost nonexistent for years. Black-on-white rape is an epidemic—thousands every month—and has been for some time.

Liberals, the media (but I repeat myself), and race mongers will recoil from Ann Coulter’s book, but it is well researched and documented, and she speaks the truth. The only weapon liberals have against the truth is the cry of “racism,” but this is becoming less and less effective. Books like Miss Coulter’s are helping to make it so.

[Editor’s Note: Readers may also be interested in’s review of Mugged, which can be found here.]

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Justin J. Moritz

Justin J. Moritz is retired from law enforcement after a career of more than 30 years. He holds degrees from three Minnesota colleges.

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  • MekongDelta69

    I’ve already read the book and it’s good.

    It’s not quite as blunt as “Paved With Good Intentions” or the other three books by Jared Taylor (and all the other race realist books I have), but it’s definitely worth getting, if you don’t have it already.

    • The good news is, she is far more acceptable by the media than Mr. Taylor and therefore can get her message out to a much broader audience.

      • Bantu Education

        Maybe she is more acceptable than JT, but I dont understand why this should be.  I saw her being interviewed on CNN or could have been BBC (god forbid..!) a couple of weeks ago.  I thought she handled the interview quite well but compared to JT she came across somewhat loudly aggressive and self-defensive – she certainly doesn’t possess the polite unruffled decorum of JT.   Still, its good having a smart and attractive woman batting for us occasionally. 

        • Net_Drifter

          “Maybe she is more acceptable than JT, but I dont understand why this should be.”
          As a woman, she could be thought of as part of an aggrieved minority too. Maybe that’s why she gets away with more. Her looks also help… for some.

          • As a woman she could be thought of as part of an aggrieved minority too. Maybe that’s why she gets away with more.


            Five years ago, only Michelle Malkin — an Asian woman (double minority) — was allowed to speak out about these issues on the MSM. (Michelle has proved for years the falsity of the assertion of some AmRen posters that Asians will never aid whites.)

            Now, Ann, a mere “single minority” (Are women really a minority of the US population?), is able to address these issues on the MSM.

            Jared Taylor: stay healthy, for in about 5 years, your day will come! ~2017 a white man might be able defend whites on the MSM.  So eat healthy; don’t smoke; exercise w/weights 2x/wk and w/aerobics 3 or 4x/wk; do not sit for more than 4 hours without getting up and moving around or doing light exercise; get a full night’s sleep each night; reduce stress; drive a car that has an excellent safety rating by the and NHTSA (; and incorporate this Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice into your life:

            Jared, your day will come!

          • Liberalssuck

             The black and hispanic “conservatives” and women can say the things white men can’t say because they won’t get stigmatized for it, plus they will make lots of money off of it.  When will white men like Jared and James Edwards get their day in the sun?

          • Svigor

            (Michelle has proved for years the falsity of the assertion of some AmRen posters that Asians will never aid whites.)

            Wait, Detroit WASP, now California WASP?  I guess “WASP” in the handle is shorthand for quasi-white-advocate, or maybe pseudo-white-advocate?  I guess it follows, since healthy-minded White men don’t refer to themselves as “WASPs.”  As someone rightly pointed out recently on Sailer’s blog, it’s a hostile exonym, and there don’t seem to be many good reasons to self-identify as such.

            Anyhoo, your assertion makes as much sense as saying one good black man proves segregation is a bad thing.

            Asians never will aid Whites.  Michelle Malkin has no bearing on that fact at all.

          • “Michelle has proved for years the falsity of the assertion of some AmRen posters that Asians will never aid whites”.

            That’s your significant example to prove that mongols will now collectively help Whites, really?

            Malkin is just ONE mongol conservative columnist who also happens to be married to and has two children with a WHITE man, you knucklehead !  There’s already way more black and hispanic conservative  columnists than her kiddo, and they have had absolutely no weight to shift their communities to our side, all right ?

            For the last time junior:

             No race, ethnicity or society takes on the characteristics of its exceptions.  

            It ‘s also been well documented here on AmRen, over and over again, that the overwhelming majority of mongols in the US vote consistently for democrats and are strongly in favor of pushing their racial agenda to benefit from “diversity”, social programs, government contracting, family reunification  and most of all political gain.

            This latest attempt to associate that token mongol while patronizing Jared Taylor is beyond pathetic by the way, and exposes once again not only your immaturity but the complete irrelevance of your personal bias to the advancement of White identity.

            If we throw a stick, will you leave ?

          • Svigor wrote: Asians never will aid Whites.  Michelle Malkin has no bearing on that fact at all.

            Since I can’t reply to your post, I’ll reply here.

            Your assertion that “Asians never will aid Whites” is your opinion (and prediction) not supported by any facts.

            Michelle Malkin is an Asian American woman and has already aided whites in America by publicly raising issues and taking positions that popular white “conservatives” didn’t back when she did and white “liberals” were and are against.

            For example:

            (1) Michelle reported on the Christian & Newsom murders back in 2007 May 16– almost 5 1/2 years ago — long before any popular white “political conservative” commentators.

            (2) Even before that, Michelle linked to an article about it
            in 2007 April 16, as well as to articles by Derbyshire re race, and Heather MacDonald about blacks’ true crime rates:

            She has continued to follow the Christian-Newsom criminal cases since then:

            Those are facts, Svigor. Thus, even if you had provided any supporting facts you cannot logically say “Asians never will aid Whites” (emphasis added), since Michelle already has.

            An extra:
            (3) She’s against birthright citizenship for children of foreign tourists, foreign temporary workers, and illegal aliens, and against “sanctuary” cities for illegal aliens.
            (Note the footnotes supporting each of those positions on the Wiki page.) 

            But you, Svigor, say declare that Michelle is not helping whites in America by publicly advocating those political positions….

            AmRen readers now have a better idea of how much weight and credibility to give to your statements.

          •  Caracal, please keep up with the insubstantial comments and petty insults — your own words do more to undermine your reputation than anything I could post.

          • Oh really ?  Well, I’ll try being nicer if you’ll try being more intelligent.
            For every neocon/self-promoting Filipina like Malkin, there over a million who couldn’t care less about Whites and the survival of White America, got it ?
            Case in point that lawsuit from these dozens of Filipino nurses who suied AND won against the Delano Regional Medical Center’s English-only rule:
            See ?  You’re wasting your time with your fellow mongols or fetish, and as usual fail to realize that it is  non-racially aware Whites that are at stake to preserve White identity.  You know, which is the point of AmRen and Jared Taylor’s speeches and conferences: 
            Spread the message to OUR RACE, NOT THE OTHERS !
            But anyway, don’t let your mind wander, its obviously too small to be let out on its own…

          • REALITY CHECK:
            Asian vote poised to give Obama a second term:  Shows Obama Leads Big Among California Asian Americans
            Asian Americans Tend To Vote Democrat, study:
            Asian Americans Tend To Vote Democrat, study:
            Asian-American youth trend Democratic: Asian Americans are more Democratic than any other ethnic group, except African Americans:

            More Asian-Americans Seeking Higher Political Office (read democrats):
            Asian “Natural Republicans” Vote 75% Democratic—Any More Bright Ideas?: 
            Whatever kind of wish/fetish you were aiming for, you missed !sadly missed.

          • SlyDeNiro

            Yes, Malkin rides into battle with the race shield and the gender shield. Coulter just has the gender shield and the peroxide shield. Andrew Young spoke of these advantages when he said: “When you ride the horse of racism into battle–you draw less fire.”

          • lilo

            Women are an aggrieved majority, pal, but not for too much longer.

        • alas

          I’n not sure of her views but I don’t think she argues that certain races are more/less intelligent than other races, which is of course complete anathema to the MSM. JT does and so he is viewed with suspicion and is not as mainstream. I think I might also add that I also am not convinced of race differences, but certainly am open to the research and investigation of it and wouldn’t ostracize anyone for such beliefs.

          • Bantu Education

            “I also am not convinced of race differences, but certainly am open to the research and investigation of it…”

            If you’re “not convinced” by the sight of a vast mountain range of evidence right before your eyes, than there is nothing that could ever “convince” you.  I think what you really mean is “I’m going to straddle the fence forever whilst pretending to be open-minded”.   In short you’re afraid of being labelled a racist, like 90% of whites.  This has got to change beginning with you, please show some moral courage man..! 

          • s shadow

            “I think I might also add that I also am not convinced of race differences, but certainly am open to the research and investigation of it and”

            Listen to Taylor’s presentation at Towson posted on Oct 5th and observe the 8 year old mental age of the black questioners, and then think what the best and brightest white students would sound like by comparison.  Also read at least some of Phil Rushton’s work.  Then break free of the chains of the simple minded cultural marxists brainwashing, and freely express your opinion.

          • Liberalssuck

             The blacks had no argument other than get temperamental, call him racists, accuse of being oppressors, saying they wanted payback, and make accusations of things that Jared never said.   They are just very emotional people who are nothing but overgrown children in an adult’s body.  Then there was the black moderator who was good until he said, “You will ask one question” and then turned to Jared saying “and you will answer.”  Man!  That’s the typical black mindset.  You can give a black person an education, a lot of money, a suit and tie but they still have that underlying law of the jungle mentality.  I hate to say that.  I know it sounds ignorant to say, but I am starting to notice that more and more when it comes to race.

          • alas

            I did indeed watch this video, of course I would I donated money for it to go ahead. And whilst I agree with you that many of the black attendees were rude and ill-informed, I’m not so sure if it is genetic differences that lead to this. Personally I would like to believe in race differences, it would make my job of being anti-non white immigration a lot easier. I will, though, look into this more after graduation, as it is I have no time to look into the facts. As I said I don’t disbelieve the theory, merely that I did not believe it either. I do believe it is despicable how people who do believe this get so bullied by liberals though, certainly you are the better people in my book for going with a theory that is so much harder to argue for in the current climate, rather than take the easy road like many do.

          • Svigor

            Alas, if you aren’t convinced yet, you aren’t really paying attention yet, either.

            There’s no cultural determinist answer for persistent, global “black failure” (I scare-quote that term because blacks are actually brilliantly successful at being black, and failing to be white people with black skin is not a valid measure of failure IMO).

          • Ulick

            Alas — You wouldn’t ostracize people for sharing their belief in genetic differences among races, but you most certainly would find yourself ostracized for sharing those beliefs. Try it once on a website or forum not populated by race-realists. I think it’s important to experience being ostracized for speaking the truth because it gives you a better sense of how vindictive and closed-minded the other side is. But it’s good to go through that process because you’ll feel better about yourself for standing behind truth rather than burying truth to be accepted. You’ll also find that while many will hate you, some people will deeply respect you and even support you. I think such ostracizing experiences are necessary for the evolution from the indoctrinated to the truth tellers. After a couple such experiences you won’t even care about being ostracized.

        • StillModerated

           Sadly, polite decorum makes for bad television. Coulter’s loud aggression and self-defensiveness is what TV producers understand best.

      • John Bonham

         True… A shame too .

      • Liberalssuck

         Because of her looks and public appeal, she will use his information (for free), make lots of money off of it while Jared and white men like him that have gotten nothing but a slap in the face for their efforts.  Sorry.  Remember, this is the same Ann Coulter that disrespected our Founding Fathers.

        • lilo

          By “disrespected” you mean this WOMAN had the nerve, the temerity, to criticize men?!!! Just love it.

        • At the end of the day, she gets the message out, exposes the injustices to whites and stands up to the liberals and their surrogates. I’m looking for all the help I can get to save this country. I may not like her style, her clothes, her sarcasm, her social life or her hair color but I appreciate what she is doing. Besides anyone who bashes Al Sharpton to his face gets a standing ovation from me.

          • Liberalssuck

             True, but she isn’t saying anything brave white men were saying just a decade ago but getting called every man under the sun for it and losing job and career opportunities for it.  (In some cases, getting trumped up on false charges and now serving prison sentences for it.)  Another example of the white man does all the work, puts in all the resources and gets nothing for it but getting leeched off of.

    •  Why waste money on a Media Whore?  This Neo Con shill will not be seeing a DIME from this White Nationalist.  I know a con artist/liar/manipulator/traitor when I see one and Anne Coulter is definitely NOT one of us.

      • Because it will impact meatheads, while Rushton & Taylor writings won’t.

      • She twists herself in rhetorical knots trying to maintain media respectability.  Every so often she says something true.  We should support her when she says true things, and not when she says stupid things.  Blindly rejecting everything she says is a good way to help the anti-whites tear her down when she does say something pro-white.

        • jedsrael

          One advantage of this book, combined with other books and FoxNews, is that Whites are less timid now in talking about race.  The rules have become more relaxed for us, and while the Diversity tries to tighten the noose around dissent, it just makes things better for us.

          Nonetheless, in business and on the job, Whites cannot talk about race, other than to say Yes when asked if they want to volunteer at the Diversity Recruitment Weekend.

          • sarah stein

            You can talk about race on the job. If you get fired that’s just 99 weeks of unemployment compensation. Call it a vacation. 

          • RisingReich

            You can’t collect unemployment if you’re ‘fired for cause’.
            Any employer who would fire a White for speaking up is guaranteed to spend the resources to fight the UE claim, just to further spite The White employee.

            Bad advice if you have a decent job/career.  Might be worth it if the job and the money stink.

      • Heinrich24

        I agree. Calling this is “must-read for race-realists” is quite frankly absurd. What is she saying that we don’t already know? Indeed, any “race-realist” I know could school Coulter all day long on the subject – not the other way around!

        Now that said, I do think this book is probably useful for modern Conservatives, who tend to be embarrassingly ignorant, if not in total denial on racial matters. So it isn’t that I think we should reject what she is doing here – but it is a bit much to suggest that at this stage of the game, anyone who can genuinely call themselves a “race-realist” has anything to learn from the likes of Ann Coulter!

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Yes, she wrote a decent primer for conservatives who are blissfully ignorant, patting themselves on the backs for not being “racist.”  But, perhaps there is also a small feeling of disquiet dozing in the recesses of their minds, and reading this book could awaken it.

          Who knows?  They may just graduate up to JT and AR.

          • John Bonham

             Just curious , How is Ann a race traitor ?? There must be something I don’t know…  Thanks for the info in advance ..

      • Jim G

        It is just plain stupid to denigrate some one leading new
        people to the truth about the races in America.

        Those who call her names are our enemy.  We don’t need the pipsqueaks we need more
        people like Ann Coulter.

        • thieudemir

          I agree there is a saying  “There is no tainted money,there is  taint enough of it”.

        • AnalogMan

           Isn’t she a coal-burner?  I stopped reading her column when she was touting Herman Cain for President, and I finally accepted that she would support literally anything that wears the Repbulican brand.  But I recall reading something about a Babuntu who was getting flak from the “community” for “dating” Ann Coulter, and him saying how lucky he was to have her.

          What we need is people of substance speaking true principles.  Coulter is a flighty dingbat with no principles.  She occasionally gets it right, but her message is contaminated by the other silly things she wites, and even by her lifestyle.  There is no benefit to us in being associated with her.

          • RisingReich

             Don’t worry, I’m sure she wouldn’t associate herself with us, either.

      • Luke

         I tend to agree with So Cal Snowman on the topic of Ann Coulter.   This woman is an avaricious opportunist and I have long doubted that she really has any rock-solid, core convictions or firm set of values or principles.    She is most certainly no where close to being a committed White Nationalist.

        She is basically a bomb-thrower, and she does have a keen instinct as to which topics will result in tweaking the left’s most sensitive nerves and bringing about the (a) most hysterical reaction from the left and also (b) result in causing so-called conservatives  to scurry down to their local bookstores to buy her latest book, thereby putting lots of money in to Annie’s bank account.

        Snowman is 100 percent correct.  She is a neo-con shill who is closely affiliated with the despicable war mongering David Horowitz, an agent for a foreign nation who eagerly wants to embroil America into endless wars which result in mostly White male combat soldiers being killed or horribly wounded and maimed for life.

        Hence, while Annie tries to make money off a book like this – which focuses on the mostly black race hustling game, she remains curiously silent on an even more serious race hustling enterprise that David Horowitz and Mike ‘The Savage’ Weiner and the rest of these vile neo-cons have been running?

      • Liberalssuck

         Bingo!  that’s exactly why I don’t want to buy anything from these same neocons who have been “distancing” themselves from prowhite people, yet now using their “racist” information to make another bestseller.   Will Ann donate any of the royalties to the prowhite groups?  Naaaah!

      • grandamluvr

        Yes, I WILL probably buy her book. I understand that we may not agree with her 100%, but remember, she is a figure prominent with the “mainstream” media, and will be harder for them to ignore, unlike Jared Taylor, or David Duke, who are more or less marginalized by most media. We need people that can get the truth out.

        • Incitatus

          Right you are grandamluvr that “We need people that can get the truth out.”

          But Ann Coulter will never get our truth out.                  

          • Rachel May

            Sometimes the public just needs things in little doses. And people like this can help..besides..she’s on a learning curve too. She should read the books of Elizabeth of the greatest WN leaders in the last century.

    • jedsrael

      Black-on-white rape is an epidemic—thousands every month—and has been for some time.

      By now, every young White woman must have had, or have heard of, a close encounter of the Diversity kind that went badly.

      Gun sales are good, but not good enough to prove that White girls really understand what’s going on- they can’t be raped, because their White skin is implied consent.Or they can’t be raped because they have good gun control.

      It shouldn’t be our responsibility to explain the difference to them- the instincts  that God wrote onto their hearts should be lesson enough… 

      • Jay11

        Sadly, every third white girl out there seems to be after her ‘black man’ experience.  I know a lot of 20 something girls who adore the concept of the black man, but who have limited experience thus far with them.  They are literally brainwashed with the black mojo by the rap and hip hop world. 

        • jedsrael

          AIDs and syphyllis are rampant in the “black community,” so look for it to run amok in our community- White girls will quickly tire of their jungle fever and then get taken up by stoner White dudes who quickly catch the Diversity Curse.

          The White race has many ways to kill itself, and it uses them all…

        • RisingReich

          And may God strip them of the soles from their shoes, and lay shards of glass upon their path.

          Traitors will not be forgiven, nor will they be forgotten.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Once you go black, hell, stay the f away from me.

            Though, her book is ok.

          • Liberalssuck

             There is just something not right with white females who date black guys, and I don’t care how pretty or ugly the white female is and I don’t care if the black guy happens to be clean cut and not a thug.  It’s like homosexuality.  It’s just not natural.  The only white females I’ve seen with black guys were trashy, liberal, didn’t have a good white male figure growing up, were just getting back at their parents or something like that.  We need to bring the stigma back with interracial dating or having mixed race children. 

        • Liberalssuck

           Me, too.   I’m seeing an increase of white females with black guys lately. Just as I am seeing more white people today walking around with a nonwhite kid.  Sad.  It’s like everywhere I turn, I see them.   Perhaps it’s just a fad.   Not comfortable with it and I never will be.  Dunno.  I hope someday soon white women avoid black men like parents keep their kids away from child molesters.

          • TX2Hi

            ha yes indeed. White pop is in decline. I get your fear.

        • Rachel May

          Unfortunately, studies taken on internet dating (large and well documented) show that white women (excluding Jews) have a far greater preference for dating white men than the reverse. White men have very little preference for who they date.

      • Bravodelta_9

        That’s our race’s biggest problem.  We lack a sense of responsibility for each other.

      • Liberalssuck

         I don’t believe most whites are waking up as much as we’d like.  Sure, there are more whites making vocal stances against black militants, but they are still scared by being called racists, more whites I see walking around with nonwhite kids (like they couldn’t have more white kids of their own?) and more white females with black guys or mexican guys.  To be fair, I am seeing more white guys with Asian females or Mexican females.  I remember even just 20 years ago that it was rare to see mixed race couples or people with kids not of their own race.  You were considered trashy if you dated outside your race.  The stigma needs to be brought back.  All the stigmas we’ve developed against whites making overtly racial comments needs to be turned around onto whites who aren’t prowhite.

  • jedsrael

    We may like the book, but she’s a money grubbing, gold digging MSM celebrity. 

    As soon as the Soros Open Society, the Ford Foundation, and the Pew Charitable
    Trusts come to her with at $3,000,000 advance for a “breakthrough” book telling
    us about the need for more BRA Diversity in America, she’ll sell them her already written diary of “how my thinking on the subject evolved,  how I finally acknowledged all they hurt I’ve
    caused to the beloved community of color, how I  now recognize that I’ve been more
    racist than I knew, and how I’ve used my White privilege to perpetuate the
    racist dominant culture, and how I now want to atone by becoming a leader of the
    ongoing social justice movement.” 

     She’ll be paired with Al Sharpton on MSNBC and make millions.  Who needs so much White
    privilege when they can get rich instead?

    • Can you cite one example that would lead you to this hypothesis? I have never found her to be hypocritical. She has done more for the cause by attacking and exposing liberals who are the root of most of the problem in America today.  I believe she has sufficient intelligence, integrity, money and intestinal fortitude to never stoop to such a level.

      •  One example : SHE DATES BLACK MEN

        • Pelayo

          That’s the ONE thing I DO NOT get! 

          • John Bonham

             Me either .. The stench alone , aaah never mind ..    :~)

        • MerlinV

          She also has the profound honor of serving as a board member of “GoProud”, the gay political group. I have also heard about her fondness for dark flesh. For instance, didn’t she once date Dinesh D’Souza?

          I am glad she is speaking out about anti-whites but on a personal level she seems like a deviant.

          • Laura Ingraham dated the arrogant subcontinental in question.

          • John Bonham

             Actually they both dated him…

          • Seek

            Ingraham, in fact, had been engaged to him.  They worked side by side at Dartmouth during the early to mid 80s.  

        • Germanacus

          Yep, she’s a race traitor. Here is one bromance she had with JJ Walker.

          My don’t they make a lovely pair. Perfectly matched.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

             Put on some red hair and a big red nose and JJ would look like a black Bozo the Clown.

          • refocus

             You mean JJ DYNOMITE Walker !!

            get down………..

        • IF she were a White Nationaist, or racist, or race realist, THEN she would be a hypocrite. She is none of these things but she does further the cause of common sense and anti-liberalism.  The liberals are the root of the problem and enable all the political correctness that is poisoning this country.  Without the liberals the problem-children would be kept at bay. Anyone ever heard the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”?  I’m not interested in her social life but I am interested in her books, her cause and her commentary.  To condemn her is short-sighted.

          • Incitatus

            Luca, liberals are not the root of the problem. They are a big part of the problem, but not the root.

            It seems you are obsessed with liberals and and not too intersted in race, which is the root of the problem.

            Remember the popular saying: “You might not be too interested in race, but race is very much interested in you.” 

      • jedsrael

        And I believe that when she disappoints you, she will also enlighten you…

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Is there now a White Anxiety trend? I hope so. Maybe it will spread.

      • jedsrael

        As it spreads, watch more J-words on TV discredit as “irrational fears that need treatment through Freudian psychoanalysis and stronger drugs”.

    • Pelayo

      I don’t think that Kelly made the choice in that case. The agenda is so obvious in spite of the fact that the media think that they’re using some kind of subliminal stimulation. Every other commercial has a Black male paired with a White female; sometimes it’s like a flash shot of the couple. How stupid do they think we are?

      • jedsrael

        They are pretty sure we are that stupid. Have you driven by a high school recently, public or private, and seen the TV commericals play out live right before your eyes?

        Diversity is winning because White is weak.

      • Pearl

         It’s no longer “every other” commercial, it’s pretty close to “every”- the shows also.

    • C_C_Conrad

      I did not know about AC dating blacks; that’s a disappointment.  Her book might be useful in some circles so I might recommend it to others but I will not spend any of my money on it.   Maybe someone could send her a copy of Jack’s War? 

    • Freyr

      On Meet the Press when they have here on, they often have Van Jones on too – and have them sit side by side. Why does she allow this?

      • jedsrael

        Jungle Fever is the only explanation.

        • Net_Drifter

          She’s on someone else’s show. That’s the only explanation.

    • NC Mountainman

      Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps some of her “deviant” activities may be a cover for her to infiltrate the mainstream and media to make her message palatable? Moritz may disagree, but being a racist is very strong in discrediting whites (notice black racists are completely acceptable).

      We must stop to consider that even though her methods are rather unacceptable for many of us, it’s pretty hard to label someone who may have dated blacks (although I have doubts) a “racist.” I have a feeling if not for her “activities,” she would not be as well known a figure, and would be more marginalized–writing skill/material or not.

      I have to believe she is an ally and hope that a book with valid truths could not have been made without some belief on the part of the author.

  • While I have no use for Ann Coulter anymore, I will give her credit for being the first person outside of our WN/RR/HBD community or the Knoxville MSM to mention the names of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

    Otherwise, her next book will be full of wrong-headed idiocy, if the pattern holds.

    •  I have to ask, what use would an intelligent person like yourself have for this Neo Con witch?

      • I think the question you’re trying to ask is this:

        Why did I ever have any use for her?

        First off, I’ve been aware of her game of one part smart one part the typical lamestream conservative dumb/intellectually dishonest for almost as long as I’ve been aware of her.

        So why did I read her column regularly?

        For the snark.

        It’s why I still put up with Keith Olbermann. Good snark, not schaedenfreude, if you please.

    • robinbishop34

  • Hedwig1

    This from a woman that is supposedly dating “JJ” from the old ‘Good Times’ t.v. show! I’ve heard she’s dated several non-White men. I still like her but she lost a lot of points with me when I found that out!   

    • I know, it’s despicable, but in a war you don’t choose allies.

      • Net_Drifter

        You don’t get to choose every characteristic of your allies. And it’s very hard to find flawless ones.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      This from a woman who said of 

      Lawrence O’Donnell & Idiot Maher: 

      They ‘Date Black Gals So They Think They’re Freedom Riders’


  • I’m a bit surprised that an intellectually honest site like Amren would promote someone as vile as Ann Coulter.  I don’t want her speaking for me or my people.  I don’t care that she is supposedly tackling “race realism” in the main stream media.  The court of public opinion has already been decided by the MSM.  This is a die hard NEO CON that openly dates black men and advocated for foreign wars of aggression against the middle east.  What an incredible voice for White Nationalism.  Christ almighty.

    • Tim_in_Indiana

       The court of public opinion has already been decided by the MSM  

      It sounds like you’re saying we might as well throw in the towel right now and give up.

      • It sounds like that, indeed. I have a friend whose attitude about things like that could be summed up as, “Boys, they’ve got us beat, so we might just as well lie down and let them walk all over us.” I HATE that kind of defeatism! Is that how America was built?

      • What I meant by that statement is that the MSM is completely controlled and dominated by anti-white interests.  NOTHING gets covered in the MSM unless THEY want it covered.  The fact that Ann’s book is being covered by the MSM means that THEY want this little sycophant on TV, in the media, as our representative.  That’s appalling as she is most certainly nothing but a media opportunist and a sell out.  How can you guys not see that she is EXPLOITING White fear, angst, and rage to sell books and make money?  Or to put it another way, what is Ann’s net worth compared to someone like Jared Taylor?  I am not saying we should throw in the towel or that I am a defeated.  I am saying that this WAR cannot be won in the arena of the MSM.  In fact we must obliterate and destroy the MSM to ensure our survival.  I will look a gift horse/zebra in the mouth especially if they are an agent of the enemy, which Coutler surely is.  Ann Coulter is to race realism as Alex Jones is to alternative media. 

        *Thanks moderator

        • Luke

           It is also why Sarah Palin, who was romantically involved with a black basketball player (Glen Rice) during her years as a sportscaster, is permitted to get so much face time on the controlled mainstream media.

          And, now – Paul Ryan, with his former college ‘sweetheart’ (a black female), deliberately chosen to be the VP candidate on the Romney ticket.  You can bet that if Romney wins, this black female will be all over the mainstream media, get showered with lucrative book deals, and probably get her own TV show.    Maybe even a juicy movie offer.

          See the game that our Cultural Marxist enemies are playing, folks?  In a not-so-subtle fashion, these vile enemies are deliberately sending a signal that to advance your career, to have any hope of increasing your exposure and/or celebrity status – it is a wise and very savvy career move to hit the sheets with a non-white.  Preferably with a black, since this race is the most genetically toxic and can most quickly overwhelm and destroy White European regressive genes – and is therefore the race that these White genocide craving Cultural Marxists work the hardest to get Whites to race mix with.   

          None of this is coincidental, and neither is it innocent.   It is intentional.  It is deliberate.  It is maliciously calculated to help brainwash White European men, women and our children to engage in race mixing – and it is intended to (a) reduce and eventually eliminate the production of White babies, and (b) to speed along the genocide of White European people.

          • RisingReich

             Once upon a time there was some clown posting around the web (not here) that was saying if you have an obviously ‘white’ last name then you should legally change it to something ‘latino’ so you can claim race and ‘participate in society’.

            F that.  My family name and lineage is all that I am, and all that I will be.  I would rather DIE than spit on all my German descendants history and turning my back on them by changing my name because this wayward country turned its back on me.

            It’s White or bust for me.  Anything less is betrayal of my German name and a slap in the face of those who came before me.

          • Net_Drifter

            Was it ever proven that Palin had sex/relationship with the black player? Did she admit it? Because if a black man says something like that about a well-known controversial figure then it should lead to massive doubt.

            Like her or not, people ARE out to get her. That’s been proven.

          • ed91

             that’s my question too.

            not sure of the truth of the charge.

          • White and Proud

            Paul Ryan’s girlfriend was quoted on a blog disucssing how great the sex with him was. Yuck!

          • Black Swan

            Take yourself back to Black Planet where you belong.  

          • Liberalssuck

            I don’t find black women attractive.  I have had pleasant conversations with them as people at work or in college or out and about, but would not sleep with one. 

    • Think strategically. Who is not against us, she is for us.

      • Dom

         I agree. We won’t get anywhere if we refuse help from who ever is willing to give help.

    • I disagree with a lot of what Ann Coulter says, but if Mr. Moritz’ portrayal of her book is accurate then I say good job Ann Coulter. No one is calling her a leader or voice for white nationalism but the truth brought forward in this book certainly helps our cause. 

    • For the record, enough people flagged this post of yours and one of your others in this story to get it knocked back into the moderation bin, and I promptly restored them.  Flagging should not be used for political content.  Proper uses of flagging are posts which are full of curse words and other blatantly vile content before we moderators can get around to deleting them ourselves.

    • tickyul

      YUP, she is right on some things.

      But she is definitely a Republirat-Phonycon of the Babysit-The-World variety.

       And she blubbers about MLK way too much.

    • .

      Ann Coulter attended some events with Jimmy Walker. Tabloids have spun this into a “relationship”. But I’ve never heard either of them say anything other than that they were friends. Until there is something to know, its better to focus on her written work instead of going off half-cocked over rumours that might not even be true. Even if they were true there is a time and place to address the issue. And this certainly wasn’t it. If you can’t show some class then at least show some sense.

  • hey

    A must read for white people!

  • razorrare

    Can not believe Amren hasnt posted the murder of an 18 year old white college student(Gil Collar) of Alabama by a black security guard…not commenting again until they post it…ridiculous

    • We’re aware of the story. However, there are so many stories that some just have to be left on the cutting room floor.

      • jedsrael

        But you agree that booze and drugs, just like White skin, should come with warning labels stating that misuse gives the BRA Diversity policmen their plausible exuse to “act stupidly” by shooting you at the slightest provocation?

        • Mpoex

          jedsrael, I am new to this site, please define “BRA”

          • Black Swan

            Black Run America

      • razorrare

        There may be many stories but none that shows the glaring hypocrisy and bias of the main stream media in how they have reported it–no story  as of late is so similiar as to what happened and how it was reported on in trayvon/zimmerman coverage…3 days ago i posted this statement as a reply to an amrener who found it hard to sympathize ith the White victim because supposedly he was on LSD…

          Yes,people should not do drugs…nor should they inbibe in any ideology that resembles marxism…i would feel safer at a 60’s Woodstock festival of 500,000 White kids high on LSD than in a movie theater attended by 100 sober,drug-free blacks… Lets not overlook the most relevant observation here pertaining to this tragic story–which is the glaring bias of the MSM reporting on this story compared to the trayvon/zimmerman media coverage… Not one media article in U.S. has stated the shooter is black, nor have they given his name within the article itself…the yahoo link i gave in my first post immediately pulled the article…they have since put up another one that still fails to show the race of the policeman who shot the 5’7…135 pd South Alabama White student whose facial features are more baby like at 18 yrs of age than trayvons at 8 yrs of age…how big or tall was the black policeman who shot Gil? Look at how the media covered the rodney king story…here was a brute of a guy close to 300 pds, ugly as **** and high on PCP/Angel Dust…did you see any blacks commenting that the officers who subdued him with tazers & batons did the right thing like many are commenting that the policeman in the shooting of Gil Collar appropriately used deadly force… I would like to comment much more but am sick of rehashing those things that i have commented on before and very dissapointed that Amren failed to post this story… Supposedly the authorities are to release videos taken of the shooting Thursday…

        Today Yahoo had another article–they did release video to the media…but the media obviously refuses to release the video to the public…not wasting my time posting a link when its obvious some stories just dont make the grade here at Amren…bad bad judgement on those who are responsible for choosing which stories they will post…is this really a race realist site?

        • Looks like you’re already doing a good job covering it here.

          • Bantu Education

            Dont be such an a**hole, he’s got a good point.   This story sounds like the sort of thing Amren should be posting rather than a lot of the trivial stuff I cant be bothered to read that I see here lately.  

        • Net_Drifter

          The one problem here is that that sounds more like a typical cop action/overreaction than a racial issue. Most cops these days seem to be trigger happy. They would rather fire than subdue. I hate to say it but I think a white cop may have likely taken the same callous action.

          • kjh64

            While I do agree that a lot of cops overreact, I seriously doubt this Black cop would have shot a Black person.  I’ve read that the young man high on drugs did not attack or touch the cop so why shoot him? He could have called backup very easily or used a taser. I would not be one bit surprised if underneath it all , the Black cop shot him to “even the score” concerning White cops/Black criminals. We all know that if the situation was reversed, their would be a huge outcry nationwide and the cop would be fired and likely charged. However, the Black cop will likely get off.

          • Net_Drifter

            I do agree that he would’ve probably not taken such drastic action with another black so readily.

        • JohnEngelman

          “i would feel safer at a 60’s Woodstock festival of 500,000 White kids high on LSD than in a movie theater attended by 100 sober,drug-free blacks.”
          There were no fights at Woodstock. No one got killed. The small number of blacks were safer than they would have been at an all black gathering. 

          • razorrare

            “There were no fights at Woodstock.No one got killed.The small number of blacks were safer than they would have been at an all black gathering”…which is exactly my point.
            It is also a known fact that in the 60’s, military intelligence used soldiers as guinea pigs by giving them LSD without their knowledge to see if it could be used effectively as a truth serum…it was never stated that LSD would most likely cause agrressive behavior…many other big festivals besides Woodstock were attended by hundreds of thousands of festival goers high on LSD without much aggressive violent behavior…Bull Run in Indiana and Zandalia in Missouri come to mind…the media is grasping at all kinds of straws to make excuses as to why its understandable  and acceptable that a black campus security guard would shoot this White kid…much unlike the picture they painted when they reported on trayvon/zimmerman story.The details & the excuses  keep changing from story to story…read the link to the yahoo story i originally gave at “Killing Stuns Washington Jeferson Campus ” dated Oct 8,2012…it was immediately pulled but you can still view it at that link…i will post it later at end of this post…compare it to the one that was posted today…
            First the media reported the victims weight was 135–now they are reporting 140–first they said he was 5 feet away when he was shot…noww they are saying 4 feet but with his arms outstretched and his palms open…the first repports stated that when shot he collapsed but they got up but then quickly collapsed…now they are saying when he was shot another campus guard showed and tried to handcuff him because he got up Twice and tried to get away…its obvious misreporting is taking place and an effort to make this look like a justified shooting…why in this case is the media with-holding the video?
            I can only imagine as Trevis Austin pulled the trigger he was grinning & saying,”this one is for trayvon!”

          • razorrare

            This poor kid was likely seeking help when he knocked on the campus security office glass…earlier reports said when he was shot he collapsed and then got up as if to attack the campus guard but the latest report says after being shot he tries to flee…of course he would try to flee after being shot while trying to seek help…him trying to flee is further proof he wasnt being violently aggressive…compare his mother’s reaction with that of trayvons parents after the shooting…the mother is praying for the killer of her son???

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            That story is outrageous!!  I’ve heard nothing about it until you posted that link.  Unarmed, naked, WHITE man shot in the chest by a BLACK police officer.  Imagine if the races were reversed…

            Video of the fatal shooting of a naked Alabama college student shows him with his arms outstretched and his palms open seconds before a campus police officer fired.

            I suspect that’s why the video isn’t being released — the black cop is obviously guilty of shooting an obviously unarmed young, White male in chest.

            No mention of whether the police officer was taken off duty, etc. — no mention at all from the national media, of course, while they twist themselves into knots to portray Travon Martin as a sweet innocent kid gunned down by a bloody-thirsty WHITE vigilante out hunting non-Whites for fun and sport.

            Never forget:  The media are our mortal enemy.


          • razorrare
          • razorrare

            unknowingly(?) law enforcement authorities are protecting the  interest of the cocaine drug cartels by stating they will seek murder charges against the person who sold the lsd to Gil Collar…will they now go after the foot soldiers(drug sellers) for the main drug cartels who sell cocaine to the citizenry who in other such scenarios end up being shot dead by law enforcement or others defending their property or person? Will they now go after the Alchohal industry in which the use of alchohol in such manner ends up in a death?…

            and now the latest report says 3 student journalist for South Alabama University were allowed to view the video that will not be allowed to be viewed by the public…one whose last name is crabtree says he witnessed on the video-tape–Collar,after being shot and collapsing gets up and for 15 seconds moves threateningly towards trevis the campus security shooter…did he say this to ensure him a future job with the MSM?…other reports state that two other campus security police handcuffed trevis after he was shot and collapsed because he tried to flee…furthermore it has been stated that when Collar was shot it was at a point where it was not viewable by security cameras…

            all of this is simply outrageous…will keep following it..

          • John Bonham

             I got Razorrare’s point first thing .. I’m surprised you missed it..

          • Liberalssuck

             Blacks would be safer at a KKK rally in the deep woods than they would being around blacks.

        • Seek

          If one remembers, one evening in the summer of 1983 following a Diana Ross concert, mobs of blacks in New York’s Central Park were accosting, robbing and beating whites.  Literally hundreds of white concert-goers were assaulted out of the blue. 

          As far as I’m concerned, “hippies,” drugs and all, are a lot safer than blacks.  Woodstock was paradise so long as blacks weren’t around.  Whosoever doubts this is either a nut, a Tea Partier or a neoconservative.    

          • JohnEngelman

            plans were made for Human Kindness Day IV, May 10, 1975. Stevie Wonder was the main attraction, scheduled to close a show that included performances by Graham Central Station and other bands.

            The crowd was huge, an estimated 125,000 people stretching from the Washington Monument west to 17th Street NW. There were sporadic assaults early in the day, but the real violence didn’t start until after Stevie Wonder’s performance.

            A 22-year-old man from Vienna was standing near the base of the monument when a group of men grabbed his wallet. He gave chase and was struck in the mouth with a club. An 18-year-old from Annapolis was jumped by a group of 20 teenagers who beat him and threw bottles at him until he was able to run to an ambulance. The worst injury was to Steven Laine, who was stabbed in his right eye while cutting across the Mall on his way home from work at the Agriculture Department.

            This article does not give the race of the criminals who made a mockery of human kindness. Does anyone need to ask? 

            I have attended a number of Forth of July celebrations in the same area. Nearly everyone was white. No one was hurt.

          • Liberalssuck

             While it is true that white hippies/liberals are more plesant to be around than blacks, they don’t have the courtesy and civility that white conservatives do.  Look at the Tea Party people vs. the Occupy Movement; both were white as snow.  The Occupy ‘progressives’ were having sex in public, defecating on cop cars, harassed business people at home, did drugs in public, leaving trash around, etc.  The Tea Party people didn’t advocate violence, they were peaceful, they didn’t have sex in public, they didn’t put their bodily fluids onto the streets and they cleaned up afterwards.

        • Prettycelticwarrior

           Thank you for posting about the story.  When I first read this story I had a gut feeling the cop was black.   The black cop came out with his gun in hand…ready to shoot and kill!  The kid made a foolish decision to try/use drugs, as many young college kids do. When are we  going to say enough is enough and march out together?  We need to take a stand  and say NO MORE! We can peacefully unite take a stand! and tell the truth!
          Another beautiful, young, intelligent white man dead at the hands of a hateful black man!  Where can we be safe?
          Rest in peace brother,Gil Collar. 

          • Frank

            I would argue that many Blacks have the same feelings about all the unarmed Black kids who are beign shot daily by racist White cops.

    • MekongDelta69

      There are a bunch of sites (which I’ve already posted on here), which list the endless black on white crimes.

      CofCC is just one of them.

      • razorrare

        Just visited CofCC…its not listed there…jedsrael first posted the story on Oct 8th that was covered by the DailyCaller–non American newspaper…they included pictures of the black shooter…compare it to the ones on yahoo and the links i supplied…see a differance?


        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Yeah, amazing isn’t it that we have to go to the FOREIGN press to find out information about black-on-White crime in America.

          I’ve even seen these types of things in the South African press that NEVER appear in the American media.

          Hope everyone gets it that the media is an enemy to American Whites and is playing a large, active role in White race-replacment and genocide.


          I’m posting the photos or the White victim and black murderer for all to see HERE, since the US media won’t do it!

          • Liberalssuck

             I’m really sure Tim Wise and the ACLU and the SPLC will get right on the story about this black cop on white citizen incident.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Trust me this, this site ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. I have more posts deleted than anything else. Wanna see something funny? Try to explain who the six people who own the major media corporations are, and what their religious preference is.

  • I actually did some PTSD group counseling at the Sonora, VA Clinic for approx. two years because I hated Black People so much after my run ins with them in Germany from ’69-’71.  Out of a group of 35 veteran men it came out that half the men there had the exact same idea as me.  I packed both a pocket rocket and a very sharp hunting knife because I told myself I’d never be defenseless against them again.  I’ve been able to get my hatred in check so that I’m not constantly in a rage but I won’t forget and I stay away from them because I ‘really’ don’t even like to see them on tv.

    That’s a long time and they only cut me once but that was enough.  Eighten months living with them!

    • Amen, Mark! I had similar experiences with them as a GI during the Vietnam War era, 1963-’66. I enlisted in the Army at age 18, green as grass, coming from a small Midwestern town where I’d never had a moment’s trouble with any of the black kids I went to school with. Three years of serving in the Army, stateside and Vietnam, with the “hoods from the hood” types, permanently soured me on blacks as a race. Although I’ll have to add that I know several individual black people back here in my home town who I consider casual friends — and still have had no trouble with any of them here. Weird, isn’t it?

      • LGracemere

        Blacks act differently when they’re the majority or have the whip hand.

        • Absolutely. I learned that the hard way in basic training.

        • Yes.  This is what I try to teach my two teenagers:

          The blacks at our mostly white school are usually nice and friendly, but don’t make the mistake of lowering your guard.  If you ever find yourself in a place or situation where you’re outnumbered by them, watch your back, and if possible, leave immediately.

          Fortunately, they’re observant enough to not be brainwashed by their kwaanza-celebrating, MLK-loving, white-guilt-mongering school district agenda.  They prefer the company of white people, even before I had never addressed the topic of race with them.

          • MerlinV

            Never relax around blacks. This motto may save your life.

          • Very true.  I’ve had a couple of close calls in the past, and I honestly believe that my healthy mistrust saved my white butt. 

          • Liberalssuck

             Where I live there are a lot of Hispanics, but a few years ago there were a lot of blacks.  The crime has gone down and it’s safer to walk around at night here now than in the past.

          • Liberalssuck

             People in my family noticed that, too.  They were neutral with regards to blacks and told me they detested how blacks were treated in the old days down South, but after living around them and being taunted by blacks, they said, “I can see why people don’t like them.”

        • Liberalssuck

           That’s why majority and historically white countries/cities/states (Sweden, Minnesota, South Africa, etc) were easy to manipulate into letting blacks in and getting so angry when ‘racist whites’ speak out against multiculturalism.  They thought, “Gosh, I can’t see why Americans or Southerners are so prejudice.”  Imagine what they are saying now years afterwards.   We told you so!

      • ed91

         most whites that have been in the military have seen the light, or the way that blacks are.  I met several blacks in the military that I felt were honorable people.  Most blacks however, seemed to have this ‘us against you’ attitude. 

        I remember a black girl saying that she thought whites acted like they owned the world.  ?  I thought that sounded a bit odd. 

        I also remember going to boxing smokers in korea on military bases and hundreds of blacks would cheer the black boxing a korean or the black boxing any other race………  it was an eye opener for me as I had never thought that way.  I suppose I do now after witnessing years filled with ‘eye openers’ about blacks.
        Also in Korean, there seemed to occur every few months, some arrest or charges against a group of blacks who would rape a korean, or beat someone to a pulp or some other outrageous charge. 
        Also, in 1981, I believe it was. An incoming soldier went berserk on the rifle range and killed 4 whites and wounded several others.  Of course he was black.  This event never made the news in the US to my knowledge.  It was hushed up quickly in Korea.

        • Woody Woodpecker

          Which is exactly why I tried to avoid Itaewon, especially after dark, when I
          visited there. A great thing about a first world Asian country like Korea is that in most areas, you can go days, weeks, or even months without seeing a single black. If it weren’t for the US military presence and corresponding high percentage of blacks on the Seoul base, the country would have no crime at all. And there is a high percentage of blacks precisely for that fact that Korea is not a war zone. They give them the easy “job” of doing nothing in Seoul (except committing crimes and causing problems) while young white men die in Iraq and Afghanistan). I have no idea why South Korea allows this base (Camp Blackhawk?) to remain. And I have even less of an idea why we spend money to keep it there. We have no troops on the Mexican border yet we keep the Korean base open to give blacks the chance to embarrass the USA while getting a military “vacation” in an otherwise crime free country. Utterly ridiculous.

        • Bantu Education

          OT, I visited Korea several times in the 1980’s – I was not in the military but in 1980 I would go to the US services club/restaurant at Incheon where they served decent European food (hard to get in Korea) and even had a reasonable wine list, all at good prices.

          At the time Itaewon had a lot of upmarket western-themed cafes/restaurants, eg the Oxford Club with a library theme.   Another was the “Gestapo Cafe”  inside were booths with murals depicting Hitler,  Mussolini, and SS men, etc.  At the top of the stairs as you entered was a mural of  a tall busty blonde in leather “SS” outfit wielding a whip.   Until recently I still had one of their box of matches with swastika’s all over it. This was 1987.

          I suspect the Korean owners had no idea how controversial this was – after all they’d seen the war movies like we all have and assumed this was quite an acceptable theme.  I believe there were, at the time, only 200 jews in Korea. Nevertheless I think the English language media got onto their case and forced, or shamed them, into closing down.  

        • Liberalssuck

           I met an old WWII vet who told me he had bad encounters with blacks in the service then.  I thought, “Oh, he’s just prejudice.  Back then blacks didn’t have as many opportunities, so that’s why they acted like that.”  However, I am hearing recent vets tell me the same stories.  That’s was one of many things that awakened me to racial issues and started questioning all the white guilt and diversity business.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    As with Rush Limbaugh, the personal life and the alleged romantic relationships of Ann Coulter leave something to be desired.  She is such a striking specimen, it is unfortunate she never settled down with some buff intelligent Navy SEAL or the like (white christian, of course) and had some kids.  I haven’t read the book, but I’ve read her columns for years, and I’m betting she continues trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, which is to try to tie all resistance to black aggression and empowerment as a Democratic party matter.  It once might have been, but the Democrats have become marxists and abandoned their southern white members, who have jumped to the GOP by default.  She should be welcoming them and realizing that those cops with their dogs and firehoses had a lot more on the ball than the rest of the country gave them credit for.

    • IstvanIN

      She is such a striking specimen,

      Since you brought looks into the discussion I must disagree, she looks like she needs a ham sandwich.  If she were my daughter I would be concerned.

      • Net_Drifter

        A well-rounded, nutritious meal at least three times a week would help her. If any one needs a little extra fat in their diet…

      • Stentorian_Commentator

        I think we have to agree to disagree.  Someone of her height and length of bone is going to look thinner than she is, and lanky is not emaciated.  What inspired me to write that was a couple of pictures David Yeagley used in his post about Ann Coulter being a Cherokee (tongue in cheek).  One of the photos was not even that flattering, yet stupendous.  In another, her features were such that N.C. Wyeth would have used her a a model for Helen of Troy.  But, de gustibus non disputandum est.

        Although we should always be wary, I think it’s great that Coulter has gone in this direction.  Perhaps some of the commentators here don’t realize how many layers of cultural marxist bullcrap and absolute lies about history you have to dig yourself out of to get to race realism when you are from the north.  Just as William F. Buckley, Jr. ultimately left much to be desired as a voice for conservatism, if you got hooked on him, then you were likely exposed to Joe Sobran, which might lead to Sam Francis, and so on.  Even if Coulter herself views her book as a polemic intended to sway voters in the upcoming election, and nothing more, just bringing up the issues can only help.

  • Net_Drifter

    Well, at least she gets the issues and the realities of race much more than most white women. As for her taste in men at times……very confusing.

    She also has more courage than Rush Limbaugh in being blunt on the race issue. He beats around the bush and pretends that it’s all a conservative vs. liberal thing only. Or worse yet, a Republican vs. Democrat thing.

    • Luke

       From my brief experience of watching the video clip of her on The View, I got the distinct impression that Coulter was trying to insinuate that the ‘Democrats’ are the real ‘racists’ and that the GOP actually loves blacks more and their policies have helped blacks more – over the long term, than have the income redistribution programs and welfare addictions that the Democrats have institutionalized within the black  community and overall mindset.

      This reeks of the same kind of insane pandering to minorities that the establishment GOP has been doing for the last dozen or so election cycles, pandering which has yielded exactly zero positive results for the GOP and which has only served to nauseate their traditional white conservative base.  

      I am a race realist, and therefore, I prefer to grab this race issue by the horns and speak bluntly about it.    The GOP, or more likely, the party that arises to take its place once the GOP finishes collapsing and being rendered obsolete (this can’t happen soon enough to suit me) – needs to openly admit that they are not going to change or compromise their political positions and become more ‘liberal’ so as to accommodate the parasitical mindset and political preferences of blacks or any other minorities who want big government to take care of them from cradle to grave.   This new party must be openly and unapologetically pro-White and be emphatic about the fact that they intend to defend and promote the perfectly legitimate ethnic interests of White European Americans – and that they will NO LONGER allow their party or their constituencies to be race hustled by  con-artists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or self-hating White liberal weasels like Chrissy Matthews.  

  • Rob

    JJ is a hardcore Black Racist. I heard some of the things that he said about Whitey (Peejay)

  • She’s not known as a race realist, per se, but I’m glad to see Ann Coulter’s latest book receiving favorable notice. I’ll make sure to read it. She was a guest on C-Span’s morning interview and phone-in show the other day, and it was refreshing hearing her put certain callers in their place, as opposed to so many of the guests who will answer a hostile caller by saying something like, “Well, that’s an excellent question, Joe,” or, “I certainly respect your right to your opinion …”, ad nauseum. Coulter could cut an inch-thick, tough steak with her tongue. We need more like her.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I ordered Pat Buchanan’s book, Suicide of a Superpower on CDs (audio book)   It talked a lot about racial problems.  I really think the USA is toast unless something dramatic happens.  

    Coulter is a little nuts but generally I agree with her views.  She did back down on the Bill Maher program.  Maher said something like, “are you suggesting blacks are more criminally inclined?”  and Coulter did not answer “Duh….yes, do the words crime statistics mean anything to you?!”  like she should have.  Instead Coulter gave a pretty PC answer.

    Of course Maher thinks all black crime is the fault of whites. 

    • FinnyMac

      The amount of attention you devote to the punditocracy is distrubing.  

    • RisingReich

       Pat Buchanan is yet another one whom I question.  I love his books, and his sense of the country is spot on. 

      Why did he choose a black woman as a running mate when he was after the Presidency?
      I anticipate it was to ‘counter’ his Nationalist views, in the hopes he would be elected.

    • Liberalssuck

      I would say, “I didn’t say all blacks were criminals, Bill, did I?  stop with the liberal manipulation.  What I said was every time blacks get a sizable number, the area looks like Detroit or Africa or Haiti.  Calling me a racist or ignorant or a redneck doesn’t refute anything I say.”

    • anarchyst

      Don’t forget that the “tribe” controls the “fourth estate” . . . public figures have to be careful lest they be banned and shunned for their pro-white views . . .

  • NorthernWind

    I generally do not like Ann Coulter but I must commend her in this case for bringing some race realist ideas and consciousness about anti-White discrimination to the mainstream. A lot of people listen to her, she has the power to influence those conservatives who still believe in color blindness.

    • John Bonham

      You mean like all the people who comment on the Blaze or Breitbart ?  Those are the “conservatives” that love to say, Herman Cain for president !!!  Or things of that nature just to
      show everyone they are not racist or bigots and for no other reason but .. ” See ?  I’m not a racist, how can I be, I’m a Cainite ?  It’s Obama’s policies that I don’t like… Pppffftt !!   White guilt still has a place in their heart .. I’ve had plenty of arguments with those kinds of conservatives that I ended up leaving the sites behind .. There is no way to convince them THEY are the people that are wrong and are actually in favor of the destruction of whites in the U.S … They really have no clue as to what is coming or, what is going on as far as
      the genocide of whites in this nation goes .. They just go with the flow and hope for the best..
      It got old quick ..

      • RisingReich

         Nine nine nine in German means NO, NO, NO!
        What a clown, Herman Cain.  Stick to what you know, pizza.  I hear it’s not really that good, anyway.

        • Net_Drifter

          It’s “Nein”

          • RisingReich

            Yes I know. My point was to play the pronunciation of the words.

          • Net_Drifter

            Sure, understood.

      • Svigor

        I gleefully tell them (and anyone within earshot) that I won’t vote for a black man.  Just as blacks freely say they want black leaders because only blacks can truly understand them and their problems, I want White leaders because only a White man can truly understand me and my problems.

        There are lots of little gems blacks inadvertently leave lying around like this…

      • Liberalssuck

         I know what you mean.  The same modern day conservatives who get so excited any time a black person so much as says they are against gay marriage or for gun rights or who tell blacks to be responsible or who criticize Obama.  I’m like, “Um, that doesn’t mean they will be Republicans or agree with most of your platform is.”

      • Anon12

         You mean like all the people who comment on the Blaze or Breitbart ? 
        Those are the “conservatives” that love to say, Herman Cain for
        president !!!  Or things of that nature just to
        show everyone they
        are not racist or bigots and for no other reason but .. ” See ? 
        I’m not
        a racist, how can I be, I’m a Cainite ?  It’s Obama’s policies that I
        don’t like… Pppffftt !! 

        EXACTLY!   I am sooo sick of these White idiots saying this crap!  It’s always the “policies” with Hannity, Beck, Rush. etc!!!  It is because he is BLACK!  No nonwhite should ever be in any position of power in our WHITE nation.  Heck, they have no “right” to even be in our country, let alone made a citizen!

        • Liberalssuck

           I’m also getting sick of hearing them trip all over themselves everytime a black celebritiy so much as says something pro Constitution or slightly anti liberal.  “Oh, my god!  See?  See??!  They got off the liberal plantation!”  Many of them think they need to keep pandering to blacks and that any day most blacks will vote for conservative parties that most white conservatives support.  Yeah.  “Any day now.”

  • FinnyMac

    If you’ll excuse me for judging the book on the basis of the above review, it posesses nothing like the realism and effectivenss of Amren’s platform. Apparently she avoids the controversy over white *interests* by claiming that white conservatives are the uncredited champions of civil rights and blacks, as if to suggest our saintly liberal intentions are just being misunderstood by the media. That’s a cowardly argument, representing a serious concession to the climate of political correctness. I suspect this media-slut will profit from inflating the controversy and from the sexual interest which her personality incites, but the sum result will be zero quality debate and no significant change in public opinion.  

    • Svigor

      I got no problem with playing leftward in the name of WNism.  In fact, I think it’s a good tactic.  Don’t pander, but don’t be afraid to point out who the real “liberals” are.  There’s nothing of the Enlightenment in forced integration, the abrogation of Free Association, the suppression of speech and ideas, rampant centralism, creeping “soft” Authoritarianism, judicial activism, or legally enshrined racism (AKA, “Affirmative Action,” “Disparate Impact Law,” “Anti-Discrimination Law,” etc.).

  • Mini bouts of jubilation and idolization for a woman that in no way exhibits a propensity to seek out White autonomy, only the lip service used to promote her books or push her NeoCon platform. hmmmm…

    Why does Race Realism sound more and more like the GOP part deux?

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    “But America also has a Fifth Estate: college and university faculty.”

    More like a fifth column.

    • Svigor

      The media is the First Estate now.  Over time, they have far more influence than the supposed First Estate.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Ann must need money — time to kiss up to conservatives with another book.  In her own words: “Conservatism Sells.”

    The day I read her column advocating socialized medicine (calling it “conservative”) was the day she lost me forever.

    Three Cheers for RomneyCare:

    Also, Coulter had the nerve to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child. 


    •  “Whites being bullied by racism [from] white liberals … has never led to
      anything good. White guilt has produced mistake after mistake,
      including the 2008 election, when more whites voted for Obama than had
      voted for a Democrat in a decade.

      “We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery.”

      You see, Coulter would have no problem with the hypocrisy of blacks and anti-Whites, and the danger and destruction they cause, just so long as they were voting for Republicans.

      • jedsrael

        White Christians, like me,  and the rest of White Humanity need to understand how our cultural presumption that the weak, the suffering, the low, and the Other are somehow holy and deserving of more than we do was an intentional plot of inverted values to attack the healthy, noble, and strong.

        Maybe BRA Diversity will finally teach us our folly and remind us that the iron laws of nature cannot be long mocked.

        Let’s reinvert the inversion:  now that we are vicitims of those who “promote Diversity,” let’s just dedicate ourselves to promoting White privilege and claim holy status.

      • Svigor

        The “we owe blacks” thing is a perfect example of the kind of popular delusion that passes for common sense these days.  Totally nuts.  Unless one means we owe blacks a swift kick in the rear, that I’ll buy into.

        Yeah, we “owe” them a freakin’ bill for all the trillions of dollars and thousands of lives they’ve cost us.  For first world medical care and social net, jobs they couldn’t dream of getting in Africa, pay far beyond what blacks can achieve apart from the competent races, etc.

        They owe our race their very lives, let alone their wealth and health.

    • razorrare

      Also, Coulter had the nerve to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child…just got back from cofcc…they had a video of Maher promoting death…Liberal Icon:I’m Pro Death..”the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death.”…bill mahler… And this…Obama Supporters Threaten White Teenager With Death…black teacher harasses White female student,tells her to remove her Romney T-shirt…and inspires other black students to harass & threaten her with death…

      • razorrare

        Obviously i got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…will try again…
        Also, Coulter had the nerve to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child…just got back from cofcc…they had a video of Maher promoting death…Liberal Icon:I’m Pro Death..”the planet is too crowded and we need  to promote death.”…bill mahler… And this…Obama Supporters Threaten White Teenager With Death…black teacher harasses White female student,tells her to remove her Romney T-shirt…and inspires other black students to harass & threaten her with death…

  • Fakeemail

    Gee Ann, you’re only 50 years behind on the curve on this one.   There are a whole bunch of people who understood all of this and more from the very beginning.  Better late that never, I suppose.

    • Timmy

      Lame comment, unless you can name other people in the mainstream, with her visibility, who have written anything like this. She also wrote a book defending Joseph McCarthy.

    • Net_Drifter

      She’s not quite 50 so I wouldn’t expect her to have 50 years worth of direct knowledge.


    I think the conservative movement is heading for a crisis over race in the near future.  We know that the GOP leaders believe that the party must make further concessions on immigration and racial issues to stay competitive in an increasingly nonwhite country.  The party’s base thinks the party is too soft on these issues already and will not allow amnesty or other concessions.   The people who feel most strongly about this are often the people who have the least economic reason to vote GOP.  This situation is untenable.  The question is will the party leaders provoke a crisis with some kind of amnesty attempt in the next four years.  We need to be building pro-white parties now so that they are already organized and have some name recognition BEFORE large numbers of GOP voters are so disgusted that they start looking for a new party.  

    • Liberalssuck

       As it’s been said, “Either the GOP will end illegal immigration, or illegal immigration will end the GOP.”

  • Barrack Osama

    She’s out there making noise and saying things like “Innocent Until Proven White” so I can’t really fault her about where she finds her sexual partners.

    • Germanacus

      Yeah, what a good example she is for other White girls. Right.

      I recommend Jared Taylor’s book, “White Identity”. I have nothing to learn from a race traitor.

      • John Bonham


  • Sherman_McCoy

    What is that?  One step above bestiality?  Or below?

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I’ve always kind of like Coulter, she’s smarter than most pundits and enjoys provoking others into reacting hysterically.  It’s entertaining, all in all.

    Recently she seems to have a crush on Mitt Romney, and is more than willing to forgive his past indiscretions since she wants Obama gone.  But she’s gone too far and will be a lackey for the Romney administration like she was for the Bush one.  If Romney does nothing to stop spending, reduce foreign aid, and curtail immigration; I’ll be shouting from the rooftops.  Coulter’ll be blaming Nancy Pelosi.

  • Frankiederijke

    Half truths are useful only if they lead to full truths. Do Ann Coulter’s half truths about race  lead to full truths about the subject or will she herself once openly talk about them? That would mean that Ann Coulter herself is a White Nationalist. Seeing her interracial dating pattern, that is simply not true.

  • dondiego

    New Zealand watcher here again. Hey, didn’t she make some comment in support of  blacks arming themselves too?
    [I’m possibly confusing her with someone else, statement was soon after the trayvon affair]

    • Timmy

      If memory serves, her point was something like – liberals want to take away everyone’s guns, but that good blacks in neighborhoods (destroyed by black crime and liberal policies) are exactly the people who should have guns to defend themselves (from black crime.)

      But I agree with you, that point did not come across all that well. She will also make comments that seem to support Muslims from time to time. She really does come across as a liberal in some ways when she does that, but she, like most people today, conservatives included, are never ready to specifically say, Islam does not belong in the West, it is incompatible with freedom and democracy. Same for blacks, she sees them as just like whites except for the fact that white liberals have destroyed the black family (which is true) and caused many of the problems we see with blacks today. While liberals are to blame for much of it (the black family was much stronger BEFORE all the government rights programs kicked in the 60s) we still need to recognized some of the unique problems associated with the black race and functioning within civilization.

      Whites are still in the process of giving away Western civilization. It will soon get to the point of no return, due to the presence of Islam within our borders, and too many non-white people from the third world.

      Like in South Africa, whites will need guns literally just to survive day to day.   

      • Svigor

        Same for blacks, she sees them as just like whites except for the fact that white liberals have destroyed the black family (which is true)

        Wrong.  Freedom destroyed the black family.  Blacks dipped their toe into White norms post-emancipation, mostly because Whites still knew their place in the world and blacks wanted to suck up, but that was a statistical anomaly, so to speak.  What we’re seeing from blacks now is the norm, and what we saw then was the exception to the rule.

        It’s unfair to say liberals did it, really, except insofar as liberals were the ones who gave blacks the freedom to be themselves, not understanding that the only way to get anything approaching satisfactory results from a black population is to run it like a boot camp.

        • Liberalssuck

           I would only fault liberals for enabling blacks and wasting lots of good money on them.

        • Timmy

          Even if blacks were only aping whites, it was basically working up until the 60s. They had intact families, businesses, neighborhoods. Even Harlem was once good for them. Had liberals not intervened with the government programs chances are very good things would have continued as they were. But clearly you make a point, had they only been given equal rights, voting, etc., without any extra assistance from government programs, how would that have played out? Most likely much better. The destruction of the black family is really at the core of much of the problems we see today. The thugs are raised without fathers because the mothers are on goobermint assistance. That aspect of the problem is the biggest and most destructive.

          • Liberalssuck

             The reason black males act up today is they aren’t afraid of white men like they used to be.

  • .

    The rumors concerning Coulter’s personal life are just that — rumors. I’ve never heard either of them say they were anything more than friends. But even if the rumors were true, there is a time and place to address an issue and this wasn’t it. If one can’t show some class then they should at least show some sense.

    • Net_Drifter

      That’s what I had heard! That Ann Coulter and Jimmy Walker were an oddball sort of friendship that even they thought of as strange and ridiculous.

  • Lars

    It is about time the media covers modern day terrorism in all forms.

  • As I said- this is not proven. She may find this old guy funny, but it isn’t “dating”.

  • TexasGirl

    Face reality as Taylor is no Coulter.  Taylors big drawback among many is his wussy pseudo intellectual  approach and mistaken mentality that by trying to paint himself as a liberal from Yale  born in Japland or being a white apologist without permission for NASCAR or the Symphony or other10s of 1000s of  white groups will somehow help his wild genetical inferior savag animal audiences understand his thinking. Wrong. Whites are still using blacks as their paid slaves and white female whores are laughably taking the dumb goons to the cleaners. Look at the jail cells where they are infected with aids and hiv. Thats no mistake.

    So blacks always think whites are meeting and scheming ways to destroy them? Isnt that the idea? Dont they need to be intimidated? Let them think this in order to fear whites because whites are doing this secretly anyway for good reason. They have caught on to white tricks?
    In reality whites are trying to figure out a way to contaminate their water supply too or put anthrax poison on their welfare checks in their mailboxes plus kill them with obesity from eating Big Macs and a host of other things such as dust their hoods from airplanes with contaminants or inject them with lethal viruses at the free clinics. Whites want them all dead.
    And beware as whites dont show their anger and are non-emotional. They kill blacks in low level ways. hehehee… They infiltrate hoods with guns and drugs to kill them off. Blacks are easily tricked. They are dumber than hell.

    You see we know since millions of blacks read AMREN and keep up with their enemy ( know thy enemy better than thy self) the only way blacks will ever really and truly live and be happy without the fear and threat of whites meeting together in white groups to eradicate them is to simply het on the next plane or boat and return to Africa and your roots and certainly not do what Chris Rock said to follow them everywhere they go unless you all have a death wish. heheheh …  Beware of the white dog nosed devils like Malcom X and Rev Wright said. Whites are armed to the teeth in the burbs and rural areas too. Beware. Never leave the big city concrete jungles or you will die or vanish.  We have you all in one place where we want you. hehehe …
    This is so easy.  Beware, whites are everywhere all the time plotting the end of the black race and dont need public meetings. hehehe …
    Africa is waiting for you to come home … better hurry back if you want to live in jungle bliss again … We devil whites are just playing with your brains now as entertainment. Look at sports and how you hurt each other. We like it. Look at how black on black crime kills 100k a year. We like it.  … Whites need entertainment …  If you go back whites will be bored as hell …. Dont go back to Africa, please stay so we can finish you off … hehehe

  • Gunrunner1

    All you guys being sarcastic about Ann’s book need to get a grip. The fact is she is the one taking the slings and arrows in public on speaking the truth. Further, if we are to be a success in our goals, we need to adopt an attitude of  “No enemies to the White of me”.


    If a White speaks out, then the only criticism should be at her attackers. The “Welcome to the party, pal” crowd should just shutup for a while.

  • razorrare

    Also, Coulter had the nerve to defend Bill Maher as “very funny”- after he made fun of Rick Santorum’s sick child…just got back from cofcc…they had a video of Maher promoting death…Liberal Icon:I’m Pro Death..”the planet is too crowded and we need to promote death.”…bill mahler…
    And this…Obama Supporters Threaten White Teenager With Death…black teacher harasses White female student,tells her to remove her Romney T-shirt…and inspires other black students to harass & threaten her with death…

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Ann Coulter isn’t for white people anymore than the Republican party is for white people. She wrote this book to make money, and nothing else. She is a psychopath (IMO) and knows what (white) conservatives want to hear. As long as whites put faith in dead end phoneys like Mann Coulter, the white race is doomed.

    • Germanacus

      Well said. For the Ann Coulter supporters here, If Ann Coulter was asked what advise she would give teenaged White girls about interracial dating (euphemism?), what do you suppose she would say? My guess is she would advise them to only date and have intercourse with conservative black men. You doubt that? You don’t know Ann.

      Her modus operandi for all her books is the same: stir up controversy, get invited onto talk shows to explain the controversy, generate publicity, then cash in. Her private life tells the real story.

      •  Doesn’t this undeniable fact make it a little more odd that someone would claim this is a must-read for race realists?

        • Germanacus

          Well, I think many people haven’t really watched Ann very closely. It’s all about “liberals” and “conservatives” with her. Other than that she’s no White advocate. For example, this:

          “On less evidence than the birthers have, liberals slandered both Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain with the racist stereotype of black men as sexual predators.” — Ann Coulter

          Racist stereotype of black men as sexual predators? The rape statistics speak otherwise, Ann.

          • MerlinV

            The crime statistics confirm over 34,000 White women were raped and/or sexually assaulted by black males in one year. And since 54% of rapes are not reported, we have a staggering 52,360 White women sexually assaulted by black males per year.

            Hardly a racist stereotype! There must be some truth in there somewhere?

          • Whiteisright


            Your math is wrong. If 54% of rapes are not reported then there are 72,000 white women raped/sexually assaulted by black males each year. It is staggering.

          • Svigor

            Where’s the percentage of the reported rapes that are false?  I bet the number is huge.  Just sayin’, rape charges often depend solely on a woman’s word; the less I have to rely on a woman’s word, the better I feel.  ‘Course, a man’s word generally ain’t worth a warm bucket of spit these days…

          • Major

            So does this speak otherwise…Ann.


      • Seek

        As Ann Coulter dates Jimmie “Dyn-o-mite” Walker, this is precisely what she would say.  She supports race realism ONLY to the extent that she can score points against liberals.  Without liberals around to hate, black sociopathic bahevaior would become irrelevant in a heartbeat. 

        Ideology, not race, is what matters to her.  That and money, publicity and another contract to write a seething cut-and-paste “book.” 

        • Anon12

          You are soooo right!  Wish White realists would get that through their thick heads! 

  • Germanacus
  • Here it is again:

    Coulter: “We owe black people something. We have a legacy of slavery.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same type of argument that gets tons of responses attacking the mentality and honesty of the person espousing this very anti-White dogma?

    The difference between a White mind that is totally free from the mechanisms of politically correct control and the mind that still needs some type of approval or pat on the back from the puppeteers is that the free mind stops fighting for breadcrumbs or scraps from the table.

    Some of you people are so blind and in need of confirmation of something you already know to be true, that you will praise a woman that takes common(decades old) memes from the pro-White sphere, and then turn it around to be a direct result of Liberals. White Liberals to be precise. Republicans are the ones trying to help blacks, and the secret to getting the multiracial utopia that was promised with the Civil Rights movement is to get blacks voting. That’s the underlying premise of everything Coulter writes.

    • Net_Drifter

      “Some of you people are so blind and in need of confirmation of something you already know to be true,…”
      Maybe some people are tired of spinning their wheels in obscurity surrounded by ineffective fanatical purists.

    • Seek

      And Jonah Goldberg, too.  I regard Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” as the single worst book  written on political theory in recent years purporting to be serious revisionism.  A lot of Coulter’s nonsense on race is derived directly from “Liberal Fascism.”

    • Svigor

      The difference between a White mind that is totally free from the
      mechanisms of politically correct control and the mind that still needs
      some type of approval or pat on the back from the puppeteers is that the
      free mind stops fighting for breadcrumbs or scraps from the table.

      Some of you people are so blind and in need of confirmation of
      something you already know to be true, that you will praise a woman that
      takes common

      Nonsequitur.  The first sentence is true, but has no bearing on the second.  The second is really kinda out of left field, to be honest.  We’re in a mind war and the media is a battlefield.

      •  Do you even know what a non sequitur is?

        Please explain how it is out of left field.

        The media you seem to be talking about isn’t a battlefield, it’s a slaughterhouse. Won any battles lately?

    • Anon12

      You said that very well indeed. I wholeheartedly agree.

       I detest the Republicans when they constantly praise the anti-White, black liar, MLK and they also take credit for the Civil Rights movement!  That right there really turned me off to the Republicans.  To be proud of something so anti-White is beyond the pale. Desegregation was their dream come true.  Those White “conservatives” are the biggest threat to White survival. We all KNOW what the libtards are, yet the White conservatives are just as bad as far as it concerns our own racial well being. I don’t know, but I would call this controlled opposition……giving the impression that the conservatives are for us (Whites), yet we all know they are against us just as the libtards are, they just sing a different tune,..or try to, that is.

  • I have not read her book. However, I can think of no other political pundit that regularly appears in the media, besides Pat Buchanan, that has cosnsistently spoken out against massive unending immigration we are forced to worship as “diversity”.

    O’reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc, they will all touch on immigration from time to time when the wind is favorable, but coulter like buchanan has flat out named massive 3rd world  immigration as the death of conservatism in America. No other issue as is important as immigration, and no other issue has as few champions as too many see what happens to them eventually.
    if coulter gets banned from the non Fox  media like lou dobbs and Buchanan and beck , it won’t be over race, it will be over her views on immigration.

  • AC makes for good gateway material.  

    I could see handing someone this book, then later tell them to read Pat Buchanan, then Sam Francis, and finally one of Jared Taylors books!  

    Also it needs to be mentioned: AC has in the past spoken positively of the Council of Conservative Citizens and written positive things about them in one of her many books!  I imagine some folks may have been introduced to this organization because of that!  

  • TheTruthHurts4

     I hope there will be more books like this. White racism is not the reason most blacks are dangerous and inferior. It is the result. Blacks are a blight to civilization and a curse to any country that has a lot of them. They have contributed nothing to this country but popular songs. That does not begin to compensate for the damage they have done and continue to do.

    • Major

      Hey…you left out ribs and PopEyes?

    • Svigor

      You sound like me: “sure, one of them cured polio, but that doesn’t begin to compensate for all the red ink on this ledger.  Here, let me read you a few of the most expensive entries…”

  • Liberalssuck

    Wait.  These same neocons are saying the things that real white conservative men like Jared Taylor, Patrick Buchanan, John Derbyshire and the guys at The Political Cesspool and Council of Conservative Citizens have been saying for years, but these neocons are taking their advice and making money off of it.  Oh, I see.  Distance yourself from the ‘racist white supremacists’ like Jared or Pat or The Political Cesspool, but try and put a sugarcoated neocon spin on it and make money off of it.  Do you think these neocons will stop pandering to nonwhites or using our money and our soldiers to be involved with Middle Eastern wars?  

    • That’s how movements and ideologies are co-opted. Amazon Yentas like Coulter use portions of undeniable facts, then spin the interpretations of those facts into something completely different or irrelevant than the premise that led to those facts.

      The actual pro-White person who is attuned to Race sees that the racial dilemma we are currently experiencing is about the inability of the racial divide to be bridged without sacrificing our own White culture, heritage, DNA, national identity, and even safety.

      Coulter, however, sees those pesky Liberals to be the hindrance to bridging the racial divide. She’s not saying that it can’t be done; she’s saying that it can and should be done. That’s it!

      Two people speaking truths(one candidly, one more for profit) with diametrically opposed versions of why those truths matter.

      With this kind of spokesman, I completely understand why Republicans have been completely impotent in their quest to keep White America White.

    • Instead it seems like the lines are really blurring between the ‘neo-cons’ and more Pro-White folks.

      For example things seem to be really changing on Fox News.  

      Just tonight they had on Pat Buchanan (he was talking about VP debate) on Hannity and they said they were going to have on Ann Coulter on Monday.  Those are two really Pro-White folks to have on a supposedly ‘neo-con’ channel.  I think things are changing and Whites are demanding to see these types of folks on TV now.

      • PJB is crypto-WN at best (and I say at “best” for one two word reason:  Ezola Foster), and Ann Coulter is not pro-white, and regularly takes the occasion to bash pro-white people and actions.

        • I can accept that characterization of PJB, but the folks who have the final say on this type of stuff right now would certainly agree with the notion that Ann Coulter is one of those ‘awful racists’ and have even called her that:

           SPLC Blog: Ann Coulter: Loss of White Majority ‘Destroyed’ California

          Sometimes the enemy defines you.

          • And when did the SPLC get everything right?  Who died and made their publications the Bible?  If the SPLC had a shred of intellectual honesty, Mark Potok or Heidi Beirich would read this AR thread and the debate between regulars here who are generally in one of two camps:  One, that Coulter is a typical neo/lamer conservative on race, and she sprinkles in a bit of conversation agreeable to us in order to sell books and get her face on TV, (that’s the camp I’m in), or two, that in spite of all these flaws, which people in that camp generally admit, Coulter’s books and columns an unintentional (on her part) gateway drug to our way of thinking.  Hardly anyone agrees that Coulter is actually a carbon copy of Jared Taylor.

          • s shadow

             SPLC Blog: Ann Coulter: Loss of White Majority ‘Destroyed’ California

            The SPLC may recognize the truth.  Ann may be more with us than many here think.  She knows that people like Jared Taylor  are an “absolute non person to the MSM and publishing houses, so to be published and get on talk shows she has to disguise herself somewhat, and establish alibis to allow maximal exposure.  Of course she knows that the MSM have absolute control of access and much of public opinion.  This book goes as close to the line as is possible for her.  A limited association with Jimmy Walker is probably amusing and gives useful credentials, you know:  “Some of my best friends are”.  We should cut her some slack because she is getting the most exposure of someone who openly shares some of our veiws, that is currently possible. 

          • Svigor

            Means absolutely nothing.  These days “racist” only necessarily means “charged with racism.”

          • Call someone a ‘racist’ enough times then they might just become one!

        • Svigor

          I’ve never really understood everyone’s huffing over Ezola Foster.  If I thought naming a black chick as my running mate would help me one iota in taking over America and enacting my pro-White agenda, I’d do it.  I’d marry the broad if I thought it was the thing to do.  But then I’m an open Machiavellian.

          • What kind of pro-white agenda involves putting a non-white one heartbeat away from the most powerful public office of the most powerful white country on Earth? PJB is a paleocon. Of which we have a strong overlap, but not samey-same.

          • Dean

            Isn’t Ezola Foster a Black lesbian?

      • Svigor

        Yeah, I agree with your cup half full assessment.  So, Coulter steals racialist ideas and twists them around and waters them down and makes money off of them.  This is supposed to be a bad thing?  Who cares if it’s only a baby step, it’s a step.  Celestial Diversity seems to be taking this stuff too personally.   I saw a lot of this at Stormfront, which is why I stopped going there years ago; too much of the doomed subculture attitude; you know, kind of a emo or goth thing where the kewl kids don’t want to take over the culture, they’d rather be an “elite” subculture…forever?  See, if WNism won they’d have to find some other rebellious subculture to take them in.  They don’t want to win.  They want to rebel and find themselves or something.

        • Svigor

          Sorry, Celestial Diversity was a Freudian Slip, not a deliberate quip.  Meant “Celestial Time.”

        •  Yeah, I’d say when a woman tells White people they owe black people something, I kind of take it personally. She’s saying(stealing) some of the things pro-White people are saying, but she’s not making it about race, she’s making it about Left and Right. In fact, she’s actually saying that White Liberals are getting in the way of black and White unity.

          That’s what you call a baby step. That’s what I call diversion and co-opting an idea. You also seem to be taking it personally. Why else would you bring up Stormfront and some of the emotional cripples?

          • Anon12

             Why else would you bring up Stormfront and some of the emotional cripples?

            I agree with most of your comments but the one above leaves me cold. As for “emotional cripples”, I see more on amren than I do on some other sites. I read SF but have never joined up and of course there are some comments that are ridiculous, but I feel for the most part those are  from the trolls (infiltrators) to make SF and the like “offensive” to WN’s…I am not buying into that mindset.

      • Svigor

        Me, I’m the opposite.  I want to be Ward Cleaver.  I.e., I want to beat my sword into a plowshare and to hell with politics.  Altruism motivates me, that and my racism (but the latter would be dormant were it not for the parade of outrages now passing for history).

  • Net_Drifter

    What the heck does that mean in this context??

  • Mark

    I saw the part of the Vie where Ann was on.
    Whoopi acted as if there wre ants on her seat.
    What do you know about blacks, what do you know about blacks was repeated many times.
    My question is what does she know about whites, the racist p*g?
    Whites could not care less about what the tribe of 85 IQ people think, i you call what they do thinking?

  • gemjunior

    God bless Anne Coulter!  She’s tough and she’s witty and doesn’t let them away with it.  I can’t wait to get the book.  I’m really feeling hopeful when someone so well-known does a “Derbyshire” and it will be impossible to silence her by firing her quietly. 

  • Yeah, best not to get behind anyone that the mainstream media will even tolerate. It is a very old ruse. Have her saying something that makes sense today, then when enough people get on board, have her totally change her position and embrace the brainwashing. It is an old technique, used by the commies for quite awhile now. Once she changes her positions then others feel the pressure to become “correct” as well. Once people make an emotional connection to a public figure then that public figure can lead many of them around by the nose. Remember, most people are followers. The only emotional connection one should have is to the truth. Don’t put her on a pedestal and don’t expect much from her. Race realists offer a counter movement, a sub culture. WE should concentrate on growing the numbers of that subculture. Anyone, even if they voice some of the same ideas, yet do not openly embrace the subculture, is someone who will one day work against us. They either are with us or against us. It really is that simple. Don’t buy her book. Let the libs buy it, only see her as something to soften them up for an eventual conversion to the real truth.

  • White and Proud

    Yeah right! This is the same Ann Coulter who recently said that Blacks have some moral claim to this nation given their past treatment. I don’t trust her.

    • Jay

      Actually both Jared Taylor and Pat Buchanan have also stated that Black americans have a moral claim to this nation as well.

      • Anon12

        Really?  Do you have any quotes?  That really leaves me dumbfounded if they truly said that…

      • Dr. Möbias

        Prove it or STFU

  • Major

    I suppose she’s suggesting that whites protect themselves and start to fire back? So I wonder why she supports an anti 2A, anti gun putz like Chris Christie in New Jerky?

    One of the few states that don’t recognize the second amendment. Also one of the states with the most dangerous cities in America….Camden being number one.

    • Major

      Hey Mod….don’t like a little Yiddish, I take it? 😉

      • I know what that word means translated into English.

  • Hal K

    Ann Coulter is not on our side.  She tries to argue that the Democrats are the “real racists” and that Republicans are the ones who truly care about blacks and other nonwhite groups.  This is intellectual poison for the pro-white cause because it leads white conservatives away from explicit pro-white advocacy.  It also is a disguised form of white guilt, in that she still thinks whites are responsible for keeping blacks down, only that it is liberal whites and not conservative whites.

    The term “racism” has to be scrapped anyway, because if you accept that it is wrong to be “racist” then you imply that it would be wrong for whites to stand up for their own racial group.  Also, it makes it difficult to talk about inherent racial differences.  The only way to make the term “racist” non-harmful to our cause is to define it very narrowly, and this is just not realistic.  It is better to just scrap the term altogether.

    • How exactly do you scrap a word?

      • Hal K

        Conservatives should stop using it, especially in a negative sense.

        • Considering the word is nothing but a tool used to bash pro-White views and people, I think they should wear it as a badge of honor.

          Then again, I’m sick and tired of all the pretenders getting branded as Racists. Those hyenas and vultures don’t deserve that kind of label that other people put in the work for. I’m this way because I was intelligent enough to use reason and logic, not because I wanted fame and fortune, or to try and sell books or to try and push some faux intellectualism.

          Frankly, I stopped running from shadows long ago, and the only people I’m willing to fight for are other Racists.

          • Hal K

            Using it in the positive sense is fine as far as I am concerned.  The problem is that she and 99.999% of conservatives regularly use it in the negative sense.

          • Svigor

            Haha, I have to give it to you there.  I claim “racist,” like blacks claim their title.  I’ve told people I just met that I’m the biggest racist on the planet, straight-faced.  They say “I’m not” and I go, “I am.  Big time.” 

            One of my favorite games is “pin the racist on the normal person.”  It’s impossible to avoid looking like a fool or a racist under skilled cross-examination; you have to choose.

          • Yes, to proudly declare one is racist would take the wind out of their sails, but only if enough people did so. At the moment it is a form of social pressure against speaking certain truths.

      • don’t worry about it, it has already been used to the point it is a joke.

    • Bantu Education

      The word needs to be “re-branded”.    There are basically 2 kinds of racism – malign or active racism (such as racially-motivated crime and AA, etc) is offensive and actioned by blacks and the left in general.   Benign or passive racism is defensive and at worst a “thought-crime”.   Next time a black or liberal accuses you of being a racist say “yes, but I’m a benign racist”.    This will throw them off guard and they’ll want you to explain the distinction.   This will put you in control and give you a chance to fire off a few salvos about AA, enforced diversity, race replacement, genocide, etc.   

      Some etymologists make the case that the original term “racialism” (from about 1910) is actually the benign variety whereas “racism” was coined in the 1930’s in response to Nazism.  But it wouldn’t work for us to re-surrect “racialism” as it is too similar to “racism” and today nobody everyone is so brainwashed that nobody bothers to consider there might be any difference, or that “racism” might have a benign or even benevolent side.

      • Hal K

        You are saying to redefine the word more narrowly, I am saying that this is not realistic.  We have to make a clean break with this word.  It is too heavily tainted with anti-white double standards.  Liberals will keep calling whites racists, and conservatives will keep denying that they are racists.

        Crime is crime, anyway.  I am opposed to the whole notion of a “hate crime,” so there is no point in preserving the word “racism” so it only covers racially motivated crime.

        • Bantu Education

          My point was that we must accept that the word is not going to disappear, least of all be “outlawed”.    We must therefore live with it but turn the idea on its head and make it work for us.   We must wear the tag proudly on our sleeves and NOT preface every potentially racist utterance with the defensively weasel words “I’m not a racist, but………”   as so many whites do.

          • Hal K

            Yes, but you identify active “racism” with malign “racism.”  If you will remove those two words, “active” and “passive” (in the future), then perhaps I will be more inclined to agree with you.

        • Svigor

          No, that hook would work.  Definitely a good angle.  Arouse the curiosity with a paradox, so they’re asking, not telling.  Next thing they know, they’re discovering White Nationalism from a WN, and not their TV.  Cognitive Dissonance ensues…

      • Svigor

        Next time a black or liberal accuses you of being a racist say “yes, but
        I’m a benign racist”.    This will throw them off guard and they’ll
        want you to explain the distinction.   This will put you in control and
        give you a chance to fire off a few salvos about AA, enforced diversity,
        race replacement, genocide, etc.

        That’s brilliant.  It offers lovely novel “bait.”  “Benign racist?  What’s that?”  Hooked…

        • Bantu Education

          Cheers – glad someone understands the way the liberal mind “thinks”… 

        • Spikeygrrl

          Good luck with that. An organization upon the board of which I once served tried valiantly but unsuccessfully to reclaim the word “eugenics” — which, after all, only means “sound breeding”! — by attaching to it modifiers like “neo-,” “individual” (as vs. “population-level”) and “voluntary” (as vs. “coercive”). It simply couldn’t be done, any more than we could reclaim the term “discrimination” — which, after all, only means, “to recognize real differences between things and on that basis treat the different things differently.”

          American English is fantastically, admirably robust over the long haul, but it is also almost preternaturally acquisitive in the short term. Once “Yanklish” borrows a word from another language or culture, as well as once it redefines words like the examples above, the new/redefined usage propagates through mass media with a speed and reach undreamed of even 50 years ago. Therefore it is my contention that striving to reclaim words THAT WE HAVE IN PRACTICE ALREADY LOST (“liberal,” anyone?) is an exercise in futility.

          When and where will arise a new Breitbart, now that we need him more than ever? THERE was a man who fully understood that our current war is a MASS-MEDIA war, and we need to quit re-litigating terminological Nuremburgs and rather fight the war we’ve got with the tools we’ve got, whether or not they are seemly or classically correct!

  • Many posts here are pure emotionalism. OK, I’ll try to sum things up from my perspective:

    1. here in Europe virtually no one has heard of Ann Coulter. She’s non-entity.

    2. most people seem to be enraged by her alleged sexual relations with some black old guy. It is not proven, and IMO it didn’t happen. And even if it did, it has nothing to do with content of her book. Of course, I find the very idea repellent, but the story is about her book, not her personality or moral stature.

    3. this book is, as far as I’ve seen, something like “diluted race realism for dummies”. Don’t forget, it’s journalism, not a political program, and certainly not some historiosophical deep analysis. Not Rushton, Taylor, Francis, …

    4. the merits of this book far outweigh its weaknesses. It is a pamphlet against white guilt & liberal racial huckstering. Various cases (OJ, Christian-Newsome,.. ) are written about extensively.

    So, IMO, “she once said that” & “she didn’t write about ..” objections are not valid. The main targets are white liberal treason & media manipulation. Having this in mind, her latest book may be very important step in (some) white dummies’ awakening.

    •  Hold on a minute. You say many posts are pure emotionalism, then end your post with pure conjecture?

      It can just as easily be stated that this book is a step in the right direction, right off a cliff. Make no mistake about it, Coulter is simply pimping her brand of a multiracial society. She cares about black-on-White crime as much as she does the thousands and thousands of dead and mutilated White soldiers who died for her GOP masters.

      • Read amazon reviews. And try to understand that real politics is never about telling & doing all important things in a short span of time.

        •  Real politics is a little bit of a misnomer in a society where a group of White people can’t even meet at a coffee shop without reassuring everyone they aren’t racist.

          • You haven’t answered. IMO, any further exchange on the topic is meaningless.

          •  I haven’t answered what? Was there a question?

    • Hal K

       Think about the intended audience.  This “liberals are the real racists” mantra is harmful to our cause because it holds back white conservatives from embracing an explicitly pro-white standpoint.  She regularly uses the term “racist” in a negative sense, which sends the wrong message to white conservatives on pro-white advocacy and inherent racial differences.

      •  The main impact is not on intellect, but emotions. Her political program is of no importance. What is important are numerous examples of black racism and liberal demagoguery.

        • Hal K

          I disagree.  There is a no-man’s land between mainstream conservatism and white advocacy.  Ann Coulter is on the wrong side of that barrier.  This barrier has to be breached somehow, and Ann Coulter is not helping.

      • Svigor

        I call libtards racists constantly.  Because they are.  Against White people.  We need to turn the racism charge to our favor, use their weapon against them.  Because we’re its real victims.

        • Hal K

          It depends on whether you are using “racist” in a negative sense.

          • Bantu Education

            I like to throw their “do-gooding” back in their face, for example – telling them that “Africa for the Africans” has led to the wholesale slaughter of African wildlife.  Watch any TV program on saving endangered African wildlife and you are certain to see whites taking a leading role.  If there were more whites in Africa there would be more  and better wildlife parks and sanctuaries.  It has also destroyed the environment – Africa is the most fertile continent but produces the least food per capita.  And most of what it does produce is on foreign-owned and managed farms. South Africa is one of the LEAST fertile parts of Africa but produces the MOST food per capita, almost all by whites.   The only reason millions of Africans haven’t starved is because whites send them free food (food aid).   
            (and so on)

            At this point they will argue that Africans just need “more education”, implying as usual that “its all whiteys fault”.   Ask them “is it your responsibility to educate someones else’s children?”  By now they’ve either changed the subject or called you a racist..!  

            Unfortunately the media wont allow “racists”, even benign ones, make these points.  So all we can do is preach to the converted.    

    • Hal K

      Here is an example from page 5:

      “… Racist lunatic – and Democrat – Eugene “Bull” Connor was voted out of the good people of Birmingham, Alabama…”

      In the book she constantly validates the belief that it is bad to be a “racist” and that conservatives are not “racist.”  Her book leads whites in the wrong direction.

      • So what ? She said that Obama and Holder were racists, wrote about most stuff that MSM misinterpreted or covered (Rodney King, Knoxville horror, ..). Who cares about Bull Connor & MLK ? Unmasking of MLK is something to be done later. Rome was not built in a day …

        • You say “So what?” to White people being led in the wrong direction?

          Here’s a test for you: What is the opposite of Racist?

        • Hal K

          Calling Obama and Holder “racists” does not help if you don’t also say that it would be alright for whites to be “racist.”

          This book is more of the same, and more of the same keeps whites on the wrong path.

          Go to a conservative webzine like American Thinker and you will see all conservatives marching in lock step, saying that Republicans aren’t “racist” and that liberals are the real “racists.”  They need to hear something different, and this book doesn’t provide that.

          • Calling Obama and Holder “racists” does not help if you don’t also say that it would be alright for whites to be “racist.”

            You guys are simply not carved out for politics. No person of sane mind would call themselves a racist, anywhere in the world- if they want to embark on a political career. It’s  the same in USA, Russia, China, Japan,…

            As I said- fruitless emotionalism.

          • Hal K

            Russia also suffers from political correctness, although not to the extent we do in the West.

            The governments of China and Japan look out for the main racial groups of those countries, so those examples definitely do not help your argument.  If governments in the West looked out for whites to that extent then there would be nothing to discuss.

            Your vision of politics is just more of the same.  We need something different.  Why are you supporting the status quo?  Whose side are you on anyway?

          • Anon12

            People such as yourself are the fruitless ones.

          • the world has a way of changing. When the excesses of one group in power or one ideology become too much, then the opposite of that group and ideology suddenly become justified. We have reached that point of excess. Be sure, in the world of tomorrow, “racism” and “racist” will be seen as positives.

        • Hal K

           Based on what I know about Bull Connor, which isn’t much, he was one of the last of a breed of whites in politics who were willing to fight for whites.  This makes him a good person in my view.

        • The “so what” is the crux of the matter, calling black people “racist has no effect  because they are allowed to be. Only the interests of black people are deemed important by the media and general culture, therefore, black racism is allowed, and white racism is seen as evil. When white people are allowed to be racist is when white people will be allowed to look out for their own interests. It is only then that white people wont consider the purpose of their lives to be the advancement of black people. It is only then that white people will be the masters of their own destiny yet again, instead of being chained to the black man. The word needs to be retaken. It is totally possible to do so. All that is necessary is for white people to not be afraid of the label.

      • Anon12

         You are 100% correct!

         Pay no mind to Kaldian. He is like this on all his posts! He is more anti-White than he wants us all to believe. He loves to “think” he is always right and we are all wrong when it comes to OUR race.

        • He can’t escape the eurobrainwashing.

  • refocus

    Jared Taylor and David Duke speak up for whites.

  • Smkuehl

    Read Jeffrey Lyons review of “Mugged” at the American Spectator, “Ann Coulter’s Home Run.” His piece ends with the sentence, “Martin Luther King would have loved Ann Coulter.” The democrats are “racists,” the enemies of blacks. Republican are pure and good and the true friends of blacks. It appears that much if not most of what she says is quintessential mainstream conservative/Republican nonsense.

  • Hal K

     The headline says it all: “Ann Coulter Speaks Up for Whites.”  What she is saying is that white conservatives are not “racist.”  If the best you can say about whites is that they are not “racist,” then you are not really helping them.

    • As usual, complaining & irrational frustration. I have nothing more to add.


      • Hal K

        You sound a little frustrated yourself.

      • Hal K

        As for being frustrated, speak for yourself.

      • Incitatus

        “…she looks like she needs a ham sandwich. ” Yeah, and a pint of blood, to boot.

      • Hal K

        My reply to this keeps disappearing.  If it is a moderator who is doing this, that doesn’t seem fair, since Kaldian has taken a parting shot.

        • Because your reply was too personal. Also, I tend to think the conversation has worn itself out, and any further, and you two will be punching each other below the belt.

          • To paraphrase De Niro: Are you talking to me ? When I see that a discussion is fruitless, I’m out of it. I don’t care a bit about “having the last word”, since this is a childish behavior.

          • Hal K

            Kaldian:  Don’t be so obnoxious.  Your entire comment applies to yourself.

          • Hal K

            This guy Kaldian decides when a conversation is “fruitless” (i.e. he can’t think of a response), and then bows out with some parting insults.  Then I try to respond proportionately and my responses get deleted.  Then he has the gall to come back and make further insults.  He seems to see himself as being above everyone else here, without being aware that he is the one taking the low road.

          • You’re right. You should be able to respond. However, I doubt he will return the favor.

          • Black Swan

            Kaldian will call you “emotional” when he doesn’t like your response.

            “Many posts here are pure emotionalism.”

    • what she should be saying is that whites should be racists and that there is nothing wrong with that.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    One of the most significant points in my racial awakening came when I read Jared Taylor’s “Paved with Good Intentions” in 1994. That book was not a race realist book. It was much like Coulter’s book in that it pointed out the hypocrisy of the left in dealing with race. We need gateway literature like PwGI and Mugged to help the great unwashed on their way to the truth.

    • Hal K

      “Paved with Good Intentions” dealt with IQ differences.  Based on a word search at Amazon, Coulter completely avoids the subject of IQ except to mention one example where blacks did better than whites on IQ tests.

      Coulter’s book is not gateway literature.  It just reaffirms what mainstream conservatives already believe, and thus is useless at best.  At worst, it is a waste of time and energy for the mainstream conservatives who read it.  Mainstream conservatives get all hot and bothered about liberals, but they never realize that it is their own mental block against pro-white advocacy that empowers liberals.

      • I read that book, and it was one of the pushes that led to my racial awakening as well. It was not just about IQ. I remember it being much more about crime rates and inter racial crime rates and how the media has covered up everything.

    • Adding to Hal K’s point, Jared Taylor was in 1992 when he wrote Paved what he is today on race.  Remember, AR the paper publication started in 1990.  But Ann Coulter was, is and probably always will be a neo-lamer con on race.  Paved did “tone it down,” but as a deliberate attempt at a gateway “drug.”  Coulter isn’t thinking gateway to WN/RR/HBD at all, because she makes it clear she is opposed to WN.  She’s trying to mainline us on neo-lamer con race idiocy.

      • She is trying to make a fast buck. Let’s face it, if she made a book that just parroted the conventional liberal wisdom on race and crime then it would be indistinguishable from everything else on the market. She enjoys flinging inflammatory rhetoric. The feeling I get is that she is not to be trusted. Don’t become a follower of this one.

  • grandamluvr

    From what I have heard of this book already, I am tempted to order a dozen copies, and donate them to public libraries in my neighborhood.

    • why not just order a dozen copies of “Paved”. I donated that to my college library when I was done with it. Perhaps one or two souls were enlightened by it.

  • John L.

    Why criticize Her allot if She She is saying things that are helpful to White America and White People Worldwide? We need all the help We can get. She needs encouragement. I don’t believe in chasing away People who are showing that they are willing to help their kind. We have enoughWhite People who have completely sold out their People. Save the animus for Them.

    •  By “help their kind,” I can only hope you have enough sense and knowledge to know that Coulter’s kind are Republicans. She really, really doesn’t care what flavor they come in.

      • Brutal Defiance

        Exactly! Neocons are 100 percent color-blind.

      • Anon12

         EXACTLY!  She has dated NONwhites also. She has black “frineds” just like ALL the other “White conservatives”…I don’t call that being racially conscious. She and those like her are of no help to us or our race.

      • who do you offer as an alternative to republicans?

  • Hal K

    AmRen should not be rewarding Ann Coulter’s conformism with an endorsement.   She is contributing nothing that isn’t already present ad nauseam in the mainstream.  Conservatives are already swimming in this stuff.  They have it coming out of their ears.  Go to American Thinker and you will see what I mean.

    It is way past time to try something different.  This stuff she is putting forward is old hat, and it has gotten us nowhere.  Conservatives have been insisting that they are not “racists” for decades.  Liberals keep accusing them of it, and conservatives keep responding reactively, saying “no we’re not” without considering how repetitive things are getting.  Whites are becoming a minority and we still have official anti-white discrimination.

    The one thing that is missing from the mainstream is specifically pro-white advocacy, and saying that whites aren’t “racist” doesn’t count.

    • Brutal Defiance

      Hal I certainly know what you mean about American Thinker as I made the big mistake trying to be openly NS there.

      Heck, I don’t even know if NS is accepted here at Amren?

      • Hal K

        It might not be.

        This brings up the subject of political barriers.  People on the racial right are almost never mentioned in mainstream conservatism.  The only exception I can think of off hand is Pat Buchanan mentioning Steve Sailer once.  Pat Buchanan writes gateway literature.  Ann Coulter doesn’t.  Self-imposed barriers are a weakness.  This is why mainstream conservatism keeps getting dragged to the left.

        If AmRen doesn’t allow “NS” that raises the question of whether that is a weakness for AmRen.  I don’t know the answer to this.

        • Too, Steve Sailer is far more RR/HBD than WN.  I think the better description is that PJB is gateway lit for Sailer-type HBD/RR, and in turn that is gateway lit for AR/JT/WN.  And Ann Coulter is not much more than gateway lit from the race ideology of the magazine that fired her.

        • Brutal Defiance

          One thing I want to point out to race-realists is that unlike “Free-Market Capitalism” NS is an ideology, a plan specifically written for the survival and advancement of the White Race!

          • it didn’t work so well the last time it was implemented.

      • Black Swan

         What is NS?  

      • It isn’t.

    • Anon12

      Yes.  I wish “conservatives would just tell the truth.  ADMIT they are RACIST and don’t dare apologize for it!   EVERY race is RACIST!  It was suppose to be that way. That is the ONLY way Whites will ever survive is by discriminating and being racist.  Why do they fail to ever mention that this nation was founded by White racists FOR White racists?  You will never hear them talk about the Founders explicitly saying this nation was formed for THEIR progeny only. Progeny(posterity) means of one’s own RACE. Not a single White person (even these so-called pro-White advocates) ever admits that, do they?  So that leaves me to believe they are all cowards and traitors and full of fear. They would rather let their race die off or be genocided before they will ever speak the truth. Until they start speaking the truths I don’t give a plugged nickel about any of them.

    • It seems her basic premise is that racism is bad, but it is the Democrats that are guilty of much more of it than the republicans. IF this is so then is is indeed worthless because racism is not bad. To believe it is puts white people in a indefensible position because only racism which hurts blacks is considered bad. It seems that she is only concerned with racism when t’s negatives affect blacks. She doesn’t give one seconds thought of when it affects whites. Her basic premise is flawed. Arguing the details she puts around that premise is pointless.

  • Hal K

    One more objectionable thing about this book is how she is trying to blame everything on liberals.  The left is always an alliance of marginal and disaffected groups.  It is the right’s role to defend the dominant majority, and in the West the right is failing miserably.  Telling the left to stop their racial demaguery will not help.  A strategy that is based on convincing someone else to stop doing something is not sound.  White conservatives have to start taking positive action by adding that one missing thing to their viewpoint, which is explicit pro-whiteness.

  • JohnEngelman

    Every time a book like Mugged makes a lot of money the constraints of political correctness become weaker. 

    • Svigor

      Every once in a while JE makes a post that doesn’t annoy me.  Some of them, I even agree with.  This is one of them.  Probably helped that it was short.

    • Hal K

      One of the main points of  the book is that white conservatives are not “racist.”  This does not weaken political correctness. It strengthens it, while making liberals into convenient scapegoats for politically correct conservatives.

  • Andy

    Talking about racism, I spoke to a black man about racism in Cape Town South Africa.  I asked him if Cape Town is racist, He said yes, yes.  I asked him if he had experienced racism, he said yes, yes.  I then asked him for an example of said racism. He could not give me one example.  I think this is the case all over the world.


    • Timmy

      Well since whites in South Africa are now officially on genocide watch that should tell you something.

    • Bantu Education

      In South Africa, and in general for blacks everywhere, “racist” and “white” are perfect synonyms.   In their envious little minds ALL whites are racists.   So when he said “Cape Town is racist”, he means  “Cape Town has too many whites” – they own all the nice houses and haven’t yet given me mine.   

      • Svigor

        You got a blog yet, BE?

        • Bantu Education

          Google “the unlucky country”

          Sadly havent posted anything for 2 years   🙂

          but still well worth a read folks..!

  • Frank

    I have read all of Ann’s books and this may be the best–and most important.  Despite what Hal K thinks, Ann is on our side.  He should read the book with a little more of an open mind.

    • Anyone with a little common sense and the ability to read knows that you either don’t know much about Ann Coulter, or you’re just being facetious. Or maybe your side is a little different from the pro-White side.

      Maybe you should name some of your favorite Coulter pro-White quotes.

  • Did she mention that Hollywood, 95% of media, academia, and top law firms are controlled by Jews? As I recall, she was busy saying we should blow up the Muslim world to serve our Zionist masters during the Bush yrs. 

  • Global Minority

    I’m frankly shocked becasue I have always veiwed Ann Coulter as a shrill for the Republican party! I like some of her articles and some I feel she just blames the Dems for everything that is wrong in the world today. When in fact it is both parties are rotten to the core. I thought she would NEVER write this kind of book. I’m glad she did. It will reach a bunch of wimpy color blind conservaties. Maybe they will grow a spine and wake up?

  • Net_Drifter

    Meh, Coulter can pander to me if she likes; even if she doesn’t truly live by or believe anything she preaches. She can be a cynical hypocrite all she wants if she is spreading ideas, ‘for me’, that are like the Devil’s own to the mainstream Media and power-structure. Anything less than praise for blacks in every aspect is forbidden to them. 

  • Anon12

    AC is no White racialist.  She never will be. She is just like all the other “White conservatives” who claim they are not “racist”. I cannot stand to hear her speak and most of all look at her. She dresses in a way that is so unattractive  for her age and body type. She is embarrassing.

    • Timmy

      But you would love to have her bankroll. Just sayin.

      • Black Swan

        AC doesn’t have children or grandchildren, no progeny  so why should she care about the future of the white race or whether whites have homelands or all.  One look at who and what she choses to date will tell you everything you need to know.  

        She is an old, dried-up, shrill, bitter, sell-out, nothing less. 

  • razorrare

    all Whites are born racists,some are led astray and become self-haters…if they are fortunate they will find their way again and become born again racist.

    • Timmy

      All races are born racist, it is only whites who are brainwashed into believing they must give up “their” racism while everyone else gets to keep theirs. The West is committing civilizational suicide, through importation of too many from the third world, too many of different races, and Islam. Sure, a few Chinese, a few of any race, add a touch of difference to the West, rather like adding some spice to a stew. But you don’t dump a pound of spice into the stew, that ruins it.

      • Black Swan

        “WE” are not committing suicide.  The destruction of Western Civilization is being done  TO us by an ethno-centric, extremely hostile, non-white elite that controls the media, government and academic institutions.  Ditto in Australia, South Africa and Europe.  ALL white homelands are being wrested from whites.

        As we are being held down by career-destroying political correctness, Asians see an opportunity and are clearly jumping on the “destroy white civilization” bandwagon with both feet to steal our land and resources.  There will be no sharing with whites.  They do not represent white interests and never will.

        • Timmy

          Unless you aren’t part of the civilization that you are part of, than WE is in fact the correct term. You are part of the problem if you don’t stop it from happening.  

  • Pelayo

    The most  important issue today is race. Romney was stupid to make the 47% comment. He should have known what the consequences would be. Obama will try to clobber him with that during the debates. I assume that since it’s a town hall format, there will be questions from the audience. I wish I could be there. I would first ask Obama what he meant when he said “My grandmother was a typical White woman” no one brings that up nor does anyone ever mention the “kill the crackuhs and their little babies” incident.
     ” Mr. President, Why didn’t you order  the prosecution of Shabazz for that incident and the intimidation of voters outside the polling place?”

    An improved economy will not change the deplorable racial situation in this country. Our cities will still be unsafe for everyone, our public schools will still be in ruins and we’ll still have B/W sexual assaults in the tens of thousands.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    WOW. Over 300 posts in this thread. Is this the most on Amren?

    • Bantu Education

      331 on Oct 8th is the most I recall, also 317 on Oct 5th.

  • David M.

    Most liberals support ridiculous hate crime laws. However, they remain completely silent of the hate crime of black-on-white rape.
    I guess gutless liberals believe white girls bleed differently.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    She is always fun and much of what she says is on the mark

    But she really doesn’t mind writing outrageous bullshit, so she does that, too, in large doses.

  • Philo Vaihinger

    It would have been a better book had it been less an unprincipled, partisan polemic.

    The Republican Party and the conservative movement, contrary to lying liberal propaganda, is not even “racist” enough to defend whites, let alone attack others.

    It exists to defend and advance the interests of a deracinated globo-plutocracy, neoliberalism, Zionism, and brainless hillbilly Protestantism.

    What the hell good is that?

  • Philo Vaihinger

    She attributes the defects of black culture and even ebonics to centuries of “marination” in the hillbilly culture of the Scotch-Irish South, not to race.

    She roundly condemns the political racism of the South, Jim Crow, the Klan, and all that, and mendaciously credits conservatives with the deeds of Republican liberals while attributing to Democratic liberals the racism of conservatives of both parties.

    Such lying, clearly partisan in motive, apart, she is justly furious at the racist bullshit of black Americans and white collabos.

    How is any of that comfort to “race realists”?

  • Random Dude

    I really want to see this chick in the next blacks on blonds porno!