Posted on May 17, 2011

Woman Feels ‘Disrespected’ After Being Kicked Off Train

Emily Sinovic, KATU News (Portland), May 16, 2011

A woman who got pulled of an Amtrak train by police after passengers complained she was speaking too loudly on a cell phone said she felt “disrespected” by the entire incident.

Lakeysha Beard of Tigard was charged with disorderly conduct after police said she got into a “verbal altercation” with train passengers on Sunday. Passengers complained she refused to put down her cell phone and conductors had to stop the train in Salem, where police got involved.


An Amtrak official said a number of passengers complained Beard was being disrespectful during her prolonged phone conversations on the train. Salem police reported she had been on the phone non-stop since the train pulled out of Oakland, Calif. 16 hours earlier.


Amtrak does have a policy that riders can’t use cell phones in designated “quiet cars,” like the one in which Beard was riding.

79 responses to “Woman Feels ‘Disrespected’ After Being Kicked Off Train”

  1. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    For some strange reason when I read that her name was Lakeysha I had an inkling as to what she looked like.

    Imagine that.

  2. Shawn (the female) says:

    Their current favorite word is ‘desrespected’. They use it so much – incorrectly, by the way – that the meaning of the word has actually changed in main stream America. It has now become a verb.

    However, we should be proud – after all, it IS 4 syllables. And odd; they can’t even pronounce ‘ask’.

  3. Jim says:

    Another example of the a minority believing the rules don’t apply to them.

  4. sbuffalonative says:

    Oh yes, the “Cell Yell”.

    She’s in a confined space disrespecting everyone around her with her rude, selfish, boorish behavior but she’s the one who feels disrespected. Let’s call this “black think”.

  5. Alexandra says:

    “Disrespected” to people like her means being called on shenanigans and not being allowed to do what she wants.

  6. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “after passengers complained” This incident would fall under the rubrik of “If ten men tell you your drunk, you need to lie down…”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you know, rules of a decent society do not apply to Queenie and her type. She was “dissed” because she was shamed into evolving into the 21st century. Always the victim never the aggressor.

  8. Lauren says:

    It’s worth watching the Video, just to see which part of Lakeysha first comes into view.

    I have to admire her Operatic build, and have no doubt she can produce some awesome decibels, when inspired to do so. And this is a fashion tip worth noting: the white-on-white outfit certainly accentuates her curves.

  9. Mike Harrigan says:

    Before I opened this story and had only read the headline, I immediately pictured a heavy black woman.

    Do I need sensitivity training or am I psychic??

  10. Spartan24 says:

    What is it with blacks and screaming over the telephone? Black women are the worst, I have had several years of customer service experiance and have had black women yell so loud at me that I could have probably heard them without the phone. Obviously this cretin did not understand that she was in a “quiet car” and could not be bothered to move to a car where she could have used her phone without being “disrespected” by being told to shut up or at least keep the conversation to a lower tone. I cant stand this “respect” thing that blacks keep throwing up too- respect is earned not demanded.

  11. Alisa says:

    Blacks are the first to show disrespect to others yet they’re the ones who claim they’re being disrespected. Their attitude is basically “I can be as much of a jerk as I want and if you all say anything you’re being disrespectful.”

  12. Orion Blue says:

    That sounds like a close shave.

    Believe me, the aggressive, swaggering behaviour of these hyper-masculined ladies knows no bounds.

    All too often, even on the London busses, we get the gum-snapping swagger and insouciant arrogance, not to mention the grossly inflated (yes, attitudinally grossly inflated arrogance, among other things), and overweening sense of entitlement not to mention the enormously swollen grandiose sense of self-worth that seems, on the face of it, to be wholly unwarranted on the basis of historical antecedent, not to mention contemporaneous performance.

    Even on a train from Orpington to Victoria, the entitled pushiness makes itself apparent when disembarking at Brixton, when they start shouldering and pushing as soon as the train pulls away from Herne Hill.

  13. chuck says:

    What an absolutely stupid cow of a person!

  14. sedonaman says:

    What cell phone has a battery that lasts 16 hours?

  15. GetBackJack says:

    Hey, whitey has been sending blacks messages that they can do just about anything they damn well please for the past 45 years, so why complain now? I guess white folks reach the tipping point at about 15 consecutive hours. Or, they’ve reached the tipping point period. I hope it’s the latter.

  16. RJS says:

    Wow, what a gem…hard to believe so many black males don’t want to date these types of women

  17. American Son says:

    An incident I witnessed yesterday:

    One large black she-beast at the front of the lunch line. Two “no-speeke-da-Inglise” workers behind counter. The black orders a turkey burger, which is not on the menu. The 2 workers make her a beef hamburger. She complains that they don’t offer her “vegetarian stuff,” and then bulls her way to the front of the line for a “refun.” All the while, yelling into her cell phone.

    Technology is supposed to make life easier. But with blacks, you just can’t win again.

  18. Girlish says:

    Typical black woman behavior. No surprise there. This actually dovetails perfectly with the first article because black women have more testosterone, which makes them more aggressive than nonblack women.

  19. Wayne Engle says:

    Why, pray tell, did it take Amtrak officials 16 hours to decide to do something about this loudmouth? Were they intimidated by her race? “Racism,” “bias,” and all the other tiresome accusations which are always trotted out in cases like this?

    In such situations, officials need to, as Shakespeare once said, “screw their courage to the sticking place,” and do what they have to do. If this woman wasn’t a slob and an inconsiderate jerk to start with, she wouldn’t have been talking on her cell phone in such stentorian tones, in a public place. She got what she deserved. Next case, please!

  20. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I have experiencet black women arguing loudly on cellphones on public transportation quite a few times, but 16 hours is something that I have never heard of.

  21. JustMe says:

    well her unpronouncable first name says it all, first off. secondly, why can’t black people act like everyone else? i’d love to get an answer to that. they’ve been a part of society for 400 years. get in the game, black people!

  22. Disgusted At What I am Seeing says:

    Quite frankly, I hate loud cellphone users regardless of race. We had a simialr sitaution here in Kansaas City where a young White female who was riding on an amtrack train here was practically screaming into the phone laughing and saying things like “oh my God!” ” I’m flipping out!” etc…

    Several passengers asked her to calm down and she gave us looks as if we were invading her privacy!!! The lack of civility in our society has all but dissappeared.

  23. Tom Iron says:

    At one level, I’m absolutely revolted just looking at this “woman.” But on the other hand, my heart goes out to her, having to go though life as such a creature.

    That’s my problem. Even though I know about black people and their behavior, and have no illusions about the fiendishness they’re capable of, I still have this small spot inside me that feels sorry for them. Interesting.

    Tom Iron…

  24. Dave says:

    Well, I’ve always thought that there is nothing harder to find on this planet than a black woman not talking on a cell phone!

    If I tried, I couldn’t be funny. I live in an Atlanta suburb and my job requires me to drive more than 30,000 miles a year in and out of the “Black Mecca!” I should have made a filmography of my travels over the last 20 years. Your typical egalitarian would not believe the things I have seen! Reality is twisted and conformed to the “African” standard in this “living Hell!”

    You must remain cautious wherever you go and you must always remember that you will not be given quarter if you are in a situation where you are “perceived” as the intruder. Pray that you are not involved in a traffic accident with one of the locals, never stop for gas, and do not try to get food in this area! Only the naive venture into these areas with their “Do-Good” mentality. And, we know what usually happens to “Do-Gooders!”

  25. rjp says:

    The old “bein’ direspected” defense.

  26. Jack says:

    How did I know what this woman looks like before I saw any images of her?

  27. gemalo says:

    I’d say she’s definitely on food stamps.

  28. Tom S. says:

    My prediction – All Amtrak employees will have to attend “sensitivity” training and she will receive a ghetto lottery. Amtrak will also have to set up and fund a “diversity” dept. which will require them to train and hire more blacks, especially in management.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Don’t diss Lakeysha!

  30. Anonymous says:

    whewwww thats a big momma.

    Whole lot to love right there … like lots and lots and lots.

  31. Crystal says:

    Typical. She had to cause a scene. Why could she not go to a different car where cell phone use was allowed? Could not figure that one out I guess?

  32. SF Paul says:

    This is very common behavior on public transportation in the Bay Area. Blacks talk on their cellphones as loudly as possible and of course cursing, vulgar language and the n-word are the majority of the conversation. The policy of “quiet cars” and showing respect to other passengers only applies to certain people. No doubt this woman will claim racism as soon as court is in session. Maybe I have lived here too long, somehow I knew as soon as I started to read the article that it would be a very fat black woman.

  33. Anonymous says:

    After 16 hours the passengers most likely got tired of hearing the mf-word and n-word hundreds of times and had to complain. Wonder what kind of phone it was? Don’t think my battery would last that long.

  34. dutch henry brown says:

    i feel disrespected when i have to sit around someone like her or her offspring in a movie theater when they are “bwahaha”ing it up on the cell phone and i cant enjoy the movie. or when i get behind one of them, two is worse, at the grocery store and they feel like they are the only one in there shopping as they slowly strut down the isles yaking on that cell phone. very annoying! DHB

  35. HH says:

    Gee, a loud, obnoxious and inconsiderate Black woman…say it ain’t so!!!

    On the plus side(or should I say plus SIZE?!) we have a new poster child for the American obesity “epidemic!”

  36. Anonymous says:

    Obviously she is the sort of person that belongs in Oakland, so they should send her back. Oregon doesn’t need people like that around. Not just because blacks are so loud anyway, but I would venture the other passengers were probably offended by her likely vulgarity on the phone all that time. That aside, some people just don’t get it that most other folks are not interested in hearing other peoples’ meaningless drivel when they start yakking on their cell phones. Proper phone courtesy dictates that one should not be talking on the phone any place where one would not pass wind in public, but most people are too unsophisticated to grasp that idea.

  37. NYC Resident says:

    It’s amazing to me that a bunch of passengers would get together to make a complaint about a loud Black woman — unless THEY were Black. I know Portland is not a majority Black city, but I still find it difficult to believe a group of Whites would have the courage to complain about a Black. You should live in NYC where I live. If a White complained about a loud Black, you can bet your last dollar another White or Whites would come to their aid – that is – the aid of the loud Black.

  38. whiteraven says:

    I haven’t read any comments regarding the talkativeness of blacks in general, but it’s worth mentioning that blacks are rarely at a loss for words, but their BIG handicap is with the fact that it’s all primitive jabber.

    What they have to say regarding debate or discussion is limited only to what they can see, feel and taste. Logic and abstract thinking are not part of their make-up, which is why they are still in the hunter/gatherer stage of evolution.

  39. Gary says:

    By looking at her it is probably safe to say that she was loud, obnoxious and a nuisance. That being said, I have had my share of annoying encounters with obnoxious fellow Whites as well. I have had to give more than a few dirty looks at people.

    Cell phone should be banned from certain places. Period.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Blacks are LOUD! No matter talking at work, in a store, in a house down the street, or wherever! Cell phones should be banned in all travel,stores, etc. simply because the blacks have no class, no self control, and no consideration of others, period! They will NEVER change.

    I am beginning to HATE cell phones and much of the new technology we have today. People no longer write letters, visit and have coffee, talk over the dinner table, play board games, cards, etc. They are either on their computers, cell phones, texting and no time for anyone else in their own family.

    We did just fine back in the 50’s,60’s and 70’s without all this tech distractions and addictions. I only get on my computer for one hour in the morning and one hour in the late afternoon. No cell phone for me, either.

  41. Re says:

    “Disrespected” is a battle cry fighting word for the blacks.

    Just by saying it, blacks assume the authority to commit violence against their disrespector. Better that the defendant is a Whitey, because then just by shouting “Ise done been disrespected,” the Civil Rights Militia will come running and do all they can to beat some more White Privilege out of the offending Whitey.

    We are soon approaching the total collapse of our White Privielge. What will they do to us when we have none left to beat out of us. Well, there’s always White Slavery. Certainly they could make a moral case that restorative justice allows them to enslave us as we enslaved them. We support the idea. We’d like to see our Whitey liberal elites become work and sex slaves to their afrovoodoo pets. Poetic Justice Is God’s Justice through His Iron Laws of Nature.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Black arrogance on full display. She actually has to get kicked off before she would stop HER disrespectful treatment of fellow passengers. And yet has the ignorance and chutpah to claim she was disrespected. Typical childish mentality. I’m glad Amtrak took action. I just wish more businesses had the courage to do what’s right and not be intimidated by their color-the world would be a better place.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad Amtrak took actionB/>

    After 16 hours of torturing her fellow passenger.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Salem police reported she had been on the phone non-stop since the train pulled out of Oakland, Calif. 16 hours earlier.


    Amtrak does have a policy that riders can’t use cell phones in designated “quiet cars,” like the one in which Beard was riding.

    If Lakeysha had been doing the Cell Yell for SIXTEEN HOURS — in a “quiet car”, yet — then it seems to me the train’s other passengers must have been extremely tolerant for a very long time, before finally getting into that “verbal altercation” with her.

    I’m also going to go ahead and assume that the term “verbal altercation” was some white person’s description of the event, and not Lakeysha’s.

  45. Portland Realist says:

    Huffington Post has this story with a corresponding poll. 75% as of the time I voted, agreed with the expulsion. :People know blacks are loud and obnoxious!

    ACTION: Go to huffpost and vote on the poll!

  46. Anonymous says:

    The part that’s hardest for a rational person to understand is not that she engaged in the original loud, inconsiderate phoning – after all, THAT behavior was annoying and offensive only to other people, about whom she obviously cares nothing.

    What mystifies me is why she felt compelled to persist in her behavior after it began adversely affecting HER – until the train actually had to stop to allow police to board and escort her off. What made it impossible for her to just put down the blasted phone, or simply move to another car that wasn’t a designated “quiet” car? Why did she prefer to be arrested and publicly humiliated? It’s a level of self-destructive stupidity that’s just incomprehensible.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I knew right away it had to be a black woman (and not say, a Japanese one). I worked for years with a black woman JUST LIKE THIS ONE. She was morbidly obese, had no social skills, thought she was hot, and oh my god, was she ever LOUD. Whatever her mood was, she was LOUD. I could hear her anywhere I went in the department. And she had the most annoying voice in the world too.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I’m actually surprised she could fit into a single seat. Did she?

  49. miguel says:

    Hilarious! I see women like this all time, regardless of race. They are unaware that cell phone technology has advanced to such a height that they can actually talk quieter than a normal speaking voice and the recipient will hear every word clearly. But whatever…

  50. Question Diversity says:

    10 Spartan24:

    I think this particular woman and many like her confuse validity and volume. In other words, they probably think their reasoning (such as it is) is better the louder the yell the words.

  51. recidivistic tendencies, all of us! says:

    Not only does typical black behavior like this acquit and vindicate Jim Crow segregation, it also is how God calls us into deeper contemplation of the consequences of organ donation.

    I don’t donate my organs, because I’m afraid that I might save the life of some black who will just go on to make life miserable for my White community. I would donate if I knew that I would only help a Race Realist White who practices random acts of segregation on a regular basis, but if I tried to put that in my Will, the black Affirmative Action or White liberal elite probate judge would nullify that portion because I would be deemed a “racist” by the court, thus my organ donation restrictions have no merit. They would then actually seek out a black for my organs.

    Remember the Vanderbilt Confederate Memorial Dormitory case? The black judge invalidated the contract because it was signed when segregation was legal and thus interfered with Vanderbilt’s mission of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity. Judges will do the same to your Will if you are race conscious in your wishes and express intent. You can’t trust our justice system to give you equal treatment- you’re White, therefore, you deserve nothing but more reconstruction.

    Face if folks, our White American experiment is over. Where to you see any hope of pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness in an America that become increasingly and intentionally less White? One day soon, Russia, even with all its hideous and incompetent dysfunction and corruption, will be our hero nation of White Humanity.

    What good do you possibly see in the future, unless vengeance against the White unmentionables who did this to us?

  52. Anonymous says:

    We know somebody who carries ear plugs with them. When they are sitting near blacks who are talking loudly, which means talking, he performs an elaborate ritual of taking out the earplugs, acting like he doesn’t really want to use them, then give up in exasperation and inserts them into his ears while staring directly at the offending African “Americans”. It hasn’t gotten him killed yet, but it will. No self-respecting, dignified, offended Whitey is allowed to “disrespect” a black without eventually paying the ultimate penalty.

  53. D says:

    Have the evolutionary psychologists seen this video?

  54. Anonymous says:

    I absolutely refuse to use cell phones. It disgusts me to see people walking around like transfixed zombies paying no attention to the wider world around them! Also, concerns about developing brain cancer from extensive use also disuades me from using the beast!

  55. capt. kierkegaard says:

    I live in a city with a very small black population. The few blacks I pass on the street or in a car are ALWAYS on a cellphone. Its absolutely uncanny that 95% of the blacks out in public have a cellphone to their heads. I suspect that many are speaking to nobody, only appearing they are to look important.

    *true story*

    My sister knew a black guy 25 yrs ago who drove around a local park in his POS ford pinto that smoked more than Jackie Gleason, holding a phone receiver to his ear pretending he was having a business conversation. The receiver was a plastic Barbie phone painted black (original color pink) with an electrical cord fixed to the bottom. He would drive around very slowly with the windows down saying things like “buy 2500 shares immediately” and “have the contracts on my desk within the hour” all in his stupid ghetto black accent. Absolutely hilarious.

  56. Old Soldier says:

    After watching the video, I have to comment on the apparent professionalism of the police. Looks like at least 4 officer and a dog. They knew that cuffing her, a proper safeguard for any white perp, was not politically feasible, so they had enough force present to deal with her if she got uppity. I expect the dog was the clincher.

  57. Turtle says:

    This lack of the civilized social graces can also be found in restaurants with a large black clientele. My solution is that I do my best not to patronize those businesses. I’m sure that they can survive with only black patrons. If they can’t, oh well. Oh and if asked I explain truthfully why I have stopped patronizing their business. As my father said, “You may have to work with them, you don’t have to drink with them.”

  58. me says:

    The passengers on that train should consider themselves lucky, instead of listening to “mama” from “what’s happenin”, they all could have been treated to an obnoxious “latina” dressed in purple and pink skin tights, three sizes to small, cackling in that street slang form of spanish they speak in an amplified voice that soungs like finger nails on a chaulk board.

  59. Memphomaniac says:

    Yet another LOUD black water buffalo yacking on a cell phone. They are everywhere!

    I personally suspect they cannot hear well and that is why they are loud. If they could hear themselves, they would complain too.

  60. Bandmo says:

    Who said “battery” lasted 16 hours? May have been dead for 15 hours but she didn’t shut up long enough to notice nobody was listening.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I was at a graduation ceremony at a major university last Sunday. At the beginning of the ceremony the incredibly awesome university band played the national anthem. During the anthem I heard talking from our section. How udderly inappropriate I thought. I took my eyes off of the flag to see who this rude person was. It was a black man in a classy suit and sun glasses talking on his cell phone. I scanned the area. I saw a few more blacks on phones and many more joking and laughing and talking. I saw one with I-pod speakers in his ears head bobbing with the blankest stare I’ve ever seen. Everyone else was respecting the flag, most with hands on hearts, many were singing. I say a few morons disrespected the audience of 15,000, 1000 graduates, the flag, and our country. If anybody called them out on it, they would say they were “dissssed” and would have made a colossal scene. How much longer is this behavior going to be tolerated? How much longer can the attitudes of 20 idiots be more important than the values and morals of 20,000?

  62. Michigan Patriot says:

    I sure like her handbag/pocketbook or is it her luggage for this long boisterous trip to a “Whiter” Pacific Northwest then her city of racist police killers, Oakland. P.S. The other passengers should be thankful that she was using ” the man’s ” technology rather than numerous African ways of communication which would be much worse in distractions on a train or anywhere.

  63. Jack in Chicago says:

    Good story and good outcome.

    This is an area where we are having some solid, limited success:

    Using shame, higher culture to make the worst of the NWs back down, go away.

    NWs don’t like to live in, be in situations where people are looking down on them, trying to change them, improve them. We saw this in Chicago where residents of the notorious Cabrini Green housing project were offered very low rent homes in new townhouses going up in the gentrifying Gold Coast neighborhood. But the NW residents didn’t want to live there because they felt their rich neighbors would look down on them (which they would).

    So instead of chasing out the worst NW thugs, trouble makers with bombs and bats (worked well in the past) we need to put them down, move them away by acting like high class librarians.

  64. generalquagmyer says:

    The thing I always wonder about is just WHO are they talking to. I mean, who would want to listen to someone going, “BBBBuh… BBBBuh… yuh know-wuddum-sayin’?” over and over again or screaming endless obscenities?

  65. William Hendershot says:

    Is disrespected a real word? Is there an English major on here who would comment on this? I doubt it is.

    Also, the fact that such a complex technology as cell phones can be made so user friendly that even blacks can use them, is a real tribute to the engineers who designed them.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Kind of ironic that this story and photo of offender in question appears just down from another story about black women being unattractive. Believe me, I’d give her a wide berth. I know what black women like her are like. In any case what is the deal with blacks and cellphones? They are always using them.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t read it here yet, so it needs to be said:

    This woman may be as unwell in mind as she is in body.

    In other words, yes, blacks are frequently horrendous socially, and it is inexcusable,

    but when someone (like this woman, perhaps) is also manic, or suffering from some other psychiatric problem, it throws gas on the fire.

    I’d bet she’s not well, psychologically.

  68. WASP Insurgent says:

    16 hours worth? I bet in that 16 hours she didn’t speak a paragraph’s worth of intelligence or substance. I noticed Yahoo news online carried this story but disabled the comments section, typical, just when I thought I could not hate the MSM any more than I do already.

  69. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    21 — JustMe wrote at 7:19 PM on May 17:

    “…why can’t black people act like everyone else?”

    I guess they’re not good actors.

  70. Anonymous says:

    The very sound of a black voice, loud and obnoxious is disrespectful of everyone who can hear. Yesterday I was in a Drs office. Most of the employees are hispanic and Asian women.

    After lunch I could hear screeching and hollering way down the hall. Wouldn’t you know black male nurse’s aides came through the waiting room hooting and howling. Thankfully they went down the hall behind some sound proof doors where I could no longer hear them.

    Only thing worse than hearing one black screeching and squalling on a cell phone is 2 or more howling and yowling together.

    Ever notice how they can repeat the same sentence over and over for 15 or more minutes? Ever notice when talking to another they don’t really respond to what the other says, just go on yipping and yapping and repeating themselves?

  71. Anonymous says:

    There is a mini mall with a 7-11 2 blocks away from my house. The traffic is heavy. There is a freeway 1 block away. The traffic noise is very loud on my street.

    Yet I often hear black men talking as they hand around the 7-11 parking lot. With windows and doors closed, 2 long city blocks away and with heavy traffic I can still hear them screeching away mindlessly, repeating themselves for 20 minutes like the fools they are.

  72. voter says:

    In any case what is the deal with blacks and cellphones? They are always using them.


    It’s not just cell phones. Those are only the latest.

    It’s boom boxes, TV’s, I-pods, and all the electronic gadgets.

    Have you ever worked with them? They’re on the phone all day. If not gabbing on the phone, they’re listing to their radio.

    Blacks are total addicts to electronics.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Long before cell phones blacks babbled and yammered on public transportation. I use my excellent suburban bus system, especially to go work in the city. My employee ID is a free bus pass. My employer charges $2,800 per year to park so the choice of the bus is obvious.

    Blacks have a habit of getting on a bus and standing over the driver the entire trip and yapping away. It is not that they already know the driver. It’s not that they have become friendly with the driver because they take that bus often. The driver is just a captive ear.

    There is always a black planted next to the driver, blocking the passage just screeching away. They repeat themselves endlessly. They ask questions and answer the questions themselves. They have about 5 topics.

    1. Latest personal family dramas and squabbles

    2. Latest work dramas and squabbles

    3. Latest criminal court and parole dramas and squabbles

    4. Some nonsensical black history fantasy and idiocy

    On and on it goes until the blithering and blathering fool gets off.

  74. Ed Ruffin says:

    My favorite black cell phone moment was in line at Walmart, a 30 year old black man tells the person on the phone with him..”yea i’m flying to L.A. today to sign the contract”. Yea,they sending a private jet.”

  75. Anonymous says:

    A black man named Larry converted to Islam in prison. He was recently released, came home to Chicago and ordered his family to convert to Islam. They refused.

    Mr. Larry got a gun, invaded the home at night and killed his wife and 4 other family members. A tenant in an in-law apt in the building escaped death because Mr. Larry’s gun had run out of bullets by the time Mr. Larry kicked down the tenant’s door.

    Mr.Larry told police investigators and his defense attorney that the family had “disrespected” him by refusing to become muslims.

  76. steven clark says:

    Number 73: Many years ago I took a Greyhound, and one black guy was behind the bus driver yakking and yakking, hour after hour…also, when they get started on Jesus, look out. The driver

    was really annoyed, and finally told him to be quiet. No deal. At the next stop, the cops took the noisemaker off the bus.

    The driver was black.

    Yes, I notice I can hear blacks a block away. I find their voices

    annoying, and I hate seeing a lot of plays with blacks in parts now, and I have to hear that low bass rumble.

    This woman was an example why I’m happy to use my car and not public transit.

  77. Browser says:

    There must have been a lot more to this story than is reported. Two squad cars! Four cops and a police dog as well? That meant they were prepared for trouble.

    The conductor would have asked her to put away the phone or else please move to another area. Something must have happened. Did she assault the conductor, or some of the passengers? Was there a fight?

    You don’t call the police and stop a train for someone just talking on the phone.

  78. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    Blacks kill people who “disrespect” them. I guess the truth hurts.

  79. UnTel says:

    I have seen blacks both verbally threaten AmTrak conductors as well as jab their fingers into them. If you or I were to do so, we would be charged with assault. Blacks get a free pass on this.