Posted on October 28, 2021

Verified Hate: Taking Out the MFers

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 28, 2021

Here is the full interview between The Root’s Michael Harriot and Brittney Cooper. Both should be known to readers. While @ProfessorCrunk probably believes what she’s saying, it’s hard to take offense. It shows what affirmative action does. She is ridiculous.

Race realists shouldn’t want her silenced. White advocacy would be well served by playing these excerpts in television and internet ads around the country. Rutgers is a public university, so this is how your tax dollars are working.

Obviously, to quote from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s definition of hate, Prof. Cooper “attack[s] or malign[s] an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.” Of course, the SPLC doesn’t care about white-hating. And, of course, Rutgers will ignore complaints from conservatives.

In one part of the interview, @ProfessorCrunk says white people are “committed to being villains in the aggregate” and blacks would never behave as whites have if blacks had power. This is not an unknowable riddle. Modern South Africa, criminal justice statistics, data on psychopathy among different groups, and examples from everyday American life and international history suggest that this “Women’s and Gender Studies” and “Africana” professor has much to learn. Unless babysat by whites, black criminals prey on their own “community” in staggering numbers.

And they prey on whites. When blacks hold the whip hand, do not expect sweetness and light. To see the way each group behaves “in the aggregate” when left to its own devices, just open your eyes and look around.

Matt Walsh is a conservative pundit with a mixed record. He often says good things. This wasn’t one of them.

Recently, a judge found Army Sgt. Jonathan Pentland guilty of assault when he confronted a black man who was harassing his neighbors. Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial despite video evidence that suggests he acted in self-defense. National media attack ordinary white (and sometimes even non-white) women who call the police or try to enforce basic rules.

If a white man stopped this attack, he’d risk media demonization and possible “hate crime” charges. Mr. Walsh might even be part of it. He backtracked somewhat, but Mr. Walsh himself initially said that the “three white guys” who “chased” Ahmaud Arbery should be executed. Even his mea culpa criticized “vigilantism.”

Wouldn’t intervening here be vigilantism? You can’t have it both ways. The case isn’t about cowardice, or “masculinity,” or the lack of “chivalry.” It’s about race. These things happen because conservatives are too cowardly to talk about race.

Another migrant caravan is on its way to the southern border. One organizer says they are coming “with or without papers” and says marchers are “ready for war.”

Notice the pictures media chose for this caravan.

The Camp of the Saints truly was the most prophetic book of the past century. Our conquerors come clothed in weakness and aided by misleading media.

Chinese state-affiliated media also use sympathetic images.

I don’t think China thinks these infiltrators will be our strength.

The Nation’s Elie Mystal has strong views on the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Fair enough. That’s why I pay no attention to people like Mr. Mystal. We don’t see reality the same way.

The Department of Justice doesn’t seem to be doing much about the rise in crime. It has bigger priorities.

Apparently, things got worse after the Civil Rights Movement, but this doesn’t make liberals rethink their premises.

I must have missed those lessons.

ALERT — a white girl doesn’t hate herself. This is a big problem.

The system of “whiteness” supposedly dominates the federal government, the most powerful corporations, the overwhelming number of media outlets, the military, and most of academia. So, why do one-in-three whites reportedly fake being non-white to get into college?

I have an idea how to fund our movement.

I’d fake an identity and betray myself. This name is so good it sounds like parody, but these days, it’s impossible to tell.

Let’s end as we began, with Mr. Harriot.

It America were as “racist” as they claim, Mr. Harriot would not have a career berating whites.