Posted on September 21, 2021

You Can Mess With Texas but Not With Blacks

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 21, 2021

Conservatives and libertarians worry that the government will impose universal vaccine mandates. The government is forcing mandates on some American citizens, but whatever the law says, blacks may enjoy exemptions. Sometimes, it’s just too much trouble to make them follow rules.

The media recently reported that “Texans” attacked a hostess at a New York City restaurant called Carmine’s. There was sympathy for the hostess and ridicule for Texans.

The stories were about “Texans,” not black women, so many people bashed “Texans.”

From Reddit:

If it had been clear from the start that the story was about three black women, there might have been a little less Texas-bashing.

Black Lives Matter Greater New York protested at the restaurant. “I believe that this New York City vaccine passport will be used to keep black people out of spaces, and if we don’t stop it now then the police will use it as an excuse to harass and arrest our people,” a spokesman said.

The New York Times reported in August that less than a third of black New York City residents are fully vaccinated, a rate lower than any other group. In the Washington Post, Philip Bump said many blacks aren’t vaccinated but that Republicans who point this out lack “intellectual rigor” because they are blaming a “historically disadvantaged group as the real problem.”

But BLM went further. The demonstrators said the restaurant is “fascist” and called the hostess a “racist.” They claim she said the “N-word” and called one of the women a “monkey.”

The hostess is Asian. Carmine’s said all the hosts are “people of color,” and that no employee used a slur. However, lawyer Justin Moore, who is representing at least one of the black women, said, “[W]e know there has been a long legacy of Asian hatred towards black people in this country.” He reportedly wants the hostess fired.

Thus, we come full circle. A story promoted on social media to mock “Texans” involved no white people. Texas has faded from the headlines, and cautious media outlets are reporting “new details” and “claims.”

What really happened? Video evidence shows a group of blacks manhandling the Asian hostess. It also looks like it wasn’t simply three black women, but a larger party. Some in the group showed proof of vaccination and others apparently did not. The blacks allege the hostess challenged the proof. The beating apparently began when the hostess asked them to leave.

Without video and sound of the entire incident, nothing is certain.

“Proof of vaccination” is not like a driver’s license. There’s no easily recognized form. Harried restaurant workers must make quick decisions. There is a booming trade in fake “vaccine cards.”

Maybe the hostess questioned someone’s (authentic) proof of vaccination and accidentally “disrespected” her. When that happens, blacks often lash out. Our political, cultural, and educational institutions teach blacks to detect “racism” even when there is none.

Carmine’s is lucky the hostess was Asian. If a white women had tried to enforce the rules, media would surely have made her out to be a “Karen.” Lawyer Justin Moore says the restaurant is in the wrong anyway. “It was due to a poorly trained staff member at Carmine’s who doesn’t know how to deal with women of color,” he said. Does that mean it takes special training to “deal with women of color”?

We all get that kind of training. Americans quietly understand that it’s not worth “deal[ing] with women of color” if you can help it. It’s better to ignore the rules than try to enforce them and find yourself punched in the face and in the middle of a racial scandal.

Mess with Texas all you like, but if you value your job, don’t mess with blacks.